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Campbell Announces Retirement

Legendary Arsenal defender Sol Campbell today announced his retirement from professional football. The 37 year old elected to call time on a career that saw him win two league titles and four F.A. Cups (three of which were won with the Gunners), as well as a League Cup with Spurs. Campbell was capped 73 times by his country and was the first England player to appear at six consecutive international tournaments- being voted into the Official Team of the Tournament in three of them.

Campbell made a controversial move from Tottenham Hotspur to rivals Arsenal in the summer of 2001 on a Bosman deal. Campbell had been Spurs` captain, which invited hatred from N17. Campbell justified his move by instantly winning the Double in 2002, collecting F.A. Cups in 2003 and 2005, as well as scoring in Arsenal`s ill fated Champions League Final with Barcelona in 2006. Perhaps his finest hour though was as a key member of Arsenal`s 2003-04 Invincible side that won the Premier League without defeat. To make the season sweeter for Sol, he helped wrap up the title at White Hart Lane. Campbell left for Portsmouth in the summer of 2006, before making a shock decision to join Notts County in the summer of 2009.

But his sojourn in Nottingham lasted only a few weeks. No stranger to shock moves, Campbell returned to Arsenal in January 2010 for four months. By the time he had left again in the summer of 2010, he had appeared 211 times for the club, collecting five major trophies and having scored 12 goals. Sol signed a one year contract with Newcastle United for 2010-11, but was released last summer and has been without a club since. Thanks for everything Sol and best of luck for the future.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 2 2012

Time: 2:53PM

Your Comments

Campbell was a magnificent defender at his best and one is glad his best years were dedicated to the Arsenal. Good luck to him.
His best AND most successful ;) One of the true Invincibles.
Wyn Mills
double, double, double Sol campbell has done the double and the ****s down the lane have won ***** all again
******** monster he was..
The lowest of the low; a pitiful man who deserves sympathy rather than vitriol. So what does that say about those who glorify in his image? Worthless human beings.
Henry Baker Brown
Lowest of the low? What does that make Emmanuel Adebayor? William Gallas? Harry Redknapp? Luca Modric?

I'd hazzard a guess someone is still butthurt about their bestest player ever coming to the Gunners and winning the same amount of league titles as Spurs have in their entire history.

It just makes him more of a legend to us! Anyone who can make you cry is alright by me :)
If King wasn't a cripple we'd have nicked him too.
We should get given a knighthood really, I mean we rescued a poor wretch from a life of certain abject failure and misery, lifted him up from the detritus of the white hart slum surrounded by human faeces and gave him a purpose once again, we let him live!! Run Solly run.
That's OK, I can't wait to see the look on your faces when Chavs win the CL (something you've always wanted to do but never will) and we leapfrog you, relegating you to fifth! Poor old Professor Dumbledore! Losers! Even if you ****s invented a trophy you couldn't win it! Oh you did, The Emirates Cup! And you didn't win it! keep us laughing with all your dismal failures!
Henry Baker Brown
Thanks for the years Sol. A rock of a man and great leader on the pitch.
The only cup I can recall Spuds waving about recently is a begging bowl. They are such tightwads they're trying to get the taxpayer to pay for their stadium. Spuds have been the object of mirth in London for many decades now, and with fans like Baker Brown you can understand why. All the symptoms of Acute Delusion Syndrome. Trying so desperately to be taken seriously, to dine at the top table with the big boys, but forever doomed to nibble crumbs from the formica covered fast-food counter.
Wyn Mills
Its the fact that this boyhood Spurs fan & captain turned down Real Madrid, Barcelona & Man Utd to let his contract run down then after promising the fans quote "i could never sign for Arsenal, the fans wouldnt forgive me" signed for our biggest rivals in our worst era & your finest. I don't care what he won, he could have won the CL with you it would have still been unacceptable. He'd have won more at the other 3 clubs anyway. Judas doesnt begin to describe the man, shame because he was fantastic for a good 6/7 years.
Errh HY, I am not sure how Barcelona fared, on the trophy front, in the period Sol was with Arsenal and if he would swap trophies for a chance at the near immortal status of being in an 'invincible', winning doubles and enjoying his best level of productivity in an England shirt. What's paramount is he won more League titles with us, in that time, than Spurs has ever won in all its existence.
Just for the record, Sol won more with Arsenal than Real Madrid won in the same time period. And as we know, La Liga is the sunny equivolent on the SPL, and Sol did the double and went down in footballing history as a crucial member of the Invincibles. In footballing terms what Sol did was very questionable, indeed we've held grudges against our own former players for doing similar things so I've got no problem with Spurs fans having a problem with him. But "Lowest of the low"? Hardly. It's not like he's on a par with John Terry, Joey Barton or Luis Suarez now is it? Sol hurt a few feelings, but that's about it. As much as I dislike him I wouldn't even lump Cashley in with those three vile characters.
Thanks for that information, Rocky. I just knew that not much was happening out of Spain during that time, Galacticos and all. Barca was just starting to show promise too, culminating in the UCL final win in '06. Speaking of Sol's questionable sides, I recall he declared he was only leaving Arsenal for a club in Europe, almost swearing he wouldn't join another English side. But, we all know where he went; the difference is that other than Wenger expressing surprise at his action, we did not hold it against him.
Only because Real played Raul Bravo and Pavon lads. Imagine that Galactico team with R Sol in the team. I also dont believe you would have been quite the force with Grimandi or Cygan playing 30 odd games.
That's pure speculation. And for the record, Pascal Cygan made 18 league appearances in our unbeaten season, that's 18 games we didn't lose with him in the side. Interestingly enough, after further research not only did Sol win more in his time at Arsenal than he could have won at Real Madrid, but also more than he would have won at Manchester United and Barcelona ... though they did win the Champions League. Making his decision to join the Gunners completely justified. That said, his brief spell at Portsmouth was more fruitful than his entire Tottenham career.
Rocky, I am loving this! I just didn't recall dominance of the Spanish sides during that era but couldn't get around to doing any research. Fact is (as HY stated), Sol's era was (one of) our finest era.
I have no problem with people wanted to further their career so to speak, it's what we all strive for surely but as in everything there are ways of going about things. No need to dig up the way he went about things I'm sure suffice to say the guy obviously doesn't give a **** about anyone but himself so why should we. I don't hate the guy I feel nothing for him, as far as I am concerned he left football years ago. The fact he felt the need to make a grand announcement when his career has been a joke over the last few years says everything about him. So long, farewell I'm sure we wont hear his name too often in the future. Thank ****!
North Upper
Sajit.. please tell us what team from N London HAS WON a trophy within last 6 YEARS..!! It is not the club in Holloway Road, N5... LMAO...
Block D Spurs
His 2nd spell at the club was also very good, Sol was able to show top quality. Anyone else nervous after last night's results? One small slip by us, i.e. a draw, could even result in 4th place (or even 5th, although I think City will beat Newcastle). Come on lads, this season is not done, just yet. I really really really hope that there aren't any more twists in the race for 3rd spot.
Yeah massively nervous, I guess what it boils down to is I don't trust this team. Holloway Rd is definitely not N5.
Sorry if I made a mistake, is it N7, or Drayton Park N5 ????? just don't know? never been interested in that part of London, and never felt like going over there very much.. just so boring... Yawnnnnn.. zzzzz. night all...
Block D Spurs
Exactly North Upper. King was ten times the player and man anyway. Campbell was just a black sheep, an inherently selfish man who showed his true colors in the way he treated the people that cared for him. He's an oxygen stealer who won't be missed by anyone.
Henry Baker Brown
...king is nowt but a bandage and aspirin stealer... The guy's never done anything. Spurs fans love to talk about what a legend he is, but whenever I see him play your lot let a goal in because of his lack of fitness/pace. Exactly how little does someone have to do at that little club for you all to love him?
I'm wondering why you're limiting it to the last six years Block D? It's an odd number to choose. If you're going back why not go all the way? Or not at all ... needless to say both of our current teams are not teams that have won trophies. So the only way we can judge is via league position, which considering you haven't finished above us in 300 years shows the Gunners are superior. Of course we could just get our virtual whangs out in the form of our trophy lists, but I would imagine you wouldn't much fancy getting your pee-wee out ;)
If King's fitness was any way half decent he would've ended up at a top club. fact.
Ha! Excellent misuse of the word 'fact' there, Shewore!
He did end up at a top club. One that reached the last eight of the CL and will qualify for the Cl again this season. One of the richest clubs in europe with the most progressive and exciting stadium redevelopment plan in history.
Henry Baker Brown
Good for you, HBB, keep the faith.
I find it odd that you consider yourselves a top club for getting to the last 8 of the CL in your one and only season in the top four, a club considerably less well off than Arsenal, and a mere plan of a stadium (that we paid for with our own money instead of asking for handouts) when we have the best stadium in England and the best facilities. We've also spent 14 straight years in the CL. If you're a top club based on that information we must be a vertiable god-like organisation.
"One that reached the last eight of the CL and will qualify for the Cl again this season" <<<< Leeds? What's exciting about the new stadium? Aren't your powers that be still coming up with some dastardly plan to move away from the impoverished tithole that you currently infest? Fantastic community relations, that.
Yeah, must be the same schemers who wanted to squat in the Olympic park so they could steal West Ham and Orient fans.
Wyn Mills
Campbell will always be divisive in North London football, a legend to Arsenal and Judas to Spurs. While his footballing morals may be questioned as he did betray Spurs in a major way, and he also went AWOL on the team , something I consider unnacceptable by a professional player, he was still a great player for Arsenal and of great importance to the club. So I wish him luck in his retirement as for any player, he was one the greats of our club in modern times anyway. Thanks for the CL final goal and it's a shame we did not win it!
Spurs are an amazing club with the finest, finest traditions. This is exemplified by the fine white shirts. In fact, legend has it that Arsenal wanted to emulate Spurs so badly that they added the white sleeves to their shirts. And that's true. Arsenal have always been uncomfortable and full of shame about their south London origins. That's why they've always tried to emphasize a sense of tradition and history in an attempt to hide their deep seated feelings of inferiority. It's a classic case of he who doth protest too much. I suspect that when we surpass them on Hotspur Day they'll be trying to build another statue of some pariah like Campbell that played for them to cover it up.
Henry Baker Brown
Surpass us? You mean you really believe you're going to win another 12 league titles? Ok. If you say so.
How many avatars will you manage Henry Brown or is it Tony Rocky Horror. Its getting tiresome because you are neither amusing nor insightful.
Surpass us? you're quite clearly clinically a mentalist fv[ktard. It will take you another half a century to surpass what Campbell won with us let alone what the entire club has won. There is clearly only one club with deep rooted feelings of insecurity and inferiority in North London ask any neutral football fan up and down the country which out of Arsenal & sp*rs has a history of inferiority and insecurity & the answer'll be sp*rs 100% every time no question, and you feckin know it you twisted old fruit. You're just nowhere close to being in our league, you're Fulham in a 5hiter ground. You're to us and Chelski what Bolton are to Utd and Liverpoo. Just nothing, merely a grotty little run down joint on the outskirts of town, populated by deluded fantasists with a chicken for a badge. That's your reality check now feckin do one you tedious little inbred scrote.
Oh dear! Come on ladies, a bit of decorum please!

The guy was a club legend at both clubs, however I will strip the guy of that moniker regarding Spurs as he lost that status for the manner in which he left us. The fact he joined you is irrelevant & a distraction from the truth of our hatred for the man. I hate him for the way he & his scumbad agent lied & lied again when he deliberately ran down his contract. Had he simply said from the start that he didn't believe he could fulfil his desire to win trophies at Spurs & would not renew his contract, he would never have got the vitriol he did & would still be a Spurs legend today. Teddy Sheringham left us for Manure, came out & said he craved success & wanted the opportunity to win things. He was able to return to us without any problems whatsoever later in his career. That would never have happened to Judas.

To give you some idea, consider if Fabregas had never hinted at his desire to rejoin Barcelona, said that new contract negotiations were ongoing for months on end & then at the last minute, jumped ship to Barcelona on a free.

Don't sugar coat your feelings niko mate! Say it like it is. Nice read there buddy, sorry to say that HBB is a bit of a loose cannon (no pun intended) on VS as well.

Easy spuds how goes? you know I have time for the likes of yourself who wants to come here for a natter, laugh and a bit of banter but this pillock just chats soooo much guff so he gets the hair dryer ;)
I fully understand the sp*rs feelings over campbell btw, it's never gonna be roses when you lose a beast of a player to any club, I thank him for what he did with us and as a player I have a lot of respect for him, but as a person If I'm being totally honest I always thought he was not quite the full picnic y'know?
Delta, I would give Tony Rocky Horror some credit for, at least, sounding that little bit more tolerable. This chap, HBB, is in a fruitcake class of his own.

OT: The club has confirmed its tour to Nigeria with a game to be played on the 5th August. Alas! I can't be in the country on that day unless I receive exceptional approval from the wife to be (not likely). Hope the club find the visit a useful one.
Excerpts of Sagna on Sol Campbell's 2nd spell at the club (I find his reference to "quite old" and "small voice" rather amusing): I think for a few games he was one of the best players. At his age, that means a lot because when you are quite old, sometimes you just give up. But he gave everything for the team. He tried to use his experience to help the younger players and I was very glad to have played with him. I just want to congratulate him on his long career. He is a funny guy. With his big body, he is really strong, but he is a very sweet guy with a small voice! He just wanted to bring peace to the team and had a very positive attitude.
Not bad niko, I think your summation of the guy is spot on mate!

Sorry, I meant Henry Baker Brown, niko.
The real villan in all this Campbell fiasco is Alan Sugar. For someone who claims to be a top businessman how could he allow a major asset worth millions to simply walk away for nothing. Should have taken the initiative a year before Campbell walked & forced the scumbag to either put up or shut up & transfer him to United or Liverpool certainly not Spurs rivals down the road. Campbell went for nothing & then paid out 8M for Dean Richards (RIP) really made sense. Then Sugar sold up almost immediatly - wonder why?
Alan sugar never had a clue about football, it's cringeworthy when i've been exposed to him talking about it on the box over the last couple of years, utterly clueless.
....And, we are referring here to the Chairman of Spurs for 10 years! Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Naija, for all his faults, Sugar did stabilise a financial basket case of a club & laid the foundations for our current financial soundness. For that I'll always be grateful - little else mind, but definately for that.

That's more like it SUL.
That's more like it SUL.
Anyone who can wind up the mouth breathers at the swamp is a top bloke in my books.
Scotch Eggs Rule

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