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Arsenal vs Norwich

After last week`s debacle where I told a bare-faced lie about not being around to post the team news thread on Vital Arsenal only to do exactly that 30 minutes later, I`ve taken strict measures to ensure a similar cock-up doesn`t happen this week.

To avoid a repeat, the plan is to head out to the pub at 9:30am today, thus ensuring I`ll be not only geographically placed to avoid disaster, but also mentally enhanced in such a way that I probably won`t even be able to see straight by the time the first kick of the ball takes place.

Needless to say our final home game of the season is a biggy. When looking at the fixtures when they were released last June, few would have conceived that Norwich at home could have such a monumental say on our season, indeed I never in my most vicious of dreams thought I`d be sh*tting such a hefty brick at the mere mention of this game.

It`s huge, it`s mahoosive, we need 3 points.

C`mon you Gunners!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday May 5 2012

Time: 9:05AM

Your Comments

we are far to open at the back still
******** typical arsenal ehh?
I'll cry if we ***** it up now
Norwich have been the better side, by far. Deserve to be up by more than 2-1. I cant remember us troubling Ruddy too much while our defence is in all sorts of trouble. This will need an amazing 2nd half comeback.
Ramsey doesn't know the essence of his position. When Song is up there to assist the attack, Ramsey is nowhere to be found.
No passion, no desire, no courage, no leadership. If we don't see a different team and attitude in the second half we do not deserve a European berth next season.
And who's fault is that Arsinger? Ramsey has gone backward in the last year so much. Positional play is taught, but we either dont practice it or it is so badly done that the players dont know what to do half the time.
Pathetic bottling bunch of sh177ers. First bit of pressure and we wilt. Just a shockingly amateur display.
lol redemption and then what? oh yea lets throw it all away again by all means..
Arsenal will be the dead of me yet!
And now for the excuses....
A *****ed up defensive performance. After going up 3-2, this team had no business letting Norwich drawing this. ***** ***** *****. That was a penalty but no point blaming the ref when we had it in our control.
I dont want to blame the missed penalties.. We have absolutely no right to complian.. Im ******** agnyr.. ***** off.. ********s..
Cheers for everything robin, noone holds it against you if you choose to leave this bunch of absolute headless clueless feckin remedials.
Lmfao! I phucking love it! Mind the gap u little (unts!!!
Shocking result! Is all I can say.
Bye bye 3rd place
We have effectively taken 3rd spot off our hands. A better 2nd half but too much anxiety in our play. We rushed our decisions and have paid the price. How these sides tend to raise their game when the play against Arsenal. To think Norwich had little to play for.
Total knobhead
st totteringhams day anyone? ;)
Now, I know Newcastle are going to win against City and Spurs will stuff Villa. Surely, there can't be that many more twists and turns in the season.
Naughton MOTM!!!
Becouse they know this side will crumble and latch on to any excuse to loose a game if the going gets tough. Its a lack of courage and is down to the manager. Please dont give me the ******** AKB spiel that this is down to the board and players not doing their job. The board has given him the money and all the support he needed over the years and he has let them all down by rewarding mediocre players at best with bumper contracts and stood by crocks and wantaways to the detriment of the squad and club. As for players not doing their job these are the players he chooses day in day out and coaches (or not as is obvious with our brilliant defensive play)
I really hope Newcastle lose to City. We can get 4th place at least. Agree with you niko, how is this team every going to seriously challenge with such an amateur display, being 3-2 up! Will not blame RvP if he leaves but I am still hopeful.
I expect Newcastle to lose and Spurs to draw or lose now that the pressure is on THEM. No point in cussing off the boss and players yet- you could be eating humble pie in 8 days. That said, Chesney had a shocker- the first Norwich goal was a joke and some of his handling and distribution was pub league. And Ramsey also deserves mention for his display- no effort, no understanding of his role.
Armory, whenever a loss comes along, these fundamental issues raised ad nauseam which are conveniently ignored when the team is on a good run. This kind of analysis is just stupid, sorry mate.
This squad just is patently incapable of handling any form of pressure, we've been gifted this position by the frillywhites who themselves were guilty of the biggest bottle of the decade now we are equally if not more culpable. A goal up with 10 mins left against a team out of steam and we still contrive to throw it away gifting them back into it with appalling ease. Pathetic. Utterly unfit for purpose. Podolski better only be the start of this summers' activities. Although we'll probably turn him into an indirect, shot shy feeble fanny merchant after 6 months.
sczesney gonna do any more interviews after the game? ;) hope this shuts his phucking big mouth! what a (unt!
Sorry to say it but it's just not a CL standard squad, they will have found their level at Europah and even then will blatantly melt at the first stiff challenge. Just signed up to be an organ donor, with the strict instruction that should I die Arsenal must be in receipt of my backbone.
elbondo, I am not going to shout too much about the result, But I cannot see your reasoning, because Spurs have been under pressure to turn their season around for weeks now. I am just pleased that their future is their own hands, two wins - 3rd place, Simples!!!
Ox Yid
Whats the matter wiltshire? was your haystack wet when you woke up this morning? Why the potty mouth tourettes schoolchild tirade? Are you getting your anger in early for when sp*rs still manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of glory? Either way jog on and fill your nappy elsewhere.
Ox Yid, your math is accurate, but don't forget your recent 'revival' is against the teams lying 18th and 19th in the table. Villa need a win to guarantee survival so they aren't the 3 in the bag you assume they are.
the fixture ain't over yet. this is a season like no other..
elbondo, My main point is Spurs fate is in their own hands, no more. I realise it is not done deal yet, but they went to Bolton on Wednesday who had put three good results together before the day. Also Spurs record at Bolton was rubbish so it was a good result. But I am not getting carried away, 3rd would be excellent, 4th will do and 5th would be disappointing.
Ox Yid
We deserve every abuse we get from spurs fans. It's their time now. :(. And we have no one to blame but ourselves.
I tell you what is stupid prits, the constant ignoring of the fundemental flaws in his team for the last 6 yers,not lack of individual talent but lack of grit and endurance when the going gets tough, not in a single game as much as over a full season. We have all seen them pull something out of the bag once in a while but when there is something concrete in sight they more often loose thier nerve and capitulate. We have seen this year after year and still people ignore the elephant and harp on a bout injuries bad refereeing (before we had a good penalty shout Norwich had a blatant penalty turned down). There is one constant in this team over the past few years and that is the fact that when the going gets tough at the end of the season we wilter and fall off the pace.
If we get into 4th place now it will because Newcastle and spuds throw it away. How ironic is that? few weeks ago all where hailing this team as something to look forward to next season....all I see is the same as 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 etc. If we want to have a shot at silverware whare we need to change what we are doing and quite frankly I dont see that happening.
Guys, spurs fan here obviously. Not trolling just the opposite. You guys are still third, we still have to do all the work. St. Totteringham's day is still a possibility in my book. Villa are not going to roll over tomorrow. Jol will want his Fulham boys to exact revenge on Levy for the second match. Not happy with the bragging going on at the moment by spurs fans who should know better. Should be done if and only if we finish third, not now.
How sweet zombie. Would u like to send them a box of tissues and some chocolates?
How often were you saying this when we were winning, Armory?
vermealen & gibbs didn't seem to communicate today. the weakest link was evidently our midfield. there was a huge vacuum between the defense and the midfield. who was our defensive midfielder today? everyone was at the other end of the field leaving the defenders to fend for themselves. 3-2 with less than 10 mins to go and still we were so naive & neglect the basic defending duties. just speechless
when will i ever learn, yet another complete waste of a return ticket to penzance, i really really thought we would get a result today but we will be very lucky to finish 5th what a complete bummer of a season yet again bye bye rvp youve been fantastic hope you go to a club with some heart and ambition
cornish gooner
Broken leg for Bacs, no euros for that lad.
My apologies Armory, it was harsh. Just a bit *****ed off after that avoidable draw.
Ouch! That's so sad. It looked such an innocuous stretch when he went for that ball and now, this.....? Maybe, his rival for the RB position has put a jinx on him :-)
cornish gooner - Penzance?? You live there? If you do I'd be VERY surprised if we don't know eachother ;-)

Sajit - Good man. Just as I invited you to "Fill ya boots" on VS a few weeks ago, because it was no more than was deserved, You've done the very same thing. Good man!!

Mix - Zombie was just saying how things stand mate. We've fu**ed up a 12 point lead over this lot, so we most certainly should not take it for granted that we'll get the 3 points tomorrow that put us above them. And even if we do, if ever there was a team that could throw away a 1 point lead on the final day of the season, we support it mate lol.

One thing is for sure, it's going to be a cracking end to an enthralling season.
I don't want to come all over Kevin Keegan, but..well... I think all Spurs fans will know where I'm coming from tonight....I seriously will.
Henry Baker Brown
What an awful game. To finally get an early goal was brilliant, great finish from Yossi, then we just slackened completely, gifted them 2 goals, stumbled around the first half. Then we come out, get sorted in the 2nd, fight back to 3-2 and immediately throw it all away again.... A muck-up of EPIC proportions. And then there's still time for a penalty not given and Chamakh missing an OPEN BLOODY GOAL! ...coming home, bump into the EDL at Kings Cross, Scousers all cheery on the tube, and get back to watch Chelsea win the FA Cup! ...Not happy. Please Villa and City get your wins tomorrow!!!
henry u dirty man........ u want to come all over kevin keagan
Really bad news about Sagna. Its the last thing we needed really. But I'm still steaming about this game. For Wenger to trot out the same old line about us lacking sharpness is unbelievable. It's a crass tired excuse. Put simply, this team don't know how to defend well as a unit. We've conceded the highest number of goals in the top half of the table and its been a developing trend for the past 3 or 4 seasons. That sort of statistic is never going to stack up in our favour. I've never been in the 'we were unlucky' camp when the stats are whacking us in the face telling us what we all already know. There are clear and glaring deficiencies in our defensive shape that are not being resolved.
Wyn Mills
Wyn, totally agree. There's no doubt that Norwich were impressive today for which they deserve credit. However, any team with serious ambitions has to be able to cope with the various challenges that come up. I disagree with those saying the players werem't up for it; I don't buy that for one minute. Our biggest failing is about dawareness, shape and concentration when we don't have the ball and that is totally the fault of the manager. I can't see much changing even if we bought Hazard, Goetze or M'Vila to be honest, we'd still bottle it.
Thing is I think Wenger makes life hard for himself by wheeling out this rubbish. Is he messing with the media or does he truly believe there is some sort of conspiracy against the club, aided and abetted by Lady Luck? He's risking ridicule. Norwich played superbly today, but this is a team that have lost their last 3 games, and were convincingly torn apart by Liverpool. Did Wenger watch that game? Does he see our midfield trotting back to defend instead of sprinting?
Wyn Mills
great game DVD
Here they come dump the team managers rubbish, useless lot. Is this an arsenal fan site could have fooled me. Next will be pages of get rid of the manager get a new goal keeper spend bags of money. Now so called fans are saying RVP will leave; what a load of boll@rks. For gods sake grow up its a game of bloody football. Disappointed you bet, we had a terrible first half improved out of sight in the second but what a game. Will we make CL next year seems very doubtful but its not the end of the world. But Faith and belief. Well done Wyn Armory nicko and waste of a return ticket cornish your comments spot on. You guys are such great fans of the club and so knowledgeable Please Boss get their addresses they have all the answers. So great as a fan of Arsenal knowing you lot support the Arsenal. Norwich played well But the Boss allowed them to caused all the injuries again and made our goal keeper play a poor game. Yep its all his fault.
norwich beat us and after that they wee shocking untill today
AG, how do you explain the amount of space that Norwich had for their 3rd goal? It was a shocking lack of awareness, something that Wenger needs to take the blame for, since he has not been able to fix it for a long time.
That said, Wenger also deserves a lot of credit for being 3rd in the table with this team, and he has been getting that recently. He will get criticized for a team;'continued failings, I don't see the issue with that.
Just watching the highlights and the penalty not given to us at the end is inexplicable. When things like that happen, you have to just question whether things aren't meant to be for us this season. We absolutely peppered them second half. Again the quality of officiating in this country in shocking. If we don't finish in top 4, so be it. It's not as though we're going to win the CL or if we ever spend the money to really make a difference to the squad.
prits, good luck with getting any kind of cogent response or debate from Always 'keep calm and carry on' Gunner. He seems to have very little interest in cause and effect, and is more interested in questioning the loyalty of other fans.
Wyn Mills
GV, yes that decision not to award a penalty to RvP was inexplicable. But then Norwich also had a stone cold pen ignored in the first half. Was that the ref balancing the books? To be fair Norwich had a fair few chances themselves a d would have felt justifiably short changed if they'd walked away with less than a point. I just dont believe we did our homework on them.
Wyn Mills
I can't believe we've thrown this away. It's almost criminal. Though I thought the Spurs fans might have learned their lesson by now (some of them have it seems, but not enough). We might be doing our best to cock this up, but we are still two points in front, and you're doing just as good a job as we are at making a complete cockend of this season.
Spuds will definitely win their last 2 games. Can't even see us beating west brom. And fancy Newcastle to win today and lose to everton
I would normally agree Vin, but the chase for the CL is become more and more ridiculous each week. Even if by some miricle we do finish above Spurs it's not going to be something I'll brag about, because it's just a competition to see whose the least sh**est in North London rather than who's the best.
Embarrassing, personified by Ramsey jogging back for Jackson to miss that sitter, was worse than Denilson. We could've won that, in fact with chances at the end some might say we should've won it, but it would've been harsh on Norwich, who looked like a proper team and outworked us for at least 60% of the match, this "3 second rule" obviously is only applicable to the Man Citehs of this world. And Wenger at the end, just show a but of humility, it's not a reflection on this "Arsenal class" that we all like to talk about so much.
Know what you're saying, Rock, but villa are under the kind of pressure that Norwich were not allowing them to play without any fear whatsoever. It's all about momentum and spuds and Newcastle have it.
Bet you never thought you'd be in the position where you're absolutely praying for a Manchester City win!
alwaysgunner ...feck off you dull old fart. Noone here has said ANYTHING about Wenger. If you are so sensitive & find it so difficult to accept any criticism of our club then don't read the comments, you seem to have no concept of the idea of a forum where critique and discussion is offered, what's more you have no concept of the word irony, ie you carping on and dumping on other people about them carping on and dumping on other people.
It's been some battle at the Sports direct Arena already. You cannot under-estimate the role nerves can play in these games. City with the upper hand but unusually nervous play by the forward men. You just cannot call the EPL games these days.
I think I went into a stage of depression yesterday.
...not a day for the fain hearted Arsenal fan.
heh naija, what will be will be now. Y'know people bang on about complacency, about arrogance, about underestimating the opposition, about this about that but really what it boils down to and noones really mentioned is that we just aint that good anymore. The harsh truth that neither manager, players & fans want to come to terms with. We just aint all that, Our empire for the time being has had it's day, we still yearn for the Pires Henry Bergkamp Llungberg era but it's an era ago and foolishly prematurely disbanded with the misguided deluded haughtiness that it's easy to accomplish and can be done again at will. I for one just can't be arsed to pray for citeh villa wins today, for what? so we can go and bottle it come the last 16 next year? meh. Give the barcodes a pop at it, they really want it.
..Today, that is.
Hear! Hear!! Niko. The thing is we don't need too much to get to those levels. Why the Manager won't take the needed decisions, I won't know. Anyway, I live in hope.
Because everything thinks they have the prettiest wife at home mate.
Lol. That's quoting the Manager there. Hehehe!
You may not be praying Niko, but the gods are certainly in the mood to listen at the moment!
Wyn Mills
Still meh, we'll still choke @ the baggies.
Spurs down with a man sent off. Toon down. Who says this game is predictable?
Wyn Mills
City have won it. 2-0.
Wyn Mills
City 2-0 Newcastle. Cliche with a wonderful assist.
Spurs back in it. 1-1.
Wyn Mills
If we draw against WBA, we should still make 4th place, but I will not bet any money on that. Niko - it's not about not being good enough. Are you trying to say that Ramsey and Rosicky could not sprint instead of jogging back to cover the defence? Arteta would have done that. This team has shown enough this season (even though we're only the best of a poor bunch of teams after the top 2) to show we can compete. But the lack of awareness - do you teach/coach that? If its happened several times, don't you learn from that? Its frustrating coz its just common sense.
As for Wenger, he's been far more critical of the team this season than in the past. I dont feel like he offered many excuses after this game as well, just that he does not come up with solutions to recurring issues.
Well well, we're back in control of our own destiny again. A win next sunday and we finish third. That's why I try not to boast or moan until the fat lady sings.
Spurs fan here in peace (if there is such a thing) - Well done on 3rd. Cannot see you getting beat by WBA. As for us, our manager has fecked us well and truly by his decisions. And i have money on us getting 4th and losing the place to Le Chavs!!! Well done once again!!
We do not deserve this kind of luck.
The Chicken has fallen of the basketball. Again. Does the team sans Arteta have the balls to capitalise..doubt it.
I don't agree that this season has shown we can compete prits, why? because we beat chelski & citeh and AC Milan? All it proves to me is that we have a small club underdog mentality in the squad that is willing to raise it's game against the big boys every now & then. 16 pts off the top, our worst away defeat in the CL ever effectively knocking us out in the 1st leg, knocked out by sunderland in the cup, that to me doesn't particularly show any ability to compete. It shows to me a predisposal to wilt at any sign of pressure then play well once there is no chance of us winning anything, then wilt again once pressure over a guaranteed CL placing rears its ugly head. It's easy and has become de rigeur to trot out the usual we were not sharp, we were under prepared, we were complacent excuses but how many times can this wash? It's a safety net for the manager & squad to avoid the real heart of the matter and that is simply that we just are at present not a team capable of challenging for anything. Jogging back instead of sprinting is a mental deficiency, it is a lack of responsibility and is merely one small symptom of that lack of what it takes.
With a blatant penalty denied at the death against Norwich, no penalties at home ALL season, we deserve the luck thats come our way. Big changes needed in midfield, I understand why the interest in a defensively awarre midfielder exists, Song can go roaming all over the place assuming his partner will hold in his absence but Ramsey is no Arteta. TV 5 needs to ask himself questions about his positioning in the game as well. With Song roaming, there is no need for TV to roam as well. Norwich was the worst game Szczesny has had at the club and one hopes he learns from that awful performance. Cup final against West Brom ahead. Come on!
Massive massive let off for us today and that's really nothing to congratulate us on woodyn17, one game left and it really can all swing any way between all three teams. I guess our sole consolation is that a high scoring draw may well be enough for us because we're unable to buy a win currently.
Delta we could have easily had two pens against us yesterday too, let's be objective here mate.
Unbelievably, we still have 3rd place in our hands. How is this happening?
Niko, we're still 3rd in the table, despite events of last summer (which the club should have handled better). Can this team challenge for the Premiership next season? I think the gap will be lesser than 16 pts, but I don't think there will be a meaningful challenge to the title. Perhaps a couple of good cup runs. Perhaps, I should have phrased it better. If you look at the resources with Chelsea, Pool, City and ManU (all have higher wage bills than Arsenal), I think 3rd place (if we can get over the line) is quite an achievement for this team.
Niko, I concede that Koscielny's shirt tug deserved a penalty against us but which is the other penalty claim? If you are referring to Coquelin's tackle while tracking back, he got the ball and a bit of the player, dont think that was a stonewall penalty. Oxlade Chamberlain deserved a penalty when his cross was blocked by the outstretched hand of a Norwich defender. The hand which blocked the cross in the final third was clearly in an unnatural position. The RVP nudge by Naugton ofcourse was a penalty so it is 2-1 in our favour on penalties not given in the Norwich game.
It was a messy challenge Delta and I've seen em given, it was a valid claim as although yep he got the ball it was after getting the player. Obiously I'd be ecstatic with 3rd given our position earlier in the year and I think all involved would've taken it being in our own hands against West brom come the final game, if only for the fact we'll be able to attract a higher class of mercen..sorry player. Apologies if my posts seem downbeat but I'm still feckin livid at the appalling amateurish chickenheads conspiring to throw 3-2 into the dustbin yesterday. Steaming upfield to leave us exposed and ceding possession so cheaply after all the hard work to claw back into the lead just makes me feel sick thinking about it.
The ref was terrible in equal doses. I only saw two certain penalties- the Kos shirt pull and the Norwich handball. Even though Gervinho knew he was in an offside position and let the ball run on the RvP penalty shout, I'm pretty sure the ref used his discretion and determined that Gervinho's position was affecting the play and even if RvP had scored from open play it would not have counted. Still, it sucks that due to defensive naivety (and a healthy dose of midfielder laziness), we have an agonizing week ahead and 90 stressful minutes when a win would have unexpectedly clinched third spot with a game to go. How much more enjoyable to watch next week's match just for fun with nothing at stake. Next Sunday will either be the latest St Totteringham's day since Lasagnagate, or the first time we haven't been able to celebrate it since 1995.
No doubt about the porous nature of our midfield currently. A midfield of Rosicky, Ramsey and Song has lacked organisation, strength and caution. Perhaps Coquelin can do a job there with Jenkinson slotting into the right back position for the West Brom game.
I would much prefer coquelin over ramsey, i dunno how badly aaron has to play before being dropped.
Niko, your line above saying 'because everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home' is just about the best explanation in one sentence i've read on our predicament. Brilliant, and correct. To think that Wenger genuinely believes there is no difference between our squad and Man City/Utd is startling, worrying and sums it all up. Yes, we've been given another chance next week but i have absolutely zilch faith that we will get a draw, let alone a win. As he normally does, Arseblogger summed it up perfectly today: different players, different seasons, same problem. It is as simple as you say about us just not having the players anymore. When we used to win, the Henrys, Bergkamps, Vieiras of this world were better players than the opposition. Now we simply don't have the best players. If all it takes is one player, Arteta, to be absent for the whole team to fall apart defensively, you have to ask serious questions on our coaching (or lack thereof). Even if we do finish 3rd, I for one believe it's time for change at AFC and that we are ready for the next phase, the post-Wenger phase of our Club's development. Perhaps let him see his contract out and then do all we can to get Guardiola in.
Can't believe we're skightly better off today! :D
I'm not sure that guardiola is the answer, he's achieved success with probably the greatest club side any of us has ever seen in our lifetimes but could he do it on a wet decembers' evening in stoke lol. He has been battered into a psychological semi retirement by Maureendaho, so would we want that? a fragile man burnt out by four years at the top, we have no real idea what we'd be getting, CL winner for sure, but again with that team even bleedin Allardyce could've won the thing! Far from convinced.
I think there are enormous pressures at Barca almost unique in world football. Probably the opposite position that Wenger holds in the apparent lack of pressure to win trophies and almost acceptance of mediocrity. From what I read about Barca's success, Guardiola's coaching had a massive impact on their success (though no doubt he had some special players). I do believe it's gone stale at AFC and it's time for change no matter what happens.
I disagree on the point about Wenger working at Arsenal without pressure. Working as a manager of a club which has given its manager f all as a transfer budget for the past 5 seasons and still expect to be in the top 3-4 teams in the most competitive league in the world does involve significant pressure. If a new manager had propelled Arsenal from 17th to 3rd in the league since that United hammering, we would be singing his praises. Wenger has been trying to change the poweder puff fragility which has characterised our style of play of the previous squad but it will take more time to become more robust. A final chance next season is something AW will have earned IF we play in the CL again. I'm with Niko on Guardiola - the grass always seems greener on the other side.
Delta - in my opinion, Wenger has had the funds to spend (e.g. sales of Adebayor and Toure), but just hasn't gone out and spent it because he didn't want to kill Song, Denilson and Diaby. Fair enough, the team has done extremely well to be 3rd, but let's face it, we are pretty much a one-man team and if RvP doesn't step up, no one else really does (a la yesterday). We've been unbelievably fortunate that he's stayed fit. Don't know about you, but things feel stale at our club and it feels like it's time to change. Wenger has had 7 years to sort out the defensive deficiencies that keep costing us, but they don't seem to be getting sorted.
I am just thankful that we have been given another chance to get 3rd spot. Phew! That was close. Just hope we don't cock things up again.
NIKOLAIJNS thanks for your kind remarks if it makes you happy this dull old fart will ***** off. But i suggest you read the comments on this site about the boss. Anyway there are only two or three comments i like which have merit LD Amos and a few others so I will do as you request.
No it won't make me happy but neither does it make me happy for a gooner such as yourself shooting down other gooners for displaying views they are perfectly entitled to make. None of the comments above in my opinion are out of order or even that critical of Wenger, you're reading what you want to read in order to slate others for what you perceive as lesser support and frankly it's getting pretty tiresome, so you're some uber supporter thats supported us through two world wars and the battle of waterloo well bravo sir, I'm surprised you can put the rattle down long enough to type. This is a forum where ALL views are shared, if you don't agree and I don't with plenty then fair enough, you put your view across and argue the toss, just pulling people up by name and issuing lame sarcasm combined with dismissals of their support isn't big or clever. You tell us to grow up telling us it's only a game, yet you're the one getting personal with us? footballs' emotional and sure some things are said in the heat of a loss so what? you grow up and deal with it.

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It`s Chelsea for Fulham
» Fulham : 18/04/2014 10:43:00
Hammers Watching Dutch Youngster
» West Ham : 18/04/2014 10:38:00
I`ll Stay If……
» Fulham : 18/04/2014 10:34:00

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MOTM in the semi final
Suggested By:  
Super Fab 45%
Sagna 3%
BFG 2%
Vermaelen 0%
Monreal 1%
Arteta 17%
The Ox 16%
Cazorla 0%
Podolski 0%
Rambo 1%
Sanogo 8%
Gibbs 3%
Kallstrom 3%
Giroud 1%