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April Player of the Month

April was a month which began with much promise, but ended in something of a faceless sludge, as a squad of players clearly fatigued by the season`s exertions began to stumble towards the finishing line. It`s worth noting that April began in fine style, as Mikel Arteta hit a sensational last ditch winner against Manchester City at Ashburton Grove. But ever since the little Spaniard hobbled out of the Wigan game, things have gone notably awry. The shape of the team hasn`t looked the same. Vermaelen`s forays forward once looked lethal, as did Song`s penchant for the Hollywood pass.

However, without Arteta plugging in for Tommy`s more penetrative tendencies and Alex Song`s general air of "I am the through ball king, all must kneel before me" dictating his play, the Gunners have looked more shapeless and fragile. A combination of better defending from studied opposition and battle weariness has even meant van Persie has looked relatively blunt in the month of April. (Relatively being the key word here). Even the uber consistency of Sagna has wavered. Largely, in my opinion, due to a lack of protection. Prior to his injury, Walcott began to shy away from his tracking back duties, whilst Gervinho is looking increasingly victim to an African Nations hangover. Chamberlain hasn`t genuinely impressed since the Milan second leg.

All of the above considered, there were really only two candidates for April Player of the Month as far as I`m concerned. I was tempted to opt for Yossi Benayoun, who brings a measure of responsibility and maturity in the absence of Arteta. I`ve heard him described as Arsenal`s Park Ji Sung due to the manager`s preference for option for the Israeli against big opponents. When Arsenal are looking to press and harry off the ball and play a possession based game on it, Yossi is the go to man and he can be pleased with his April. His pressing and harrying led to our equaliser at Stoke. Astoundingly, he made it back to his own penalty area before Vermaelen, Song and Santos as Wigan broke for their first goal on April 16th. He also scored a marvellous goal at the Molineux.

However, I can`t look beyond probably Arsenal`s most consistent performer this season alongside Arteta. Last August, Laurent Koscielny would have been considered by many to be junior to Thomas Vermaelen in Arsenal`s centre of defence. I think many would have changed their minds by now. Koscielny is such a breath of fresh air in the team because he considers defending to be his primary job rather than just an occasion aside to more exciting tasks. He`s a pure defender that loves his job. Recall his injury time karate kick block to deny Daniel Sturridge a last gasp winner against Chelsea. Sergio Aguero is one of the Premier League`s finest strikers. Anyone remember a significant moment from the Argentine on City`s visit to North London? Me neither.

You get the same from Koscielny in every game. If a ball breaks loose and needs sweeping up, he`ll bust a gut to run after it and put his swingers on the line to clear it. When a player is as quiet in the press and as consistent as Koscielny is, acclaim tends to be hard to come by. Usually, as with Arteta, such characters are at their most notable when they are not there. Koscielny missed the Wigan match through suspension. I hardly need to remind you how that turned out. Chelsea set up by playing quick, nippy strikers that looked to catch Arsenal on the break. Koscielny beat them all in a foot race. As evidenced when Sturridge had gone past the onrushing Szczesny in the first half against Chelsea, only to find Koscielny preventing any further progress. Stoke set up with big, physical strikers that looked to get onto long balls. They got no change out of the Frenchman (Crouch beat Vermaelen in the air for the Potters` goal).

Be his opponents pacey- Kalou, Sturridge- powerful- Crouch, Walters- nippy with good feet- Aguero, Balotelli- Koscielny takes on all comers. Arsenal`s record on conceding from set pieces is a marked improvement on last year and I think Laurent`s new found assertiveness bears partial credit for that improvement. It`s been a centre half blossoming that has been a delight to see this season. From a promising first season, which had the occasional mishap, Koscielny has gone from French Ligue 2 no mark to Arsenal`s dominant centre half in under three years. There`s a reason that some in Arsenal circles have christened him "Boss-cielny" and April has seen that consistency continue. Van Persie will clearly be voted Arsenal`s Player of the Season. But the French defender will trouble the podia. The wider press may not have noticed, but Gooners certainly have. LD.

August- Thomas Vermaelen
September- Robin van Persie
October - Robin van Persie
November- Laurent Koscielny
December- Mikel Arteta
January- Tomas Rosicky
February- Robin van Persie
March- Tomas Rosicky

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 8 2012

Time: 11:54AM

Your Comments

He's done his best to cover Vermaelen's poor play and questionable decision making recently. A man who looks like he loves to defend and gets a kick from keeping a clean sheet.
His standing leap is the best I've have ever seen in the league, even better than someone "acknowledged" like Cahill at Everton.
There were a lot of questions regarding Koscielny's aerial ability and pace when he fisrt joined, needless to say he's answered every single one of those questions. Awesome defender and one who's not very highly rated by anyone outside of Arsenal. And I'm perfectly happy with it staying that way.
Player of the season for me along with VP and Arteta. Off topic here but rumours (I know, I know) are about that we have agreed a fee for M'VILA. Gives more credance to the theory that Wenger and the club have learned from last summer
Easily your best defender, reminds me of Chris Perry but obv better. Vermaelen gets the plaudits but i think thats because of his size & goalscoring he's nowhere near as good.
Deserved and he is looking the part. Does anyone think he could have done better closing down Morrison for his equalizer on Saturday?
As LD has astutely pointed out, Koscielny's versatility as a defender means that he can counter a variety of different strikers. Quality of that kind is rare and it seems a matter of time before he becomes the first choice CB for France as well. From preferring defenders who liked to go forward, AW seems to be have gone back to 'pure' defenders like Kos and Mertesacker in the last couple of years. Perhaps a similar trend in midfield is next with a specialist DM being targeted next.
Possibly Vin, although looking at the goal again he seems to be more interested in where his fellow defenders AREN'T. Which cannot make things easier for a player.
Gooner_Vin, yes he could have done better but the left part of the CB duo is Vermaelen territory which meant that Kos had to cover a lot of ground running to his left to block the angle available to Morrison for a shot across goal.
Anyone think the potential signing of M'Villa could be the huge kick up the backside Song needs or is it because Song's contract is up for renewal in the near future? Call me cynical and all that.
Hope the M'Vila transfer buzz is for real. Song could do with some competition in the holding role and maybe when playing away against strong teams we could play both of them together in a 4-2-3-1. While Song has amazing vision for a holding player, is a good dribbler and strong in the tackle his two weaknesses are a) an over deliberation on the ball when in possession leading to the ball being occasionaly nicked from him and b) Being positionally naive in critical junctures of the match. Nothing like some competition to improve an already good player like Song.
Kos has been a rather unsung hero. Much faster than he's been given credit for, and the recipient of at least one dodgy red card. One Wenger gamble that appears to have paid off. Have to say with all the M'Vila speculation, would much rather have seen us go for Moussa Dembele who I think is an excellent player and has been sucessfully playing a defensive midfielder role for Fulham.
Wyn Mills
Wyn, I'm a big fan of Dembele as well. He can play in a variety of positions and reminds me of a fit Diaby. At Fulham his best position has been as an attacking midfielder/ second striker.
He has been excellent in 95% of our matches, brilliant signing and I cannot wait to see him and Mertesacker back together.
Delta, if we sign M'Vila, there is be no place for Song in our team, unless Wenger plans on converting him to a center back.
Yeah, his ability to glide past opponents is very Diaby-esque! Its not often you watch players and just sit there open-mouthed wondering how they make things look so easy. His passing range is also phenomenal. I read somewhere that Danny Murphy likes watching him so much he forgets to help him sometimes.
Wyn Mills
I think the addition of M'Vila wouldn't render Song obsolete at all. M'Vila has to play his way into the 1st team and that means Song has to raise his game. Think there are a few fixtures I'd be happy to see us use two holding MFs. Song has gone walkabout a few times, dithered on the ball and been to interested in playing a killer throughball than playing his position, but he has been a great player for us this season. A really great player. Arteta has been a very important figure to balance the MF and cover for Song when he goes forward and Ramsey's inexperience is what has exposed Song of late.
No 10
Oh and Kos has been great all season. I think he has often come 2nd or 3rd in the player of the month poll and he has worked well to get this award.
No 10
If we were ever going to play two holding midfielders it would be Arteta who would partner M'Vila. Song is not a Defensive midfielder any more, and hasn't been for quite a while.
The bloody best defender in the Premier league bar Kompany. Totally underrated and long may it remain that way.
His ninja tackle on Sturridge was a thing of real beauty.
I think Gooners are now coming to grips with the fact that Vermaelen isn't as great as his absence made him to be. It's going to be interesting to see who Wenger prefers when Mertesacker gets back. I think the Koscielny-Mertesacker is a better one than Koscielny-Vermaelen or Vermaelen-Mertesacker. Koscielny-Vermaelen suffers from the fact that both of them are too similar and attack the ball. And I prefer Koscielny-Mertesacker over Vermaelen-Mertesacker simply because Koscielny is a better defender than Vermaelen. However, I have a hunch that Arsene is going to give Kos the boot and prefer the other two.
Even in all his narrow minded stubborness Wenger couldn't possibly drop Kozzer for any other defender on our books?!
Vermaelen is a crowd favorite because he is everything we like in English players.. blood and thunder defending.. and chips in with goals.. But if you look at it objectively you will realize that he is quite average as a defender. Still think Cahill was a missed opportunity. For some reason I still dont rate Mertesacker.
i love song but the problem with him is he can be a very good defensive midfielder or contributes immensely in attack but rarely combining both strengths together in a game. at least he always have an impact in the game. i certainly hope m'vila signs for us. song-m'vila prospect reminiscent the petit-vieira partnership; athletic, powerful and skillful. song can a more assured "through ball king" as ld put it with a strong dm behind him
I'm indifferent to Merts. I've said before that I think he is a good defender: his positioning and timing of tackles is very good, but his speed is a massive downer as is his reading of aerial balls and his jump is very week.
No 10
agreed sajit, mert is a bit too slow for epl. for his height, he is not exactly threatening in our offensive set pieces either, particularly in comparison with kos & verm
And Goofle like it or not Song is a DM, he plays the deepest for us. And Arteta is 30 - Song 24 - M'Vila 21, so which pair do you see being the sensible option for the future? M'Vila will probably have a long Euros, Song & Arteta a long rest. Add that to M'Vila possibly needing a bit of time to adjust to the PL why would you be happy to let Song go now?
No 10
I actually think Vermaelen could be equally as awesome as Kos if he stopping f***ing off upfront whenever it took his fancy. It's all well and good doing it in the last five minutes of a match we're chasing, eg; Newcastle at home, but he's doing it far too often. Song too. It's ok when Arteta is playing, but when it's Rambo and Rosicky Alex has to show some damn discipline. Hopefully Bouldy can knock that into them.
Rocky - With a large wooden stick hopefully. What? Well nothing else has worked up until now, so why not I say. I think a full pre-season and his full recuperation and Merts will quickly become on of the two first choice CB pairing at the club.
I'm not even sure a large stick would work with Song, there's more wood in his head than anything else. Wonderful footballer, thick as s***.
too true Rocky, Song didn't adapt his game when we lost Arteta. but these are things the manager must address. He has to be the one to assume Song will not realise that Ramsey is much more offensively minded, much younger and still nieve in some areas of his game...same with Ox
No 10
I have voted Kos my player of the month 6 times this season. Its good that other gooners are seeing what i saw last season. My memorable match watching Kos is Arsenal Vs Barca. I have never seen anyone took care of MESSI like Kos did. GO BACK AND WATCH THE GAME. I rate these players well above others this season.(Kos, Sagna, Artetat, Song, RVP). The second group are Rosicky, Vermaelen, Theo and an iffy Szczesny. Others i don't trust but will accept.
*Arteta. On M'Villa rumour, there is a possiblity of us preparing for the absence of Song during the '13 ACN. Once a player leaves for the ACN they never recover well until after 2mths. That is an evidence in Gervinho's play after the competition. Mind you guys, Arteta is in the 30s, Rosicky in the 30s, Song in African 30s, we will need the M'Villas, Coquelin and Wilshere of the early 20s to take over soon or atleast integrate them. Frimpong loves arsenal but he is not a typical Wenger player.
I agree Rocky that Vermaelen COULD become as awesome as Kos but WILL he become as awesome as Kos? That is a question and a half. He needs to curb his attacking instinct. But at this moment, my opinion is that a calm and composed Mertesacker is much better than a Vermaelen who goes on a picnic up forward every now and then. Mertesacker is highly underrated, I believe. He and Koscielny were class in that mid season run. They only started yielding when we had no full backs. And to be fair, any centre back pairing would yield under such circumstances. When we had full backs he was at his best. His organisational skills are second to none and he reads the game brilliantly. A perfect compliment for Koscielny.
Its not just his attackingright.. He is not a good reader of the game. often in the wrong positions and gets turned FAR TOO easily. Also, he is not as fast as Kos.
I find the assertions about Mertesacker's pace a bit hackneyed. Carvalho, Adams, Stam, Kompany, Hyypia etc have all flourished in the PL and none were quick. It's all about partnerships. Mertesacker reads the game incredibly well. You'd also struggle to get 75 German caps aged 26 if your speed was a huge impediment. Every player has a weakness somewhere (except maybe Messi), it's how well you compensate for them that matters. I think Per does that fine. Since the game at Carrow Road in November, I struggle to think of a goal I would blame him for.
Little Dutch
Firstly, how anyone could name an Arsenal team and not pick Arteta is beyond me. He has been by far our best midfielder this season. Also, the idea that Alex Song is a defensive midfielder is also quite strange. The lad has not played that position this season, and even when Arteta is injured Ramsey is asked to play deeper. Don't get me wrong, I like Song as a player, but he isn't as good as M'Vila, Arteta or Wilshere, therefore he has no place in our starting XI.
Most foreign players take at least a season to find their feet in this league, and Kos and Per are no exceptions. After a shaky first season Kos can easily lay claim to being one of the best full-backs in the country. I have no doubt Per will also adjust and has yet to show us his best. Likewise we shouldn't expect M'Vila (if he joins) or Podolski to immediately start pulling up trees. That's the flip side of recruiting foreign talent.
Wyn Mills
apart from m'vila, rumour has it that we are eyeing hoilett. i think the possibility is quite high given that he is french, young, and on a relative smaller wage now. most importantly, he is free. the only problem is he is very similiar to walcott in all aspects. not sure who is better though. also, arshavin & miyaichi may return and we may end up having too many wingers
A fully deserved award, a key player that has helped keep the teams shape and style of play all season. As noted with the absence of arteta, the team has faulted in form due to a players sensibility not being there, thankfully for us he has been available all season, a spiritual mountain.
"Song as a player, but he isn't as good as M'Vila, Arteta or Wilshere, therefore he has no place in our starting XI." - sweet Jesus... First up, a bad month or two doesn't make a bad player. And second - you know M'Vila doesn't play for us (and this is real life, not Championship Manager), right?
Kosc is in the top 3 players of the season, up there with RvP and Arteta. The defence has improved overall this season and Kosc has been the consistent factor. Vastly improved since his 1st season.
I don't moan when Song gets a great assist for Van Persie, but was it him that gave the ball away completely needlessly for Norwich's 3rd? Or am I imagining things, completely and utterly avoidable, that's the annoying thing.
It was Song. He also attempted 4 through balls before the successful one. Almost all of them completely needless attempts with simpler options available. Someone needs to get hold of that dude quick sharp. Maybe it's because he's still mates with the guy, but I get a really uncomfortable sense of "the Adebayors" with Song. Interesting to see how things develop with 2 years left on his deal and renegotiation time upon us. If his on pitch demeanour is any yardstick, then we're in for some diva demands I reckon.
Little Dutch
Especially as Darren Dein is his agent. I notice he's demanding assurances about his future now that the M'Vila rumours are reaching fever pitch.
Wyn Mills
Signing M'Vila might be a sign that Wenger is giving up on Song as a DM, and play him further up. Or it could be a change in formation, back to 4-4-2, with Podolski playing behind RvP, Song & M'Vila lining up in mid field, supported by 2 more attacking minded mid fielders. I think it's a good kick up the backside, something that Song needs, considering he's had no competition for the spot.
Wyn - where did you read that Song is demanding assurances about his future?
The Express (sorry). It's probably only journo speculation linked to his upcoming contract negotiations, so subject to massive qualifications.
Wyn Mills
I have to hold my hands up and say he has proved me wrong. When he first joined and even earlier this season I thought he was poor and made far too many errors. Watching him more recently he has looked very solid and seems to love defending and now has the pace and physicality of the English game
Indeed Ox, in our pre-NLD chat on that article I was all but laughed off the VS forums for suggesting that Kos was a top class defender and would easily get into a Arsenal/Spurs line up. I'm not right often, but it feels nice when I am :)
Certainly Song's agents are beginning to go to work. I saw one of his advisors release a statement last week saying there was no truth in the links to Inter. I'm not really fussed about transfer guff so I could be wrong, but I don't recall Song ever being linked to Inter. Definitely some muscle flexing going on.
Little Dutch
There was a few articles a month or so back linking him with Inter Milan, although as always they could be agent created as well. There was defo something out there about it though.
Scotch Eggs Rule
According to the Evening Standard we are 'cooling' on M'Vila. So much cr@p flying around at the moment are due to agent machinations behind the scenes.
Wyn Mills
Wish Google Chrome had a bulls*** filter.
Scotch Eggs Rule
I have to say it still irks me somewhat that 95% of Premiership supporters believe that Vermaelen is Arsenal's only top-class defender. As good as Vermaelen can be, he's significantly less reliable than Koscielny, but still the positive press from his very early goalscoring days in England linger in the memory alongside the naive, presumptuous reports from last season of Koscielny being a flop - reports that are largely being recycled for Mertesacker now.
I thought it odd that we didn't drop the interest after his police involvement, seems much more likely to be agent ***** stirring. I was keen on getting Vertonghen as DM cover but he seems to be whoring himself to Spurs they 'are are absolutely my favourite' after saying the same about Arsenal last week.
No 10
ArsenalRob - Probably good that most fans of other clubs and media are ignoring Kozzer, as usual, some *****-ish club with pot loads of someone else's money would swoop in and take him from us.
Scotch Eggs Rule
And on the Hoilett thing, that could e a savy bit of business if Walcott is staling on a new contract.
No 10
Infuriating to see people say things like "a sign that Wenger is giving up on Song as a DM, and play him further up" - Do you not watch out matches? Song has not played Defensive Midfield for around nine months, if not longer. Also LD, I think you are in fear of over rating how good Song was at any point. I think he has always been decent, and bordered on becoming a good defensive midfielder a season back, but now he is being shown up for what he is - an above average all-round midfielder who has no idea how to play football at the highest level.
Song is a good player, and still has time on his side, but is not the finished article. Perhaps that will come in the next couple of years. What this season has shown is that having an experienced head like Arteta around has really helped him. I cannot stand this habit he has latterly picked up of over elaboration. That's exactly what made Cesc such a beautiful player to watch; he always knew exactly when to keep the ball or lay it off simply to the right guy.
All the greats have had that, Bergkamp knew when to keep it simple and when to leather the feking thing. Tom, he's better than Denilson ;) I'd definitely keep Song but if he does start getting all Adebayor on us, e.g. taking 30 mins to get up after missing a chance, then i'll want him out PDFQ.
Latterly picked up? He's always had it in his game. Over elaboration and dwelling on the ball just a few seconds too long. If you're going to do that you need more skill and speed than Song naturally has.
Wyn Mills
Song can, when in form, hold the ball with three men around him and dribble his way out. He puts in tackles all day (and puts on a good innocent face for the ref). He can play assists. He can head. He can cover at centre-back. Basically, he can do everything you'd want from a central midfielder, and do it well. The main problem for me is defining his role - if he were played as a holding midfielder, I've no doubt he could do well. It seems to me though, that we play 3 loose midfielders - and EVERYONE goes forward (except Kos and Szc). If we actually played him as a holding mid, or at least had someone play defensively in there, we'd do a lot better. But instead we line 5 men up on the edge of the opposition box and get exposed.
Song just has to find a medium and he will be a brilliant midfielder. Sometimes when he dwells on the ball (and it works) he draws in 2 or 3 players all trying to hussle him off the ball, then he will either do that lovely little 360 and dribble his way out of it, or will do a little nut meg ball to rosicky who all of a sudden is in acres of space, leaving song with the 3 players around him. He does have a good knack at drawing in players and then releasing the ball. When it works it's great but it's also a high risk game to play, as he is also prone to losing the ball as we have seen all to often. He just needs to know when to do it and when to keep it simple. Sometimes he try's it right outside our box and I'm screaming "just get fu(king rid of it!". I disagree with what someone said about him not having the skill to pull it off. When he is switched on and concentrating his close control is as good as anyone and he is very hard to shake off the ball, hence the opposing team lose disapline and there shape by being drawn onto him all wanting to get the ball off the cocky git. Don't you remember playing up front watching that silky little mother run rings around your defenders only for you to charge the length of the field to to politefully ask him to relinquish The ball. Your gaffer screaming at you to get your ass back up the pitch. I have noticed this a lot with song, fabregas was the best at it. I just think its a good tool to have in your locker, especially if the opposing team is parking the bus, but like I say he just needs to learn when to do it. As far as him turning into to ady, that's his porogative, it will only stop him from developing as a player into potentially a world class midfielder. We all know that ady has talent in abundance, but like so many others before his ego will kill his progression as a footballer....collymore, anelka spring to mind. I'm sure if anelka would have stayed then it would have been him to break the arsenal scoring record before Henry......not that I'm complaining. I'm not sure what songs best position would be but surely to being able to attack and defend as a midfielder regardless of where you are on the pitch, is a great gift to have, and makes you the "complete" midfielder AKA Patrick viera. Who we have missed more then any other player to leave arsenal over the last few years, well in my opinion anyway.
What I would do for a yaya toure...
To be fair, I dont think Song is half as bad people say but like Rocky said, far too thick in the head. Everyone knows what a class act he can be when he does his job right. Watch the Dortmund away game this season. We were on the kosh and Song was asked to defend and boy did he defend. He is superb in putting in good tackles. But for LD, I havent noticed any Adebayor tendencies yet from Song. I coudl be wrong though. Hope he doesnt go down that route.
Song can be a really good CDM as I have said, but he is nowhere near the level a we need for any other position.
Agree I don't like to slate Song too much coz he was doing an excellent job partnering Arteta and Rosicky in mid field. They worked well as a team, and Arteta dropped back to operate as the DM. That explains the no. of assists that Song has this season. He has won us some points, by finding himself in space and threading the ball through for RvP and he would have been feted after the Norwich game as well, if we had won. Difference is, he had Arteta covering his ass when he made some mistakes. No one is doing that anymore. He needs to be sensible enough to pay the percentage game.
Song uses his strength and size well, I'll admit that. And he has a mean chip. However for someone who is feted as the fulcrum of our team he seems incapable of tackling without giving away a free kick, has the turning speed of an oil tanker, and often slows the game down through indecision. Apart from that he's great!
Wyn Mills
Song, IF he sits is as good as any other. He may be lacking in certain areas like tackling in one-on-one situations but is better than any at holding the ball up, winning 50:50s, getting out of tight areas etc. However, like Vermaelen, he also needs to curb his attacking instincts to sit back and let the others do the job of scoring. That is probably the general consensus forming around here
On Song treading the Adebayor's way, i disagree with that. Most African players that love life tend to act certain way that if you don't understand them, it seem to you like the what Adebayor pulled. Adebayor was ill advised, was enjoying his moments and over stepped his boundary, and before he could realised it, it was too late. Song is having fun in arsenal, enjoying himself but if people around him are not like Adebayor's, he will not pull the same. When they are happy, they seem to the whole world like prima donas. He will be fine, as long as he is treated right. Moved to a 70-75k/wk in his next negotiation.
Great interview with Kos on
Wyn Mills
I am surprised at all this slanging of SONG. I know you are all dissapointed at the last couple or last three games, but in all honesty Song has been there most times that it mattered. The person that needs slanging is RAMSEY who has been astronmically poor since he came back from injury. To me song has saved some massive games both defensively and with hs assists. I also think that Scezny and the Verminator have been extremely poor in our last two games but I don't see anyone talking about that. The problem is once Sagna or Gibbs are out we have a big problem and the coaches have not yet taken care of that.Also appart from Mets speed, I think he is one of the tidiest defenders especially along Kos. If we are playing a team without fast wingers then he is a good guy to have on.
It's not that Song is a bad player in any area technically, he is just an absolute idiot when it comes to positioning, tactical discipline and defensive awareness.

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