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Happy St Totteringham's Day To Gooners Everywhere

I said just the other day that should we grab third that it wouldn`t be anything to crow about, and whilst I`m not jumping from the rooftops, it still feels pretty good to have sealed that Champions League spot.

In what turned out to be a pretty dramatic day in the history of the Premier League, Arsenal played their part as they contrived to through away an early Benayoun goal in a way we`ve seen all too often.

However they boys did well to fight back and take the three points needed to guarantee Champions League football for another year, and to ensure we retain the North London bragging rights for the 18th consecutive season.

Happy St Totteringham`s day everyone!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 13 2012

Time: 5:01PM

Your Comments

Get the ***** in you *****ing ********s
Arsenal gonna kill me ,... I know it.. Thank you God.
If it didnt happen this season I firmly believe they will never ever in a million years finish above us. Lol
Oh Yes...We give them a massive head start and they still can't finish above us!
Wyn Mills
Can't make up my mind whether I want the Chavs to win the CL or not.
lol, how much did u gooners pay Fulop? what a tosser. The simple fact is you were crap today and any other day WBA would have beaten u
I've mulled that over a little myself Amos and came to the conclusion that I don't care. Either result will give us someone to laugh at.
Well done Arsenal! I'd just like to add to the sentiment that one of these days Arsenal is gonna be the death of me! Thank God for that. Phew. Now the secret sadist in me might quite like Chelski to win next Saturday :)
Maybe, maybe not ... but over the season we were better than you (and I'll do something now I usually hate) FACT. Even though it was our worst start ever ... and your best. Proves a lot about the two teams ;)
Pheeeeeeeeew! That feels great. We got out of jail this season. Let's make sure we make the right decisions in the summer and become truly competitive.
Why are my hands still shivering
Feck! What a season!
Wyn Mills
Well done Samir Nasri, you made the right move. Van Persie would be an idiot to not follow his lead.
Unlike Adebayor and William Gallas eh Spurs999 ;)
Spurs999 is a tw*t .Fairplay gooners ,the difference between you & us this season was Wenger .Even when the chips are down he pulls it off ,well done .Harry Redknapp is a W@nker ,who had his eyes on the prize .That prize wasn`t to do well with Spurs ,his prize was the England job .So Phuck off Harry
big cockeral
First, I'm going to have the old ticker seen to, and then, I'm going to exhale real loud. We Wengers and his mavericks won't kill me! Phew!
Your $hit start made Harry look better than he is, added with Chelski doing so badas well.
Tottenham Hotcore
Nice one BC - Truth be told it doesn't feel as sweet as it should considering we were set for going 8 points clear not so long back ourselves and almost f***ed it up. As I said the other day it was a race to see who was the least worst.
yh agree with the massive cock, i hope you lot realise how lucky you are to have wenger despite the fact he doesnt like to spend your money you cant deny the guy is a world class manager
Boom Boom Boom!
LOL Spurs 999. Says so much about you lot that you try to take a dig at us in such a roundabout way. Think I worry about Nasri? Yeah right- good riddance. How you must be hurting today. Your best year- our worst and we STILL come out on top. CHEW ON THAT ONE EINSTEIN. You will NEVER finish above Arsenal. Learn to accept it my friend :)
Now, who would I be supporting next Saturday? Bayern Munich! Tiny tots won't be able to keep their best players even if they survive the qualification round of the Champions League, and with citeh throwing money around, Che ski won't be able to attract key players without Champions League football on offer. Both the tots and Chelski would be entering a season of team reconstruction, and we should be able to rebuild after the shambles of last season. I would hate to see images of Terry lifting the cup, with the oligarch getting his dirty paws on the ultimate prize, a reward for bad behavior
Wenger says Chesney hasn't trained in five weeks and has been having injections for an injury. Explains a hell of a lot!
No way in hell do I want Chelsea to win the CL, what it is wrong withy anyone asking that?!?! Seriously? Feck that, would be horrendous.
RvP says he'll sit down with the Club next week and take it from there. One hopes that part of the talks will be about us reinforcing appropriately. Who knows, we may even have some transfer news now that 3rd is secured!
Rocky - explains how much faith he has in Flappy and Manwell
Lol - Can't really blame him SW. I know they're his signings ... but they are very sh**.
Arsenal have a great manager and i think it's fair to say, not such a great squad. Arsenal deserved it because they have a better manger. It's not just about the players. I would say, if Spurs can upgrade on the current manager as well as keeping the spine of the team, we may have an edge on you next year, depending on transfer dealings in the summer. Bare in mind the RVP is sure to leave.
Spuds desperately trying to console themselves after another embarrassing season LOL I think spuds are forgetting they are more likely to lose key players over the summer than us. Despite saying that, we do need to make some top quality signings in order to close the gap on the Manchester teams. Already looking forward to next season (",)
If we assume that RvP is sure to leave then I'm going to assume you're going to be without Bale and Adebayor. And considering we've already bought Podolski I'm going to say we've got the edge.
They are definitely losing Modric as well i think. He has made it clear he wants to move to a bigger team last summer.
mind the gap
61 Neveragain
Mhmmm, Deledudu has decided me there. I have always thought Bayern will win; now, with the opportunity to play evil genius, it was tempting to reconsider. However, with the rebuilding prospects for both Spurs and the Chavs, I will re-state my preference for (and belief that) a Bayern win (is it).
Phew! Now we've finished 3rd, lets go and get some Top players in to try and get into Top 2 next season! Happy St Totteringham's Day to Us ALL! Come on The Arsenal!!!
How's this? Chavs lose the final and Sp*rs lose their qualifier
I'll take two of those please Eboue!
What's this with the Spuds coming over here to gush about how it is our Manager that gave us the edge this season? What happened to all the talk about the better quality they have in their squad and the dream of competiting for the title, just before the reverse of the NLD? Puuuleeeeeaaase!
Wouldn't like to be a spuds fan now. Another week of butt clenching to go! Happy St Totteringham's Day everyone!!
Wyn Mills
Ah! I forgot to say a Happy St. Totteringham's day to all Gooners! Long may it continue.
golden boots to rvp!
Most exciting season ever, although I severely dislike you guys, the excitement wouldnt be the same without you. Just pipped again. Wenger the difference
When you consider all the excitement of the day, you wonder how all the emotions at the stadium of light and the Brittania would have played out in the days when communication wasnt this up to speed. I mean, we have smartphones now and get things real-time. I just thought for a minute that 15 years ago, the United fans may have celebrated their 20th title win until they get to a radio or TV. That would have caused a few "lost" bets being "won" back and who know what will happen to frail hearts?
i hope bould can shore up our defense. another season like this, i am gonna get heart attack
Happy happy happy St Totts Day everyone!!!
I hate Harry for putting us through this much deserved humilation
big cockeral
Happy St Totts my friends :-)
Just seen Arry's interview Big C.......Fantastic, Triffic, great season, you did all you could do apparently?! The guy is a clown, he blew a 10 point lead over us and he feeds you bollox about finishing above Chelsea and wait for it.........Liverpool! Oh I hope he is still your manager next season, the saggy tit.
that's right just as we were likely to lose Modric last season? RVP has a year left on his contract. Modric and Bale four years on there's. Podolski? Gonna need a lot more than that. The difference this year? Harry vs Wenger...
And Martin Fulop.
iceman10- now there's a clever gooner....
Can't understate the role Fulop has played today. But, tell me a goal that didn't come from an error by an opposing team player. He does deserve a presents from Gooners, though. Hehehe.
Up the Arsenal! Overall to be fair it pains me but Spurs have been consistently better than Chelsea this season and deserve CL football more than the Chavs. I'll be cheering Bayern on come next weekend.
Asher - If I had to guess I'd say Wenger would rather let RvP's contract wind down than sell him unless someone came in with a ridiculously large offer. RvP is worth 30M to us next season, so anything under that I'd say he stays. Anything over that and the club would be crazy not to at least consider it.
Why do Arsenal fans think Spurs are going to sell their best players? As one of the best run clubs in the Premiership there is no need. And whilst you sold Fabregas and Nasri, we retained Modric. I think the evidence suggests otherwise.
I would say this is a fantastic achievement, finishing 3rd, above Chelsea, Liverpool (who spend more on their squads than Arsenal) and Spurs (who had a really good season). At the start of the season, if had offered third, I would have taken it gladly (of course I would have also liked more of a challenge for the title, and at least one cup final, but hey...). Wenger deserves a lot of credit for this. He has his faults, but he has delivered once again. I'll confess that I had doubts about him earlier in the season, but he managed to turn things around. Fantastic.
Well for a start you don't even own Adebayor, and without him you would have been in big trouble (as we would have without RvP), and whilst it's true we might lose RvP this summer, we've already gone some way to replace him. You have not. Bale has already said he'll consider his options and I doubt Modric will have changed his mind much.The difference of it all is that we lost Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas, had our worst start to a season in 120 years, were a theoretical 13 points behind you just a few months ago and we still finished above you. Mind the gap.
I actually don't think Spurs will need to sell their best players (i'm assuming and hoping that Bayern beat the Chavs). They will need to replace Adebayor and I'm certain they will spend big (15M). Modric will not leave for Chelsea (unless City come in with an offer). So, it should be a good next season as well.
If only to see the ruskies get their comeuppance, I'll love to see Bayern win next week, and as for the tiny tots, is it possible to send them some love? They make coming 3rd even more interesting because we had to overcome incredible odds to wrest it from them, and it's always interesting to see how they never seem to learn from their perennial failing. Every year is their year, and they are always ready with the excuses as soon as they fall flat on their faces as is their forte, year in, year out. Now it's because we have a better manager. Their humiliation makes the pains worth it, and when things get really bad, it's a relief to know it could have been worse, one could have been a spud, born losers! But well, next season will be their season. Lol!
Keep Modric Kernowboy, nobody cares. Doesnt score enough doesnt assist enough, little Yossi has notched more goals than him this season. He's Hleb with a better PR team.
Correct there, Iceman!
The fact is Rocky, you don't have those players anymore. The teams are very even as it stands perhaps Spurs have the edge, unless you think Wenger and Harry are of a similar standard. If Spurs do indeed qualify for the Champions League then a lot will defend on who buys what. We will not find a Wenger in the near future. Until Wenger retires the only hope we have is to build a better squad than you have. I think we are close to doing that. That is not an unfair comment if Spurs are willing to spend more money than Arsenal is it?
ah iceman, ust when i thought you were clever. Comparing Yossi to Modric? No point in replying to that. People get far to lost in goal and assist stats. What about the assist before the assist?
oops, i did reply to that:).
Im not saying Yossi is better im just pointing out that Modric doesnt give you enough for the amount of talent he has. I would be happy for him to stay at your place forever to be honest.
I hate to imagine the number of insufferable spud prats that would have invaded this forum if we'd managed to lose 3rd place to them today, and to think that they have shamelessly invaded the thread to now tell us how Wenger is the reason we've bested them yet again, shameless lot!
League doesn't lie. Spurs fecked up and ye took advantage, when Ye fecked up we could not match Arsenal and claw back third. Sad to say it was a two horse race and of our two old Nags of clubs, yours will be shot last just after ours:-( Come on Bayern but either way us Spurs face a huge rebuilding job, not only on the stadium but also the squad, New GK, CB, LB cover, RB cover, LW cover, RW, ST x 3 and we need to ship-out about 15 splintery arsed bench warmers! How fairs the Gooners?
Slurms McKenzie
Fabregas was threatening to leave for a few seasons before he finally left us. You can't blame him for leaving us for his boyhood club and one of the greatest teams ever but he waited a few seasons before finally did because he respected and loved Arsenal so much. Modric doesn't care for the spuds anywhere near us much and he gave you one final season to prove yourself and you *****ed it up. He already is planning his move to a bigger and better and club, which compared to Spuds is not going to be hard to find especially if you lose your CL place LOL.
All I ask is that you recall one incident. 2-0 up at the Emirates, the Spurs fans begin to sing "Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay." Can I get an LOL in the place?
Little Dutch
Can we please please please buy a new defence for next season? We are leaking goals with this lot they do not have the discipline, application or mentality to keep a clean sheet. 5 goals conceded to Norwich and WBA? Hardly top sides. We really need to address this or it will be just more of the same for the seasons to come. If you want to challenge for trophies you have to be able to defend for the full 90 minutes. Koscielny and Verm are ok as scrapping defenders in a 1 on 1 situation but in general they are tactically inept as central defenders.
NEWSFLASH: Arsenal announce the signing of goalkeeper Marton Fulop from West Bromwich Albion. Arsene Wenger commented: 'Marton is an excellent keeper whom we've had our eye on for some time. He has the ability to turn a game in the blink of an eye.'
Wyn Mills
Spuds seriously grasping at straws " wenger was the difference" a few months ago it was " without rvp you would be *****". You lot are just hilarious.....where do you stop? What would utd be without Rooney? Or how about Barcelona without messi's 1000000 goals this year? We could go on all day and all night about what ifs. The table doesn't lie, so just take it on the chin like you have for the past 18 years, grow some balls and admit your own teams failings. Some even comes on here trying to talk about nasri? that is just pure desperation. Viera leaves, we still finish above you. Bergkamp leaves, we still finish above you. Henry leaves, we still finish above you, fabregas.......nasri.......there is a pattern here. What ever robin decides do you really think I'm worried about you lot?
Oh.....and happy st totteringham's day to all gooners far and wide.
Oh.....and happy st totteringham's day to all gooners far and wide.
Even without a team we'd finish higher than Spurs.
Wyn Mills
So good it's worth saying twice....
"some even comes on here"??......I sound like a fu(king pirate
The feeling I had was that of winning the championship.
Will-i-am10, i guess the main problem is the team's indiscipline in defending as a unit. when we play with wingbacks, we cant afford to have another cb attacking upfront all the time and dm who neglects his duty. i hope bould can sort that out.
gunnerman76 - Fair points. Spurs fans look to see where we would be without van Persie's goals and then contruct a league table based on that. What they're effectively saying is they could finish above us if we played with ten men all season. I reckon they could run us close if that happened ;)
Disagree Rocky, I think we had the greatest number of different goals scorers than any team this season. Someone can confirm if that is true but I'm sure I heard it. I still think we would've finished above them if we'd played with 10.
No 10
And Will-i-am, Szczesny has been playing injured for the last 5 weeks and in that time has let in 8 goals. So many of those goals were because he was playing like sub-mediocre GK.
No 10
will-i-am, what a poor analysis. Our defensive unit looks quite good (bar Varmaelen and his occassional brain farts). Placing all the blame on the defence ignores the defensive responsibilities of the mid field and wingers. I don't see how a new defence will solve that issue.
It seems a knee jerk reaction Will-i-am10. The issue is - defining Song's role, cover for Mikel Arteta and the adoption of a consistent pressing game from all our players.
After all the gloating from Spurs supporters it is lovely to see them eat humble pie. Banging on prematurely AGAIN about minding the gap and them being 10 points clear, we thrash them 5-2 and they crumble completely. Brilliant, this is the best St Totteringham's Day since I've been a fan.
LOL to Sagna's tweet: "at least I had a leg break for something!"
Thank cr*p that season is over! It's been downright agonizing at times and unbelievably beautiful at others. I am so happy to see the back of it though. Mind you, if someone had predicted back in January that not only would we get CL football next year but that we'd finish 3rd for automatic entry into the group stage, I'd've said their brain was cooked. My highlights: Seeing Henry in an Arsenal shirt again and him scoring that match-winner in his first game back, RVP stayin g fit for an ENTIRE season, the 5-2 over Spuds, 5-3 over Chelski, 1-0 over Citeh, leap-frogging into 3rd (can't remember which result), the 3-0 win at home to AC Milan to set the record straight a bit, and the final whistle blowing yesterday. The low-points- obvious.
Lol @ Spuds fans on VS calling for an investigation into Fulop. Last time it was the dodgy lasagne. This time its a corrupt keeper!
Wyn Mills
Very bad losers indeed. They'd be better off investigating where their team vanished to from about the 30th minute in the game at our place back in Feb and for the next two months. Sounds like an alien abduction to me, OBVIOUSLY orchestrated by AFC. Numpties! Do they SERIOUSLY believe we paid off an opposition goalie?! And I thought Lasagna-gate couldn't be topped, LOL.
Hi all. New Gooner here. Happy belated St Totteringham Day all! As for Spurs, we give them a head start and they still ***** things up even when they supposedly have 'a better team' than us then pin it all on the 'Twitchy for England' fiasco, pathetic. As for the C/L final, I am really torn about it. On the one hand it would be hilarious to see the Spuds denied C/L football in such a cruel fashion (the sadist in me has no love for the Spuds). On the other hand, I really want the honour of London's first C/L winners to be reserved to us. Plus I admire the way Bayern Munich play and would be good to see them lift the C/L trophy on their patch. So with a lot of trepidation, I will be rooting for Bayern, even if it means the Spuds go into the C/L. However if the Chavs at the Bridge win, at least there will be silver lining for us Gooners.
Ned Stark
Yep, I'm holding out for a Bayern win and Spuds knocked out in the Qualifier.
Hopefully they get Malaga or Lazio in the qualifiers and get stuffed.
Ned Stark
I'm with Julie, chelsea loss preferably a humiliating one where they are dragged off their parked bus given a right shoeing and have their dirty blue pants pulled down proper in the biggest club match of the season. No need to worry about sp*rs if there's one thing this season has proved beyond all doubt it's that they'll completely feck it up nicely for themselves without any help whatsoever :)
Anyone know if we would have to go through the qualification route if the chavs won? Would be another reason for me cheering on Bayern.
Wyn Mills
No dont think so. To my knowledge as 3rd we are automatically in group stages regardless of whether the Chavs win. I recall Liverpool had to go through qualifiers when defending their C/L crown so I would expect the Chavs to have to do the same.
Ned Stark
Welcome to our little site Ned, make yourself at home!

Wyn, we're 100% locked in to the CL group stages. Unless Prattini decides Arsene Wenger's tie offends him or something.
LOL, Rocky. Nothing would surprise me. 3rd is definitely through to Group Stages. Chelski would still have to qualify, regardless of being champions. This is why Gibbs should be awarded the "Legion d'Honneur" or something like that. His tackle was worth guaranteed millions :)
I was inder the impression that should Chelsea win all English clubs would be straight through to the group stages?
No Rocky, the Chavs would take the Spuds place, meaning they would have to qualify.
Well I am sorry I stand by my comments. 49 goals conceded in the EPL is just not good enough. It has to get well below 30 if we are to be able to challenge for anything. We really just limped into 3rd place with these results, in fact we were damn lucky in the end that Fulop had an absolute stinker on the final day. Is it too much to ask to be professional for the full 90 with regards to defending.

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