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van Persie Wins Golden Boot

In a season of personal awards and with the campaign now over, Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has claimed the Golden Boot for 2011-12. Despite not registering on the score sheet at The Hawthorns, the Dutchman`s 30 goal tally for the season was enough to see off his closest challenger Wayne Rooney, who notched his 27th of the season in United`s 1-0 win at Sunderland yesterday.

Van Persie`s 30 goals equalled the haul of Thierry Henry in 2003-04 but Ronne Rook`s 33 goal salvo in 1947-48 remains the best ever league record for an Arsenal striker in the post war years. Ted Drake holds the overall record scoring 42 goals in 1934-35. He`s Arsenal`s first Golden Boot winner since Henry took the top goalscorer gong in 2006. Congratulations to Robin. The golden boot graces his mantle alongside his PFA and Football Writers Player of the Year awards.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 14 2012

Time: 12:07PM

Your Comments

Now to sign the contract! Hw won't get the service he received from The Un-Song Hero this season if he goes elswhere.
e dubbz
Sign that contract, Robin. You know you want to. You know we want you to....
Let's hope!! With Pod already in the bag we are already a stronger team next season. We tend to forget though that Theo also enters his last year now, so we need him to extend as well as RVP. Well done!
well done rvp!
To be perfectly honest, the fact that RVP's fulfilled his potential, doesn't surprise me. I think it's the fact that he has played an ENTIRE SEASON unbeaten uninjured, that I find astonishing. He must've switched to Weetabix for breakfast, LOL! Seriously though, it's been an outstanding season for him. Congrats Robin, now get yourself into the boss's office and SIGN :)
An amazing player, one of the best strikers in the world, I really hope his apparent love for the clubs aids him in his decision to stay. Him and Podolski playing together could be deadly! That said if I were to hazzard a guess going by his comments yesterday (which isn't much I know) I'd say he's seriously considering leaving. His comments were far too similar to those of Cesc, Henry, Vieira et al for my liking.
Am I the only one who doesn't see any need for him at other Top Clubs? Probably the only club who is obviously ahead of us and a likely destination who have a real need for him is Man Utd.
High Gooners... well done for getting third, only about 20 points behind .... how long since you have won a trophy? Still grateful for letting us have Clichy and Nasri who have been really great for us over the last few weeks. I am not sure we will want RVP as he is probably a little old but you may be interested in an idea that is being floated of you becoming our feeder club. It would give you some much needed finance and we would loan you players like Adebayor and Wayne Bridge.
Haha, got to love Willy come lately there, glorying in his recent attachment to the Citeh bandwagon to satisfy his vanity. I don't much hold with how it's been "won" but I don't begrudge genuine Citeh fans their day in the sun too much. But don't worry willy, whoever ends up winning it next year, I'm sure you'll be strutting around your local town centre in their colours boasting away in a vain attempt to feel a sense of worth in your life.
Little Dutch
Yeah it's sad in a way, because I don't bare any ill will to City fans, if there is one club in the land you can't chant the "where were you when you were s***" chant at it's them. But they seem to have aquired a small amount of disdain for the Gunners simply because we were *****ed off at Adebayor. It's a shame really. All the money has gone to their heads. Oh well.
Yep the money is just great ....oh and I started supporting City in 1954 but jusst like to tweek you'gracious' Gooners.
Rocky, I'm with you on RvP's comments, you can tell he's seriously considering his options. I know it's reminiscent of Cesc, Henry, Vieira et al, but then you have to question why do those players consider leaving? More than just money, they want to feel they can win the biggest prizes in their short careers. If we can't offer that to RvP in the form of a squad that can properly challenge, then expecting him to stay isn't logical. I now think he'll go.
As I said, where is he going to go? Not many clubs that are obviously ahead of us in the football world actually need him.
So you're in your 60s? Good god man. Still, there have been 16 different 1st Division champions in that time. That will be a lot of turncoating in your years on the planet there old timer.
Little Dutch
Goofle - Since when did a club need a player for them to sign them? Did Barca need Cesc? Did Man City need Adebayor or Nasri? No. It's greed, plain and simple. van Persie is the best striker on the planet right now and would be an impressive catch for any club. These rich boys don't care if they need him, they just want to have the best assets in town.
"Whatever happens in the end, i will always be a gunner". HE IS GONE!!It is sad it came to this, but i think it will come back to bite him. He cannot perform this high in a team that is not playing for him. Gervinho, Theo, Song and Rosicky all looked for him to score even when they are in a position to score as well. I just hope we get a good amount for him and use it to get better players and also get ride of useless players like Chamakh, Park, Vela, Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby, Squillaci, Almunia, Lansbury, etc. Get some old heads in their 27-30years
Throw enough money at a club and the chances are you'll win something eventually. A billion buys you a lot of 'loyalty' and a ready made stadium. But Man $hitty will hopefully have to live within their means once FFP rules really bite, rather than running around the sweet shop brandishing sugar daddy's credit card. I'm not convinced RVP will leave. But if he does I can't see him going to $hitty.
Wyn Mills
We are going over board saying RVP is the best striker on the planet. He is certainly not ahead of Messi and Benzema, which rules him out of those two clubs right away. Not sure about clubs like Man City and Man Utd, but they already have have strikers.
I rate our chances of retaining RVP higher than how one felt in Cesc's case or Na$ri's who was a definite goner from the moment he started looking smug with his own efforts. RVP is master of all he surveys here and thats a feeling he will not get at any other club. Secondly, the club can still hold RVP to the last year of his contract at the end of which he will be 30 - not an age when many clubs will offer a 200 k/ week contract to him. Financially an offer of 5 million signing on fee and 120 k/ week is competitive and not something which would compare very unfavourably to other offers that may come in. In the end it will all boil down to our transfers this summer. We transact good business and RVP stays in my view.
Goofle11, did you really say Benzema? I think Mourinho will 'flog' Benzema to have Robin in his team right now. The English league is a hard place to play so don't allow the fancy floating play of Karim in the spanish league give an impression that he is all that. He is younger and that's where it stops.
LOL Benzema, your opinions are so "different"
Was Cesc the best central midfielder at Barca? Was Adebayor the best striker at City? Was Nasri the best wideman at City? That said only Messi is better than van Persie, and despite his goal even he isn't a striker in the sense that van Persie is ... they could both play together in a scarey line-up. We might well retain RvP's services, but to suggest we will do so because nobody else needs him is naive at best.
I really pray RVP signs a new contract but was anyone else quite unsettled by his 'ominous' sounding post match comments on MOTD last night i.e. 'whatever happens, I still love Arsenal'. Hope it wasn't a veiled goodbye to us Gooners from RVP.
Ned Stark
I don't think so. van Persie isn't good enough for Barca in my pinion. He is a great striker, but they have enough people who can finish well. They need players on a superior technical level to RVP in my opinion. As for Benzema, I just think he is a better striker than RVP overall, similar to what I am saying about Barca. RVP suits us well because we play directly through him, RVP wouldn't be able to link up with Barca's technically superior players, and would end up slowing their flow down too much. When David Villa returns there is absolutely no need for RVP and he wuld basically sit on the bench most weeks.
Robin van Persie is as technically gifted as they come. And thinking that Barcelona are the only team who can sign him would be a mistake too. RvP is better than any striker in the PL, Manchesters City and United could both improve with him in the side. Chelsea too. They can all afford him and his wages. As can Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan .....
I would like to think that RVP would have too much respect for us to go and play for one of our EPL rivals. So that by that logic if he must leave, would prefer that he does head to Spain or Italy. Dont think I will be able to stomach seeing him in a Utd or City shirt.
Ned Stark
The money is killing the game. RVP either has to sign for city/chelski or go abroad to win a league winners medal. While the billionaire can keep spending without any commercial reality impacting them, then us and even Fergie's utd are not in the race for top spot!!!
I would be more *****ed at RVP leaving than Cesc. Yes he deserves quality players around him but what about what Arsenal deserve for sticking with through all those injury ravaged seasons, does the club not deserve more than one full season from a player they have nursed through so many injuries in so many seasons. We owe him but he also owes us. And as for the last big contract arguement surely we've learnt by now that contracts mean sweet FA and if a player wants to leave it won't matter how many years they are tied to a club for.
I think he is a better pure striker than anyone names, but his all round game can be pretty awful at times. He has good technical skills, but that's not what I am talking about. More, his ability to play a pass, dribble and run with the ball. Always has been lacking, which is why he has been converted into a Number 9.
Meanwhile Poldi speaks in his first Arsenal photoshoot wearing the new kit; "I'm happy to be a gunner"
Wyn Mills
Goofle......Have you not been taking your medication? I know everyone is allowed an opinion, but REALLY?..... "They need players on a superior technical level to robin"?? Like who exactly? I wouldn't even swap Podolski for Benzema. I think you have been playing to much FIFA on the xbox.
Have you not seen any of his assists this season? His knack of threading a beautiful back heel through defences like a knife through butter, He is a forward not a winger, he doesn't need to dribble 50 yards with the ball and if he did I would be wondering what the hell he was doing there in the first place! His football intelligence is unmatched, his touch makes me salivate, his finishing is just world class. For someone who's all round game is pretty awful, god knows how he was voted the prems best player by both fellow professionals and football writers......not forgetting that gold boot! Think we need to agree to disagree on this one goofle.
Contracts don't mean nothing. In fact, they mean more than they ever did. If you don't have a player tied to a contract, your negotiating position with them on the market is worthless. Contracts protect employers as well as employees. That's why us working joes have them even though, in the UK at least, I can serve a two week notice period whenever I feel like it.
Little Dutch
"ability to play a pass" are you on some sort of wind up Tom?? Have you not seen some of the killer balls this year, held it up whilst holding off players with ease, he's played some absolute beauties that Bergkamp used to do in his sleep. You gotta be on a wind up saying Van Persie isn't technically good enough, eejot.
Chamberlain's first against Blackburn, the touch and through ball that led up to it, the build up to his goal v Spurs, the volleys against Everton and Liverpool all point to a player who is technically flawless. The reason he doesn't play tons of killer through balls are rather similar to the reason Wojciech Szczesny doesn't score lots of headers. It's not his position. He doesn't have to. He is much better as a main striker, but if he were playing the no.10 role, make no mistake, he could perfectly well.
Little Dutch
Wswilly3, you were born in 1954 and you still act like a petulant, unfunny 2 year old....? Well done.
Scotch Eggs Rule
Goofle11 - "A better technical level"? WTF are you on about fella? RVP has arguably the best first touch in the league and his "lack" fo technical ability has been displayed inm the above average amount if incredibly difficult volleys he regularly puts away. Maybe only Berbatov comes close in terms of technique but he's a lazy, stroppy pikey so it doesn't really compare.
Scotch Eggs Rule
Dennis Bergkamp himself believes van Persie has the touch, vision and passing ability to be able to emulate him. And I don't doubt that either.
LD when I say contracts don't mean anything, what I meant was if a player wanted to leave a year into a new contract he could still push it through, it MAY leave us with a stronger hand in terms of getting more money but as we saw with Cesc (and other players) Wenger will not hold players who want to move.
I read on Arseblog this morning Bloggers opinion that he'd rather sell than hold onto RvP and let his contract wind down. I'm not so sure, how much could we really get for him in his final year? I think he'd be worth much more helping us to CL football for another year. He does love the club and is completely professional, like Cesc I'd have no questions whatsoever about his commitment.
FECK THAT - keep him, what's gonna happen? He'll go out and buy another Gervinho with him, i'd rather not chance his arm, there's no way he can be replaced, only way could do it is if changes the whole approach to games = not gonna happen, Van Persie IS Arsenal.
Not to mention if we could get a player or two and challenge for a trophy it could be another chance to pursuade him to stay. We showed glimpses of what we can do this season, and with Podolski coming in, hopefully Jack can get back on his feet, we can kick on and do much better in 2012/13.
Of course they can DBerg, but then it still gives us the whip hand. Fabregas wanted to leave a year earlier than he did, but we kept him for another year due to the strength of his deal. In the era of player power contracts are more important than ever. It's just that they're more important to employers, i.e. the clubs.
Little Dutch
I definitely think it is worth more to us if he stays one more year, even if worst case scenario he leaves on a free. My reasons for this are; podolski will have had a year to acclimatise before the burden of goals will be passed on to him; the squad has a season to stabilise after last summers debacle and the loss of two key players; and finally we just might do something next season with a few more signings to compliment podolski. We managed 3rd this term after a nightmare summer and start to the season, not to mention limping over the line with pretty much 1 striker and a patchwork squad. I'm already purring at the thought of rvp, pod, jack and the ox playing in the same team. We strengthen the defence and the rest of the supporting cast then I would take a gamble on robin running down his contract and let the team convince him that arsenal is the place for him.
I just don't see it. I am not saying he is bad obviously, I am merely suggesting that he isn't good enough for Barcelona. I don't think that is a ridiculous claim to make overall. His vision isn't the problem, he just slows play down far too much, which is why he doesn't play the No. 10 role any more. He doesn't have that extra overall football understanding that players like Messi, Iniesta, Cesc and Xavi have. I truly think he would look out of place if he were to do anything other than stand in the box and score goals. If that was his only role, then fair play, but Barca don't want a striker like that.
Goofle11, Iam convinced you are on a wind-up mission here. RvP's speed of thought, through ball skills and understanding of the game is up there with the best. My bet is that if he has the opportunity with a team full of equally gifted players, he will be even more devastating and will play a more relaxed game. Mourinho will pay top dollar for him and drop Benzema in the pecking order, if he got the chance to have Robin.
.....We wouldn't be given Madrid, Barcelona or anyone else even a sniff. We've absolutely got to keep him.
I don't see it. He always get's tackled/skrews up when he is on the half way line and decides to play playmaker.
Utter drivel Goofle
I'll go with the obvious choice simply because, in the past when we could hardly get 20 games out of him (usually less) in one season, he was usually referred to as a player "who will give us 20 goals a season, if fully fit"; he achieved full fitness in one season and what does he do? He scores 37 times! Arteta and Song come a close 2nd and 3rd with Koscielny running Song very close.
What do you know....that post is mis-placed.

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