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Gunners Close In On Giroud

There have been plenty of whispers over the last fortnight that Arsenal have been closing in on Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud, those whispers appear to have morphed into a low murmur with the usually reliable David Ornstein of BBC Sport reporting that paperwork is at an advanced stage. Over the weekend, Montpellier manager Rene Girard told a French radio station that there was a mutual desire on the part of both Arsenal and Giroud to seal the deal.

Giroud scored 25 goals last season for the surprise French champions. It had been rumoured that the Gunners were trying to make Marouane Chamakh a deadweight, sorry, I mean a makeweight in the deal. Giroud is a close friend of Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny, with whom he was a teammate at Ligue 2 side Tours. He is currently representing France at Euro 2012. Such a signing is likely to increase speculation that current captain Robin van Persie will depart this summer with Lukas Podolski already in the bag. My own view is that Giroud and Podolski are intended to replace and / or supplement.

After a few summers of dithering and making do and mend in the transfer market, it looks like Arsenal are trying to do their business early. It could be interpreted that van Persie`s vow of silence was to allow the club to negotiate these deals from a position of strength. My (uninformed) view is that Arsenal are trying to cover all eventualities. I believe they would be prepared to let van Persie leave on a free next summer, with Giroud and Podolski boasting a year under their belts to step up and replace. Or else if we do get a crazy offer for van Persie this summer, we`ve at least tried to fill the void. It`s also worth considering that Vela, Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin and Park are all not long for the club with no news on Walcott`s contract either.

Whatever the permutations, it looks at least like Arsenal are trying to be proactive and I think that should please most Arsenal fans regardless of the underlying politics. That said, we now how these transfer deals can sometimes pan out. Arsenal is linked with player. Tottenham quickly link themselves with player. Chelsea offer to double player`s money at last minute. Chelsea sign player. So worth perhaps checking your excitement until the ink is dry.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 13 2012

Time: 2:08PM

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Hope this is not another of those Juan Mata case studies! Giroud is a good player and still improving. Will be a massive improvement on Chamakh but doubt if he will move to Arsenal to sit on the bench. If RVP plays in the hole behind the striker Podolski, Giroud and Gervinho/Walcott can play in the forward positions. But after the season Robin has had would he want to play in a traditional number 10 role?
It would certainly be a nicer problem to have than "oh *****, let's hope RvP stays fit because if he doesn't Chamakh will have to play and he's been in Movida until 3am every night this week."
Little Dutch
A makeweight? I heard we were keeping Chamakh in the office as a paperweight.
niko - lol, quality commentary as usual
Anyone will be a step up from Chamakh and Park. Si if RVP stays and Wilshire is fit for the start of the season, then by all accounts, adding Podolski to that mix, we will be much stronger next season. Just need a quality back up keeper and a dynamic DM.
I'll just wait till deal is done and announced on the .com site.
LOL .. Superb stuff LD and Niko...
Not to sound dampen your hopes guys but may I remind you that Chamakh was prolific (relatively) in Ligue 1. He was rated very highly and had a very good returns and understanding with Gourcuff.. So Ill wait to see if Giroud is an improvement over him.
Yeah Sajit i'm a bit luke warm on it, although i've never seen him play i've seen Gervinho and Chamackh play after blinding performances in the French Ligue
I'd agree that the signing would suggest Arsenal are trying to cover all bases. If these quality signings can convince RvP to stay then we have an incredibly strong attacking line-up, if they don't then we've done our best to replace him. One thing is for sure is that we're looking for goal scorers. Between these three players they scored 77 goals between them last season!
I think by all accounts Giroud has a lot more ability in the old plates of meat dept which always helps as a footballer, Chamakh never was that prolific when it came to anything more than sticking a foot or head on it, I understand peoples' concern re is he another chamakh, but i saw (can't find it soz) a comparison between the two for 2 years in the same league and Giroud comfortably outstats chamakh, and don't forget for the first five months Chamakh was pretty damn good for us then he lost his soul in an orgy and has been a shell of a man since, like arshavin and his midnight feasting, the bloke basically beat himself just using a different method.
is it confirmed yet?
e dubbz
I can confirm that we are closing in, real close fact Giroud and Dick law have become so close that Giroud has taken to piggybacking Dick around everywhere with him as Law slaps Oliviers' french rump with an as yet unsigned contract bawdily yelling costa rican drinking songs picked up whilst on his summer long sojourn there last year.
I think worrying about Giroud because he's from the French league is a bit silly to be honest. What would you say to someone who started getting all excited saying he was going to be an Arsenal legend simply because Henry and Pires used to play in the French league? He's his own player and the only way we'll know how he turns out will be to watch him if he signs for us. He'a potentially a new player for us and being as we're in need of some fresh blood he;s bound to generate some excitment.
Well if this comes good and we get Jack & Diaby fit I think we'll have a very strong squad for next season. Campbell scored another nice goal for Costa Rica, Ox, Coq, Ryo, Chez & Jenks all more experienced. Next year will be great even if we don't sign M'Vila or the millions of AMF we have been 'linked' with.
No 10
I do think an experienced GK is a must....not sure who though.
No 10
Pepe is such a *****!
No 10
Mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand from what I have seen he does look a decent enough player. But I am worried that he will be another exciting player from Ligue 1 prospect who will go the same way as Chamakh and Gervinho where they just don't quite hit it off at Arsenal (Some may disagree with me on Gervinho but I do believe he has been underwhelming in his first season as a Gooner) I hope I am wrong though and Giroud maintains his prolific scoring rate in the EPL too and takes the goalscoring burden off RVP a bit (Believe that Poldi will do that too). Just hope this is not a sign that by signing Giroud it is a sign that RVP is heading off into the sunset and leaving us as can't see Giroud signing for us just to sit on the bench. The theory of RVP just sitting behind Poldi and Giroud is interesting though.
Ned Stark
Gazidis: “We are also talking to people in this summer’s transfer market, I think there will be something exciting for our fans to be happy about."
Eden Hazard also comes from the French league. Cynicism should be reserved for him too if that's the basis we're going on.
Little Dutch
As it happens I am not too convinced he will live up to the hype either.
Ned Stark
Agree Ned. Just recall his output against England in the friendly.
Your last lines sum it up, LD. Till it is signed, I try to ignore such news. Similar news was on last summer about Mata, and I was so looking forward to that. Wont get my hopes up till its done.
Perhaps, difference is Giroud is French:-)
As for the scepticism due to Ligue 1, there is no logical way to justify that. There's a chance that he might not work out, but lets give him a chance to prove his worth. Its too early to label Gervinho a failure (though will not classify him a success just yet).
I was actually referring to the likelihood we will succeed over the Chavs with this, as against how we fared with Mata.
Youtubing Giroud..Noticed that 4 out of the 20 odd goals he scored in the compilation were using his right foot..And one a very sweet chip.. For me thats an improvement over chamakh right there. You cannot be a bad player if you are two footed.
Giroud looks like a very good clinical finisher. He can score all kinds of goals with his feet, and I saw a good header of his on a YouTube compilation. Now this makes him far more versatile than Chamakh who relies far more on headers for goals. There's also the fact that he scored 25 goals last season, a strike-rate which Chamakh has never achieved, so in my opinion we are not looking at the 'next Chamakh'. This guy is a better goal-scorer. Whether he would fit in the squad is irrelevant as we suffer from a lack of depth, especially in the striker department: we should not assume he would be a replacement for van Persie. I would be pleased with Giroud's arrival if we were to sign him.
Giroud looks like a very good clinical finisher. He can score all kinds of goals with his feet, and I saw a good header of his on a YouTube compilation. Now this makes him far more versatile than Chamakh who relies far more on headers for goals. There's also the fact that he scored 25 goals last season, a strike-rate which Chamakh has never achieved, so in my opinion we are not looking at the 'next Chamakh'. This guy is a better goal-scorer. Whether he would fit in the squad is irrelevant as we suffer from a lack of depth, especially in the striker department: we should not assume he would be a replacement for van Persie. I would be pleased with Giroud's arrival if we were to sign him.
Sorry for the double post, my internet connection just messed up...
"Chamakh was pretty damn good for us then he lost his soul in an orgy and has been a shell of a man since.." That was hilarious Niko, as was the picture of Dick Law and Giroud you painted.
Good news if it comes off. The difference I can see between this summer's business and last summer's is that the players/clubs we are approaching this year appear to be saying yes. And by the way, Julien Laurens said (before Chamakh was signed) that Chamakh's reputation in France was as a workhorse, not as a prolific goalscorer.
That description is about right, FunGunner. People fail to see how much work he put in, when he was playing regularly; with him around, opposition defenders never had too much time on the ball while his hold up play wasn't bad, either. Then when we needed it, he came up with goals too. All said, though, he just never was goign to be an Arsenal man, it would seem.
I'm sure you can find a good youtube clip of Chamakh which shows him performing well in France ? It takes months of scouting before Grimandi recommends a player, and we're trying to make judgments off a few seconds over various games.
I believe it's RvP's emergence rather than Chamakh's ineptitude that has made Chamakh invaluable to us. People fail to realise that. We've only seen Chamakh in glimpses this season and his failure to perform could have been excused. He's never had a regular run in the side. That has also played a part in turning the support against him. Since then, both these factors have assisted each other in completely killing Chamakh. You could blame the player but I think you could blame the fans as well. We just need someone to pick on without taking into account important factors such as playing time, tiredness etc. It was the same for Ramsey at the end of the season when he got completely killed by the fans who did not consider factors such as his early season form and that he was at least trying and working hard for the team even then.
Chamakh's never had stick inside the ground, I've never heard him booed. RvP's return from injury last year was a contributory factor, but his response to that was to head to the bar frankly. If he'd been showing any sort of hard work or initiative in training, he'd have been selected a few times to take the heat off of RvP or at least have been trusted as a substitute. I didn't much care for the fella, but Wiltord was behind Henry and Bergkamp at Arsenal and he was played enough to suggest he at least showed the manager he was worth a punt on occasion. Chamakh's love for nightlife is well documented and the guy doesn't even want to leave. Largely because he's on £50k a week and likes living in London. (cos the clubs stay open later). Chamakh has nobody to blame but himself and frankly, given his effort over the last 18 months, he's a parasite on our payroll and deserves to be mocked. To be a player at a club like Arsenal you have to deal with competition and if you can't, see ya later. amsey was run into the ground, but he kept running, he never hid and he says himself that he was tired at the end of the season and says, sensibly, that he realises he has to improve. A far cry from Chamakh.
Little Dutch
Chamakh has had ample time to prove himself. It can take a player at least as season to acclimatise to the english game, which is why we may yet still see the best of Gervinho and Merts. And its why I hope RVP is still around this season to give any new strikers we bring in time to bed down. At the very least its going to stimulate more competition to make the first team, which is never a bad thing IMHO.
Wyn Mills
LD, I'm saying his 'heading to the bar' response to RvP's emergence may have been affected by the amount of slander he received and vice versa. Yes, it is his fault but we should recognise as well, the contribution of some parts of the support to his downfall. And I'm not questioning the stadium support but the enormous masses on Twitter and what gets printed in the papers. And whatever may be the case, that is in some way bound to trickle into his brain and unsettle him. Yes he deserves to be chastised now, but he did not deserve to be chastised at the start of his period of downfall. That's what I meant, in essence.
I'm really not sure he was, I think he was given a fair chance because we all saw that he could be a good striker. Frankly, if a few comments on twitter are enough to have a player moping and getting his groove on in Movida twice a week, he's not up to it anyway.
Little Dutch
Strenghten your squad gunners you are best in northlonder 4get totts they are ***** whenever you see their kind laugh them hard!!!
Strenghten your squad gunners you are best in northlondon, 4get totts they are ***** whenever you see their kind laugh them hard!!!
Expecting it to be announced straight after Euro's.
Ned Stark
More news filtering in today. I think we have got our man. Fingers crossed.
The only dampener in the deal is that Chamakh is not part of it. That jsut sucks.
Was on radio 1 news that we have signed him.....not that thats gospel but it seems a done deal now.........m'vila next please.

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