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Giroud: Why I Chose Arsenal Over Chelsea

Ever since Roman Abramovich purchased Chelsea Football Club, we`ve under gone the tedious process of having our transfer targets undermined time and time again.

It`s no surprise that it happened. Chelsea`s ability to offer ridiculous wages far in advance of anything we could ever offer meant it was always going to be practically impossible to get the players we wanted if the Lotto Chavs took a shining to them also.

Of course as time passed and transfer target after transfer target chose the Bridge and the readies over Arsenal, Chelsea became a stronger and stronger team which meant they could offer the players an increased chance of silverware to go along with the mammoth salaries. We didn`t stand a chance really.

So when Arsenal new boy, Olivier Giroud comes out and says he turned Chelsea down because he preferred our style, tradition and the personal touch offered by the Gunners it certainly feels nice to be able to get the player we want for a change leaving Chelsea switching to other targets.

Speaking with L'Equipe Giroud gave his reasons for choosing the Gunners 'Why did I choose Arsenal rather than Chelsea? Because it is a club I love. And I thought it would be easier for my adaptation.'

'Arsenal is a great club, the facilities are wonderful, but I feel it is a club that takes big care before signing a player, notably considering human values. There are French players. There is also Arsene Wenger who let me understand he really wanted me."

'Laurent Koscielny talked to me a lot about the club and sang the praises of Arsenal. It is really great to meet him again after sharing moments together in Ligue 2 at Tours."

'Chelsea is very nice, it is a great club, but I am not convinced Di Matteo knows who I am.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 27 2012

Time: 11:09AM

Your Comments

To be honest, dear boy, you could delete Girourd's entire quote and replace it with the words "I stood a chance of playing" and this would be a far more accurate article. Still, if it's really all about style and tradition, I have no doubt that the tradition of edging third takes the pressure off a new starter like nothing else. As for style, "consistently coming up short" describes it pretty well. Good luck to him, and you, in your battle towards the Champions League qualifying rounds next season. Hadjuk Split, anyone?
Which begs the question rjh, why on earth were Chelsea in for him? To be lectured by a Chelsea fan on tradition is like getting an elocution lesson from Chris Waddle.
Little Dutch
Might I ask who might keep him out of the Chelsea squad? Kalou? Drogba? Torres? Ok then. Tradition takes more than 7 years to acquire.
I'm not lecturing you on your tradition, young man, I'm applauding you for it. It seems eminently sensible to me to take the onus off new signings to perform by having your entire team play in a mediocre way as a matter of course. I'm not a Chelsea fan, I simply admire Wenger's grand experiment. Truly, I don't think a manager has ever had the sheer courage to consistently target third for so many years. Is it true that if he manages it for ten consecutive seasons, they'll retire 3rd place and change it to "2B"?
Not sure what makes you think he targets 3rd. It's quite a simple equation, but nevertheless you seem to have trouble with it, so I'll spell it out. There are a couple of clubs, who I shan't name, who, by pure chance and for non footballing reasons, have quite a lot more money than we do. This means they can buy better players and pay them bigger money. Of course, like all teams, we've made errors (less than most though). But having lots and lots less money than a couple of other clubs makes finishing 1st quite difficult indeed. Nevertheless, it's a task we've achieved 13 times in our history, so I think our traditions are probably fairly sound.
Little Dutch
old boy rjh, you are speaking of a club that has consistently been the premier league's second most successful club since inception and the third biggest club in England historically. Unless you are a haughty United fan you have no standing to pass any judgement. You sound like a City fan - an oldie who has recently bought success.
Spent all your money on a fancy new house and got none left over for the furniture, doomed to be perennial also rans :-)
Ah, the Liverpool defence. We can't win now, but I remember when we did.
Better an also ran than a Ranners. In any case it depends on the definition of 'also ran'. If Arsenal are also rans then what are 97% of the other clubs in England?
History Channel - Part II Not even THAT successful and Arse+anal try to position themselves with The Blues !! Seriously, L'pool still hold some merit in that argument but comments like "Tradition takes more than 7 years to acquire" coming from Arse are just pathetic.I mean how deluded are some people !
Indeed CFCDon. Tradition is all about being able to buy a club for a quid like Ken Bates did.
OVER RATED STRIKER, can't even get in a poor FRENCH SIDE and poor benzema, let alone premier league,
emile heskey spurs
and choosing Arsenal over a team that just won UCL ( CHAV) says a lot about the player, afraid of competition up front with Torres, shame, thank god he is not Spurs player
emile heskey spurs
You talk of deluded cfcdonk yet how deluded do you have to be to try and wave your three league titles (only one earnt, two bought) against Arsenals THIRTEEN and claim the lotto chavs are a more succesful club? utter delusion, your club is a grubby gangsters b1t{h, no more no less, that's your undeluded reality right there, back on the dirty oil teat and shut yer hole.
Presuming ranners is a Chelsea fan, interesting to see you guys are desperately scrabbling around for a squat in Battersea. But just to fill you in, the bigger stadium has given us more money. That's why we did it. In which case rjh, if you're a Liverpool fan, your owners would pull out their eyeballs for 3rd place.
Little Dutch
oi heskey sling yer donkey hook, noone invited your sorry west ham level arse to this party, go and daydream at the olympic park and what could have been if they'd let you squat it you tragic cock loving smurf.
1 thing giroud ddnt say. At chelsea he'd be xpected to be part of a squad tht competes on multiple fronts for a major part of his remaining career. At Arsenal, hv 1 or two good seasons, then get ur self transferred to man city
change the tune niko ffs, 4 leagues if your counting your ancient history and European Champions which you won't achieve, Deltaforce,, a quid and paid the debt..15 years of winning trophies more than matches Arses recent history and then some. Rocky tradition, what like the 7000 that turned up at the library in the 60's? without any Football League sanctions...rjh has it right. Little Dutch you are happy with 3rd then? 7 years of 3rd or 4th...thats some tradition.
Not happy with 3rd so much, would rather come first. But I'd also like the moon on a stick. What's Chelsea's tradition then? Perhaps let's ask Lee Canoville that question. Kombat 18, electric fences, Ken Bates, celery and a few pots plucked with, not only non football money, but resources immorally pillaged from the people of Siberia. I think I prefer our tradition thanks. Well done for picking out our lowest ever attendance that happened once in the 60s (the night of the European Cup Final being screened on TV). What about the 7,000 that turned up at the Bodge in 1982 to wach Chelsea play Tranmere?
Little Dutch
I don't understand, little Dutch boy. I thought you Arsenal boys held money in contempt? Why would you need the extra money from that big, shiny, atmosphere-less stadium? By the way, I'm not a Liverpool fan either, but keep guessing, sweetie.
I'd rather sign for Arsenal than Chelsea and as my username will show you I'm a Spurs fan. Hate both clubs but Arsenal are a classier bunch
So basically you won't nail your colours to the mast? Fair enough. Where did I say we held money in contempt? Money immorally pilfered from the citizens of Siberia? Yes, I hold that money in contempt. Totally. The difference here is that a new stadium is an example of self generating funds off the back of your own on pitch success and viability as a business, rather than a nefarious billionaire sticking a pin in a map and plundering his ill gotten gains into a failing football club.
Little Dutch
Go to this site that a friend made - And EMIRATES CUP of 2011 doesn't count....Oh wait..what...couldn't win That either ! *facepalm*
Rip The Reds Apart
We don't hold money in contempt rjh, not money well earned that is. Blood-money however is a different story :)
rjh is obviously too embarrassed to let us know his true colours. Fans of our rival clubs coming on here to moan about how it's been so long since we last won a trophy, even creating a website for it, speaks volumes of the high regard in which Arsenal is held by these chaps. They expect us to do well ALWAYS, in the great "tradition" of the club. Thanks lads; we promise not to let you down this time around.
Couldnt he just have said coz Chavs are a bunch of despicable ****buckets
rjh is a spuddie no doubt. :P
...Smells like it.
springy, if you include the debt when Bates bought your club then the club had negative value! so one is being charitable when valuing it at a quid.
Chelsea's tradidtion? Well we know the old music hall joke, we had lots of fans who were used to winning nothing. We won nothing!! But the fans turned up. 1 championship was all but they turned up. The best youth academy late 50's early 60's .82.000 against your mob and an old guy I was talking to who was there reckons you brought 5000, fair play in the 30's but we took twice as much away in our yo yo years in the 80's.The best away support no contest. Terry Venables bless him stated Chelsea were the best supported club in London in the 60's when he had left Kombat 18? a very small minority I heard all the fuss but never saw them. True we did'nt have the trophies but we had the fans. Tradition aint all about trophies so its amusing to me that since you've been trophy less you hang on to your "tradition". Just like Liverpool, but they win the odd League cup now and then. Its all in your head mate and your head, like most goons is up your arse. We been here since 1905 a bit longer than you (are you counting Woolwich?) So we have tradition, back then not as trophy laden as yours but tradition non the less and we are addressing the trophy count. Electric fences, well thats Bates for you. He threatened it but knew it was a no no. PAUL Canoville was racially abused by a small minority, it was disgraceful agreed. Lets not think that all Arsenal fans from way back were all angels aa I know they were not.
So, what you're essentially saying springy is that Chelsea have a tradition, it's just a ***** one :) Besides, I didn't bring up tradition here, rjh did.
Little Dutch
I think the original article mentioned the tradition angle first, ladies, but then it sounds like none of you read it. You just turned up to get your little Arsenal panties in a twist. As for Naijagunner: every time I watch Arsenal these days, they do exactly what I expect them to do. So in that respect, you don't disappoint at all.
That's Leroy Paul "Lee" Canoville, springy.

Argue all you like, we all know Chelsea stopped being a football club when they were bought by their sugar daddy. And they were only a half-decent football club for the two years preceding...
Turned up to get our panties in a twist? This is an Arsenal site. Yours was the first comment. Still, refusing to reveal your colours rjh?
Little Dutch
rjh, United was the only big team Arsenal didnt beat last season. Bet you expected that. Were you there at the Grove when we spanked you 5-2?
Funny that rjh is a Chelsea fan. I don't blame him for not wanting to admit to it. Probably still embarassed by John Terry lifting the CL trophy. Or maybe he's a real football fan and just embarassed by his club in general. Either way I don't hold it against him for not wanting to own up.
So if we are going by the 7 year rule, does that mean come next year Chelsea fans will disregard their 2005 title?....Im just saying. rjh is like that neighbour who keeps leaving notes on your windscreen, always complaining but doesnt have the spine to leave a number or address.
Ignoring the Chavs and Spuds who have hijacked this thread (surprise surprise) I am glad this deal has been done. Hopefully will stick a few past the lotto Chavs next season, would be lovely poetic justice too.
Ned Stark
Call it what you want LD but you've commented on it. And if your premise is that to have tradition you have to win trophies then your present tradition is like ours used to be....damiano..known to us as Paul Canonville, thats the name on the teamsheet back then.
Our present tradition does not include racial abuse, headhunters or any other of your bucolic traditions. So, I kinldy request you yo not compare our present tradition to yours. Yes you can draw comparisons between our trophylessness but even then our wait for trophies is far less than what you have waited (50 years for a league title). Seven years pales in comparison to that.
I'm quite content that Arsenal will win trophies again. We've managed it for every decade since the 30s and we will do again soon enough. Chelsea's ability to do so is tied up in the whims of one man. We compete off our own backs. Which is fine with me really. And when we do it will be satisfying because it will be earned.
Little Dutch
Chelsea have murdered it all, Citeh are almost worse. Football is dead.
I don't post on these forums and know this is off topic but a number of sites seem to be calling for us to sign M'Villa. I watched most of the France v Spain game which was the first time I have seen M'Villa and was not that excited. Is he better than what we have? Have I missed something?
Hes rated pretty highly Gunner_Downunder. I wasnt impressed either but euros are hardly a good yardstick to judge a player coz then Rooney must be the *****tiest forward in Europe.
Besides, the game against Spain was the only one he started (?) and we have to agree that most players are usually made to adapt their games when Spain or Barca is the opposition.
Gunner_Downunder He is a very disiplined DM and would be a great player to have but the one I have watched the most is Bilbao's Martinez. Now there is a player that really exsits me and would be a huge catch if we could get him.
Being Spanish and all that, the release clause attached to him will be prohibitive, but I agree he is worth staking some good cash upon. We will have to include our own buy-out clause for the day his childhood mates come calling about his DNA matching theirs....
Giroud (explaining that he was close to signing for Chelsea but ditched them after a late intervention from Wenger) "Itís true, I actually almost went to Chelsea. It was very close," he said. "But Arsene Wenger tipped the balance. We exchanged text messages, and he made me realise by SMS he really wanted me. With Di Matteo, I was never directly in touch. To be honest, I donít even know if he knows me." "I was offered pots of gold, but I have no complaints, Iím going to make a good living at Arsenal ó at least it proves my primary motivation is not money." He added: "Iím going there to continue to develop. I canít imagine failing here. I am confident I have made the right choice. I will succeed."

I am loving this fellow already. A certain other french man, albeit a mercenary, has a lot to learn from this man.
Have Chelsea had any successful French players?
Thanks for the responses on M'Villa. I will have a closer look at other footage of him. Can't help thinking that a young Vieira would have got the foot in more and made us notice him although I agree with the Euro and Spain comments.

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