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Robin van Persie Issues Kick In The Nuts

Robin van Persie has decided not to renew his contract at Arsenal Football Club.

The news comes as a huge blow to Arsenal, it`s players and it`s fans, as the (hopefully former) Arsenal captain delivered the kick in the bollocks via Twitter and his personal website (Which has currently crashed due to the amount of Gooners visiting to thank him for said kick in the bollocks).

In a carefully worded statement van Persie said, 'This is an update for the fans about my current situation. I have kept quiet all this time out of respect and loyalty for the club and as agreed with Mr Gazidis and Mr Wenger, but since there is so much speculation in the media, I think it is fair for you guys to know what`s really going on at the moment.

'As announced earlier this year I had a meeting with the boss and Mr Gazidis after the season. This was a meeting about the club`s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.

'I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.'

'Out of my huge respect for Mr Wenger, the players and the fans I don`t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.

'I`ve thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract. You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I will always respect your opinions.

'I love the club and the fans, no matter what happens. I have grown up and became a man during my time with Arsenal FC"

Everybody at the club and the fans have always supported me over the years and I have always given my all (and more) on and off the pitch. I am very proud of being part of this fantastic club for the last eight years."

'As soon as Mr Gazidis is back from his two-week holiday in America further meetings will follow and I will update you if and when there are more developments.'

I think it`s safe to say van Persie will not be at Arsenal next season.

This feeling is becoming an almost annual feeling as we continually lose our best players.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 4 2012

Time: 5:59PM

Your Comments

Be a shame not to see a player of his quality in the premier league next season, that said there's nothing guarenteeing he would be able to recreate last seasons performances and stay injury free. Can only see him moving abroad he's got alot of respect for you gooners to stay in England. God knows where he'll go abroad though as I can't imagine him in anything other than an arsenal kit. Regarding his comments surely there's more pressing concerns for Arsenal, like the supposed direction the clubs heading in.
So, will the Arsenal fans get themselves worked up about what a mercenary Van persie is, call him traitor, Judas, exclaim how "He's dead to me" and boo his every move from now on, or will they take a step back and ask themselves why "This feeling is becoming an almost annual feeling as we continually lose our best players"? Something is rotten in Denmark.
It's obivous he had no intention of signing. We've signed two top class players before pre-season has even started, yet he says we're not heading in the direction? It wouldn't have been possible to do any more in that time frame. The timing of the statement is proof that he never had any intentions of giving us the time to rectify our mistakes. I don't blame him for wanting to leave .... I do blame him for lying.
If he signs for the Mercenary Blues he'll get both barrels for sure. If he goes abroad we'll just forget about him.
He leaves when he waaants....but seriously noone is surprised at this are they? Why else impose a media ban on him unless to get the poldi and giroud deals done cheaper and under the radar without being held to ransom. Robin had obviously made his feelings very clear in the 'hugely positive' meet with gazidis and was probably pretty peeved with Hill wood and wengers recent announcement to 'do all they can to keep him' when he'd already told them he had no intention of signing on, he's cutting through the propaganda crap that has fleeced us since the move and decided that the truth must out. Whatever, thanks for wiping your arse on our captaincy now p1$$ off to the oil scum.
Long time reader, first time poster. My sentiments exactly Rocky. Yes he was here for 8 years but he only played 1 complete season for the squad. I'm sure everyone remembers the horse placenta incident of two seasons ago!
Stateside Gooner
predictably fcb is 1st to show up to scold and triumph over gooners with his weird hate fixation on us. don't know why he cares so much about us. not even going to comment on this news, it's already been said.
Welcome to the fold SSG. It's a shame it took s*** news to bring you out of the closet. Not that kinda closet .... you know what I mean ....
whoa hang on rocky the only lies are those wenger and hill wood uttered in the last week to whitewash the fans having pretended not to hear van persies statement of intent during the meeting. It's things like this that just make me disbelieve a single thing gazidis utters.
Imagine what his poor gooner wife has to tolerate jaelle lol.
apparently the club didn't know this statement was going to happen-he did this without the club letting know beforehand. The statement really hurts Arsenal's image. The club kept faith with him for 8 injury-laden yrs and this is how he responds. I don't blame him for his desire for trophies & seeking them elsewhere but coming out with a statement like this without even letting the club know about it...
Anyways back to the important issue...........Diaby for captain!
it seems like we have no intention in keeping walcott on the other hand
and btw, YES, if he shows up in a Man City shirt next season then he most certainly deserves to be booed.
Many thanks RvP for all the memories - the FA cup victory in 2005, the flying volley against Charlton, the winning goal against United in 2007, the brief magical combination with Cesc and the unforgetable masterful season thats just gone by. While RvP's frank nature does him great credit the announcement that he will not sign a new contract at the Arsenal will weaken our hand in negotiations with clubs. If he joins a club abroad I'm sure he will continue to be a fan favourite. Dont wreck it all by joining the northern chavs Robin.
Yeah and conversely wenger and hill wood have come out with 'we'll do everything we can to keep him' 'we have no intention of selling' statements, but that's ok? Van Persie just has to sit there and watch this spin released does he? having already made fully clear how he feels? he obviously just had had enough and felt he couldn't sit on the truth any longer, fair enough really I'd do exactly the same.
******** **** has made his position at Arsenal untenable. ***** off.
Thanks Rvp for saving our asses last season. But I dont know what more Wenger could have done other than get Poldi and Giroud. If thats not ambition I donno what is.
After the initial dissapointment , I just hope he doesnt sign for Man City or any other premiership team...
remember we stuck by him not just thru those injuries but the rape charges. the least he could've done was give the club notice quietly about this statement.
I feel like I'm talking to myself when I state repeatedly that poldi and giroud were not signed to support van persie lol.
Jaelle, I think he was told to keep quiet till we signed replacements.. And thats what he did.
Niko - AW, PHW and Gazidis were only doing what would get the club the most cash for RVP. By pretending that all is well and that we weren't interested in selling him. RVP's announcement has smashed that strategy to pieces and in a very public manner. RvP could have let his agent and Arsenal help him secure the move he wanted.
So it's become obvious that RvP didn't want to stay, and the club were working on things already. One good striker signed, ah yeah he's an addition (improvement on Chamakh/Bendtner), not a RvP replacement. Two good strikers signed, let's not fool ourselves - RvP's leaving. For all the packaging, I don't like the fact that RvP has suddenly come out with this. As he says, Gazidis is still on holiday. Nothing has changed since their last discussion. Why now? Hes just issuing a come and get me plea to other big clubs.
I don't think any player should have a say on New signings or who he wants the club to sign, once you start doing that, when do you stop? Arsene is signing players and we all know we are moving forward. You can't say you want the club to prove they are serious about competing in order to keep you, then refuse to sign a new contract when they do. RvP knew he was always going to leave and I suspect that Arsene knew that too. Regarding how much will miss him, I don't think that much. As long as we have Arsene, someone always steps up. When we needed him the most, RvP stepped up and no one ever remembers how we carried him before that. Arsenal will be better next season. Losing him is a blow but replacing him early with proven quality is what will shape our season. RvP is not the only good striker around and he wasn't always world class. We will survive this.
Agreed Delta if Arsenal had enforced a media ban on RVP to get the prices or Giroud and Podolski down then by the same token maybe the quotes by Hill-wood and Arsene were designed to make RVP's price rise.
He did give the notice quietly jaelle in a private meeting with the chief exec, both the chair and the manager have chose to hoodwink the fans this week through the media choosing to 'ignore' what van persie has already stated, van persie has obviously seen these quotes and releases and has taken exception to them. I'm not sure how many more times or different ways I have to rephrase this for people to see it? I mean I can see my posts, hello? anyone?
i am sure wenger already knew this was coming. both poldoski & giroud are natural centre forwards and we only play one in our formation. had we intended strengthen the team around rvp, we would have bought players in the mould of fabregas, gotze etc
No Delta what robin has done is said no i'm not going to be a whipping boy I've sat in silence and allowed my replacements to be bought now enough is enough, he sees quotes that he knows places pressure and emphasis on him and which will make him hugely unpopular once the club springs the truth close to the seasons' start (as with cesc and nasri last season) it's apparant to me that he feels the fans deserve to know the truth not the spin we're hearing from new Arsenal.
"Imagine what his poor gooner wife has to tolerate jaelle lol. nikolaijns" More like imagine what this poor City fan had to put up with when she heard the news that once again, one of Arsenal's best players has decided to vote with his feet.
ha! dinner in the cat again is it?
You have explained what RvP's thoughts would probably be Niko and you were right on the money in predicting his departure. I disagree with RvP's public announcement regarding his departure though.
But the club were setting him up to be the bad guy IMO, it's disappointing that it had to come out like this and he patently isn't prepared to see his last year out but if this is the case and he's already informed the club as much then seen the recent club statements he's decided to have his say, he still hasn't gone yet btw and dutch may be right in his prediction that the club will make him see the year out but this recent development makes that highly unlikely despite hill woods hollow bluster to the contrary.
Anyhow fourth with fabregas and van persie, 3rd with van persie, i'm guessing we're looking at 2nd this season without both of these dead weight cry babies :)
Oh well, not everyone's glum - Dein Junior will net a few million quid in two months time. Going by the past trend its easy to predict that Alex Song represented by Darren will depart the club next season.
My nuts hurt....
Anon 1
Niko - I don't think Arsene's comments were to paint him as the bad guy, more to get the most money we can for him. If he says "we'll let him go" we'll get ***** all for him, if we say we have no intention of letting him go then we've at least got a small amount of leverage. Any club wanting him NOW are going to have to pay at least a little over the odds. If RvP has told the board he wants to leave then he no longer becomes our priority and Wenger and PHW are prefectly within their rights to play whatever games we need to play to ensure we get the best for our club.
Subtle yet strong official statement from the club about being confident that RVP "will fulfill his commitment to the club". A strategy to up the ante and the price. Dont think the club intend to make RvP see out his contract and lose him for nothing. He is the captain of AFC and has just revealed to the whole world that he is not in sync with the club management's vision. No way back it seems - the club just wants the best possible price by appearing strong.
RvP has disappointed with the timing and manner of his announcement. It was rather disrespectful of the club that has stood by him all those years of being crocked and through some other tough times, I'd imagine. I share Niko's views about what may have played out in his mind as he read the spin from Wenger and the chairman. I remember reading Wenger's comments and thinking "not good, Arsene. Not good". This was exactly the position United tried to put Shrek two seasons ago, when he came out quickly to state that the club no longer matched his ambitions, as his reason for wanting to leave. However, in the case of RvP, he is our captain and does love the club; a lot more is expected of him, you'd feel.
I'm over the moon you're losing him, but only if he goes abroad.
Tottenham Hotcore
he leaves when he wants he leaves when he wants robin van persie he leaves when he wants
@ Rock if someone tells me something I want is not for sale I dunno about you but I leave it at that, if we say 'he's for sale let bidding commence!' then i'm sure we will get a higher price. Maybe he genuinely isn't for sale but previous years form don't exactly fill me with hope on that front, maybe we are stable enough now to turn down a large wad and Hill woods not for sale comments are genuine in which case fair enough I admire the stance, if you sign a contract with us expect us to hold to it and you too, where do you think this is? sp*rs? Wenger and Hill wood are of course within their rights to play whatever game they want but if i was in van persies place at the centre of this game, I'd be thinking hang on what happened to the agreed media blanket here? they know what I've told them yet they're pretending nothing is happening and I'm being made to look the cxxt? The fans aren't being told the truth again, I heard all this shoite with sex op and cesc and I'm not gonna let that happen with me.
yeah duckworth rather negates it when a gooner has already cracked that one, same old sp*rs, lightyears behind!
Disappointed with Van Persie to say the least given the fact we have stood by him with all his injury problems. I am concerned about his statement 'in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.' I want to know what was said and the reasons behind the 'disagreements' he says. Think a new club policy should be to sign our star players up when they have 2 years remaining on their contract!
However, there will ALWAYS be an Arsenal. We have lost key players before and we have survived and we will this time as well. Nobody is bigger than the club.
In fact thinking on it, who is to say Wenger and Hill woods recent comments weren't planned to elicit EXACTLY this reaction? That the plan was: look van persie isn't gonna come out and say anything as players are terrified of negative PR these days, so we have to make him come out of his shell and state he wants out? we couldn't get cesc to say anything last year but we know van persie is a hothead and a couple of well placed quotes will force his hand? All supposition I know but an entirely feasible situation, the club looked bad last year during the cesc/nasri debacle, here all the attention is on van persie and ditto the bulk of negative fan feeling.
Agreed grabs, although we've never leaked all of our top players with such alarming regularity before eh?
Come on Niko - If saying "xxxxx is not for sale, then Barcelona would have f**** off and left Fabregas, Henry and others alone years and years ago. The arrogant *****s who spend lots and lots of money on players do not understand the meaning of "no". You know that as well as the rest of us.
yeah but that's barca innit, by saying someone is not for sale then it hardly stimulates interest amongst other less arrogant clubs does it, let the oilscum and real have a bid off, lets pump that value up, we've treated the player with compassion and humanity and had it thrown back at us so lets treat him like the perishable commodity he is. Time after time these spoilt uneducated brats throw it back in Wengers face, wise up Arsene, get ruthless, you aint their dad, if you knew he wanted out it should've been broadcast as soon as the ink was dry on Girouds contract...mind you having said that didn't Podolski only actually officially sign today/yesterday? maybe that's been the trigger of all todays happenings?
Tail spin arsenal plane is going down mid table Vanpers did the right thing knew he was flogging dead horse lol
Niko, "planned to elicit EXACTLY this reaction"?? To what end, if I may ask?
If this was all about getting as much for RVP as the club could then they would have struck a deal with Robin for him to sign a new contract with a release clause. That way both club and player wins. Something about this smells like Robin and Gazidis/the board having a major disagreement. It won't be the first time those muppets in the boardroom have screwed things up when it comes to player negotiations. Next out of the door...Walcott.
Wyn Mills
Wenger will spin u some more bs and ull all believe it idiots
I stated it naija, to get van persie to be the one to break protocol and say he's leaving/not signing up. Thus all the negative press is on him not on the club as it was last year, why should the club take the flak for spineless wimps that don't have the bottle to fight for the cause? It was maybe a subtle force of hand from the club, maybe i'm reading far too much into it, it's just a theory, I mean the club obviously knew van persies intention, this aint a recent change of mind, I have absolutely no doubt he informed Gazidis of this at the meet, so why the recent pronouncements from Wenger and Hill wood if not to play chicken with a hotheaded player they suspected would react exactly like this?
Hey sukok we've got Arsene Wenger, you've got Arnold Rimmer, mind the gap europah boy.
He gave 8 years to your club. His contract and therefore period of obligation are almost done. I thought his words were extremely polite and respectful. Why do you expect him to want to play for you for life? He has ambitions, like most of us, and perhaps they reach beyond what he believes Arsenal are capable of / willing to achieve during what is left to run of his professional career. I understand the hurt, but to be so rude about the only player you had last season, the one and only saving grace your club could muster seems a bit harsh.
Cape Town Spurs
A fight is now going to break out in the boardroom, dressing room and terraces. Do you maintain the supposed high moral ground and continue to stipulate that the club be run on a sound footing with proper financial constraints, or do you adopt the approach of breaking the wage structure to ensure this doesn't happen every year, to fend off suitors for best players and challenge for trophies? Usmanov's vulgar billions or Kroenke's supposedly traditional approach?
"Because a canon will always be cooler than a chicken"... yeah right, especially when it shoots you in the foot!
Cape Town Spurs
Whats clear now is that RVP's value will plummet. No-one in their right mind will spend £25m+ on a player they can pick up for free in 10 months time. And we have to ask ourselves why we have this talent consistently draining away from the club. Who is it painting the picture of success? Because whoever it is they're not doing a very good job.
Wyn Mills
Cape Town - Sol Campbell completely fullfilled his his contract for Spurs. How'd you feel about him? ;)
Come on cape town, the length of time he spent here is exactly why people are reacting with such anger & hurt, yes he's been professional and courteous and polite, it's a kick in the nuts when any clubs talisman decides to move on especially when so much effort and patience has been invested in him, all gooners wanted was another couple of years comparable to the last to reward all the frustrating non seasons and huge wage outlay we've had from the bloke.
LordJohnny - There will be no fights, Arsenal will continue to run themselves be spending only what they earn. It's a simple philosophy and one that will need to be followed once the FFP rules come in. By which point we'll be way ahead of the game.
I don't knock the emotional response, it's understandable. As to Sol, I see your point though doubt RvP is headed to WHL. I would of course hose myself if he was, but doubt this is the case! Let's face it, there are very few heros that get to leave a club with their staus in tact, be it Sol from Spurs, RvP from you lot, Rooney from Everton (to a lesser degree), but you get my point.
Cape Town Spurs
Indeed, couple of years and it'll be like 'whats a testimonial dad?'
FFP rules? Are you serious? So Platini will tell Real Madrid and Barcelona to reduce their debt with their respective banks and run their clubs within their means? If he does there'll be a Bruce Forsyth situation (hell to pay-geddit?). If not, all other clubs will cite the Spanish giants and the whole thing will fall apart.
I must admit im quite shocked by this. The guy imo is even more irreplacable than Fabregas and the sole reason you finished in the top 6/7 let alone bloody 3rd! Its going to be interesting to see how both our clubs fare next season with all the upheavel. Giroud and Podolski have qualitys to replace him but can they deliver or will they do a Chamakh?
Thats the thing with Arsenal though HY, we've bade farewell to talisman after talisman after talisman to eternal cries of doooooom! rat from the sinking ship!! etcetera etcetera etcetera. But all that happens is a new hungry mega talented young rake steps in to make his bones and become the next AFC superstar. Will it be Giroud? the Ox? or some unknown yet to sign that will blow minds, who knows, yes it's a blow to our collective squad just as it was to lose cesc and the other bloke but life goes on as ever, no sleep lost whatsoever.
It's the curse of the Arsenal captaincy I am afraid. Wenger bestowes the captaincy on the biggest star/talisman to give him a sense of belonging and ends up leaving ! Vieira, Henry, Toure, Fabregas, RVP............
Im Glad that Robin has the guts to stand up and be counted this guy has ambition he dosent want to see himself rooted on midtable with a coach talking about how great he was no its time for RVP to spread his wings and move onto bigger and better things.
so not to the spuds then Sukok?
nikolaijns has been hit by more balls in the face than Ian Botham
The man has given the best 8 years of his life to your club. Show some gratitude, get a grip. He has been loyal to arsenal, now he needs to be loyal to himself. Silly fans!
Dear Spurs fans
best 8 years lol....
What a surprise, he is off to double his money and join the rest of the gang at the sky blues. The reality is while clubs like this distort the market iwth the wages etc there is no chance for any of the rest of us to compete. I am starting to get seriously sick of football that has sold it's soul to the power of the pound note.
You're fantasising about cricketers slapping their balls in my face sukok? what is it with spuds and such deranged deviancy? Is it the constant use of the words 'cock' and 'sack' in their everyday lexicon? Arnold Rimmers blue & white army!
Rocky, no apologies needed I understand. I believe we all as dear Arsenal supporters feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment. Nurturing Robin through all his injuries for this, his one true fully fit breakthrough season....and he tucks tail and decides to run
Stateside Gooner
Nikolaijns Robin has stated his mind he has up untill now repsected the fans and the tight ass management but after much soul searching he has come to the conclusion winning trophies and a club with a vision is what he is looking for in his heart of hats so he wont be renewing his contract if you make 6th ill send u my jocks to sniff
Tell ur club to be a little bit more ambitious, I can't imagine myself being in the same class for eight years.
Meet the new Freud - Mr Sukkok. What a stellar physchological contribution he has made by analysing RvP's mind.
Come on gooners how long do you want to remain in the 90's or early 2000's.Times have changed.When was the last time you guys have won a major trophy??8 years?We at Chelsea have adding more than 10 trophies including mighty UCL.When will wenger change??Seriously when you do you really think a player who scored 39 goals last year is worth of a salary 85k per week.I think that is more of a humiliation...Now extending a contract with 130k per week and making him best paid player is wonder he will you leave you like cesc,nasri.Money does matter boys.No disrespect but Wenger is looking like a buisnessman to me rather than a PL gooners will always finish top 4 and will never win a single trophy even while birmingham can enjoy cup success..pity you....---chelsea fan
In words of FrLamp what every chelsea fan feels about this:-"Whether I hate Arsenal is not the question. I would be very disappointed to see RVP go to City or another club in England because, regardless of rivalries, there is something I love above all the rest in football : club legends. RVP is an Arsenal legend. What a big blow for Arsenal if he leaves for another English club."
He can just p*** off. Sell him to China. All those seasons Wenger stood by him and his porcelain legs. He has one good season and he does that. Arsenal FC will still be standing long after the sport has forgotten him. Goodbye and don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out, pal. Didn't work out too well for you in June when you weren't playing in the Arsenal set-up, did it? Let's see how it works out for you next season somewhere else. But can we please stop giving the captain's armband to our best players? Clearly it's got a curse on it...
I really hope we just let him run down his contract and then just keep him on the subs bench the entire season and only use him for the Carling Cup. That will cost him a year of earning 250k pw and by the time next season comes and he's 30 you can bet ManSh*tty won't pay him that much.
disco, please redeem yourself by conceding that you are 12 years old because that rubbish in your post stinks. Your club which you started supporting from 2005 bought the league thrice because of the stolen fortune of a gangster. Not because of a manager's brilliance, visionary management or because you deserved it - but because a gangster wanted public acceptance and tax residency in the United Kingdom. If anything, you are his bitch. We pity you.
This doesn't surprise me, the longer it took, the less likely it was that RvP would sign an extension. I think he has gone about it in the right way, he's been honest (if he doesn't see eye to eye with the Board, then so be it). He's respected the club and the fans (not so much the Board, but I can live with that). All these noises from the Board that he will fulfill commitments are only to ensure that they get a decent price for him. A quick decision regarding his future will be good so that we can go ahead and plan for the new season. But other clubs will know that waiting for Aug end will increase their chances of getting him cheaper, so they will prolong this.....another season of uncertainty and another season of not being able to challenge for the title (I really fancied our chances if RvP is around next season). Past mistakes of the Board (not tying key players to extensions on time) are coming back to haunt us, but nothing to be done abt it.
Unfortunately you cannot sell him to who you like, you can only sell him to where he wants to go. However the virtues of Turin, Paris and Madrid, ought to be more attractive than Manchester. As for the Sol Campbell comparison, Van Persie has given you a years notice ... Campbell maliciously dragged it out to be certain he could leave on a free which is why fans have such hatred for him - at least Van Persie has given you the opportunity to get some cash back for him.
I know it wasn't the best drafted statement but All the best to RvP. He has helped us tremendously since that 8-2 drubbing. I fully expected his departure and The club will remain though, long after he is gone. There is a trend now at Arsenal of players running down their contracts, alerting other clubs and putting us in a weak negotiating position. Thats what Theo has also done. But if Theo thinks he's big enough to carry out a strategy like that, his agent is fooling him. The sad truth is if RvP got crocked and missed half of last season, he'd be the first to renew his contract.
The shocking aspect is the way this came out guys. If I were a Gooner, I'd be very worried indeed about where my Club was going. To lose 1 class player was unfortunate, to quickly lose a second in the same window was careless & now to lose a 3rd in under 12 months is disgraceful. You have to now question Le Whinger, the owners & the board about what they're doing, surely? Scary times for you IMO & your Club will have a job to convince everyone that they are doing the right thing & the only way they'll do that is to end your trophy drought. Probably for the 1st time you are getting a little bit of a feel for what its been like for Spurs fans seeing your best talent being sold off to rivals for no apparent reason. I'd like to feel sorry for you, but I won't insult your intelligence with an obvious lie.

As for Judas, well kernowboy has summed up that particular episode perfectly. Take a little bit of comfort from the fact that both Fabregas & RVP were honest with you, at least you have that. Judas gave us nothing.

Spuds-U-Like, firstly while there are internal issues at our club that need addressing, a Spud is the last person who can direct gooners by saying "you have to now question the manager, the board etc" ! Secondly, the issue that needs addressing is quite simple - does Arsenal join the chelsea's and city's of the world by breaking through the 200k pounds/ week barrier for their top players. The answer to that is quite simple - considering that the club has an owner who is NOT a benefactor in the mould of the Sheikh and the gangster, the said wages can not be paid even if they could be afforded for one person. If Nasri was offered 200k/ week at Arsenal would he have left? Even RvP insults the intelligence of gooners by claiming that its the direction of the club thats the issue and not the wages. All in all much as you would like us to stir things up at our club, the average gooner is smart enough not to fall for this obvious bait.
We shouldn't be too surprised or even hurt (they're footballers, they're really not worth the adulation). Make no mistake, this was an act of war from RvP. The low blow about the CEO being on holiday for two weeks for instance. He isn't, he's there for 5 days and he ain't got his feet up on a sun lounger with his phone turned off. (He's also flying home via Malaysia for work purposes). That's a bit of a rich dig on Robin's part considering many Oranje fans might reaosnably point out that the first thing he did after stinking the Euros out was ***** off to the beach. Nevertheless, it's all business. Arsenal were willing to make him see out his deal, so RvP and his advisors have made an aggressive move to make sure that can no longer happen. What's important now is how quickly we sell him and who to. I'd much rather take £8m off Juventus than £25m off City, but I doubt Robin and his advisors will see it that way. This will probably get messy and drawn out cos it's a battle of wills. Robin just took his gloves and shirt off and offered Arsenal out in the car park.
Little Dutch
Not sure whether you're having a pop back at me Deltaforce, or whether your response is a considered one.

First off, I was asking a question regarding the questioning of your manager, owners & board, not giving you direction or advice mate. I've seen your Club seeming to mug off the fans over the last few seasons, whether you Gooners see it that way or not is your prerogative & I won't question it.

I understand where you're coming from re the issue that needs adressing, but looking from the outside, the Club stance is looking more like parsimony rather than good housekeeping. I don't think the inability to match the wages of the likes of $hitty & Chelski can continue to be trotted out as an excuse for much longer really & I think that your lack of trophies for a few years now plus, rightly or wrongly, the perception that the drought might not end any time soon, might just have something to do with it. Of all the Clubs with the ability & history to challenge for major honours, yours is the one that everyone would expect to be able to prove that very deep pockets isn't the only way to get success. Again, from the outside, its looking like your Club has given up competing against the moneyed clubs instead of being smarter than them, which you used to be.

It is a bit disingenuous for you to suggest that all I'm doing is trying to stir Gooners up into agitation towards their Club. Much as I'd like that to happen, I'm not that clever mate. If I was out to do that, I think I'd be a bit more obvious.

First up, Arsene/the board saying things like 'we'll do everything we can to keep him' and 'we have no intention of selling' is perfectly fine, for me; we’ve bought players – quality players – to add to the third best squad in the premier league last season... offered RvP an Arsenal record wage... if he wants to leave, that’s his choice. But it’s Arsenal’s choice as to when – if we truly ‘have no intention of selling’, then Robin will have to work his ar$e off all year to play for a good move at the end of it.

The kok said ‘Im Glad that Robin has the guts to stand up and be counted this guy has ambition he dosent want to see himself rooted on midtable’ – don’t know where you’ve been, lad (clearly not English lessons), but RvP has never finished below 4th with the Arsenal, has he?

Lastly, “Past mistakes of the Board (not tying key players to extensions on time) are coming back to haunt us” – I don’t see what more they can do? With RvP, for example, if he has refused to extend his contract over the last couple of years, what can the club do? Drop him? Sell him? What choice is there? Same with Cesc... Thierry... the only case where that might apply is Flamini, who wanted a first team place and big money when the club weren’t prepared to offer it. Don’t think we regret that too much, do we?
Deltaforce - I agree with you that you can't afford to pay top wages because of the way your club is run. That is also what Spuds-U-Like was saying when he said "you have to now question the manager, the board etc". But that is the reason I do have respect for your club - like Spurs you don't have a russian pimp, sheikh or whoever literally buying cups and titles. Instead it is hard work and deserved.
I'm obviously pleased he might be off because as much as I respect the way A***nal are run, this is not an improvement for you lot and will only help Spurs get into the top 4. Gotta say it though Giroud is a top player from what I've seen, could be your next rvp but also a chamakh??!
Anyway, I hope he goes abroad and bet you lot do too.
Spuds-U-Like, i found your comment about Arsenal competing with the sugar daddy club too simplistic - in effect you were asking - why cant Arsenal pay its players City type wages. Well, why cant Tottenham? Because while our clubs are both owned by wealthy individuals, they are not benefactors. How Arsenal show that they are a smart club is by recruiting a skilled player at a below market price. If the said skilled player becomes a super star, sooner or later he would want a wage that other super stars get at clubs that dont mind losing 100 or 200 million pounds a year because their owners didnt earn theat money anyway! its a vicious cycle and I'm sure Arsenal will start paying higher wages when our commercial income increases in the future but currently there is little the club can do when a star player's head has been turned by Dirhams or Roubles.
first and foremost, i would like to declare that i am just as sad as any other gooners out there. to be fair, we have seen this coming havent we? why all the furor now? rvp had refused to sign since fab & nasri left. he is 29 soon and on a 80k package, less than 1/3 of rooney's wage (reported at 260k p/w) but three times of rooney's talent. for his talent, he really deserves some titles in his final contract. his heroic feat of grabbing the team by the scruff of neck to 3rd in the league and a guaranteeing cl spot probably earned us 30 mil on top of another 20 mil from his eventual transfer. i think it is a win-win for everyone
Wages are a factor for sure Delta, but thats all it is. I totally buy into your point that neither yourselves or us can afford to pay our players the same as the Russki & Sheik can, but I also emphasised the point that those who can't have to be smarter. Arsenal used to be a club that was smarter than simply throwing money at it. Players also want to win trophies if they're ambitious & sometimes that counts for more than wages. What I was saying is you had that legacy, but since you've not won anything recently, that legacy has been eroded. We've got the same problem except our drought is considerably longer than yours barring a League Cup.

spuds-u-like, it is not the issue of we are no longer smarter. we still make decent signings but other clubs have caught up in their scouting intelligence. we could sign player like hazard for 3.2 mil ten years ago but now others a willing to go up to 32 mil
That's a very astute observation Joe_@** you've probably summed up the real problem mate. With the likes of the moneybags clubs willing to pay stupid money, it fecks up the market for everybody & wages are bound to become inflated because of it. Scouting is definately a key area where clubs like ours can outsmart the rich boys. Just look at Newcastle & the players found by Graham Carr for possibly the prime example of this. To think he was ours until 'Appy 'Arry got rid of him to our detriment! Brainless tw@. It can't stop the attraction of big wages, but if you can win titles & trophies doing it, you're more likely to hang on to the stars your scouting system created.

What do you expect misers??
Pay players "competitive" wages and buy talent, don't be stingy
Of course, your club, Chavski, doesn't have a vested interest in scouting for talent do they @mq? Your youth set up is the envy of the world.

To think I've been accused of being simplistic! Better that than simple I suppose.

Well said Spuds-U-Like.
As long as he doesn't go to the Middle Eastlands than it's all good.
Professor Calculus
Happy to oblige Delta, I've enjoyed our exchanges mate. Cheers.

I don't mind sensible rival fans' banter, but chaps like Uskok, @Mq and disco just get you wondering if people just derive pleasure from displaying crass ignorance in making contributions on a forum.

Thanks for the retort, Spuds-U-Like.
Damiano - the club woke up only when Robin had 2 years to go on his contract, same with Theo (and Nasri before that). At that time, the player can refuse to sign and is in a better negotiating position. However, if the club made him an offer earlier, then we would be in a better bargaining position. We would have a player refusing to sign, but with 2 years left on his deal and that puts us in a better position to deal with his future. How is this not a mistake? The club made efforts to extend contracts like Eboue, Denilson (non key players). They are trying to fix that now, with new offers already signed for Vermaelen, but the impact of past mistakes is still being felt.
Prits, do you know he wasn't offered a contract earlier? And bearing in mind this is the first 'proper' season we've had from the lad, should we have been offering him 120k a week two years ago?
Prits, RvP was a big risk 3 years ago; even the fans will skin Wenger for making him an offer with his history; same with Theo who never looked like reaching the potential he was always touted to possess. I guess we have to learn from these things. Now, can someone tell me how best to handle a latent talent like Diaby today, so we don't have to go through these emotions soon, when he has one big season with us after injury troubles?
I would wait and see where RVP ends up before simply accusing him of following the money.
Wyn Mills
The board get rich and con the fans and th fans are so dumb they lap it up.....hilarious.
And so this is Kronke's mess And what has he done So RVP is gone No replacement to be found And so this is Kronke's mess I hope soon he dies To be rid of this moron So we come back strong
Fans like willy think they won the premier league on their own merit. Very hilarious.
The same way they are skinning Wenger for offering Diaby 60K a week? Look, its clear that they are trying to fix things, but if the Board was correct not to offer him a new contract due to his injury record, then he has every right to look out for other offers now. If negotiations start with a player, its usually in the news (mostly by his agent, trying to see if there is some other interest). There was nothing on RvP, and an offer was only made to Theo last year, when they had hte upper hand to stall negotiations. They are not getting that balance right in my opinion.
The Arsenal formula : - pay their players less than their competion - let their contracts run down - continue to win no slverware - let the directors make a big profit - have dumb supporters - let the Championi run off with your best players ..... I LOVE IT !!!!
Point is, he was paid his contractual salaries during those years we nursed him; the club bore with him even though we have heard of clubs reaching agreement with players to cut the wages for any number of reasons. He was instead, rewarded with the club's captain's arm band and invited to discuss a new deal, an offer he managed to spurn till last season. Well, now we know why.
I think the writing was on the wall really from the time his relaxed attitude to signing a new deal became clear. If he really had the loves he professes to have for our club and genuinely wanted to stay, he would have signed the deal a long time ago. I think the way this was dragged out for so long will have left a bitter taste in the mouths of most Gooners and rightfully so. It is probably better that he does leave now if the right offer comes in for him so that we can look to prepare for the new season without him. Plus I really do not want him to be a sulk next season putting in half arsed performances and not giving two *****s any more as he knows he is off. Arsenal will survive this, just like we have survived the loss of other key players in the past. I am fine with idiots like WsWilly3 prophesising doom for our club every time a key player leaves, but we adapt and survive. To use an old, possibly worn out cliche, no one player is bigger than the club. As for Theo being next out of the door, I really am indifferent to whether he stays or goes. He is often teetering on the fine line between being a asset and liability for our team far too much for my liking.
Ned Stark
It might be ok if yo replaced your deserters with good players but you choose bargain basement flops who then disappear after a couple of seasons.
Bargain basement flops who placed higher than your high-priced performers. What does that make your team?
It makes them Championi you numbo

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