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Cazorla Signs For Arsenal...Confirmed...Finally

After a few days of teasing us all, Arsenal have finally announced the transfer of Spain international Santiago Cazorla from cash strapped Malaga. The winger was part of Spain's Euro 2012 winning squad. Arsenal have given it the old 'long term contract, undisclosed fee' spiel, but it's rumoured to have been a knock down price of around 15m Euros given Malaga's fiscal woes.

Cazorla is principally a winger, who can also play in an advanced central midfield position. The club made a move for him last summer from Villarreal, but megabucks Malaga, fuelled by Qatari investment, beat us to the punch. A year on and Arsene got his man.

The Arsenal manager said, 'Santi Cazorla is a great signing for us. He is a player with good experience at both club and international level, who will add significant quality to our squad.

'He is a versatile, attacking midfield player who can play comfortably on either side of the pitch or centrally. He has good pace, is technically gifted and will be a huge asset to Arsenal Football Club.

We are delighted that he is joining us.'

Meanwhile, the 27 year old added, 'I'm so happy to be joining Arsenal. This is a club with great players, a fantastic stadium and huge support.

'The Club has one of the best managers in football and their style of play is recognised and admired all over the world.

'I'm so excited to be joining one of the greatest teams in Europe and also in the Premier League. I will do my best to help Arsenal challenge for trophies and make all the supporters happy.'

His squad number is TBD, but he is currently in Germany with Arsenal's training camp and is in line to make his debut in the friendly v Koln on Sunday. Welcome to Arsenal Santi.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 7 2012

Time: 10:15AM

Your Comments

Awesome!!!! Summer looking good so far.
Its great to see a creative midfielder of the class of Cazorla join the club. It can now be said that the club has signed a possible replacement for Fabregas. There are very few players of the class of Cesc worldwide and Santi is in my view one of them. Welcome to the club Santi.
decent bloke.....that's what RVP wanted, now let him put pen to paper as well
RVP joining up with the squad in Germany ? I wonder if this is another "Rooney" is leaving ploy?
Nice one! My head is fairly dizzy with all this spending and activity!
I loves a marquee signing.
Welcome Santi! I'm very pleased with this signing, and it's been a vastly better transfer window this summer compared to previous ones. Hopefully we can add more (Sahin may come apparently). We also need a back-up RB as Jenkinson is not good enough now in my opinion. Van der Wiel maybe?
Even though I was expecting it to be announced soon, I am still buzzing over the fact that it has now finally been confirmed. What a coup this is for our club. Good thing about him is his versatility, can play through the middle and out wide and will give us more options. I am very happy and excited about this signing and may actually attempt a cartwheel if the Sahin to Arsenal deal is confirmed over the next few days. This is the best transfer window I can think of for eons, quality signing after quality signing. RVP are you watching?!
Ned Stark
Apparently Cesc and Pires convinced him to join too.
Ned Stark
Jack is the final missing piece in this jigsaw puzzle
Worst kept secret... Lol.
Yep, Ned Stark. Cesc and Pires influenced his decision, he says. That will usually be the case; players will ask those who have tested the waters before. The rest about the English league is well known. Welcome (again), Santi. Wishing you many years of lots of goals and even more assists for this club.
Anybody else notice the Barca players starting to talk about Song in the press and when the hell are we gonna hear something regarding Walcott. I wonder if Santi will mean bye bye Theo?
Song's case gets more intriguing by the day. Busquets and now Iniesta have spoken about him and given that his agent is Dein Junior there is strong previous history of Arsenal to Barca transfers. Given that Rosicky and Wilshere will not be fit for the first 2-3 months of the new season and Diaby needs to be introduced very slowly into the team, selling Song is not an option. Given that his contract runs till 2015 there is no pressure on us to sell as well. Time the club put a not for sale sign on him publically. As for Theo - if he still wants 100k/ week I'm afraid he will be sold.
Now this is what I call a LANS.
If Sahin comes in on loan, with that option to buy at the end of it, we can then consider Song for sale, depending on the progress shown this season; Wilshere and Diaby should be fully fit by that time too. I imagine Song wants a better contract or his agent wants (a better) commission. The club will have to decide if it cares to be held to ransome by the players.
Naija, even if Sahin comes in, Song can be considered for sale only at the end of next season, not this transfer window. The risk of a new player (Sahin) having to adapt quick and hit the ground running would be too high otherwise. Song should be forced to stay as his value will remain high after another year as well.
I think the club have already made its stance clear , Naija.. Absolutely buzzing here.. Sahin or no Sahin
Agree with Deltaforce. Song is NOT for sale. Not now anyway
DF, that is what I meant, actually. "with that option to buy at the end of it" (the season long loan). If Song doesn't make good progress during the 12/13 season, who knows? I am hoping we don't have to, though and that he grows into an even better midfielder. But then, these agents...
Get your point Naija. Lets hope we add a midfielder and keep Song.
Im starting to think that we might be contenders this season. I even think that Diaby might remain fit for a few games. COYG!
Sir Henry
Rock the Cazbah, rock the Cazbah
Anon 1
It's only a matter of time before we build in a contract clause for any new signings stating they can never at any stage of their term with Arsenal employ Darren fecking Dein, the bloke is poison for us.
Arsene is building something, a 3rd generation team, it's different from the previous two, but if this team clicks, we could be rubbing a few noses in it this season. Amazing turn-around from last Summer. Love Wenger flexing some muscle.
We should be, Sir Henry. We should be, with this cast.
Unreal! Just saw pictures of the team training in Germany and, Yes! Cazorla was there, jogging happily. Buzing now.
*Buzzing*. Haha!
If we can add Sahin to this transfer window we will defenetly be in a much much better position to next season. Don 't forget that we got 3 last season even though we had our worst start in decades and one of our worst thrashings ever. If we can start this season better(with this squad there is no reason why not) we will be in the mix and not to mention if RvP stays then we will have our best squad since 2006 IMHO.
Welcome Santi. IMO I think RvP is trying to do a Rooney. Somewhere inside me I think Arsene has a hand with the statement of no ambition. Whatever it is, we have secured 3 good signings. Giroud may have the least caps but he is an excellent signing. Great for the cameras too. Overall, its been a different summer from the others. I wish we can keep this team together bar NB52 and Squidoo. Yennaris looks quite comfortable at RB and he can only get better. Its warming up to be a great season. Here's to silverware in 2013. Raise your glasses chaps, cheers!!!!!
There's no such thing as Santi Cazorla. Me dad told me years ago when he came home p*ssed on Christmas Eve. You've signed Keith Harris. Duck and monkey to follow as part of the deal. Wenger's certainly ringing the changes.
woefully unfunny johnny, the quest to make anyone lol intentionally or otherwise continues, good luck!
There is a distinctive lack of spud trolls on this site for the last few weeks, wonder why...
Keep up the Student Gwant pomposity niko, it's worth coming over to the dark side for that alone. Do you talk like that in real life?
I would like to know the 24man team to germany. SInce Gnary, Yennaris are a part as well, who is missing?
Fear is peeping through your panties johnny. Try to stop sweating and look at the positives - atleast Modric is staying. Oh wait..
I am guessing Chamakh, Kyle, Squillaci have been dropped. Szczesny, Mannone, Fabianski, Yennaris, Carl, Kos, TV5, Per, Arteta, Song, Diaby, Coquelin, Gnabry, Carzola, Theo, Ox, Gervinho, RVP, Poldi, Giroud, Arshavin are all in the training pics Wenger might be getting tough on the deadwoods.
you cheeky little cunny, look at yourself first sunshine, you're the biggest pretentious windbag pillock the network has spewed up! Jeezus spuds lol, even the semi literate ones are utterly deluded unaware quarter wits.
See quarter wit that's funny and original johnny, you whimpering on about what your sozzled old man did to you one xmas is just pitiful and rather tragic, throw keith harris into the mix and noones' surprised, why wouldn't a freak like you be obsessed by a bloke who's spent his career with his hand up a ducks arse? And to be honest Orville > your scrawny circus wildfowl.
Deary me here's johnny trying the same tumbleweed 'gag' on the bitters' forum, trying and failing to lighten the mood, strange that he's posted more here than the rather pitiful 17 times on their forum eh? :) .................
Great news, and this is the most exciting signing of the summer, for me (not to knock Giroud or Poldi). If he can settle into a mid field of Arteta, Song/Diaby or play higher instead of Theo, then we are well set for a good season. I'm still not sure whether we will win something, but we are much better placed in terms of prep than the past 3-4 seasons. Get rid of RvP, retain Bendtner or Chamakh, and we will be good to go for the season.
Its gonna be interesting...
Wyn Mills
It does feel great to turn the tables on sugar daddy owned clubs and steal someone from them (at a bargain price) just because of their financial situation not allowing them to compete with us. Now I know what clubs like City and Chelsea feel like when they steal the likes of Nasri, Adebayor, Cole etc from us
Noone has stole anyone from us so let's not get precious or develo an unhealthy citehesque siege mentality eh? We got well over 50 million for nasti Adebayor and cashley so it's hardly daylight robbery is it? But yeah it does feel good to see a supposedly jackpot winning club hit the buffers in spectacular fashion not that it'll deter any future club from pulling it's knickers down and bending over at the whiff of untold wealth. Feel sorry for the Malaga fans though just as with the pompey ones.
Prits, I feel we will be even much more stronger with RvP in the fold. We should be keeping him, if we can. That will send a very firm message and ensure the squad is very competitive owing to the depth of it.
Naija, I agree totally about keeping RvP. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if he stays, Arsenal will be my favourites to win the league title this coming season. We've got plenty of quality in the first team but we already had that before. What I think will change though, this coming season, is that we would have really top class backup in almost all positions. That will be crucial for us, seeing that we wave hello to a posse of injuries every season. And niko, I do apologise for the use of the word steal. By steal, I didn't mean getting players at a bargain price, but getting them by fecking us over.
There is obviously a case to be made for citeh destabilising us by returning season after season to turn our players' heads offering above market wages, citeh fans will argue ..yeah but we've paid you huge sums so it's hardly destabilising you is it? thing is when money is like water to you then 24 million for a disruptive offsidely ignorant lump like adebayor is whatever, but for us that's 3 seasons of preparation and education and training (albeit futile in the offside education dept) and it's back to a square one. It's the equivalent of us repeatedly returning to Newcastle to cherry pick and destroy their team unity season after season. So then are Southampton justifiably hacked off at us for taking their two hottest prospects and going back for thirds in the form of Luke Shaw reportedly? Or does that not count because they're in a lower league so should expect to have any talent snaffled from them? Or have Barca no cause for complaint for us exploiting the legal loophole and scooping up the likes of Bellerin, Cesc, Toral Harper and Miguel? Do we reap what we sow when they come a tippy tapping up for the latest in Song Billong? Y'know let's try to see things from both sides of the fence here there will always be a bigger stone across the river for players to step to and as it stands we're a pretty big stone these days so we really need to avoid this whole self pity Liverpool victim mentality schtick that I see a lot of gooners unwittingly falling into the trap of becoming.
Totally agree. And at the end of the day, the biggest inequalities that have ever been created in the modern game arrived about 20 years ago when the breakaway PL was formed and Sky started plundering the cash in. We were first in the queue shaking the branches of that particular money tree.
Little Dutch
Shaking the tree? Didn't we help plant it?
Wyn Mills
Little Dutch
You make a good point, Niko. Arsenal has realized the market value (and sometime more) for players that we sold, with only a few exceptions (like Cesc). Naija - somehow, I don't care much for players who want to leave, I hold nothing against RvP (and perhaps Song too), but we need to look ahead to the season. We cannot afford to have a club captain who has publicly questioned our ambition. Really, that was the point of no return for RvP.
We helped plant it, nurtured it, chucked fertilizer on it watered it and it turned out to be a massive triffid bastid blinding all in it's vicinity with it's filthy drippy blindy tongue.
Hear. Hear! Prits, I know I have feared the same about that van Persie outburst, but did he really reach a point of no return on the 'forgiveable acts' front? My initial reaction was "Yes", but when you think of the spat Shrek had with Fergie in 2010(?) this was a very civil action. Almost a protest rather than a threat. If he does a U- turn, I will be willing to give him a second chance
What happened to all the speculation about him leaving the team's camp in Germany for Manchester to "sign tonight"? And what's with red nose making uncomplimentary remarks about our club, then going on to moan about PSG muscling him out of the Lucas Moura deal? Wasn't he willing to pay an excessive 30m for the same 19 year old?

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