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Team News: Stoke City vs Arsenal

Arsenal go into a match against Stoke City this lunchtime in a game that is second on my list of "games I hate and wish we didn`t have to play", with only Tottenham away above them on the list.

Everything about this match is hideous. The "football", the stadium, the opposition support, their players, their fans, and most of all their baseball capped slaphead manager.

Make no mistake, I`m not looking forward to this game. No doubt this is some kind of weird credit towards Stoke and they probably take great pride in the disdain Arsenal fans hold for them on their team, however our record against Stoke isn`t "that" bad.

With the match only a little over half an hour away let`s see which players may come back to London injured later today.

Arsenal team v Stoke: Mannone, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Diaby, Cazorla, Gervinho, Podolski, Giroud.

Subs: Martinez, Santos, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Djourou, Coquelin

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 26 2012

Time: 12:56PM

Your Comments

Mannone gulp, real show of faith in your reserve keeper flappy there lol, at least we're spared the joy of Walcott. C'mon Arsenal let's smash these slobbering midland pikeys.
Barring the unavailability of Szczesny and Sagna, its a good team. Some good options from the bench as well. Big game for Giroud - happy he has been given a start. The new boys may be a bit stunned by the rudimentary tactics to begin with.
An early Arsenal goal please! Don't let this drag on I don't think my ticker can take it...:/
Difficult to watch Geoff Cameron, from my local club, lineup for Stoke today.
come on man dont disrespect stoke....sometimes i feel its not their players r too strong but it is some of yur players that r weak....still best of luck
and is that malouda rumour true?
The purple uniforms are really growing on me. I think we look sharp.
Really could do with the 3 pts today. I don't like the look of our next run of fixtures in September. Can see us getting something off the scousers and Southampton, but no so confident with the Chavs and Citeh.
Ned Stark
Santi is such an inspired signing. Our midfield looks so much more sharp and lively with him in the ranks.
Ned Stark
Quite glad that it's an early KO at the start of the season, so the orcs are not long out of the cave still just standing there blinking in the sunlight. Not a bad 1st half for us, not a lot of opportunity to break out the orc towel, in the early light of day you realise that take away the threat of mindless violence and all they are is just a very poor quality side. Cmon Pod Ollie and Santi step up and spank one home.
We need another creative attacking player in the class of cazorla in the final third; that's whats missing.
And Arteta is so much what this team needs
What like the Ox Vin? or Jack? :)
I'd love to see the Ox come on for Gervinho.
Even Theo would be an upgrade over the massive forehead right now.
Deary me. We had a good chance to nick this but lacked that cutting edge. But, nice to see that Stoke were the happier with this result which says a lot about how well we dominated this one.
Niko - I hear ya, but they're still both kids learning their trade. What happens if cazorla is injured?
Our new boys did well today, you'd feel. If we have any pretensions to the title, these are games we should be winning. It seems we have sacrificed defensive solidity for offensive play. Still early days.
But happy with our defensive side of the game
the last 2 games must be some of the must unimaginative and blunt games by the team in the past decade or so. a total of only 5 shots on target for two games all which did not actually tested the opponents' goal keeper. wonder what would be the solution
Found myself in the strange and disturbing feeling of actually wanting you to win today - after Aaron Ramsey was booed by the home fans for having his leg snapped in half.
Not the result we wanted but hopefully once the first goal goes in the weight willbe lifted. And can we please not put a stop to this crap about us not being able to handle 'physical' (thuggish) teams, Stoke haven't really troubled us for a while now. A word for the defence too who looked very good considering three of our usual back five were not in the team.
Both Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamo were woeful in their first couple of months for us, these new boys will settle in. In the mean time we have to keep trying our best and defending as stoutly as we have been doing.
I was disappointed in the substitutions today. Would have liked to see Podolski and Cazorla stay on instead of Diaby. Maybe they were tiring, but I thought AW was a little too negative.
on the positive side, i have also never seen us being so solid defensively against stoke. we need to have a couple of game changers in the team and scoring 1 goal would be adequate in game like this
That was a dig at Wenger, Gooner_Vin. Niko, you cynic you ;-)
*sacrificed offensive play*
How negative can it be to bring on Theo and a fresh Ramsey for ineffective Gervinho and a tiring Santi?
Diaby is a conundrum. He did ok today, but not sure that he really delivers enough. That said, better to judge after 10 games.nif we can keep tight defensively, the attacking side of the game will hopefully come and we can do well in the cups.
Naija - was it? Completely misunderstood Niko then obviously!
Failed to add the Ox. I think the team is still getting to know one another and now need a big game to consolidate what they have been doing so far. A game against a side that will not be overly defensive and leave some room to be exploited.
Failed to add the Ox. I think the team is still getting to know one another and now need a big game to consolidate what they have been doing so far. A game against a side that will not be overly defensive and leave some room to be exploited.
By the time we learan to score the main opponents, city, Chelski etc will be out of sight I am afraid.
our off ball movement is the problem so far. no one seemed to know where to run when we were in possession. there were already a few occasions where players bumped onto each other in the last 2 games
As I said, I would have preferred Gervinho and Diaby come off with Ox and Theo coming on, switching to a 4-4-2. Arteta and Cazorla in the middle, Theo and Ox out wide, and Giroud and Podolski up front. There used to be a time when Arsene would throw on more attacking players instead of like for like changes.
Agree with you, Joe_@**. Our creative players could have done with some more movement upfront which Giroud seems quite capable of, in my view. That was something our ex-captain used to give you, but it is still early days. Gunnerkid107, I get your point. I thought while Diaby was always in and around the midfield, he was guilty of losing the ball too often and may have been the weakest link in the middle of the pack. Perhaps the manager felt the side still needed his height for crosses or long ball contests. There must have been some reasoning in there. We need a game of higher intensity now and they don't come more intense than at Anfield. We pass that and we are on the way. We fail..... Well, we can always agree we need more strikers or look to the winter window
Could do with Liverpool not getting a confidence boosting win today, but city looking poor
Stoke left the grass long for us today like the class act that they are. A couple of dreadful assaults also went unpunished. but Considering all else I take away positives from the game. Our defence looks unrecognisable from the shambles of last season, and in Giroud and Poldi we have strikers who will not just be barged off the ball. Once we click watch out.
Wyn Mills
To think, once upon a time we could have had Yaya in the team. Instead we have Diaby.
Wyn Mills
It actually wasn't a dig at Wenger Naija lol, Jack & Ox are the two younguns that none of us want to see held back by a replacement or 'killed' in Wenger terms. I agree though Vin I'd rather have another Cazorla creative type than gamble our season on Jack, when he's fit and in form then worry about having too much on the books. Tell you one thing though aint no way we're conceding 49 goals this season. Last minute cheeky punt on Dempsey to increase the goal threat?
Oh well, Niko. It is just that point you've made (and held onto) I had in mind. Hahaha! Wenger does need to add something new in the defensive mid, to allow Arteta more freedom to join attack; and possibly a new striker with EPL experience who can hit the ground running and take pressure off the newbies. Giroud will score goals, obviously and just needs to get off the mark soon, otherwise anxiety sets in and he starts to be selfish.
I think taking Cazorla off was the right thing to do. As was keeping Diaby on. Santi was knackered he was awesome in the first half and became almost non-existent in the 2nd. And whilst Diaby was not great going forward he offered a lot of physicality and worked hard which was what we needed against Stoke. Had this game been in a few weeks down the line I reckon we would have walked it.
I thought it was a good performance, just lacking the finishing, which I'm confident will come. There is a real defensive assurance about this side that I've not seen for a few seasons and if thats the work of Bould, then great. There is some creativity to our set pieces now, and looking to make more things happen. The goals will come, so I'm not worried. Yet.
Abit disappointed that We only got a point from today's game. But I understand that our defence was good, which isn't a bad thing. I missed the match due to the pub we were having lunch at is under new management! And now does not show Footie!!!!!! Had to rely on text updates
I thought you were *****e today didnt watch it though.
All I can say no Koscielny and two clean sheets!
Sacked Rimmer yet sukkok?
Encouraging signs in defence, general team organisation and work ethic. Low creativity in the final third which one hopes will be rectified. Whe Rosicky is back it would be good tomove Cazorla on the right of the front three. Some good running, strength and desire from Podolski, tireless work rate and endeavour from Giroud and a super game for Arteta. Niko, in my view, another Fulham player suits our style of play - Dembele. He is a rare talent - he can play in advanced posiions or deeper in midfield as well. He combines physical strengh with rare dribbling and ball retention ability.
Both Dembele and Dempsey are good shouts and would welcome both as players with EPL experience who could do a job for us. Have admired Dembele for a while now.
Wyn Mills
Not worried about the lack of goals at all. We know this team has goals in it and once the 1st goe's in there will be no stopping the attacking players. Most of all I am pleased with the defense. Not only 2 clean sheets but also never looked under any real pressure, which is a huge improvement from past years when we would let in goals against thease teams on a regular basis and if we managed a clean sheet against them it was with hart in mouth and constant presssure from high balls and crosses.
The height in this side contributed to not being dominated by Stoke. Starting with Giroud, and moving to Diaby and Mertesacker, we ensured that Stoke were hardly dangerous in the air.
Yeah is Dembele the answer to our problems though? good player and one whose contract expires next summer but not a striker or a prolific goalscorer - scored 7 since joining in 2010, I think if anything we should go for a striker as outside of giroud who is there? Pod is more of a winger/mid chamakh is pony arshavin is off bendtner is a cock, we really need another striker, I know Dempsey is a midfielder but 23 goals last season is pretty impressive.
Wyn Mills, You mention '' Stoke left the grass long for us today like the class act that they are'' that being the case, I hope your club reports this to the FA, but will they follow it up plus, does this not go in the ref's report?
spu 4 life
im not sure there are any rules pertaining to blade length, but a general code of sportsmanship exists that results in most teams not doctoring their pitch in such a blatent manner. As a fast passing team we often water the pitch at the Emirates to quicken the pace, but this is a fairly common thing to do. Letting the grass grow to slow play is a more negative tactic, and I would guess also more likely to result in player injuries. I understand the mowers came out onto the pitch at the Britannia immediately after the match finished, which tells you everything you need to know about Pulis and his mob.
Wyn Mills
I think Giroud and Poldolski will come good on the scoring front. But this season may put too much pressure on them to hit the ground running, which is why I think Dempsey would be a decent gamble. How many goals would you expect Diaby to score? Because that's who I'd see Dembele replacing.
Wyn Mills
I just noticed the comment regarding the grass length. Is there a regulation that says how short it needs to be? Stoke have every right to keep their grass longer if they like. How it that any different to us having nice short grass and watering the crap out of it prior to the match to ensure fast crisp passing?
I'm sure there is a max Rocky, otherwise we'd have been wading through knee length jungle yesterday.
True Rocky but us watering the grass may help us but does not inhibit other teams, but that is what Wyn was saying they did to us.
It does inhibit other teams if like Stoke your game is not turf related Dberg, plus it only adds to the amount of towels required to keep the round white thing that you throw dry.
It may encourage the damn *****ers to try and play some actual football - I can hope!
Its not suited to slick passing but probaly helps with the basketball rugby that Pulis is partial to.
Wyn Mills
That we are looking at a striker is confirmed as the preliminary bid for Kevin Mirallas showed. Guess a striker, midfielder and a backup defender could be the agenda before the transfer deadline in lieu of the imminent departures of a few squad players.
This week will show us how serious arsenal are about being genuine title challengers. If we don't bring in any serious quality, that tells you everything.
I'd say we have Quality in most areas; what we need are quality back-up (quality players who won't mind to sit on the bench sometimes). This has influenced a player like Kevin Mirallas, mentioned above, to choose Merseyside. It is a more delicate search for such players as most will seek assurance of playing time. Of course, it is a different thing if a new player comes in and fights for the 1st team shirt and causes another regular player to go down the pecking order. If Jesus Navas comes in, for instance, guess who drops.
We are not title challengers. So lets get that out of the way..
How many MOTM recognitions do you think Santi Carzola is going to get this season? With the way he is going, .....
Personally, i think we have been r*ped of 23Million Pounds by Montpellier and Cologne. They sold us cabage. Giroud is stiff and has not movement. Podolski is the second coming of Diaby. Looks lazy and stand in the way of others. Zero football brains
^^ I hope that was a joke Arseniger because if not you're on something.
Steady on there ! lets give the new guys some time eh ? I have been around long enough to see hundeds of new players play their first games - I remember a certain Dutchman not scoring for 5 or 6 games when he arrived and he was our record signing at the time ! - So lets calm down and stop righting off our new players after TWO games !
*writing off* oops sorry !
I know most fans are a bit fickle, but jeeeeeez......come on guys.....2 games, and giroud only played a bit part in the first one. I have no doubt that these boys will start scoring. I am very impressed with how solid and disaplined we look. You can already see boulds influence. Remember all great teams are built from the back. Once the boys up top click it will all come together. We have a new team, the underachievers have all but gone (hopefully taking the monkey with them).
Got a lot of typos. (Lol). Sorry Arsenal fans, i would be the one defend anything Arsenal but what i saw was guys with no movements, runs without the ball, positional sense, taking the bull by the horn, arsenal like (players with flare, can do anything with the ball). I wont say this on any other forum but only where arsenal fans hang out. We have been **** by Grimandi and fellows. 23 Milllion is a lot for Arsenal and Wenger is beginning to think what did Grimandi bought for me.
Remember guys there was no competition for these guys (Poldi and Giroud). If Poldi was that good, Bayern will never let him go.
Sorry but I don't believe for one minute we have bought two lemons here....and I don't believe AW is concerned at all about the buys he has made !!
Ive written off the title challenge not coz I dont trust Giroud and Poldi but because I feel that by the time they come good, we would be too far behind. I like Giroud. Definitely an improvement over Chamakh.. What I am not sure is why we havent gone for Dempsey yet. 17 odd PL goals.. Surely, we need a PL option right now. Cannot risk any more foreign imports.l
First of, Chelsea and another team were in for Giroud but he chose us. Podolski was a Cologne player, not Bayern Munich's; of course, he is known to have gone to Bayern as a youngster and didn't quite light up the place, attributable to his age then. But, he has had over 100 caps for Germany and that says a lot about the man. I feel you are being too hasty, Arseniger.
A bit like if Henry was any good then juventus would never have let him go hey? Or if bergkamp was any good then surely inter wouldn't have palmed him off to us. Like I have said on another thread, your logic is flawed. I'm just glad your not managing arsenal, otherwise you would be shipping footballers in and out quicker then a page 3 tart at movida.
As somebody who's consistently seen Dempsey play since he was 17 at a Dallas youth club, I can say the reason we haven't gone for him yet is because he's not good enough. Love the guy, but Fulham or maybe Liverpool is about his level.
Dempsey does not interest me in the slightest....nothing more then a squad player at best at arsenal and we have plenty of them

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