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Stoke City 0 Arsenal 0

So to the first early morning of the season. The first alarm call that arrests your slumber even earlier than it would on a work day. With a 7.50 train from Euston to negotiate, it even meant night bussing part of the way given that nothing works in London on a Sunday. Sleepily removing my four pack of red stripe from the fridge, I felt and looked every inch a bum. Posh baguettes and coffee were duly coiffed at Euston`s variety of over priced food outlets before we surrendered ourselves to the inevitable debauchery of the train.

Kris, aka "Sweden" attending his last game before moving back to, errr, Sweden, had attempted a bedsheet banner which looked like the product of a very depraved mind. Which is about right. The names Nasri, van Persie and Adebayor sprayed across it with a black mat finish and an attempt at a skull and crossbones underneath which, to be polite, looked more like Snoopy wearing a gas mask. It never made it off the train. We arrived in a surprisingly sunny Stoke shortly after 11am. Ricky decided to leave his I phone on the train though so it could continue to tour the Northwest.

Ordinarily away fans are herded into the spacious student union bar at Staffordshire University, but with it not being term time and all, we were instead shoehorned into the nearby Terrace pub. It`s not just a cute name. It is literally a converted terraced house. One presumably that used to belong to a family of two and is, therefore, somewhat ill equipped for a couple of hundred Londoners. I still have the bruises on my ribs from that queue for the bar.

By now one knows what to expect at the Britannia. But without Rory Delap and Ryan Shotton, The Potters just never posed a threat. Much to the disappointment of many a slack jawed local. Wenger masks had been purchased by many of the home support, hoping to repeat April`s joke of aping Wenger`s wavy arms routine on the touchline. Stoke troubled Arsenal so little that he barely got to his feet. The easily amused home fans clambered to their feet to execute their witticisms when Wenger so much as sneezed. Frankly, last season it was remotely amusing. But repeating a joke at inopportune moments takes the sting out of it.

That said, Arsenal found it difficult to threaten Stoke too, with three of Arsenal`s four most attacking players still new to one another and to the league. None were fazed however by what is rightly considered to be the toughest examination of one`s physical credentials in the Premier League. Indeed it was Pulis clambering to his feet and waving his arms at the official on the touchline when Podolski simply chest bumped Geoff Cameron out of the way early on in the game. Rather than allowing Crouch to pull off onto Arsenal`s full backs to win aerial challenges, Arsenal stationed Diaby on the Stoke striker whenever the home side had the ball. Diaby was more than a match in the air, but even on the occasions he couldn`t win the ball, Diaby`s presence meant the centre halves could stay stationed where they were to deal with any knockdowns.

The one time the combo of a Crouch knockdown finding a Walters run actually worked, the Arsenal defence stepped up for offside meaning Walters goal did not stand. Arsenal did look to have carved Stoke open when Gervinho found Giroud on the edge of the area, Giroud steered the ball into the path of Podolski from the left, the German pulled the trigger but Wilkinson was across smartly with a block. Kightly stung Mannone`s palms with a long range strike after Arteta had done brilliantly to hold Wilkinson back on the right (the Spaniard made seven tackles on Sunday, more than any other player on the pitch). Meanwhile Cazorla let fly from range as Begovic scrambled across to paw the effort away. But the Gunners, perhaps understandably, lack cohesion in the final third. Trouble is pretty much all of our front three options offer variations on the same thing. Replacing Gervinho with Walcott for instance, is a bit like replacing butter with I can`t believe it`s not butter.

Arsenal are still struggling to find a balance. The full backs have been a lot more conservative this season, which has clearly helped our defensive record at the expense of extra width in our attack. On a personal level, though Gibbs and Jenkinson have done little wrong thus far, I`d expect this to improve with Santos and Sagna as our full back options. The second half brought further effort from Arsenal but little more invention. Cazorla found Giroud on the penalty spot with a clever left wing corner, but Giroud miscued his bicycle kick attempt. Arteta then miscued a shot when Giroud seemed to have played him into space.

Diaby was the guilty of being caught in two minds in the area when Jenkinson`s low cross ricocheted into his path in the box. Despite being positioned eight yards from goal, Diaby still dithered and lingered over the possibility of a pass, before changing his mind, causing him to lose balance and stab the ball well wide. It was a microcosm of Arsenal`s game. Plenty to be enthused about in the build up, but a lack of spontaneity hindered them at the final turn. Stoke looked to have created a chance to seek an undeserved win when Kightly`s excellent pass with the outside of his foot saw Walters sneak in behind the Arsenal defence. But Walters lack of a left foot saw him try to stab the ball past Mannone with the outside of his right. He scarcely connected and the chance was gone.

Arsenal almost won the game in its final throes. Arsenal defended a Stoke corner and Chamberlain manfully battled Palacios on the left touchline as Arsenal broke. The Ox nudged the ball up the line to Giroud, who spotted Begovic off his line and went for an audacious forty yard chip which had the Stoke goalie beaten all ends up, but the ball drifted agonisingly onto the roof of the net. Ramsey had made a run centrally and the pass subsequently looked the better option. However, the television angle is guilty of a slight deception here. By the time the ball hits the roof of the net, Ramsey is in acres of space close to goal. But when Giroud released the shot, Ramsey was not in quite so prosperous a position (though breaking his neck to get there). At the time Giroud released the shot, the ball to Ramsey would needed to have been of Bergkampesque vintage to have made it.

A draw is never a terrible result at Stoke. I don`t recall ever having been there and felt so little trepidation in a defensive sense. When buying new players you`re always going to need to give them time to adapt to one another. Ordinarily, you`d prefer to bleed them in slowly but once again we`ve lost key players this summer, so they have become first team mainstays out of necessity. Overall I was enthused with all of the new boys. Their ages would, hopefully, make their acclimatisation period somewhat shorter. None looked perturbed by the physical challenge of Stoke, least of all Giroud who won more aerial duels than he lost. The new boys can`t be blamed for our austerity on front of goal thus far. I`d say it`s a mixture of, well, not really having much of a mixture upfront and the need for debutants to become talisman pretty much straight away. Summer 2013 needs to be a very quiet one. LD.

STOKE: 1.BEGOVIC, 12.WILSON, 4.HUTH, 17.SHAWCROSS(c), 28.WILKINSON, 7.PENNANT, 2.CAMERON, 6.WHELAN (30.Shotton `79), 21.KIGHTLY, 19.WALTERS, 25.CROUCH (8.Palacios `81). Unused: 9.Jones, 20.Upson, 24.Delap, 29.Sorensen, 33.Jerome.

ARSENAL: 24.MANNONE, 25.JENKINSON, 4.MERTESACKER, 5.VERMAELEN(c), 28.GIBBS, 8.ARTETA, 2.DIABY, 19.CAZORLA (16.Ramsey `81), 27.GERVINHO (14.Walcott `72), 9.PODOLSKI (15.Chamberlain `72), 12.GIROUD. Unused: 11.A.Santos, 20.Djourou, 22.Coquelin, 36.Martinez.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 28 2012

Time: 9:30AM

Your Comments

Why do you envisage Santos coming in for Gibbs? I think Wenger's put his faith in Gibbs now and sees him as first choice.
I knew that picture would come in handy (also LD, I've added a photo for your ladies pieces, though it is an old one as it's all the really had on the PA website).

I've seen a lot of negative comments pointed towards Giroud which I find not only unnecasary, but also absurd. You don't get much of a sniff at Stoke at the best of times, but he'd only previously played 20 minutes for us and never experienced the physicality of the Britania before. I thought he played very well. Held the ball up well, aerially dominant. He was only really served twice, once he hit into the turf, the other a couple of inches from being goal of the season. I think he'll come good in no time.
I'm not sure he will, but I think he should. I happen to think Santos is better than Gibbs.
Little Dutch
I thought Giroud was the picture for ladies pieces everywhere...............
Little Dutch
I think not bringing Pod and Ollie to Asia is coming back to bite us on the arris now, incomprehensible really given that we must have feared they'd need time to bed yet did nothing to facilitate that? No Euro excuses as Giroud barely played and there would be time to rest Pod more as the season went on. Even if there was a 21 man ruck in the centre circle and play supposedly went on with Gervinho in possession he'd still make a run for the byline and fall over himself, really not impressed. Have seen a few times a decent early ball on that he's chosen to ignore for one of his dribbles, needs to be taken aside and shown footage of himself where he can improve cos it's all a bit one trick pony with him at the mo, spice it up mate cut inside and shoot every now and then eh! if not every defender will have his number in no time. I'd like to see Santos come on for him if it's not working, looked a real attacking threat in pre season with a lot more potential at some form of end product.
I think Gervinho could do with taking a few more risks, playing the percentages. He often gets into a good position but then tries to precisely pick out one player who has five defenders in his way and it's pretty easy to cut out. Like you say, vary it up, shoot once in a while, drill a nice low ball across the six yard box.
Little Dutch
regarding the LB though, it's Gibbs' position for the future given Santos' age and the fact Wengers' next gen is Wengerball the English edition, I think gibbs actually has more of a defensive discipine too whereas Andy Saints is a bit too gung ho balls to defending I'm Brazilian gays!
Yeah i think Wenger's set his stall out here with Gibbs, and if he thought Santos was better he'd have played on Sun. haha gays, quality. re Gervinho, think he'll get squeezed out very quickly if he can't learn to be, y'know, effective.
I think Wenger fancies Santos as more of a left winger (offensive) than a defender, even though I feel he plays the LB role fairly well enough. He has presence and is a bit more assured of his touches in the opponents half than most of our players. The use of Gibbs can only be seen as Wenger keeping with the English Next gen idea he has going. Maybe, he should try Santos for Gervinho and let's see how it works out; but then, that stalls the Ox & Theo who are the natural subs for Gervinho since we usually go 4-3-3.
On Gervinho, the reason I didn't get too excited at his bright pre-season exploits was just for the reason that I noticed he hadn't improved much on his final ball and quick thinking. I am surprised Wenger hasn't drilled into him the need to vary his play; something he can be very good at, if he tried. He has that little bit of guile that can turn into unpredictability and goals, but if he continues like this, every defender will have an easy game with him knowing he is very likely to run for that by line, without looking up. Poldi had a moment with him in the game against Stoke and I wonder how long before he starts to get an earful from our hungry forwards.
Gervinho didn't have a good game, but he had a good one vs Sunderland. Just needs to work on his consistency, and I think he runs at defenders far better than Theo. The one thing that has stood out so far is some creativity at set pieces - the one you referred to in your article LD, where Cazorla found Giroud in lots of space from a corner. There was another free kick that went side ways pass from Arteta to Cazorla who took a shot at goal. All good signs to start with. I'm not worried about this team, there is genuine excitement at some of the moves, there is fluency in the middle which will translate into the final third soon enough.
Did Gervinho really have a good game against s'land though? I mean yes, on a field where everyone was sluggish to the point of walking he caught the eye but really it was just the same ol same ol that we saw last season from him. Absolutely sod all end product. The fact he was many peoples' motm just speaks volumes of just how poor we were in that opening fixture.
Totally agree about Gervinho, you can see some kind of talent is there, but he's not efficient nor effective - yet. It was good to see us being a physically stronger team. I do believe that once we gel, which Wenger's teams always eventually do, and if we can add a couple of quality players, we'll be competitive and have grounds for optimism. Let's just hope the others drop points while we're in the process and don't fall too far behind. UTA.
Niko - I don't think Gervinho did have a great game against S'land. Can only hope Wenger can coach him into being more effective, but at this point I wouldn't bet on him being another Pires. OT, does anyone else think somone like Hamsik of Napoli would be a good signing for us? I was impressed by him last season.
I think Gervinho did have a good game against Sunderland. The issue was that every time he worked himself into a good position, he was forced to try and pick out one player teammate against about 8 Sunderland defenders. He managed it too in the first half but Podolski and Cazorla got in one another's way with the shot. I think he'd be a lot more effective if he had a few more bodies in the box to go for.
Little Dutch
Looks like we're in the process of selling lansbury to forest for 1 mill. Again is it just me or does it seem like a very low figure considering he engerlish with prem experience? I know we need to clear the books but still. Can we just give away chamakh and squelchy pls? I mean they cost us nothing apart from no doubt laughably high wages but it'd be such a downer to know those 2 losers are still soaking up valuable funds.
gv, hamsik is a very good player but doubt we'll ever afford him. on the team, 5 shots on target in total from 2 games are simply not good enough. nevertheless, i am as glad as everyone here that it seems we have finally learned how to defend properly. never seen such assured defensive performance for last 8 years at least. i really hope we can build on that, as someone mentioned here, great teams build from their defence. we were like the netherlands team all these years, with all the flairs but winning nothing. i'll take the german's efficiency any day
And that is half the problem with gervinho that by the time he has got himself into a good position any opposition stragglers are firmly in position and marking the hell out of everything. I think efficiency is the key word for him, to gain maximum efficiency the ball needs to move on quicker, awareness of team mates movement is needed, head up and view the picture, not head down watching your feet uneconomically dancing only to have a quick peek up as you charge over the byline surprised that there's nothing on by that time.
A fair point.
Little Dutch
will you pass it on? ;)
niko, agreed but his team mates share the equal responsibility to make themselves available for gervinho too once he makes those runs. moses is probably the player closest to the style of gervinho and from my observation, wigan's player would try to get nearer to him in anticipation of a cut in, not hiding behind the defenders. our ex-captain showed good examples on how to anticipate a pass from such runs and scored a handful of goals from such assists. we have to appreciate that not many players are capable of beating players in such tight space inside the box and getting so close to the byline
Id appreciate it a lot more if he didn't attempt it every bloody time though Joe! Often the byline doesn't offer a lot more threat as angles are narrower and easier to defend against, and often players that were in a position of threat have now been marked out rendering all that effort pointless, if he can get his head up whilst on the surge and see what his team are up to he'll be twice the threat and twice the player.
agreed on that too. just make me wonder why our players are so one dimensional. runs made by both walcott and gervinho are rather predictable. do they train alone?
I'll pass it on, just got to beat these three defenders before I do.................
Little Dutch
heh! @ Joe I think it's only really Theo and Gervinho that are a bit one dimensional though and to be fair the position they both play has a big part to play in that, you find a system that you think works for you and often it becomes hard to break the mould or try something new.
Interesting to see arseblogs take on Lansbury, ie that the homegrown quota rules are effectively ensuring that if English players of a certain age (approaching 22) aren't 1st teamers then they are sold on, saying that eastmond will likely follow suit, I guess if other teams know we have to get shot then that in itself means permenantly low transfer fees.
What about the inbred, slack jawed, knuckle scraping mouth breathers known as Stoke fans booing Ramsey when he came on, what a pack of despicable c***s and Pullis gives it "Well what can I do about it?" forgetting that he was one of the main culprits stirring it up in the first place with his lies and outrageous attack on Wenger. Pullis really is a baseball cap wearing tosser *rant over*
Scotch Eggs Rule
Gervinho just needs to have a lot more awareness, that's all; I don't care how many times he goes for the byline, if he does it while being conscious of his team mates' positioning, he'll be fine and be the assist king of the prem as he was for Lille. Having said that, I like the fact that he is able to give defenders something to worry about; in that sense, he is more dangerous than Theo.
There is that re: Lansbury. But there's also the point that he's not really pulled up any trees in the Championship at Norwich or West Ham on loan (West Ham stopped putting him in the 18 by February). I think we're quite lucky to get 1m for him in truth. He's not proved himself in that division at promotion chasing clubs at all.
Little Dutch
That's a very interesting angle on Lansbury and the potential for low transfer fees for our English players. It goes without saying that any potential buyer will take advantage of our 'desperation' and is worth the authorities taking another look at. That will affect not just Arsenal, though.
LD, Didn't Kyle Bartley also go for similar sum? It is looking like that has been set as the standard fee for young local lads seeking to move on.
I'm sure there is a sell on fee for players like Lansbury and Eastmond, so if they progress well, then Arsenal could still make more from them. Right now, it suits everyone to have a low transfer fee, since they have not really consistently impressed out on loan.
I think Bartley is probably of a similar quality to Lansbury i.e. been on loan at Championship standard clubs and looked not much better than "ok." We apparently get another 1m for Lansbury if Forest go up in the next 2 seasons. Eastmond will probably stick around. He signed a first team contract in 2010 shortly after he broke into the first team squad. But he's bobbins. League 1 is probably about his level and none of those clubs will be able to take his wages, so he'll hang around till his contract is up.
Little Dutch
Did anyone join in the "she said no Robin, she said no" chants lol
Scotch Eggs Rule
Yeah quite a lot. Bit of a counterproductive chant considering we continued to employ him for 7 years after those allegations were made.
Little Dutch
Yeah, bit like when visiting support chants 60,000 muppets or whatever at us.
Very quiet today in Arsenaldom. Surely, we should be making an announcement of a new signing.

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