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Theo Next Out The Door?

Reports are emerging (none of which are verified at this point, I ought to add) that Theo Walcott will be put on the market by Arsenal as the England wide man has allegedly turned down a contract offer from the club. Walcott's representatives have been negotiating, stalling and renegotiating with Arsenal all summer with 1 year left on his current deal.

But The Times is reporting that he has turned down a contract offer. Curiously, this story has come into the public domain hours after Manchester City's attempt to buy Scott Sinclair has fallen through. If Walcott is still with Arsenal come Saturday with no new deal signed, the club could lose him on a free transfer next summer.

Perhaps ominously, Wenger told the press on Saturday, 'Negotiations are ongoing with Walcott and we want to try and sort it out one way or the other before the transfer window shuts,'

One way or the other being the key phrase you'd imagine. Watch this space. It looks pretty clear that by Friday night he'll have signed a contract. Just a question of who with.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 28 2012

Time: 8:12PM

Your Comments

Couldnt care less. The only thing that makes Theo valuable is the fact that he is English and homegrown. Yep he scored 12 goals but he is soo replaceable. If Theo thinks he can get a better deal in terms of playing time and pay wise than at Arsenal he is seriously delusional. I wouldnt have cared less about Theo had we kept hold of either Song or RvP. And its pretty pathetic if Arsenal are held to ransom by someone as frustratingly poor as Theo Walcott.
Theo hasnt really improved to be offered a big buck contract yet. And the club has seen how difficult it is to move on average players on a big contract. Now we are going to feel the pinch of selling RvP. If he had kept him, we could have kissed Theo goodbye.
If he was the only player to go this summer I'd forget his name before he got to the car park. The issues are a) for the 2nd summer in a row we'd have lost three guaranteed starting XI players and b) why the hell is this rumbling on 72 hours before the window closes?
Little Dutch
If Theo won't sign, then he absolutely has to be sold before the window closes. It is such a shame that we lose 2 key players and one of our hopefuls, as Theo it is always hoped that Theo would go on to a flyer each passing season. His year cannot be too far off and that's why this is such a shame. Not depressing but still, a shame. We can do better than Theo, tbh, much as I like him as a person and Arsenal player.
Walcott is lightening quick. He always was. It was the bit with the ball he couldn't master.
Henry Baker Brown
I was suspicious of Theo's ever smiling face during the pre-season and his interview where he expressed the desire to stay, with his agent thrashing out things with the club and how talks may continue to the end of the year. He was playing this to be very close to transfer deadline day or to put himself in a position to leave on a free; about the only way he will be attractive to some clubs and get that wage packet. Loyalty is out the window these days, isn't it.
It also flies in the face of the whole 'British are more loyal' theory too. Although this could simply be a ploy to get more money out of the club by inviting offer - money he does not deserve IMO
I dont know how much we are offering him.. but he cannot be worth more than 80k per week.. surely..
Big egos and that Sajit
Best news I've heard in some time.
I hope you are being sarcastic nikolaijins..
This is a fecking joke.
Wyn Mills
Whys that sajit? I've made no secret of the fact I think hes absolute feckin pony.
Theo has confused being told by Wenger to "run AT defenders at speed" with "run INTO defenders at speed"
And the inevitable hack-led links to Manchester City begin...
I have absolutely no problem with Walcott being sold to whoever is willing to pay the most for him, I see no dangers of him getting any better than he is currently, and I doubt if any other team or manager will indulge his mediocrity as much as Arsenal and Wenger has. What I fail to understand, and which really grates on the nerves, is how almost on a daily basis, those charged with the task of running this club, displays an unbelievable level of incompetence. How difficult can it be to have called this guy's bluff earlier in the transfer window and to have sold and replaced him? This is unacceptable and someone should be held responsible and be made to pay.
Of the 3 players, RvP Song and Walcott, Walcott is the player that I will mis the least, if at all. There are simply better alternetives out there and even within the club there are better players that can take his position out on the wing. Hell even I can run into dead ends and make a mess of a cross...
Sounds like he's doing a Nani. Thinks he's better than what he is and worth alot more a week and doesn't realise where he currently is as good as its ever going to get for him.
The reported gulf between what Arsenal have offered (75k/week) and what Theo wants (100k/week) seems too wide for any compromise to be reached. Hs contract situation should have been sorted out much earlier. Liverpool have reportedly already bid (unsuccessfully) for him once and could do so once more especially if Carrol is sold.
Sell him to City. gain the money we need and try invest it e.g. get around 12-15 mil that he is "apparently" worth and sign a known player again thats had more than 1 good season.
All that matters now are the replacements. The club has to deliver on the transfer front in the next two days - there is no other option.
Deltaforce ESPN claiming Arsenal have told them talks have NOT broken down.
Got asked whether I wanted to see Green Day play down the Grove the other day, I said No thanks - I get to see a bunch of noisy whiny troublesome brats play there most weeks.
Spin and counter spin coming from heo's advisors and the club. Clearly it's messy. I reckon he'll go.
Little Dutch
Bet his agent and him were rubbing their hands together after the Rvp statement, they've played it perfectly. Also releasing that he "wants to stay" = yeah right mate. Still an unescapable fact that we consistently sell our best players though, and that's just unacceptable.
Agree with LD, losing 3 players again sets us back even more. This is very disappointing, with the club partly to blame (can't blame them if they wanted to renew last summer but Theo's agent said no). He looks like he might be 1-2 seasons away from delivering his potential, and that might be with another club. Atleast with Cesc and RvP, we got 1 excellent season (and more in Cesc' case) before letting them go. During the weekend, it will be useful to step back and analyze the club's transfer dealings and whether it represents a good performance by Gazidis and Laws.
Whilst its not great to lose three key players, I'd rather not be held to ransom by the likes of Walcott who has not really delivered consistently.
One factor to be taken into account is what this turn of events does to our Commercial contracts, running and potential. The most prominent faces on our club pull outs, Billboards, Wallpapers, etc. are the fellows who have left us and that can't sit well with sponsors. Added to this, with some key commercial contracts due for renewal in just over a year, sponsors will be looking at this trend and may fall short of the competitive sums we hear our rivals get paid. This makes the need to win a significant trophy even more paramount. Wenger has to seek out and sign on some well known names before the window closes or we will lose out on the commercial front, I'd think.
...Or get less than what should be due to the club.
There's something seriously wrong with the people running our beloved club. Why are we the ones that are seemingly trapped in this never ending cycle of players whom we want to keep always scheming to leave, and constantly disrespecting the club so publicly, whilst the ones we want to move on, are locked in and refusing to go? Why do they constantly fail to do the right things, and how can those paid to manage these situations explain this away? This summer that started with so much hope, is fast becoming another farce, as yet again, we provide the gutter press, more ammunitions for their vitriols
Once upon a time in a big city there was a football player called TJ. TJ loved to run fast he loved the nice people that sing songs in the big shiny stadium, he made lots of lovely friends at the nice club and was a happy boy when his friends gave him hugs after he ran and ran and ran, many times in the right direction. TJ had kind men that were also his friends, these men were called agents but they weren't secret ones or spies. These men would say the nasty things that TJ could not say otherwise noone would sing for him and wish to cuddle him. One day the time had come for TJ to sign what adults call a contract to stay in the shiny happy stadium and repay the kind manager Arnold Webber for standing by TJ when he was always poorly or just plain poo. TJ told them to stick their shiny happy stadium and 75k a week up their gullible arses for he was a big bad tattooed man with demi stubble now and not the shy girly middle class ponce he was when he joined and he fecked off to Liverpool. The End.
Stand by for the next installments of TJ's exciting football books 'TJ's adventures with maked men that rob him blind when Liverpool play abroad" and also "TJ has fun in the Europah league or whatever the poor mans CL is now called" plus the award winning "Blacky Blacky Blacky! ...TJs tales of the nasty big teeth bully" available in all good bookshops with a sizable childrens' section NOW!!
LMAO, man!! Hilarious stuff!
To be honest, we can't scoff at his Goals and Assists rates for the club. We need to have someone to replace those. Question is who?

OT. Spurs look to be in for Dembele and Javi Martinez is off to Bayern. Yet, it remains quiet on the Arsenal front (other than the noises about Theo, that is).
You must be concerned at how many players contracts are being allowed to run down. If it is true that Wenger controls every aspect of the club maybe it is time he gave up some responsibilites. Or at least set some reminders in his Outlook calendar.
North Upper
He offers players contracts in good tme North Upper. The players say 'no' though.
Little Dutch
BBC Sport's Ben Smith on Twitter: "Talks between Theo Walcott and Arsene Wenger today ended with Arsenal resolved not to sell the player this window. Contract still not signed." Looks like you lot will stagger onto the New Year window before selling him. You are becoming an apology for a football club, no pride, no understanding of how to look after your players or your fans....... an utter disgrace and run by money grabbing directors who are taking the absolute mickey. VP, Song, Walcott .... who next will desert the sinking ship?
This is all about money. Arsenal boards have messed up. They shouldnt have sold Song. He demanded 70K/wk but he doesnt hold the card. Theo is demanding 100k and now holds the card. Unfortunately we sold the guy that doesnt hold the card and trying to keep someone that holds the card. Look at what Utd has done to Berbertov, once you are trying to hold the card, the squeeze you out of the lime light. Like Bendtner, he doesnt hold the cards but we can bring him back if he was a good guy. Once its 2 and half years to the end of your contract and performing, contract muct be renewed immediately otherwise you become a bench player in the 2nd to the last year. Look at what Spurs did to Bale and Modric, they increased their wages signed long term contracts and looked them in so they dont have the cards.
excuse my typos please
You dont half talk a load of guff old timer willy, man city does to football what simon cowell does to music. What the world is witnessing is the end product of what filthy wh0res of clubs like you scum and chavski have done to rape the game, intent on destroying and stampeding over everything with unchecked obscene ill gotten proceeds from the natural resources of countries, pimping every player then laughing and gloating when clubs seeking to live within their means suffer the inevitable consequences. Your club and indeed you are everything that is morally bankrupt and corrupt within modern sport. You're a repulsive leering rancid old f0ck and the world will be a better place without you.
These is the best way to test arsenal's management skills. What do you do now? Sold for peanuts (15 or less), give him 100k with the hope of selling him later, agree to give him 75/wk and pay him the 25k on bonus annually?
I just don't think Wenger is that fussed over him really as with Song, basically the discrepancy is over 25k a week, so basically 1.2 mill a year, less than half of a matchday take. If we were that bothered and thought he was worth it we'd agree on that, it's basically just giving him what we received for Lansbury which puts it into some kind of perspective.
A sad mockery of a once famous run by a board of directors that has no time for the club's players or its fans.... quite sad that some like nikolaijns cant even realize he is being taken for a big mug... but I suppose if you are one then it comes naturally to him. Keep on defending the board, paying huge prices for an ever reduced quality squad that will yet again win exactly nothing. From a fan of the Championi and very probably of the Champions League winners next year .... whu because our wonderful Sheikh cares about his players, the fans and the Manchester community. You want to learn a esson what it takes to be successful.
You bought it gramps, noone will ever respect you the way they do The Arsenal and their achievements over the course of the decades. noone respects city, you're just a sad mockery of a pumped up little dwarf on steroids strutting round like he's the man that everyone respects but noone does, they just laugh down in your dwarfish sheikh licking face.
willy, you will find that the only club whose fans acknowledge your club's bought title is Chelsea. A similar club run only for the glory of its owner. I'd rather that my club be a comfortable third in the league that be a sheikh's bitch.
Wswilly - you must be seriously deluded if you think you will win the Champions League next year ! As Chelsea have found out it's one league that you can't just throw money at and win because it took them about 8 years from when the Rubles started rolling in.....Your team/squad is just not good enough - next year you will be trophyless !!
I think 75k a week is more than enough for Theo. Even then I dont even think he is worth that much as he does not consistently perform at a level which justifies that kind of wage each week. However he only should be sold if AW has a replacement lined up. We need to beef our squad depth a bit and selling Theo without having a replacement lined up would be extremely counter productive IMO.
Ned Stark
Again it seems the club have grossly misjudged a contract situation, overconfident that the little kid that wouldn't say boo to a duck would sign up saying 'yes sir thank you sir'. Does anyone have a pic link to our hapless texan Dick Law? I'm curious to see if he looks as useless as he appears to be at his job. Having googled him there's nothing although strangely the Batman killer was among the images that came up.
nikolaijns BBC have put it up that he is staying....for now.
Ned Stark
Always interesting when one leaves some provocative remarks. Two rational but understandably testy replies from delta force and radar man but one inarticulate , frothing at the mouth rant from nikolaijns. A very sad case and one for the couch And the straitjacket unless I am much mistaken.
You're a desperately sad old man steven, trolling and sticking your tongue out like some juvenile teenager posting your pathetic gloating sheikh sucking drivel when you're how old? 70s wasn't it? Give me the address of your care home and I'll pop up and switch off the life support because you simply have nothing to offer.
ROFL Nikolai
Gazidis said at the Q & A this summer that contract policy would be reviewed when tested about average players we have on big salaries. Not bending to Theo's demands (so far) suggests that they consider him part of that.
Little Dutch
He is, to be honest. The rest is hype.
Close your eyes Niko - tomorrows Star says he going to sign a five year deal.
Yeah the same paper that ran the headline "Telly king cowell is dead" Dberg? Hill-Woods mouthpiece of choice it bizarrely may be, righteous defender of the truth it aint.
look on the bright side, if Sagna plays well this season he'll get his dream move as well.
Henry Baker Brown
nikolaijms.... you are a credit to the team you support and would be a real asset for the boardroom. Do you shake hands with rival supporters and mug them? I'm pretty sure I know the answer
Do you run around Eastlands with your pathetic, wrinkled up, dried up old cocktail sausage todger then cry when people point and laugh? I'm pretty sure I know the asnwer......
Little Dutch
I'd shake hands with you & mug you gramps. Then I'd give you a wedgie up over your big flappy old peoples ears, I'd leave you looking like human dungarees.
Then I'd pull out a pair of beaters like they use in orchestras for the big kettle drums y'know? And I'd pin you down in the street and play jazz xylophone on those yellowy long old peoples' tombstone teeth of yours. I'd pull off my cap and rake in hundreds from passers by as I busk on you for hour after hour. That's how i roll.
You are a case nikolaijns ...... a basket case and probably a real danger to all around you ........just glad you weave your nastiness well away from more civilized people .... your fellow Gooners must even be embarrassed by reading your pyschotic rants ..... in all serious you ought to get some help before you end up in clink or perhaps you have already been there for long periods.
Lie back down stop your humourless whining and open wide gramps I got a 2 hr rendition of Mike Oldfields tubular bells to play on you yet!
When do you get parole?
Why whens your funeral booked for?
You can almost imagine nikolaijns frothing at the mouth before he head butts the wall. What a dumbo.
headbutt is one word dumbo ;) I can almost imagine a troll coming here to wind up yet only succeeding in winding himself up. What a silly old coffin dodger.
You Gooners surely have to recognise that Nikolaijns is a total nutter..... No response means you are ashamed of the brainless moron.
Yet here you are returning time after time to troll here and exchange insults with me so what precisely does that make you old man? A sad lonely old nutter that's what, take a long hard look in the mirror steven if you can the liverspotted old ballbag excuse of a face that gazes halfwittedly back that is.
^ If you can stand that should've read. Anyhow laters you tragic old baggy tit. Remember if you're breathing erratically it could be the onset of the death rattle ;)

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