Arsenal - Henry Suffers Ligament Damage
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Henry Suffers Ligament Damage

Bad news I'm afraid Gooners. Thierry Henry has been playing with an injurysince our 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough 2 weeks ago.

Henry only returned at the start of January after 6 weeks rest but it would seem that Le God has already suffered another injury.

Henry was in great for when he first returned from injury but since that draw against 'Boro he has been below par.

While it's obviously a blow to Arsenal it is also good news. Why? Because it will shush all the Arsenal fans that have been questioning Henry over the last couple of weeks, claiming he is past it, has lost his fight. Some people even suggested he should be sold in the summer...Fools!

Theirry said: 'I've been playing with a bad foot for two weeks now.

'But I like to go out there even if I'm not 100% fit. It is affecting me but I want to help the team.'

Perhaps Arsene should take him out the team to recover? I know he is 'the daddy' but Baptista has been in good form, as have Adebayor and Aliadiere.

It wouldn't do Walcott any harm to play a few games through the middle, he might even get that goal he needs to boost his confidence!

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 22 2007

Time: 11:18AM

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Kinda explains the lethargic displays of recent days. I was most disappointed with Tuesday nites offering. Definitely give him a rest, we've got some good results without him in the past, and will do again in the future
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22/02/2007 11:26:00

Sure does explain his diplays. but why does arsene play him when not fit? surely, he need not have played against blackburn. the team looked like it was starting to cope without henry in december. on the basis of that, arsene should be less reluctant to drop him.
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22/02/2007 11:33:00

I was discussing with a friend of mine last night about Henry's lack of pace, I thought it was gone forever......maybe this explains it?
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22/02/2007 11:37:00

I hope the lack of touch comes under the same explanation. My friend couldn't believe he was 'average' against PSV Tuesday.....& this from a Dutch guy!!
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22/02/2007 11:39:00

Henry plays because one moment of genius can change a game
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22/02/2007 11:42:00

Well that explains it then. I am all for the team having another run without TH14 as we seem to do OK without him. There is a tendancy for everyone to try and play through Thierry and his absence will give us more options. I really like the look of Aliadiere at the moment and would like to see him have a good run. His control and speed is better than the Beast (at the moment).
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22/02/2007 12:01:00

No offence to you guys but I think you're being taken in. Since the beginning of last season, whenever henry has played poorly some mysterious injury appears that nobody knew about. Would wenger really play someone who had ligament damage?? I don't think so, he is asking us to believe that a guy who always puts his players first has risked henry's own future by playing him in games he wasn't fit for. I think this excuse is about as low as they get!!
Ashburton Gooner
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22/02/2007 12:12:00

I thought something must be up with him, nobody loses that much pace in 4 weeks. His touch was so bad on Tuesday night that after a while the rest of the team started completely ignoring him, did anyone else notice that (the players leaving him out, not the hoorible touch - that was obvious)? Still i agree with simmo he still has a lot to offer and this could explain how he went from so good on return to so average in the last 3 games, but even Henry has to be entitled to a dip in form, we are spoilt fans and expect to much from him.
Ozi Gooner
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22/02/2007 12:14:00

Stop with the negativity AG i cant stand listening to Arsenal fans bad mouth Henry, its all very well to say now thats as low as the get or whatever but when he scored at Man U or Blackburn what were you saying. He will be back and you will be cheering him again, like the rest of us regardless of wether this injury is real or not.
Ozi Gooner
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22/02/2007 12:24:00

Ozi Gooner, I can't stand people trying to tell me what to do, but it doesn't stop them now does it!! Any arsenal fan that attends the games on a regular basis will tell you that arsenal have looked better without henry in the team this season. Thats not all henry's fault as his performances have nothing to do with anyone else's so from that regard they have to take responsibility, but the performances of henry this season are there for all to see. Apart from the charlton home game I cannot remember one decent match from henry so far this year. As for cheering when he scores, of course I would, just as I have cheered when flamini scores yet I cannot stand that guy. If Anelka or Reyes were brought back to arsenal & scored I would also celebrate, so I really don't understand your point!!
Ashburton Gooner
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22/02/2007 12:50:00

AG, I'm no doctor, but some injuries don't get better or worse from resting, and sometimes if they just keep playing, the thing sorts itself out. Henry scored a goal each game after he came back from the neck injury, there has to be a reason why all of a sudden it's not happening.
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22/02/2007 13:23:00

I hope this means Babtista can get a run of games. I don't thing we've seen the best of him, but some glimpses show incredible promise. Like the 4 goals against Liverpool!!!
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22/02/2007 13:25:00

So this means he wont feaure as much in our upcoming games (unlessall of a sudden he's healthy again ) I'm still not convinced about Ali and i guess this well be his perfect chance to really show us what wenger sees in him with.
Youngest in Charge
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22/02/2007 14:26:00

As far as im concerned Thierry Henry is a man of honour so I believe him when he says he is not 100% Did he lie to us regarding his contract situation last year? No, a more honest and dedicated man would be hard to find in this day of premiership mercenaries.
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22/02/2007 14:46:00

Think Wenger is reluctant to rest him with RvP out aswell. It leaves us with only one decent striker on the bench. Sunday will be a demonstration of our capabilities without TH.
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22/02/2007 15:27:00

Well i find this hard to believe...we have enough replacements that his injury should not matter. Though it would explain why his touch and general speed have been off.
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22/02/2007 15:35:00

Perhaps those fools that were starting on him will get off his back now and get behind your team more!
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22/02/2007 16:00:00

Henry hasn't lost any pace. and when he eventually does, he will fit well into the bergkamp role as a playmaker, and i agree with your every word iceman, no one has the right to ever question his commitment to this club. Le Boss should rest him before the PSV game, give him half an hour of football next weekend just to get some match fitness and unleash him on wednesday nite, because one thing is sure, if we are to reach the last eight, he will be the main man..
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22/02/2007 16:26:00

Henry does a job. He came out in the sun last year stating I am staying because I cannot leave the arsenal fans, blah, blah, blah. A couple of weeks later he refuses to sign a new deal because he needs to look at all his options etc. Sure he stayed at the end of the day but of course that had nothing to do with a massive pay rise to 120k a week. The guy is a legend, but no player is beyond criticism when they don't perform for a long period of time like henry has. Arsenal have played better this season without Thierry, so why is it that henry thought it was ok to play injured??? Surely nobody can deny that is extremely selfish at best. He has either lied to Wenger or he has lied to the fans either way its hardly a sign of honour!!!
Ashburton Gooner
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22/02/2007 17:45:00

i agree AG, it doesn't make sense; if he knew he was injured why we would he keep playing and risk it of getting worse. He knows thier capable of playing well with out him (at least for a while).Well i still feel that he'll come good again just give him sometime. But i don't buy that injury thing thou.
Youngest in Charge
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22/02/2007 18:30:00

what is wrong with you Ashburton Gooner. henry came out and said i can't leave the Arsenal fans because i love them and this club and so much more, and you're putting the statement as blah blah. if he comes out and says something nice about you and me all the other gooners in this world, this is how you appreciate it. what's wrong with you mate, we all get frustrated when our team doesen't do well, but that doesen't mean you pull them down whenever they dun do well. we have van persie injured, walcott is out of form, baptista and aliadiare are getting their share of games this season, and with all the cup competitions, we can't play them in every match. Thierry is the leader of this club, and with so many games and injuries to our strikers, we need him to play even when he isn't 100%. how many players who play the game are fit 100% week in and week out. the team needs him right now, and he's doing his best for the team on the pitch. if he doesen't chase a long ball or stops closing down the defenders, that's his choice. he is the best judge on the pitch of what he is doing and what he has to do. he's human afterall. he has given us 8 and half great years. and as players go older, their game changes, just look at Bergkamp in the latter stages of his Arsenal career. but still he contributed immensely every season, and so will Henry. you wont see him running around for 90 mins like we've seen him do for years. he'll pick and choose his moment and that's how his game will be now. there will be games where his contribution won't be much, but he'll still score goals, that's his main job, and he'll always keep doing that. he's a man of honour and dun ever doubt his commitment to this club. if he had to lie, he cud have lied and given a good reason that why he took so much time to sign the contract last season, but he was honest enough to say that he considered his options but in the end he knew he can never leave this place. it takes a big man to come out and accept something like that. so dun ever call him a liar again. i used to like reading your comments and debating with you AG, your comments always made sense and were always great to read, but lately something's gone wrong with you and i hope you'll sort it out soon..
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22/02/2007 19:26:00

luckys - AG has the right to an opinion, just as you do. doesnt mean there is something wrong with him. That said, i disagree with AG, coz i dont think he is lying abt the injury. Arsene also HAS to know something is wrong coz he watches titi in training every day and measures his match day performances. so we can safely assume that arsene knows abt the injury. a question that can be asked of arsene is why he still picked henry. its unfair to target henry for this, coz he will always want to play.
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22/02/2007 19:40:00

I dont think Henry as a player is above criticism. He has deserved the criticism that has come his way coz he's had a couple of bad games. I dont agree with the extent of the criticism, with people questioning his commitment coz thats uncalled for, IMO. It could just be a couple of bad games, mebbe not. I feel the least we can do is give him time to sort it out, coz he's earned it.
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22/02/2007 19:44:00

Football is a game of opinions if we all thought the same this site would be pretty boring! I personally have full trust in Mr Henry, the thing I admire about him most is the fact he was honest enough to tell us he was assesing his options. When Patrick Vieira had his flirtation with Real Madrid the most frustrating thing was his silence, I found it very disappointing as a fan that my captain wouldnt talk to the press nearly every pre-season as i wanted to know if he was thinking about leaving or if it was press lies. I love the way Henry hates sp*rs as much as we do, I love that he shouted in kirklands face because thats what I wanted to do, I loved when he attacked Graham Poll because thats what the whole world wants to do! He is one of us and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. No player is above criticism but this player deserves the benefit of doubt AND he deserves patience.
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22/02/2007 20:13:00

Henry is my hero but he has lost a half-yard of pace - and that puts him on a level playing field with everyone else on the pitch. Henry for Eto'o swap is best for the club I think.
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22/02/2007 20:28:00

luckys_10, I say it as it is. Henry didn't admit to assessing his options until after he had signed the new deal before that he had continually lied, therefore he is a LIAR. I actually find it disgusting that you have taken henry's side over that of Wenger (who incidentally is a damn sight more loyal than Thierry). Henry coming out & saying he has ligament damage & thats why he isn't performing is a huge insult to Wenger's management skills. The mere suggestion that Wenger would put a player on the field with an injury that could become career threatening is more than a slight insult & as a fan I actually find it offensive!!
Ashburton Gooner
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22/02/2007 21:57:00

whatever the truth behind this henry story, at least it should settle the debate abpout whether to p[lay henry in the final or not, as he's injured ands shall not be risked for it... »»Arsene Knows««
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22/02/2007 22:42:00

I think its too much to call Henry a liar outright when none of us know of the discussions that go on behind the scenes.
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22/02/2007 23:24:00

On one hand, this news only confirms what some of us knew all along about Henry. He's completely dedicated and committed to the club, and he tries to give 100% even though physically he may not be. On the other hand, I also wonder why he wasn't rested when we had fully fit strikers at our disposal. For all I know, and for all the little I know, I also see Henry as an honourable man and don't think he would lie about an injury. At the same time, perhaps he thought the injury was not as serious in the beginning, and tried to 'work it off' like afri-gooner mentioned. And now it's come to a point that, it won't work off and he'll need to rest and let it heal. Who knows for sure, but I just can't find it in me, not even the slightest, to assume that it's a cover up or whatnot. And for all the honesty a footballer can reveal, I think some things such as contract renewal and options can't really be said flat out in public, at least not until everything's in place and done. One's loyalty shouldn't be questioned because of it, but rather I think what Wenger said holds true here, "When I am in negotiations I fight the club for every penny and when I have signed a contract I fight to protect every penny for the club.” In Henry's case, dedicating himself to every game.
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23/02/2007 00:52:00

It cant help the confidence of The Beast and Aliadiere if they are not being picked before and injured Henry.
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23/02/2007 02:33:00

I don't think Henry has lost as much pace as some of you are suggesting. The dude's not even 30! If he doesn't show the pace at the moment, it must be because of the injuries this season. He just had a couple of matches under his belt before this injury. He's still got a lot to offer, let's not write him off too quickly.
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23/02/2007 06:08:00

Henry for Eto'o swap is absolute *********. There is no chance in the world that will ever happen Henry 14. We might sign Eto'o (doubt it) and they could still sign Henry (also unlikely) but if one goes the other will stay where he is because one of the reasons both considered leaving to respective clubs is because they are very good friends. Never happen, pointless discussing it. If that swap does happen i will eat the computer i'm writing this on!
Ozi Gooner
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23/02/2007 06:46:00

The only foot injury I can think of that you could play on without risking it worsening is plantar fascitis, which is actually fairly common. It only gets better with rest (6-8 weeks), but generally won't get worse with playing. Perhaps this could explain the enforced lay off. I think he's entitled to ONE bad patch of form in seven seasons. It's just unfortunate that it comes at a time when no one else is scoring. Certainly no one player is bigger than the club, but I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt more than anyone for all he's done on and off the pitch for the club. If you don't think so, then ***** off.
Report Abuse
23/02/2007 09:08:00

What an intelligent comment!! Well that will be end of discussion then, we either all have to agree with Tripping or we have to ***** off!! I really shouldn't be surprised by how many people are so weak minded that if anyone dares disagree with them, they lose all self control. I would however point those people in the direction of a psychiatrist & suggest they get help with their mental or anger problems.
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
23/02/2007 09:28:00


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