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Teams News: Arsenal vs. Chelsea

Following successive 6-1 home victories for the Gunners we face our toughest home game so far as the reigning European Champions come to town.

It`s doubtful that we can continue the run today (even though we rammed five past them at The Bridge last season) as Chelsea represent our trickiest home tie so far this season.

I`m of the opinion that for the first time in 7-8 years we`re now the stronger team of the two (this is based on our brief season so far), but we all know that football has no respect for opinions and will dish up whatever result it likes on the day.

Confidence is high at Arsenal right now, though it only takes one bad game to shatter that confidence and Chelsea are the masters of smashing our confidence to pieces so concentration is paramount today.

Let`s check out the boys tasked with making the Champions of Europe cry.

Arsenal: Mannone, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Diaby, Cazorla, Ramsey, Gervinho, Podolski.

Subs: Martinez, Mertesacker, Djourou, Santos, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 29 2012

Time: 12:16PM

Your Comments

Koscielny that is laughable. No way he should be starting above Mertz or Verm. If that was Djourou what would everyoen say. Rubbish.
We need to be a lot more direct. Well good luck, lads.
Sloppy first half but we were dominating in the final 15 .... awesome goal from The Forehead. Let's kick on and win this ******** now.
Good half. We showed some settling in problems owing to the changes made, initially but will only improve. The jury will be out on Kozzer for that goal as some would say the BFG wont allow Torres that challenge. However, situations can't be the same with personnel change. Then there was the Diaby injury which necessitated the unplanned change. 2nd half will be pivotal.
We had them really under the pump after we equalised. Let's go on with it in the 2nd half.
I think RDM's bold approach of trying to take the initiative from Arsenal at home has surprised our technical crew and we will need to regroup and put their midfield under more pressure. They are too comfy for my liking.
I don't care how it comes.... Just win this, lads!!
Koscielny own goal? How am I the only one to see how mediocre this guy is?
Because he's not mediocre, just having a bad day.
The chavs are looking the superior side as we appear she'll shocked. Too many changes to the side with the solid start and this could be a damaging result.
We've shot ourselves in the foot really, even tho Chelsea have played well.
Too easy for Chelsea.
It's bad enough losing ... but when you give it away it's so frustrating. Oh well, what's done is done, move on to the CL in midweek.
The guy is a panic merchant! No composure in big games. Even last week yes he scored then he panicked and almost gifted Aguero the winner only 30 seconds later and Aguero should have scored. All of a sudden its same old Arsenal at the back coinciding with him back in the side. He's crap.
Mertesacker over Koscielny every day of the week. We got Mertesacker instead of Cahill when it has become painfullly obvious that foreign central defenders need a year to adapt to the premier league (not just with us, David luiz for example), now that he has adapted, and is proving what a quality player he is, we go and drop him for Koscielny? Vermaelen+Mertesacker - the phrase 'if it ain't broke don't fix it rings deafeningly in the ears.
Arsenales F.C
Good game. I think the major difference was in defence, today. Superior defending by Chelsea. I was quite impressed with Arsenal. Probably your most balanced team in recent years?
Problem was too many people had poor games. Santi was so quiet and poor in front of goal. Apart form the goal both Ox and Grev were pretty *****, Ox giving the ball away too often and really not knowing what to do for their first goal and I don't think Gerv made one decision that was useful. His desire to run at defenders (not even run at them but stand and shimmy about in front of them) meant we lost some really useful opportunities to break. I think only Arteta and maybe Jenks had a good game. I'm not sure why we had both Merts and JD on the bench and I think, although Ramsey did all right, Coquelin would've been a better replacement for Diaby.
No 10
the first goal was the fault of the whole defense. why was no one marking luiz? kos was marking torres half heartedly, keeping an eye on the huge vacuum around luiz. on the second goal, koscielny only had a very slight deflection and it did not change the flight of the ball
why do we buy giroud when we already have chamakh and bendtner, both who can do the similar job of not scoring in front of goal?
I just worry about how much damage this may do to the much vaunted team spirit, epitomized today only by Arteta, Jenks and maybe Gibbs. If we can get over the depression and move on, it will do us more good. Easy to change the line-up now, with benefit of hindsight; if this selection had delivered, Wenger will be a genius and Per will probably lose his place. Let's move on.
k.chelski you should be impressed, we showed you how to play the game, you just got frigging lucky, we didn't, end of story. hope you dont rely on those tactics all season.
Mannone was very much at fault for the second goal. But god knows why Ox was left to deal with Luis for the first. The performances from OAC this season have been pretty poor, I hope his new found fame and OxTV etc. aren't distracting him.
No 10
We were all aware of the argument that foreign defenders need a year to adapt to the Premier League last year. Mertesacker had a year of adaptation, but now Mertesacker has shown a positional awareness, strength, calmnesss under pressure that appears to exceed Koscielny's ability. He was MOTM against the best attack in the league, and then he gets dropped? Koscielny has proved he can play, if Verm or Mert demonstrated that there was a need for Kos to come back into the team there would have no outcry at all with Kos playing, but they haven't and he didn't really earn his place back, so its gonna cause upset - that's just the way.
Arsenales F.C
fuzzbag, LOL really? We dominated you on your own ground. Our defense was solid, yours was like Arsenal defense. You will fight for the 4th spot. Don't get deluded by the Man City draw. That was a fluke. We should have won this 1-3. I thought you Arsenal fans would have matured after 7 barren years. But not all have.
Keyser Soze
You truly are fuzzy, fuzzbag.
agree with you No 10, the freekick looked like it was going in regardless of koz's touch and manone has to expect those inswingers to be goal bound so he has to offer the final cover [if humanly possible]..we could have recovered had we got some marginal luck, the fight was there for me and we can move on with a sound belief we have what it takes..just rememer how long this tean has been together as it is..12:45 kickoff is a welcome time hear in OZ, shame about the result.
sozlle..dont let the CL chance encounter delude you either..didn't look much like euro champs to me..had to bring on a sub to have a shot at goal in the second half..
The best team won and bossed it more or less throughout...all the rubbish talked about the new Arsenal and its all bollox..the sad thing is you al believe you are still number 1 and thats long gone...a proper beating by the European Champs!!
I was one of the people that thought playing Koscielny ahead of Mertesacker was a good decision so I won't criticise Wenger for it. Nobody would have expected Koscielny to play that badly tho. Our finishing needs to improve with all our forwards really not just Gervinho and Giroud. Cazorla missed a lot of half chances. Still the performance wasn't awful, we had some good spells and hopefully we can learn from this.
The passing and movement wasn't good enough from us today, and Chelsea showed some really good purpose upfront with Hazard and Mata combining really well. Having said that, I cannot remember one save that Mannone had to make in the 2nd half so I don't think we were outplayed in the final 3rd as much as the chavs on here would love to believe. Off day from the Arsenal, let's move on to the next game and get all 3 pts.
what I do believe and know is that the better team won..end of
Whatever makes you happy, springy. Not even the most ardent of Chelsea fans thought 3 points was possible at the Emirates; just go to the comments section of the articles leading to the game, on VC.
The better team did win, unfortunately for us. Chelsea played to their game plan well. Although they did not create much, they capitalised on Koscielny's two awful mistakes to win the game. They controlled the midfield and possession, something did not foresee at all. Maybe Diaby's injury helped them in that regard. We allowed Torres to dominate our entire defence, which was frankly shocking. Every single second ball was won by Chelsea, we just were not up for the fight today in every department. I expect, however, that Arsenal will improve and do better in the next three games. We had a poor collective team effort today but I have confidence that this team will regroup well and get back to winning quite soon, there's a stronger mentality in this Arsenal team.
Hello Koscielny = Goodbye clean sheets! Hello hello. I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello.
Koscielny has a history of being calamitous. How he managed to slice one into the net at Anfield without an attacker within 15m of him I don't know. And the most terrible piece of defending in our history when he kicked the ball out of Chezney's hands at Wembley costing us our best chance of a trophy in how many years. He should be frozen out of the side like Djourou. In fact Djourou is better than him. I cringe when I see his name on the teamsheet - much like Ramsey.
At least Diaby will be like a new signing again, in about 3 months.
I'd rather have lost 1-0 at city without Koscielny's equaliser, if it meant he wasnt around to stuff us against Chelsea. 3 points are better than 1 over the 2 games aren't they?
13 Leagues, 10 FA Cups. You're deluded if you think you've knocked us off our perch as the number one club in London.
Arsenal 46% - 54% Chelsea. Chelsea are no longer a "power" team.
But No CL.
Kosc was our best defender last season. 1 poor performance and he needs to be out of the team? Rubbish. He didn't have a good game, but this is simply an embarrassing over reaction.
Exactly Prits, we got some really idiotic comments here. Koscielny has progressed quite rapidly considering where he was playing 4 years ago. He will continue to improve and we can't write him off after the occasional bad performance. Same with Giroud and Gervinho, they will improve and the fans need to show some patience. It was a bad result but the performance wasn't that bad. If our finishing was better we could have easily won that game.
Individually Koscielny was at fault for the first goal in allowing Torres to turn him but that partly was as the consequence of trying to get the rest of the defence in place. Mannone was at fault for the second. In fact Manonne's tendency to stick to his line doesn't help us at all in set piece situations. I feel as though we messed up rather than got beat by a better team.
I will provide the honesty that many of my fellow gooners seem incapable of reaching for, we were beaten by the better team, there I've said it & just because it's painful to say it as they're a huge bunch of oil wh0re c***s doesn't mean to say it's not true. They will finish comfortably above us in the table this year and will come closer to silverware again than we can possibly dream of. Even now in his twilight years Cech is a better goalie than mannone will ever be, he does not have what it takes to be an Arsenal No 1, I appreciate he is all we have at the moment aside from fielding a complete league virgin but he will cost us points in bigger games and see us knocked out of cups. Our supposedly superior midfield which all gooners were trumpeting from the rooftops prior to the game was pretty easily nullified with Cazorla easily identified as the sole danger man and marked out accordingly, Diaby having given 5 and a bit games broke down (maybe we can get 8 games from him next season?) It's still all a bit the more things change the more they stay the same for Arsenal really. Still I think it's good for peoples' expectations to get a reality check as I think after the two 6 goal affairs a lot of folk in goonerdom had lost a lot of perspective.
Even though we were unlucky that Giroud missed another sitter and could've got a draw. We were outplayed and outworked, especially in the midfield - Cazorla and Podolski were completely nullified, we lost to the better team. And it's fecking annoying, was like watching us play them a couple of seasons back, I think if we're to do anything this year, we need to keep up our away form - as I think we're a better team away - but also desperately need to take our chances when they come, this just smacked of a Wengerish low in confidence, trophies, whatever - kinda performance.
naij mate, alot of Chelsea fans knew we would get a result and not VC fans....the fact your smug attitude suggests you were a better team and a win was a formality is laughable. Eboue=GOD...ancient's the time
Posted similar time to your comments there Niko, echo the sentiments - good points made by Neville today, Striker and Goalkeeper really is somewhere where you shouldn't skimp on. If we have Van Persie up top we have at least 5 more points this season and Utd have less.
If ManU had kept Ronaldo they'd probably have more points too! If Cazorla was completely nullified how did Giroud get a sitter to miss? A tougher game for Carzorla but that's only to be expected but I thought he and Arteta matched up pretty well. Either way we lost and the result in such games ensures its beyond any proper football analysis to conclude anything other than that the best side won and they did play well - they have some good players but they scored because we messed up rather than anything they created.
In hindsight resting the sack against opposition of the chavs quality was a big mistake, I know people were saying this before the game but there you go, kscielny should've played against Olympiakos and we should have had an unchanged back five that has an understanding of each other in the Chavski game. 7 games in (inc the Montpellier one) is just far far too early to think about resting and rotation surely? especially in such a key area and involving a player in such excellent form. Anyhow roll on midweek.
Surely though subjectively you could say that about any goal or result though? they scored/won because we messed up? It's a defensive mechanism to deny the other team any praise or it's dues. Like Maradonna only scored because the entire England midfield and defence messed up and didn't put a tackle in?
Just for the record Cazorla created 4 scoring attempts for others, had 4 attempts himself (though none on target) and completed 53 of 56 passes. He was hardly marked out of the game and no individual Chelsea midfielder did as well but while all their midfield did well enough one third of ours (and much of our front line) fell a bit short of total dominance. :)
I think there's an objective difference to messing up on a couple of set pieces and getting ripped apart by the better team even though the result is the same. I'm not saying Chelsea didn't warrant their win but it was more a case of us messing up than us getting outplayed which is the less rational conclusion that's being made.
I think people are being far too negative. We didn't perform to our best and snatched at our chances (especially Cazorla) but it was a fairly even game. Chelsea were the better team for the first 30 minutes but overall we created more chances. I'm not going to write off our season and our players after one bad result. Man Utd have already lost twice, City haven't looked that convincing and this Chelsea team doesn't look unbeatable. Once Giroud settles in and we get Wishere and Szczesny back we can easily match these teams.
Again Amos one mans 'a bit short' is another mans miles away. A fairly even 1st half yesterday but the 2nd half saw the chavs being comfortably the better side in possession and dominating, not just in mf but over the whole pitch.
chelsea was better, just slightly yesterday. i don't understand why everyone here are baying for the kos' blood. i believe he is always the better choice against quick tricky opponents (even messi's standard). if you take out the 2 set pieces which were not exactly his fault, you'll notice how he helped kept mata, oscar, hazard & torres in check the whole game. not many cb stand a chance against them. the fact that it took 2 set pieces to breach our defense says a lot. kos being the last man to both the goal made him look bad but on hindsight, he was the one who was aware of luxury of space left open by the WHOLE defense for luiz and also the only one who saw the in swinger heading towards the goal instead of an assist attempt for players at the far post, that's why he reacted. stop the witch hunting.
Again whoooooah there, one person here has slated kos, one person, that is not a witch hunt and it's far from 'everyone here' step off the precious wagon there mate.
One post claiming that Chelsea were better for the first 30 minutes followed by another claiming they had the better of the second half. We all see things differently I guess but such confusion probably tells you that it was a far more even game than some will concede. We weren't 'miles away' we were 'a bit short'. As a bit of subjective debate, based on yesterdays individual performances alone, if we'd swopped Cazorla and Arteta for any two of Chelsea midfielders would we have been stronger or weaker? An objective answer could tell us whether 'marked out' of the game and 'completely nullified' and 'outplayed and outworked' were, understandable in the disappointment, exaggerations.
Amos we were a 'bit short' of parity, we were 'miles away' from the total dominance that an earlier post of yours suggested. That is what I said, please don't twist my words mate! ;)
And I agree with the assertion that chelsea shaded the opening 30 minutes too so we don't see things that differently, just that on the whole I saw the 1st half being more relatively balanced and even, but I thought chelski looked very comfortable and dominant in the 2nd half, they played like the home team essentially. Not everything has to be a moan or knocking Arsenal, it's just telling it from a more neutral perspective, it doesn't threaten any of my feeling for the club but I don't see the point in denying what mine eyes saw that's all.
My reference to 'total dominance' was meant to be tongue in cheek in the present taste for exaggerated claims but that doesn't come across too well I guess. Your point is well taken Niko! :)
heh, if you're being sarky then please use the cheeky wink in future! ;) Have a nice sunday folks I'm off to bosh up a roast.
Giroud had the sitter to miss thanks to Chamberlain wasn't it? Or am I seeing things, Cazorla's a top talent, but I think he didn't play that well yesterday, stats about completed passess are completely null unless they're put into some sort of context, did he create any clear chances? Being there knocking the ball about is not what he's about (from what I've seen). I agree the goals we conceded were entirely sloppy, needless in the build up to the free kicks as well which was annoying, but we definitely didn't deserve anything from that game. If we had sneaked a draw, i'd be thinking we were very lucky, even those Cech saves were Hollywoods, any keeper (apar from maybe Almunia) would've kept those out.
Koscielny from hero to zero in a single week? If Giroud had scored the late sitter, nobody would even be having this discussion. Funny old game eh?
Definitely, fifhtcolumn, altho the more perceptive amongst us may have had concerns....
TBH, I thought Arsenal at the very least deserved a draw from this one, and you were quite unlucky not to score late on. Giroud was the top scorer in Ligue 1 last season, so hasn't become a bad player overnight, but it would appear he's taking his time adjusting to the League. He'll get better if you give him enough time. Can also quite understand why Wenger opted for Koscielny over Mertesacker, with the reasoning being that Koscielny is more mobile that Mertesacker and would therefore be better able to deal with the likes of Hazard Torres and Oscar. Sometimes these decisions work, sometimes they don't!
Agreed, they just didn't work yesterday - like I say, I think we lost to the better team, but there you are. I tend to agree with Giroud, I think he looks like a half decent player, just hopehe discovers where the back of the net is, and fast!
Cech is 30 years old.
I understand that some of you are happy with Kos. But for those of us who want to have a GREAT defence again know that it wont happen with him around. We conceded almost 50 goals last season in the league apparently that makes a good season for a defender. I'd like to see us conceding under 30 in a season, then we might have a chance of winning something again. Until it is addressed, we will NOT win anything - even a cup.
Match report tomorrow. But basically I felt Chelsea deserved to win. They had a gameplan and executed it better than ours. They did their homework on us, I'm not sure we did much on them. Objectively speaking, I probably remember less than 10 minutes in the whole game where I thought, "We're really on top now and look like we're going to hurt them."
Little Dutch
Diaby coming off seemed to affect the balance of the team and he would arguably have been there to defend the first Chelsea goal. I'm tired of Wenger's gambling. He's finally admitted that Diaby is a liability we just can't afford, something most sane observers could have told him 2 or 3 seasons ago.
Wyn Mills

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