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Team News: Arsenal vs Fulham

Arsenal return to league action this afternoon after an very good/dissaspointing (delete as applicable) draw away in the Champions League midweek.

It`s not been a great time for Gooners recently, following a fairly promising start to the season the boys have been very lacklustre of late, and as November is traditional our worst month it`s imperitive the register 3 points against Fulham today.

Jack Wilshere is rested with Coquelin taking his place whilst Theo Walcott gets a much deserved start in the league.

Szczesny makes the bench after a lengthy injury layoff.

Let`s see how the rest of the team lines up.

Arsenal: Mannone, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Coquelin, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud.

Substitutes: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Santos, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin, Chamakh.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 10 2012

Time: 2:44PM

Your Comments

Another 2 goal lead given away. Just not good enough.
You'd feel something just isn't right about the team in that half. Lets hope we bring improvements in the 2nd.
lets talk about SIXTH baby....lets talk about you and me....lets talk about all the good times that may be...lets talk abouuuuut...SIXTH
we have changed enough players for the past 7-8 years with no results on the pitch, only profits. can we change those at the top for once? if arsenal never pay top wages even to a 40 goal-a-year player, those at the top certainly don't deserve to earn the highest wages in epl either
We've started doing that thing again... Where players run past the ball to get back into position instead of just going directly for the ball. At the beginning of the season it looked like we'd stopped doing that, and we were putting in the most tackles every match. Attacking-wise we looked a lot better than we have recently though.
Arsenales F.C
Well .... another week, another uninspiring performance. We were better going forward but just so sloppy in possession. Terrible terrible stuff.
When we were going directly for the ball we were winning a lot of tackles, and looked so defensively solid, but now players are running past it to get back into position again, teams can once again just walk it through. Except at the end, we were really winning every loose ball at the end, unlucky not to nick it.
Arsenales F.C
There goes our best defensive record. Meant nothing, anyway, if we are not winning games.
its quite sad to see this demise, you just dont have that X-Factor anymore nor that fear-factor for opposing teams.... Fool'em were well comfy in controlling possession in the last 20mins which just should not happen against a top club at home pushing for a leading goal.... so little intensity to overwhelm an average side with no pace upfront, you shudda pushed right up to the halfway line knowing you can compress the game in thieir half safely with neither Berbatov nor Ruiz (both central) having the pace to counter well.... stale stale mindset again..
Wenger has to rally his troops or consider a change in priorities, one way or the other. They don't even respond to his rallying cry to improve defensively, today. What's up with that? When the manager says he wants improvements in any department, you would expect the players to respond because he must have had some relevant drills to make that happen. This was a poor performance by our back 4 at times; totally lacking in confidence. Not a bad penalty by Arteta but I guess the Fulham keeper obviously knows how he plays them and guessed right. But, we should be winning this by some margin.
I don't see a massive problem. Giroud seems to have found his feet (though even when he wasn't scoring it always seemed like he would), we have players coming back, hopefully we sort Walcott's contract out, all we have to do is stop the tactic of running past the ball to get into position. If we just challenge for the ball when it's available instead of running past to get into position, we'll go back to what we were doing earlier in the season, put pressure on the other team and winning a lot of tackles.
Arsenales F.C
I guess if anyone know "stale" it's a Spurs fan.
boy do you miss your best player Diaby. not a shadow of the side that so impressed with him as the fulcrum.... so much for Cazorla being the messiah, he was the icing, the cake sadly will not return for the forseeable which is a shame.... most of the top sides play with 2 strikers albeit with 1 dropping off at times into the hole: RvP & Rooney, Tevez-Aguero, Adebayor/Dempsey-Defoe.... AW has become a dinosaur with his now dated narrow 4-3-3 (just 1 striker central when ball delivered to the box)
not 'stale'.... Spuds have always been abit famine or feast so hardly stale..... watch 2moro's game and see how its done (as long as AVB plays Ade and Defoe, with Ade dropping of into midfield), shame you didnt win cos that wudda put pressure on Spurs to get something at Middle-Eastlands
You've only played Man u and Chelsea - we've played Man U, City, Chelsea and Liverpool already. You've got worse goal difference, you've scored less goals, conceded more goals than us. Don't count your chickens before they've hatched young spud.
Arsenales F.C
Liverpoo ??....ooooohhh I'm so scared now LOL.... the 1st 3-4 games we also played this silly 1 central striker (Defoe) with Lennon and Bale wide and using a midfielder Sigurdsson to 'support' Defoe and what a loadda crap that was.... we then evolved thru learning and started using 2 recognised forwards (using 1 to play slightly deeper) thus allowing our wingers to stay wide and deliver.. we also have Dembele to supplement the scoring-options in free-play mode....AW is consumed with the Barca way of 3 forwards but that only works when you can compress play into opponents halves and dominate possession. that would be difficult in the pacier EPL with the countering pace of most teams... AW is looking like Yesterday's Man now... deep down you know this too.
You mean like how you showed us how it was done at home against Wigan last week? Nicely done.
there will always be a 'Wigan' here and there, I think Utd lost to a small team too this season. it means little cos the quality is only defined as the average of 6-7 recent matches... even then its not a true reflection for Spurs yet cos we are only just introducing a now-fit Adebayor into the team cos Ade mark my words will be Spuds' 'Diaby' in the way he galvanises and gels the team into optimal level...
Year after year, these spuds come on here and gloat when nothing has even been achieved yet. Heck, even if we don't win another trophy for 20 years, laughing at the spuds' imminent misery makes being an Arsenal supporter worthwhile
I life in the shadows is no life at all.
so glad you have that to fall back on as I'd hate to see you miserable.... just reminisce about Spuds and you will be fine in your barren year or 2 ahead, it will numb the pain slightly of days like this... all good things do come to an end I guess, but you will be fine in a few years time with a new coach and FFP in play
What a terrible defensive performance. Arteta should never have taken that penalty - that was selfish and he wanted to right the wrong of giving away the penalty. Not the best penalty as well. It seems like the balance (between attacking and defensive play) is always missing - from an attacking performance, that was quite good. Giroud and Theo had good games, but defensively, too many mistakes. The ball was just given away - Arteta for the pen, Ramsey x 2, and Coquelin several times. Apart from that pen, I don't remember a Fulham attack in the 2nd half, and we really should have killed the game off. This team lacks the belief, something that I believe can be righted in the next few games, but 4th place will be the max that this team can achieve.
man u came back from 2 goals down for 2-3. they are always capable of coming back whereas we are always culpable of throwing games away. 2-0 lead against schalke and 2-0 lead against fulham and we failed to win both. rvp just didnt need more reason to leave
instead of thinking how to win games, the people at the top are probably plotting how to negotiate the best selling prices for whoever the better players left in the club and how to milk the fans dry. i think club should just frame up our financial statements every year for display in the trophy cabinet
I was at the game today and whilst you have to give Fulham credit - Ruiz and Berbatov are very good players - it's come to something when Fulham can come to our place, not be deterred or deflated by going two down, and generally play with a lot of confidence and no fear. God help us if we get through to the CL and face Barca or Real, that could be truly embarrassing. I just wonder how much more Wenger can take, he must be pulling his hair out and even he with his vast reserves of determination must be wilting. Something doesn't seem right about the balance of the side, certainly if we're going to play 433 then our wide players upfront need to be exceptional offensively and defensively.
Something sure isn't right with our team. But it is nothing a string of wins can't cure; starting with taking 3 points off Spurs to get our season going. Just like last season.
The look on Wenger's face at the end, as he looked out at the rows and rows of empty seats said it all. Awesome moment for everyone at the lane, inspiration for tomorrow, up the Spurs!!!!!
Henry Baker Brown
You never learn do you HBB? Came out with the same old speach last week after to we lost to United and you got whooped by the mighty Wigan .... and now you're away at City and you think you'll pull it off?
Another poor performance by the Gunners Who is the captain of the Team /??? no leadership out there while United is grabbing 3 points every week we are just getting by not good enough !!!! NO I had enough ,is what should be said. iam going to have another lousy week.
Still reeling, after going to The Grove yesterday. Why didn't Giroud just get the ball, place it on the Pen spot and Score his Hat-trick???????!!!!! Arteta was having a mare of a game, surely TV5 could have step in, He is the Captain isn't he??? In the end we didn't play well enough to secure the 3pts!! Arsenal need to have a long hard look at Themselves, as what is happening not the pitch at the moment is just Hurting Us fans. PLEASE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought about the leadership issue, myself, when Theo Walcott has to be the one taking our free kicks (I don't mind much the corner kicks). It has to be agreed that our FKs will be taken by Cazorla or Arteta; the options for the kicks in front of the opponents' box can be spread wider, depending on how we want to play it. Nuff said.
HBB is a prat and a poor Spuds fan.... back to Arse tho', it really is getting pitiful without Diaby as you just dont seem to have a Plan.B.... you should chain AW in front of the TV and play a video of Utd's game yesterday (or the Braga game) to see how when a top side goes behind you dont just carry on as normal you need to escalate matters and play bona fide STRIKERS in the box, maybe even 3. you then press right up to the halfway line and pound the pen-box with high tempo movement and delivery until something gives... THAT is why AW and his dated 1-striker in the box 4-3-3 is now cast adrift, rudderless, lacklustre, not even desperate its worse.... just empty, so empty inside
I get it. Just like City pinned you to your halfway line and pounded your penalty box with high tempo attack to take you to the cleaners.
Ah well!! I still think we'll beat the scum at Ashburton piggery. I can't wait to see the look on Bald Bould's mug. Can't wait to see the look on the twiglet in the coat's face when Ade points to the badge in front of all those empty seats. COYS!!!!! FOYG!!!
Henry Baker Brown
I thought Theo's set piece deliveries were good, better than Cazorla. Or maybe, the players attacking them had a better game. Couple of corners where the ball found an Arsenal player, which rarely happened in games earlier. One improvement - looks like the team is consciously put more crosses into the box for Giroud which worked well generally.
Ah! No, Prits. He took two and they were poor. One of them didn't even achieve lift-off, whereas, all our big hitters were waiting for something to attack in the air. Maybe, he needs to practice it more and could certainly get better. No problems with his corner kicks though.
Not at all having that Arteta was selfish to take the penalty. Hes our designated penalty taker and has an excellent record from the spot for PSG, Rangers and Everton. The last thing he did in an Everton shirt was smash a 92nd minute penalty into the net at Ewood Park with the scores at 1-1. His record is very good and its right he took it. Giroud didnt take it because hes not a penalty taker and he missed his last one in any case. It would have been selfish for him to take it in pursuit of personal glory. If hed have taken it and missed everybody would have been calling him selfish and asking why a proven penalty taker like Arteta didnt step up! Sometimes, even the best penalty takers miss and there really is nothing more to it than that.
Little Dutch
It wasn't even a badly taken kick by any stretch. I think Schwarzer has merely guessed right, having been at the wrong end of a similar penalty kick by Arteta, in his days at Everton. I will have him take the penalties, every time unless we have the luxury to change the taker.
VR......I watched the game and I was waiting for the spuds to show us how it's done? Care to explain? (He says with an ear to ear smug grin). Me thinks you should worry about your own team and your clueless manager. Your like a playground bully who picks on the other kids to hide his own inadequacies. Week after week you and that other Munter HBB fall flat on your face. The funny thing is that spuds harp on about how you have overtaken us or the power has shifted. The fact of the matter is, yes there is not much difference between our teams at the moment. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with your rise to power, quite the opposite. It's more to do with us taking ten steps backwards, yet we still seem to put you back in your place come the end of the season. Until you finish above us, we are still the 3rd best team in the country just as city are still champions. I know it's a hard lump to swallow, but we know where all your piping up got you last season.....and the season before.....and the season before that......and the season before that.......and the season before that......I think you get the drift. If you manage to finish above us this season I will be the first to take my hat off to you.....until then show some respect to your superiors.
you are my superior alright, cos you love Arse... the sad matter you fail to comprehend is that it aint even about being better or worse, its about how your expectations are so far ahead of your reality and its drowning you all in a state of nothingness... you aint even poor enough to get riled for that, you are like zombies sleepwalking simultaneasly with and without hope.... Spuds tho' have a vivacity and freshness that you can only reminisce about from your halcyon (nice word eh) days.... AW won't be sacked cos he wont be bad enough this season. and therein lies the real tragedy peeps... so so stale..
I got that wrong, having never seen Arteta take a pen for us (since RvP was designated last season). I didn't know it's been passed on to Arteta, so I stand corrected.

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