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Arsenal Extend Deal With Emirates

Arsenal have today announced an extension of their shirt and stadium sponsorship deal with Fly Emirates. The deal totals 150m for five years shirt and training kit sponsorship rights and a seven year extension on stadium naming rights until 2028 (from 2021, as in the original deal).

The deal is a significant uplift on the 5.5m a year deal they currently have with Fly Emirates. Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis said, 'This is an exciting day for Arsenal Football Club and all our supporter. This agreement is a testimony to Arsenal`s approach and to the capabilities we have developed in recent years as well as the strength of our partnership with Emirates.

"The original deal with Emirates was a key facilitator of our move from Highbury and this next phase of our relationship will be just as critical to keep us at the top of the game in England and Europe.

"Emirates is the perfect partner for Arsenal and we are delighted to have agreed a new partnership. Emirates is a world-class brand and by flying to more than 120 destinations across six continents has a truly global reach.

"This reach will play an important role in our own ambitions to further extend the depth of our following around the world. The fact this partnership will continue for many years to come underlines how much both organisations value and benefit from the relationship."

The deal forms part of the renegotiation of key commercial deals which expire in 2014. Most of the current deals were signed as the cash was frontloaded for stadium cost purposes. But in the last couple of years and with FFP driving revenues harder than ever, Arsenal's deals have been dwarfed by most of their competitors. This new deal should equalise that disadvantage.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 23 2012

Time: 12:22PM

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For further quotes, follow the twitter stream of Andrew Allen who is at the press conference
Little Dutch
30 million a season is a good sum when benchmarked with similar deals and is next only to Manchester United's deal with Chevrolet. However the stadium naming rights for a further 7 years also needs to be taken into account. Overall though it should make available an extra 24 million quid a season available to the club with hopefully the majority of it going to the team. Hope the money is well utilised in transfers and wages for our best players while keeping the best academy prospects happy as well.
Most of the speculation yesterday was on a new shirt supplier deal with Adidas replacing Nike which would add a few million more. With that still to come commercial growth should look good over the next 3 to 5 years. If FFP can constrain the OTT spending excesses, even if not 100% successful, it should make the title a little more winnable than it has become over the last few years.
Not bad but still not all that impressive if you consider it includes shirt, training kit and stadium rights. Probably because I'm comparing it to Citeh's dodgy deal from 2 season ago when they got 400m for that 10 year deal with Etihad. Still more money in the coffers and earlier than I expected as I thought we'd have to wait until 2014.
Good work, don't buy his "we don't want any more clutter on the training kit" dig at Utd though. Just please invest this money in the team, please don't keep it back to fatten the goose.
This is crap. United went for different deals for each kit and earn more. .Its just a face saver.
Sajit I didn't realise you could have done a better deal for the club. They really should have had you as part of their commerical team.
I can believe we're paying Gazidis all this money when Sajit could have done a lot better job.
United are a better team and a much, much bigger "brand." Looks fair to me, the stadium name is dead money anyway, no company is gonna bid for that given that everybody will just call it "The Emirates" anyway. I'd imagine that Arsenal viewed the stadium as leverage to get a bigger deal overall.
Little Dutch
No surprise that Sajit could do a better job than Gazidis. Afetr all we've known for some time that he could do a better job than Wenger! It's a sign of the times that we fans take an interest in, let alone feel qualified to criticise commercial policy. Football is fun. :)
Cannot even start to complain about this deal. United are a better brand and you can't ignore the equity from just that. The important thing is that we know very few teams can muster such a deal; and, hopefully, it is utilized beneficially.
United's last shirt deal was worth 20m a year but the 7 year deal with Chevrolet is worth 51m pounds a year, to start 2013. However, shouldn't that transaction end up a "dead on arrival", seeing as it met with serious protest resulting in the sack of a Director of GM (potentially, to be charged for the offense) for agreeing such a 'ridiculous' deal? The US Govt is equally scandalized as it had arranged bail out funds for GM only in 2008. Will that deal still materialize?
Before you guys rip into consider this : United have different deals in different countries - deals for training kit, shoes, communication , travel. I guess we have something like that . but they know how to squeeze money from all commercial streams. I think we could do a better job.
There are a few different figures being bandied about concerning the ManU deal but whatever it is (most credible sources put it at building to near 360mn over 9 years starting in 2014 with some upfront payments next year) as LD says they're undoubtedly a more valuable brand. They'd also started building their commercial revenues much earlier. While Dein was gladhanding his way among football's great and good and Fiszman and co were focussed on getting the stadium financed and built ManU were taking care of business. We didn't really have a commercial department at all until Gazidis installed one after he'd joined in 2009. So far they seem competent enough to get us where we might hope to be commercially though.
Gazidis: "We have been able to talk to Emirates about the payment terms and bring some of them forwards, so that we will have additional money in this financial year which we will be able to invest in the summer". Interesting???
^^as long as it's investment in the transfer market and not another contract for Diaby i'll be chuffed.
It's worth a mention that the ADIDAS kit deal, worth another 25m, is till in the horizon. The commercial team has not done badly and can only get better, in my view. With the some part of the payment being brought forward, who's to say Wenger does not throw his hat in the ring for Falcao and/or Cavani? Okay; not likely.
Looks forward to Wengers' next presser when he reveals the money will be ploughed into Diabys' new bionic legs. 'Gentlemen we now ave ze power to rebuild eem' :)
@ Amos, I'd be more interested if we speculated earlier should we still be in the mix come late December, after all if the money's a cert to roll in why wait and risk writing off this season? If there's worthy players potentially available in Jan let's push on, not sit on our hands and watch it all go knockers up come feb as per.
No money is certain until it's in the bank Niko. Spending the money before you've got it is never wise. In any event if there's someone worth going for in January they'll have enough to do it anyway. That's the advantage of keeping some stake money in the event a good opportunity comes up.
If Arsenal have announced it must mean it's as good as in the bank lol, but yeah that's kind of what I mean it may well come from our rainy day fund initially but knowing what's rolling in the grimace that occurs when even looking at the purse strings may relax somewhat. Much as i think all Arsenals recent acquisitions have been class there's a distinct sinking feeling I get when I look at the lack of rotation going on due to lack of faith in the squad making up the first 11. The return of Rosicky and Henry III are unfortunately not the answer.
I'm far too long in the molar to get too drawn into transfer rumours esp where our club is concerned but capturing Huntelaar would be such a statement of intent both to our squad and fans, that here we're serious, the ambition you've doubted us for having is correct and present, there'll finally be klass alternative/competition for Olly who is undoubtably on a roll - and obviously the last thing we want to do is do what happened to chamakh after the dutch traitor returned from another lengthy lay off ie kill his mojo forever, but it is a gruellingly long season with fixtures still in 4 competitions, and plenty of games to around (just not for fivehead in the centre or chamakh anywhere pleaaase!)
I don't rate Klaas much. He is an accomplished goal scorer, without doubt but i worry that he doesn't bring any much more to a team. He had 2 chances in one game against us and scored once but was largely missing throughout the game.
I think we can do better than Klaas and should set Our aim higher. Cavani, Iloriente, or Falcao can't be too out of reach now.
I think you're gonna be sorely disappointed naija, (well we probably all will be) reports citing Gazidis state monies won't be forthcoming until the summer window and even then we'll only be looking at an up front payment of 30M, good luck if you think that'll cover Cavani or even Falcao, Llorente probably if his situation at his current club doesn't improve. I've seen reports that Cavani wishes to talk to Arsenal that then go on to say he'll be well north of 40M lol like we'd spunk that on one player, dreamland. Huntelaar is the player most available and within a realistic budget out there for Arsenal at this moment in time.
On Huntelaar: I think that at 29 and as a striker specially, he's too old for a new start, nearing the end of his peak years. It would be a different situation if it was a defender. Rather get someone 25-26ish.
And Van Persie is how old? Didn't he just undergo a new start? 40 goals in 67 appearances in a timeframe of less than 2 years for Schalke.
So essentially a 20 goal a season striker, exactly the push Arsenal need, also his age would mean he could dovetail with Giroud nicely without demanding to replace him or play every game. A last big move to one of the biggest clubs in world football, after relatively disappointing stints at both Madrid and Milan I think he'd be well up for this last big challenge and more humbled by his aforementioned previous latin forays. 3 yr contract takes him to 32, I think he'd be great for us not to mention he'd do everything possible to prevent van judas winning the league :)
Huntelaar would be a Klaas buy.. Totally underrated.. .
This is a great week - two wins in seven days, Mark Hughes gets sacked and then this! We've already built our new stadium and training ground etc, so from here on in it's extra money. (Amos, I think there is something big planned for January, never mind next summer. Big hint from Gazidis about having kept our powder dry.) Oh, and radical suggestion - why don't we leave the choice of players up to the manager? I don't expect AW to change his essential philosophy on buying. He won't be buying players because they're flavour of the month, or because the fans want him to, or because it would make a statement. He'll buy because the players improve the team and represent value. This extra money will just increase his choices somewhat, enable him to keep older players a bit longer alongside younger ones, etc. Is my guess. I don't see why he would change a way of operating which is part of the reason why we have been able to secure this deal.
And noones asking him to change his manner of operating (maybe just the frequency at which he operates) History shows that a player that scores against one of his teams always piques Wengers interest and the picking up of saltier seasoned seadogs like poldi bfg and santi have marked a departure in the age of our signees.
Nikolaijns: You did not get the point. RVP did not start at Arsenal at 2012. Klaas will START near the end of his peak. Get it?
Okay. I quite like the thought of the "competition" he will have with van P. concern is he will be coming to a new league, whereas, van could hit the ground running at United because he was no stranger to this league. Klaas' style is such that the whole team has to do all the work while he just lumbers about waiting for that one chance to score. It will be a sharp contrast to the all round work rate of a Giroud, for instance. Well, Wenger will have to decide for the team.
I don't think Poldolski, Mert or Santi have marked a departure in the age of players Wenger signs at all. They're about the same age that he signed players like Pires, Rosicky, Hleb, Eduardo, Gallas, Sagna, Arshavin, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Chamakh and a few others. A touch younger than he signed Silvestre perhaps but he's often brought in players around the same sort of age as well as the younger players he'd hope to develop.
For what it's worth, on the age of our players - the mean age has gone down, but the modal age has gone up to 27. Overall, a younger squad than last season but more of those are players in the 26-28 years old bracket. @ nikolaijns - fair enough. "salty seasoned seadogs" - ha.
What the feck are you blathering about fan1987? Did you not get my point?? Van Persie moved to utd at 29 and is currently a runaway success why wouldn't Huntelaar be at the same age? Jesus read the post or don't bother man.
@ Amos Only Gallas, Bobby and Arshavin relate to the point I was trying to make which was players signed in their later playing years Vermaelen 24, Rosicky 23, Hleb 24, eduardo 24, sagna 24, kos 24 chamakh 24 when they all signed don't really qualify do they? cazorla at 27 Per at 26 poldi at 26 Arteta at 28. That's 4 26+ players signed over two consecutive summers. That marks a slight departure to me.
Blimey Niko! Some serious fact searching there. I'll settle for slight departure then. :)
The significance of it being that Wenger realises time is not his friend, he needs to win something before the end of his contract ie this season, it marks a departure for the whole resale value thing which is obviously and all too painfully part of our clubs modus operandi when purchasing players, we have to want that after a period under Wengers' tutelage the players worth will be greatly increased or at the very least if profit can't be made then a full recoup/ very minimal loss at worst.
Ha! I've taken on the stat king and landed a punch! ** jogs round living room waving to adoring fans **
To be fair both kos and chamakh baaaaarely scraped into the under 25 bracket when signing but hey ;)
Overall, I think this is a really good deal and reduces the risk ahead of 2014 (if we finish out side the top 4 this year or next). This money will allow Wenger to take more of a risk in the transfer market than before. The club still have some money to spend in Jan and need to reinforce. Huntelaar could be a really good addition to the squad, but he might wait for a better club to make an offer. There are reports that Llorente (another good option for us) will move to Barca in the summer.
"What the feck are you blathering about fan1987" What a classy comment. Can you even read? I did NOT say that RVP isn't doing great or that Klass couldn't replicate that for us. Just that at 29 both are stop-gap, short term solutions for a couple of years before you'd have to spend again.
When you issue rude statements like 'you did nopt get the point' and 'get it?' then you'll deserve exactly what you got son which was short thrift. Your point was that at 29 Huntelaar was too old for a new start, I said van persie is the same age and doesn't seem to be too old for a new start. You have said nothing about stop-gap signings until your last post. If you'd have said that I'd have likely agreed, but sometimes stop gap signings of vastly experienced internationals are exactly what a club needs, and at a lowish fee or nada if we do choose to wait til the summer then if we have to spend again so be it. You can't whine if your posts are ill explained. Mine was perfectly legible and comprehensible, yours.....wasn't.

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