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Team News: Aston Villa vs Arsenal

These Saturday night kick-offs have rarely been kind to The Arsenal and we have another one to overcome this evening.

The boys have travelled to Birmingham to tackle an Aston Villa side who currently find themselves in the relegation zone.

Fresh of the back of qualification to the knock-out stages of the Champions League, Arsene`s Army will look to take another step closer to the top four. We generally do well at Villa Park and anything other the a win will be pretty disappointing in truth.

Let`s check out the team.

Arsenal team: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Giroud

Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Coquelin, Arshavin, Gervinho

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 24 2012

Time: 5:24PM

Your Comments

Yes come on you gunners because you're the last team in my acca & Villa are a shocking side. This could potentially rekindle some hatred i once held for your club.
So far, it's been just as predicted; very keenly contested. I feel we edge it, territorially speaking but the pressing of the Villa players was rather discomfiting, initially. The conditions haven't helped matters and I worry that goals may be conceded from slips or errors resulting from the slippery pitch.
The Ox has to take this opportunity to stake a claim for a place in the starting team. Giroud is hardly getting service and is being forced wide to become provider whereas, he will benefit more from being a recipient. I thought the ref was not fair to Szczesny for that yellow card incident when the keeper's momentum took him out of his box to handle the ball outside. The conditions are torrid and Agbonlahor did have his hand on the keeper which may have helped the Szczesny on his way too.
Game is there for our taking. We look better with Gibbs back in the side. Need to be more decisive when attacking.
Maybe, it should have been Cazorla for Arshavin. Ox is just coming into the game and with Gervinho on, that may be two luxuries we can do without.
Not pleased with this result as it was an opportunity to go above Everton and remain with the top teams. We should be winning games like this. It was open at times and we cannot say Villa parked the bus against us. With 3 games every week as we go into December, a lot will be demanded of our boys seeing as we have players who are not used to such fixture glut in a season.
Abject. Appalling substitutions to boot, utterly clueless both on and off the pitch.
Too much reliance on Cazorla to make things happen. Transfer window can't come quick enough. We need striker and GK. I have to say i don't really see the point of Gervinho. Dare I say it, we needed the runs of Theo to get behind them.
**** XMAS COMES AGAIN TO ARSE ****..... the goal should have stood cos even tho' the Villan was standing ahead of the Arse backline, wait for it...... wait for it peeps..... the ball was struck and last came off an Arse player before presenting itself to the Villan to stroke in.... so so lucky (again)..... so so stale
Chalk this one up to Wenger. Jenks, Ramsey & Ox may well be very good players in 2 or 3 years time but picking all three of them to start this game is little different from fielding a league cup side. Cazorla has started every game but Sagna needs a rest??? Gervinho couldn't start? Whatever their talent the inexperience and consequent lack of coordination and poor decision making was evident. Fortunately Villa are a poor side otherwise our embarrassment would have been even greater. Poor team selection.
You need to swot up on the offside rule spuddie - but what would you know about football.
oh yeah.... you dont get to score do you if the ball comes to you from an opposing Spuddy mistake I guess....
Not a mistake just a lack of knowledge.
The most galling thing is settling for a point when withdrawing Giroud for Coquelin, wtf was that about?? would 8 minutes more have killed him? Because that killed any chance we had of 2 more points there, all the late corners and and our sole talent for scoring with his head goes off. To be honest the only ray of light today was that hey at least we didn't get to see more of the comedy Klingon, how the hell did we end up with this bloke? Just a very bad footballing joke.
soz... forgot to swot up on the official Fifa/Uefa santioned Arse Offside Rule, which came into operation roughly at ten past 6pm...xx...again, my lapse, not yours
Niko - I think I know, but just in case, who are you referring to as Klingon?
Taking off Giroud did send the message we were ready to settle for the draw but it meant Arshavin could go from the flanks and Gervinho centre. I would have made the changes much earlier; for me, Arshavin is one player who can change things coming on late, so it should be standard routine if we are chasing the game with 20 minutes to go.
I wil like to know too, as I have no clue.
fivehead vin. The useless star trekking, couldn't trap a sack of shatner, clown footed feckwafer.
Caught out with a basic lack of knowledge and you're in denial spuddie. Uefa aren't involved in drawing the Laws of the Game. That's the responsibility of the International Football Association Board made up of the 4 UK associations and 4 Fifa representatives. Law 11 explains why you're wrong.
Thought so, niko. Glenn Helder Mk II.
As a Villa fan I would like to thank the Arsenal fans at today's game. Far as I could see, most joined in the 19th applause for Stan Petrov, our captain. Very different from the last lot we had here. Thanks.
chocolate teapot
Get him Amos! Bloody no mates has been drowning here for so long he's turned the pool yellow.
They probably thought you were cheering their fantastical wealth teapot. Glad to hear he's in remission and no doubt he feels your willing him on to beat it. Well fought today.
Ramsey goodness I don't like his game!
Jesus feckin christ Arsene. FFS. That Villa team are absolutely abysmal.
Substituting Giroud for Coquelin seemed at the outset like a very negative substitution but it also involved moving Gervinho to the CF position with Arshavin slotting as the left sided forward. Overall the effect was to replace Podolski with Arshavin and Giroud with Gervinho - not all that negative and in my opinion a section fans telling AW he did not know what he was doing was quite harsh. Giroud was showing signs of fatigue after playing 3 games in a week and was not winning headers or linking play up in the last 15 minutes before he was subbed. A bad result for the club and some very dissapointing performances from some players but it was not as if we were playing dire opposition either. Villa pressed furiously from the 1st minute to the last and were hard to break down. Koscielny, Ramsey and Cazorla could have done much better in the finishing department. Szczesny played well as did the BFG. Bad day for the Arsenal but overall a decent last week of results all things considered.
Quite right, DF. Managers will sometimes, disguise their real intentions when making substitutions, by introducing the 'game changer' into a different position, then make the change that will redress things a little later. Coquelin likes to drive forward at pace and was to support the offensive game while Gervino was to play from the middle as Giroud had tired and the crosses weren't getting to him. Gervinho isn't the tallest and the changes were to allow the team play to his strengths. Problem is, Gervinho is no game changer and the Villains just sustained their pressing game till the final whistle.
Does Podolski spontaneously combust if he plays 90min of a football match or something? Why couldn't Wenger take a gamble yeaterday? If it werent for Shesney it would've been another Norwich, utterly *****
I think Podolski is probably doing a lot more running in the PL than he did in Germany and 70 minutes is the maximum he can operate at 100%. In the cold light of day, there's no point in us getting worked up about yesterday's result. We're a side that can aim at 4th at the highest and results and performances such as yesterday are what we're going to get from time to time. If we could actually win these games - let's say by having a better squad - then maybe we'd win and aim higher than 4th. But we don't. So no point getting annoyed, frustrated or whatever. This is our level now.
ooooohh Amos.... so not being able to know the NAME of the authority that draws up the rules nullifys the use of any such law being actionable on a team with at least 1 swot pedantic enough to quote it LOL.... hanging on by your fingertips now, how much more of this can the 'faithful' take, I hear this morning that many of the Greeat Unwashed are demanding explanations on AW's subs.... apparantly AW (they must conclude) does not know that Giroud is a striker and Coquelin is not..... it begins...
Viyyash - it may be worth seeing a doctor regarding your obsession with AFC, I'm sure it's all you think of day and night and could mean there is an underlying stalker in your psyche.
and Law 11 states nothing to waive the offside if the ball gets to the 'scorer' via an opposing player, does it..... I expected better from you tbf than such obfuscation and divertionary methods..tsk tsk
Agrees Vin, sad really.
I'm not obsessed with AFC or even Spuds.... I like to see human-nature at work and how even the highest most principled among us can fall and get down and dirty in order to condone something that benefits them, rather than call things as they really are....innit.
We're all up for good debate here, Viyyash, just not the tiring drivel you usually spout.
ooops... Law 11 states nothing to VALIDATE an offside decision if the ball gets to the 'scorer' via an opposing player...... for what its worth I think it still wudda be a draw after 90mins.... Deltaforce gives a v.good analysis of the AW sub decisions, maybe some of the 'fans' should read it
Well that explains the lack of knowledge then. It's all down to an inability to understand. The player was offside, and interfering with play, at the time the ball was played. He was still offside when the ball was deflected off a defender. For the goal to have stood he would needed to have been onside, or deemed not interfering with play (impossible in his position) when the ball was first played. He wasn't onside at any point in that move. Ask yourself if he would've been given onside had the shot rebounded off the keeper instead of the defender and re-read Law 11 again (that should occupy your grey cell for a while).
Checkmate! Owned again!! To think the stalker spent the whole night studying Law 11 :-)
LOL... the guy was not interfering with the GK's field of view re. ball, Weissman was placed nearer the goalpost and the GK was far more central.. and thus could not have been interfering..... I expect this sort of schoolboy dissembling from most of the others here Amos (they really can't help themselves) but I honestly expected better from you... very disappointed indeed.
It must be a great source of pain for Amos that he has failed to live up to your expectations Viyyash.
Realass Wrongosh truly is a defender of the wrong, fighting right and truth wherever he sees it to inject a mighty dollop of stinking steaming wrong.
The schoolboy dissembling (though without the capacity for comprehension of the average schoolboy) is all from you spuddie. So would he have been onside then if the ball had rebounded off the keeper? Not even Villa are claiming that the goal was onside. No disappointment from me though. I don't expect anything better from you.
but as you know it was an outfield player the ball deflected off so why mention the GK constantly, that simple fact seems to be case for the defense. obfuscation is a poor means and just highlights your weak position on this.... 'the rebound off the GK' 'argument' would nullify any other onside-claim too if the outfield players were treated in the same vein as your GK.... You dont expect anything better from you me, cos it suits your Admin role to be '1 of the lads' even at the cost of your integrity..
A rebound off the keeper wouldn't invalidate a goal unless the player were in an offside position when the ball was played. Where does the offside rule make a distinction between an outfield player or the keeper in this context? Or the woodwork for that matter. Where does it refer to the view of the keeper as a factor? You really are sounding desperately silly. Yours isn't even a weak position - it's one of ignorance. The match officials, players, coaching staff of both teams, pundits and commentators of various persuasions can all see it's offside. Only you don't understand it. My integrity is sound enough but your adherence to blind ignorance robs you of any you might have claimed. Not that anyone expects much from you.
LOL.... you think that just cos nobody complained, that a wrong wasnt committed ?.... if you Youtube Spain's 'goal' against Croatia at the Euros this year, you will notice that the 'scorer' Navas was offside before the ball was played to him and CONTINUED to be offside as it was played thru, but cos all the attention was on the the player with the ball it was totally overlooked.... but as for this case, lets agree to disagree as I know we both are pretty sure on our respective positions... tough game for both 2nite.
Starting your posts with a LOL doesn't mask your discomfort. Why not just admit you don't understand the offside rule? (though you seem to be arguing against yourself in the example you give). It's clear enough why the goal was ruled offside. There's nothing in the Law that permits an offside goal to stand by virtue of a deflection, whether from a player outfield or keeper, an official or woodwork if the player was in an offside position when the ball was played. I won't agree to disagree I'll just agree that you're wrong. (LOL)
maybe I start a post with LOL to dispel any tension that may or may not have developed.... I think you'll find nowadays that a person in an offside position can still score if the ball comes to him from an opposing team's outfield player's contact with said ball
No he can't (errors and omissions aside) if he's offside when the ball is played and remains offside when the ball reaches him. Which is why he was given offside and why you're unable to produce any part of Law 11 that says it should have stood. I can see that it's hard for you to admit you're wrong even when the contrary argument is as compelling as it is so it's enough for me to conclude the argument with the acceptance that, in your mind, you can't be wrong simply because you don't want to be.
like I said we'll agree to disagree, no point flogging wach other's dead horse..... so what you think are your chances for a win: I'd say around 25%...... I think Livpoo are due a good result on probability-theory, but if we play 3-5-2 like we did against Wet Spam (using Bale upfront) then it should cause Rodgers food for thought and mess up his pre-match tactics.
LOL - you'll need to post over at VS in order to find anyone who could give a toss! LOL
LOL... you seem to give more than a toss judging by your replies in this thread. pity yous can't debate football concerning rival clubs without cretinous comments. I at least try to rise above the petty-rivalries and do discuss Arse tactics.... think youre in for a hard night 2nite, pigeons may be coming from to roost from over the last 2-3 games good fortune.

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