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Team News: Olympiacos vs Arsenal

Teacher: Ah Rocky7 there you are, you`re late!

Rocky7: Yes sir, sorry sir.

Teacher: Yes yes, sit down. Do you have your assignment?

Rocky7: Yes sir, I spent a lot of time loo…….

Teacher: I don`t need to here about how you got the information, just give it to me.

Rocky7: Ok sir, here`s the line up for the all-but meaningless Arsenal game vs Olympiacos.

Arsenal team: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Meade, Rosicky, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Gervinho, Chamakh.

Substitutes: Shea, Monteiro, Hajrovic, Angha, Arshavin, Ansah, Akpom.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 4 2012

Time: 7:49PM

Your Comments

Hehehe! Thought Rosicky need not be thrown in at the deep end so soon. Why not Arshavin?
Jenkinson has to return to his more forward looking self. He appears to prefer passing backwards to his centre-back as soon as he has any pressure.
Good game, nice tempo so far, both teams looking up for it.
I know Gervinho just set Rosicky up for 1-0 but how rubbish have him and Chamakh been?
Gervinho is a disappointment these days and what's worse is you feel his shortcomings can be corrected by coaching. He lacks conviction in his decision making and just isn't aware of his team mates' runs. If he is back defending, he needs to be more assured rather than just going through the motions.
All things considered that's actually a decent half of football. We've looked more threatening today than we have for a while. Not as tight as I'd like in defence, but hey, Squillaci is playing.
Nice to be able to watch an Arsenal game in relax mode; allows for perspectives to the game and players. Szczesny has been calm and very re-assuring. Squillaci has not done much wrong save for playing someone on-side when Vermaelen had held a line with the other defenders. Meade is holding his own and I just want him to do well but he needs more support from Gervinho and the other senior players. The second half will see the Greek side come forward more strongly. We will need calm heads and hope to play the Ox in on breaks
Schalke have just scored at Montpellier. So much for Giroud getting his mates to do us a favour. We still have to get a result at Olympicos first, though.
Same old. Same old.
This game really shouldn't matter considering the line-ups, but after all we've seen recently it's just adding to the feelings brought on by Arsene Wenger's sleeping-bag of doom.
You can't deny this is a squad shorn of real quality. If we get Barcelona in the next round, I won't even watch, such will be the mauling.
The African cup of nations can't come quick enough for that pair of hapless fanny flaps.
Any squad we put out should be beating a team like this. But such is the lack of confidence in the team these days that even Oxlade-Chamberlain couldn't show the qualities we know he possesses. A surgical action is needed and quickly, otherwise, we get stuck in the rut. Disappointing, to be honest.
These boys look like the need a kick up the backside; a right barracking would do them a world of good, you'd think. They just appear too uninterested and unconvincing every game. Difficult to keep on watching this display.
The Ox hasn't really been playing well this season so far. The bigger game is Saturday; if we lose, all hell will break lose.
Shame our midfield went off at half time. Was he injured again? Rosicky made the difference and we looked far more fluent than we had for some time in the first half. He was making the play, setting the tempo, keeping possession in tight spots, using the ball well and making others play. All the things you'd want from a genuinely world class midfielder. Coquelin tried to break things up and Ramsey tried hard to dictate the play without getting anywhere near doing so. Ox was pretty anonymous and Arshavin and Gervinho were equally poor.
Gareth Southgate doesn't see Arsenal as a team who can win the Champions League. Thanks for those pearls of wisdom, Nostra-********-damus.
Unfortunetly, Southgate is dead right.
Wyn Mills
Very telling from Wenger 'we have to play well 'til January' he knows as well as anyone the importance of limping to that window and the til January was a clear indication to me that for once we will be investing and fairly heavily.
We shouldn't kid ourselves. Wenger won't buy anyone. He doesn't believe there is anyone of any quality usually available at that time. The ghost of Arshavin past also haunts the training ground.
Wyn Mills
Any news on Rosicky? He was the difference, hopefully he can translate some of that stuff onto the Premier League pitches.
He also said only desperate teams buy in January Wyn, I'd say that sums us up pretty tidily. Ordinarily I'd agree but I think Wenger knows how precarious himself and Arsenal are at present. 'Til January', why not the rest of the season? Because he knows serious reinforcing is essential for any chance at getting back to a top 4 place, as there is no chance with the squad as it stands.
Seems it was decided before the game that TR would only play the first half. He isn't injured just a little tightness in the muscles but it seems that Wenger wants to play him at the weekend if he's fit.
TR's substitution looked like it was planned that way. I was surprised he was started. To be honest and thought he handled himself well as he drove the team forward, also urging the midfield to press the game at times. Other than the advantage of playing at your home ground in the reverse, I have not been one to gripe too much about topping the group as looking at all the teams that qualified, there are no easy teams in there. Indeed, with our form at the moment, we would have done well if we were to beat any of the teams
That's actually very good to know and actually softens the blow of the defeat that in isolation isn't actually that bad.
Despite what he says, I wouldn't be so confident that Wenger will invest heavily in January. And even if he does, I don't have that much faith anymore that he'll buy the right players. It will probably largely be driven by our league position come Jan 1.
My worry is I am not sure there are many game-changing players with the quality we need, on the market, come January. Not to forget that the sides with deep pockets are also on the trail of the few available players.
Olympiakos played very well and deserved the win. Rosicky was very good, and it gives us another option instead of Gervinho or Ramsey, or even in the middle when Cazorla needs a rest. Meade showed some good flashes. But it was disappointing from Chamakh, Ramsey, Arshavin & Gervinho, who are supposed to be showing they are worthy of a starting place.
Chamakh, Gervinho especially will not be trying for a starting place, cos they KNOW that however well they do short-term it will not mean they become 1st choices... thats what happens when you demotivate players, who are more than happy then to just pick up a nice paycheque each month... Chamakh will never replace Giroud, so why should he bust a gut if he's on a good wage ?.... ditto Gervinho.
That might be true of Chamakh but apart from time out injured Gervinho has played in every CL and PL game starting in all but 4 of the 16 he was available for. You really need to check some facts before jotting down whatever random disjointed thought comes into your head.
Gervinho is soooo switched off in games, you can almost see him counting next week's wages during any game he plays; not just my opinion just look at the comments about him in this thread and others... he knows he's (rightly) 2nd choice to Podolski, and plays accordingly... I teally would love it if AW splashes out on some BIGNAMES, then you will all get a chance to see how little that will alter the mindset, and may even take it further backwards... not as if you lack bignames currently in the midfield and forward slots is it ??... and bigname defenders will not appease the Great Unwashed now baying for blood..
Gervinho has played with Podolski, either on the left with Podolski playing centrally, or centrally with Poldo on the left or playing right or left with whoever. You don't really have an opinion about Gervinho or anyone else from AFC that is formed from anything other than some random idea you've picked up. You then invent an opinion to fit the idea. It's quite clear that you haven't reached any conclusions from any real observation other than the internet or fleeting highlights programs. Yours is all pretty bogus opinion really.
Podolski has played few games centrally, and Gervinho's in-out gametime speaks for itself...Gervinho has played in the team, thats not what I questioned. but I feel that he is less than engaged due to the fact that he may (in my view) feel under-valued by especially the fans... you only have to read a few of Nicola's comments on him, and even Naija has picked up on his 'casual' attitude... my point ties in with the bigger picture of buying more bignames in Jan. I think you have many already and 1-2 more to appease the fans in Jan. will do little to alter the current malaise, which goes much deeper..
Other than the games he has missed when injured Gervinho has been a regular pick. Whether he deserves to be in or not is another matter but other than what you've picked up from comments here you're in no position to make an objective judgement. But despite that you can 'see' that he's 'switched off' and 'counting next weeks wages'. You haven't seen anything of the sort - you've invented an opinion on a player you know next to nothing about. Whatever Gervinho's shortcomings are, and there are some, neither lack of effort nor engagement are among them.The current malaise isn't deep at all. It's pretty superficial really but its resolution will never be quick enough for supporters.
superficial eh ?.... also: Giroud centre-forward, Pod leftside-forward, can't remember Gervais playing rightside-forward much usually Oxlade/Walcott... seems to be the 1st choice... but getting side-tracked here, whether Gervais plays regularly or not is not significant.... I think you have a situation now where players are finding it v.hard to express themselves at home games especially, unless its against 10-man teams of course. the fans are getting more frustrated and vent their spleens at players when moves break down. unless you lead early in games the anxiety balloons and players will continue to feel this strain and perform accordingly.... I really do hope you get those bignames in January, cos after that there'll be no more excuses left to explain the (continuing) staleness
Interesting development over so few posts. You've gone from 'Gervinho ...will not be trying for a starting place' to 'whether Gervais plays regularly or not is not significant'. Pretty pointless exchange that. The rest of your post is equally trite. When results aren't going well the players find it harder to 'express themselves' freely and fans get frustrated!!! Really??? No ****!! Who would've thought that could happen??? Even more perplexing that a spud supporter should be one making such an observation.
I guess Viyyash is off to see his side playThursday football against some side from one of the weaker leagues of Europe. I wonder if we will see some "big-name" players in that game. Not.
cut it anyway you want boyz, the fact is Gervais isnt really that bothered when he's on the pitch - just my opinion of course. I'll say again, Pod is 1st choice on left, Giroud at centre and Walcott or Oxlade on right; Gervais knows it, rest know it.... no bigname players I'm afraid Naija, but then we have a TEAM that doesnt need the illusion of 'bignames' to sustain us.... we leave that to Arse. maybe a bigname will end your staleness come January.... why don't you all hold your breath on that one, eh peeps..
We don't usually do big names, and often get criticised for not having enough. Which is it, people?

"the fact is... just my opinion" - do you see the conflict in that statement, Viyyash?
Viyyash, you've just got to make your mind up about the quality of your squad and what your gripe is with ours. I recall you crowing about how your squad has more quality (read big name) players than Arsenal's. Now, you come on here to suggest you don't need big names to sustain you. You have to decide which it is.
we do have alot of quality in our squad, but what bignames have we splashed ot on in the last 3yrs ??... we bought Modric for 16m and sold him for 35m+, we sold Berba for 3 times our price for him, etc.... our strength over you is that we play a better SYSTEM than you, which allows for 2 strikers to consistently be in the box when in in the final third.... your system of 4-3-3 can only succeed when the backline play v.high up, so that the wide attackers dont have too much ground when continually changing from defence to attack and back again.... the proof is becoming clearer with each passing game.... remember when you beat a 10-man Spurs and I calmly told you to remember that day and enjoy it.... knowing full well that within a few games, the situation would again have Spurs above Arse... you are now the inferior team, and luckily for you managed 3rd after Arry flirted heavily with England and rightly got sacked for it later, we were the better team then and externalities saved your bacon.... you will limp along to finish 6th this season.
Naija.... I meant that we do not need to BUY these overhyped 'bignames' to improve our team... i January I'd be very surprised if we spent more than 5m on players, if that.
Very Funny, Viyyash. In my country, we have a saying that goes "Poor man go say Beer dey bitter for him mouth"; translated: A poor man will say he dislikes Beer because it tastes bitter in his mouth. In general parlance, If wishes were horses, beggars will ride.

Admit it, you cannot afford the big name players or you would be buying them in the dozens as you perennially struggle to finish above us. You don't fool anyone here as i bet you can't spout half of the stuff you feel free to come on here to state, on the VS site (why can't you just save your technical acumen for your team, eh?). Your own fans will turn on you and chase you out of the Poultry (Cocks; poultry. get it?).
Ah! 'we do not need to BUY these overhyped "bignames" to improve...'. I recall how you grovelled all over the Etihad for Adebayor whose wages you couldn't even afford; all in a bid to come close to having a big name player in your side (even better that he was an Arsenal reject. Yes; you went for Bentley too for the same reason). You held on to Modric and Berba even when it was clear your club was too small for them then you went for top money to convince yourselves you 'did well'. Lately, your club has gone into "partnership" with Madrid (as the inferior 'partner', mind you). Why is that so? Obviously to have some semblance of a relationship with a big club so that when they come for Bale, you can negotiate for one of their kids or aging stars in return for being a 'good boy'. You don't have the money for the really big players or you will be mentioned in the hunt for them. Please continue with your basement bargain shopping and don't come here to amuse us. When you are ready to shop in 'Harrods', we will all see it. You can't desire Harrods type players but be only able to pay Primark style wages. Get it? You won't always have City to pay half of such a player's wages. Ciao.
You're aware, Viyyash, that this vastly superior system has seen Spuds score 28 goals to Arsenal's 24 - massive difference? - and Arsenal have conceded 16 goals to Spuds' 23 (all League stats)? So across 15 games, you're conceding 0.6 goals/game more than us, and scoring 0.2 goals/game more. Add to that, the logic that "Spurs above Arse... you are now the inferior team" means that you guys are no better than WBA, yeah?
Dammy, not about aggregate goals scored and conceded is it... its about winning games and securing pts, which mean managing the dynamics of each phase of the game: whether drawing, winning or losing.... Naija, you do make me laugh so please continue. you and the majority of fans aka. sheep will always moon over buying as many bignames as possible and long may that continue.... even Utd are coming around to knowing the value of a balance between bignames, homegrown and squad-players. Arse will now jump at the chance for a quick-fix to current ills... good luck.
.... and if you still lack the brain to see the folly of 'too many chiefs syndrome' just take a look at how PSG are doing in Ligue.1... Citeh just about won the title but they will struggle to win more than Utd in future even with (maybe, because of) to much money... and I did say Dammy that Spuds have been your superior for the last season and a half, but (conjecture here maybe) but IMO Spurs 'collapse' at season-end was due to externalities with the manager and England... we'll see if that looks correct as the weeks progress, shall we..
Completely deluded spud tosh. Rubbishing the Arsenal for a policy that they've never pursued and show no sign of doing so now while celebrating premature 'dominance' is a characteristic of the strange planet of Spud. One that they've indulged in every season over the two decades since they last ended above us. In that time, and on their planet, they've always had better systems, better players, better managers but have never felt confident enough to wait until the end of the season to tell us so. Yet they're so in need of attention and the acceptance of their far, far more successful neighbours that they have to spend an inordinate amount of time in the early part of every season telling us how this will be the year. Even by their standards their 'sheeplike' dependence on the law of averages proving them right one day is wearing thin.
Always said that Arse have easily been Spuds superior for the majority of last 50yrs, got no probs with that at all... and I respect AW for not bowing to the majority into buying 'bignames', but I think that will now change out of desperation and pressures from the Media and thus the sheeplike fanbase... I also stated that during last season and now this one: Spuds are the better team and will probably continue to be for the next 2-3yrs at least (what may well be called the post-Wenger Era)...
So, why do you feel the need to be so nice as to 'disclose' the future (yet again, albeit wrongly, as always for 20 years or so) to us? Or, is there a need for you to have the last word, even when you know you are talking tosh? Give it up, mate.
If you were genuinely confident in your thoughts you would wait until the end of the season to tell us. You're the 'sheep' in following the tedious spud pattern of claiming victory before we've reached half time. And a particularly needy sheep in having to shout it through our letterbox desperately craving our attention. It's a bit like an infant boy pulling on his mothers apron seeking praise for his finger painting efforts. That's very good Viyyash - now run along and play with your toys.
or maybe.... this is supposed to be a football-forum and I've just restated that Arse have been hugely superior to Spuds over the last 50yrs, but that since 11/12 season that is no longer the case... I think youre all in for a hard and meagre 3-4yrs ahead. try and draw strength from it and learn to control your expectations abit better. it'll hurt alot less..
Nice of you to restate the obvious. Football forums everywhere are much in need of such revelatory observations. Might have been worth mentioning that we were vastly superior in the preceding 50 years too! Should we heed of your warnings of football pain? You have far more practical experience after all. I suspect you won't be strangers to pain and humiliation in the future either but I don't feel the need to shout it through your letterbox. Run along and play nicely now.
I don't really hurt over things like a football team... even when Spurs were bottom-midtable I was quite content to see our brand of entertaining footy. recently its become an auction for titles and the only true thing you can take ownership of is how you appreciate your team's efforts in regards to the outlay theyve made... relative to the net-outlay since 2005 or so, I've been reasonably pleased with the team's ability to entertain me within the progression achieved.
Wenger(just in): "Football is about more than just splashing out." That doesn't sound like a man who is about to get desperate and pay big for big name players. He is looking to be true to our philosophy to promote from within, spend intelligently and turning his players into big names. 'Nuff said.
Viyyash you need help, you post on here more than any Arsenal fan (you're actually at the top of league for posting on here). You're an obsessive troll and your behaviour is slightly disturbing. You obviously have very little else going on in your sad and empty life. You're not here to have an intelligent debate otherwise you would not keep repeating your amateurish analysis and prediction a million times. I really hope you get some help soon before you cause yourself or anyone else any harm.

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