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Team News: Chelsea vs Arsenal

I`m running a little late today so I`m afraid I`ll have to dispense with the merriment today and get right down to the team new.

The team is unchanged though our attack options from the bench have been reduced considerably after Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were taken down with illness.

A win against the Lotto Chavs would be massive for us as we come to the end of a difficult month,

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Coquelin, Wilshere, Diaby, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud.

Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Santos, Frimpong, Ramsey, Arshavin.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 20 2013

Time: 12:57PM

Your Comments

Easy feckin peezy for chavski. We look like a clueless bunch of feckwits.
Appears Arsene's game plan of only worrying about our own game and not really focusing on how to deal with the opposition is working a treat again.
Not started according to plan. Two avoidable goals. With a little 'assist' from the ref for them. Foul on Coquelin ignored by the ref for the first; and not sure how much contact Szczesny had for the penalty call. Diaby was posing for photographs, dwelling too long on the ball there for his pocket to be picked. I think we should focus on staying compact before thinking how to come back from this.
Naija - Arsene doesn't do staying compact, that's the problem.
Walcott must have another variation to his corner kicks or simply be relieved of that duty. We don't seem to have a clue how to scrap.
Wenger is right about the art of tackling disappearing. Our midfield don't seem to understand what it means. Chelsea have tackled us out of the game.
Wyn Mills
Walcott being offside 3 times indicates he is trying too hard to earn his big wages. He must remain disciplined and patient. The 2nd half will tell a lot about Wenger's tactical nous; we are being battered through the wings and it is clear our full backs need more support from the DMs, while the distance between Vermaelen and Gibbs is worrying. Giroud works hard but needs to improve his composure in the rare goal mouth situations. The jury is out on him from today.
Diaby is not ready to come back. He has to go off at half-time, probably for Ramse, maybe even for Frimpong. And I know he's alienated everyone at the club but Arshavin surely has to come on - he's better than what we've got out there atm.
Arsenales F.C
frankly, we are lucky to only be 2 down. Sagna has been an open door. Nowhere near the defender he was 2 seasons ago.
Wyn Mills
2nd best in every position all over the pitch. Lucky not to be at least 4 down with that pillock diaby wrestling in the box and other numerous chav chances. Sagna is stinking the joint out again counting down the months til the summer. Yet more naive keeping from chesney too. Struggling to see a solitary positive from this. Our only realistic hope in this is for a great feck off blizzard to call it off. Grim times with a manager sitting on his hands refusing to change course from the iceberg dead ahead.
Yep I agree, Sagna looks weak and is constantly caught out of his position but he should be getting more support from his team mates. I wouldn't mind him being replaced with Jenkinson.
Actually there is a positive, our 100k wally has finally stopped taking the set pieces.
Every time we come up against a decent team the players look like a bag of nerves. I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever be comfortable playing at this level when it keeps happening time and time again.
One of the key qualities of Wenger's better sides has been quick strong starts to big games. That seems to have all gone now; we have been late starters in most huge games and this can't be good for confidence.
It does always seem to follow the same pattern bowie, have a horror start throwing a couple of cheap goals away, then when psychologically we're satisfied we're out of actually winning we start to play although still with little conviction in the final ball. Wenger is done, it's just a case of how long it all drags out, unfortunately it's likely to be a hideously prolongued painful demise :(
Excellent finish by Walcott.
Wyn Mills
Chelsea have been listening to our manager and been very physical, almost like a planned attack on Coquelin and now, Theo.
If the players can get really stuck in and get something from this game then it might finally give them some belief. We have enough going forward to score again if we get our finishing right. We just have to be careful not to concede another by committing too many men forward.
It's all about patience and composure, Bowie.
Chelsea fouls need to be blatent and in the ref's face before we're given anything. Its a joke.
Wyn Mills
Great keeping from Chesney
Take it back about our tackling. We're not being allowed to by the officials.
Wyn Mills
Gibbs has had another fantastic game. He's some player.
Wyn Mills
what a difference a quality striker would have made to our team. As for Wenger, he's consistently proving that he can't organise a team to make things difficult for the opposition. Malaise has set in for good and there's no way we're making the top 4 trophy this season.
That has to be it for any aspirations we might have for climbing that table. If anything, we need to start looking over our shoulders. Wenger doesn't affect this side anymore, I don't care that there was a reaction in this half, really. I go with how Niko reads it: we only start to play when we are psychologically out of it.
To think Demba Ba was within our reach and our manager let him go to Chelsea, who characteristically, only go in for players when there is an opportunity to pay over the odds. Giroud isn't sharp; can be clumsy and is not going to give us an edge in games like this.
i'll be happy if we even qualify for europa next season
We had no alternative to Giroud on the bench. No RvP to save us this time. looks like Wenger's gambling luck may finally be running out. Come summer, when we've got no CL football to offer we definitely won't be so attractive to the best strikers in europe.
Wyn Mills
For years now we have ambled into the start of games obviously under instruction to pace ourselves, that it's a 90 minute game and it's better to come good at the end when the other team is tiring, this is just not working for us any more as we don't have the cohesion and defensive ability to keep teams that do start brightly out. Yet again we could have conceded an early penalty through cuddling in the box, I know Diaby is not the brightest of buttons but having seen a team mate walk only a week ago for the same offence yet there he is hauling a player to ground in the area? Just mindless. Self destruct then partial redemption followed by glorious defeat seems to be our modus operandi in the bigger games and has been for so long now I just fail to comprehend how our strategy and planning can be so consistently flawed. Stay compact from the start, harry the opposition into conceding possession build n it from there. We start every game so poorly these days, are they listening to Leonard Cohen in the dressing room pre match?
A bit like last weekend. Eventually showed that we could play but too late. Not much on the bench but attacking wise Santos would have been a better choice than Arshavin though you had the feeling the game had gone by then and we were hitting long balls. Sagna got a lot of stick in the first half but with Walcott playing off Giroud he was playing that side virtually on his own and put a lot of running into attempting to do so. Not much point in having a four man midfield if they all play the same areas which was pretty much what Cazorla, Wilshere, Coquelin and Diaby were doing. Sorted that out a bit better in the second with Diaby looking out for that right hand but 45 minutes too late.
Without new blood and top quality new blood at that I can't see much for us this season at all. We look mid table, without any special quality at all as a team.
With Giroud and Torres as the main strikers, one could not help but feel that this ,once thrilling, fixture looked a lot less glorious than in the times of Crespo, Drogba, Henry, and Van Persie.
I knew it wouldn't be our day when I saw Torres had trimmed his locks for this one;-)
Chelski, you are right. The power in the premier league has well and truly moved to Manchester.
torres played better than giroud today though , he just need that goal , good game though.
We could pick up a striker from pretty much any mid-European team with an Arshavin + cash deal. Arshavin's stock is still relatively high.
Arsenales F.C
I don't think we could have put any more pressure on the Chelsea goal than we did in the last part of the game, but we were up against Chelsea, not a mid-table team. Santos coming on instead of Arshavin wou;d've been retarded.
Arsenales F.C
There's pacing yourself, and then there's not having the quality options to see you through the entire 90 minutes.
Wyn Mills
Giroud is turning out to be Bendtner but without the boasting. I think he'll come good as he adjusts to the league but Wenger has left the team so threadbare that he wasn't allowed a season to bed in because he's our only friggin' striker! Complete team my ass. Onthe bright side, a Spuds loss today and a win over the hammers on Wednesday puts us back in the thick of things with Man U, improving Liverpool and Everton at home, Spuds away our toughest games left. Spuds still have Man U, Man Citeh, Everton, and us at home, Swansea, Liverpool and Chelsea away. Our main positive is an easier schedule. Everton has the hardest of all - Man U, us, Spuds, Poll and Chelsea away, Citeh at home. Fourth is definitely possible, even probable if we buy a couple of upgrades in the next 11 days. Stay positive!
Yeah, Torres played better than Giroud today if you look at it from Arsenal's point of view. Torres' mistake led to Arsenal's goal. So yeah, he played better for Arsenal than Giroud, who did feck all.
The thing, Amos, is such a flaw could have been corrected from the technical team before the half ended but Wenger spends a lot more time remonstrating with the officials than giving ad hoc instructions to his team. If he or Bould got up to shout the instructions, who's to know if the result may have been different? Our keeper did well today but still needs to learn a few tricks from a veteran who has won things; Julio Cesar, Hugo Lloris, even Pepe Reina. He is loud but seems to fail at directing his defenders aright. His distribution and choices also need schooling. It is not a criticism of the kid but an observation of areas of his game which need can be improved upon with an active older head around him.
Torres was infinitely more influential in the game than Giroud, both had butter for boots in front of goal. As much I like Olivier he seems a good guy and a real trier (the polar opposite of chamakh who seems a bit of a weasel and a lazy {unt) he is out of his depth, he is just not at the level we need to be competing for top 4 let alone anything more.
Hazard looked incredibly dangerous first half, but seemed to go AWOL the second. Would love to have seen him in an Arsenal kit.
Wyn Mills
chesney did well naija? really? He cost us two points giving away the pen and could have been all 3 when he ran out like some big dumb dog coming to greet his owner, again time after time naive and substandard keeping costs Arsenal vital points. Just another area of the pitch where we are sorely understaffed and bereft of genuine match winning quality. I'm beginning to think the guy has an anus for an ear such is the regularity of his brain farts.
I also think Giroud is floundering a bit. Its a pity he never had the opportunity to adjust to the pace of the league while RvP was still at the club as it undoubtedly places more pressure on a new striker. We are crying out for a clinical finisher...someone who will commit to the box everytime. Crap...RvP scores again!
Wyn Mills
Well,Niko. I didn't wish to be too harsh on the lad; he has had some good games too. Fact is he is affected by the general lack of bottle and leadership in the Arsenal side at the moment. And the Dutch man strikes again for ol' red nose's side.
Naijagunner if to remind us what we are missing. One chance= 1 goal! Contrast that with Giroud's missed opportunities.
At this moment I'd take Van persie scoring a double hat trick, pointless us looking at utd at over 20 pts off them. In fact I want that dutch {vnt rubbing it in the face of our unambitious parsimonious bunch of suits every step of the way now, how else will they ever learn that no sale at any price is ever acceptable to a supposed 'rival'? Like that yank pr1
* like that yank pr1ck gives a feck
I agree. Utd are in a different competition as far as our board are concerened. RvP for a hatrick!
Wyn Mills
Btw, anyone else find it incredible Ramires was named MOM after stamping on Coquelin and diving for a pen. Even more incredibly he escaped a card of any colour. Unbelievable.
Wyn Mills
Maybe, he was named MoTM for just those factors. He "won" them the game when you look at it from that view point.
You can have a wealth of bottle and leadership in the outfield Naija but it still won't make up for a keeper prone to rash hot headed moments of madness. What worries me most is that it's not just because he's young, I fear it's hardwired into him, his old man was the same, even if everything else was going swimmingly (try hard to imagine lol) it's actions like today much like Lehmann in the CL final that costs teams dearly. He's exempt from criticism as everyone loves a character and he tickles the fans' bellies making all the right purring noises. Far from convincing.
Also the horror years of Almunia and flappy go some way in fogging level headed evaluation of the keeping situ.
i bet the board are already planning for the summer; players next to be sold to cushion our lost of income for missing the cl. unfortunatelyly not many choices left - wilshere, gibbs, ox, walcott. it's all about the money for the board
I think the GK area is the least of our worries at the moment to be fair. When it comes down to it I just don't think AW has bought very well in recent seasons, not by his standards anyway. Not well enough for us to challenge for trophies. Players like Koscielny and Giroud are good but not good enough for where we want to be. We can't afford the transfer fees for the truly proven world class players but in the past AW has been able to pick up bargains. Sadly he seems to have lost his ability to do that so we're left with average players signed for average prices. As a result we have a squad just about good enough to compete for fourth this season and that's about it. The evidence is mounting and surely AW has to admit we need to sign better quality players and if that means paying bigger transfer fees and wages surely we are in a position to do that now.
even if we are fortunate enough to squeeze into the cl, we will still be selling our best players. the club must make profit every year according to wenger
Don't get me wrong Bowie I'm not saying it's the cause of all our ills, far from it. but did it put the game beyond our reach today? Yes, yes it did. Bar Vermaelens goal line clearance it would have been something we'dve been forced to address. Completely agree with the rest of your post though. Arsenals' dip in quality has coincided with the French national teams and the quality of French player available, we have been too slow as ever in adjusting any sights elsewhere accordingly. For someone that claims not to look at passports the purchase history says otherwise. Would we honestly have gone for koscielny Giroud, Silvestre squillaci or persevered so fruitlessly with diaby were it not for the tricoleur tug?
That was a pathetic performance, anything would have been better than that 1st half shower of *****e, so obviously that 2nd half was better. This squad is not good enough for 4th, Spurs are definitely favourites for that unless they screw it up like last season. Talk of tough / easy fixtures misses the point - i dont think this team will win the 'easy games' as well.
And Spurs get a point. Fighting at OT. Right now, there are more positives for them than us, for 4th place. I'm pessimistic about our chances for 4th this time.
That game was at white hart lane. Spurs peel further away and show more fight than we are able to muster. It isn't all lost yet, if the manager does make the required purchases.
Winger cannot convince me Dembele wouldn't have made a difference to our side, on his performance today for the tots. Lots to improve upon as we shouldn't be dropping too many points from this point on. Against the top sides, we must get points in the reverse fixtures, allowing for the 6 points lost to Chelsea as an exception and noting the 5 points lost to Man City.
Even now our manager is hanging his hat on how unlucky we were not to score an equaliser in the second half, completely ignoring the fact we could easily have come in 4-1 down at the end of the first. I suppose you have to always look for the positives but its getting harder.
Wyn Mills
I think Wenger acknowledges the serious flaws in the squad (admitting to psychological factors) but is unable to fix them.
Spurs were fantastic today, dominating against man u and should have won. Favorites for the 4th this season. Particulary if they get a half decent striker to replace the non-existant Defoe.
"Arshavin's stock is still high." The only thing high about that podgy little wastrel is his BMI. When's his ******** baby due?
Little Dutch
We could really do with strengthening our squad.
Its not just squad strengthening unfortunetly. There are still basics missing out there like closing down, pressing and tackling. Its like groundhog day. And that's not me prattling on, its Wenger finally admitting it. ffs, Why weren't we doing in the first half what we were doing in the second?
Wyn Mills

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