Arsenal - Do You Care If We Lose?
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Do You Care If We Lose?

Sunday evening will see the first piece of major silverware being dished out in England as Arsenal take on Chelsea in the League cup final.

Having just had a skoosh round and getting last minute Cup Final news before my 4.30am departure on the morrow, I came across and article written by Sir Bobby Robson that posed to me a rather interesting question.

Do I care if we lose?

First of all I'll let you have a butchers at what Bobby had to say for himself.

Arsene Wenger is a braver manager than me if he sticks to his young Gunners in the Carling Cup final today.

A lot of bosses, probably most, would be tempted to bring back some of the big players like Jens Lehmann, William Gallas and Thierry Henry with a trophy against one of your biggest rivals at stake.

In some ways, Arsene`s stance is to be applauded and many neutrals will be hoping they can do to Chelsea what they did to Liverpool and Tottenham. However, I fear Arsene`s faith in his exciting youngsters might prove costly in Cardiff and I don`t think the Arsenal fans will appreciate it if they lose.

You can read the entire article here.

My own personal stance is that this competition has provided the younger players with a means to gain vital experience of what it's like to play first team football and ultimately what the pressure feels like on the big stage.

It also gives we the fans a sneak preview of what is in store for our future whilst experiencing great football at cut-price costs.

I'm proud of everything our League Cup team has achieved and if giving these players their reward means losing out on silverware to the Premiership champions, then so be it.

I will not be angry, I won't have a bad word to say about any of the players, they have nothing but my admiration.

Tomorrow my friends, is a win win situation.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 24 2007

Time: 9:52PM

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Let's see how you feel making that journey home if it all goes wrong!
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24/02/2007 22:00:00

Not bother to read the article Merlin? I'll feel pride & admiration at their achievments!!! And also, I'll be a little drunk ;)
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24/02/2007 22:05:00

If we lose then my haemeroids will itch vigorously, but if we win then they'll still itch but maybe with a little less intensity, and the throb will only happen at 10 minute intervals. So in the scheme of things, it really doesn't matter to me that much. Win or lose, as long as the lads gain good experience from it then that's all that matters.
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24/02/2007 22:05:00

Merlin, you're gonna be paying double toll across the bridge tomorrow, I'll make sure my buddies see to that one. You ain't got the fare, you ain't coming in. Gloucester is nice though apparently.
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24/02/2007 22:12:00

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24/02/2007 22:14:00

Remind me to ask you on Monday morning whether it's still a win-win situation.
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24/02/2007 22:19:00

Merlin, we are going to infect you with Gunnerhoea. »»Arsene Knows««
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24/02/2007 23:36:00

As long as the game turns into a battleground of wills, guts and glory, I don't mind. ;) I just hope there's no..umm... questionable officiating that benefits either sides actually. Other than that, I won't say win or lose, but just that I'm looking forward to the match!
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25/02/2007 00:22:00

Every neutral in the country will be roaring for us to get one over on Team Evil and the narcissistic ho that is Maureen, the hatred that exists for this bunch of mercenaries and their murderous oligarch stretches nationwide, I don't expect victory, but if it happens the true spirit of football will for once triumph against filthy lucre and all its ills, c'mon the kids!!.
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25/02/2007 01:07:00

God is a gooner! make it happen!
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25/02/2007 01:33:00

We have defeated the Orcs and now for the battle that will free Middle Earth foreverrrrrrrr.......................burp! C'mon Arsenal!
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25/02/2007 02:00:00

Yes i would care if we lose but not as much as in other tournaments.
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25/02/2007 04:00:00

u may call him cool or insane ,,,, but u gota luv em`
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25/02/2007 07:06:00

Who has said "What a great run of results by Chelsea to get to the final!"? No-one! Come on the Arse!
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25/02/2007 10:31:00

that's cos they've had an easy path. We, on the other hand, have defeated a resurgent west brom, everton away, liverpool away, drawn away at the tiny totts, beaten the tiny totts at home. These players have grown into important players already, despite their tender years. Bring it on, baby. »»Arsene Knows««
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25/02/2007 13:09:00

That was funny.Glad you gooners are having such a good week,keep it up.
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25/02/2007 17:11:00

Chelsea should take no pride in the result, in a game that arsenal dominated they only managed to win by one goal (one of which shouldn't have been allowed) against what was Arsenal's second string team. The refereeing was atrocious, what was it that Ade did to get red carded? I'm proud of our boys and especially pleased for young Theo.
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25/02/2007 17:26:00

This game just showed us typically how we and Chelsea play.. but I really want to know why on earth Frank Lampard was on the pitch at the end of the match.. Fabregas was pulling him away from the fight and he seemed to be angered by that too! He is a disgrace in my opinion and I couldn't bare it when I saw him lifting the cup.. sad end to a good match.
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 17:43:00

With u all the way mogzw. We can definately come away with our heads held high. Fantastic football match for any neutral. Aliadiare showed more composure in the first 15 minutes than shevko did all game and we bossed the midfield throughout. Fair play to the chavs, Drogba is just in that zone he has been all season. We failed to take our chances, he didnt. Hope JT will b able to remember watching Theo get his first and the arrival of an arsenal legend. Bothered now? Id be lying if i sed no, but **** it. NO. Well done Arsenal.
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25/02/2007 17:48:00

Unlucky Arsenal, played some good football..This team plays as good as your first team...2nd half experience jus started to show. Your gonna win ***** all again :(
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 18:14:00

We probably will win **** all this year, but this match has showed every gooner just how fantastic our future is. Chelski's first team couldn't match upto a group of kids. Next season will be ours!!
Ashburton Gooner
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25/02/2007 18:22:00

We won, how couldn't we match them?Not very logical.
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25/02/2007 18:25:00

I was talking about the football played, not the result!! Ask any neutral & they will all say arsenal should have won. At the end of the day tiredness in the second half & a blatantly biased linesman throughout has cost us!! All credit to Drogba for a brilliant second, but chelski should have been beaten well before then.
Ashburton Gooner
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25/02/2007 18:31:00

K_chelski, must ask though, you proud of your fans??? Of course the FA will be gutless & take no action for their disgusting behaviour throughout. If there was ever a more undeserving bunch of fans, then I have yet to see them.
Ashburton Gooner
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25/02/2007 18:33:00

AG, most of them were under 21 , if they can't take a 90 minutes game, i don't know who can.Wrong judgments happen at football, liverpool knocked us out with a controversial goal in the champions league.Does it matter to them?No.I'm not proud, not at all.It's not all of the fans who did that.You can't punish a whole club & it's fans for a work of a few.There's tons of cameras in the stadium, they'll find who did it.Now i ask you, are you proud of Adebayor?
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 18:38:00

I can honestly say I didn't actually see what adebayor did?? I thought both Toure & Obi Mikel were unlucky to get sent off as I didn't see either raise their hands above chest height. I didn't watch the after match analysis as it was on sky & was always going to be anti arsenal...................Most of them may have been U21 but they have no real first team experience, so lasting 90 minutes on a massive pitch against top opposition is impossible.............Regards your fans its not a minority, its always reported as a minority ruining it for the majority but the fact is it came from all over your entire end & was therefore the majority!! If the FA had any guts they would make chelski play behind closed doors, but luckily for them the brawl happened so instead they can just punish arsenal. How essien & diarra were not red carded in the match itself is beyond me, but then the ref was useless anyway!!
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 18:55:00

Well, he elbowed bridge on the face.Almost attacked the officials, that's more than essien and diarra did, combined.Well, if the stadium camera's show most of our fans attacking someone, then we should be punished.However, since i saw just two or three things, landing on the pitch, that would be very unlikely.
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 19:07:00

Two or three things..................& you call Wenger blind!!! Your end was completely littered by objects thrown. As I said nothing will happen because chelski get away with it time & again. If he elbowed bridge then he deserved his red card, he certainly didn't attack any official though, apart from shrugging off the refs hands (who incidentally had no right putting his hands on adebayor). Diarra & Essien should both have been sent off for cynical fouls & in essien's case he seriously tried to do baptista.
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 19:18:00

I don't know why your mad, if i was a gooner, i would still be happy.Those kids were great, they just weren't mature enough for the final.We dominated the second half.They started good, but lack of experience counted alot.You should be proud of your team mate.Actually, all of you.
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25/02/2007 19:26:00

K_C We are proud. We just don't know why Adebayor was sent off, I admit Toure deserved to go but Adebayor didn't. I enjoyed the game and it was a shame we didn't win but I'm still proud of the boys and especially Walcott. Well done lads.
Report Abuse
25/02/2007 22:18:00

And they think its all over,,,,,,,, tis now.
Report Abuse
26/02/2007 02:46:00

The worst fracas on the pitch was between Lampard and Cesc. If there were Red cards to be handed out it should have been for them but they were always going to get yellows as there was no way on earth Coward Webb was going to send off a big English player in a major cup final. Eboue pushed Bridge in the face and will probably be banned, the way Bridge fell I though it was Robben when watching it live. The Chelsea fans throwing things at Cesc was moronic and when all the Arsenal fans to a man/woman and child stood and applauded JT off the pitch they probably died of embarrasment.
Report Abuse
26/02/2007 07:32:00

I dont know how ya can say that they cant punish a team for the actions of a few fans k_c they have been doing it all over Europe for years. In Italy half the teams are playing in empty stadiums, Feyenoord were kicked out of UEFA cup, Roma made to play in empty stadium in the CL. I'm not saying what your fans did was on the same level as those incidents but to defend it is plain stupidity, that was appaling and you wonder why the kid lost it having to endure that abuse, your fans are ****s!
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
26/02/2007 08:45:00

and as iceman said about JT, our entire club wanted to help. Fabregas was the first person to yell for the physios and our physios were there long before yours to offer assistance but nobody here or in the press will acknowledge Cesc's actions there because hes not English, **** that you are!
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
26/02/2007 08:48:00

So it wasn't win-win after all. Arsenal's captain set an appalling example, Fabregas got into his traditional fight down to his poor attitude, Eboue was hysterical kicking Bridge as well as clumping him, Adebayor disrespectful of the authority of the officials. It shoud've been win-win but somehow they managed to lose their composure and reputation. In the game the kids disappeared after a bright start with the goal, but Drogba's brace and shots from Lampard and Sheva crashing against the bar showed it wasn't as close as all the farting around indicates. A superficial viewing would say the kids did well, but they were well beaten in the end and throwing tantrums and dummies out of the pram because they couldn't get their own way. Same old Arsenal, always bottling.
Report Abuse
27/02/2007 14:00:00


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