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Pride Comes Before A Brawl

Alas, it was not to be. Arsene Wenger stuck rigidly to his principles and selected the youngest ever team to take the field in a domestic Cup Final. Way back in 1966, Bobby Moore led a West Ham side with an average age of 24.4 into the F.A Cup Final, the average age of Wenger's young charges yesterday was 21.3. The most senior member of the midfield was represented by Abou Diaby, who at 20 is close to bus pass age. With two 17 year olds to boot and after the red card to Toure, Fabregas took the armband, surely making him the youngest Cup Final captain ever at 19?

Anyways, having left at the ungodly hour of 4.45am, a completely trouble free journey saw us arrive in Cardiff at 10.45am. However, my current course of antibiotics means that alcohol is off the menu, whilst Hon John went down with a virus all of his own which left spirits quite low early on. The spirits were to be further quelled when we discovered that the rail chaos at Newport meant our mate Jim, whose ticket we were in possession of, was running seriously late and it looked as though we may miss kick off. With no pre match nerves to speak of, my apprehension was all focused on the great British railway (a familiar feeling) but fate wore a cummerbund as Cinderella arrived in time for the ball. I never questioned for a second that Wenger would stick to his Young guns in the starting line up, but I must confess I was surprised at just how junior the ranks were. I had fully expected to see the likes of Gilberto and Hleb to help guide the youngsters, but I was delighted to see that the side featured the younger players who had performed so brilliantly in the tournament.

From the off the young Gunners looked sprightly and looked to repay the manager's unwavering faith in them. John Terry was clearly not fit, shifting the ball onto his left foot at every opportunity and at one stage even stooping to head a ball that was gliding along the turf. The youngsters smelled blood and went for the jugular. Denilson was full of bite and industry, robbing Lampard (how does anyone believe he is any good?) and Ballack (anyone remember the song 'Money For Nothing' by Dire Straits?) of the ball and redistributing with the class of a 29 year old on £120,000 a week. Walcott looked electric on the right, cutting Wayne Bridge to ribbons, whilst Diaby snapped in with tackles. The interplay and movement of a side very much wet behind the ears left the Champions dormont. Another surging run from Diaby saw Aliadiere in down the left, his low cross caused panic in the box, but Chelsea managed to scramble clear. Baptista caused Carvalho all sorts of problems with his body strength and intelligent play with his back to goal. The Beast unleashed a shot bound for the top corner which was amazingly clawed clear by Petr Cech. Had Cudicini or Hilario been keeping goal, Baptista would have had his seventh goal of the tournament.

Arsenal's courageous play got its just rewards, the awesome Diaby turned a neat ball round the corner and past Carvalho. Theo Walcott ran onto it and curled a delicious finish past the stranded Cech. Cue pandemonium in the Arsenal end, as a plethora of limbs swayed this way and that. Theo Walcott had his highly anticipated first Arsenal goal on the big stage, one in the eye for the vultures in the press and a cue for the Gooners who have been slagging him off something rotten in the past few weeks to suddenly start hyping him to the skies again. The Reds were in the ascendancy and I felt we needed another to cement our dominance. My words to my good buddy Jim were almost exactly what my words were on Tuesday night, high up in the visitors' enclosure in the Philips Stadium. We have to turn our dominance into goals, there is no way Mourinho will let Chelsea play like this in the second half.

Unfortunately, Chelsea were to show the stuff of Champions, equalising well against the run of play. Ballack played Drogba in on the left, it looked to be marginally offside, but in these situations it is hard to castigate the linesman when the margins are so paper thin. What is annoying is that Eto'o and Drogba have benefited against us in our last two finals. Still, with Traore appealing in vain for offside, Drogba was left with plenty of time to slot past Almunia. After a few minutes of self doubt, the young Gunners picked themselves up again and went at Chelsea with renewed vigour, Aliadiere exposing Terry's lack of fitness by sprinting onto a Baptista through ball, as Carvalho hauled down Baptista off the ball, Aliadiere was left with no options in the box. Arsenal could have had a penalty on the stroke of half time, as Fabregas delivered a free kick, Carvalho again hauled Baptista down in the area, which was lunacy considering the Beast had no chance of getting to the ball. Call me bitter (I am), but Webb gave Chelsea everything they told him to give, he was a weak spineless official way out of his depth. In fact, a jellyfish might have had more backbone than Mr.Webb, who time and again blew a sympatheitc whistle every time someone from either side complained hard enough for a decision. No complaint, no foul, as Webb let the constant indiscretions of Ballack and Essien go because Denilson and Diaby did not scream in his face John Terry style. That said, his performance was not a contributory factor to us losing, it's just disappointing to see the constantly poor level of officiating in this country as referees get the fundamentals laughably wrong. Borderline offsides I can stoamch, but failing to apply the basic laws of the game (a shirt pull is a foul) and sending someone off for mistaken identity is not forgiveable. Video eveidence is a must in the modern game.

The half time whistle went and with the scores undeservedly level, I felt our chance had gone. Mourinho has a high propensity towards early substitutions, and the arrival of Arjen Robben to take on the inexperienced Armand Traore was inevitable. Chelsea are the best around at knocking the heat up when they need a goal. However, the young Guns started the second half in the same vain as the first, Denilson played Diaby in down the left as Diarra was once again left stranded, but Cech thwarted what would have been one of the most deserving goals ever scored in a League Cup Final. But Chelsea pressed on and what had been one way traffic in the first half, blossomed into a wonderfully open encounter. Frank Lamprd's solitary contribution to the game saw his thirty yard piledriver swerve onto the crossbar. I guess that's what happens when he doesn't get those deflections eh?

But early in the second half a sickener was in store. I was at the other end of the ground at the time, but the severity of the blow recived by John Terry was immediately obvious as Almunia and Fabregas urgently motioned the medical staff onto the pitch. Having accused the Thames Valley ambulance sevice of negligence back in September, it was sadly ironic that Gary Lewin was the first to arrive on the scene. The Chelsea fans behind the goal unfotunately began to chant 'w*****s' at our players, despite the fact that our physio was treating their captain. While Chelsea's fans hurled objects (I'm told celery, but there were clearly other things being thrown) at our players, the Arsenal fans applauded Terry as he was stretchered off. It's also worth mentioning, for all Chelsea's bleating about Stephen Hunt, Michael Ballack left a foot in on Almunia in the second half in EXACTLY the same fashion. Fortunately, his boot only caught Manuel's stomach and there was no repeat of Cech's horrific injury. You won't hear about that from Mourinho.

Personally I did not think that Terry would complete the ninety minutes, and his selection was an act of desperation on Chelsea's part, but I was expecting a sore ankle and not a sickening head injury to curtail his day. Fortunately, he has recovered and deserves admiration for his sturdiness in the face of two bad injuries. The blow he receievd was of such force, that Abou Diaby had to be replaced with an ankle injury and Arsenal's fluency went down the tunnel with him. Aliadiere and Baptista, who rarely play ninety minutes, were stricken with fatigue. The whole game was chrytalised by two opportunities. A beautifully flighted Fabregas corner found Toure completely unmarked, but the skipper for the day headed over when he should have scored. Minutes later, his compatriot was to show him how it is done, Drogba heading in Robben's brilliant left wing cross. Chelsea had been thoroughly outplayed for large sections of the game, but their experience told through, not only did they never give up, but they showed the youg Gunners all about Wenger's prophetic pre match phrase, 'controlling the key moments of the game.' You saw United do it at Fulham on Saturday and Chelsea did it yesterday, fair play to them. But once the average age of yesterday's side rises to 23, I cannot see a side in the world stopping them.

Shevchenko hit the bar in a lte breakaway, but other incidents were to grace the backpages (or cat ltiter as I call it). There followed a regreattable melee which, though was out of spirit with the immense quality of the game, had been rumbling on the underbelly of the game for a few minutes. The introduction of Emmanuel Eboue seemed to give rise to a few nasty incidents. Firstly, his indignation as Arjen Robben dived to win Chelsea a precious free kick (oh don't look so shocked) was justified, but he has to recognise the irony of castigating somebody else for diving, I hope the incident teaches him how annoying it is to everybody when he does it. From there on, he was constantly finger wagging and as Webb persitently failed to punish Chelsea's shirt pulling and dissent offences, Arsenal lsot their rag in a regreattable way. Mikel pulled back Toure, and as the Ivorian sought to recover the ball swiftly, Mikel kicked it away. Frustrating yes, but the ensiung melee was completely over the top as our frustration got the better of us. Toure tried to lay into Mikel, as Lampard and Fabregas became involved unnecessarily, pulling at each other. Whilst Emmanuel Eboue used the whole thing as an excuse to deck somebody, Bridge went down very theatrically, but Eboue raised his hands and you cannot do that. Both managers raced onto the turf to calm the situation and when everybody had put their handbags down, Webb gave Mikel and Toure their marhcing orders. At the time, the activity was so rumbustuous it was hard to take it all in. But having now watched the incident back, I cannot really see that there was any need to send Mikel or Toure off, no fists were raised, it was just the usual pushing and shoving and both were unlucky. Webb let his ego intercept and made the wrong call. Then amazingly Adebayor was sent off in a case of mistaken identity. Adebayor was involved, but did nothing that 18 other players did not do. Unfortunatley, whilst his sense of injustice was justified, his histrionic reaction was not and will probably spell curtains for any sort of appeal. Being hauled off by your physio and captain is akin to an innocent defendant screaming bloody murder at the jury. It seems to me the only player who should have been sent off was Eboue, who was not punished. Fabregas and Lampard got deserved yellow cards, but it's hard to see what Mikel and Toure did that was so different to Fat Boy and Cesc. This now means Arsenal have had four players sent off in our last three Cup Finals and it is paramount to keep your cool in these games.

Ultimately, we lost our heads at a time when we were chasing the game and any chance of an equaliser was gone after that. Neither side will come out of the fracas with any credit, though both managers have been uncharacteristically magnanimous in their view of the events. The media will hypocritically declare shame on our clubs for the incident, given the behaviour and the sickening tone of racism inherent in our media, the papers coming over extholing the virtues of morality is like Myra Hindley lecturing you to watch your speed on the dual carriageway. The media love it and that is why they are carrying the whole incident with such fervour, it sells them more papers/ sky subscriptions while they can express mock disgust. It was Oscar Wilde who once said, 'scandal is idle gossip made tedious by morality.'

Overall, my feeling is one of overwhelming pride, a team containing seven players younger than myself (and one the same age) took the Champions all the way and, at times, gave them a footballing lesson. It's a real shame that the Chelsea players all had their backs turned when the young Arsenal side went up to collect their medals, but the nihilism that runs through their whole club make acts of classlessness such as this their calling card nowadays. Diaby, Denilson and Fabregas looked every inch the world class midfielders, while Ballack and Lampard looked like lost adolescents. Walcott, imbued with confidence, looked an enormous prospect again, the swagger back in his young limbs. Not only in the Final did the young boys do Arsenal proud, I have been to every game in this competition and it has been an unbridled pleasure to see the mixture of poise, pace, precision and grit in these youngsters. The Carling Cup would have been a fitting tribute, and while defeat smarts today, the faith Wenger has placed in his kids has not been misplaced and it will bring is bigger, more prestigious trophies in years to come. The learning curve will be huge, whilst the likes of Denilson, Diaby, Traore will feel ten feet tall that their manager belives in them to this extent, Wenger will have sped up their progression ten fold on yesterday alone. At the final whistle, I applauded heartily as they did my club proud, no matter how much the press try to villify us for a bit of pushing and shoving. I'd buy all of those players a drink for their perofrmance this year, if only they were old enough. LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 26 2007

Time: 2:12PM

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Not read the article yet I just wanted to say what a piece of genius writing for the title!!
enthralling. relived the game all over again. nice one Mr. Stillman
LD, pride is exactly right, the kids did good as they say and also once the average age does rise to over 23, they will dominate the prem and europe for years to come, hopefully they all stay together.. we have had, bugsby babes, fergie's fledglings, now we the the WENGER BOYS, all together now, der der der der der der der der der der der der der der der der
Excellent read Tim.
Hundreds of words and you choose to gloss over Fabregas trying to wrestle Lampard.... Adebayor was sent off for not keeping his mouth shut. Mistaken identity? Mistaken for who? He's 7 foot 3! Or are you saying all your black players look the same??? Your lot were a disgrace and you don't have the guts to say it.
Arsenal you are a disgrace. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time that you guys end up fighting in a football match. Your attitude, discipline and track record go before you. I hope the FA ban the lot of you from the competition for a season to teach you that you can't carry on like this in a game. Your antics over the last few seasons are going to catch up with you. Your managers attitude to the game sucks. Every week is the same story. Bad refs, undeserved results, teams that dont lie down and let you win. He's the problem why you guys let it rip on the pitch. You are all wound up so tight it was only time before you cracked- AGAIN. Its arrogance at it's worst. You as a club have absolutely no respect for anything else in the league. Teams, players, competitions. They all take second place to Arsenal.I hope they throw the book at you. It's all you deserve. Arsenal can whine and moan all they like. Drogbas goals were, as usual terrific, OFFSIDE. (Not) It's only ever offside when it happens to be a goal scored against you, but that's the problem with Arsenal and their fans full stop. They either never see it or it wasn't their fault they lost. The rules state that if there is any doubt as to weather the player is offside then the decision goes in favour of the attacker, drogba was level when the ball was played and for once the lineo got it spot on, Arsenal should learn to lose as gracefully as they win, especially Wenger. Adebayor should be banned from the game forever, his threatening behaviour towards both Chelseas players and the match officials was nothing short of dispicable. Chelsea looked more purposeful than Arsenal and showed Wenger and his big headed boys they really aren't as good as the hype suggests they are, well done Chelsea.
Arsenhole 4-ever
Crazy person above
A4E is a little bit on the simple side of life ... i think :S
Just as you always choose to ignore people who (easily) outwit you in arguments that contain actual facts WSN. I can't say I'm overly suprised to see a gutless turd like you here the day after the spuddies won and Arsenal lost. Where were you when we beat you (twice) this season? ******.
"Lampard and Fabregas became involved unnecessarily, pulling at each other." Weststandvoice, learn to read mate, Adebayor was sent off for Eboue's punch, that was Webb's mistake not mine you ****. Don't you dare come over here throwing insults like that at me you complete piece of pondlife. As for the other *******, remind me why Middlesbrough and Tottenham were charged as recently as three weeks ago? and look in the vital spurs archive to see your reaction to it. Hypocrisy, lies and disgraceful postings from Spuddies, why am I not surprised? Enjoy your mediocrity, becuase it is official, our reserves are better than your first team.
Little Dutch
Does anyone else think its strange that none of these CSKA London muppets noticed Cesc was the first man to calll for the physio when Terry almost got his head taken off. I also think its funny that they assume a fight can involve only one side, it takes two as they say.
Ozi Gooner
To whoever just wrote that big long comment..... Did you actually see the match??? And if you were a Chel$ki fan (tho I'm thinking that you're probably a Spurt) would you have been happy with the way your multi million pound team were totally embarrassed by a team of teenagers??? And to bring up our disciplinary record? yesterday was a shame, Toure overreacted, but there were just as many Chel$ki plyers involved as ours. Ade looks as tho he was sent off due to mistaken identity as it seems it should've been Eboue that went. He wasn't sent off for discent as he'd already been shown the card before he started arguing with the ref. But my main point here is that for you to write as long a passage as you did means that you're slightly in awe of our incredible team and you can't tell us how we didn't deserve to win. So thanks for that...... U Prick!!!
LD in that Boro v Scum brawl did you see any Boro player do anything? I just saw poor George Boateng get ambushed by a bunch of spuds, not unlike what you said happened to your mates at No Heart Lane, and we're the disgrace? figure that one out
Ozi Gooner
Didnt see an article on your site when your whole team laid into George Boateng vs Middlesborough at the shoe box earlier this year no condemnation of your two bob players, HYPOCRITES. Why your choosing to throw the race card in only god knows the mistaken identity issue is to do with the fact that Adebayor did no more than 18 other players and Eboue DID raise his hands.
Arsenhole 4-ever you qualify as having the saddest profile name of all time, your hatred of our great club has consumed you.
What a surprise,no mention of Flabregas running up to the ref waving an imaginary card every time a player in red went down!? Disgraceful actions of a Classless club.(again)
Oh look. more morons from VS back here the day after we lose and they win. Apart from 2 supporters you really are a bunch of whiney, spinless, cringeworthy horrible poor excuses for humanbeings, you should have been a blow job.
It's great to the the Spurts back on here again. I was worried that their lack of winning any important matches (and by important I don't mean to get you out of a relegation battle) would mean that they'd keep themselves to themselves and then we'd have no one to take the ***** out of. Our kids beat your first team!!! That's all you need to know or worry about!!!
scooch****Xz0&mode=related&search= Keep watching until the fight, adebayor deserved his card.
What were you doing watching us when your shower were 'playing' at the same time HTG?? hang on I've just realised how stupid that question is! who would'nt? and Arsenhole4ever, you truly are and always will be - perfect moniker numbnuts.
Very good article. I agree that Webb was awful, giving (at times overriding the Linesman) Chelsea the decisions. Drogba was definately offside and managed a 100-1 shot under Almunia ever so slightly raised foot. I thought although Baptista did some useful things in the 1st half - he struggled to play at the same tempo and touch as the kids. Senderos (who I had high hopes for) should be backup CB at best. Other than that - I thought Denilson was like watching Fabregas - the two of them are just amazing and with Abou Diaby played through Chelsea's quad of Makalele, Essien, Lampard and Ballack with consumate ease. Walcott (despite a great goal) never really had the beating of Wayne Bridge. Where I felt we lost it was in the cutting edge up front (we missed RvP) and our defending off the ball was weak (watch Chelsea harry the man with the ball with 2 players every time whereas we back off - we need a Vieira or Petit that will go an force an error to win the ball or intimidate the player in possession to pass back). All in all though, some great omens, I see a 4-3-3 side with Akinfeev, Clichy, Gallas (Djourou), Toure, Eboue, Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas, Rosicky, Adebeyor (Bendtner), van Persie running riot all over Europe in 2 years.
Great read yet again LD, diaby stole the show and denilson played extremely well also, cesc needs to control himself at times but he doesnt seem to like lampards but hes not alone there.
A Great read LD, the sickening predictability of these brain dead fools like HTG never ceases to amaze me, no sign of them after we beat them is there! if only their future was as bright as ours!
Igor Akinfeev?Great keeper.
What did Adebayor do K_Chelski? he runs in and trys to grab someone, if you keep you eye on Drogba he does the same thing and then trys to confront Fabregas. Defo not worse than Essiens studs up, over the top of the ball challenge on Baptista. Should have been yellows and a red each for Fabregas and Lampard but the ref would never send off an English untouchable so bottled it.
As sang in the Gatekeeper "Tottenham, watching songs of praise, Tottenham watching songs of praise"
I bet they enjoyed their trip to B&Q!
Found some footage of who punched Frank Lampard
ha ha ha ha nice man iceman he hehe he
Ah, the gatekeeper inn, I went in there before the 05 final, a great choice. Funny, I went onto the Spuds site when the charges against Tottenham and Boro were announced and yet again, not one of them condemned it. I remember a few Gooners present on the page having a go about that, when I get home I'll look in their archive and provide the link. They hypocrisy of their shower is astounding. Their best run of the season and they're ten points behind us and we've got two games in hand! And they lost to our reserves, and we gave them a two goal start.
Little Dutch
The other point I was goingf to make was that the 2000 and 2001 Cup Final defeats were the making of the invincibles, 2006 and 2007 anyone? This team is going places.
Little Dutch
Did you continue that song long after the final whistle? Nah did'nt think so,1 nil up 2 1 down! (again)
Erm......actually the Arsenal fans stayed long after the final whistle singing about how much we love our club. Where were you with 15 mins to go semi final? Half way home I expect!!
how was B&Q HTG? bet you booked time off work during half time at the shoebox when you were 2-0 up no wonder my bins didnt get collected yesterday. You couldnt even get the gardening done coz you probably dont have a garden unless you count the moss thats growing in your trophy cabinet.
Hahaha @ Iceman10
he should've got at least an yellow card.Red was too much though, on this video we can see who punched wayne bridge.I couldn't see clearly , i think it was eboue.That link is kind of bugy,,,2021642,00.html try this if the video doesn't work.Adebayor should've got at least an yellow though.
He doesnt know about supporting his club when the players show fight and spirit Rocky dont try and educate him, its pointless. When they lost with no heart in the semi's they had a month long debate on their site about who should be sacked, who their worst signing was and even one stating Ghaly should be captain!
I agree yellow at worst K_Chelski.
Yeah,but what with the roads & rail you lot had no choice to but to stay.Or was it the allure of all those sheep?
HTG, You know that you don't hate us. You know that you just wish you had a squad even half as good as ours (our reserves that is, obviously). That's why you feel you can come onto our site and start Spurting off when we've lost in a cup final (something you've not experienced in a very long time). As I said in my post earlier, our reserves embarrassed your first team. There's no getting away from that fact. When you can beat our reserves then maybe some of us will listen to your point of view!!!
Your bin's did'nt get collected cos you pikeys just won't pay your council tax.
weststandvoice - "Or are you saying all your black players look the same???" these racist comments should not be entertained at any cost.. no one called any of your players that way.. did they?? That's just a cheap shot... you are the disgrace!
HTG I know your brain damage has you living permanently in the 60's but there is an invention called the AUTOMOBILE that meant we didnt all have to stay there some of us chose to.
Clearly Eboue on TV evidence [ ], a light slap on the back of the head - red card would be harsh, clearly no hard damage done, Wayne Bridge goes down after about 3 secs then clutches his head on the floor .. sickening play acting. And Adebeyor gets a red for nothing. I'm suprised he didn't lay the ref out tbh, he was livid. Don't suppose Webb will be bothered, probably sitting on Abramovichs yacht sipping bubbly by now.
Are you mad?You really believe eboue didn't do anything?
Depends what you think anything is K_Chelski? If I hit you like that im positive you wouldnt go down clutching your head. You cant raise your hands end of but bridge should be oh so ashamed.
ha ha ha 'are you mad?' you're stewie from Family guy there KC he he he
lol, i wouldn't, i would punch you.Attacking someone, hard or not so hard, is a red card.
In the states, i've never had a nickname like that, KC.Probably because it sounds just like cassey (and there's a bunch of girl's like that there)
I agree red card but Bridge falling over like he did was a joke!
That clip that Englishman-in-NY has provided makes Bridge look like a right C*@t ! lol he actually opens his mouth and screams! JT was back in the stadium an hour after being knocked out for crying out loud! lololol!
lol, sorry for jt injurying diaby.I'm sure jt didn't want to.Diaby should know better, not to kick an iron head!
adebayor came in rabbit punching. fabregas was lucky to get booked because now no action can be made about his raised hands and chokin lampard whilst he was trying to split up the fight. what happened to that being the worthless cup. now it is your only chance of silver ware funny how things have changed.
Eboue does absolutely nothing but there will no analysis of bridge's play acting..once play resumes watch what eboue does to bridge in the bottom of the screen..hilarious..fed up of reading about how experience was crucial in the wasn't..they were just extremely fortunate that Kolo headed over, Cesc missed by inches and Diaby didn't launch the ball into the net with as much vigour as terry's head and that essien wasn't sent off directly prior to the chance...ultimately they were clinical but that's not experience..anyone can miss chances
Anon 1
i see the retards are back banging on the bars of their asylum. HTG and A4E, what a couple of cretinous ©ünts... »»Arsene Knows««
iceman, that youtube clip is pure quality!!! »»Arsene Knows««
I am happy for the young guns and glad Wenger too the risk It is part of their learning curve make no mistakel they can only be the better for it.
Anyone notice that Adebayor went up for his medal but Eboue didn't? I think Eboue might have been on the end of some harsh words.
Little Dutch
Just a thought.. Dont know where to post this, but needed to get it of my chest. How come is it that video evidence can be used to punish offenses and yet the powers that be in football insist that it will disrupt the game if it is used to help the referee make better jugement? It all seems like double standards to me. Eboue is set to be punished cos the referee missed his role in the brawl initially, and yet, Drogba's offside goal will stand even if the video replay says otherwise. Its time a firm decision is taken. Either there is video evidence or not. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. IF video evience can be used to punish offences missed by the ref, then sure it can also be trusted to sort out those dodgy decisions that end up ruining a top game. I am happy that offenders can be punished in retrospect, but I think it is time they stepped up and allowed it to be used to sort out other issues which are equally if not more important. A goal makes a differenc eregardless of how well a team plays so detrmining a goal should not be considered less important than punishing offenders! What do you guys thin? On topic, I am cofident of the fact that this team will deliever, they are too good not to. As LD observed, it will be nice that as 2000 and 2001 defeats led to the invincibles, those pf 2006 and 2007 may yet lead to another great landmark.. INVINCIBLES II
I totally agree teamspirit, personally I support Wenger's suggestion that each team gets two chances every game to query a decision. It would take seconds, the amount of time spent arguing is probably longer than it would take to view a camera in the dugout. For instance, we could have used one of our "vetoes" for Chelsea's first goal. But having a limited number of chances to view video evidence would ensure that only the biggest decisions are queried and thus, no frivalous appeals. So in effect, we could have used our other one to clear Adebayor, Chelsea could have used one of theirs to get Eboue sent off. I really don't see that this would rob the game of much time at all, certainly no more time than it takes to argue over another bad decision from Webb, Dowd, Poll, Riley etc.
Little Dutch
Exactly LD! I think the idea tha there is such an extra check will invariably also make refs a little more careful when they take decisions. The fact that their decision is final seems to get into some of their heads at times. i suspect that its cos it favours them to be able to get away with dodgy decisions that win matches for their favourite teams and at the same time react agains those that protest or "retaliate". It will certainly save the time spent arguing! Arsenal gets so many cards for retaliation; but its just that it can be so frustrating when refs dont do their jobs well and a team is at the recieving end. They should really consider a goal dispute technology af sorts as They hold the bread and the knife!
You all should read this..
Teamspirit, let's do this.Give us our semi final against liverpool, and we'll forget about drogba's goal.It's not fair, i know.In the end, it doesn't matter to the club that won.Ask the scousers if they care.
am not sggesting it as it affects only one club. I was just using the most recent examples. I reaaly think video tech is long overdue especially as it affects goals Why should I care if the scoursers care?
LOSERS,bad losers.
roberts front teeth
video tech is not the answer.There are other types of technology.I asked you if you think scousers care that we lost against them in the cl.No.The same way we won't care about the drogba's offside goal.It happens...
Arsenhole are a complete **** ....and that is the four letter word that starts with c and ends with t....
he won't get it radar.You have to tell him, cµnt!cµnt
You should be very proud of your young guns. They were bloody awesome especially when you consider ther are kids. Yes it ended up in a brawl but I would have thought that adrenaline was extra high. Some players believed JT could be dead FFS, what psychological damage was doing to them for the rest of the game. No wonders things ended up a bit frayed. And congratulations to the Arsenal fans for the standing ovation they gave him off the pitch. Be proud.
That didn't affect them at all.What affected them was diaby's injury, lol.
I think every gooner was bursting with pride but obviously dissapointed at the same time. We all know that patience is a key factor here. The trick is for the manager to blend the youth with the experience that we already have and come up with right formula. One of the other points I would like to raise is that with giving the "kids" a go at a major trophy, AW has sent out a message to all of the talented kids across the world. " come to Arsenal and you will get a chance very quickly if you are good enough ". If you are a talented 16 or 17 year old and top clubs are looking at you , Asenal included , who are you more likely to sign for ?? It might not have been at the forefront of AW stratedgy but I am sure that this years Carling Cup campaign has been a great advert for the future recruitment of the next batch of wonderkids !!
I am talented, lol.I don't see no club trying to sign me.
k_chelski....perhaps your personal demands are too unreasonable ?? lol
lol, not really.well, since i leave in a place where 60% of the males, either played in a team, or are playing.If i've been only born in england.What makes me mad is watching peter crouch play.EVERYONE, in my street, plays better than him.And he gets alooot of money.Arrgh!Could anyone get me intouch with a chelsea scout?lol, i only need a place to sleep, food, money, cloth, internet, and cable tv. : - )
live not leave.
k_chelski, we don't need to put you in touch with a chelski scout, if we put you in touch with an arsenal one, a chelski scout would come along to try and poach you before the gooner one could have a look ;-) »»Arsene Knows««
Do that then: ).I can score a few goals for ya ( at u 18) before moving to my beloved club.I can help translate what wenger is saying to baptista and denilson.Then you'll let me go.And i'll sing me celery song!
I'm serious though, if anyone knows a scout, i wanna make easy money, eer , i meant, playing football.
it is past your bed time.
Not really, 10' o clock here.Here's a surpise for ya.THERE'S ACTUALLY TIME ZONES IN THE WORLD.YEAH, I KNOW IT'S A SHOCKEER TO YOU.I'll let you absorve that information.Hmm, isn't that your momma calling you to sleep as well?Lol, don't worry 10% of all 40 year olds still live with their mom.night night, don't forget the pijammies.
lol little boy, hormones working overtime heh? Now that I absorved your insightful shockeeing info on time zones you should dedicate some of your time to spelling lessons.
lol, you should appreciate my comments.They are well written.So, if dat's don't help , u kan sok mi dyk.
Is your momma making breakfast?She got's to feed her champ.
you're right up there with some of the most pathetic spuds when it comes to making lousy attempts of insulting, let alone commenting. you may not realise it now since your brain is working under the heavy influence of testosterone, the post above makes you sound like an immature idiot that has forgotten to j*rk off today.
Why do these fans from other clubs come to our site? Not stimulating enough conversations at their own sites i guess.
G4l, you insulted me first.If there's someone wrong, that's you.I've seen many british making spelling erros, and i didn't see you correcting them.I post alot, that's the main reason why i don't always get it right (although english is my third language).
Out of nowhere you insulted me, who's immature?
listen young man, all I wrote is that it is past your bed time. if u look at this comment from a perspective other than your usual d*ckheadedness, you may understand that it meant to drop the silly comments once in a while. What did u reply?.............."THERE'S ACTUALLY TIME ZONES IN THE WORLD.YEAH, I KNOW IT'S A SHOCKEER TO YOU.I'll let you absorve that information.Hmm, isn't that your momma calling you to sleep as well?Lol, don't worry 10% of all 40 year olds still live with their mom.night night, don't forget the pijammies........." It is not difficult to figure out who insulted who and in what manner. Later on you surpassed yourself with "u kan sok mi dyk" and "Is your momma making breakfast?She got's to feed her champ".
Oh, let's see.You complained i about my english, so i kind of wrote in a way you would "understand".I don't know what's your problem with me.I honestly don't.Okay, let me make a time machine, and be 30 years old, that way, G4l will respect me. -.-

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