Arsenal - Time To Eboue Off!
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Time To Eboue Off!

I watched the highlights of the brawl last night and was appalled at Eboue and his actions towards Bridge.

Firstly because it got Adebayor sent off, secondly because I don't like the example it sets to the younger fans, especially my kids.

It showed him in a very bad light, i have tolerated his constant diving and cheating, but for me that is the last straw. Why on earth just Because Bridge threw the ball away does it mean you have to have a go?

Was Eboue trying to get the ball to restart play? NO, the ref was still sorting things out.

Did bridge overact? Yes, but Eboue shouldn't of reacted like that, it shows me how stupid he is, and personally I would smack him round a bit to tell him so.

I hope Wenger gives him a stern telling off, like a last chance warning or he is out of the club.

Hoyte for me has shown was true commitment he has, the progress he has made in 12 months has been brilliant, but not only that, he plays the game fairly and his conduct is a good example to our younger generation.

Am I the only one disgusted, or do you lot feel the same?

Article submitted by Puregold

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 27 2007

Time: 4:20PM

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I'll reiterate my thoughts on the forum. Eboue is no worse than RVP when it comes to diving/ disciplinary, yet nobody yells for him to be sold. Criticising Eboue has become a fashion statement for us, a get out card to show our objectivity to other fans. He is no worse than RVP who is equally culpable, Cesc has been guilty of petulance this season but nobody wants him sold or accuses him of being a bad example. I get annoyed by Eboue's antics as well, but I think he is very much a scapegoat where other players seem to get away without our scorning. Toure now has two three match bans for retaliation, should he be sold?
Little Dutch
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27/02/2007 16:29:00

He has shown time and time again that he requires some time in an Anger Management class...Eboue has a very short fuse, and often he ignites over the most insignificant matters on the pitch. He needs to learn to keep his composure for the sake of the young fans AND his team.
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27/02/2007 16:30:00

Eboue does tend to be a drama queen at the worst of times and I felt a bit embarassed to see his picture in the paper today as he landed a sneaky one on Bridge. He is still young, we forget he's only a year old than Hoyte but even at 23, he does need to behave himself. When he knuckles down and concentrates purely on his footie, he is quality. Whilst Justin Hoyte has been a revelation for me, Eboue is undoubtedly talented. He needs to grow up and learn to keep his temper in check but I don't think he has too much of a problem. He'll learn, whilst he's behaviour is out of order, it is not beyond repair. He was one of the better right-backs in Europe last year and at 23 he still has a lot his career left. We've had our fairshare of firebrands, the current crop is only just beginning to emerge. Fabregas is also one. Eboue is a great player, he just needs to grow up a bit.
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27/02/2007 16:30:00

I think it is sad he is behaving like this because off the pitch he is deeply religious and not like the normal baby Bentley footballer of today. I really hope he sorts it out because he could be a truly great right back but there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. That time for me has not arrived yet but it wont be far round the corner if he keeps abusing the support we give him and disrespecting the badge. Im glad you have stuck this article on here if only to show supporters or certain other London clubs they we dont tolerate cheating, diving and bad behaviour at The Arsenal.
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27/02/2007 16:32:00

To add...I don't think it's his fault as much as he is surrounded by influential teammates and a coach who needs to step up and teach him patience and composure. If they already are trying, then EBoue may have bigger problems that cannot be fixed.
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27/02/2007 16:34:00

In regards to RVP and Cesc I feel they react to situations badly but Eboue is more prone to starting situations.
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27/02/2007 16:35:00

Bridge shoved Eboue previous to that incident & then proceeded to smack the ball out of Eboue's hands. What was the reason for that?? Yet Bridge has walked away scott free & all because he is english................................Little Dutch, I agree with you, he is being made a scapegoat. When Jens does these things he is hailed a hero, yet everyone calls for Eboue to be kicked out!! Also love the way the FA have completely brushed under the carpet the chelski fans behaviour during that match. If it was arsenal there would be all sorts of sanctions!!
Ashburton Gooner
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27/02/2007 16:41:00

There are players who just naturally have tempers, whilst I'm not justifying Eboue's behaviour, he hasn't reached the point of no return. He is still maturing as a player and he can get his temper in check. If you think back he hasn't done as much wrong as we seem to believe. It's just that in a season where injury has limited his appearances the few times we have seen him something has happened. Someone needs to sit him down and have a long word with him, even anger management ala Wayne Rooney wouldn't be amiss but he has a very bright future at Arsenal FC. His off the pitch conduct is good, he is an examplary right back. He is the reason Lauren got sold. Arsene doesn't often get much wrong, Eboue needs to fix up but he is no way near the end, not yet.
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27/02/2007 16:45:00

Anyone remember Vieira in his younger days? As soon as Eboue learns to keep his composure, he'll be a world class right back. Everyone acknowledged that he was a revelation last season. No one condones this kind of behavior but I appeal all gooners to give him a chance. He is still better than Rooney in my opinion
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27/02/2007 16:48:00

But keplaz, you forget that Eboue was so desperate to win a free kick and feign injury at Anfield, that he sat in the treatment room for three weeks! That's commitment to diving!
Little Dutch
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27/02/2007 16:53:00

You can never say the guy lacks dedication, I'll give him that. Wasn't he actually injured that day? He looked like he was faking at first and then Wenger subbed him!!
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27/02/2007 17:06:00

I'm getting fed up with all these Eboue doubters..he is a crucial player who has often been the difference in vital games.. anyone remember the crosses for Henry against united and porto or his telling intervention against hamburg..people who say he should be sold are simply hypocritcal and fail to understand the contribution he can potentially bring to the side with his power, pace and link up play with Hleb on the right..forums like this should be reserved for an open slating of our players leave that to spurs...PUREGOLD..I find it amusing that you say that your against violence but say you would 'Smack him round a bit'
Anon 1
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27/02/2007 17:17:00

Why should he go? Arsenal are more threatening with him. Hoyte is good and all but Eboue offers more in our attack. His anticts are a little annoying but so are lens. He is still 23 years old some people need too get of his nutts.
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27/02/2007 17:24:00

PG I feel that you were a bit harsh on Manu Eboue. Basically, the diving issue should be dropped ASAP, as we have all witnessed that in this league EVERYONE and ANYONE is prone to the 'fouled by air/pitch' thing. Anyone who comes here and says their team has no divers is a HYPOCRITE and also anyone who says foreigners do it and Englishmen don't is likewise. At Arsenal we have seen it, and I think we all agree, that we as fans do not like it. As for aggressiveness/ violence issues, I am quite happy to see players like Eboue, Toure, Cesc, Hoyte, Ade actually give a f@ck about the winning/losing the game, their comrades being attacked, and the team in general - it was a trait that was displayed by some of the Arsenal heroes (Vieira, Keown, Jens etc.). I would agree with most of the posters here who say Eboue is no different than many others, it is just he's been chosen as a scapegoat. He is a great talent, with a fiery attitude and a short temper. That is it. I would rather have him in the team than that tw*t Bridge, who went down as the squealing little c@nt that he is, faking and feigning injury.
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27/02/2007 17:35:00

I find the media assault and fan assualt on eboue and cesc outrageous. I am Arsenal supporter, but not British. From my biased perspective, I see a different standard for English and non-English players even from Arsenal supporters toward some of their own players. First, it was Lampard that made a mountain out of a mole hill. Kalou's foul was stupid and pathetic. the referee had allowed professional fouls all day and he took it too far, Kolo had a shove and all would have been done. Where is the outrage over Lampard in the media. None. Instead when Cesc steps in, there is this muted condemnation of his hot-headedness. Please. As for Eboue, can you imagine the headlines if Eboue had feigned injury as Bridge had. To me, Bridge has as much if not more to answer for. If your going to have a go at Eboue for feigning injury then Bridge is absolutely outrageous because there is no question that he was exagerating an incident to draw a red.
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27/02/2007 18:38:00

At least Eboue shows his passionate temper exclusively on the pitch - not beating women in nightclubs like certain other players in the EPL.....cough.....Bellamy....Rooney.....cough
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27/02/2007 19:35:00

Well said SUX2BU. Still the boy does need to calm down a bit.
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27/02/2007 19:37:00

Horses for courses I reckon. I love Eboue. I think he's great. We're always criticized by the media whatever we do anyway, so at least the bumholes have got something to moan about now! Football for me has never been about winning popularity contests, it's about passion, grit and guts, and my own personal opinion is that Eboue shows all of these. Sorry if that ain't popular with everybody, but I guess we can't all agree all the time! Now where did I put my Eboue shirt!
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27/02/2007 20:17:00

firstly, i put this in the forum, someone decided to post it in open forum. Eboue is an exciting player don't get me wrong, i think he has alot of talent and i was hailing him when he burst on the seen. BUT, i find his attitude wrong, its not dirty, its not being too hard like veira or keown, its not being overacting like Lehman or RVP in the heat of play. he did something which aggreviated the situation when play was stopped, he acted unproffessionally and did not help his team mates in anyway. Thierry once said, don't get mad get even, and i think you find that bald right back whilst playing for middlesborough found out not to mess with henry and annoy him.. G4L i don't think i was personally harsh, Eboue was harsh in his actions and it seems the FA have now shown that by calling it violent conduct, although i disagree with them on the Adebayor issue.
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27/02/2007 22:52:00

hmm, in response to eboue offering more going forward, i feel that hoyte is the steadier defender. Maybe they are both approaching the middle from opposite ends. Eboue needs to improve his defending, which became more suspect with his increased exposure, more to do with the fact that he was a wee bit prone to deserting his position on occasions, but that's duiue to the fact he was buccaneering up the pitch to support / instigate an attack. Hoyte is improving going forward, and i feel liek we are slightly more shored up at the back on the right hand side with him there. Somethign that i did not expect to find myself saying at the start of the season./ But both guys are young still, and have things to learn. Eboue can become one of the best and most exciting right backs in the world, he has elements of his game that need straightening out. I hope he can. »»Arsene Knows««
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28/02/2007 00:12:00

and what i liek about Ebou is his talent going forward, he offers a power, drive and purpose in attack that puts the frighteners on the opposition. Excellent on the ball, pacy, and with a much improved cross from earlier on in the season. last season he linked magnificently well with hleb, are we all to forget how the two of them dovetailed so well and so naturally together, that we all remarked how all of a sudden we had a devastating right hand side of play? »»Arsene Knows««
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28/02/2007 00:15:00

PUREGOLD i agree with most things you say but this is ridiculous, especially that hypocritical crap about smacking him round to tell him so, what makes you able to smack him around but him not able to smack bridge around (if you can call that a smack around). Eboue is a natural at right back, Hoyte has improved alot and is good competition for the position and that competition is healthy. Hoyte needs to improve his attacking play and Eboue needs to improve his defensive side, but honestly i think eboue will be the better player in the long term, just my opinion. We should persevere with him.
Ozi Gooner
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28/02/2007 00:20:00

i was a bit surprised to find that this has become such a big debate on here, tbh. Eboue just needs to put his house in order that's all. »»Arsene Knows««
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28/02/2007 00:29:00

You don't want your kids to look up to this monster because he has a little push at Bridge, and in your next sentence you (the doting father) are expressing a wish to 'smack him around a bit'??
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28/02/2007 09:17:00

exactly wingston, i never put it on the front page and nor did i want it here. when i say smack around, that was my anger at the way he had acted, and if i was his manger i would of not have used my hands, but certainly the alex fergie hairdryer treatment.. i am sure wenger has told him a few times already this year and it just amazes me the complete stupidity of the guy that he continues to act this way. so its not hypocritcal its just how i felt towards him as a fan.
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28/02/2007 09:54:00


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