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Hiddink Set For Chelsea Job?

Jose Mourniho came a step closer to leaving Chelsea today as Guss Hiddink took a step towards becoming the new Chelsea manager.

It has long been rumoured now that Mr(s) Mourniho will leave Chelsea in the summer after not being given the pocket money he wanted.

As I said, Guss Hiddink took a step towards replacing 'the special (needs) one` as he was found guilty of tax evasion in his native land.

That`s right, he`s as dodgy as Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich which is sure to persuade the Russian, (who already pays his wages to manage Russia), that he is the man to take the helm at Chel$ki.

Rumour has it Jeffery Archer is in line to take Peter Kenyon`s place in the summer too.

Touche! ;)

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 27 2007

Time: 8:06PM

Your Comments

And peter pan will replace cech as our goalkeeper. *~*
I think our manager is doing just fine, and as for scandals what about the commitments made to the community before you were allowed to build your grand temple to Mamon? All conveniently forgotten.
The David Rocastle youth centre for Islington is situated in canonbury, I'll give you directions if you want to go and see it?
Little Dutch
I wouldn't LD, it'll probably end up covered in celery. You know what these young ruffians are like 8-)
I have always maintained that Mourinho is just an average manager whose luck will eventually run out. He is yet to prove me wrong. In Portugal (a league that quality-wise is on par with Scotland), he was a manager of one of the big three and won a few titles (quite an achievement), while his Champions League title was down to a dodgy ref decision that went against United and Scholes (hence luck) and than meeting a below-par Monaco in the final. In England he bought player after player, making a mockery out of the transfer values of players and at all times had at least 2 experienced, close to world-class teams at his disposal. During the 'dominance' he had a total of 'zero' injury problems, in fact, his trio Fat Frank, Jay Tee and Cech missed a total of approximately 15 games before this season. He had never faced a crisis and never felt pressure. He couldn't tell u what crisis is if it weren't for the Cech/Terry absences. This is the first season when he's had to deal with injuries to key players and experienced problems real managers face day in and day out in the EPL and what has he done? He has managed to fall out with the dirty Russian, with uncle Fester, with some of his players, and ultimately, he (barely) won the League Cup. He has developed a total of zero players and hindered the progress of many others. He even resorted to pricing out teams of players in order to prevent them joining Chel$ki's rivals. Apart from the bloated ego, and a media-appealing personality there is nothing in him.
Have to agree G4L, he's not a hundredth of the manager Wenger is. Einstein said that the best way of concealing oneself is to talk about oneself and there is no bigger self promoter than Mourinho.
Little Dutch
reeeeeeeeeeally?I'm sorry, The portuguese championship is very good, i watch it most of the time.Quality football.He won the uefa cup, then, he won the champions league, whilist doing that, he won 2 portuguese league trophies.He came to chelsea, made us champions with hundreds of records.In the next season, he made us champions again.This season, with all those injuries, we are still in everything (we are the only ones with a minor shot at the title).You might not realize, most if his mind playing, is to take pressure off his players.He has big respect for alex fergunson (they had dinner on a couple of occasions).Even though he doesn't agree with Wenger, he said wenger is a great manager.Does he have the right to call himself the special one?Yes, any manager with honours like his could do that.
I won the premership twice on FM07 and I only spent £57 million!
Rafa Benitez is a much better manager. Champions league, UEFA cup, His La Liga title is worth 10 of Maureens Portugese titles as he broke through the duopoly of Madrid/Barca. Rafa however does not call himself the special one. Like our manager said give everyone the same resources then lets see who's special.
Hiddink won't leave the Russian national team prior to Euro 2008. Abramovich is simply not stupid enough to want to aggravate Putin as oligarchs have a habit of becoming very poor very quickly when they try that.
Claudio ranieri had them.Alot of real madrid managers have budgets like that.Rafa benitez did well on spain, alright.Why isn't he doing good here?
Iceman, i won the premiership three times.And i only spent 20 mil!
You should be the next CFC manager then! Rafa is doing so well here because he has to work with the same rules (A budget) as the fergusons and Wengers. Give him £200 million and I guarantee you he will give you titles.
Oh fergunson.Poor fergunson, he has no money.
I wish iceman, i wish....
Just out of interest is there nothing interesting happening in the arsenal camp? I was just curious as to why you are printing rumours that are in no way connected to your club? Or are you still bitter that you will won nothing this year?
Claudio ranieri had only 1 season with the russian millions, and it just so happened the arsenal went unbeaten that season leaving chelsea to finish 2nd, had they left ranieri in charge im sure he would have won the leauge and spent a lot less money doing it than mourinho
k_chelski, the portuguese championship is very good? Bar from Porto and Benfica, and smtms Sporting which ones do u watch? Beira Mar vs. Nacional? He did not make you champions - the money did. As Iceman cheekily pointed out - Mourinho is not far from living in fantasy football land. As for his 'respect' for his rival managers - I will refrain of remind you of all of his digs and disrespectful statements towards Arsenal and especially Arsene Wenger.
Nacional, yes, Braga.Oh oh , like wenger was really kind to us.Taking dig at us for nothing.bootoo, several managers had all the resources in the world, to give real madrid a title.They all failed...and they aren't average managers.They are great managers.
Personally I hope Mourinho keeps his job. At times I despise him, as I do Fungusen and Fat Sam and Jol, but when we start lifting trophies in the near future it will mean much more to have defeated these managers and their teams of orcs. At the very least I hope we get the chance to give Chelski a royal thrashing before Mourinho departs company, as this is precisely what they deserve in so many ways and would give us gooners such satisfaction.
like the last times? :p , cheeky k_chelski has returned!
For those Chelsea fans who say I'm publishing a rumour, it's not, it's a bit of a joke hence "Touche" at the end.
you spent £75 million in the summer to win the Carling cup did you mikeyblue? Premiership is uniteds that leaves the FA cup and Champions league competitions that we are still in. Even if you win the FA cup we done that double in 1993 with players like Morrow and Linighan.
Don't be too harsh on MickeyBlue, Iceman, he's only over here because all they ever do over there is talk about Rafa's reds.
I know and then they get upset when we post a little dig at them, yesterday they had some article about Arsene being a sore loser. Can dish it out but cant take it!
Woot, i'm doing what all of you did yesterday.Sticking up for my team, defending my manager.Isn't that what we all do here?Jeah...
Great managers at Madrid K_Chelski? Like Queiroz and Luxemburgo! lol the main problem at that club is politics. Raul has to play, the presidents buy players the managers dont want, thats whats happening at CFC (Ballack and Shevchenko) and now united look like winning the premiership.
Lol, mourinho didn't want ballack?lol, are you sure?
I dont mind you being here K_Chelski, its good to have banter.
We are about to lose the title, because of an "clumsy" challenges, on our goalkeepers.Don't me wrong, i love hilario.He tried his best.Unfortunately, his best wasn't enough.We conceded too much.Luxemburgo's problem was beckham.Queiroz i don't know.Capello, capello had already won a few stuff with madrid way back.Capello is a renowed manager.He failed to win anything.
haha simmy been on the beers again ! but the bookies rarely lose money on bets and mourinho is odds on to go in the summer, its the raneri saga all over, if only kenyon and roman would come out in public and say he is not going, then i would not still believe the lying****s, like they were never at the hotel with ashely !
The only reason Ballack was signed was so he couldnt go to one of your rivals. What has he done except get outclassed by 2 19 year olds and a 20 year old who has played 5 games in a year?! Lampard is hampering him big time.
Eer, kenyon came out and said mourinho wasn't, posted a statement saying mourinho wouldn't leave. What else do you want?A big flag?lol, some ice cream cars with the sayings :"Mourinho will stay.".
Dont blame the lack of a class keeper on you losing the title. Do your research and you will find that Arsenal won the title in 2001/02 and 3 of our keepers got a medal (that means they played enough games to qualify for one).
If Mourinho did want Ballack then that's gotta go down as another waste of funds(wages)!
Sure, they didn't play the big ones did they?Hilario had to play against almost all big teams.
He assisted drogba on our first goal.You know, from sunday.:p
Can't forget about Manninger at Old Trafford in the 1-0 either.
They didnt play the big ones? Stuart Taylor played against manchester united which was our biggest game of the season at that time. I bet youve never even heard of him. Good assist by Ballack shame he mistimed the pass and it was offside :P did you see when Diaby spun Ballack on the half way line? He dropped at least 3 grand out of his pockets chasing him!
Of course i've heard about taylor.You guys used to sing :" There's only one stuart taylor" . LOL
your right flv. In fact during our 3 title wins we have had 5 goalkeepers win medals. Seaman, Manninger, Wright, Taylor and Lehmann.
That *****ed off Roman so much Ice that he wouldn't go to the party. I reckon Roman's buddies were sat there saying, 'You paid how much'? 'For that',? 'Dear oh dear'.
The Diaby thing I mean!
I heard one of his buddies asking why didn't he buy arsenal.Wich Roman answered:"I don't want to pay for an eye doctor." Haha, classic (actually i just made it up , :p).
You should be on stage mate! Sweeping it!
Ha, playa haters, always trying to bring a niggã down.Ya trippin' homie.
lol, i bet you didn't understand what i said.I know Yankglish.
You would get tomatoes chucked at you if you told that joke in a comedy club....or maybe even celery. We were Romans 1st choice but we didnt need to sell so he went to a flea market and purchased you guys :P
K-cheslki, what ballack assist a goal ? offisde goals don't count ;) as for kenyon saying it on your website, do you believe him ? come on hand on heart, or do you think its a smoke screen ?
Big up na bredrin me una stan whatcha ya sayin bro brrrraaaaaapppp! Thats Hackney K_Chelski!
Actually it wasn't on our site.He said it, it came out of his mooouth.
Celery Celery! If she dont' cum, i'll tickle her bum, with a lump of celery. Celery Celery...
catchy song!
Actually roman went to the pigs market (trying to buy spuds).He offered 50 cents.They wanted 10 grant.he said no of course.And now we're here!
AaAAAAWA AWWWAWAWWAAW , That's Chewbacca, i mean, Stevie Me speaking.
Sexist song! Im gonna get all PC on you because I know you hate when we sing about Cashley Hole!
lol, it's not sexist.We are doing her a favor, if she doesn't come, we'll tickle her bum , to make her cum.This is way before vibrators.Back then, it was celery celery celery!
That Chewbacca/Stevie Me joke was classic(again, i just made it up).
Dont give up the day job!
I thought that Chewbacca talking comparing to Scousers was the bomb!!!!oh well, what can a lad do.I'll work work and work.
hmm, chewbacca? I thought this was a topic about hiddink. Ne'er mind, i see Kenyon was mentioned, and he looks like Jabba the Hut, so I guess that's close enough. Hiddink coming in? I'm not fussed. If Maureen goes, he goes. A lot of people think he's 'great for the game, i love the way he talks.' I don't. I think he's a braggard and a dullard, somebody who is truly talented and a master of what they do never feels the need to have to big themself up the whole time. Smacks of someone who is trying to justify their tag and doesnt really believe in themself as much as their demeanour suggests they do. »»Arsene Knows««
celery, k_chelski... wha's she think if you go near her and take a leek? »»Arsene Knows««
I meant.Scousers Accent = Chewbacca talking. Oh stop giving my song a hard time.I'll sing it until you can't read it anymore.
fair enough :-) C3PO can speak 3 million dialects, including baachi, but scouse is not one of them ;-) »»Arsene Knows««
Every scientist will tell you that Scousers probably evolved form Chewbacca type creatures that lived in Engalnd in the early years of Europe history.
they originated in the forest of dean, where they'd forage for nuts, berries, and their natural prey, the liver bird. bless em... »»Arsene Knows««
so what did spuds evolve from, AB? »Arsene Knows««
have they evolved? news to me.
well, i think their previous evolutionary stage was as single celled organisms. But they're still to crawl out the water, so can be thought of as pondlife... »»Arsene Knows««
Wingston75 evasion? Man, still, I can't forget all the good he's done for S. Korea's national team, and the development of Park Ji Sung. He still has my respect.
Mourinho has never lost to Wenger - says it all ?
frankly i think there's more to be said than that. There's your incredibly dull unimaginative playing style. Pragmatic yet unimaginative. But as I've stated before, you do it exceedingly well. »»Arsene knows««
Mourinho (plus £500m) has never lost to Wenger. Can I ask a serious question? Why is it it's o.k to throw celery on the pitch, but bringing fake banknotes is an arrestable offence at Stamford Bodge? I guess that's the kind of thing you can expect at the dictatorship that is Stamford Bridge. Chelsea F.C R.I.P.
Little Dutch
didnt the spuddies nearly get guus hidink?, or was it alex ferguson, I forget
methinks they were after fergie, before he went to manure. but i think they also tried for hiddink too... »»Arsene Knows««
Spurs have nearly done alot of things. Nearly beat us in the last 8 years, nearly got Fergie, nearly got Shevchenko, nearly got Ronaldo, nearly got into the Champions League, nearly have a stadium....THFC - the nearly men!
Pond life? thats rich from a side who were a bye word for corruption last century - a club who cared nothing for their fans when moving north of the river, gave backhanders to get promoted when it wasn't deserved, tried to merge with Fulham and when that failed brided the CofE to get use of Highbury .... the list is never ending ... as opposed to a team who have always been in N17 and who are named after one of Shakespere's most famous characters. And lets get it correct as well .. the behaviour of Gunners both on and off the pitch has often left a great deal to be desired, like unfortunately most teams. If you live in a glass house, take care where you throw stones.
This story will run for a while longer..that's for sure!
unfortunately, sir_harry, given the evidence of the most recent encounter between spuds and the arse, it was the spuds fans who were doing most of the object throwing, and attacking of opposing fans, at the first leg of that CC semi... »»Arsene Knows««
marin jol= best manager in the epl
so good you can't bring yourself to spell his name right, so good 60% of you lot were calling for his fat head on a pole a fortnight ago, so good he threw a game in which you were 2-0 up with negative tactics, thanx Pat thats cheered me up no end.
i dont reckon chelsea will lt him go to be honest. he has done so much for the club!
i dont think chelsea will let go of jose in the summer, do you?
Nowhere near the best!
MJOL IS A ****!!!!!
he is lovely really

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