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'Like a New Signing' Diaby Set To Face Everton

Abou Diaby is an Arsenal player.

Yes, you may have forgotten so, as he has spent so much time on the treatment table in his Arsenal career, indeed, the leggy Frenchman has only play 20 games for The Arsenal in the last 3 years and only averages 19 games per season in his 9 year stay at the club.

However Diaby is set to return for Arsenal after a season long lay off and controversially set to start in the crucial game at Goodison park against Everton on Sunday.

Speaking with French sports newspaper L'Équipe Wenger said "Diaby will return to the team this weekend, yes, he has a tremendous spirit and has fought with courage to return as an Arsenal player. He is like a new signing."

"He has been out for a long time, but will start the game, to win this game is crucial and would mean we can stop looking over our shoulders and begin again looking forward"

"I am unsure as yet who he will replace, but expect to see him start, he is a top player at the club and an important one for us.'

Wenger passed judgement on what Diaby will bring to the team.

"Abou plays really intricate & laudable football, objectively & overall [he is] like [a new] signing."

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 1 2014

Time: 9:28AM

Your Comments

To celebrate it seems we have a different picture to the usual one of Abou wearing some inverted sheepskin affair whenever we get a Diaby piece. Interesting to see that despite his injury record he has still started almost half as many games as Arshavin did for us and overall has still cost a whole lot less! If Diaby, Ramsey and Wilshere are ever all fit at the same time then we're possibly over resourced in that area. As it happens we can barely make one full time player from all three. It will be good to see him back on the pitch against Everton. It will indeed be like a new signing. A miracle of sorts.
We have to buy the pictures we use from Getty images. So at the begining of the season we choose which pictures we want. There are never any pictures of Diaby in the new shirts, and never any to choose from as the season progresses!
He's back? He's back! And straight into the team? Must've looked great in training.
No way will he start at the weekend lads - you need to check the date!

His contract should have been cancelled years ago, how he got extensions with his injury record is beyond me. Appreciate that's he's had a tough time but he's also been getting 40k or so per week for the past 5 years for barely playing. We run a business not a charity!

An ok player who's reputation seemed to grow the more he was injured!

Galway Gooner
I'm sure the picture will be used many times! My post about Diaby's appearance stats is a bit confusing. Diaby has started almost half as many games again MORE than Arshavin and has still cost less despite being with us a whole lot longer.
I think most are only too aware of the date! The fact is though is that Diaby has played more games in Arsenal colours than many others. Not really much different from Rosicky for example. If he does have a chance of ever being injury free for any length of time he's a relatively low cost acquisition.
Diaby has only played 123 league games for us in 9 years. And while Thomas is hardly the model of health he's already played 27 more league games than Diaby (in Diaby terms 27 games is about 2 seasons worth!) and Rosicky has been here a year less and will add a few more games between now and the end of the season.

Even when he's played Diaby has never really impressed, 14 goals and 11 assists for a player of his supposed talent is a pretty poor return.

All he does is takes up a squad number and there is no point in either planning for him in the first 11 or as a backup as he's simply unreliable. Shame as there is or was potential there but we should simply cut him loose.

Galway Gooner
I only looked at League games for stats!
Galway Gooner
Before this season Diaby had started 92 PL games and Rosicky 85 but this season TR shows the value of making patient informed decisions. There might have been a point, in the past, when we gave up on RvP because of his injury record too. It may well prove sensible to give up on Diaby but it isn't a great cost to the club to wait a little longer before deciding whether to do so either. His contract runs out in the summer of 2015. We're unlikely to get much of a fee for him this summer so perhaps it's best to hang onto him until the January 2015 window before taking a decision.
Fully agree with that Amos. It's highly unlikely that any other club will take a risk on him or pay him the wages that we do so we're pretty much stuck with him for the next 15 months or so. If he comes good then great and while there are always exceptions to the rule regarding players coming good injury wise I don't think Diaby is in the same class as either Thomas R or RVP regarding waiting.

Even if he does come good injury wise is he that good a player?

Galway Gooner
Patch him up and see if he can get a contract elsewhere, how much do your appearance stats factor in medical bills, amos?
not only that but does him being a low cost 'acquisition' factor in the fact that he'd be keeping out someone else who could potentially be there, unreal the loyalty he's been shown, see if we can shift in the summer and get someone else in, ideally a right back, to take up the no2 shirt. He's impressed about twice in the shirt if memory serves.
I think there're times when he has looked a very good player indeed. Based on PL playing time his goals and assist stats are much the same as TR's. Whenever he has put a run of games together it has usually been enough to see an immediate recall to the French national side so I don't think there's much doubt about his quality. Just a shame his legs are made of match sticks.
The medical facilities at the club are a fixed cost so that wouldn't contribute significantly to overall cost. And I guess there's some form of insurance cover involved which again would be a fixed cost. He doesn't really keep anyone out of the squad at present as we've still space under the squad rules. Strange though how we can boo Nasri for being 'disloyal' while bleating about the loyalty we've shown players like Rosicky and Diaby. Among some supporters concepts of loyalty only work one way.
I've never been a fan of his to be honest. Always found him to be a bit lazy on the pitch. TR is twice the player he is attitude wise, when TR comes back from an injury he plays on the pitch like he owes the club something. Never really saw that from Diaby bar one or two games.

He's only made 16 apps for France scoring a solitary goal.

Some players have a myth built around them that isn't based on what they do on the pitch, really feel that the less Diaby has played the better the player people think he is.

If someone would buy him then we should certainly sell!

Galway Gooner
Also worth nothing that as good as TR has been of late he's only really getting so much game time because of injuries to Ozil, Rambo and Jack. If we have a full fit first 11 then TR probably isn't in it!
Galway Gooner
Also there are other costs associated i'm sure with operations abroad etc
Booing of Nasri is small time, pretty embarrassing to be honest. Diaby is now in his mid to late twenties, has a different sort of game to Rosicky and Van Persie, needs to go
TR fills the sort of role that Cazorla and Ozil play - as a more creative force. I agree that he's gets more playing time when Cazorla or Ozil are out or need a rest but that's his value to the squad. Similarly I think Diaby plays the driving box to box role that Ramsey or Wilshere play, with Ox filling in occasionally of late, while TR is best playing in and around the opposition attacking third (as are Ozil and Cazorla). Ramsey and Wilshere are both gaining experience quickly but if we can get Diaby reliably fit then I don't think he's the worst squad support option we could have for their role in the same way that Rosicky, getting on in years as he is, isn't the worst creative back up. I'm not ready to die in a ditch defending the retention of Diaby but I can see some purpose to it...if....!
"Even if he does come good injury wise is he that good a player?" - yes. Yes he is.
Assuming that his best position is the box-to-box type midfielder then he is certainly behind Rambo, Jack and possibly Ox for that one position. Paying someone who is effectively 4th choice approx. 40k (?) per week is not really money well spent. Having said that no club is going to sign him on those wages with his injury record. Makes the decision to give him a contract extension two years ago even more strange.
Galway Gooner
Damiano - his career stats would suggest otherwise. Even when he plays he's not that effective.
Galway Gooner
Diaby isn't really built for the english game. His injury stats were not that great even before he joined the club so no-one should be surprised, least of all the manager. The way I've always seen it is he's denying Wenger a quality option from the bench. Its another gamble that hasn't paid off.
Wyn Mills
Ox is a couple of years away from being first choice for that role. I'm not even sure that Jack is there yet so having some other resource to fall back such as the more physically mature, if he can prove less fragile, Diaby to call on for the next year (if medical opinion supports it) or so doesn't seem the worst use of resources - who could you buy in transfer fees alone for the £2m a year in wages that Diaby is costing us? Giving Diaby a contract extension 2 years ago would have been prudent at the time. Had he remained fit he would either have proved his worth or enabled us to sell his contract with a year left on it which would probably have covered 2 years wages. If he's fit now or can prove his fitness that still holds up to some extent with a year left to run. Rather than a strange decision it was in fact a very shrewd decision made slightly less so because of the ACL injury.
Amos he's played 123 league apps (including subs) in 9 seasons at the club. How you can claim that giving a player with an injury record like this a contract extension as "shrewd" is bizarre. The shrewd thing would have been to let his contract run down and let him go and then someone else would be paying him to do nothing. Wenger took a risk and it back-fired, costing the club time, money and effort.

No club in the PL would touch Diaby will a barge pole with his record (even up to two years ago!) and yet we reward him with an improved contract (did I read somewhere he's on 50k per week???).

The nature of being a backup player is surely to be available for when backup is required? Diaby is rarely available so is pretty useless as a backup option. He's useless as a first choice option as there is totally no point in basing a team or a strategy on him being available so what's the point of keeping him?

He's 27 or 28 now I believe and even before the ankle injury was pretty injury prone. Does nothing but consume resources.

Galway Gooner
I think Diaby could of gone on to be top draw, I really do. I wouldn't even say that he is naturally injury prone but 3 brutal tackles on that right ankle have wrecked him. After that Dan Smith tackle he had 3 surgeries and told his career could be over. He plays quite regularly in the 08-09, 09-10 seasons and again in 10-11 until Paul Robinson with another bad challenge on that same ankle. I forget the 3rd one, Barton maybe? But since then he has had the majority of injuries on that right leg with calf strains, ankle strains, thigh strain, Knee mcl and so on. We have him till 2015, I suggest if he were to ever get another contract it would be a minimal weekly wage and a pay as you play type bonus. I feel for him though, but can't be too sentimental I guess
It's shrewd for the reasons I've given GG. There isn't anything in Diaby's injury record that would have predicted an ACL injury any more than there was in Walcott's. With hindsight all decisions are easier but foresight proved that it was wise not to follow that path with Rosicky - or RvP despite similar protestations to those you're now making. Risks are part of the business. Arshavin was a risk that has cost us much more than Diaby has. Diaby is a relatively low cost risk.
Oh come on Amos, admit Wenger got it wrong!

Of course no one could have predicted the ACL injury but for someone with his injury record it's always a risk.

Wenger gambled on an injury prone player coming good which hasn't worked out, nothing shrewd in that. With all the facts we had at the time it was the wrong call and Diaby's injury record since then has proven that out.

Galway Gooner
Paul, with regard to him not being prone to injuries I would read what Santini at Auxerre had to say about Abou at the time of his transfer.
Wyn Mills
Wenger gambled on Rosicky and RvP (and others like Gibbs) too! It's easy in hindsight to say which decisions have proved wiser than others but that doesn't mean that they were not the right decisions or shrewd decisions at the time they were taken. Diaby may yet prove a wise decision, or he may not, but it's a calculated and low cost risk - and it's still shrewd to retain some residual value in his contract and thereby the capacity to have some control over decisions yourself.
Interesting link that Wyn - but what does it tell us ? - that Mourinho found medical opinion reassuring too? That Dan Smith would break Diaby's ankle? Plenty of youngsters have repetitive injuries - should we give up on Wilshere then? Gibbs perhaps? Ox has missed a few games this season hasn't he?
Amos - I fully agree that some decisions will prove wiser than others given the fullness of time. And yes you could argue that sticking with RVP proved valuable when he managed to maintain his fitness (you could also argue that even in fits and starts RVP always maintained a excellent goals-to-games ratio and was always a pretty effective player, far more so than Diaby). But Diaby has been money poorly spent, nothing shrewd in that. Wenger got it wrong.

In fairness to Jack, Ox and Gibbs - Diaby has 9 years of constant injury in a Arsenal shirt (plus perhaps a year or two in France). You cannot compare his injury record to theirs.

Galway Gooner
Basically all young Arsenal midfield player miss large chunks of the season at any time. Agree with GG's assessment that Diaby gets better every time that he is out. He is a talented player that with the experience of playing 200 plus games could have ironed out faults in his game, such as habitually choosing the wrong options in certain situations, but because he has not played has not been able to do this. Don't hold your breath for the rest of the season, this is not the cavalry coming to the rescue!
Diaby signed a long term contract in jan 2010 on the back of a season pretty much injury free having made 36 appearances and then made 43 appearances that season. Can you release someone from a contract later on if they are injured a lot?
As I've said, if Diaby is a mistake he's a relatively low cost one. We've had 25% more PL playing time out of Diaby than out of Arshavin for example while Diaby's goals and assists stats compare with TR's based on playing time. You could point out that Arshavin scored more goals and made more assists but when you compare him with Poldoski who plays the same position his stats on either are poorer than Lukas's who cost a lot less. Arshavin was money poorly spent while Diaby, even with all his problems, has been comparatively good value.
50k is a low cost risk?! Amos you must have been smiling as you typed that one out. The link it tells us that Diaby was prone to injuries before he even joined the club and was therefore a bit of a gamble (as distinct from gambling on your own home-grown players). Nothing wrong with that, but he's now 27. How much longer should we be prepared to gamble? Diaby has rarely if ever completed more than half a season for any club he's played for. The stats speak for themselves.
Wyn Mills
Whilst not wishing to change what I have said above I have just realised what the date is today! Well done Rocky 7.
Yes, I just noticed that too! Good one Rocky. :)
Wyn Mills
Amos in the PL during the time that Arshavin was with Arsenal, he played more than Diaby did. And that even includes Arshavin coming mid-season and spending half a season on loan in Russia. About 33% more apps than Diaby (rough count 73 to 105). Yes we paid 12-15m for Arshain but we've also been paying Diaby's wages for about 5 years more than Arshavin and while Arshavin was a lazy sod at times (and probably played out of position a lot) he was still quite respectable in that he scored or assisted in 43% of the league games he played in, these are rough figures based on 23 goals and 23 assists in 106 PL games for the club. Rough numbers have TR at 27% and Diaby at 20%.

Arshavin was very frustrating and very lazy but he was also far more effective than Diaby.

Galway Gooner
I see that Diaby's wages have increased by £10k a week over this thread but that doesn't detract from the basic point. When agents fee's alone can be little different from Diaby's yearly wage then it is a low cost risk Wyn. The average contract amortisation cost is greater than Diaby is supposedly being paid. If the club retains some residual value in the contract it minimises the cost risk further. There're much bigger gambles than keeping Diaby for another season.
i think we should just release him and get morgan schneiderlin who shouldnt cost us too much and pair him with tony kroos who is on bosman. the duo are the some of the best ball retention players who are also at the right age. they could well form a new xavi-aneista partnership. given that wenger loaned in kallstrom, i am sure he has a plan to strengthen the holding midfield position. furthermore, both flamini & arteta are at the wrong side of age and clearly couldnt hold up possession well enough against stronger oppositions who are good in closing down and intercepting us. there shouldnt be much worry that we would be having too many midfielders as it was proven many times we never had enough to last a season
April fools - right?
Sir Henry
In last 4 seasons Amos diaby has made 40 appearances, In Arshavins last 4 seasons he played 128. Not sure what you are comparing. Diaby is on between 50-60k a week definitely, however he has refused to take wages since September until he is fit
Some horrible grammar above. Apologies
Diaby has notched up 7796 minutes of PL playing time and Arshavin 6248 minutes GG. Arshavins amortisation costs alone would have been as much as Diaby has cost us to date in wages. Factor in Arshavins wages and the difference is substantial. Arshavin played a different role from Diaby but compare Arshavin with Podolski who does play the same position and Arshavin was far less effective. Compare Diaby with Wilshere and his stats are more effective.
it's unfair to keep picking on arshavin. over the years the blind faith that wenger gambled on players who came cheap i.e. cygan, almunia, denilson, eboue etc. had probably costed us more dearly
I doubt that the combined costs of all those players you've mentioned cost us as much as Arshavin cost us Joe. On the other hand Wenger's faith in players like Anelka, Toure, RvP, Song, Clichy, Cesc has proved rewarding. The frustration some have with Wenger is that he doesn't risk enough on expensive transfer mistakes.
Joe, Toni Kroos's contract with Bayern is till June 2015 so he wont be a bosman transfer this summer. About Diaby, a final call can be taken this summer by the club. If he plays a few games at the end of the season from the bench without injury and with fluency as he would hope to make an impression on the Deschamps, keeping him for the remaining year of his contract may be a logical thing to do. If he gets injured again this season, it would be time to come to some sort of settlement with the player and cancel his contract. About his ability, when given a run of games last year, he was good and very much suited to the league with his power and dribbling, one could also see he had ironed out a few decision making issues in his game. His performance last season against Liverpool remains a box to box midfield masterclass.
Yes Arshavin didn't work but the mistake for me was that he played in a position which he has never played. He is not built to run up and down tracking and had never done that. He played 300 games for Zenit and Russia in a free role yet at the age of 28, moving to the Premier league we are asking him to help the full back.
Agree with those suggesting Schneirdelin as an option, he's always impressed me when I've seen him play and I think he's still quite young (24?) so plenty of improvement yet to come.

Diaby isn't physically up to playing the box-to-box role we think he is best suited to, his body simply cannot stay up to that level of physical punishment. Unfortunately for him he is not creative enough to cover for Ozil and is certainly not hard working enough or disciplined enough on the pitch to cover as a def-mid. I just don't ever see him being a regular at the club and think we have far better options.

Arshavin was brought in as a creative/attacking ,and despite being a lazy moody git at time he did create and score at an acceptable level, not as much as we may have hoped but certainly not bad.

All the Diaby supports always hark back to that game at Liverpool and he did play well on the day. but let's not forget the amount of games that simply passed him buy when he gave the ball away cheaply, never tracked back, always took one too many touches and generally didn't do much. Maybe if he'd been fit he would have reached the levels we hoped. We can only base his worth on what he produces on the pitch and honestly he never produced enough to warrant the amount of money we've given him.

Galway Gooner
intricate &

objectively &
overall [he is]
like [a new]
I was actually thinking the "like a new signing" would get the people up in arms ... nobody gave a sh**. Heh,
GG, we know your views on the topic thanks! You only had to repeat yourself 12 times on this thread!
Yeah - but he would be like a new signing Rocky! :)
Why Amos? Wasn't he one of the 12 apostles?
I read the article, saw the reference to "like a new signing" and the fact he is going to start against Everton and I said "got to be April fool!". Good one, though, Rocky.
Of course, Diaby would be like a new signing, if he can be and stay fit! It would be too soon for him or I would say firmly that he would add value when you need to close out games. In the box to box role, he was, probably, our best until Ramsey's rebirth this season. He deserves a last chance to run out his contract, even if to put him on the shop window for his career's sake.
I think some of the comments about Diaby are harsh. Don't think he's ever been lazy when fit. I think he's been cautious at times and why not with his injuries. He's one of those players u wish could just have 2 years injury free because u know he could be the best midfielder in the world. He's been so unlucky and some of you Gooners should bite your tongue before dismissing him and then blaming Wenger. You're the same idiots who were calling for Wenger to sell RVP because of his record and then turning around in mid sentence and questioning Wenger for allowing RVP's contract to reach its final year. Seriously. I lable these idiots Le-Grovers. They have no idea how to read a situation and spend their whole day just reacting to what's in front of them right now.
Trennon - best midfielder in the world??? Are you having a laugh?? Jebus we are beginning to sound like Spuds here talking up players into greats before they have actually done anything.

We can talk about what ifs regarding Diaby until the cows come home but the facts are that he's played in less than 1/3 of our games over the 9 years he's been at the club. He's a crock and always has been and while its tough on the guy he's taking up a squad space and costing the club a lot of money without getting any return.

The sensible thing is to cut him lose and plan for a replacement.

Galway Gooner
Has played 1700 prem minutes in last 4 seasons. Best midfielder in the world is far fetched at best. Had great potential, will it ever be realised? I hope so but doubtful.
To be fair to Trennon he didn't say Diaby was the best midfielder in the world just that, in his opinion, he had the potential to be if he'd been able to play a couple of years injury free. You might have been able to make a similar claim about RvP. It's easy to forget that he didn't play the main striker role until he was 26 but once he had an injury free run he was able to show that he was at least the best in the PL in that role. Before then he was also dismissed as a perma-crock. It seems to me that the point that Trennon is making is that too often we judge these things only superficially.
I'm basing my opinion on two things:

firstly Daiby is rarely fit so he's totally unreliable.

Secondly even when he does play he doesn't overly impress me. Rambo has impressed more in half a season than Diaby has done over his Arsenal career. Do I ever see Diaby brining the level of energy and commitment tot the box-to-box midfielder as Rambo? No, not ever.

We can all say how he has great ability and can glide past two and three opponents with ease and that may be true. He has potential but he has never produced on that potential. How long do we wait?

RVP, despite being always in and out of the team with knocks always maintained a good goals to games ratio and was always a class above Diaby skill wise so I don't think its fair to compare the two.

Galway Gooner
RvP and Diaby play different roles so it's their circumstance which bears comparison not their individual qualities. Diaby may not have impressed you GG which is fair enough but other observers have been impressed. Deschamps as France manager describing him as a complete midfielder not too long ago. Vieira said less than 18 months ago: "If he could have improved constantly, he would have reached an exceptional level. About his potential, he is better than me, better on a technical level, better dribbler, and better scorer too. In one word, more versatile than I was." Which isn't all that different from Trennon's rating of his potential. How long do we wait? He has another year left on his contract. Whether we try to cash in this summer, next January or let him leave on a free next summer doesn't matter too much but at least we have given ourselves the low cost option to wait if we wanted to.
Oh - and Diaby did once nearly separate John Terry's head from his shoulders which is worthy of appreciation!
The Terry incident earned him one contract extension but no more!

Deschamps and Vieira - just words! It's what's on the pitch that counts and he hasn't produced it on the pitch (be it due to not being fit or not being able). They are team mates and fellow country men, they are hardly going to say he is crap now are they? Show me a comment from a fellow pro saying a player is crap.

And again its all back to "if", if he'd been fit, if he'd progressed, if he'd reached his potential etc.

"If" I had the talent I could be playing for Arsenal, but I don't!

Its pretty clear that we'll have him for another year if only because no other club would touch him. So that's another £2m odd in wages gone out of the club for I'll guess 10-15 games a season if we're lucky. I suppose its not huge money in the grand scheme of things and we've wasted a lot more in the past (Denilson anyone?) and its not as if we have a choice!

Galway Gooner
It's just words here also GG but Deschamps and Vieira's words probably constitute more informed opinion. They're not alone either, Blanc, Guy Roux and Domenech have all said similar things which go beyond merely support for a fellow countryman. Players like Denilson, Bendtner, Cygan et c., aren't really expensive flops relatively. Denilson's yet another who gave us more playing time in all competitions than we got from Arshavin and his stats bear comparison with Jack's based on playing time so far. The costliest mistakes are players like Arshavin and Reyes. It's getting those wrong that impacts most significantly on player budgets and inhibits future spending most.
Sometimes words are for encouragement too Amos. Like when Wenger said, ""I have been impressed by his intelligence and his attitude. He is well-appreciated and rated by his team-mates and by the staff as well - we think he is a quality player. "It is hard in the Premier League but Park is a player with quality and intelligence. On the longer term that will always come out and I am confident he will do that in the Premier League as well".
Nothing wrong with a bit of encouragement paul - but then again it isn't too difficult to see the difference between the comments and observations made about Diaby by some without a direct vested interest and those of a manager about a new signing. It perhaps harks back to Trennon's point about simply reacting to what's in front of you rather than reading a situation in context.
To be fair Amos, the comment says, "u know he could be the best midfielder in the world". Now even if he was injury free, I don't think he had put in enough good performances to warrant such a high praise. In fact he frustrated a lot of fans with inconsistencies and poor choices. I believe he had massive potential and he would of improved and ironed out some of those things with experience. I would say, had he been injury free he could of become a very good player. Anything else is pie in the sky.
To sum it up though, he will go down as one of my biggest regrets if he never comes back properly. I think his career has been robbed from him by some callous tackles and that is a great shame. I always thought he would go on and become a very important player for Arsenal (before leaving for Barcelona :) ). I hope he gets one last chance from the injury gods
The key is in the use of the conditional form in the word 'could'. Had he used the word 'would' then your point would be stronger paul. As I say there's plenty of high praise from other informed observers, which I needn't repeat here but others can seek out if they wish, so it isn't wholly unrealistic even if it's difficult to imagine such a scenario now.
I do see what you are saying Amos, my point is more leaning toward the fact he has not done enough to warrant quite such high praise. It is similar to me saying that Wilshere could go on and be the best attacking midfielder in the world. He has had lots of praise in a similar way to Diaby from coaches, players etc. So much potential around you could say that for many players. Bartley, Januzaj, Ox, Gotze, Tello, Jesse, Draxler, Shaw and so on. If one of these players went on a similar path to Diaby with injuries, I don't think you can look back and say, "you know they could of been the best in the world". That is just my personal opinion, I think players can get over hyped based on potential or a few stand out performances. As far as Diaby goes I recall perhaps 4-5 games where I thought wow. Had he gone a season and a half or more to bossing the MF and being a match winner many times before injury then fair enough. Anyway that is me done on this topic.
It's true that players get over hyped at times and probably unfairly criticised at other times based on a couple of poor performances but more often it seems that excessive criticism is somehow seen as more justified than excessive praise. It seems that a positive opinion requires more evidence to support it than a negative one.
Anybody realise that Walcott is another "Sick Note" as bad as RvP? Perhaps next season, Walcott has one 30+ goal season ... and Man City jumps in and offer 50-mil to Arsenal? Look at how "Sick note" Rosicky playing today and should give hope to Diaby that he can emulate Rosicky and RvP who eventually shed their "Sick Note" tag. Diaby can be a decent squad member, hopefully able to play at least 30+ games per season. Perhaps the reason why Wenger is not in the market for another DCM is that he is still betting on Diaby to come good next season.
Just noticed "Arsenal Station" picked these "quotes" up and ran with the article. Hehe.
All jokes aside, did Diaby make it back to training as scheduled? I heard he had hoped to make an outside chance of making the World cup.
Apparently he started training again yesterday!
I think it is high praise indeed and a testament to how highly he is rated by the French Managers he has worked with. Deschamps still looks forward to his return to fitness, suggesting he would risk taking him along on the plane to Rio. That is a serious expression of trust, if ever there was one.
Hehehe, Rocky. I saw that article in 'Arsenal station' and another in 'Injury League'. I bet they did so to get hits (they did too) ;-)

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7. luckys_10 14
8. Little Dutch 13
9. Nwankwo25 11
10. alwaysgunner 10

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Latest Results
Liverpool 2 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle
Stoke 3 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 0 Southampton
WBA 0 - 1 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 2 Man Utd

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
3. Man Utd 17 9 5 3 12 32
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Arsenal 17 7 6 4 9 27
7. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23

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Morrison - We Need Everyone Over Christmas
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Arsenal MotM
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Szczesny 34%
Chambers 0%
Debuchy 8%
Mertesacker 0%
Gibbs 0%
Oxlade-Chamberlain 0%
Flamini 0%
Cazorla 50%
Sánchez 8%
Giroud 0%
Welbeck 0%
Sub:-Coquelin 0%
Sub:-Campbell 0%
Sub:-Monreal 0%