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Specialist In Failure 1-0 Specialist In Nonsense

Earlier in the season Arsene Wenger suggested that anyone writing themselves out of the title race when they were a couple of points off the top of the league with a fair chunk of the season still left to play were simply covering their bases and might have had a "fear to fail".

The Arsene Manager mentioned no names in his quotes and despite the fact that Mr Wenger was referring to the comments made by numerous managers Chelsea`s Jose Mourinho took it as a personal attack and being the egotist that he is reacted with a childish retort.

The Portuguese manager claimed that following the Gunners 8 season trophy-less stint that Arsene Wenger is a "specialist in failure".

Over the years Mourinho has been used to favour from the media gained from his supposed humour, personality (& I used the word in its loosest possible way) and quirks, however for many of the journalists, reporters and commentators this was a step too far for even Jose.

If success is simply measured in trophies then sure, you could say the Arsenal manager has failed over the last 8 seasons, but it`s not, and to suggest it is nave to say the least.

Did Roberto Martinez, Tony Pulis or Brendan Rogers "fail" this season simply because they didn`t win any silverware? Of course not, its how you play the hand you`ve been dealt what determines success.

Could Arsenal have done better with a little more investment? Sure. But the stability and longevity Arsene Wenger has achieved at Arsenal is nothing more than miraculous, especially when you consider the arrival of the Sheiks and Oligarchies.

What you could consider a failure would be spunking hundreds of millions of pounds on players and taking Chelsea from 3rd position in the table to a lofty 3rd position in the table. In fact, it`s been 5 years since Chelsea finished more than 3 points in front of Arsenal in the league.

Yesterday`s FA Cup win was not only a huge relief, it wasn`t only an amazing feeling to win another record breaking FA Cup (off our own back without any outside influence) but it was also a huge slap in the face to Mourinho that added further embarrassment to his ill-conceived comments.

And that`s always a fun time.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 18 2014

Time: 1:00PM

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Great crowd at the Emirates today Proud........As for Jose, well I have no feelings none whatsoever.
Chippy Brady
INCREDIBLE turnout by the Arsenal fans today. What an amazing display for the parade and for the sign-off back at the stadium. Proud as punch today and even the sight of the mug of the Portuguese "enemy of football," can't spoil my mood. The Special Runt ought to look in the mirror if he wants to see a "Specialist in Failure as a Human Being."
julieloveshenry4ever That's for Jose....
Chippy Brady
If you give success to stupid people it sometimes makes them more stupid.
Jose only knows how to splash cash, slap his chest and smile for the media. He's got no clue about management. Wenger has always and will continue to be the bigger man between the two. The less said about the Failing One, the better. He's not gonna spoil my mood....Naaa not on this day. Up Gunners!!! One nil to The Arsenal!!!
So happy :)
I think the press choose their winners and losers and in Mourinho they've their winner. Whenever they get the opportunity to push back they give Jose a pass. The worse form of it is how quickly the press embrace and repeat the arsinine quips from their chosen one. I can't wait to hear Jose's next 'insightful' remarks about Wenger.
Cry babies gooners. The man JM did not attack Arsene out of the blues.....AW started first and got his deserved response simple. the FA win does not change that! I think its shameful to celebrate FA the way you guys are. Celebrate ok.......
Elemzy, can you remind exactly what Wenger said and the context, to start the embarrassing nonsense from Jose? He succeeded in showing how stupid he really is when he made that remark because Wenger never referred to him at his interview.
Shameful because you will never get 250,000 people celebrating on the streets in London. AW didn't start this feud if I recall JM called him a Voyeur in 2005 back up your facts or Pi$$ off.
Chippy Brady
Arsene Wenger spends 9 years building a team, after winning 1 FA cup it's justified. HAHA LOOOOL! wake up arsenal fans you've won 1 fa cup in 9 years, even Portsmouth did that.
' a slap in the face to mourinho' yes I'm sure 1 FA cup in 9 years easily outweighs the CL and league titles mou has won over that time.
Question Humza? Is 96 the year of your birth? If it is it just explains everything.
Chippy Brady
A journeyman coach who, realizing his limitations in interpersonal skills, sniffs out well financed clubs in need of quick trophies then allows his PR machinery to do the rest on them. I am not impressed. If he wants to impress, let him stay at one club side, build a team that will stay in contention (and win some) for 5 years! It's two years and counting now for him, at two well oiled clubs. Git.
AW answered a question as to his thoughts "about managers who keep playing down the chances of their clubs in the title chase" and he opined that amongst other things, maybe the manager is afraid to fail or didn't wish to put pressure on his team. The press, at the next opportunity with JM put the matter before him and he, naturally, fell for it with that silly, disrespectful response. Dimwit.
FA Cup final MOTM poll - should be fabianski instead of szczesny right?
Hmmm. Looks like the team list on the site poll was set on 'auto' with most fans predicting Szczesny for keeper:-). I know Rambo and Cazorla would get the votes but Giroud deserves mention for his efforts, especially after Sanogo came on. Never stopped working and trying. One of his better performances in a while.
lmao... Humza 2, Arsenal fans 0000000000000.
lol .. Arsenal fans celebrated like they won a trophy... oh wait.
Chelsea would have got 250,000 fans to show up on the streets of India and Pakistan but not in London.
Wenger is a great human being apart from being a great football manager. Mourinho is an excuse of a human being who happens to be a good football manager. Karma just hit Mourinho smack on the face.
BlueMIA - An idiot making idiotic comments doesn't make it 2 - 0 ...unless you yourself are an idiot, and see it in such a way.
Jesus *****ing Christ! What a weekend, so glad I booked this week off work. 2 whole days of drunken madness! I didn't even get close to the bus yesterday, north London was packed, packed with red and white gunners. I think I visited EVERY drinking establishment in north London. Its been excellent. If someone cant enjoy that then quite frankly I question them as a human being. Once again this weekend has been ******** amazing! A ******** flair was set off in the pub after Ramsey scored hahaaa Aaron Ramsey!
Kanu25 wins the 2014 best drunken haze & hangover double! Well done mate.
Chippy Brady
Now I'm going to replay the whole match again with a nice cup of tea. (Vodka ran out long ago)
Chippy Brady
Chelsea Fan here! Congrats, silver is silver, even if it meant taking it from the cabinet of the Giant in World Football that is Wigan lol. But your due is your due...I mean even if the last time you won a trophy, the very next 9 years you lot went on about how finishing fourht is a trophy far better than winning the FA Cup...but it is unbecoming of a big club like Arsenal for such an obtuse celebration over the FA Cup, we won it four times since you last won it. Now you are all ejaculating over how this win now means that Arsene is better than Mourinho, how quick you forget that we gave you a new quick you forget that the Special One tore your Specialist a new one on the Specialist Special occasion of 1000 games in charge, half of which were spent without a go on, enjoy this...we've enjoyed our EL, UCL, FA CUPx4, PL and our countless domination of your so called big club. PS 250 000 Fans only means that you're popular...far more popular than us in London by all accounts...but hey Posh Spice has more followers, but David Cameron is still the PM lol.
As the old football maxim goes you're only as good as your last game or last trophy GFslashL and whatever we've won it's one more than Abramovich was able to buy for you this season. There's no such thing as an obtuse celebration over a trophy that has been won. You might reserve that adjective for trophies that have been bought for you though. No point you shouting about how well you've done in the past - you can only lose that one - and if you shout too much you may make yourself a little hoarse.
Good On you Amos, the maxim serves you well now, so you use it, let it comfort you...but maxims are only good through consistency of use by the user and as you lot have been crying indifference to the FA Cup etc, I will take your use of that comment with the assumed disingenuous nature that it deserves, btw last game we played against you? The Score, do you remember? It was just another game for Jose, but for Arsene it was a Special occasion, you should remember...WHAT WAS THE SCORE?...going by your maxim of course.
Didn't you know Amos that history began in 2005? Let's forget the nasty hooligan headhunter/bushwaker battles. The fact that this proud club was bought for 1.00. Was relegated twice and had a player called Droy who made our own Willy Young look like Cryuff? We enjoy seeing the number of fans we have as much as your lot loves to count money that doesn't belong to you.
Chippy Brady
The fact that we've won more trophies than you have isn't a particular comfort because that was the case even before we added our most recent trophy GFL. In fact if we're ignoring the FA Cup as you imply then that rather favours us even more when it comes to trophy counts. So you won the game against us at your place - and presumably were still celebrating when Pulis out-mourinho'd you in your next game. You still only took 3 points - not a special occasion at all (though if Jose ever hung around long enough to notch up even a couple of hundred games it might be!) - hardly worth an open top bus ride was it. Have you written your letter to Santa Abramovich yet? Your hopes rest entirely on him dipping his hand into his pocket again. With your begging bowls at the ready and pleading - Can we have some more? What proper little Dickensian waifs you have become - appropriate for exponents of 19th century football I guess.
Amos, philosophical inconsistencies, first you're only as good as your last game, now we look at history, choose your outlook, because if it a historical outlook, then ya'll should be ashamed of yourself not winning a trophy for nine years based on the history of your club, also historically ya'll were outspending us hand over fist and when we're able to compete ya'll cry foul. Our hopes do not rest on Roman as we're FFP compliant. SELF SUFFICIENT. Our revenue kills yours even with your fabled Emirates...Historically, Wenger has been a coach for far longer than Mourinho, Mourinho has more trophies than Wenger just on the basis of his work in Portugal alone, forget about the other countries he's dominated. But enjoy this small Bon Mot that we've contrived to allow you to have, I know that we a scenario to arise wherein CFC and AFC went head to head, you'd pick CFC to play for your life everytime, not your beloved club. Also look down the age groups, look down at youth, we've been hoarding the youth talent and they ply at my club their 4-5 years we will be sitting pretty (I know, I am sounding like you lot now hehehe) So treat this FA Cup as we the Big know those ears your manager has never touched...
I've no problem looking at either our last game and resulting trophy gained or our history GFL. It's only uncomfortable for you to do so. We haven't gone 50 years before buying a league title for example. That would be embarrassing! As it happens we're the only PL club to have won a trophy in each of 10 successive historical decades. The difference is that we've only ever competed with our own resources. Being FFP compliant doesn't mean that you're still not entirely dependent on handouts from Abramovich - you most definitely are though you're probably going to have to accept being weaned off that slowly. As for revenues they are meaningless if they're not profitable revenues - if they don't cover your costs - not that yours 'kills' ours at all. Mourinho's work in Portugal? There're very few Porto managers that haven't won trophies there - AVB included. Your youth is wasted there. They'll never get a chance while Abramovich is still playing billionaire's poker - even less likely under Mourinho. I see your CL winning manager is an outside bet for the Brighton job! Abramovich knows that Chav coaches can come and go at his whim - they don't really matter that much - the only success you can have is what he's prepared to buy you. You're just his plaything.
Amos. are good at bantering...very astute with your observations and are not a cry baby. Truth be told, I am gutted, utterly gutted at your elation...and I state it proudly. A good feat winning a trophy...enjoy it, and may there be many more for us than you lol. But I must say this...Mourinho won the UCL with Porto in 2004...bouncing out Manure on the way. That alone makes Mourinho a better coach than Wenger will ever be...also while you guys did your spending through your own resources...admit this...21million for Matic is a far better deal than say 15million for Giroud...25 million for Mata to be sold at 40 million after he helped us win UCL, EL and FA Cup is better than 45 million for Ozil who will have less resale value and has only helped you win the FA Cup thus far. Also, be honest, tomorrow Soccer Playing Aliens come to attack the world, our only chance at survival is beating them at a football match, you can pick either CFC coached by Mourinho as is...or AFC coached by Wenger as is...who do you pick to win for the world???? The whole world is depending on your choice....who do you all honesty...Hans Zimmer music playing dramatically as you make your informed choice. lol
Oh and Amos...RdM will always have a special place in our hearts as CFC fans...not just as a manager, but as a player as well, refrain from belittling his name, I would never dare decry the antics of Henry, even though it is unlikely that circumstance would allow him to come save Arsenal from missing out on the UCL the next season by winning the damn thing and collecting the FA Cup to boot, RdM broke his bones and his heart for my club...PLS, we're having fun here, RdM is a no go area for me, I tear up at the mere mention of his name.
It's not me belittling Di Matteo GFL. You need to look towards Abramovich for that. Winning the CL doesn't make Mourinho a better coach (even Avram Grant made a final though we all know it was Abramovich really) but I've never claimed he was a poor one. Just one who has managed his career well. I put him on a par with Tony Pulis. They are very similar in their coaching abilities. Why compare Matic with Giroud? It's not as though we sold Giroud and then had to buy him back at much greater cost is it. As for Ozil his fee is fine with most Arsenal supporters. After all we only spent money we had. We didn't have to go cap in hand to beg for a hand out whereas you're the footballing equivalent of benefit junkies. Which team you would pick to play against the Soccer Playing Aliens depends on whether you think you could bore them into submission - though they might just nuke Jose's bus. What is it Valdano said Mourinho serves up? S**t on a stick wasn't it? Might be better to get Pulis to stand in for the game though - he has a better recent record than Mourinho. Personally I reckon the Soccer Playing Aliens would be buying Diamond Class seats at the Emirates if it's football they're interested in - if they can get on the waiting list that is.
Nicely played Amos...but your lack of a definitive answer is in and of itself an answer. You put Pulis at Mourinho's level...good for your mind he too then is better than Wenger...but I do not think so lowly of your Specialist.
No amount trolling can stop my cheerful mood today :)
Lol sajit...permit me to continue trying. However good you feel... that is how bad I feel. But at least I admit it. Not here saying that your win is meaningless as Hull City line up is half the cost of Ozil....not here saying that this is a false dawn as you guys got lucky etc...not here saying the FA Cup is mickeymouse cup....just here trolling you all in preparation for next season around this time when the tables have turned back to normalcy. Then I shall troll like a supermarket trolley. Will remind you of your elation as I have mine.
The answer's there GFL it's only about your ability to see it. In my mind Wenger has a much wider range of skills than either Mourinho or Pulis and has needed them over the last 15 years at Arsenal in order to deliver the club we have now. Neither Mourinho nor Pulis would have been able to achieve anything like as much with the same resources. However, Wenger as manager of Porto would have won plenty of trophies, and Abramovich would have bought as many trophies with Wenger for a lot less money and with a great deal more entertainment. Wenger at Moratti's Inter, a team that had already won 3 successive Serie A titles? No problem and anyone managing Real should always be able to win something. Mourinho is only good at managing his own career.
You're betraying some basic insecurity there GFL! You have to troll here just to reassure yourself that everything will be all right for you next season? Whistling in the dark to keep your spirits up is a very spudlike trait. It normally ends in tears - usually tears of laughter from us though.
Then let that be your truth Amos. No insecurity pal. Just truth. It hurts me that you are so happy as AFC fans. Just like it hurt you when we bought our trophies as you say...I am here because recent history tells me that I too will win and will be here to remind you of this day. The anniversary of our maidan Ucl win...I am here to be here then...and then I will hope to see you here Amos. And this shall continue...till then enjoy...for once in this decade. Do not call me spudlike...remember...the FA cup doesn't change the fact that we're the pride of London. It doesn't change the fact that as always to see us you lot always need to look also doesn't change your newly acquired moniker of ArSixNil. Never forget...we have won more against you at your fabled diamond classed soulless Highbury wannabe pretentious ground than you have against basically you all are just tenants at the is our house...along with whl...along with wembley...but our home is a bridge to successes that are still a fantasy to you all.
I'm afraid the truth is too painful for you GFL. Pride of London? With JT as your captain? You're displaying a spudlike tendency for delusion now too! I think the head to head history of our clubs shows we have a clear supremacy. We've also had our share of successes at SB. In fact your narrow supremacy of just two wins at SB more than we have is pretty poor compared to our comparative dominance on our turf. That's the problem when the only history you have is what Abramovich has bought for himself. Shame to think it might all be over for you as quickly as it came before much longer though.
GFL ,. would love to see JM stay on for years and build a legacy like Wenger. Staying for 3 years spending 1 billion and winning stuff is not a legacy.
Post 2005 Chelsea fans can be a strange bunch. Their youth means they are often confused about the choices in front of them - look at GFL, he cant even decide if his name should be Gian-franco or Luca. Then to mention the delusions - 'Pride of London' apparently. Plastic pride of London maybe - complete with plastic flags, plastic fans most of who have never been to SB and even a plastic head - Cech!
D force...trifector of European success. Cup winners...ucl and el a feat managed only by the true giants on the continental stage...and one of those clubs is in London. Let's test your age and see if you can tell me who else has that trifector. speaks of the wannabe Highbury...mind my words...I mind yours. Just banter don't you see. I know you derive a lot of satisfaction at my disdain at your is why I do this. You deserve your I deserve my discontent. But unlike you lot...I am honest about it. I do not belittle your achievements with statements of envy as you do each time we have won...when you speak of sugar daddy issues. I say well played...and I take your jubilation to mean that while we were know the fa cups...the league cups and the pl...yours was a disdain far more amplified than mine as there was a chance that you may never feel the caress of glory...the caress from which my skin has begun to peel. So as I said enjoy...see you next year.
Chippy Brady
These Chelsea trolls haven't been seen on the site (HGH withstanding, but he isn't all there) for a long while ... the fact that they show up again after we won a trophy means only one thing .... they're afraid! I can smell the fear ... it dunt half whiff as well!
Anyone who says "me speaks" cant be old - mentally and physically. Just banter GFL, see you next year.
You came here to offer your congratulations and now it's pseudo intellectual psychobabble. Like a party guest who doesn't want to leave. Give it a rest mate. This isn't a popularity contest it's an Arsenal forum. Seek attention elsewhere.
Chippy Brady
I preferred them when they were 2nd division, I liked them a lot back then.
Chippy Brady
Would anybody in their right mind superglue his face to a trophy? that skin peeling bit was hilarious.
Chippy Brady
That's an interesting stance GFL as the spuds can also be heard banging on about their past European trophies too. There's a familiar pattern of behaviour developing here - it's almost as though you can see what the future holds for you once the handouts dry up.
It's almost as if they're *whispers* jealous'!
Maybe they're just trying to jump on the FA cup winners bandwagon. We all know their captain is a limelight attention grabbing whore.

A surprisingly good article from a Chelsea fan enjoying the day, I think he might be a goner for life now, fair play to him.

Off topic. But I also wanted to say we have played some sublime stuff this season. Some of the football has been simply jaw dropping. Cannot remember the last time we had so many goals that were in the highlight reel. From long range crackers (such as TR7 @ WHL ) to intricate passing goals (Jack vs Norwich | Rosicky vs Sunderland ) to brilliant counter attacks, Ramsey vs Swansea.. We scored them all, and we scored them in style. Thank you Arsenal.
Chelsea didn't win the league, FA cup or UCL ...they purchased it. There's a big difference between earning and buying.
God I'm bored.......Silly season is here I ain't looking forward to it just yet. Far too early to consider who we may get in yet. Man U have announced a new messiah "The Chinless One" to work alongside "The most capped Marriage wrecker". I might reply some old Pathe news reel footage of Charles "Charlie" Charles just for a laugh.
Chippy Brady
Nice to see a few more Chelsea trolls have joined HGH on here, all to somehow dampen the joy we feel as Arsenal fans. well, the difference is our emotions are borne out of the fact the whole club has worked very hard, using its own resources and against the odds, to achieve silverware. We don't have the luxury of entitlement mentality borne out of buying, rather than earning the trophy. Just saying..
Well I do give credit to a couple of VC posters who said well done namely Fithcolumnblue,Bluepontiff,Bluedub and k.chelski. They were fantastic. The others only came to troll. However the Headline may of attracted them.
Chippy Brady
You are right, Chippy Brady. No offence intended to those Chelsea fans who have come to genuinely convey best wishes.
Where is he? Or where is it rather? I laid drunken, full of excitement that I missed out on the whole banter. These Chavs seem to forget that the Earth didn't start spinning in 2005. Ok, maybe at least for them it did. They boast about youth? Josh McEachran is a perfect example. Beautiful player and was at par with Wilshere during development. The young lad has been on 4 different loan deals and still can't break into the first team. Mou even shipped out Lukaku and complained bitterly about strikers. These deluded lot. Youth my foot? How many young players currently play for Chelsea? Home-bred youth? Now they wanna throw nine years in our faces. Haaaaa!!!!
They speak about revenues? A lil lesson on accounting, revenue is useless if it isn't profitable. To become profitable, Roman had to convert the debt into worthless shares. Yeah, a title winning club, loool, that couldn't get its books straight. That's got no credibility for me. Please take a cue from Rangers FC, title winning too. You Chavs are not even worth the effort. Don't worry, Xmas is coming soon. Santabramovich would soon come handling gifts. Sorry excuse for a club. Lmaaaooo.

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