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So Suarez Was Too Good For Liverpool Too, Right?

Last summer Arsene Wenger made an audacious attempt to sign Liverpool`s (now of Barcelona) Luis Suarez for £40m+1, it goes without saying that the transfer never came off (thank the lord our Dennis) and Steven Gerrard likes to think he played some part in that (he likes to think he`s played some part in everything).

Gerrard has been quoted in the Telegraph as saying he told Suarez he was "too good for Arsenal".

He said "Last summer when he was out in the cold and training on his own that`s the conversation I had with him. I said, 'Don`t go to Arsenal`.

"I would have been really sad and disappointed to see Luis go to Arsenal. With all due respect to them, I said to him that he was too good for Arsenal. I said if you score 30 goals for us and win the PFA Player of the Year, the press Player of the Year - I knew he was going to win them - I told him Real or Barcelona will come for you."

When you put aside Liverpool`s often times devastating attack, and it was, for all that, they still only finished 5 points in front of Arsenal (and without any Silverware (yes I am still beating that drum, we were beaten with the "how long since you last won anything" drum for yonks, so I`m milking it)).

Now had Suarez signed for Arsenal I`m 99% sure we would have been more than five points better off and Liverpool would definitely have been more than 5 points worse off, so by extension if Suarez is "too good" for Arsenal (he isn`t) then it makes perfect sense that he was too good for Liverpool! (he was).

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 31 2014

Time: 12:12AM

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The mere fact he wanted to leave Liverpool for Arsenal underscores that he was too good for them and thought we were the better draw. As it has now turned out, he just wanted to leave! Time for Liverpool (players, owners, fans) to get over that transfer saga, accept the ya don't have the pull anymore and move on.
*underscores the fact*. I like Gerrard for the player he is/was but with talk like this (No, this isn't banter), I question his own sense of self worth. I know it shook the entire hierarchy of their club when we went for him but it is no reason for the all the lasting bile.
Steven Gerrard was/is/and ever shall be a massive massive egotist. He believes he is the be all and end all of everthing. Great player, utter bell-end.
Gerrard would've left Liverpool years ago too given the choice, remember the dalliance with the chavs? Threats to him regarding the family that would've remained in Liverpool from the scouse gangland that his family got themselves entwined with put paid to that. He'll never be allowed to go, hence the permanently haunted look.
9 Liverpool players done over whilst playing abroad now. That kind of thing will be a talking point for players, it's a small world these days. Liverpool have qualified for CL this year, it's not rocket science is it?
Heh! They have been extremly bitter about this whole Sanchez thing. If he scores the winner past them it's only going to get worse too. Which is nice.
9? Really? Sounds like an inside job to me! I have seen them all wearing tracksuits on Sky Sports. My money is on Jamie Carragher.
Suarez wanted to join Arsenal and technically as even John Henry later admitted, Arsenal activated his release clause as well. The whole media and scouse outrage after our bid was basically all noise with no substance. Suarez was kept against his will and there was no doubt he thought his career would be better served at AFC. Alls well that ends well though. The Sanchez saga also reinforced the fact that great club though Liverpool is, Arsenal is a bigger draw for top players as it stands.
Here you go Rocky, apologies for the link to the Daily Heil. Obviously we're going back a few years as this was written 6 yrs ago, but then they haven't really been in Europe much recently have they?
Big fat Chilean cigars btw, sorry about the late reply John but that's what we're smoking down here.
Coincidentally Niko the fashion 6 years ago was multi-pocketed black track suit with a free ski mask and a jemmy with the LFC logo on it.
Chippy Brady
Liverpool FC have made two new signings - a Japanese lad and an Italian. Brendan Rodgers says they should fit in well with Liverpool's style. Their names? Nikamota and Robatelli.
Chippy Brady
Heh!! I love this site!
Steven Gerrard was/is/and ever shall be a massive massive egotist. He believes he is the be all and end all of everthing. Great player, utter bell-end.

Hear, hear, Rocky7. And bang on about Stevie Me being intimidated into staying with Liverpool, nikolaijns. Loyal my foot.

A Lorry full of chickens has overturned this morning on the M60. Police say they were travelling back from Anfield, where Liverpool FC had been counting them for the last 8-10 weeks.
Chippy Brady
The scouse lad next door said Liverpool FC offered him a deal when he was 16... They said "Don't come within 100m of Anfield again and we won't call the police, you thieving little bugger"
Chippy Brady
Apparently Liverpool FC are looking to sign Lenny Henry in the January transfer window. So that they can stay in the Premier.
Chippy Brady
*ROTFL*, Chippy.
He he I'm not done yet!
Chippy Brady
Scouser walks into the D.S.S. and says :- "I've just been offered a Blow Job, If I take it will it affect my benefit claim?
Chippy Brady
A Liverpool fan walks past a shop and sees the video "Liverpool - The Glory Years". He goes into the shop and asks how much. "£100" says the shopkeeper. "That's a bit steep, how come it's so dear ??" "Well its a tenner for the video and £90 for the Betamax recorder!!
Chippy Brady
Two Scousers are on holiday in South Africa, hanging out on the riverbank. Suddenly a crocodile swims past with a blokes head in its mouth. "Kin' ell Terry, did you see that fella?" "I did Barry - and the flash bugger's got a LaCoste sleeping bag"
Chippy Brady
Liverpool airport has been shut for the past 8 hours due to a "suspicious car". Apparently it had tax, insurance and the radio was still in it.
Chippy Brady
Freezing temperatures in Liverpool this morning. Reports say it was so cold a scouser was seen with his hands in his own pockets!
Chippy Brady
Andy Carroll wants to rejoin Liverpool FC to "play at the top level". No news from the club on how they plan to transport him back to the 1980s.
Chippy Brady
OK I'm done now xxxxxxx
Chippy Brady
Lol - You been saving up for a rainy day CB?
Nah Rocky just too much free time today mate....Ok just for you one more..
Chippy Brady
I told a knock-knock joke to a room full of scousers last night. Nobody heard the punchline, they were all too busy flushing their gear down the toilets.
Chippy Brady
Hahahahaha! We should have put up a separate thread, just for Scouser jokes, then see them troll the site.
The Lacoste bag and Andy Carrol one had me reeling with laughter in the office.
Last time Liverpool won the league, Sterling wasn't even born. Now, he is a father. Lol.
Glad to be of service Naija ;)
Chippy Brady
Ha ha Chippy some collection there :) I was only making an educated supposition re Mascherano earlier but apparently he has actually publically stated now that Sanchez asked him for advice and Mascherano said 'Liverpool are not the club they once were, join Arsenal'. Good lord I do believe I was actually right, this calls for a celebration!
@ fungunner, remember the deal to take Gerrard to Chelsea was pretty much done, 30 mill. Then out of nowhere Gerrard held a press conference informing he was now staying at Liverpool, he looked ashen faced, gutted, like the world was on his shoulders, one word answers and frankly terrified. Someone had got to him or his family, the consensus seems to be his old man was got to and threatened and it was him that told Gerrard the lives of himself and the family that remained on Merseyside would be made hell. Once you get in bed with people like that (which seems to be the case from years back when Gerrard was first harassed by a gangster and his family turned to an underworld enforcer to get said gangster off Gerrards' back) you will not just be allowed to walk away again. Stories surface from time to time and many of them seemingly have a gangland connect, it gets to a point where you just have to say there is no smoke without fire.
Yes, I do remember that now, nikolaijns
LOL. That was fantastic.. Thanks CB!!!
Hmm.. interesting story nik.. wonder whether i should feel sorry or laugh at Gerrard.
Explains why Suarez gets to mouth off only when he is in the safety of his own country or on holidays. Did he even return to Liverpool for his stuff? Probably makes a habit of getting parked every summer, just in case he gets lucky with an offer. What a Louse Gerrard is.
Don't get me wrong here but Gerrard (great player BTW) has brought this on himself. I'm not a Social media user although I can access Twitter to find news in silly season. His own account is full of desperate rantings and he feels the need to predict unlikely events & outcomes as well as comment on everything ala Joey Barton. He knows he's coming toward the end of his fantastic career with Liverpool and I just think it's a trifle sad now to watch & listen to his own demise. Your getting older Stevie G accept it and move on. We had this scenario with our own great Tony Adams & George Graham and as much as I love those guys they really shouldn't be constantly shooting themselves in the foot through the internet.
Chippy Brady
*getting packed*

I do like Stevie G, but he's sounded a great deal sanctimonious through the Suarez to Arsenal saga and now, this? Maybe, you are right, Chippy; and I guess you are suggesting like it is some kind of footballers' career senility :-) Well, it is coming rather too soon for Gerrard.
That's the funny thing about life Naija when you stop or slow down the whole world keeps turning and usually at a different pace to the one your accustomed to.
Chippy Brady
Don't get me started on modern day living, I may be here a while.............
Chippy Brady
Class response from Arsene today.. #Boss
Yep. Agreed, Sajit. That's what Wenger does which sets him a class apart.
nah gerrard is a chelsea legend who slips n falls n grats cfc goals ..dont criticize him lol ... on topic yes he has a big ego to call someone smaller n selfish too ... thats y he nnever became captain for england in the long run
Niko, do you have a link to the Mascherano article?
Gerrard appears to be a very smart man.
But as they say, appearances can be deceptive.

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