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Love Thy Neighbour

My neighbour is a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

Over the past 12 months, there has been enough pulling of the leg between both of us due to our team`s performance of lack of. Although at the moment I seem to hold the upper hand due to consistent league position and the poor little spuds demise.

So before I left for the Emirates on Saturday, he pops over to have a quick chat, adding that he actually hopes he win against Reading to do Spuds a favour! He then announces the most shocking statement I have yet to hear from a spud in a long time.

"I have applied for the Ballot for Hampden Park," he gleefully tells me.
"What? Why?,' I curiously ask.
"Err for the UEFA final!'
'Erm dude your not there yet!'
'Yeah but its only 2 games' he points out.
'Actually its 4, both ties being home and away'
'Yeah but we will be there, most of my mates are applying already! '

And with that more ribbing followed.
I mean talking about counting your chickens before they have hatched! The sheer arrogance in these supporters thinking that they are already in a European Final is beyond belief; I was also amazed that you can apply already for a final which doesn't have any teams in it yet!

I figured because he was decorating, the paint fumes must of gone to his head!


Article submitted by PureGold

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 6 2007

Time: 12:44AM

Your Comments

Not news but it gave me a chuckle so I thought I should pubish it...
Oh cant wait till they will see alot of tickets on ebay after it :)
Not surprising at all. if u've ever come across a bunch who cant learn from their mistakes, it would be the spuds followed closely by their excuse for a football team !! Man, when are they going to learn?
glad it made you chuckle simmy, and in a way its news with lots of spuds already applying for tickets to hampden park !... my neighbour is so sure they will be there, i did ask him what will he do with ticket if they don't get there ? he did say EBAY, i said yes thats all well and good if your a Geordie, but how many people from slovakia or Lithunia do you know use EBAY !!! haha
Also on Ebay: Train tickets to Cardiff for last month, Sp*rs guide to the champions league, Some genuine Aaron Lennon vomit in a sealed container, stool samples from the upton park bogs and Sp*rs 2-1 Chelsea special edition T-shirt and DVD combo, Any takers??!!!
I'd have thought you would have said councting your cockrells before they hatch. Let's face it, they only got this far because they got a bye in the last round. Their form was pitiful when they were due to play those games, and would not have had a chance. Oh well, I guess they do see it as their bast chance of Europe for next season.
Heard Farfan might be coming to the grove is there any truth?
Although I must admit that I booked flights to Paris and hotel before our semi-final last season.
now thats a strange thing to do but i reckon he has a point, they will sell out as soon as they come on sale never mind who is in it... alot of people just go to the final regardless of whose in it.
I went to see Parma v Antwerp at Wembley in the ECWC Final and it was banged out with people not really supporting either team.
don't worry about us.... worry about PSV
Jacky B
jacky when have we been worried about your lot ? even our kids weren't worried about you ! *lights touch paper !
You know that totteringhams day you lot talk about? Are you sure its when not when you lot are no longer meaningfully in any competition. (unable to win silverware), cos there is a pretty good chance that will come (tomo)... long before you are mathematically clear of us in the league.
Jacky B
so jacky you have an extra 4days in the fa cup,from today and how long left in the uefa cup...hmm thats right all the way to the final,well good luck.dont forget we still have a mathematical chance of the league title,so as long as we have that totteringhams day is still on,you have to remain in the uefa cup and fa cup long enough until is math. impossible for us to win the league......can you do it?
fran merida
Just saying that you dont have much to play for if you go out tomo, cos you are pretty much guarenteed 4th in the league now, so it will make for a fairly dull last couple of months. we have something to play for until at least....... oohh next wednesday, and i'll stick my neck out and say a bit longer. Not to mention our chase for europe through the league.
Jacky B
Hilarous, its Spuds way though, they are so desperate for success. The club and the supporters tell everyone they are abig club, yet they have never played champs league football, and all thier best players leave to win trophies, hardly the going on of a big club. If they wanna see a big club pop down the road a mile and come see the monument to the Arsen Wenger era. NUFF SAID UP THE GUNNERS
Jacky- if ur chase for europe makes life exciting for u, as compared to our dull guaranteed 4th place finish (with 3rd place looking within realistic reach), then hit me with 2 dull months mate !!
no, thats not where the real excitement lies (its in the cups) hence tagging the league bit on the end of my post. Its a job well done that once again you have guarenteed Champions league football and that is something for which we strive. However, if that is the height of your ambititions then they are not much loftier than ours.
Jacky B
I am just desperate for us to win something. And that would represent good progress in my book.
Jacky B
Silverware is silverware. And frequently you have to enter the ballot early to have any chance at a stadium that holds 52,000 ... that means probably 22,000 per each team and with an average of 36,000 per week and the final being held in the UK can you explain what is stupid about applying for the ballot? Or is it a desperate attempt to have a remotely interesting thread? Foolish comment by Herb2707 - Feyenoord spent most of Jan and Feb getting stuffed so exactly what do you base your premise on .. the games would have been on 14/15 and 22 Feb .. Spurs lost to Sheff Utd but then beat Fulham, Everton and Bolton around these dates, Feyenood got hammered by Twente, struggled to a win over Utecht and then lucked at Den Haag ... please explain what evidence you have for your comment? ... none I imagine
And as PSV will undoubtedly play alleged anti-football and have two great counter attacking strikers in Kone and Farfan, Arsenal's season could be over in 36hours ... Koeman has stuffed both Liverpool and ManU in recent seasons and with a good defence and a goalie in form a performance and result similar to the game against Reading means you can have your feet up for the rest of the season ... and I see a team you failed to beat in CSKA Moscow are already out of the UEFA Cup knocked out by Haifa.
Sir Harry.. I love you.
Jacky B
Whats your point about CSKA? Ask your chairman would he rather finish 4th or win the Wafer cup? Wafer cup success is not going to give you the status you need to attract the quality player you need to go top 4 nor os it going to allow you to keep the few decent players you have. A player of the quality of king has never played champions league, how good would he be if he had? We wont be putting our feet up regardless of the result on Wednesday if we do however we can get some tips of you lot the original 40 game a season champions.
Millwall, Leicester, Newcastle, Blackburm, Boro, West Ham, southampton have all played UEFA cup football so dont try and pretend its a good competition...its not. The league system is an absolute joke, the fact you got a bye in the competition sums it up really, if we were in it we would play our 2nd string and based on their performances this season they would probably reach the final.
and everton finished 4th
Jacky B
Iceman... you say it is essential to be in the champs league to attract big players. You are consistently in it, but dont even go for big players and just buy 16 year olds instead. so that is obviously either not true, or not a requirement to do well.
Jacky B
Where did Sp*rs finish? Where did millwall finish the year they qualified? Mid table in the championship perhaps? Sevilla are the best team in it and are showing you how to perform. Finish in Uefa spots, win Uefa cup, Qualify for champions league whilst doing well in Uefa cup, play in champions league, keep good players, sign better players=success. No excuses about too many games, rotating, bedding in new players, no left side.
We have a genius for a manager, have you???!!! Even we a times need a to inject a dose of quality, do you think Gallas would have signed for you? Did baptista reject you? did Duff? oh yeah but you got Zakora. I hear Robinho is interested! And Torres! With the likes of Villa getting a cash injection and that imbecile running your team you should be very worried about ever playing in europes premier competiton.
Good luck hanging on to Berbatov, I hear United are looking for a striker in the summer, how much? More or less than the Carrick fee?
a lot of specualtion there
Jacky B
spelling error.. soz
Jacky B
The only people who think the UEFA Cup is worthless are cretin's and morons. Exactly how many European trophies have Arsenal actually won? With the UEFA Cup comes, more revenue from TV, Sponsors, and gate receipts, increased name and brand recognition. Experience for players of playing in Europe. And despite its not as widely shown here ... it is on the continent. I wouldn't say Baptista or Robinho rejected us ... as a well financed team we get linked to everyone whether genuine or not .... The fact the we give a place to a Carling Cup or FA Cup team who get to the final is irrelevant if you are trying to make a comment on the quality of the competition. Teams in Europe take it far more seriously. And the fact that you scrambled to a place in a knockout stages of the Champions League failing to beat a side now knocked out of the UEFA Cup shows the quality is not that far behind. When you go to CSKA and PSV and get beaten, what premise do you rely on to suggest that you could have gone and beaten Werder, Sevilla, CSKA (oops you lost), Ajax etc .... and you lost to Blackburn who lost to Leverkusen who we beat ......
You can hype up that p!$$ poor competition as much as you like but I dont see the likes of SKY listening to your sales pitch. The UEFA cup is so good your manager was on TV this sunday almost crying that he didnt qualify for the Champions league. Dont tell me the UEFA cup is great tell King, Lennon, Berbatov and Defoe when they are asking for transfers due to you not being able to qualify for Europes Premier competition.
When are King, Lennon, Berbs and Defoe asking for transfers having signed contract extensions? Who cares about Sky ... I never said it gets as much .. but you get more than the alternative of not being in it ...
Jacky whilst I agree with you the cups are exciting, most fans always have and always will want the league before anything else.. ask any liverpool , chelsea or United fan. for me the league represents true character of the team because it is set over 38 games, therefore the hardest to win, a cup can be all down to one day and how both teams fair over that one game, injuries etc etc.. yes the champ league would be nice, and having experienced the final last year i would love to see us back there this year, but i love the EPL, winning that has given me more satisfaction than the FA cups and league cups we have won in the past, even when we won the CWC, you can't beat winning the league, and becuase most gooners can talk from strength on that feeling and spuds have no idea what we are on about, i can't see how you can argue that point.. i would also suggest that us securing champ league in march unlike the last day of the season last year, means we have improved, given that we have had more injuries than last year.
SH all I can say is if I was a top footballer I would want to play in the BEST competitions and against the BEST players. If I gave my club good service and thet couldnt provide me with that I would ask to leave. Sol Campbell agrees with me.
but should you go out tomo... the rest of your games this season will be irrelevant, and to that end you may aswell not watch them!
Jacky B
iceman... IF my nan had balls she'd be my grandad. And is that Sol Campbell the footballer, or Sol Campbell the moviestar? I'd be astonished if anyone had the gall to do that again.
Jacky B
Meaningless to a spuds fan yes. Integral for us (A) Because we can still catch the lotto chavs and qualify direct (B) If you finish a season well, you start a season well and we are aiming for the title next year and will use the games for the purpose of setting a marker down (See Man Utd last year). I know building title winning teams is lost on you but thats how it is.
if you can still catch Chelsea, we can still catch you .... lol
Jacky B
Do you think you frightened off players leaving Sp*rs then? granted the abuse was sickening but im Sure Michael Carrick left last summer?
does carrick play for Arsenal then?
Jacky B
We aint a potential 16 points behind the chavs! That said you are on the up and we are in decline so you never know!
my original point was players leaving to better themselves and win medals not who they would join.
I have no gripes about Carrick leaving for greener grass, and lets face it, it is. But at least he was honest about it, didn't go to the enemy and didn't run down his contract and ***** on the club to whom he was "a good servant" as you put it
Jacky B
I understand your original point, but you used Campbell as an example... it was a natural progression.
Jacky B
I thought the natural progression after Sol Campbell was to try and spit on him and call him homophobic names! Then again to your credit your not like normal spuds fans!
The UEFA Cup is a good competition for Tottenham to be in, but it is entirely beneath a club of the stature of Arsenal. For us to be in it would be a complete embarassment sporting wise. But i guess starving people will happily lunch out on dried crusts.
Little Dutch
And unlike the majority of gooners I know, the few decent ones on here don't only support em when you aint lost for 49 games.
Jacky B
LD careful what you wish for.... i will remind you of that if are ever "unfortunate" enough to be in it. Also, I didn't think you'd be the sort to mock those less fortunate than you. particularly those who are not lucky enough to have food.
Jacky B
Would you like some jam on your crusts Jacky?
now you are waving food in front of the hungry. truly disgusting
Jacky B
Footballing metaphor, do not misconstrue. I also do not really have any desire to lynch black people with Lennart and Sepp. Jacky B, if we are again unfortunate enough to be in the UEFA Cup, you reminding me will be the least of my worries. I even had a big barney with Sir Harry about this whole thing prior to our Porto game when UEFA Cup football was still a real possibility for us.
Little Dutch
just kidding lads, but still its surely dodgy ground ;-)
Jacky B
Sir_Harry, You forget that we beat Real Madrid at the Bernebau last season. But that argument is just so flawed on so many levels !!
Now I've heard it all. Well Spurs beat Leverkusen, who beat Blackburn and Blackburn beat us, so by extension the CL and the UEFA Cup aren't too far apart. Well Leicester and Grimsby beat Tottenham so I don't know what that says about the UEFA Cup?! Our reserves beat Tottenham and I know exactly what that says about the Spuds!
Little Dutch
what would you rather win...the uefa cup or the fa cup? champions league or premiership?
fran merida
Good luck 2morrow.
What people forget is that Spurs fans were so angered by Judas because he stated he was going to stay, so we turned down money for him and then he chose to behave like a two faced scumbag. The issue of all top players wanting to play in the top competitions is a valid one, but only 11 players can be on the pitch at any given time or an extra 7 on the bench. There are players however who want to play in week in, week out and will join clubs regarded as having ambition and wanting to move forward. I find it ridiculous and pathetic that you continue to refer to your alleged reserves .. is Gilberto a reserve or Toure?
and the thread was originally about a stupid one about the idea that fans shouldn't join a ballot for restricted numbers of tickets if their team gets to the QF. If a ballot is opened for Athens tickets after the next round, I expect none of you who have been critical to enter until you are certain Arsenal will be there ... a redundant argument as PSV will be in the hat
I have to agree with sir_harry (shocker , eh?).The uefa cup is a great cup, it gives the smaller clubs that don't have as much financial power as the teams in the champions league.It gives them great publicity, money, and make them a more attractive club.Whilst it doesn't compare to the champions league, i think it's a good idea.Now, what i don't agree with the spuds, is that, direct victories tell which team is better.I don't think it's like that at all, We are a better team than Spurs, why?Because we has better results in the epl.If CSKA played with arsenal, the best of 5 games, i'm sure arsenal would come out better.Not all players want to join the top clubs.Mcarthy is a good example.Players choosing smaller clubs to play reguarly.
No but Senderos, Traore, Hoyte, Almunia, Baptista, Aliadiere, Denilson, Diaby are not 1st choice, so in effect you lost to a mainly reserve side, no sugar coating your defeat please.
The UEFA Cup is a worthwhile competition, I'm not saying it should be abandoned, for a club like Spurs it's a big trophy. But a team like Arsenal has no business being in it. I mean, if you won the lottery, would you stay in your council flat?
Little Dutch
always remember where you came from
Jacky B

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