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Prince Charles Wont Play For Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Prince Charles will never play for Arsenal.


I hear you cry.

Before you write me off as a complete and raving nutter, this is the latest in the long line of statements given by Arsene Wenger that you just have to chuckle at.

Le Boss reveled that no matter how English you are, if you're not good enough, you'll never play for Arsenal, not even if you're next in line for the throne.

'I can understand that people are disappointed that there are not so many English players,' Wenger admitted. 'But it is not my fault. Rules are rules. The people who are sad that there are foreigners here are maybe the same people who sell their house to move to the south of France.'

'That is what is good about football; it's the best against the best,' he continued. 'If you are not that good, you will not play for Arsenal, even if you are the son of the Queen. Has Prince Charles played for Arsenal? Whether the players are English, French or South American is another issue that is not the responsibility of sport but a political and perhaps economic consideration.'

You've gotta love him eh!?!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 6 2007

Time: 12:49PM

Your Comments

That's our Arsene!
Did anyone see the bit a couple of weeks ago where Wenger was talking about some dude in his underpants? Crazy. Reet I'm off to work!
A chuckle indeed :). of course u gotta love him !!
Wenger talkin bout a dude in his underpants... not surprised. lol
Jacky B
I'm f***ing gutted. I had a tenner on old big ears to wear the famous shirt at 1000-1. C'mon Boss give him a chance. Those pesky kids from Tiny Totts were right about us not giving the english an opportunity:)
Yes Jacky, he has leather underpants and a gimp mask with the initials Mj on the back. Can often be heard muttering about sssssshhhhhilverware and gibbering something about not being kidssshhhhh.
We'll see if the impending EC/UEFA/FIFA rules change his viewpoint. It has less to do with players not having the ability than Wenger's scouting network being focused away from England. With players like Bentley, and Sidwell coming good and demonstrating that your lots loss are other teams gain, lets hope all English u-14 to u-21 players are shown this.
Maybe you are right Sir_Harry. Maybe we'll regret not paying 7.5m fro Jenas. Maybe Upson, Pennant, Bentley, Sidwell, will go on to get 100 caps for England. Maybe Spurs will win a trop......sorry I'm getting carried away.
Sir_Harry do you actually know what the rules changes are going to be? Did you see our bench against Blackburn?
there's only one!!
arsene has trained and let go a lot of english premiership players. they are good enough for the premiership but they are not good enough for Arsenal. arsenal are a step up from what those boys could acheive. I certainly dont wish we still had bentley.
I doubt it iceman. You expect too much from a spud to actually know the facts before blabbing on about something :P Its just soo funny that they are proud of their englishness of the club with their shower of *****e players. the only good player is Lennon.
And Lennon will be on his way to one of the big clubs at the end of the season anyway.
As will Berbatov!
Actually by the end of the 2008 season, UEFA have had the agreement of the EC to have the rule that in a squad of 25 players, 4 will have had to have come up through the team's academy and 4 will have had to have come from an academy at another team in England - under this rule Walcott, Hoyte and Randall would qualify from the Blackburn game ... all the others in the 16 would be considered too old to be considered academy players. The FA say they won't apply this rule but its pretty stupid of any club not to consider this. At present Spurs would have Jenas, Robinson, Dawson, King, Lennon, Defoe, Keane, and Huddlestone already qualified with the likes of Olsen and Pekhart joining young enough to be called Spurs academy players. And Hatespur, as a team who's season likely ends tomorrow evening, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
We will probably the most well prepared club if the new homegrown rules come in anyway.
Firebrand_Gooner doesn't say they have to be english. They just have to come through the academy.
4 foriegn born players who qualify as club trained: Fabregas, Senderos, Clichy, Aliadiere. 4 English players: Hoyte, Walcott, Muamba, Gilbert. Over the next 3 seasons we will have more players that can qualify as club trained they include: Djourou, Bendtner, Traore, Merida, Song and Denilson. This list doesnt include the 3 English boys who were recently selected for the U17's.
To be honest, in trying to enforce those rules, the FA would probably find themselves up to their necks in legislation, due to this country's stance on equal rights and equal opportunities. And we all know what the FA are like when it comes to hard work. To me, it looks like a no goer!
Sir Harry, honestly, you have just got your facts way, way, way wrong, again. We've had this argument several hundred times. Under that legislation, should it come in, Fabregas, Senderos, Song, Djourou, Clichy, Aliadiere, Hoyte, Walcott, Randall and Lansbury all qualify. You read your tabloid and assume we are ignoring this country, explain why Arsenal had a total of TWELVE players in the U-21, U-19, U-18 and U-16 sides. Tottenham Hotspur had a total of four. Your only current youth product is Ledley King. The legislation puts you in trouble, not us.
Little Dutch
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but the new rules that are being banded around aren't necessarily going to be passed. The reason for this is down to the fact that they'd be illegal under the EU right to work rules.
I meant the England youth sides. Incidentally, United, Liverpool and Chelsea did not produce an England U-21 player between them. Scooch, the rule SHOULD violate EU Laws, but football has a number of unique legislations that do not exist in other industries.
Little Dutch
One thing is for certain, if anything draconian surrounding nationalities comes in, my season ticket goes out the window and I will sever all interest in football. I will not support a sport governed on the principles of Aryan style racism.
Little Dutch
Actually I don't think Senderos, Clichy, Song, or Denilson qualify as club trained.. as they were signed over the age of 16. Iceman asked me to look at the bench v Blackburn not your entire f***ing squad morons ...Please tell me where I said the player had to be English .. please read properly, I listed Olsen and Pekhart amongst the Spurs players. I said they either have had to have played for the team's academy or another English teams academy ... where did I say they have to be English nationals? At the EU have agreed to it, UEFA have instigated it for their competitions but its down to the individual national associations whether to impose this rule. The Daily Telegraph and REUTERS will be astonished at being described as tabloids
what will you do with your saturdays then?
Jacky B
It won't even get that far LD, so I wouldn't worry.
The above players would qualify as the would have been trained for the required amount of months between the ages of 15-21.
I like that LD. Power to the people bro.
Why should any club have to put up with likes of Anton Ferdinand (wishing illness on his granmother?) just because he is English?
Thank you iceman. The telegraph and reuters may not be in a tabloid format, but both are owned by corporate entities (hence their embarassingly obvious pro business stance), which ostensibly means they have the same agend as tabloids, they just express them with bigger words. Jckyb, as for what would I do with my Saturdays, well we never play on Saturday anymore anyway, so I imagine I'll do the usual and recover from my hangover. Either that or join my mates Sepp and Lennart and lynch some black people.
Little Dutch
It'll never happen. End of. Italian club football has never recovered from their 3 foreiners rule, as global interest in their game all but disappeared. The English F.A are lazy, useless fat cats that rely on money generated by the top clubs and would do nothing to risk a seperate entity of a European Super League. They know full well that if they were stupid enough to implement such a xenaphobic ruling that the G14 would branch away and all but murder their bonuses. Barca and Real Madrid as good as govern La Liga, so this is a pie in the sky dream that couldn't possibly happen.
I knew LD was a racist in disguise.
Jacky B
I think that this is the only instance in which I would support a breakaway league.
Little Dutch
Heated argument , eh.I'll just observe for now, too tired of fighting gooners/spds/scousers.
Its not really heated, its a quite sensible discussion. Unlike when you normally stick your oar in!
how can it be heated when the iceman is about........... sorry lol
Jacky B
Afternoon k_chav. Blimey, a barney going on and you aren't the instigator. Do you feel jealous??
The Guardian Online has just announced that Thierry is fit to play. Oh Lordy, I feel good.
but is he?
Jacky B
I don't know him personally Jacky, so I couldn't possibly comment. If the Boss deems him fit to start then in Arsene we trust.
PSV zwei ei
Arsene who has already said he is willing to risk him?
Jacky B
Jacky, you lot still play Mido and Robinson. One look at them tells you they aren't fit.
And Huddlestone, he is a couple of potato sandwiches short of an Atkins.
Is that Tom Huddlestone or a pitch invader with a puffer jacket under his sp*rs shirt?
ha ha,
Jacky B
you will only have that genius wenger to blame if Henry ens up with a spell on the sidelines
Jacky B
Henry has already stated recently that he wouldn't be foolish enough to play again when he was injured.
Huddlestone does have a fair old set of MOOBS on him though.
He has indeed! The love child of Jan Molby and Big Momma.
Big Molby Huddlestone. I don't know what they serve in the canteen down there, but they have had a fair few chubsters over the years. Andy Reid was my favourite. The manager isn't a great example to be fair. His head must weigh 12 stone.
I look forward to pigging out on the scraps of your CL campaign!
Jacky B
Was that an anti semitic post Jacky B? Well now I am outraged!!!!
Little Dutch
i dont follow.....
Jacky B
Come on....use the old noggin.
Little Dutch
The scraps of a gooner season tastes better than a 3 course sp*rs season thats for sure. If your looking for a decent meal give the marriott a swerve.
I think the pig reference may have something to do with it?
Oh i see, pigs, jews. am i right? sorry, i am cleary not as clever as you, the smartest of all vital members lol!!! But anti semitism comin from a spurs fan? Iceman... yes please on the jam!
Jacky B
very tenuous... I could have been referring to Muslims
Jacky B
I'm just guessing to be honest. Just thought Kosher and all that.
i think you are right, hence my previous post.
Jacky B
Woot, how can you say that iceman?All of my debates with vital arsenal are very much polite, : - ).
Sp*rs= A tramp outside the champions league restraunt, nose pressed against the glass, drooling over the feast they see before them. When the high class clientel leave the restraunt the tramp jumps up in their faces waving his wafer at them and telling them how much better it tastes than their Gordan Ramsay cooked meal.
yes Kevin you are very polite :)
Hahahaha @ Iceman
But Kevin, exactly where did you bury the car????
In the sand!
hahahaha ice, I was hoping somebody remembered.
A classic!
lol, did you lot forget the pranks?HAhahaha, i tricked you into watching the wayne bridge late goal three times.
Is that just before you got tonked by an average Monaco??
I tricked a Chelsea fan into watching the previous 50 years prior to Abramovich...........he is no longer with us.
I tricked a Sp*rs fan into watching the last 46 years and he still claimed they were better than us.
lol, at least they were in the semi finals, ;p.Something wayne bridgey made sure you weren't.
Spuds should sign him, he will be the only trophy shaped thing to go near white hart lane for years hahahahahaha
Chelsea fans go away from eveyone, we all hate you, your nothing without the money, and you did make the semis yes but what happened?
lol,i guess you can't brag about going to the finals either can you? Why do you hate us?Why do you have all that hate inside of you?Chiiilll mate, this is football.No hate in here, just dislikeness.
At least we know what it's like to win a semi and get to a European Cup final though eh! I guess there are some things money just can't buy.
Do you really need to ask kevin why everyone hates chavski?
lol, i wouldn't like going to a final and losing.That was a rhetoric question flv, kevin knows why.
No one likes losing k-Chels, but when two teams with almost identical abilities come together as they did in that European Cup final, somebody inevitably had to lose. Unfortunately for us, on that occasion it just wasn't our night. There's no shame in losing to another great side, but like I say k-chels, to have the chance of claiming the glory, you've got to be in it to win it. I'd rather get to the final and suffer the heartbreak every time, rather than fall short in the semis or the quarters. Of course your team has never been to a European Cup Final, so you can't really comment from experience, and I'm not being sarcastic here, that's just the truth.
All i'm saying is ,in my personal view, i would prefer to see my team losing in a semi-final, than losing in a final.Especially if my club never won it.
That makes no sense though, because if you didn't get to the final you wouldn't know if your team could have won it. You know K-Chels, everybody has to lose sometimes in life, that's just the way it is. Fear of defeat is more self destructive than defeat itself. Each to their own I guess, but to say you'd rather lose in a semi, and deny yourself any chance of glory, rather then lose in a final knowing that your chances are 50:50, it just makes no sense to me. But then again, dude, you're a complete weirdo anyway 8-) 17 years old and you'd rather be over here debating with us Gooners rather than hanging out with chicks! FFS go out and live some! 10 years down the line when you're married and all that, you'll have a reason to be *****ed off 8-)
lol, i do have no pride in talking to gooners, but a little comment of mine always turns into a debate.Heh, chicks come to me, not the other way around, ;p. 10 years, hahaha, i'd put 14.All i'm saying is, if IF i could have two options: have the glory of going to a final and losing it, or losing in a semi final, i would always choose the semi.I'm not afraid of defeat, i just said it hurts more losing in a final, especially in the champions league.
Well, remember to come over here and give us plenty of thanks when we knock you out in the CL Q-F then, espescially seeing as we'd have saved you from all that heartbreak 8-). PS) When I said chicks (excuse the mild sexist reference) I meant human females, not the young offspring of a farmyard hen 8-)
Cocky atitude, i love it.Flv, you have yet to defeat psv!(something very unlikely).Haha, i can assure you i won't have trouble producing a new pelé , in a near future, :p
Well the most painful CL defeat I had to cope with was Valencia away, when John Carew scored late (79min, I think it was) and they went through on away goals! If we do go out to PSV tomorrow then it won't feel half as bad as that one beleive me! Anyway, good luck with the new Pele, and I hope that he ain't born with feathers lol! On that note, over and out!
AW is second to none in cutting it straight. "It's the best against the best".
Quality posting laugh I've had in yonks. Full marks to Iceman and Hatespurs....funny *****ers ye are!!
I have a theory, AW may have had an masterplan sometime ago with the English players. here is what he could have explained to DD and the Board :"You know they are snotty, so breed them and sell them (they fetch higher prices on the transfer market) so more revenues for the club" -:)
I think ultimately UEFA/FIFA/EC have decided the pendulum has swung to far and its happening with in other sports as well such as cricket and football as well. Arsenal were the only team in the last 16 not to have a player capable of representing the national association that the club was representing in a pan European competition. I find it incredible that a manager as capable as AW could find so few talented Englishmen in his 10+years. I think its inciteful the even some of the best young 17-18 year old talent like Giles Barnes were once on Arsenal's books

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