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Will Mourinho Be Charged?

As Arsenal's early collapse meant the Gunners had the weekend off, I rose early on this Sunday morning, just in time for the kick off of the match between Chelsea and Spurs.

I watched with interest as the match turned out to actually be quite entertaining, the game ending in the familiar Spurs capitulation.

However one of the more interesting incidents was a clash between Josie Mourinho and the referee.

After witnessing a particular incident that he took exception to, Mourinho lept to his feet to protest to the match referee, Mike Riley.

After a brief exchange there was very up close footage of the Chelsea manager mouthing the words 'hijo de puta', not once, not twice, but thrice to the match official. Indeed the incident was even noted by 'commentator' Mark Lawrenson who stated he knew what he'd said but couldn't possibly say what it meant on national television.

'Hijo de puta' means 'Son of a whore'.

You maybe wondering what an Arsenal website is doing commenting on such an issue. Well in the interest of continuity I wondered if the FA would look at this incident and act accordingly.

Arsene Wenger faces charges of improper conduct after labelling officials 'liars' following the sending off of Manu Adebayor in the league cup final.

Surely this is just as bad, if not worse than anything Arsene Wenger has been up to in recent times?!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 11 2007

Time: 10:36PM

Your Comments

Hes a *****er! Mourhinho should be punished for his stupidity!
Rocky, it's not hijo.It's filho, hijo is spanish, and it's not de, it's da..Hey, it's in another language, no blaming mourinho there.It's pretty much whoreson, or son of a ******.: )
Also in the tunnel Maureen was in his face, doubtless dishing out some more bullying harassment, Will Riley have the balls to bring this arrogant egomaniac to book? I doubt it, he knows all too well what happened to Anders Frisk, he likes his life and does'nt wanna recieve sackloads of chavvy death threats, ugly club, ugly manager, ugly owner, ugly fans. Death to TEAMEVIL.
That's ok then K_chelski, he's done nothing wrong in that case. :P
glad i could clear this misunderstanding, lol.Now you don't need to keep this article anymore.Just right one about the spuds, : - P.
No need Kevin just read the archive of our Carling cup game from the lane another 2-0 lead they f*@ked up!
Maureen wont get charged. It clearly states in rule 2.7a of the FA code of conduct all officials must be abused in English. The FA will pin it on Adebayor if they have to charge somebody im sure he was within 50 miles of the incident and under FA rule 3.4 he can be charged in relation to the abuse recieved by old mother Riley.
Maybe he knows his mother? I suspect the chosen one will be allowed to carry on regardless.
It's the special one!Not the chosen one!Neo is the chosen one, Mourinho is the special one.
well lets look at this from a scientific perspective: the punishment of a player/team/manager is inversely proportional to the amount of english players in their squad. so on this basis, the fa's logic unfortunately means that they will escape scott free. either that, or they add some more games on to adebayor's ban
And Fat Frank should consider Special K!
with skimmed milk
Rocky and Niko would that be before his fry up, Double whopper, large fries, chocolate brownie, bargain bucket, 3 tubes of pringles, walkers 24 multipack, 6 box of oreos, block of cheese, 3 whole chickens (free range) and a 8 tins of spam?
****in hell; I'm hungry now!!
not the Mido diet Ice?
lol, joel the hutt had two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda, before the game.
Now seriously, i'll have to pay you site editors a trip to brazil!LD saying we have conga lines, lol.You speaking spanish lines.The next thing, i'll see maradona with a brazzie shirt on this site!
The Mido diet....Just add 15 waffles, meat and chips twice washed down with 3 pints of sunflower oil.
heck I might as well join in with a question: anyone know the Robinson 'stay fit' diet?
If Martin Jol is reading the comments on this article he will eat his monitor!
covering your arse's agian .. Reg is a purve u are pikeys simple!!
Jeez. Do you really think, when he said sonofa****** in Portuguese, he meant that Riley was actually the son of a beetch? No. It's a phrase. But when Wenger called the linesman a liar, he really did mean he considered him a liar. If you can't tell the difference you shouldn't be allowed a keyboard. Dearie me... pathetic.
Squiddy again you out do yourself for stupidity you muppet. So liars wrong but son of a whores okay? what dillusional world are you living in. Go down to the closest residential nut house posing as a pub and call the meanest looking bloke a liar, then call the second meanest looking bloke a son of a whore, and get back to me about which one hits you harder!
Ozi Gooner
Mourinho confronted Riley in the tunnel, Wenger did this against Pompey and was sent off and charged with misconduct.
Little Dutch
According to Jose, he approached the referee 'in a polite way'. . "If you listen to me speaking, I say the kind of word you mention 10 times in every 15 words. "If you have a microphone on the dugout I say that during the game 20 times easy. The word can be abusive if you understand it as an abusive word. "I tell the word to my players and myself when I am not happy. It is something I say when the ball hits the post. I say it 50 times in a game, 50 times in training and I don't want to be offensive".
Stretching his argument further, if I say something racist 50 times a day, i can actually expect people not to find it offensive !! Wow , now that is some logic.
Once in a f***ing lifetime I want the Chavs to win well and that happens.
Report Maureen to the FA's abuse committee here:
Maybe Wenger just needs to speak in French from now on, doubt there will be many refs following along!
course he wont get charged; chelsea are above the law when they pay the FA a yearly "get out of jail free" fee every season......
The FA have decided not to take action against Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho for his alleged remark to ref Mike Riley in yesterday's FA Cup quarter-final match. told ya
Liars. English football is dying a death and the F.A are holding the murder weapon. Still, gives Wenger a bit more material, why was he sent off and charged at the Pompey game, yet Mourinho is allowed to instigate the most disgusting insult you can throw at anyone?
Little Dutch
The FA get worse every day. All we ask for is consistancy!
Genuine Pace
rocky, i disagree... firstly your spelling is a mistake mate, and its portuguese. just like we say son of a b.i.t.c.h that is their experession having spent time in Lisbon many years ago... it is not a claim against anyone person, just a way of expressing their anger or fustration.. and lets face it, you have to be able to lip read and speak portuguese to know what he is saying, so why punish him ? if the FA punish him will they then lip read all the matches and punish all the players on the pitch for calling the officials far worse ? i recall a blatent ROONEY expression once and you didn't need to be a lip reader expert to know what he was saying ! LD you have to undertsand the local dialect in portugal, the way you may curse in an everyday instant, is the exact way mourinho behaved yesterday... then again i bet Jose celebrated the demise of a poor spud team second half and didn't curse as much when the 3rd goal went in.
Fair point, but still, if Wenger was charged and sent off v Pompey, then so should Mourinho have been. He confronted Riley in the tunnel. Someone remind me what he got so upset with Rijkaard about?
Little Dutch
i think your right PUREGOLD that the comment may be more insulting here due to a loss in translation/dialect thing but on the other hand he is not coaching in Portugal. Societies should be culturaly tolerant and diverse and all that crap, but still you have to leave some of your baggage at home, for example; Muslims having mosques and the right for their women to wear traditional burka's at school is acceptable, but for muslims to bring the practice of cutting off thieves hands or stoning women who can not succesfully prove an accused rapist guilty is not. I know they're not the same thing at all but he should no better, and managers should be held to a higher standard than players. Also a consistent standard. Just because Mourinho swears in his native tounge, but Wenger chooses to use the local language doesnt mean they should be punished differently. Wenger knows something like 8 languages, do you think if he had've called the linesman a liar in German, French or Japanese the FA would've reacted differently when they realised what he said? Not a chance. This is absoloute favoritist bull*****, and more unfair treatment for Wenger to add to the stockpile.
Ozi Gooner
Well LD, I think we all know Mourinho is a hypocrital ****. He will moan about anything he can do and no one in the press will call him a moaner. He can do what he likes and the press won't vilify him as they do Wenger. Yet Wenger shows much much more class then Mourinho ever will and still gets vilified by the media. So he called the ref a 'son of a ******' but it is condoned by the media and himself as just a way of expressing their anger. Even PG supports what he said. The FA didn't even look at the match report before dismissing it(even still, Wiley is a coward and doesn't want to loose his job, because its obvious he will get death threats etc if he does complain) so they let it go. There arn't any articles from journalists condemning him for saying that. But for Wenger there is a special team of lip readers, video editors, microphones embedded in the tip of each grass/corner/chair ready to pounce on any thing they can hang him on. Against Pompey he gets sent to the stands. He might have sword but its very unlikely of Wenger and the FA charge him the next day. So many articles on it the day after saying Wenger is loosing his cool and all this rubbish even though every manager confronts a Ref about bad decisions and it happens all the time. Recently Wenger says the ref lied. And what do you know, people are making out as if he had commited murder. HOW DARE HE???? You see tons of pompous journalists pounce on the story and vilify him like no other. Its getting really tiring as a gooner having to deal with this ***** every season. English football would have been on the way down if it wasn't for Arsenal. The FA woudn't have gotten a mega buck TV deal if it wasn't for good football. But we are still seen as dirty little foreigners who ruined the English game and the national team. We are the scapegoats for their failure to produce English talent. Well heres to having a great season next year and proving these *****ers that nothing will stop us from being who we are, THE ARSENAL.
It's different ozi.Mourinho would be severely punished, if in the post match reaction, he called the ref filho da puta.They're not suppose to put a mic on him and listen to everything he says, he calls the players filhos da puta , he calls everyone, because he's angry.The game is like that, it heats people up.Wenger, after the game, called the ref a liar.That's an accusation.HE didn't say LIARS!!!!He said, the linesman is a liar.If mourinho said: "The ref is a son of a ******", he would be punished.Don't you think when adebayor got sent off, he muttered something?
And it doesn't matter Puregold wether it is a general term or not in portugal. As OG said, he is in a different country. This article is about inconsistency by the FA where they will charge Wenger if he did exactly the same thing and swore in french. He would be slaughtered by the media as well. So how do you expain that? Mourinho is hypocritical beyond belief. He accuses of other players being divers yet some of his own players esp Drogba used to dive ALL the time before. He moaned about Rikjard talking to the ref. yet he does it and its ok. There are so many to list I would be here all day. What I will not accept is us getting treated differently. Wenger saying a ref lied in match report is condemned by all. But I havn't yet read nay articles on this incident yet. This is the only reason this article was written so you can understand why we want Mourinho punished PG.
k_chelski Wenger never callend the ref a 'lier'. He said the match report was a 'lie', theres a difference. Mourinho moaned about Wiley being unfair to his team against a couple of teams. So isn't that the same thing, questioning the Referees integrity? And what I am angry about is, Wenger did a similiar thing in the Pompey game where he talked to the official about a poor decision. What did he get? He got sent to the stands and got fined. So isn't this a similiar situation Kevin?
Sorry, but I dont think anybody has a right to listen in to touchline or 'private' comments! It's different swearing about somebody (and their family!) compared to going up to swear in their faces. We all say things about players/refs because they cant hear us, and we would not do the same if they were 1 foot away! Woudl you? Anyway, nobody should be allowed to confront the ref agressively - if thats what Mourinho did, then to the stands with his sorry ass too!
Regarding the liar comments, I'm certain that Wenger caught the officials red-handed 'adjusting' their stories and that is why he was so incensed to virtually say the offcial is a liar! I gotta say one thing that occurs to me on this whole subject, is why the **** would somebody want to be a ref anyway? Jesus, its like signing up to be lynched!
K_chelski my comment that i said to squiddy earlier still stands, see which one gets you beat up worse at some pub full of nut jobs. Liar or Son of a Whore. I would bet my mortgage on the latter. I know you are from Brazil, so it may be a common expression for you, but in English it is not an expression of anger it is a direct insult and would be taken as such in a pub, at a highschool, at a train station, in court, parliament etc. and the same should apply to the football pitch. If he calls his own players that, i can only say that doesnt speak highly of his character, especially when there is Carvalho and Ferraira around to translate for dumb ****s like Terry, Cole and Lampard. Also my muslim analogy above might be exagerated but still stands, tolerance of others culture is all well and good, mixing is all well and good, but that does not mean it should be allowed to fundementally change the culture it is coming in to. And i think the main point was consistency anyways.
Ozi Gooner
Firebrand, one thing is going to the referee and saying in his face , son of a ******! Another is getting mad and yelling at a distance, in his native language,If Arsene yelled at the referee from a distance using his native slangs, i doubt there would be any punishment.I understand everything mourinho says, he uses alot of "bad" words.That's the way portuguese people are, when they get mad, they mutter incredibly hard words.Why would mourinho confront the ref aggressively?I think he wanted to apologize, or something like that.Firebrand, you have no idea how many fines mourinho got.Lawsuits, etc.
Andy-bayor i would happily call Drogba, Terry, Ronaldo and a lot of other players C**TS to their faces, and would do alot worse to Mourinho.
Ozi Gooner
Ozi, i'm not saying whoreson is less offensive.It's just not what you say, it's how you say it.If mourinho yelled liar!!instead of filho da puta, it wouldn't be different.IT's in the same rage.You yell alot of stuff under pressure, and the heat.It's kind of hard to explain.When you say it as a statement, it's more harsh, get it?Mourinho didn't calmly said : The ref is a whoreson.
Well k_chelski, Wenger explained that what he meant by the report being a lie is that the ref made a mistake. In his press conference he said you can interpret it how you like, but it was a mistake and thats what he meant. But even after he explained that, people still were still ranting on about how Wenger was not right to calll him a liar even though he didn;t. All he said was in the match report was lies. I don't really care if its the normal thing you do in portugal/brazil but it isn't normal here so why should it be tolerated? And my main problem is why did Wenger get charged for challenging the ref during half time in the tunnel against Popmpey yet Mourinho did that same and he isn't going to get charged. Even you cannot defend that kevin.
Wenger did calmly say the linesman was a liar either, it again is a cultural thing. He has a relaxed French demeanour so it comes out that way but it was months of build up and the fact he is compiling a case of evidence for bias proves that. Saying the whole system was dishonest is saying they are biased against Arsenal, but it didnt come out in those words. The other thing that people seem to miss is the linesman is a liar, even Fat Frank said Adebayor didnt hit or swing at him so i understand we cant have people calling refs liars for every wrong decision but this was not a wrong decision, it is a flat out calculated lie as he had time and chances to tell the truth which even Lampard was capable of but chose not to, that makes it a lie. Also I'm australian, like you Portuguese and Brazilians we swear alot, so do the English but if you call a cop's mum a whore wether directly to him or walking away he will hit you and arrest you either way, the ref and the FA are the authority figure so in essence that is what he did.
Ozi Gooner
It's not reasonable to complain to the referee with something he doesn't understand.The fans, they make chants about the referee, about everyone.Why can the fans do it?And they're doing it in english, he was doing it in portuguese.It's so different, everyone is making a big deal out of this.What did mourinho said to the ref during half time?If they're gonna punish mourinho, they should get about, 45 translators, and lip read what every fan said during the game, and charge everyone.Its' just as reasonable, isn't it?
Not if you call a english cop , a son of a whore in portuguese, : p.This is what mourinho did, and he was from alot of distance, so far that the referee barely understood.
Well in that case, then your fans should be charged for calling our manager a child molester? You really have no logic k_chelski. You will defend your club, your players, your manager no matter what and make it out as if it is oright. Now if it was Wenger in a match against Chelsea calling the ref 'fils de pute', and shouting at the ref in the tunnel, all you chelsea fans would be here calling Wenger a bad loser, moaner, whinger, disgrace for using the words etc. Anyways it is different to a fan chanting about these things, but for a Manager to actually say it is different. Because the Manager is representing your club, he is on TV giving interviews, there are millions of people watching and listening to him. So this isn't exactly an example to little kids is it nor to your fans. Because they will probably pick it up now and make a chant with it. So you see difference in what the problem is with a high profile manager saying it compared to a normal fan saying the same thing?
I thought fans represented the club.Well, it's from your logis, not mine.Since if everyone involved in a match can't shout anything at the referee, than, charge everyone, or no one.Do or do not.But it's not a Arsenal x Chelsea match.And i can honestly tell you i wouldn't come here saying anything about him.Since, 96% of the managers i saw, always shouted something.Even the players say far worse things at the ref than mourinho.I don't think it's out of logic.
"I don`t get on with him very well. "At half time I told him not to react to their fans - then he booked us for the first two fouls of the second half" - Martin Jol.
The most frustrating thing about all this is that the incident I refer to has nothing to do with what ever happened at half time. It has nothing to do with Mourinho approaching the ref in the tunnel. The incident happened whilst the match was in progress and was live on television for all to see. PG - I can't accept your comments on the matter, it was the way Mourinho said the things he said and the body language of the Chelsea manager. He said it THREE times, each time with more vigour, gesturing towards the referee with his head. I know what I saw, and what I saw was an insult towards the ref meant with real meanace.
menace?Is he gonna shag the ref's mum?lol . :p/
rocky, dude, please as much as i don't like mourinho and find wengers way more intelect and mono tone approach a better way round things, you have to understand the heat of a game.. even Jol criticed riley today, so obviously both managers were fustrated.. but i think what we have to look at is, if he is found guilty, then how far does it go ? picture this, cesc says something in spanish, its rude, it could be aimed at an official, some clever dick translates it, it is taken that he aimed it at the official, who doesn't speak spanish and has no idea, then cesc gets banned.. we would be sceaming injustice and vindication from other quarters.. now take ROONEY, the man uses language that my 6 yr old can hear and see and probably knows its rude and would copy that in the playrgound with his mates.. we going to ban him ? oh silly me, he is english, the FA wouldn't do that would they ? i saw the game also rocky, he spoke in his naitive tongue, 3 times yes, but he was angry, it is not different to what you may say when fustrated or angry.. i use the term TW@t alot, offensive yes, but accepted as a term.. if your going to curb language in football, you have to look at your own house first, and then look at the bigger picture, it is rife in football. personally i would give out more yellows but it is not going to happen, becuase so many speak foreign languages the ref doesn't have a clue, and firebrand , this is our arguement, its for the little spuds to have a pop, but i see little of them having a go.
I've no problem with swearing, it's part of everyday life, insulting however is a different story. If Cesc Fabregas calls the referee a son of a whore, or a ****** or what ever it is it translates as then he deserves to be banned. That fact that Mourinho chose to insult the ref in his native tongue only serves to prove the mans arrogance and contempt towards the officials. He insulted him in a way that he's sure he wouldn't get in trouble for. If Allardyce had called the ref a ****** 3 times in English then that would be a problem. Just because he swore in a foreign language is no excuse.
k_chelski, I think rocky is trying to tell you that JM should be banned, fined, and quartered! Although I dont agree with how he gets there, his conclusion is one that I ultimately share! :-)
OziGooner, calling a cop's mum a whore whilst walking away but still within earshot is bound to get you in trouble, but in his defence (gulp!) I dont think JM did anything like that analogy. Now if JM had said it to the ref's face although the ref may not understand Portugese, there is still a case to punish him. What gets our backs up is that there appears to be too much inconsistency and injustice. If there's one thing all fans can agree on it is that the FA are ......... .......... (insert your own libelous English description). Les grandes Putains!
Andy-bayor, what you said about inconsistency, that was my whole point. I dont give two *****s if players or managers alike want to swear at officials, other players (as long as its not rasict) and what language they do it in. I mean any kid who sits in the stands, or watches any TV these days is gonna have enough bad examples that surely Rooney and Mourinho's language will not make any signifigant addition to the supposed moral decline of society. What gets me is the fact that Wenger gets punished for calling a man a liar who by all means of the word is exactly that in that he didnt just see something wrong or make a misinterpretation. He saw something wrong, went home had 3 or 4 days to think about it and watch it again and again with the assistance of the supposed victim telling him no wrong had been done, but still was sorry worried about admitting his mistake he came back and said yes this man hit someone, when anyone could see that is not what happened! If you cant call a man who is a liar, a liar, then you shouldnt be able to call a mans mother a whore if she is not a whore. Im more arguing with K_chelski anyways.
Ozi Gooner
Mormoanio charged, I doubt it he seems to be the chosen one with the FA too.
If Mourinho is still here come September I'll eat my hat... I say enjoy the circus while it lasts... their next manager will be a millionaire tax-dodger...(in case anyone asks, I dont have a dossier but can provide second-hand newspaper clippings)
Two points. The context of the insult is irrelevant, Wenger and Mourinho have been treated differently for the same crime. Secondly, why theuproar about the 'liar' thing? The linesman lied, anyone with eyes can see that. I don't care how senior somebody is or how pressured their job is, if they lie, then it is reasonable to call them a liar.
Little Dutch
Agreed LD, i've been trying to explain that to the chelsea *****ers, its like beating your head against a cement wall. Andy-Bayor, i dont think Hiddink will be the Chelski manager regardless of his Abromavich/Russia connection. He likes a challenge like S Korea, Australia, Russia or PSV and learnt the hard way from time at Real and Holland that pressure environments dont suit him. He has already been quoted as saying unless sacked he will stay as Russian coach till Euro 08 and said after that he is seriously considering coming back to Australia to help us qualify for WC 2010 (which would be much appreciated), so i dont think he will go to the pressure cooker at Stamford Bridge.
Ozi Gooner
I don't care, I rate Mourinho for that Shet. Calling the refs mum out, Big man ting dat.

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