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Everton V Arsenal

Arsenal and Everton are about to kick off and the teams are in. The big suprise is that James Vaughan starts for Everton.

24 Howard
18 Neville
04 Yobo
15 Stubbs
16 Lescott
21 Osman
26 Carsley
37 Fernandes
06 Arteta
08 Johnson
22 Vaughan

01 Wright, 02 Hibbert, 03 Naysmith, 09 Beattie, 28 Anichebe

01 Lehmann
05 Toure
19 Silva
10 Gallas
31 Hoyte
08 Ljungberg
04 Fabregas
02 Diaby
07 Rosicky
09 Julio Baptista
30 Aliadiere

24 Almunia, 06 Senderos, 13 Hleb, 15 Denilson, 32 Walcott

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 18 2007

Time: 4:02PM

Your Comments

whos that fernendes guy playing us at our own game? were not clicking i wanna see denilson and hleb come on.
Were playing like Sh!t
Youngest in Charge
Well we played well for the last 10 minutes but the rest was terrible...only Diaby stood out...everyone else was poor.
a bit better torwards the end of that half, a few 3/4 decent chances looks like 3rd place might be in the bag...ishh
for sure he looks more like vieira as time passes. some solid tackles coming in.
3rd place? a bit too early to tell we are not really setting the world on fire with that 1st half performance...i think Ljungberg needs to be subbed, he is not passing the ball when he should and is choosing to take it himself which is slowing down our passing Ali was open in the box but he chose to take it himself and then lost the ball :(
nearly as bad as villa-liverpool game
fran merida
yeah i heard that was a cracker zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
sorry i should have said should we win
HAHAHAHAHAHA man lehmann is classic.....he really wants people to hate him :)
our goalie is special!! they should let guys fight like ice hockey
DIABY DIABY DIABY.....he is playing so well :)
DENILSON DENISLON ....why so late though
maybe i should have stayed in bed
OH no not again :(
I stayed up till 5am in the morning............. :(
Youngest in Charge
you in australia AB_??
Corners are ******** killing us.......and the fact that we cant get the ball into the net.
Yes i am mish, Sydney to be precise and i have to get up in 3 hours........... :(
WHY O WHY does it have to happen that Way. UNBELIEVEBLE !!!!!!!!!! wow
Youngest in Charge
I know YiC.....every single time you think we have the points in the bag then a mistake leads to a corner and bang we are losing.
First lose of the year.......:)
Youngest in Charge
It really hurts to lose today. Although I can't exactly say we've played well. Everton was on the pressure constantly and we've had a few good chances, but again, there is a void in finishing. It hurts. >_<
Yep its painful.....especially as we are stuck with the same attack for the rest of the season....i don't think were going to be so keen to keep Ali after the performances he has had over the last few games.
What I don't understand is why we play in front of the backline of the opposition.. it makes it easy for them to defend.. we did that today and cudn't create clear cut opportunities.. And again from a corner.. we fail to clear the ball.. give it a good old whack.. and Everton made us pay.. We aren't playing well.. and we aren't effective.. that worries me!
Though we are in 3rd place at the moment we have some tough games left in the season and i am also worried at the way we are playing at the moment we will need to really find some form for the Liverpool game.
I do not want to make excuses but you all realize that our main attacking players are out or coming back from injury (Rosicky, Hleb, Walcott). Aliadiere and Baptista are not taking their chances not only in the games, but at Arsenal as well. Ljungberg produced another one of his below par performances, and Fabregas looks off pace and his sharpness in passing and shooting is very low. Diaby had a great game in midfield but in the last third we could not produce the killer touch.
I have to agree arsenalrulz4ever. It seems like they're just hoping to wiggle thru the center and hopefully get a goal. And it's usually an individual effort against 3-4 defenders coming at you. It's just not feasible. We had no problem stretching the midfield, but just couldn't roll that concept against the defense line. I have to say though that as the match progressed, we were able to break though albeit come out empty. :T
I dunno, G4L, I thought Ljungberg put in a good effort. He was working up and down the pitch, and yeah, he went down, but we always got the favor. At least in the first half, he seemed to be the only one of the few players who looked energetic. Diaby was good, but he was also responsible for some ill passes and dispossession. Overall, nobody really played to their potential. :T
No excuses required G4L ...didn't matter what we did today, we played ***** overall... I'm not sure that they deserved all 3 points, but in general more of them were up for it than us, end of. There is one little '******' I would like to have though, irrespective of today - Gilberto, while experienced, is not suited to CB.
Ducks, doesn't he always? He runs his socks off every game, but what is annoying is that all that hard work (just like Aliadiere) results with the end product being zero. The whole team seems to be short of confidence in front of the goal. We need a player to lift us, and I believe Ade will do just that against Liverpool.
It is not an excuse AndyB, it is a fact. We are down to our skin and bones up front, there is no game winner in the ranks right now. I doubt that we will see more of Theo because of his injury, while Aliadiere and Baptista as I said are low on confidence and are fighting for their futures which puts additional pressure on them. They cannot score to save their life right now. The whole defence was very solid in my opinion, including Gilberto. Everton never deserved to win it more than the Arsenal, it just fell for them right in the end. The ball went through the only possible hole between a forest of limbs and bodies. Unlucky.
Will ade play against liverpool?..I thinkuts a big blow to hav both henry and van persie out for the season i thinkif today we had van persie or henry we wud hav hopin that for the liverpool game our back line gets sorted out clichy and eboue shud recover bu then really hopin now that vp plays against the chavs....i think this confirms it unless ali and baps do somethin out of this worlld they are on their way out
i agree AB BAp aren't doing anything to justify why they should be kept around. We had the chances and kept possession even though we were crap but still couldn't convert our chances in to goals >>the story of our season<<<.
Youngest in Charge
G4L - Gilberto is experienced for sure.. but y did he play centre back..? He's definitely a better midfielder than he is a centre back.. I simply don't understand y we aren't able to get in behind oppositions still. We somehow make it far too easy for defences.. and unless we have our regular full backs back, we desperately lack width. We still aren't able to defend set pieces properly.. I feel scared when any opposition gets a corner or free kick in a decent position..
It's been the way of our season , when we deserve to win we draw, when we deserve a draw we lose. We've been dealt a harsh hand by lady luck this season and I probably didn't help by calling her a few choice names after the Villa game on Wednesday (It's my fault today lads, sorry!) but I'm sure that our luck will change again soon. Well done to Everton today though, they took their chance well, and they were also a bit unlucky with a few of their other efforts too.
even if he recovers (which I doubt) RvP will be very short of fitness and sharpness, so I would not rely on that. The only one who I see giving us a lift at the moment is Adebayor. I hope I get it wrong and someone surprises me (and Liverpool).
I agree a4ever. Bert is far better in MF but I would rather have him at the back in these games than Senderos. And overall I think it was a solid performance of the back 4, as our midfield was caught out in possession several times and was pretty late to recover.
If I were to have a slight moan today, there were three attacking opportunities where the ref called back play where he should have played the advantage and let the play go, but whether anything would have come from those opportunities is p*ssing in the wind anyway.
Neither of your strikers looked like they could hit a barn door, you will be back to your best whenever RVP and henry are back.
Hey somebody answer my q will ade play at liverpool
Adebayor will at this moment play next sunday as he is free from suspension, but that's if he doesn't get injured our something knowing our luck...
Just realised that Senderos was on the bench! The fact that Bert played CB tells us that Senderos is being given time to reflect and/or he is not good enough to cover that role right now, and an experienced midfielder can do a better job at CB!! Is he is on his way out or am I missing something here?
AAAAAAAAAA!!!! These two seasons have been the worst ever!! last year we were terrible in the league because we were not physical enough. This year it's because we cannot score a bloody goal..
We really need ade back. I'm sure ali is getting sold next season. And we need to buy some offensive mid that can score.
Dont you think we have enough mid fielders and strikers for next season? i think wenger will go for some out and out winger to play on the right. We'll have 4 strikers next season (considering ali is most probably leaving)
Funny how you slag Robbo for being fat. He is better at scoring than your strikers! hmm
Jacky B
It was by no means a terrible performance, it was a scrappy game that neither side deserved to win. We dominated territorially and Diaby was excellent, we just didn't have the firepower to convert it. The thing is, both Baptista and Ali are second strikers, both good to play alongside Ade, RVP or TH, but neither knows how to lead the line. Adebayor was a huge miss. Unfortunately, we just don't seem to know how to defend corners, that's the 15th time this season we've conceded from a set piece. Statistics suggest that if you force four or more corners in a game with Arsenal, you will score at least once.
Little Dutch
I will pass that one on to Jol LD, maybe he needs a bit of tactical help against the arse.
Jacky B
Well Baptista's o.g at the Lane and Mido's goal at our place will have given him all the info he needs.
Little Dutch
Jacky - a bit of tactical help? Thats understating it a bit :). Jol needs more than that. But the goal scoring exploits of Berbie sure is making him smile now, im sure.
Indeed, but maybe he needs to force 4 more set pieces to get enough goals to actually win a game.
Jacky B
Indian Gunner - If you think that the last two seasons have been our worst then then you obviously werent around in the pre-Wenger days. Bruce Rioch anyone?
well, not a very good performance, to put it mildly. Strangely, the pressure is off a little coz we really need to screw up from now to lose 4th place. So i'm looking mainly at Ali and the beast, for the rest of this season, coz they have a few questions to answer. They didnt answer any of those against villa AND everton. Simple chance for Ali again, and he just might be missing the boat here, for arsenal.
I would love an Arsenal capitulation and a 4th spot throwaway. Might make up for last year!
Jacky B
Dream on Jacky, dream on :).
indian-gunner - a bit harsh there. I understand that this is frustrating, but those are 2 of the most simplistic reasons to our problems, and I'm afraid they're slightly off the mark. If this has been the 'worst season ever', I cant wait for next season !! I've already seen a lot of positives.
PRITS.....It would seem Jol is not the only bloke who needs tactical help. Your lot have forgotten the actual aim of the game.
Jacky B
Jacky - Cant argue with that one, given our current finishing woes :). but arsenal capitulation - u can continue to dream !!
alright then.. Liverpool. lol
Jacky B
I reckon we are going to have a good run-in this year... it doesn't faze me that we didn't play well yesterday, I am convinced that it was just an off-day... I reckon we'll have a few more surprises over the next few weeks - Aliadiere hat-trick anyone?
Aliadiere hat-trick? count me in, andy :). But I like what I've seen of him so far, and I hope he scores a few before the end of the season.
Tactically speaking Jacky, I wouldn't rest on your laurels if I was might want to check if it is still mathematically possible for you to be relegated... now come on, off to the training ground with you!
I guess i wasnt rocky. I was only 7 then. Too young to remember
Andy Bayor.... didn't you just say Aliadiere to score a hat trick? Oh, and i am not resting on anything. Anything less than 6th this season and i will be dissapointed. though all things considered we have done ok whatever happens. really excited about next season now
Jacky B

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