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Further FA Inconsistencies (Lies)

After a brief chat with a Vital Arsenal colleague today, it was decided that it was time to stop trying to wind up other fans and concentrate on articles with Arsenal at their heart, but upon my arrival home from work this evening I saw the latest load of bullshit from the FA, and just had to comment.

A statement was issued saying none of the Chelsea players who involved in 'restraining' (yeah right) the Tottenham fan would not face any disciplinary action.

'We have looked at all the available video footage and there will be no formal disciplinary action against any players,'

Obviously not all the footage, because surely a player who kicks a member of public (no matter what he has done) should be held accountable for his actions.

The following clip is taken from the live broadcast on the BBC of the Tottenham vs Chelsea FA Cup quarter final.

With the aid of SkyPlus, not any fancy video technology, it's clear to see at least two Chelsea players putting the boot in on the so called fan.

I'm sorry to harp on about it, but after the Carling Cup final, Manu Adebayor was banned for four matches despite the FA not having any footage what so ever of the player committing the crimes they accused him of, and now, with footage readily available (so much so it's posted all over the internet) the FA tell blatant lies (once again) and the Chelsea players get off scott free.

The FA are killing our game with their inconsistencies.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 21 2007

Time: 11:30PM

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i agree, ive got no allegance to any london club but this is another f a disgrace, sack em , get rid of em, they r shamefully inadequate
I'm trying not to sound like a bitter old bugger, but it's so obvious to anyone with eyes. It's really disheartening that a group with such power in our game can be so blatantly corrupt.
disgusting statement! they have ZERO legitimacy to ban or charge anyone!
as i posted on the forum the other day, this highlights the discrepencies of the FA. they bury their heads in the sand, and seem to be unwilling/unwanting to adopt the hardline across the board. Witness the footage in the youtube links i posted in the forum, you can quite clearly see the chelski players rucking their feet into the area where the fan is. AND the fan got off. Neither are correct. »»Arsene Knows««
* one of the youtube links being taken from an earlier post, by G4L (I cannot take credit for that...) »»Arsene Knows««
Carragher was sent off for throwing a coin at the crowd after being provoked by the coin initially hitting him, whats the difference? The fear of Chelsea perhaps? The fact the FA want to see a title race thats exciting and banning any chelsea players would harm the climax to the premiership season therefore harming the FA's product (Drogba not being banned after slapping Cesc would add to these theories). I dont know but I do know it stinks and that Cashley is the most cowardly footballer that I can remember.
The fact that the Chelsea players know they are doing wrong and are having sly digs at this geezer makes it all the more disturbing. Slimey *****ers.
The fan (and others) had no right coming on the pitch we all know this but the four, maybe five Chelsea players should not get away with having nothing done to them. I know the fan didn't come onto the pitch and he threw himself into the crowd but Cantona got a nine month ban (or something like that) for his assult on the Crystal Palace fan. This is a different scenario but they've still put the boot in. You can argue that he deserved it but even so the FA have got to start playing fair right along the board EVERYONE should be under the same rules, the FA SHOULDN'T be bending them if/when they see fit.
Hughes Da Man
spot on Hughes. The FA is shaming English football, I have no words to describe this. After watching the vid over and over again one word came up in my head: COWARDS!! The lot of them. That kid had no right to be there, but they (the Chel$ki COWARDS), led by the vicious Ca$hley, did something despicable that will go unpunished. This is unheard of in the modern societies, reminds me of the justice I read about that happened way back n medieval times. Even then they had honour.
wingers all the lads who posted the video deserve credit as well - the whole world can see the wrongdoings... is this only because ENGLAND is playing so they do not disturb the COWARDS within?
Disgraceful !! Inconclusive evidence?? Can't they see? I should say I'm not surprised the FA did nothing, incompetent****s they are. Now I hope Arsene goes in on March 30th, and riles up the FA, nice and good. Inconsistent, unfair 'justice'. No wonder the gaffer was fuming.
Better than that Iceman10, Ian Walker previously tackled a fan on encroached onto the pitch and attempted to attack him, wrestling him to the ground and was fined by the FA. Can anyone explain the difference between that and what happened on Monday night? Walker should at the very least be refunded his fine with interest, because having set a precedent, the FA have totally ignored it. I also note that Chelsea have not made any announcement against the actions of their fan who encroached on the pitch.
Its an absolute joke. Is there anyway we can all right a letter to the FA showing your disgust and inconstiant decisions made by them? Imagine Chelsea losing Drogba, Terry and Lampard for 4 games. They'd not finish 2nd place i tell you that
I am surprised at the us, the gunner fans, anyone can see that the fan threw himself on the ground and the Chelsea players were trying hard not to step on him. But the fan tries so hard to put himself under their feet. That’s a load of boll.a...s just like the FA just bolla...s.
It's beyond a joke really, and precisely why Arsene felt compelled to use the word 'liar' after Cardiff. If he wasn't a gent he might have been even more forceful too. What the hell are you supposed to do in the face of injustices like this?? Shut up and take it perhaps Sir Harry? The despicable FA aside, what can be going through the mind of seasoned internationals kicking an idiot who is already on the ground? Aren't they showing us how miserable and pathetic they are?
As far as I'm aware Ian Walker had no charges brought against him, but that was an entirely different scenario. He had been confronted by a member of public, who was acting in an agressive manner and could have been carrying a weapon. Walker pushed the fan to the floor until the stewards arrived. What happened with the Chelsea lot was the man was in the process of being restrained by and the Chelsea players kicked is that helping?
Walker was fined though defending himself ... how were Drogba and Cole defending themselves against a person who'd been restrained and was not a threat?
All I can say is good luck Israel.
Little Dutch
when you think how much money roman has contributed to english football,how much of it has filtered down to the FA in brown envelopes????
fran merida
Whats probably even more disappointing is the response on the vital chelsea site. common sense prevails, I think is the title of that article. No chelsea fan seems to think anything is wrong with what their players did. All I can say is - the fans deserve those players and vice-versa !!
LD, you really are an embarassment - good luck Israel? pathetic - its one thing not supporting your national team, its another thing supporting the opposition
For bad-mouthing Mr Dowd, Paul Jewell was finally 'given' a fine of £2k and 2 matches (in the stands). Arsene will no doubt get £10k plus 5 matches - maybe if he had gone to stamp on the linesman (in Cashley/Drogba style) Arsene would have got off altogether. Excuse my poor sarcasm but the FA does make me a bit sick.
Sir Harry, so deport me.
Little Dutch
Oh I firmly believe, that citizenship of any nation should not be conferred by the mere accident of birth but is a privilege that should be earnt. A famous supporter interviewed on your clubs site, had to escape persecution to gain asylum in the UK and despite earning millions grabbed the opportunity to formally acquire citizenship at the first opportunity. Thousands persecuted in their homelands take great pride in becoming British and it is pretty nauseating to see people treat their citizenship which they only acquired by accident of birth with such distain, They might as well go spit in these peoples faces.
Timmy Smith deserved more than the odd kick!
merlin, you and Chel$ki deserve eachother.
This feel's so wrong,i'm in total agreement with all the gooner's on this post.Sir Harry sorry but your being a bit silly with the moral guidance there,and how can you actualy b proud to watch player's of such low moral's as Terry (i'm a bloody hero me) Fatlampshade (enough said) and cashley prance around on sat givin it there 'all'.They only care about playing for ENG-GER-LAND cos it inhances there commercial power.I hate international's anyway so mind-numbin it feel's like watching chelski.
because even when a gooner pulls on an England shirt they get 110% support ... even Judas
Sorry and I do have to take a big swallow but no matter who pulls on an England shirt gets my support. I am and always will be an Arsenal supporter but I treasure my homeland, I hate it when we make mistakes but i will always love my country no matter what.
Im lucky, ive never felt the pain of having to cheer for lampard, terry, beckham, rooney, scholes, neville etc. and will never cheer for cole again. also we dont have to deal with the disappointment that come with high expectations.
Ozi Gooner
Sir Harry, it is an accident of birth, whether you like it or not. I could have been born in to much worse circumstances, you are right, never think I am not grateful for that. But this idea that I must forever be a slave and compromise my ability to think freely is a complete contradiction. To tell me, to command me to fall in love with something and support it fastidiously is ludicrous. Bottom line, I don't care about the national team, I never will and nobody can make me. No matter how many flags (stitched by five year old girls in South East Asia for 5p a day) are waved in my face. As for British citizenship, you probably ignore the fact that the persecuting country was funded by your beloved England. The notion of blind patriotism troubles me greatly, in the words of the great Sophocles, "those that can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit attrocities." Come on Israel, stuff it to those F.A cowards.
Little Dutch
In the words of the late great Bill Hick "I Hate patriotism, is was a round ******** world the last time I checked"
LD you put it more eloquently..I support you, and being of non-English descent I've been here most of my life, and although I have no natural affinity to a flag, if there is one thing that puts me off waving one, it's people telling me I 'should'. Patriotism is fine, but nationalism is not - I saw it destroy my homeland. Respecting others & their customs is equal in my mind to supporting the country, but people shouldn't demand more.
Ah, the late great Bill Hicks, I have this spiel from him on my screensaver at work (so excuse the cut and pasting), The world is like a ride at an amusement park. It goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question: Is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey - don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride ..." But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. Jesus-- murdered; Martin Luther King-- murdered; Malcolm X-- murdered; Gandhi-- murdered; John Lennon-- murdered; Reagan ... wounded. But it doesn't matter because: It's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace. Or even better, "when you're high you can do everything just as well as you normally do you just realise it's not worth the ******** effort."
Little Dutch
Andy-Bayor, absolutely. I can only recycle a quote from Thomas Paine, which Sir Harry took issue with some weeks ago, "the whole world is my country, all akind is my brethren and to do good is my religion."
Little Dutch
And he took issue with that because????
Because Thomas Paine was a *******. He was, but it doesn't subtract any currency from the sentiment. The fact that Bill Hicks succumbed to cancer doesn't make the following assertion any less funny, "Just given up smoking. To me, every cigarette looks like it was made by God, rolled by Jesus and moistened shut on Claudia Schiffer's ******."
Little Dutch
So it is wrong for us to support our country and if we do we are scum. What a load of rot this site is starting to turn away from what we are talking about which is Arsenal. If someone wants to support their country good on them, this country is one of the few countries in the world were hope still exists. Good luck to you all but this anti English crap is just plain boring. No one is forcing you to support England but please don’t knock us who do. I will not be writing to this site again. You have spoilt it for me.
Where have I knocked anyone who supports England? The constant use of the word, "I" might be a clue as to what I am getting at. It seems to me you have inferred something based on no evidence whatsoever. Sir Harry is clearly trying to force me to support England, my issue is with him, I haven't mentioned anything else. Other than that I don't like this country funding the persecution of indigenous peoples. If you find that unpalatable then I think you need to ask yourself why. Please tell me where anyone has said you are "scum" if you support England. Honestly, show me what has been said that has made you think that. I don't think you're scum, but it sounds like you might have an acute case of paranoia.
Little Dutch
But Little Dutch you seem to be more than willing to back the national team of a country who's government persecutes large numbers of its own population, and who has by its own admission commissioned state sponsored death squads around the globe. Nobody commands anybody to support anyone but to blaitantly support the opponents is quite remarkable, willing them to defeat the country whose passport you hold. If that passport is so distasteful, why not acquire one of a different hue? In another arena, deliberately opposing those who are the opponents of a the country where you regretably have citizenship carries are far severer sanction .... I have no problem with people not supporting England but to go out of the way to support the opponents unless you have some interest in supporting them is real quite poor. And despite all your protestations about Thomas Paine and disgust in nationhood, it is the advent of a sense of nation, that despite some severe jolts, has created the democracy and freedom we enjoy today. And the second Sudanese Civil War which resulted in Luol Deng fleeing was as it states a civil war - Britain had granted independence with the country being united but the christian/arabic schism armed on both sides by the Soviet Union, led to persecutions on both sides. Looking at the historical context, there is no way this could have been prevented, no alternative remedy which would have been implemented
Most countries have a dark past.You just got to forgive.I do agree with LD, that everyone supports whatever country they want, BUT, something which i agree with sir_harry(Shocker).You can't cheer for the opposite country, in a british site network, when you cheer for the other team, you're separating yourself from all fellow peers that cheer for england.You don't have to cheer for england, but it's kind of disrespectful to cheer against it.
Sir Harry, your opinion of democracy seems to be "support England or be outcast." You have wildly missed the point, I did not say I hope Israel win out of any ambivalence towards the country, its politics or its inhabitants. I want Israel to win because it will hurt the Football Association, bith financially and in terms of pride. Usually, I don't care what the results are where England are concerned, I don't watch the games. But given the F.As rather shoddy governing of late, I would consider a victory for Israel a blow struck to the F.A. I can testify my support to whoever I want, regardless of who they want to support. If people want to isolate me because of it, fine, but that won't stop me having an opinion or prevent me from voicing it. If every single person on earth disagreed with me, but I was happy with my opinion and truly believed it, that would be no discouragement for me whatsoever. It's funny that people keep using this thorny issue of freedom as a means of surpressing my thoughts. k_chelski, while I respect that you are expressing your views in an entirely reasonable manner, I just take issue with that sentiment, I can cheer for the other country on a british site network if I so wish. After all, as Sir Harry will tell you, it's a free country.
Little Dutch
I'm not saying you can't do that.I'm saying it's a bit weird doing that, when most of your mates cheer for england.You won't be isolated, at least from me you want.But you saw how one of your mates reacted.It's a sensible issue, and as the special one once said: "Leave england to the english" , on that note, i'll leave you both to it.
Maybe LD is supporting Israel tongue-in-cheek... if he has a bone to pick with this country or any other that's his right. I don't think this is about being anti-English as anti-establishment and SirHarry and k-chelski shouldnt seek to mix the two by reading out of context... I am also supporting Israel but only because it might help get rid of McClown so a more worthy person can be installed... this is just my own crooked way and I stand by it...
eer, i never said it was anti english.I only said it kind of winds up your own fellow gooners.That was my only point.
Andy-bayor, it's nice to know at least one person has understood my point. k_chelski, I can see that by alwaysgunner's frankly surprising response! But that's just how I am, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. It's not my intention to marginalise people, the point of this site is to debate and that's why I like it so much. If people take issue to the point of leaving the site that is their choice, but frankly I think it misses the point of coming to a site like this.
Little Dutch
However if we fail to reach Euro2008 then monies which benefit grass roots football will be lost. Its a rather selfish way to say 'cos I don't agree how the FA have treated my team I therefore wish them harm, even though that will affect other people in the country - is it a case of my enemy's enemy is my friend? There will be all this stuff about Wembley but thats in the past - how can England missing out on Euro2008 benefit football in England at all levels? Its a rather selfish attitude to say the very very least
You think the F.A will plough any of that dosh into grass roots football? Funny, because they had the perfect opportunity. After forty years of failure, messrs Brooking and Wilkinson actually got off their arses and did something about it, they devoted time and effort to building a world class school of excellence to rival Clarefontaine. The F.A did not agree to funding and the project was shelved. England's failure to qualify might just persuade them to stop blaming Arsenal and take some responsibility. Then again, Tottenham might win the league some time soon. The F.A are exercising a bias towards my team, and Pompey (Redknapp was charged for complaining about Barton's horror tackle on Mendes, what an unsavoury character he must be). So yes, that's how football works, if you tell lies and exercise unfavourable prejudice to my team, then I want their team to suffer.
Little Dutch
Sir_Harry, if Eng do not qualify, dont u think it will jolt the FA into re-thinking the way they do things, including appointing a coach, nad how grassroots football is managed ? And just coz somebody does not support the national football team, doesnt mean his patriotism is called into question. Sounds very simplistic to me.
I have been following the discussion closely and could only agree with LD. Never in his posts did I see a word of anti-Englishness, just freedom of choice. To me, the FA has tarnished the reputation of English football and England as a country by a series of 'mistakes' (if purposeful actions could be called such). Although I am Arsenal through and through and tend to have a biased look on certain things, I can honestly say that this group of people in office have harmed many teams besides the AFC, and made decisions which are disgusting to say the least. They have hindered the development of the English football in one way of another, and that is only obvious by the results of the English teams in all categories and in all competitions. The perfect opportunity was there for the taking when Arsene Wenger and the other 'foreigners' who (un)intentionally made a 'little' revolution from the kick-and-rush Wimbledon style football, contributed to the development and attractiveness of the League and brought incredible talent and above else money to those f#ckups. All they did produce is scandals, bad result after bad result... and I do not blame anyone for having no allegiance with this corrupt and hypocritical bunch. The national team is a mere reflection of theirs. Cheers.
I guess its not surprising to read a constant stream of pro Arsenal and anti English bias on this page. Thats why most other fans in England no longer consider Arsenal to be an English club anymore representing England in the Champions League. Many clubs have a right to claim bias against them and its somewhat ironic considering the 'favours' given to Arsenal in the 20th century, that all of a sudden when its evened up there is a torrent of squealing from your club against the FA. What is shocking still is that not one Arsenal fan has questioned the appalling lack of professionalism by Eboue, Adebayour and Toure at that game, irrespective of whether they were harshly punished or not. It has already been mentioned by your lot that Eboue had previous
Sir Harry, you've obviously just got issues mate, myself and others have explained our opinions carefully and you conveniently sidestep issues and repeat that same old garbage that we keep on disproving. The fact you're surprised by a pro Arsenal feel on an Arsenal fan site probably elucidates your level of intelligence quite nicely. I couldn't care less whether other teams consider us an English club or whether we represent England in the Champions League. Instead of whining at us, I would concentrate on your own shower of *****e team getting there, then you can pruport to represent what you want. I am tired of this argument, over and over again you come here whining with your small minded, Enoch Powell, Daily Mail view of the world. Honestly, just go away, play with the traffic or something. One last time, and I will not argue this point anymore because you are tiresome and stupid, please try and process this then go away, I DO NOT SUPPORT ENGLAND, I DO NOT WANT TO, I DO NOT FEEL ANYTHING FOR THEM. YOU CANNOT MAKE ME. THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION ARE *******S. Now please go away Enoch.
Little Dutch
Sir Harry I don't know why you insist about the make-up of our team? Your obstinacy is unproductive - although I ask myself questions sometimes about nationalities and team composition I find that the way you argue your point weakens your argument, because (for me anyway) you provoke rather than engage... We disagree on a lot of things, but I dont remember anyone here supporting terrible and unjustifiable behaviour by Eboue or anyone else. And just because you champion the FA's status quo doesnt mean anyone else must. It's also a bit rich to say that you can bring yourself to even support Judas in an England shirt but that you (or 'most fans') don't see Arsenal as a national team in Europe! Please stop pressing that 'nationalist' button all the time - it's quite unneccessary to harp on about it so much, I think many of us have had our say on it...n'est ce pas?
Andy-bayor Andy-bayor, all I read was a criticism of Bridge for allegedly going down to easily ..... the only one with the guts to slam Eboue who's actions indirectly got Adebayor sent off was Puregold
Here we go again from LD, desperately trying to equate patriotism and nationalism with racism and facism. I'm sure it must provide you with a little bit of comfort. As K_chelski has understood, its another to support the opposition because the FA won't give you your own way all the time, like opposition won't field 10 strikers against you at the Emirates all the time and lie down so you can thrash them. The moment you don't get every decision your way, its some pathetic conspiracy against your team .. like it was UEFAs fault you didn't win the Champions League and Wenger/Henry displayed the lack of sportsmanship which even embarassed the Arsenal fan I watched the game with. At the Carling Cup Final, Toure deserved to be sent off for razing hands, Eboue deserved to be sent of for striking Bridge, Adebayor deserved to be sent off for being extremely aggressive ... grow up and accept it like a grown man, not some pathetic little child who has had his toys taken away. Its not a pro Arsenal feel you're creating and defending, merely offering a xenophobic and quite possibly racist anti English spluttering of bile. Its not the first time the moment someone has a different opinion than you you automatically run to the extreme. Last time I checked holding a different opinion, doesn't make someone a racist or a facist - the small minded person is clearly you
SH, why are you so narrow minded? If somebody wants to support their national team, fine, if somebody doesn't give a flying f*** for their national team, then who are you to judge. You know, it's people with your arrogant attitude that makes the Scots, Irish and Welsh dislike you so much (Not that you'd care about that, as you're too busy dictating to, and pi**ing off your own countrymen). And here you go again talking about us moaning about conspiracies. Your selective memory really gets on our tits especially seeing as you were probably one of those fools crying into their diarreah last season claiming that Arsenal had poisoned Spurs, or David Dean made sure that the match wasn't postponed. Why don't you just take your stinking narrow minded attitude back to your own site and leave this wonderfully cosmopolitan site alone. PS) I'm glad that you like you TV's with components assembled in Wales so much, because I'm gonna ask my buddies who work at that factory to s*** into the back of all the TV's on the off chance that you might buy one! Saying that, I'd rather not ruin the TV's, and instead send them to parts of the world that deserve them, rather then let undeserving gits like you have them.
Sir Harry stop whining for crying out loud. You made your point... now please shutt up... it's enough now. For the record I dont support cheating, diving, or violence whether its Zokora or Eboue... every now and again our players are an embarrassment just like yours (yours are more obviously, because we're bloody great we are)... and we're not anti-English; i think its getting to you that there is at least one individual here who is saying to you clearly they dont support and dont want to support England... just get over it.
Sir Harry, please just go away. You are incapable of absorbing any of my points. I have never once complained about packed defences, so take your head out of your arse, neither has Wenger, I quote Wenger after the Blackburn game, "the problem is not with teams being defensive, it is with us." Toure did not raise his hands, neither did Mikel, they pushed one another. The same ref saw the same incident between Zamora and Emerton two weeks later and only deemed it a booking. An example of the inconsistency we are talking about. After the CL Final Wenger bemoaned the offside equaliser (but congratulated Barca and said they deserved it for going unbeaten in the whole tournament (your copy of the daily mail didn't mention that, so you don't think it happened), . Your comments about Henry after the CL Final I accept, but if you had a microphone shoved under your nose seconds after losing a CL Final, you would hardly be magnanimous, sportsmen are bad losers, that's why they become sportsmen. Adebayor was sent off long before he showed any aggression, he should have showed more maturity, but, again, if you were sent off in a Cup Final for no reason and the ref refuses to tell you why, you're hardly going to be magnanimous. The fact is, it is the inconsistency of the F.A that is infuriating. Similarly, the fact that we commit the least fouls in the league, yet are by far and away the most punished team is a source of frustration. That's not a conspiracy, that is the F.A being too lazy to stamp out serious foul play, or diving, teams like B'burn get away with more because they are a dirty team. The second we make a foul, it seems worse to a ref so a card is produced. Adebayor is given a four match ban, the F.A say he punched Lampard, Lampard denies it, so the F.A say he swung a punch at Lampard, Wenger says he has video evidence to prove that isn't true, so the f.A say Adebayor acted aggressively. How could we not be angry about lies that shameless? If you want to talk about conspiracies you might want to check the embarassing behaviour of your own side on May 7th, I notice your chairman still hasn't apologised to the Marriott since tests absolved them from sabotage. Now please go away, I have made my point, and I have addressed everything you have twisted to support your Lord Tebitt mentality. As Andy-Bayor said, I don't support England, you can't make me. If you think my refusal to pretend to love something I don't makes me a racist (despite the fact I teach the sodding language for a living) then I truly pity you. Go away Norman.
Little Dutch
Again demonstrating your total lack of intelligence and providing evidence as to why education must be so poor in this country - how exactly do you push someone without raising your hands? As the equaliser in the CL final wasn't offside I'm not sure why it ought to be complained about and surely Barcelona were the victims prior to that of Eboue's outrageous cheating by diving ..not all sportsmen are bad losers, unless the play or represent Arsenal apparently at which point their crass conduct is deemed acceptable .. just because you commit the least amount of fouls doesn't not mean they are not serious enough to warrant punishment ... surely its the magnitude of the foul not the number which is measured? Teams like Blackburn are physical not dirty, but often they don't commit the sly nasty fouls that Arsenal seem so adept at ... and I note that in the Rugby World Cup when Dallaglio was unfairly penalised for a non foul allowing Australia to draw level and maybe destroy four years of hard work, he took it like a man, not like a squealing little cretin like Adebayor .. a condition prevalent in a number of your players who Wenger seems incapable of teaching discipline and professionalism .. its no surprise your red card record is so appalling .. I have twisted nothing - I have suggested that it is pretty pathetic to support an opponent just because you have a difference of opinion with an organisation who don't let you have your own way all the time. . if you go back to my original post which you have desperately tried to twist, I said its one thing not to support England its another to oppose England - where was I saying you had to support England? And you teach English? Your suggestion of 'going to play in traffic' shows what a disgusting individual you are, unfit to teach any children or anyone anything
Lads lads lads, this is going a bit too far.Calm yourselfs down.
again sirH attempts to depict things the way they clearly NOT are, displaying something which is so typical for the club he supports - pretending. You are a pretender 'sir', and your arguments are as firm as your team's grip on a UEFA spot. Toure and Mikel did something that you see day in day out on football pitches, a little bit of pushing and shoving when two fierce competitive teams meet in a Cup Final. Something that the current crop of sp*rs players (and fans) have yet to experience. Maybe when your team reaches a final (even in the then you will be able to understand how it feels to play and win/lose a medal. Eboue's cheating antics are no worse than what was displayed this year by players in EVERY football team in the world - even the tough Englanders such as Rob Hulse et al., only surpassed by the illustrious diving skills of Zokora, Berbatov, Keane etc. Barca's goal was offside, whether you would like to acknowledge that or no, however your ignorant narrow-minded mentality prevents you seeing that. As for the 'physical' aspect of the teams such as Blackburn, Sheffield, Bolton etc and your theory that Arsenal commit nasty fouls that justify the card/foul ratio, well that is just another confirmation of your limited capability to grasp reality. Branding Arsenal as a team that commits fouls of yellow card magnitude MORE than teams that have such skillful players such as Meite, Nolan, Faye, Campo, Davies, Savage, Tugay, Mokoena, Dunn, Morgan, Kozluk, Montgomery etc. is nothing but a plain stupidity. As you dare to mention Wenger's incapability to teach discipline and our red card record, I offer you the incapability of your team's management to teach your players how to PLAY, a fact verified by years of trophyless seasons and 'profitable' investments in players, a clear distinction of the lack of vision by those who run things at 3 pt lane. Your constant distorting that LD or any other Gooner here is furious at the FA because 'they don't let us have our own all the time' is what is pathetic. Numerous times here and in the forums, Arsenal fans have criticized decisions of and the FA when Arsenal was never involved. The latest examples for you are the games between Blackburn and West Ham and your recent f@ckup against Chel$ki where a fellow idiot (spud fan) of yours attacked Fat Frank and got an undeserved version of the Russian 'kazachok' from the Chav cowards. Your lame attempt to attack Arsenal for their discipline on the pitch when you nurture talents such as Tim Smith in your ranks, along woth those who coin the traveling Gooners every time and the bloke who broke the jaw of LD's friend, is hypocrisy in its purest (FA) form. You are a ridiculous person.
*(even in the UEFA Cup)
But G4L. you didn't raise it as an issue just about the FA, it was quickly distorted into how Arsenal are hard done by, likewise the incident re; Blackburn v West Ham, were merely raised to illustrate how hard done by Arsenal are ... nothing to do with the greater good of the game ... and because Arsenal over the last 10 years are perceived to have previous they are going to be looked at more quickly ... trying to draw the distinction between behaviour on the pitch by individuals on the pitch earning £100K and so called fans off it are laughable - you are clearly trying to drag up every single excuse from the bottom of the barrel to hide that the conduct of Arsenal on the pitch has been pitiful - the behaviour at ManU, the assault on Van Nistelrooy, the conduct of Vieria on numerous occasions, Wenger playing the 3 wise monkeys (I didn't zee anything) rather than actually stamping out this behaviour, means officials (maybe unfairly) expect you to conduct yourself in this manner - the idea that Arsenal are being prejudiced against by match officials as if it was some vast conspiracy is truly mindblogging - the only explanation is that the FA instruct every official to book at least 5 and red card one every other game - of course it all makes sense, I've truly now seen the light - the Scum can never do any wrong. And if LDs mate is anything like LD himself, though I find the action wrong, I can only now wonder whether the bloke did some provoking?
of course we did not raise it as an issue JUST ABOUT the FA, just as Rovers fans will not do it in the future and just as you lot won't after that fine example of a fan was kicked by the chavs players. The point maintained here is that the FA has NO STANDARDS no matter if it is Arsenal, sp*rs or Rovers. Players get banned after reports/reasons have been altered, and yet players don't get banned after TV replays clearly SHOW KICKING a man down. How difficult is that to understand sirH? If your conformist mentality has a 'tough luck' ready as a reply to any wrong/harm done to your team - Arsene Wenger's and Arsenal's does not. That is just one of the reasons why this club has had much more success than the one you support. Your obsession with and jealousy of Arsenal and Wenger has blinded you as you continuously seem to omit classics such as Ferguson, Mourinho, Benitez and of course Fat Jol who whenever things were not going their way have found it easily to resort to blaming the FA, referees and even chefs from the Mariott Hotel. Don't you feel a bit hypocritical about yourself when incidents such as the career and life-threatening challenges committed by the biggest of thugs in this league (Roy Keane vs. Alf Inge Haaland, Ben Thatcher vs. Mendez, to name a few) are quickly forgotten and part of history while Arsenal's OT behaviour, for which Arsenal was appropriately punished, is mentioned as an example of poor conduct on the pitch. If u watched that game (and I am sure that you did) you would surely remember the 'red card' of PV, and the penalty given to the mancs for an 'obvious foul' in the box. Arsenal have been prejudiced by refs in numerous occasions, but Arsenal has prevailed and raised in the face of adversity. And by the way, what kind of provoking deserves a broken jaw? The kind of Fat Frank was displaying at the 3 pt lane, and Mr. Smith decided to accordingly punish? Spare us of your hypocrisy.
Little Dutch & Sir Harry : It must be love.
Don't be insulting HTG .. I wouldn't be interested even if I was using your d**k
Sir Harry, just go away. The hatred in your post just demonstrates how incapable you are of holding any kind of debate. You've taken this thing far too far and you are obviously incapable of absorbing anything I say. The only thing I would point out in closing is that the word used in the title of this article is "inconsistencies", not conspiracies. You know nothing about me other than I support Arsenal and that I don't support England, yet you question my capability to do my job (which I regret mentioning, it's not relevant) and advocating acts of violence says all it needs to. I'm going to be the bigger man and walk away from your vile insults, go away.
Little Dutch
Yes Sir flattered to deceive all along - I thought at one stage there may have been a hard-edged argument to some of your ramblings but it turns out you twisted & misinterpreted to fit your bias (that's sort of understandable) but then protested when we wouldn't let you ram it down our throats. A good example as LD says - the title is called 'inconsistency' not 'conspiracy'. On another thread I think you called someone a 'stirrer' but I reckon you have the biggest spoon in town.
Very impressive speech Little Dutch from the person who instigated the insults - as mentioned I never advocated or demanded or suggested that anyone supported England ... I said I found it bizarre and strange that someone would take it a step further by cheering on the opposition ... it was you that initially suggested that someone who supports England and finds surprise that someone would deliberately support the oppostion (except the Scots) is therefore racist, xenophobic, and is equated to some of the less pleasant individuals in history like Enoch Powell. Anyone who read my previous posts on previous pages would have seen my advocating of certain nonEnglish players and managers, yet the moment you cannot provide a coherent response, you immediately lapse into attempting, rather pitifully to try and paint that individual as an extremist - this is not the first post I have seen you resorting to personal abuse on the moment you don't get your own way or can on win through reasoned argument - I would also remind you that with your suggestion of "going and playing in traffic", were you not the first person to advocate violence and harm against another poster?
Whatever you reckon. Go away.
Little Dutch
Oh and well done Israel, continuing to show up the F.As complete incompetency in nurturing decent young players, and showing up the media for overhyping England's average players. Good luck Andorra.
Little Dutch
Again, having not been able to answer the question posed, you ignore it in the hope it might go away - some teacher you must be. Regarding Norman Tebbit's infamous cricket test, which you chose to mention as a means of implying extremism and racism - whilst crudely put by Lord Tebbit it did introduce a very interesting point. On all the major countries in Europe we are the only country not to celebrate our national day (23 April) as if it was some sort of shame .. nationalism when applied sensitively is a good thing - currently in the West Indies, we have the first Sikh cricketer Monty playing for us, yet I asked why has this taken so long .. last year Mahmood was abused by Pakistani fans for being a traitor despite being born in Bolton - is it not a poor reflection on us, that our inability to integrate a whole raft of our society means that large sections don't consider themselves English despite being born and bred here? .... absolutely agree about English players but whats the point if certain leading clubs go out of their way to avoid giving them a decent opportunity?
You two, get a room. lol
Commendable attempt at a wind up. Everything I have said to you has been completely ignored, what's the point? Holding a reasonable debate with you is like asking a bear to **** in a toilet. Go away.
Little Dutch
Why aren't Tottenham bringing English players through their youth system? Now go away.
Little Dutch
Who's stopping you celebrating St. George's Day? Go away.
Little Dutch
If there were 5 Arsenal player running around with England shirts on the Little Dutch girl would be waving her flag like everyone else.. We dont need this particular individuals support.. KNife in the back comes to mind!!
not really - I'm still awaiting an answer on why you've criticised me for having advocated violence, when you commenced the advocation violence - as you have twisted and distorted everything that I said so you could jump on your soapbox, I have not paid attention to responses that were not in relation to the points I had raised. Surely as a teacher you know you provide an answer to the question asked, not provide an answer to the question you thought or you hoped was asked - for example, you said I am trying to make you support England ... I have gone through all 76 posts and I would like you to highlight the post where I have tried to make you support England .. as I can't find it. I would prefer Spurs bring more players through their youth system but regretably it has until recently not been up to scratch. However we have purchased young English players like Aaron Lennon, Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone and developed them further, we have brought in the likes of Paul Robinson and Jermaine Jenas and not discarded them the moment they suffer a loss of form but given them the opportunity to regain this and attempted to BALANCE this with a variety of non English players such as Chimbonda, Berbatov and Keane who offer their own set of skills. The point of St Georges day must be way above your head - I was making the point the Bastille Day (France) 17 May (Norway) etc are public holidays but most people in England don't even know we also have a national day, which should also be celebrated. Whilst we have many dark chapters in our history, our contribution in the arts, science etc should be acknowledged as well. Obviously the truth and what Little Dutch says are polar opposites
"I have not paid attention to responses that were not in relation to the points I had raised." Says it all. You're a dreadful bore who just cannot entertain any point you don't agree with. Debating with you is totally impossible. So please, don't argue with these points, just absorb them, accept them and go away. First- "go and play with the traffic" is a colloquial expression that is equitable to, "knock yourself out." A symptom of your posts, along with your shameless, play English players regardless, manifesto, is your lack of sense of humour. Whenever any light hearted article is posted you completely miss the joke and take it offensively. You posted about thirty times when I compared Liverpool to the Rolling Stones in a previous article, you also took issue recently with a story about Lampard going to Barca, clearly a joke aided and abetted by a picture of a fat kid in a Barca shirt, and you took issue with the fact that Lampard is not allowed to sign a pre contract agreement yet. Lighten up. Secondly, on this post and another post, you advocated my deportation and the removal of my passport for my refusal to support England. Various adjectives such as "moron", "pathetic", "embarassment" have been lobbed my way for refusing toconform to your "English above all else" posts. Thirdly, the whole English history thing. QUE? I don't look upon the likes of Shakespeare, Newton, Milton and other trailblazers as English anymore than I look at Descartes, Camus and Sartre as Frenchmen, their success should not be equated with the success of a nation. That is an idea that greatly troubles me, that is the reason Shakespeare's plays are taught so irresponsibly, this antiquated view that Shakespeare represents Englishness is the reason most people don't even have the most basic clue what Romeo and Juliet is about (and ironically, the reason people just assume Shakespeare's birthday is the 23rd April when there is not the slightest shred of evidence to suggest that is so). Latly, for the final time, I do not support England, I don't look upon players or anyone with their passports in mind. Do you also want a quota on the amount of foreign nurses in the NHS? Do you catalogue your friends in this way, "sorry, you seem like a nice guy, but I've already got a German mate and you would disrupt my quota, at least 95% of my pals must be English." It is YOU and YOUR obsession with nationality that informs my posts here. If Arsenal turned out six or seven English palyers and they were the best available to us, I would be delighted. If Arsenal never field another Englishman for the rest of my life, but I feel we are fielding the best players available, I will be delighted. Only this week is my usual apathy towards international football removed, but it is nothing to do with passports or quotas, it is because the world must see that this Football Association is not fit to run the game, if England losing accelerates that process, that's fine with me. Now please absorb that information and go away because there is nothing left for me to say that I haven't said a hundred times, only to see you ignore it. Go away, please.
Little Dutch
Sir_harry racist? No , never!
You're confusing me with someone else - the thread about the music and Premiership teams was so boring I didn't comment on it, I have never given a monkey's about Lampard moving to Barcelona, why would I? I pointed out that under UEFA rules, Lampard couldn't sign a precontract but could buy his way out of contract for I think £8m .... if you want to distort and be inaccurate either give up writing articles attempt to mislead or take some time to do some proper research
Sir_Harry LMAO. Liar Liar......
"Sir Harry, so deport me". I think you will find I made no mention of deporting you and did not agree with you either ... I did say that I thought it was wrong that people should be citizens of any country simply because of accident of birth and should have respect and pride in being a British citizen as Luol Deng (famous Arsenal fan) has. Like usual you have taken what has actually been said and desperately twisted it to something it was not. Nationality and nationhood exist in the world. It is a fact of life ... and in many ways has been a catalyst for good ... my posts regarding the make up of the Arsenal team is based on astonishment that you seem to be the only club in Europe who cannot find talented youngsters from their own backyard or offload them without a proper opportunity. This may be because of the inability to have competitive sports in school these days from the ages 11-14 but surely with your alleged coaching excellence....... And as I am sure you know it is right to teach Shakespere in a nationalist context - they were written during a period of increasing sense of nationhood moving away from the old feudal structure, and when England was challenged with many threats from abroad. Just because they are icons of their profession does not mean they cannot be icons of their nation - they undoubtledly took great pride in their discoveries bringing honour to their nation as much as to themselves.
Fair point K_chelski I now remember that thread - if you read the actual article the conversation was about 'Is it more important for a team to win silverware or not irrespective of the calibre of the competition' the only mention I made of Liverpool was the fact they won the European Cup 5 times more than Arsenal... so taking this mikey from them was a little deluded. The conversation then turned into a discussion about the merits of being in the UEFA Cup if you weren't in the Champions League etc. As a team who won the European Cup Winners Cup prior to the Abramovich era I am sure that you can recognise that success in trophies can be a springboard to further success. Again it was raised by LD totally out of context and used as a criticism when an examination of what was actually said is completely the opposite. An interesting discussion with some genuine football fans as well.
Uefa Cup is a great competition.
No it isn't or isn't as good as the CL but it allows a team to play against good European competition and can be a future springboard to success. When ManUtd got knocked out of the CL last year, I'm sure Fergie would've liked the opportunity to continue to experiment with new players and formations rather than be sat at home. A UEFA Cup on the mantlepice would've been better than nothing.
It is great because it allows alot of publicity and makes the club more attractive.And you get to play the super cup.I have alot of respect for it.
The UEFA Cup is a great competition for a small team like Spurs or Millwall. It isn't for a big club like ourselves or Barcelona.
Little Dutch
Don't ***** were you eat. That's the best european trophy Arsenal has ever won.
Yes and it was good at the time, when we were a mid table club. The 1970 Fairs Cup win was the launchpad for the Double, what he is saying is true, it can be a great launchpad. But now our sights are much higher, and the UEFA Cup doesn't interest me anymore, it's the CL that I am desperate for us to win and those are the terms we must think in. To be in the UEFA Cup would be a huge step backwards for us, it is a step I hope we never take.
Little Dutch
9-00 you were not mid table, and you lost in the uefa cup final, i bet it still hurts.Of course clubs that won the champions league, might say uefa cup or the cwc is not great. But teams that only have one that, can't say it's *****ty.
But in 99-00 we were still juniors in the CL, we were eliminated from the group stage twice in consecutive seasons. However, we have progressed since then and the UEFA Cup is not a competition that enters my thoughts anymore, Arsenal participating in that competition would represent a huge step backwards, I want us to win our first CL title desperately, I would die a happy man if we did it. Competing in the UEFA would impede that objective.
Little Dutch
Fair enough.But we all agree it's a worhty competition nonetheless.

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