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Prem Team of the Season So Far

With another mind numbingly tedious international break temporarily removing the meaning from my life, I thought I might churn out the most general of articles. A weekend addled away in Croydon's luminous drinking establishments has denegrated my brain into something resembling Swiss cheese and with my guitar having been successfully restrung, I thought I would expend my boredom in the shape of this article. My Premiership team of the season so far. Usually, I am loathe to produce something like this until May, but international games will probably rob us of half of these players for the rest of the season, so here goes......

1.Ben FOSTER (Watford)- Marginally edges out Cech, who was on the sidelines slightly too long to make the cut. Foster has had plenty to do in the Watford goal this season, and has done most of it brilliantly. He has a Schmeichel like presence rare in a young goalie and is easily better than England's current chubster between the posts. Shame he belongs to Man United eh? I would love to see him as Jens's successor.

2.Micah RICHARDS (Manchester City)- Right back is a bit of a sparse category this year, usually Neville would win it hands down but Richards has been consistent and shown a maturity that belies his youth.

5.Nemanja VIDIC (Manchester United)- Most thought Fergie had been on the whiskey when he bought the Serbian defender, but that oft ignored trait of patience healed all wounds as Vidic's immense strength and commanding aerial presence saw him become United's defensive lynchpin.

6.Linvoy PRIMUS (Portsmouth)- With firm competition from Campbell and Stefanovic, Primus raised his game significantly to become the season's great surprise package. Lightning speed and an insatiable work ethic made him one of the big reasons for Pompey's revival under Redknapp.

3.Gael CLICHY (ARSENAL)- Ultra consistent, has been tenacious in defence and a reliable outlet going forward. Has improved the offensive side of his game tremendously, causing havoc with his dribbling.

7.Cristiano RONALDO (Manchester United)- You can't really argue with this one can you? As you know I am loathe to agree with any media consensus, but this guy has been sensational. The tricks and flicks really don't impress me, they seldom get him anywhere. But his marauding running has crucified defenders all season long and he has really assumed the mantle of United's star player, wresting the set piece responsibilities and scoring many a goal. His form has also been set against the backdrop of a nation hellbent on scapegoating him for an act of Rooney thuggery. The fact that Ronaldo has thoroughly outshone Rooney this year is a delicious irony indeed.

4.GILBERTO Silva (ARSENAL)- In a young side bereft of its star turn for much of the season, Gilberto has stepped up from his quietly effective role to become a real leader. His experience and flawless footballing brain have never been in doubt (for me anyway), but he has really become a lion this year. For me, he is Arsenal's player of the season by quite some distance.

8.Michael ESSIEN (Chelsea)- Has been Chelsea's star player with a series of all action displays. Has selflessly done a quiet job at right back and centre half without complaint, but in midfield he has shown a domineering aspect to his game that made him a hit at Lyon.

11.Ryan GIGGS (Manchester United)- Great players are able to adapt their games as time dictates, and Giggs is no longer the whippersnapper he was. However, he has used his experience and his brain to become a cog in the United side, keeping them ticking over with his creativity. There is a common theme in United's rare defeats this year- Giggs is usually absent.

10.Dimitar BERBATOV (Tottenham Hotspur)- This guy is a different class, he has stepped up a level from Bundesliga to Premiership with ease. A gravity defying touch and great upper body strength. His positional play is incredibly intelligent and Spurs will have a job holding onto him in the summer with Man United looking for another striker.

9.Didier DROGBA (Chelsea)- Beginning to justify Chelsea's huge outlay, leading the line with poise and an arrogance that top players usually possess. The range of his goals, as well as their regularity, has really caught the eye.

12.Jamie CARRAGHER (Liverpool)
13.Brad FRIEDEL (Blackburn Rovers)
14.Gareth BARRY (Aston Villa)
16.Aaron LENNON (Tottenham Hotspur)
17.Andrew JOHNSON (Everton)
18.Benni McCARTHY (Blackburn Rovers)

I have tried not to exercise any personal prejudice, certain players on the list have been involved in controversies. But this article is produced as a football fan. It was also hard to exclude the likes of Nicky Shorey, Kolo Toure, Patrice Evra, Paul Scholes and Jermaine Jenas (HA!) Nevertheless, I am sure you will add any glaring omissions on the forum. LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 25 2007

Time: 5:22PM

Your Comments

Good to see Bradders and Benni McGoalmachine as part of the squad, no David Bentley though?!?!
Hughes Da Man
no carvalho?Seriously? NO lamps?Ha...
Bentley on the wing ahead of Ronaldo? Niente I am afraid. He would have been behind Hleb, Gary O'Neil, Aaron Lennon. No Carvalho because he's crap,"oh waaah, can't do it without Terry", Essien's been better in defence. Not a fan of Fat Boy either, if he doesn't score his contribution to a game is precisely nil. This shows up on the national stage where he doesn't have Essien or Makelele to do his donkey work. McCarthy is a class player, it's a mystery to me why one of the top four didn't go for him. Ourselves, United, Chlesea and L'pool will all probably buy a striker in the summer, I think they all would have done well to get Benni from Porto.
Little Dutch
Bentley is an English ex Arsenal player who has been magnificent this season but couldn't possibly make the list as this would imply the fallability of Wenger. This is reinforced also by the absense of Steve Sidwell who is having a stonking season.... I think a keeper who lets in a goal from 91yds obviously has to be No1 ... a keeper who has to make more saves obviously is likely to make a number of good ones - it is easy to appear good if you are constantly busy rather than maintain your concentration levels when you have go through long periods of idleness. This position should go to Van der Sar though Jaaskalienen has had another good season. I am unaware why Clichy should be included - Matty Taylor has had a top season and has been a superior player as well as chipping in with several goals - Bentley should be ahead of Essien but for the reasons outlined won't be as should Sidwell and Gerrard who again seems to be able to dominate games by sheer force of will (unfortunately not replicated with England). Primus has had a great season but this has been because of the presence of Campbell, Dawson has had a better season because for large tracts of it he has had to play without England's No1 Centre Back as claimed by Thierry Henry. Jonathan Woodgate also demands a mention ... and regarding Ronaldo that would be the act of Rooney like thuggery of being dangerously tackled from behind by Carvalho and stepping backwards to try to maintain balance whilst being goaded by the very same Ronaldo who had made it apparent to everyone that he had intended to try to get Rooney sent off - whilst Rooney was stupid, deliberately trying to get an opponent booked or sent off, is cheating. The anti English prejudice of the author surfaces yet again.
Even though the author has included seven English players in his eighteen. Sidwell has been marvellous, but not as good as Gilberto, Essien, Scholes or Fabregas. There's only room for eighteen players, this is my opinion. Bentley. not enough end product in my opinion. Taylor has been good but Clichy has been awesome and gets my vote, Shorey also got a mention (given my anti English prejudice that was a bitter pill to swallow). Sir Harry, please go away, your posts have gone from misinformed, tto nasty, malicious and calculated attempts at creating ill feeling. Go away.
Little Dutch
Err no Little Dutch I shall not ... its called having a different opinion, something you find intollerable. The author clearly introduced an anti English slant in his criticism of Rooney in the England v Portugal game ... there was no need to mention this incident as it didn't even happen this season and I have no doubt that Ronaldo would have been booed because of his propensity to go to ground so easily as is Robben and Andy Johnson - so maybe the author may want to take a very close look at himself about creating ill feeling before accusing others.
Sir harry about ur comment on clichy ! ......... y dont u ur self check out da sheer SPEED dat is Gael Clichy ...
HENRY`14 I couldn't find the superb goal he almost sunk you with
what a load of tosh!! Have the flys on the wall become that boring
There's having a different opinion, and then there's just a juvenile attempt at a wind up. Ronaldo's situation last summer is well worth mentioning given the hate campaign initiated against him by a press who had spent so long trumping Rooney up as England's saviour, they couldn't bear to admit he was responsible for their exit. I'm all for a differenc eof opinion and will debate my viewpoint with anyone, but your post about my team being a symptom of my racism, despite the fact I had included seven of the countrymen I am apprently discriminating against, is clearly nothing to do with your opinions on football and everything to do with a personal grudge you bear against someone with the courage to expose the blind patriotism with which you have based your existence. You cannot stand seeing a 23 year old shatter your illusions, while a Chelsea fan revealed you as a liar on another thread. If you have an a=opinion on who you think should be in the team of the year (I wonder if you'll include any of those undeemly foreigners), please post it. Butdragging up all manner of provocative crap to continue a stupid argument is rather immature. Keep to the subject of the article, or don't bother posting.
Little Dutch
Cusop, by all means post an article on the Spuds site offering your opinion.
Little Dutch
Hurrah, the **** has gone. Now, does anyone have any sensible amendments to my choices? I'm hoping that with Sir Harry's absence, this might actually turn into a site about football debate.
Little Dutch
Why is Carvalho absent , i suspect you don't watch as many chelsea games, right? Just base your opinion on his performance at the Carling Cup final.
What an idiot you make yourself look SH. The things you come up with is just ridiculous and one sided views shows up your distinct lack of knowledge about anything.
Carvalho isn't there becasue Chelsea's season came close to falling apart when Terry was absent. That doesn't bode too well for Carvalho. I don't think he's awful, he just hasn't been as good as Primus, Carragher, Vidic or even Toure. Or Woodgate for that matter. Like I said, I think Essien played better at the back than Carvalho.
Little Dutch
K_chelski Carvalho is decent but not amazingly good. There are a lot of other better CB out there you know, Woodgate, Toure, Gallas, Terry...I can go on.
Debate ... your fishing with hemp!! My old cheese!! Its tosh!! Are you still on the Puff pipe
no I think he revealed you to be the Liar Little Dutch as you tried to sight an example totally taken out of context - you said I was complaining about Liverpool being compared to the Rolling Stones - reading the thread the discussion with your intelligent colleagues was about the merits of winning silverware and your attempts to suggest Spurs had fallen massively behind -cherry picking partial statements from particular posts to try to reinforce your position is particularly pathetic of a teacher - do you also do this with the text you teach? Doing this doesn't support the strength of your argument, but merely higlights the weakness of it !!!! oh .. who's the 23 year old?
Chelsea season came close to falling apart because we lost 2 goalkeepers,two CBs, and had to play with a midfielder.It's not his fault, for me he was our third best player this season.That with the fact i watched 97% of chelsea's games this season.
the author has written it very well.. and without prejudice.. for sure whichis quite evident.. this article is not meant for pea-brains like SH with no football knowledge.. i disagree with the inclusion of primus though.. i think toure and dawson deserve to be there before him..
Little Dutch = Homo Erectus.. Now Im sure he will accuse me of a Homophobic phallusy
Hey! You finally found a race buddy, didn't you cusop?Happy ending for everybody.
And if you read my article it didn't mention the number of English - you have done that and then tried to imply it was me - it was a point about the number of quality English players that Arsenal have released like Sidwell and Bentley who are now mysteriously absent as if to include them would be a criticsm of Wenger. I recommended the inclusion of Van der Sar (Dutch) and Jaskalinen (Finnish) ahead of Foster, I have not criticised itself the inclusion of Ronaldo (Portugal) - some racist I am .. I think both Bentley and Sidwell deserve inclusion ahead of Essien because Essien hasn't even played in central midfield for large tracts of the season- as the definition of racism is 1) the belief that certain culture characteristics endow a certain race with an intrinsic superiority 2) been abusive about any non English players as a basis of that belief ... please provide us with your undoubted superior wisdom as to how I've done that?
Guitar player ...u wanna join my band? dominance awaits
Anon 1
Anon 1, the touring schedule would conflict with watching Arsenal. k_chelski, I still don't think Carvalho has been good nough to supercede Primus, Carrgher, Vidic or Toure. Cuso, 'phallusy'- I like it, I'm sure it wasn't deliberate but an amusing pun nonetheless. Sir Harry, Sidwell and Bentley have been excluded becuase they are not as good as the people who I have put in their position. Nor are they good enough to be in our team at the moment. Wenger releasing them and allowing them to play first team football elsewhere has clearly aided their development, if a quota were to be inroduced, they would have to have sat in our reserves just so we could satisfy the quota. "The anti English prejudice of the author surfaces yet again." I think that might, just might have been the point where you brought up the nationality of my selection. All barbs about my job or personal life will be ignored to respect the integrity of this forum. Please concentrate on the football aspects, this website isn't supposed to be an opportunity to insult people.
Little Dutch
No "The anti English prejudice of the author surfaces yet again." that was a direct reference to your attempt to condemn Rooney for trying to retain his balance having been tackled nastily from behind by Carvalho. Having watched the incident again on Youtube, it is clear that Rooney doesn't look down to see where his feet are going until after he has stepped on Carvalho - who was only there cos he'd committed a bad foul .... I note there was no balanced condemnation of Carvalho for his tackle from behind which could have resulted in serious injury nor Ronaldo's clear attempts to provoke Rooney or get him sent off. All you do is refer to Rooney's 'thuggery' - I would be happy to concentrate on footballing matters but you take every opportunity to imply racism when another poster doesn't agree with you. You have implied the innocence of Ronaldo and contrasted it with the thuggery of Rooney - hardly a balanced comment especially as the incident would not have happened if not for the highly illegal action of Carvalho, which regretably everyone seems to forget. I am just glad that Rooney didn't get the abusive criticism that Beckham got, and I wonder why ... maybe because people preceive the actions against Rooney to be as equally damning as the reaction by Rooney. Ronaldo has been booed because people felt he went into that game with the deliberate intention of provoking and getting someone sent off and no lover of football wants to see that behaviour encouraged.
But you have insulted everybody!!
I like your selections, LD. It's pretty fair in my opinion. Can't think of any players to suggest at the moment, but I think Xabi Alonso deserves a chance in that mix.
Ohh!! Ive been banned form your little forum!! I wondered how long it would take you to get it.. By Banning me you now finally admit you can dish it but not take it .. You can argue with me because you constantly get your facts wrong .. It has been fun I enjoyed my weekend of posting and watching you all squirm.. You now can go back to making stupid jokes about spurs in peace with the full knowledge that you and your Pikey ilk cannot hack it!!
Team of the season - 1) Van Der Sar - always difficult to retain concentration with little to do but has not let anyone down 2) Finnan - continually under rated but another strong season 3) Taylor - top contribution and great goals 4) Dawson, developing into a top CB despite senior partner being absent 5) Vidic 6) Jagielka, turning into a top DM in the league 7) Bentley 8) Rosicky, 9) Drogba, 10) Berbatov 11) Ronaldo .. on the left wing.
Cusop, how come you've been banned? - calling someone Homo Erectus is a compliment, they were a key part of human evolution, though it seems some of evolved further than others :)
I din't ban you from the forum, I don't have that power. Sir Harry, in any game in the world, if you see your teammate stamped on, you get angry. Ronaldo had no duty towards Rooney on that occasion, Carvalho was his teammate and Rooney stameped on him, in any game in the world, players will get annoyed. Ronaldo is a little **** in general, but on that occasion, I belive he was doing what 99% of the footballers on the planet would do. The only reason Rooney didn't get the deplorable amount of abuse Beckham did, was because they'd spent the suumer hyping him up as the saviour. Funny how earlier today you cited the Arsenal van Nistelrooy incident as an indication of our bad discipline, without accepting that RVN's diving and pushing and shoving, and career threatening lunges at Edu, Lauren and Keown might have been the reason. ducksworth, Alonso was in my thoughts and is a player I greatly admire, I hope he plays cack on Saturday!
Little Dutch
"though it seems some of evolved further than others." You said it, your antiquated views belong in the seventies. From where I'm stood, you've still got gills mate. Take apart my views if you wish, try and cut out the personal insults (NB, before you remount your soap box, I said your views were antiquated).
Little Dutch
And I'm guessing the reason the vital admin team banned cusop from the forum was because he's been on our club forum all weekend tampering with threads and removing them. You might wish to check out your own club forum, I went over there a few months ago and saw woddywoo say he goes on it to, and I quote, "get away from vital's number one cock Sir Harry."
Little Dutch
you've been banned?Hahahahahha, i wonder if i'm banned as well. o.O.Team of the season for me: 1) Cech , 2 ) Terry , 3) Carvalho , 4) Diarra, 5 ) wayne bridge, 6) Essien, 7) Lampard,8)Makelele 9)Robben, , 10) Barbietov , 11) Drrogba.
LD, care to send me that remarkable post by woddywoo ? lol , leave a link here sire.
Personal insults LD .. tut tut .. maybe you ought to practice what you preach as the person who issues more personal insults than anyone else on the Vital site - antiquated = out of date - funny how the EC/UEFA/FIFA are implementing legislation and rules allowing a more balanced team make up as I advocate .. I find people resort to personal abuse when they fail to win an argument. After all I'm the racist who advocates the signing of foreign players - amazing - I still haven't worked out how that can be .. re: Woodywoo, as I am one of the top posters on the Spurs page, why would he go on the page to get away from me? Sounds all a little bizarre
I did like the touch about you not being prejudiced in your article having launched into a prejudiced rant against Rooney. I do have a question though? ..... Would Rooney have stumbled and trod on Carvalho if he'd not been illegally tackled from behind?
sir_harry , even a few fellow spuds acknowledge that vital spuds is an embarrassment to your own club.The most abusive vital site, without a doubt, goes to the spuddies.
The club forum refers to the little green rectangular icon at the top of the page, apparently you don't go there. Me saying your views are antiquated is not a personal insult, but a slight on your views. I notice yuou imply that I am unevolved because you thought I had banned cusop from the forum, when I made it clear I ahdn't, you offered no apolgy. Just like your horrible club and the Marriott. I agree with regards to resorting to personal insults, which is why you will see over on the other thread you ruined, your first communication with me was to call me "a pathetic embarassment." I also recall you referring to me as "a hypocritical moron" earlier in the week for decrying your use of a xenophobic insult aimed at an Australian poster. I don't think you are an overt racist, just a small minded little Englander who doesn't think he is a xenophobe, but is. If that rule you want so much was in, your beloved Sidwell and Bentley would be rotting in our reserves so we could satisfy a bureaucratic quota, which would be marvellous for their development. Try to be less smug next time, it doesn't suit you.
Little Dutch
SH do a video of yourself samba dancing, and i'll never call you a racist again. : )
"Would Rooney have stumbled and trod on Carvalho if he'd not been illegally tackled from behind?" I don't know, would Eboue have raised his hands to Bridge if Bridge hadn't punched the ball out of his hands? Would Adebayor have gone mad at Coward Webb if he hadn't sent him off for no reason? Would that girl have been raped if she had a longer skirt on? Carvalho made a yellow card tackle, but as Arsenal fans are so often told, if you react you get a red card.
Little Dutch
"A prejudiced rant about Rooney." Question, where is the prejudice? What evidence do you have for me thinking Rooney shouldn't stamp on someone is a symptom of his being English?
Little Dutch
I'm glad that not many if any Gooners are involved with England at the moment becuase the standard of our international performances have been apaulling! They don't seem to have any passion! They all talk about how much it means to them but they cannot but their money where their mouths are!
"A prejudiece rant about Rooney." So one hand, that's proof I am anti-English, but on the other, there are 7 Englishmen in my squad. In the words of Robert Plant, "been dazed and confused for so many days it isn't true."
Little Dutch
yes Little Dutch as I had used a traditional term to describe the Aussie poster (they can us POMs, many refer to them as convicts, in much the same way as Americans get called Yanks) - I called you a hypocritical moron as you made no mention of the Aussie Poster starting issuing personal insults and abuse and my responding to it ... was there any reason why the Aussie poster was allowed to commence with personal abuse and someone not allowed to respond to it or do you preach one rule for some and another for others ... another example of you distorting or only partially providing evidence and what I actually said was "you're an embarassment. Pathetic. Its one thing not to support your national team its another thing to support the opposition" - in that context I am decrying your desire to take an issue your club has with the FA and seek to apply your greviance in another arena. What has Arsenal's problems with the FA go to do with the hope England qualify? Would Theo and Justin be impressed?
SH, for the final time, my correpsondence with you ends here. As a writer for this site, I try and bring something interesting to it, but your constant barracking has harmed the integrity of what I am trying to do and I have noticed that a lot less people are posting as a result. I cannot be arsed to turn people off this site by bickering with the likes of you. Write what you like, I'm not responding anymore. For what it's worth to all true fans reading this site, I apologise for allowing this site to be hijacked by this sideshow this weekend. If anyone feels as though they have anything of value to add, by all means raise it. I'm going to bed and service will resume as normal on Monday morning. Frankly, I am far too good a writer to concern myself with such small mindedness and I value people's input to my articles far too much to compromise it with stupid arguments like this one. Good night and my apologies again.
Little Dutch
A tackle like that from behind ought to be a Red. Its tackles like that that led to Van Basten retiring. If you look at the tape carefully - to stamp is a deliberate action - Rooney did not make a stamping motion, he trod, and he was not looking where he trod, it is quite clear on the video evidence. To stamp on someone is a premeditated action designed to cause malicious harm - Rooney clearly did not see where his feet were going as he was trying to retain his balance having been illegally tackled. Carvalho rolled around to avoid getting booked, Ronaldo deliberately reacted and started a confrontation - so why wasn't Ronaldo sent off?
"Frankly, I am far too good a writer" - getting a bit delusional and arrogant with that statement
LD... touring europe and following Arsenal could work perfectly...until past february most years
Anon 1
SH, ... in that video show me how did rooney not stamp on Carvalho puposely?
this is a close-up on rooney's face - , you can clearly see him looking down at carvalho.
Neither of the links provided show Rooney - one is Aladiere scoring against Spurs, the other is Wright-Phillips scoring against Spurs
Pretty fair list. I think the only glaring omission is Lampard or Cesc instead of Giggs, with Gamst Pederson on the bench.
SH, Bentley and Sidwell have been good, but not that good. Implying that their exclusion was only to avoid criticism of Arsene is ridiculous. Your team includes Dawson ahead of other defenders who were better IMO, yet you are here accusing LD of bias. Sounds hypocritical to me.
Your choices for the team are pretty good, LD. I agree with most, apart from Primus and Essien. I think there were others who might get the nod ahead of them. Scholes has had a good season, and I think Toure has been outstanding for us. For most of the season, he had to play with the inexperience of Djourou and Senderos and that is tough.
Jaaskelinen; Richards, Toure, Vidic, Clichy; Rosicky, Gilberto, Scholes, Ronaldo; Berbatov, Drogba....subs; Xabi Alonso, Barry, Cesc, Van Der Saar, Van Persie, McCarthy, Dawson
Ozi Gooner
Top 4 of the season: 1-The Beast, 2- Julio, 3- Baptista, 4- César
Youngest in Charge
Not a bad assesment LD. I also think Gamst should get a mention. Do us all a favour and ignore S_H though, a man of your intellect should recognise somebody of sub-standard intelligence doing his level best to provoke a reaction. He accuses you of the same rubbish every day in every post despite your continual admittance that you have no particular alliegence to the mother country. As you clearly have a love for philsophy try this for size "Stupid is as stupid does" Forest Gump. Sums up S_H wonderfully.
I would have mentioned Gamst, but I just can't shake that awful tackle on Eboue. I guess that might have been an incident where I exercised some prejudice. Ditto Joey Barton, who I rate as a player, but the guy just seems to like trouble.
Little Dutch
I think Nolan is a similar player to Barton, but a better all round choice.
If I felt for one second that we needed a central midfielder, Nolan would be the first name on my list. Thankfully, we're sorted in that position for pretty much the next decade.
Little Dutch
You must be fibbing again LD, he is english:)
Of course what was I thinking? Anyway, must dash, I'm off to Downing Street with my Scottish chums Gordon Brown and Tony Blair to sing 'Flower of Scotland' down at the War Veteran's Home. Ach.
Little Dutch
Have a wee dram for me bonnie lad.
Thanks for the piece's a minor shame that SirHarry surfaced with his usual rants, which I wouldn't mind, except that it just goes on and on sours things... In defending Rooney he is doing exactly what he accuses you of... Personally I think that between these two players, one is a little *****, and the other is a thuggish ***** - end of story. But that's the negative side - on the other hand they are incredible to watch when they aren't being *****s! Regarding ommissions from your list, I have to mention CECH - the guy is a colossus. WOODGATE - a seasoned pro, and the best Boro (temporary) signing in the last 10 years! DAWSON - you gotta love this guy's attitude and application. One thing you might add is the top PREMIERSHIP MANAGER, and although all Reading's outfield players are shaded out by others, Reading have shown us all what working for each other truly is - they are in every sense a team, so I salute you STEVE COPPELL. On another note, we really need to have a 'Comedy Eleven' page... it would be criminal not to find a way to make a shrine to TITUS BRAMBLE's skills.
The comedy XI will be lining up in the next hour. And yes, absolutely no contest, Coppell is manager of the season. Top manager, top bloke. Reading have been sensational and played the game in an exciting and fair way, I am sure they won't be one season wonders with him in charge. I actually had a chance to meet him when I was younger, by some miracle I bagged a trial at Palace (being a South Londoner) when I was 9 (a scout must have caught me on an exceptionally good day). He actually attended some of the trial and met with all the kids which was a fantastic touch and really inspired everyone. Unfortunately, it was all well above my level, then I found out about fags and booze and my short lived career went down the swanny. Oh well.
Little Dutch
"I have tried not to exercise any personal prejudice, certain players on the list have been involved in controversies" .... yet further down the post - "I would have mentioned Gamst, but I just can't shake that awful tackle on Eboue. I guess that might have been an incident where I exercised some prejudice. Ditto Joey Barton, who I rate as a player, but the guy just seems to like trouble" ........... err isn't that showning prejudice especially in the case of Gamst? You either don't include players involved in controversies or you do -
Good food for thought, but if Foster just pipped Cech for GK, why isn't Cech your #2 pick? Personally, Essien has been our top player this season, although Drogba's not far behind!
Like I said westl, he's been missing slightly too much of the season. SH, I was deliberately citing that comment with reference to Gamst, my advice, chill out and get yourself a sense of humour.
Little Dutch
Essien has been played all over the shop so I don't think he could be considered one of the top two midfielders - he's not actually played much in midfield so it is difficult to get an accurate gauge. Van Der Sar should be No1 - as I have mentioned, it is easy to look good if you are constantly busy - but far more difficult to retain concentration and pull off an outstanding save if you've been idle for most of the game.
Coppell is easily manager of the season but for the comedy eleven it would be hard to choose a manager, theres so many to choose from Benitez for his comments about not being able to compete with us in transfers; Mourinho for his general dickishness; Warnock for his regular hissyfits; Pardew, Dowie, Les Reed, Curbishley - that is all that needs to be said; Jol and Allardyce for their stomachs. I'd have to go with Boothroyd though. Not for his ineptness you cant blame a man with such a useless bunch of players for losing and relegation but i nominate him as the comedy manager of the season for the fact he has persisted with wearing the same gold tie all season, like its lucky, despite Watford's terrible profligacy in front of goal (probably the only club worse or equal to). They have had some horrible luck with finishing this year and fat Robbo's goal about sums it up, the fact he can still be wearing a lucky tie when relegation is already certain is comedy gold.
Ozi Gooner
Mourinho? Hahahahahahahaha, you must be joking?Or are you serious?
Dont you just love it when alleged quasi intellectuals like Sir (lol) Harry try and stir *****? Nah, me neither, mate, your a complete **** and no matter how many long words or "rational" you use will hide the fact your a bitter twisted yid whos only slightly above the average IQ of your caveman like, knuckle dragging, soap dodging spurs fan! Being the most eloquent of spurs fans doesnt make you clever or smart in any way shape or form.............! Just the smartest of the dummest!
Londongooner, do you have a worthwhile comment to make or are you a typical Arsenal fan, who enjoys debate as long as it agrees totally with him. I note that in your first post it barely takes you any time before you resort to personal abuse. Your father, if you actually know who he is, must be terribly proud
Lampard has been *****e! I think that team could use a few amendments but is good enough
Sir Harry, a mental diagram for you. What colour is this kettle mr.pot?
Little Dutch
How many midfielders have 20 goals this season? Hint, neither Arsenal or Spurs have one! BTW, that's his second year in a row.
Optimus Primus made it not only into your squad but the team, that's brilliant... Linvoy is a legend, a great professional and a true role model worthy of the tag... If only he were a few years younger then he could still be overlooked but Spinless Steve for England... Noticed someone pushing forward Matty Taylor also and I see Gary O'Neil has been given a mention... The pompey boys are on the march...
how is doyle not on the bench? Arteta as well
why is mr johnson only on the bench he is quality hence the call up into the national squad

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