Arsenal - Adebayor Axed After Death Threat
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Adebayor Axed After Death Threat

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has been axed from from the Togolese national team following a dispute regarding match bonuses.

The bombshell came only hours after Ade revealed he was considering his international future after he received a death threat prior to his team's match with Sierra Leone.

Manu said, 'Before the match, I received threats to my life warning me to play the match or else. Thank God I scored two goals in this qualifying match against Sierra Leone. I do not know what would have happened to me if I had not scored those goals.'

'I am only trying to put certain things right and correct a few mistakes in Togolese football but it appears some people do not like it,'

Despite netting twice the bonus dispute continued and now the leggy striker has been dropped.

Adebayor and two other players were axed 'after analysis of indisciplined behaviour shown by the players before and after the match Togo-Sierra Leone' offical scources revealed.

FTF manager Zep Kuete told national radio 'These players made indecent remarks concerning the FTF management.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 25 2007

Time: 11:54PM

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I wonder if the Togolese F.A gave them footballs this time? Because they didn't for the Wrold Cup.
Little Dutch
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26/03/2007 06:22:00

Makes you wonder if playing for your national side is worth all that. Imagine if he hadnt scored any goals !! Its not the 1st African side too, happens with Nigeria quite often, I believe.
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26/03/2007 07:44:00

Well it can be only good news for Arsenal. No african nations for him in January, and no tiredness after pointless international friendies and long flights.
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26/03/2007 09:46:00

Is this the most violent language used in a vital article title ever?! When I first saw it, I thought Ade had literally been axed!
Little Dutch
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26/03/2007 10:55:00

I am glad that he scored two goals he has been our best striker this season bar van persie. And he has brought exactly what we need to our team his ability to hold the ball up and skill is immense. If they want to drop him then good cause that gives me one less player to worry about for internationals. But death threats!?!?! thats not right for tryin to show your passion for ure country
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 13:03:00

I guess in a country where the annual average wage is likely to be a tenth of Adebayor's weekly wage - I am working on the basis of Adebayor being one of the poorer paid players - I guess it is hardly surprising yet to be condemned that threats are made if players are threatening not to play if they don't get paid 'extra' money. Amazingly this also occured in the World Cup tarnishing the achievement of Togo get there ahead of the likes of Nigeria and Cameroon. In a country where watching your nations' team is one of the few pleasures amongst a life where most suffer unrelenting poverty, the acts of a few players squabbling over an amount of money that could feed a village for a year or two simply highlights how immoral football has become and how players often don't give a damn about the ordinary people anymore.
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 13:03:00

The problem is not the money not being paid, it is the fact that the Togolese F.A have been taking the money off of the players and keeping it for themselves. If in your workplace your boss retained 50% of your wages for himself, presumably you would not argue on the basis that 50% of your annual salary could feed an African village? Togo did not have footballs or goalnets for their World Cup training camp. Of course it's ahrder to actually look at what happened and easier to produce another inaccurate wind up post, indicative of the moaning, malcontented and highly annoying tw*t you have become. You are a cancer on this site at the moment, please go away and stop behaving like a spoilt little child.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 13:15:00

SH - what uninformed nonsense !! If you are promised a bonus, and not paid one, are you going to shut up and not do anything abt it? Are you going to say - oh, you know what, that money can feed a village for a year or 2, so I'd rather not fight over it !!
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 13:15:00

that why i always keep on argueded my friends that africa ill never win the world cup in our generation becouse of the corruptive leaders we have in every orginasations in that continent. we have most of he best players in the major league in europe. what have we done in the world cup? reach the quater only 2 times some ppl think is good achievment with all those talented players we have. i live in australia and i cant be bother to wake up in the middle of the night to watch any game when the africa nation cup is on i ill rather not miss any arsenal game that is on tv
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 14:00:00

Litte Dutch, what has happened to this high and mightly attitude regarding personal abuse?... the post was about how he had recieved death threats and obviously they have come from people who have no understanding or couldn't care less about the situation with the Togolese FA - I deal with labour disputes, and confrontation/withdrawl of labour is always an absolute last resort ... my girlfriend is having an argument with her employer about overtime and bonus payments at the moment but she hasn't threatened to down tolls .. considering how much players are paid these days, is it so much to ask that they turn out .. the amount they are paid for internationals is but a pittance compared to their club wages - if it was a question of adequate insurance then thats another matter. The fact that a FA in the world cup for the first time might be totally unprepared ought not to be any surprise .. I'm sure its happened before and will happen again. So what was so wrong with that statement - look at it from the misguided Togolese fan's perspective
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 14:54:00

"look at it from the misguided Togolese fan's perspective." The worst reasoning ever, yes, let's look at it from the ill informned lunatic's perspective. Like the Chelsea fans who sent death threats to Stephen Hunt, did you ever look at it from their perspective? Being unprepared is one thing, being blatantly corrupt is quite another. It was the football team that worked hard to qualify, yet the F.A were stealing their money and refusing to give it back. They even refused to buy the team footballs and goal nets. Surely you can see the merits of extreme industrial action? I wasn't being abusive, I was telling it as it is, you are clearly hell bent on being a wind up merchant. You remind me of a dribbling old man in a home, *****ing the bed and refusing to move to make the nurses lives harder.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 15:56:00

Again personal abuse Little Dutch, where has you high minded rhetoric gone - you've made all these accusations against the Togolese FA, what is your source? ... have FIFA announced an investigation? they do have the power to act ... comparing the case to supposed death threats in the UK is a little wide of the mark as it is an entirely different culture - someone on $700 a year may look at it differently when a player on $400,000 a year plus endorsements refuses to even provide their own footballs. Yes it should not be accepted or tolerated but as a supposed man of the world you seem to have very little understanding of other cultures
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 16:20:00

I think that he is the best Toglelese footballer that there is. He has picked up Togelese player of the last two years and he was likley to do so again but that could well be jeperdised by this situation. I think that things go way to far when a players life is under threat and this simply is not on! He is the most valuable player in their squad and has alerted many people to their national side so I think that they have made a mistake. Would there be uproar if Wayne Rooney or Lampard were worried about their bonuses??? I very much doubht it! I hope this means that he will be even sharper on his long awaited come back for the gunners!
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 16:37:00

I agree Arsenal1991 - however I think the difference between the abject poverty there and the riches of their top players creates tensions as misguided supporters don't understand the politics involved
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 18:27:00

Sir Harry, being that my best mate is Ghanian, I am quite aware of the political situation in Togo and the subsequent UN investigations and the stabilising, yet still unstable economy since the price of their national resources went down. But if I apply your logic, if someone steals your wallet, you should shrug it off and say, "well I earn £x a year, there are lots of people who earn less than that. I won't be pursuing the case any further." I point you towards Edward Said's essays on a phenomenon known as 'orientalism.' You subconsciously assume fricans to be irrational, bestial and of sub standard intelligence, so you automatically think the Togolese footballer is being greedy and that the African citizen is irrational and resorts to death threats. You appreciate this becuase that is what you expect from them, "ah, that is their culture" you say. The author thinks you have a lot of opening up to do. As for the personal abuse, well, I changed my mind. Us great artists are renowned for having malleable temperaments, since you threw a low brow insult before I even addressed you in the middle of last week, I take it as read that this is how you debate. Frankly, I was in a bad mood yesterday, but today I am feeling buoyant, and you are quite an easy target, I can sharpen my wits on you by easily exposing your ignorance. Uusually, I don't like to mock others intellectually, everyone has equitable talents. But if you put gloves on and smother yourself in vaseline, expect to take some punches. Enoch.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:13:00

I think that is a very good point SH but i still feel that he should be entitled to whatever he has been told he can have! I am assuming that this dispute is over goal bonuses and I think that Adebayor is a very honest person that is only looking to get what he has been owed regardless of issues concering the economic stability of his country! He is a great asset to thier country I don't don't think that it is wise for them to act so harshly. Yet still I don't really know the ins and outs of the issue but I believe that Ade would only be asking for what he had previously been promised!
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:20:00

Pathetic personal abuse Little Dutch, what about all the fine rhetoric. I have worked in Lagos and Port Harcourt so have a little understanding of what conditions are like in West Africa. I even have had the opportunity to attend a local football match there with a colleague who has lived in Nigeria for the best part of 25 years - football there is a passion which matches that of the Premiership and also a source of national pride, where the refusal of national icons not to play for the country is taken very serious, in many ways too seriously. Furthermore with African friends from Nigeria, Southern Africa and Egypt, I wouldn't consider any of them in the manner you have described, which suggests to me that it is how you subconciously regard them. I have actually been in conversation with local fans who have called it a disgrace when their players refuse to turn out, and they have made issue of the high wages they earn as a source of additional greviance. Have you worked in West Africa? have you anything but second or third hand experience of being in Africa for more than a 2 week holiday? Your pathetic attempts to portray others as racist where by your tone it is you who are the loathsome individual simply shows you up as the pathetic individual you are. Before you decide to arrogantly lecture others, look to acquire the experience yourself, rather than rely on others opinions or source it from a book - I have had the opportunity to work on 4 continents, 2 sub continents and my running total is currently having worked with companies from over 40 countries so your miserable attempt to lecture me about understanding other cultures hold as much water as your average sieve, you pathetic little boy
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:27:00

Sourcer of milk table two. The author thinks you should read the words of Said before dismissing his opinions, the author also thinks a reading of the Tempest might be in order. In closing, the author would also like to point out that it's not very nice being painted as a racist is it? The author hopes you have learned a valuable lesson (albeit from a little boy). The author also understands that he is a great source of fascination for you, I am kind of flattered that you would manifest your admiration of me by commenting on my articles for three days straight, but the author is beginning to get a bit freaked out at how obsessed you are with his work. While the author understands that the quality of his work is exceptional, the author belives the fury in your posts renders your obsession unhealthy. In closing, the author recommends that Bethlem Hospital upgrade you to high security, confiscate your laptop and tighten your straightjacket. It's been fun.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:41:00

The author should consider what has been written on the DumbestXI thread as the author's apparently knockout blow has apparently swung 180 and caught him full on the jaw. the author has clearly been shown up for commenting on something he has no real life experience about attempting to criticise someone who's opinions are based on fact which has been personally experienced but the author is undoubtedly too arrogant to realise this. After all the author has made no further comment having been caught out
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:45:00

Ouch, the author's reply awaits. The author only asks that you stop masturbating over those cctv pics of me, and clean out your bedpan. Alternatively, leave this site and go to your own club's site. Either one is fine.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:51:00

I think not Mr Stillman
Report Abuse
26/03/2007 19:57:00

Wow, death threats? Some of my african friends tell me their teams get sent to jail after returning from away loses. Their's something terribly wrong with that.
Report Abuse
28/03/2007 06:24:00

no place for that
Report Abuse
29/03/2007 20:44:00


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