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Flamini On His Way Out

Mathieu Flamini is to take advantage of the new Fifa ruling which will allow him to buy out the remaining years of his contract after having it confirmed by his lawyer he would be able to do so.

Flamini, who rarely makes the bench, never mind the first team these days, wants to try to reach the 'next level' in his playing career, and believes he will need to move on to do so.

'I have reached the end of a cycle,' Flamini told l'Equipe.

'I have spent three years at Arsenal and my lawyer has assured me I can leave in June. To do that I have to pay the club my last year of wages. My next three years will be important. I want to play and reach a new level.'

'The Arsenal team is young and has qualities, but I play rarely at the moment. It is a difficult moment to experience and in such a situation any player asks himself some questions.'

'Above all I want to go on working and improving. I want to score more goals, assist more often and finally win Champions League.'

This comes as no great surprise, indeed the only shock is that this hasn't come sooner.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 3 2007

Time: 11:13AM

Your Comments

What makes him think he will be able to hold a first team place down at anyother club who is capable of winning the Champions League? That said, good luck to the lad, he has always been a hard worker who doesn't complain.
i'd have him here, always looks decent when he plays
wow.. the funniest thing is that I've seen him more often this year than the other 2 years he spent at arsenal! If he does leave, I don't think it will be much of a loss although an interesting legal battle will ensue.. Does Flamini want to become the new Bosman? He seems to find controversial ways to leave clubs!
wow.. the funniest thing is that I've seen him more often this year than the other 2 years he spent at arsenal! If he does leave, I don't think it will be much of a loss although an interesting legal battle will ensue.. Does Flamini want to become the new Bosman? He seems to find controversial ways to leave teams!
sorry for the double post!!
Real shame, but it was inevitable really. He did fantastically for us filling in at LB last season, but you just can't see where his chances will come in the future what with Cesc, Diaby, Gilberto, Rosicky et al. Tho saying that, does Flamini know somone's coming in the summer? He therefore buys out his contract thus opening the way for a "Super Super world class player"
I'm gonna be honest, not the saddest news I've ever heard. I'm willing to have him as 5th or 6th choice, but he's not quite at our standard. Hard worker and good luck to him and all that jazz. Oh and this won't be a new way of leaving a club, the rule has been in for some time now, it's just pampered stars would die before they put their hands in their pockets, credit to Flam for showing some ambition at his own expense. scooch, AW confirmed Song is coming back and will compete for a first team place, I can't think we'll buy yet another CM.
Little Dutch
I reckon the club coming in for the Flamster will be stumping up the cash, or at least half of it. Or is there part of the rule that says it must be the player who pays? Either way there will be some cash injection from Mathieu's new club.
Yeah, Im a little disappointed coz I like Flamini as a player. But rocky is right, it was a matter of time before this happened, unless he was resigned to being a squad player for a long time. I only have good things abt the lad. But can he pls concentrate on the rest of the season? Seems like everyone is already talking abt next season - Henry wants trophies, cesc wants rest !!
Its going to be curious, coz there's only been one player who has exercised this rule (which came about in 2001 i think). FIFA are yet to rule on the matter, coz the amount to be paid to the club is still under dispute. Rocky - under the rule, the player will pay the club, but I dont know of there is anything that stops another club from re-imbursing this amount to the player.
I found an article that explain this rule. Hopefully its useful:
Prits - I'd hazzard a guess that Flamini's signing on fee would be increase by that exact amount.
"The art of accurate observation is called cynicism by those that do not have it." Rocky, YOU CYNIC!
Little Dutch
Yeah, there realistically couldn't be a rule saying that the new team couldn't pay the fee to the old team as there are so many different ways of getting round this. Increased bonus payments-signing on fee-salary etc
Would i be called cynical when i say Arsenal can't defend crosses?
Jacky B
No jacky, that would be called telling the truth. In fact, that would make you Jeffrey Archer's exact opposite.
Little Dutch
I am glad to see Flam and ALi almost out the door. I like them both but it provides more space in the squad for potential new players in the summer. had we kept everyone then I just would not have seen wenger buying. a clearout of the deadwood is just what we need.
gazzap, even with Flamini out, I doubt we will sign anyone in central mid-field. Song should be back from loan.
would be shame to lose him
shows no commitment to the club if it dont go through then he wont be getting many games
cant say anyone would miss him.. he did well in the champs league at left back last year, but our midfield is too blocked already... denilson has a better future
damn was hoping for more bites than that!
Jacky B
In many ways Flamini is more the limited player who is also a fighter that your midfield lacks - a team full of technically adept players needs someone in there to do the dirty donkey work. Flamini I think knows his limitations and plays to them. If he were given a proper opportunity I'm sure he'd demonstrate this. I wonder if Song will get the same abuse he recieved at Fulham upon his return?
yeh, i dont understand. I hear alot of gunners calling for some english grit well this player is the nearest we have and we are getting rid, well not exaclty but hes going to leave. Wenger seems to really like song but is he better than flam ?? im not so sure. Hes been a really reliable player for us and has rarely let us down, his passing leaves alot to be desired but surely we have enough good passers ?? Anyhoo good luck where ever you go flam !!
I hope not, kernowboy, That was a disgrace - To boo a young player who was still finding his feet at the club !!
JackyB - tough luck, but u can always try again :).
well guys lets not 4het about a certain Fabrice Muamba, hu i think is english(thats for u sir harry), hu is gettin a few clubs interested if tribalfootball is to be believed.
i always said he would be one of the ones who goes this summer, we need a real challenger to cesc and co in midfield and he hasn't given wenger enough food for thought, although hats off to him for his superb displays at left back last season whilst cole and cliche were injured !
PRITS .... I think no one argued cos they knew it was just a fact!
Jacky B
spot on kernowboy. his work rate is tremendous. he never fails to give his 100% despite of his lack of flair. there are already very few fighters in the team. we will have one less now.
I know, JackyB, Im not going to argue with that either!
Flam is a fighter and does the dirty work, but I think Song, Diaby and of course Gilberto can do the same next year, while Cesc, TR7 and Denilson do the creative bit. Diaby loves going forward himself. Apparently Muamba is leaving as well, still central midfield should be quite covered. What I plee with AW is to add width to our game. And a world class goalkeeper.
Muamba leaving? Surely G4L, pls dont tell me you believe what tribal football has to to say !!
A lot of people talk about his fight and 'english grit' but all I see when he plays is a headless chicken. Yes he will give his all but he just never sticks to his role. He always seems to just like to follow the ball wherever it goes. Simply put, he is just not a good footballer. Although I do accept that having to play different position all the time might make it difficult to improve your game and weaknesses at a certain role. Anyways I am glad to hear this news. Good luck to him wherever he goes.
You look at Zokora. He was in and out of the team. Took some time to settle. and he wasn't getting moved around. Now helping to bring grit and shape to the defence in front of the back four. If you don't give someone a run and time to settle, then Headless Chicken syndrome is often the result as they forget the basics and try to hard too impress.
flamini was a great squad player for us - i wish him all the best - but he isnt in anyones top 10 list for central midfielders, wingers or left back - and we should be aiming for top 10 players across the board - now all we need to do is get rid of adebayor...
I agree wwith you kernowboy but other things bother me too... The names mentioned - Fab, Muamba, Diaby, Denilson, Song - great sparky kids but need time. And that's what does my head in - Rosicky, Hleb, Bert, Gallas, Freddie, Henry are that bedrock but it hasn't clicked. There wasn't a point this year when I felt things click for real - did anyone else? I know we had a good run from January - the 'kids' carried that - but it couldn't be expected to last. The 'thing' to drive us next year has not yet appeared - and I'm not sure from which direction its coming. Did ManUtd forsee a resurgent Ronaldo/Scholes/Giggs; or Chelsea Drogba & Essien? Ours will come, but is it RvP returning grown up? Rosicky scoring goals? TH14 reminding us what he is before time runs out? Dont even write off Baps just yet either! Maybe we need to galvanise them with another grit-player somewhere. Our team has to gel, and it wont just be through the kids that we all rave about.
Ohh well. I wish him luck and everything but it was like Cygan leaving. Still I liked his dedication whislt playing. I can see why he owuld leave though, Diaby returning from Injury and Denilson comming through the ranks, the adition of Walcot to the squad, Rosiky, Cliche, Traore. There is little room for him.
I wish him lck too, although what makes him think he is going to win the champion league elsewhere?
Did he mention any bad people there!! Agggeerrrrr!
more than bethin i think he had a knack for scoring crucial goals.............we wudnt hav made the clfinal without him......kudos to the flamster...and i seriosuly hop he does well....... on another note y wud muamba leave..........dont think arsene wud sell him so soon neway.........and hav ne of u guys seen him play at all....heard he is PV4 mkIII(mkII being diaby).....can u confirm?
don't you just love champions league nights---whoops sorry!!!!
prits he'll leave I think, or play a year in the reserves surely. I do not read tribalfootball, I read it on some of the Arsenal blogs. Do you see him challenging for a place?
Not sure how I feel about this. Bird Boy(as me and my sons call him), played great for us last season and I`m sure he could have made the left back role his own. He didnt want to play there, so me thinks Le Boss might have been a peed off with him.
don't you just love champions league nights---whoops sorry!!!! Cusop
Yeah I do love the champions league, it provides bareable football. Didn't watch it today though, I think Liverpool and Chelsea were playing both bore me to be honest.
Maybe cuz both of them win their games?
Look I support neither team, I don't really care about their results. When I see them play I look to see if the grass grows. If I was a fan their efficiency I would care somewhat about as a neutral their football is boring so I don't follow. Tomorow when Manu play I will watch the game with excitement as they play good football. Arsenal for neutrals is a great team as they don't care about their results but they put on a great peformance.
I love the fact that spuds are never on when champions league night is on. Any way thinking about it, Flamini, what is his best position, exactly, I dont think anyone knows. As I have said before he seemed to be right for the left back spot last season.
at least diaby is staying, and we have denilson..Wish Flamini all the best
I really respect him for being honest. Makes you feel more comfortable knowing he won't crash his bentley into a tree for the odd 5 grand.
i dont think Flamini will be a massive loss. he has done his job wen called upon and scored a few goals but i dont think he can compete in a place with the depth of our midfield. with him on his way, and hopefully freddy, it will free up room for this "super" signing :)
Aussie Gooner
Whenever Flamini is on the pitch, his workrate and enthusiasm to be an all engaging player is very obvious. What he lacks in other department's he, offsets them quite well with his industriousness. I wish him well for his future.
Can't exactly say I didn't see this coming, but kudos to him for being honest and showing how he wants to improve as a player. Hope everything works out for him.
One last time, Flaimini did not refuse to play left back, he played there at Fulham. He said he didn't want it to be his full time position.
Little Dutch
Apologies G4L, mebbe I should read some of those blogs too:). Just that the only place I read that Muamba might leave was on tribal football !! I dont see him challenging him for a place yet, but he still has some way to go before he is disappointed abt not starting regularly coz he's only 19.
I think Flamini is a good midfielder. He can't be too shabby if he's been called into the French National Squad. The problem is with you lot is that you all get excited by the artisans but seemingly fail to recognise that someone needs to do the ugly dirty donkey work which is Flamini's strength. Anyone remember what happened to Madrid when Makele left. You don't have to have stunning ball skills to still be a good midfielder.
But we have players like Diaby, Song, Denilson and Gilberto who do that anyway. AW typically goes for little else other than midfielders who do the dirty donkey work, Cesc is just a one off.
Little Dutch
We in a spot of bother at the moment. No wings, no out and out finishers and most importantly, no effort. Wenger should perhaps try BUYING a few players. People like Ludivic Guily, Torstein Frings and Zlatan Ibrohimavic are required VERY VERY SOON!
The no wings argument doesn't stand up because no team in the Prem ahs scored more goals from crosses than us this season. Width is from the full backs, that is how it has always been under AW, OVermars, Pires, Parlour, Freddie when he could do his trick were never wide players. We certainly need more goals from midfield, but I doubt many sides in the Prem would find many lethal finishers beyond their first choice front two, we have been robbed of ours. Guily is an almagamation of everything we already have and I can't see him bringing much to the mix, AW tried to sign Ibrahimovic as a 16 year old but he said, "Ibrahimovic doesn't do trials", do you seriously want this guy and his attitude? Frings is a CM and I think we've got more than enough. A player or two is definitely needed, but giving AW a list of names is useless. I mean, how many of us we're sitting here crying out, "we need to sign that Kolo Toure dude from the Ivorian first division, he'll sort us out at centre back!"
Little Dutch
kernowboy, u have a point, but its not like flamini isnt appreciated by us for his work ethic. the example of makelele isnt apt, coz we have gilberto in that role now and Diaby/Denilson/Song to take over. and yes, Gilberto who does the ugly dirty donkey work is very much recognised by us as well.
well said LD. I've been thinking the same thing abt the wide player role, since we never had one even in the days of Pires and Freddie, yet some people feel that there is a flaw there.
hey guys wat abt morten gamst pedersen.he scores goals.....already aclimitised to the prem and left footed............he jus abt fits the bill for me
does anyone know who wore the captains armband on saturday?
Phantom of the Grove
Lehmann, I think.
he isnt that good he wont get a starting place in any of the best european teams!
Why doesn't wenget just sell him so we can get a transfer fee.

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