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St Totteringhams Day At WHL?

Just to advise that victories on Tuesday and Saturday will guarantee St Totteringham's Day celebrations at the Lane on Saturday.

If the second rate shower of sh*t do not win tomorrow then a win on Tuesday and a draw at the Lane will spark this years annual celebrations.

Next year I believe we can anticipate the festival to return to it's regular celebration in February or March!

Article submitted by FatOldDave


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 15 2007

Time: 11:02AM

Your Comments

mmmmm, that would make the coins and bricks taste extra sweet.
Little Dutch
LD, take the coins and buy yourself a pint. Imagine, an ice cold pint of guiness in the sun on Totteringhams day piad for buy a Spurs fan. Sweeeeet.
I'll bring a hat with me and catch them. In fact, they'll probably throw bottles as well, maybe one of them will be full!
Little Dutch
probably full of wee and bile
fran merida
They are a goal down to wigan LOL. Dave - the day is not far off eh.
1-1 now, but that still won't be enough for them to delay the inevitable.
2-2 half time great Dive by waste of space Jenas for the pen!
no thats there heads fran, there bottles will have cement or kerosene
Ozi Gooner
Well lets just beat Man City first....then we can concentrate on the Spuds.
wigan up 3-2 :)
i can smell it it now 3-2
Ozi Gooner
3-3 :(
robinson jumped into the surprised the pie eating fatty didnt split it in two
Ozi Gooner
Full time 3-3 :)
Full house at O/T I see, Chavski's world domination continues! lol :)
small club with money....pathetic support
fran merida
It's the excuses I love, "oh it's too expensive, oh, it's too late!!!!" I've been to OT thirteen or fourteen times now, not once has it been a 3pm on a Saturday. Not once has it been anything other than a convincing sell out with thousands left ticketless.
Little Dutch
After watching them today, and seeing Arsenal yesterday, roll on next saturday. Lets give em it Arsenal style.
To be fair ive switched it over now, its nothing less than shocking football to watch and Joe Cole is now the worst diver in English football.
'The Belaurs FA want FIFA to dock points from the ARSEhols for failing to compensate Hlebs first club Dinamo minsk' Would'nt that be funny and wipe the smile of your arrogant faces,esp as you boo the poor sod every game! COME ON CITY!!!!!!!!
Keep dreaming you saddo! Is that what ur life has boiled down to!? Hahaha, glory glory days at the lane! lololol!!!!
And why would the FA or PLdock points for a pay argument that is outside their jurisdiction? You've been away for a while but you're still a moron!
And putting 'lololol' is'nt sad!? jesus you must be a middle aged geek of the highest order.Rocky big love and kisses i know you missed me.Oh yeah,did'nt disagree that you boo ole hleb then,suppose you gotta boo someone now song's on loan. ARSEhols 0 Westham 1 Sheff Utd 3 West ham 0.
Arsenal 3 - 0 Spurs. Arsenal 3-1 Spurs. Are the only result that matters as far as me and you are concerned pal.
I could be sadder and find a newspaper article about something that is never gonna happen, cut it out and pray before it because my team is so s*@t they havent won anything this decade. 3-0, 3-1, 2-0 and you f*@ked it up, thick c*@t for a manager, glory, glory days at the lane!
And BTW your fans booed messiah Jol when he took off.....wait for it......ZAKORA on thursday, they booed that other messiah Hoddle out of a job, they booed poor Ossie back to Argentina never to be seen again, disgraceful fans, thugs.
3-3 against wigan huh ? can't defend for toffee.. HTG.. arsenal will put that 7th dream out of your little minds next week... spurs fans don't deserve to be in europe after your seat throwing disgrace ! would be funny if you got 7th and then kicked out of next seasons cup because of your fans beahviour
Europe will rejoice should they not qualify for the coca cola cup of europe, fools!
i hate tottenscum as much as anyone but you need to leave the Sevilla fight thing alone, i saw the video and the cops did attack a bunch of disabled fans and spuds stewards unprovoked. if that happened and i was there i would've defended a spurs fan, totenscum are kunts, but coppers are worse and deserve everything they get.
Ozi Gooner
My God, at last some sense from a gooner on the Seville away game. The rest of you, open your eyes you mini Wengers!
Jacky B
we all know the spanish police were heavy handed,but we also know what goes around comes around,will your supporters be more hospitable to us on saturday?or the usual violent thugs,if its the latter then you all deserve every police beating that you get,and more to come if you scrape through to 7th place
fran merida
Fran, so our disabled fans did something in another life to deserve being wheelchair bound, and taking a beating. Are you Hoddle in disguise?
Jacky B
spurs having a problem defending, its plainly obvious, i hope Jol makes some more tactical blunders on saturday and gifts us an easy win.
nah fran, the disabled people and the stewards dont deserve that cant agree with you, tottenscum fans or not. Seriously if that happened at an Arsenal v scum game to a disabled tottenham fan i would have rioted with them, chairs an all. Cops are the scum of the earth and make the average spuds fan look like gentle, noble, rocketscientists.
Ozi Gooner
Did you know that i am gentle, noble and my profession involves sending rockets into space?
Jacky B
What do you do, play with fireworks? make model planes? work in Iraq?
Ozi Gooner
NEVER play with fireworks. lol reminds me of an ad campaign Dave Seaman did, it was along the lines of.... "don't mess with fireworks, or you may end up with a penalty even i cant help you with" hahaha
Jacky B
We didnt get that here in Australia sounds like a top quality peice of *****e advertising. Still what do you do masturbate in aeroplanes? tryto ***** upwards lying down on the top of tall buildings?!?
Ozi Gooner
Hmmn ... Sounds to me with a squeaky win against Bolton, you foul smelling bunch of frog spawn are on th prowl again.. Hey Jockey are you enjoying my ban... When would you like me to visit again.. Saturday is the day you lose .. And the only thing big FAT old dave will be next year in march is ... YEP!! you have got it.. Whats spurs got in common with you lot.. We have won nothing!! As Mounihooooohooohhhoo said he also cant see you ever winning anything again.. I think he may well be right. Man City next ,,mnn do I smell an upset in the making..
You got a damn cheek to call us frog spawn! But whatever floats your boat I guess! I'm Welsh mate so as far as I'm concerned the less English in our squad the better, besides you've only won one more World Cup than we have and we've only ever had 7 players, a daffodil a leek and 2 sheep to choose from! Before you go on to call me a sheepshagger, just remeber that we shag them and you eat em you ***** so enjoy the pale ale my friend! Now here we go again, Spurs are gonna do this, Spurs are gonna do that! Spurs can do whatever the f*** they like you idiot, but we're still gonna be way ahead of you regardless of the result and more to the point, we're further ahead of you than we were at the same point last year. Now that's progression and it feels great! You're going backwards and I love it! The futures bright, devoid of lilywhite!
I want the spuds to qualify for the uefa cup. They take it really seriously & it will give them loads of pointless games to play before getting to the quarters or semi's playing someone decent & getting knocked out again. I remember them all, including Jacky B coming on here boasting about how they were going to win a trophy, well I dont hear them saying it now!! As everyone knows the minute spuds play a decent side in a competitive game, they lose. As for saturday, I will only really care about the result if we lose or draw with city, sure you never really want to lose to your rivals, but it's a game that means nothing should we win tonight. If we win then fourth spot will be ours because both bolton & everton have to play chelski & everton also have to play man utd. Saturday's match is more important to the spuds because of the uefa cup, which pretty well sums up their ambition!!
Ashburton Gooner
im not condoning hitting disabled supporters,but i do remember hearing about tottenham fans beating up a child who was a totts fan and had his shirt on underneath his jacket because he was walking near the stadium with his arsenal shirt wearing relative.
fran merida
but you didnt answer my question jacky,i asked if spurs fan feel that the beatings that they received was over the mark,does that mean they will be more gracious towards rival fans visiting their stadium just to watch a game of football in the future?
fran merida
ozi gooner,are you in australia,have you ever been to a north london derby?if you havnt then let me know what you think about spurs fans when you have been to white hart lane,like i said before its not about one disabled fan being coshed,its about spuds who wouldnt think twice about throwing bottles and coins and attacking us,i just dont like their double standards
fran merida

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