Arsenal - Gooners: The Anti-Supporters?
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Gooners: The Anti-Supporters?

Gooners have been criticised for years, often referred to as supporters of the less vocal persuasion. But when all was said and done, we were there every game, full house and on the odd occasion produced a rocking atmosphere.

Arsenal fans in general have always backed the players, management and staff unconditionally, as long as they wore the badge with pride, they had our support.

It has been widely regarded that over the past couple of years the Arsenal team has been a team in transition, a time of change, and so, as it seems, have the 'fans'.

Now I refuse to tar all supporters with the same brush as it's evident that many Gooners I come into contact with on a daily basis are red and white to the core and will back all the plays, however it's plain for all to see that we have more than our fair share of anti-supporters at our games.

Every person in every walk of life is entitled to their own opinion, and with that they entitled to say what they want, but with that freedom of speech comes responsibility, and indeed consequence.

'I pay for my ticket so I can say what I want'

Fine, but if you behave in a negative manner expect negative consequences. You are more than entitled to storm in your bosses office tomorrow and called him any number of expletives that you think adequately describe him and his manner of management. But don't expect him to come back to you with a pay rise.

If a player is going through a crisis of confidence, do you honestly believe that if he hears a whole range of abusive comments and boo's that he's going to stand up and say 'right, I'll show you', no, he's going to say 'f*ck this, I'm off'. A defeatists attitude you may say, but why should a player of clear talent stick around and take the stick just because he's under performing for a couple of weeks? Even the best players in the world have a dip in form.

More and more each week I see far too many 'fans' getting on the backs of people such as Alex Hleb, Julio Baptista & Alex Song (before his loan), to such an extent that I've argued with fellow fans on the terraces for booing and groaning when said players name has been announced on the tannoy.

Alex Hleb has suffered at the hands of these anti-supporters in recent weeks. He starts off games brightly, yet when the game isn't going our way (even with a large portion of the game remaining) the boo boys appear and the life and enthusiasm drains from this quality player. Hleb has on many occasions proved himself to be a first class player more than capable of changing a game, do you believe this guy has lost his gift over night? No. He has had the confidence sucked form him by an increasing number of morons I wish had nothing to do with our club.

I feel increasingly frustrated with so called Gooners who continually treat their fortunate position of being actually able to attend such matches with contempt and arrogance.

It is not our god given right to win every game, we don't deserve to win a trophy each season, no team does, but what we do have to do is strengthen our resolve as a club and as supporters, we need to come together as a collective and create an atmosphere of which to be proud.

If you are one of these boo boys, then ask yourself this question, if you have no intention of getting behind the team why waste a small fortune on the match day experience? Why not just give up the chase and hand to chance on to someone who will actually have a positive effect on match days?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 18 2007

Time: 3:09PM

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well said mate and the real fans are 100% behind you
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18/04/2007 15:15:00

Well said, just hope the message gets through somehow.
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18/04/2007 15:20:00

Anyone remember the scousers this season singing "You'll never walk alone" with 2 minutes to go when they were 6-3 down? Our stadium would have been almost completly empty by that time, with only red action and the vital arsenal members remaining!
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18/04/2007 15:25:00

Rocky - I do remember that and I have to say that considering how much success that Liverpool has had in years gone by, their supporters are brilliant to still be properly supporting. It never used to be this bad at Highbury - did it??
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18/04/2007 15:36:00

Spot on Rocky. I also wish they had nothing to do with our club. I mean, I'd rather see arsenal playing in a half-empty stadium, than fill it with such idiots !! It is a privilege to watch this team play (even on TV, but the privilege is greater when you are IN the stadium), and people dont realise they may be seeing a great team in the making. But I support what LD is doing - give them so much grief that they learn to shut up after a while !!
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18/04/2007 15:37:00

Boo ya, bang on. Maybe I'm jst a bit of a weirdo (what do I mena maybe?), but the worse we play and the more it's against us, the more I feel like singing, the more I feel like doing long journies at unreasonable hours. Football's like life, success is easy, the mark of a person is adversity and that is the mark of a fan too. Everyone gets annoyed but compare and contrast the West Ham game with Anfeild a few weeks back, singing "we're gunner win 6-3" at 0-3 down. Wouldn't happen at home and it bothers me.
Little Dutch
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18/04/2007 15:45:00

Yeah, people should just cheer like chimps and pretend everything's all right!!
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18/04/2007 15:52:00

So you think booing is the answer?
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18/04/2007 15:57:00

And anyway, what was wrong? Just because we concede a goal the world is at an end? People who boo can not see the bigger picture, yet when the end product arrives they'll cheer on happyily claiming they always knew things would work out.
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18/04/2007 15:58:00

The boo boys should fack off, they are nor real supporters. The spudulikes only sing when they win as to the chavs.
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18/04/2007 15:59:00

Spot on again LD-i used to go the away matches while i was at uni in manchester and they were so much more fun than the current home games. it's just so frustrating because when the crowd are on form the noise in the new ground is fantastic. the atmosphere in the games such as utd, spurs in the CC and Hamburg were sooo good. surely people must relaise its not a coincidence that these were the games we won as well?
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18/04/2007 15:59:00

Great Article, everything you wrote was spot on. Anyone who goes to games and boos the team obviously has enough money to waste, so how about they fly me from Australia to the game ill gladly cheer for Arsenal if given the chance. Some people just don't understand how lucky they are to have the chance to watch Arsenal play.
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18/04/2007 15:59:00

I just dont understand how you booed when you scored 3 and only had 10 attempts, and the other week against the Spammers you couldn't score after 30 attempts! Please explain??
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18/04/2007 16:00:00

I must say that I didn't even realise it was so quiet at the Emirates last night! I was far too busy singing Gooner songs, crammed in front of the PC with 6 other Gooners doing the same thing, to notice. As you can probably gather, the neighbours aren't my biggest fans 8-) I did notice the empty seats near the end though. I think it's time to start super gluing arses to chairs. Us lot are so desperate to see the Emirates in person that we've booked a tour as it's the only chance we've got of getting in there, so when we see people leaving early whilst the boys are playing, it really f**** us off! Ungrateful tw***, that's all I can say!
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18/04/2007 16:03:00

Even Henry acknowledges the Anfield support as the best in the country Rocky, and completley agree with you. Hleb is a gun, and a gunner, so even if you dont like him, Song, Flamini, Baptista, Aliadiere, Swiss Tony or whoever else how do you figure booing them is gonna help? Muppets! I've never had the pleasure of watching the mighty Arsenal at Highbury or the Grove and this behaviour from so called fans irratates me and my brother to no end, i wonder if they'd still be watching at all if they had to trade places with me and watch every game between 12 and 7am regardless of the night, work or weekend! Kunts, is all i can say!
Ozi Gooner
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18/04/2007 16:06:00

matt, if I could explain it I would. It even eludes a genius like me.
Little Dutch
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18/04/2007 16:07:00

same here - when we went behind against bolton at the weekend, that's when i bellowed even louder. Ypou gotta get behind the team at those times, so that the team hear it, realise that their fans are still with them, you could almost see the team puff it's chest out on saturday when the fans got behind them after the orcs scored, and redoubled their efforts. And what happened? We went on to win. Have a positive input rather than a negative one... »»Arsene Knows««
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18/04/2007 16:12:00

*****in' to right Ab_Arsenal, mate do i feel your pain. Melbourne? Sydney? or somewhere else?
Ozi Gooner
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18/04/2007 16:12:00

Yeh I mean Im not exactly gonna come on here as a 1 man army and start mouthing off beofre the 'big' 1 on saturday but sometimes I just don't understand Arsenal supporters!!
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18/04/2007 16:13:00

btw, i've read in reports that hleb 'bumbled' his way through and the ball 'bounced' to bps for him to score. BULL. hleb dribbled through, managed to maintain just enough control to guide him through the challenge, and then passed to baps, it wasn't a boble to him., That shows, tenacity and strength on hleb's part, he could easily have gone down. Just wanted to set the record straight. »»Arsene Knows««
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18/04/2007 16:15:00 if any ungrateful Arsenal fan is willing to pick up the $AU1500 price for a ticket to London i would be happy to accept.
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18/04/2007 16:19:00

Ah, Sydney, oh well you're still a Gooner.If anyone takes you up on that offer tell them make it $AU3000, for two tickets. And LD I sing on the couch, half the reason my girlfriend is now an ex, used to work her uo screaming twice a week.
Ozi Gooner
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18/04/2007 16:25:00

My brother once punched me from waking him and the rest of the street up after i went crazy when Jens Lehmann saved the spot kick in last years CL semis.
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18/04/2007 16:30:00

i have never booed a player, i do feel fustrated with players like hleb and baptista and will shout at them, but words of encouragement and like where to play the ball or something...
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18/04/2007 16:56:00

its a middle class spolit crowd at Arsenal so it wont ever get any better. the crowd expect good football and victories and even then an atmosphere is not guarenteed. I dont like it one bit but its the way it is. they say the atmosphere down the road is not bad, but i'd rather stick it out here thanks very much. ps anyone who boos an Arsenal players is a total pillock.
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18/04/2007 17:00:00

Arsenal seem to have gained this reputation for being quiet fans. However every game i have been to this season i have shouted my self horse. But at the last game i was at we were sitting next to two middle aged ladies more interested in checking their make up than the game. Now we have this increased capacity i think we are attracting a few more tourists. For the record Hleb is a player that really infuriates myself and my brother. but we certainly never boo him. But down the pub after the game we will certainly have a moan.
Genuine Pace
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18/04/2007 17:05:00

I feel that our fans do have a right to express their opinions.. not during the match tho'... I wont go into comparisons with Anfield or anything.. but against Bolton, I think the fans were pretty good and supportive. I don't know why the fans have to boo or jeer.. I mean it was a similar situation with LD writing earlier in the season abt Alex Song.. I mean look now, he's looking top notch for Charlton! I feel that while the fans should be patient, the club has got to start producing results.. Fans have the right to expect, but the right to boo your team during a game, well thats just not on!
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18/04/2007 18:46:00

Looks like yer lot actually want to see wins and not just flair?
Blue is the colour
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18/04/2007 19:25:00

The point is BITC, it was flair that won it for us. It was when we started adopting your tactics that it all went to *****.
Little Dutch
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18/04/2007 19:44:00

gazzap, I agree - in my relatively short time as a more dedicated fan, I have seen the 'middle-class' phenomemon you mention, but it's the 'spoilt' aspect that's the worry - no patience and want success, right NOW. Once its there though, it's like "oh well, got that one, now onto somethng else"... they dont feel the 'magic' and 'awe' of the achievement... worse than this though are the mindless boo-boys... ok, you can bi*ch in the pub or maybe be sarcastic like PG said, but booing a player like Hleb on the pitch makes you a 100% undiluted tos*er... shame there aren't more good fans like those on this board.
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18/04/2007 19:51:00

I hate the booing and I don't remember Highbury being like this, we are meant to love Arsenal through and through and booing them is ridiculas, I have never even contemplated booing Arsenal and for these 'fans' to be doing so is ridiculas!
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18/04/2007 20:39:00

Do you boo Hleb just because he is very ugly?
Report Abuse
18/04/2007 22:55:00

While that is a good reason to boo someone I would have to say no!!! Man I can't believe this article has been upstaged by David Dein; inconsiderate fucI
Report Abuse
18/04/2007 23:10:00

Do spuds boo Jenas just because he's very s*@t?
Report Abuse
19/04/2007 07:45:00

Yes we most certainly do!
Report Abuse
19/04/2007 21:18:00


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