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Loyal To The Current Arsenal Board

I'm one of the people who would be happier to see the current board remain. The reason being that I'm interested in the long-term safety of the club, and the current board have been there for years, and know things 'the arsenal way'. Mind you, so does Double D. I wouldn't want to see Arsenal become a thing to be traded, bought, off-loaded, and treated as a commodity. I like the fact that we are currently off-limits, and that we are at the very top, a very English club.

But it's a tricky one - for all the fan's anger that greeted the Glazers' takeover of ManUre, there does not seem to be much in the way of vitriol towards them now, and ManUre are doing very well, as they steamroll on towards at the very least one major honour this season. The Liverpool situation is too early into it's existence to really be able comment on, and even Roman seems to have kissed and made op with Mourinho, where a few weeks ago it was being debated whether his love affair with the club was on the wane...

who is to say that Kroenke, were he to take over, would not see that the club, under his ownership, carried on as they were run before, and that events travelled along a smooth and unruffled pathway, but with extra team funds available? That could well be the case. He could be the man who would provide Arsene with the funds to go out and compete at the very top end of the market, or be able to make wage offers to ensure that we would not lose / lose out on players due to financial constraints.

but what concerns me more than the immediate is the long-term. ManUre, despite their fantastic season this time out, are still saddled with a massive debt; Chelsea, should roman one day turn off the cash-taps, would be faced with an insurmountable and club-threatening deficit that would surely cripple them in one way or another (hence his desire to make Chelsea self-supporting), and Liverpool? They are looking forward to a sizeable warchest in the summer, and a new stadium on the horizon, i really feel i cannot comment too much on them as i wish to see more of how events unfold at Anfield first.

I for one am (like everyone else) sorry to see Dein go, he has indeed been one of the most forward-thinking directors in football during the last 20 years, and is known as a true Arsenal man. But then we enter the quandary of why he would have preferred that Arsenal move to the new Wembley, instead of developing a new stadium in Islington. The Arsenal are now so firmly entrenched in the area that I cannot imagine my beloved team ever being anywhere else, and we have all seen how much of a fiasco the new Wembley turned into, whilst our fantastic new stadium was delivered on-time, on-budget.

I'm not saying that a takeover would be the end of the world, or going to launch into a Winston Churchill 'fight them on the beaches' speech, but the board, i feel, deserve a little more loyalty - under Arsene's tenure they have never let us down, and they hold the club in their hearts, even if it is in a sensible, non-sensationalist way. We are all behind Arsene Wenger, we never question him, as we know he has the best long-term interests of the club at heart (new stadium, development of young players from within, who learn to play the arsenal game, from top to bottom of the club). But so do the board, they are looking at what is best for the club in the long haul, not just the next 3 years or so.

Article submitted by Wingston75

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 20 2007

Time: 11:53AM

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wingston, i believe the wembley story is something coming out of arsenal to turn us against DD. also the cashley story too.. its all rubbish and the board are trying to unsettle us against a takeover. Manure are not a club in debt, the glaziers are very very wealthy yet borrowed the money to finance the club.. think of it this way, why use yoru own money that is sitting owning interest at say 5% when you can borrow it and it costs you 3% ? very simple to me and its a way alot of businesses work today. football and the end of the day is a business, i think man U will continue to grow, they will continue to get big signings and still operate a profit each year until the glaziers have got their money back. the Chavs i agree that is roman went tomorrow would not support its transfer policy or wages, but kenyon is not stupid and is working towards that. back to arsenal, PHW for me has made a few public outbursts recently that does not endear me towards him. DD is the players man and the managers, he wants arsenal to be big not only in the EPL but in europe and knows to acheive that its going to need something more than what we currently have. they are happy to sell the stadium's name off to the arabs, when they could of kept it british, they have a side with only a few british players.. bit contradictory don't you think !
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20/04/2007 12:35:00

to your last point PG, you well know the reasons for us having so few british players - wenger says their technique is lagging behind, and the ones that are good enough, i raise the RVP = £2.5m or ashley young for £10m argument. Regarding the wembley thing, i do remember the whole debate of a move to wembley when the stadium discussion first surfaced a few years ago, and do seem to recall dein being the man suggesting the move to NW london, but i do not have any links to back that up. I'm not criticising Dein in the article, I'm saying that let's not be so ready to sweep aside these people, for the pursuit of an immediate wedge of cold hard cash... »»Arsene Knows««
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20/04/2007 12:51:00

sorry bud, that opening sentence sounded a tad agressive :) »»Arsene Knows««
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20/04/2007 12:56:00

Good argument there, Wings - looking at things from another perspective. Still too early to make up my mind abt things, especially if you believe what PG is saying. No doubt the current Board have the best interests of arsenal at heart, and I would really like to know the facts ab the availability of transfer funds, before making up my mind whether this Board needs the support or not.
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20/04/2007 12:59:00

Another point, is that its still not known whether a ty*****-funded takeover is viable in the LONG TERM. Its way too early to say with ManU, Chelsea, and of course, Liverpool. These clubs have enjoyed short-term success, but we shouldnt lose our perspective coz of that.
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20/04/2007 13:02:00

eh, why does it censor ty c o o n ?
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20/04/2007 13:03:00

Has business ty c o o n s become a dirty word coz of all these takeovers and their impact on english football :)
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20/04/2007 13:05:00

prits, it censors it cos the last four letters of that word are a seriously derogatory word towards black people... »»Arsene Knows««
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20/04/2007 13:08:00

Wether people like it or not football has evolved into a huge business. This is why you are seeing foreign investors looking to buy into it. I dont know why we are getting so precious about the fact football clubs maty be owned by foreigners,it has been happening in other industrys in this country fora while now. Just look at who owns the water companies and car manufacturers. The current board do wish to see Arsenal succeed and 60,000 people sit in their statement of intentions every other week. Football is a business now and its no fluke that the wealthiest clubs are sitting at the top of the league. My Grandad will probably be turning in his grave at the thought of his beloved Arsenal being sold to an American. But its the success and the style of football and the ground that has attracted this guy. And at the end of the day he must now how to run a business. I just hope that AW passion for Arsenal wins out, because I believe he has more passion about Arsenal and his players and what hes trying to build than being dedicated to just one man. Would he be so passionate and bother with his youth development if he was just trying to keep his boss happy.
Genuine Pace
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20/04/2007 13:39:00

I think it is quite wrong to 'take sides in this case'. Why? Because most of us, if not all, know very little what was going on in the board meetings. Most of the opinions of the people are based on reports, inside sources, etc. which are as reliable as Titus Bramble in defence. Guessing who did what and who made a wrong decision is just Myles Palmer-like. Blaming Hill-Wood and the rest of the board for preventing investments in the club is wrong. There is one very strong argument for this. Wenger, even Dein, have always stressed that transfer funds are always available should he express the desire. And as we all know - AW would rather have RvP, than Ashley Young and I can see why. That is the greatest contradiction in this whole thing. According to the discussions, Dein wanted foreign investment. Why? Transfer money? I just addressed that. Get rid of the debt? If Kroenke came with the money bags, covering Arsenal's debt, who is to guarantee that he would not assume the role of Roman. After all, it is his money and he can do whatever he wants to. He could say bye to Wenger without blinking. He could also be completely the opposite, but as I said we are guessing ourselvers to death here. The hard fact is that Arsenal FC has had a genuine, traditional, subtle, stable and hard-working board for years, and yes, DD was part of it. They all planned and executed the move to Ashburton which HAS raised the club and its ambitions to another level. As I read, PHW's statement today, it sound quite sound and convincing. So why take sides? Right now, we should all give our support to the players and the manager who are playing the pretenders tomorrow. If sacrificing one (very good) man DD, for the benefit of the club, then so be it. I will not judge just yet, as I am in the dark regarding everything. All I have to say is COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!
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20/04/2007 13:52:00

"inside sources, etc. which are as reliable as Titus Bramble in defence" ROFL, G4L
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20/04/2007 13:55:00

guys i don't really want to take sides, what rubbed me up the wrong way was the way PHW came out and said " his sort" when referring to Kroenke, as if he knows him, and talking about being british and everything, which i find contradictary considering we have a foreign manager, a foreign team and a foreign naming of the stadium. but its not about taking sides, i actually couldn't give a monkey's who owns what, how much we pay for so and so, aslong as ARSENAL win and win trophies. look at United, everyone went loopy when the glaziers came along and moaned and moaned, now they are on for the trebble what are those moaners doing now ? probably buying their tickets for the cup final and semi final ! also, IF flamini or Sendoros or say Hoyte scored the winner against spuds tomorrow, would you celebrate any less or more ? no, you celebrate cos arsenal WON, so what does it matter how you get to win, aslong as you win.. not talking playing styles before someone mentions that one.
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20/04/2007 14:36:00

yeah, but PG - what about playing styles, huh? HUH? ... oh...(bugger) »»Arsene Knows««
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20/04/2007 15:11:00

exactly PG. That's why I am reluctant to back this or that side. What puzzles me is why would PHW say that about Kroenke? To justify Dein sacking? It is hard to believe that. As far as the comparison with United, well the difference between the ways United and Arsenal operate, even on daily basis is HUGE, and it is one of the reasons why I love Arsenal and despise united. If you looked a bit closer, there could be similar patterns in the way United and the chavs do business nowadays, with regards to their assembling of teams and the (non-existant) production of players. So let's wait before we draw conclusions from this rather turbulent period at Arsenal FC.
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20/04/2007 15:20:00

Very well said there G4L. And Puregold when PHW reffered to Kroenke as "His sort" he could simply have meant someone who knows nothing about football and wants only an investment opportunity rather than a club. I would think that was more likely due, as you've already said, to the various nationalities that make us up. But mainly G4L is right, no one knows what's gone or is going on and won't for a while yet. Maybe it's all just an elaborate Spurts plan to take everyone's minds off beating them tomorrow??? Hahaha
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20/04/2007 15:56:00

good points fellas, this story is going to run and run, wrighty said on the radio that henry and co are upset over the loss of DD. my only fear is it has a negative effect on the team, i hope they thrash spuds tomorrow and put a smile on our faces. whatever the outcome of this saga, i can only see positive coming out of this, one way or another and whoever gets control or what happens, the future will always be about Arsenal. no one man is bigger than Arsenal, and i support arsenal, not the personel but he club as a whole.
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20/04/2007 16:32:00

scooch - elaborate, spurs, plan - all oxymorons whichever way u look at it !!
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20/04/2007 17:16:00

after reading Wenger's interview on, my only major concern is will he sign a new deal in the summer. he said it maily depends on how the team progress next season and then he will see. there's no way we can go foward without Arsene, and for him to say that it depends on how the team does next season is making me scared..
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20/04/2007 18:01:00

luckys - he wont sign a deal this summer, but wait till 2008. I think I read somewhere that he always negotiates a contract extension after his current one ends. Is that true?
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20/04/2007 18:27:00

pretty much, prits, Arsene's contract has run out before and then he's inked a new one some time after that. »»Arsene Knows««
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20/04/2007 19:43:00

I think its time for us to move on, tradition has no place in football now. Its all gone, we are not the same club that played at little old highbury. For us to know the world over we need this guys injection, if it doesnt happen I reckon we could very well end up like spuds. NO HOPE NO FUTURE NO DECENT PLAYERS TO KEEP HOLD OFF
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20/04/2007 20:11:00

ps I hate to say the above.(apart from the spuds bit)
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20/04/2007 20:12:00

that's not true, he's always inked a new one when he has a year remaining on it. he said he'll make the decision in the summer. if he keeps the club waiting till 2008, it's going to have a very negative effect on the players. Henry signed a deal last year because he knew Dein and Wenger are on his side. We dun need another similar situation like his next season. but personally, i dun think feel Arsene will leave us at this stage, this is his team, and he wants to win everything with this team before he even thinks about retiring, cuz he won't goto any other club for sure. but the sooner he puts pen to paper, we'll all be relieved..
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20/04/2007 20:28:00

I believe in the board but i also believe that Dein and Kronke will give us a better future...
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20/04/2007 20:50:00

We need Kroenke to move forward.
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20/04/2007 21:34:00

Imagine you have been running an independent supermarket for 80 years, you have built it up to the best in the area, you have traditions and a brilliant reputation and then Tesco's comes knocking on the door trying to force you to sell. The high street punters (Us) will probably get a better deal but for that we lose the tradition. Hill-wood is in this situation and I understand how he feels, im not for or against a takeover but I have nothing but respect for what Hill-wood and the traditionalists have done for the club. without them we wouldnt be The Arsenal.
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20/04/2007 21:36:00

Like iceman rightly says, we shouldn’t forget they brought us this far, however old-school they are. I dont think we need a takeover, and am surprised by the number of people saying we do, in order to move forward. I respect your view, but what is it based on? Has the club not been moving forward in its own way? I don’t see how it can be seriously suggested that we are that far behind Chelsea and ManU that we need to be bought out. That’s showing a total lack of faith in the what we have been doing to try and rebuild a team. We don’t need mercenaries to come just for the cash. Ballack is an example, and I don’t want to see passionless people come over to us. The REAL problem we should be discussing is now that DD has gone, how do we avoid the old boys (and girls) on the board, stifling development? I think we need a couple of things: a DD replacement to bridge the gap between the board and the team, and another way in which to rejuvenate the board a bit, maybe another major shareholder or something similar. It might not be easy, but its better to do this which I believe is the only way to maintain some semblance of ‘family’ about our club.
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21/04/2007 09:01:00

Ashley Young is no Van Persie, talented as he may be if its true he cost Villa 4 times what we paid for Robin they actaully got ripped off 12 times there money as RVP is at least 3 times the player Young is.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
21/04/2007 17:28:00


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