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Kroenke Increases His Share Holdings

It appears that American business tycoon, Stan Kroenke has snaffled further shares in Arsenal Football Club.

I won't pretend to know anything at all with regards to shares, the purchase of & takeovers, hostile or otherwise, but even a fat neanderthal like me can do simple mathmatics.

A couple of weeks ago Kroenke announced he had purchase 9.99% of shares from ITV. Then it was revealed the Arsenal shareholder Danny Fiszman inadvertently sold 1.27% of his shares to Kroenke via his company JP Morgan Chase Bank. Giving him a grand total of 11.26% of Arsenal's shares.

A friend of my sent me a link to the 'PlusMarketGroup' website where an article states that Kroenke has given 'Notification of major interest in shares'. It is in this article that it is revealed that Kroenke has crossed the 12% threshold taking his current ownership to 12.19%, thus meaning Stan is hoovering up all available shares suggesting it will be a question of when rather than if.

Click Here to read the document.

As I say, I know nothing on this subject, so if any member of Vital Arsenal can give a better insight into this, please get in touch.


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 20 2007

Time: 4:39PM

Your Comments

Can anyone confirm or deny what I've written?!
R7, you are indeed correct & infact you have missed out that he wants a representative on the board!!
Ashburton Gooner
Really? I guess we should say "Welcome back David Dein"
R7, that notification is a standard thing. Its just a reply to identify himself which the other board members had requested prior to him buying ITV's stake as he bought Fiszman's share quietly.
Ashburton Gooner
No, from what I hear it may be Jeff Plush who comes onboard. He is a massive arsenal fan & has been for years but because his american no doubt people will reject that idea, despite the fact it was known about well before arsenal even announced the colorado rapids deal.
Ashburton Gooner
Ok, but nevertheless it indicates the Kroenke is snaffling small amounts of shares from somewhere???
*****eholes, to coin a graham ttaylor phrase... 'do i not like that' »»Arsene Knows««
Yeah he is, so far 40 have been bought today. They are standing at nearly £7000 each now!! Something's happening. Maybe Dein is selling his share.
Ashburton Gooner
Yeah Rocky, but is this really a surprise? Part 2 of the saga unfolds
In that case he has more than the 12.19% I have reported as that was announced yesterday. For some reason AG I think you may have an insider scoop on this situation ;)
Not surprised that it is happening, but surprised that it's happeneing so quickly.
Expect this to roll and roll guys. Looks as if Kroenke wants in sooner rather than later, don't blame after the events this week
The plus markets website tells you how many were traded. The Jeff Plush stuff is just from american news sources. This guy is however a massive gooner & has been for many years, thats probably how Dein & Kroenke know each other & probably how we linked up with them. I am actually friends with DD's son, but unsurprisingly I have had zero contact with him since this happened, the git wont answer his phone (well not to me anyway, but then I wouldn't answer the phone to me either).
Ashburton Gooner
So are all of you against a takeover ?? Im worried about whats going on at my club at the moment !
to be honest i want dein back, becuase if dein is there there more chance wenger will extend his contract. IMO todays quotes from mr hill-wood just highighted how old fashioned and ill informed he is with todays game.
Lol @ AG!!! See if you can get an interview with him. We will pay him the handsome sum of £2.73
Again, I honestly do not care if Plush joins the board or Dein comes back. What I am interested is the club going forward. PHW pointed out that the board supports the manager and wants to extend the contract which is a good signal. They have created a concept that we all refer to as "the Arsenal way" and I really really like that. Transfer dealings, contacts, communication with the media, scouting - it is all part of this endeared notion of Arsenal Football Club. Kroenke on the other hand, is a big mystery to me and I refuse to believe anything and everything is written about him. Yes he seems like a genuine sports fan, and..? If he mounts a takeover (or as R7 puts it 'when'), I do not know how he will position himself at the club and how will he relate to the fans. Will he be another Roman, will he follow Lerner's ways or Glazers'? Will he demand big names? Will he demand trophies? I wish 'the Arsenal way' prevails in any case and this club keeps going forward
well R7, I think LD can collect more than that tomorrow at the lane, if he brings a big enough hat.
Nah them coins are worthless G4L, they pay for everything at the lane in 1961 prices so shillings, thrupence and half penny pieces will be thrown!
SkySports have just announced the news. Jeez lads, all that cash and you can't even keep up with a little site like us!!!
lol, looks like he's taking your club bit by bit.
kevin - why is that so funny?
Hes not as bad as everyone would have you think. He took the St Louis rams from L.A when they were the crappiest team in the league and in a few years they won the super bowl. In the teams he owns he lets them run themselves and he just gives the fans what they want, and hes quick to put up the money. Personally I hope the rumors are true that he and DD are joining forces to force a takeover.
Haha, who cares...
Prits, it's not so funny. It's just a little bit amusing. Instead of splashing the cash right out, he is taking his time. It'd be frustrating for me if i was a gooner.What do you prefer, buy it all, or keep buying bit to bit like he is doing now? That was a serious question, no sarcasm intended.
I am not againt a take over and niether should any other Arsenal fan be, becouse we all know it is goning to be good for our Love ARsenal!
Your being taken over sooner or later.To tell you the truth I hope you don't,Its the way of the world these days and if you don't you will be left behind.
Think what will Boss do wit the money that marinho has! I mean if he gets that much money just for tranfers! We will Rule English Football and ***** likes of chelsea,Man u liverfools!
This is likely the foundation of a hostile takeover bid (not as ominous as it sounds)...straightforward corporate takeover tactics. The corporation I work for just went through this. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing in this case. The Board seems to be lateral minded whereas Dein and Kroenke are clearly both forward thinkers. Kroenke has done wonders with his US sports franchises, and all without having his thumb pressed firmly on any of the team administration. He's more of a backer....but don't be fooled, like the yankees and NY Rangers in US sports...both are notorious for paying huge money for overpriced players yet hugely underperforming. It's not an unlimited budget this team needs to buy players to win...we're already winning; but backing and support to keep players around is far more valuable. This is an interesting saga, but don't get caught up to much with speculation. Things like this in the corporate world tend to sound bigger in the headlines than they really are...and they take patient. We have a match tomorrow, and it will be a good one.
I really don't know what to make of it all, Wenger doesn't seem to be greatly onside with the current board but then he seems totally against a takeover. On the other hand DD is a very good friend of his & is all for Kroenke, yet Wenger is suspicious of him. I just don't see Wenger staying beyond his contract either way because he is clearly not happy. On another subject I see Jol has had another dig saying he was at the emirates on tuesday night & saw a list of arsenal trophies but "there was still gaps". However I must advise him that those gaps are nowhere near as big as the one between his ears.
Ashburton Gooner
Kevin, I'm not against him having a stake in the park, i am just not sure if i want him to be sole controller. I think i prefer the situation we have at the moment, several voices, and several custodians, rather than all the power being concentrated in the hands of a single person... I know it's gonna sound a bit *****y, but a football club is an institution, not just a business... »»Arsene Knows««
If the club is not publicly traded he cannot make a hostile take over bid.. He needs 51%.. I have not looked at what type corporation the scum is. But if it is what I think it is he needs alot of shares.. Yes he can get a board position but they are not obliged to give it to him. Public companies in the UK are governed by the equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commision (US). But the SCUM is not publicly traded.. And I suspect there are rules of ownership based in the corporate governance. The fact he is trying to buy you lot does not mean he can. David Dying must have known this. That is probably why he walked he could not operate as VC and support a share buy out if the board rejected the original bid.
I am not the slightest bit worried. David Dein will be back as Chairman. Arsene Wenger will sit on the board, as will Danny Fizmans.
Keep on dreaming Cusop, I'm afraid that you will continue to be the ***** half of North London for a long time yet. Anyway...on to serious matters. Kronke is going to get the club sooner or later so surely it's better we just get it out the way so we can have it out the way and the team can prepare for next season's assault on the Premiership?
Cusop,I thought 'those' lot liked toasting hedgehogs! :)
Nah we prefer roast spuds.
1-0 to the Iceman!!!
"The Crowd scream wildly as he celebrates by skidding across the turf on his knees!"
'The crowd scream wildly as he celebrates by skidding across the turf on his knes,berbatov's fourth goal was a peach and now makes it 6-0 to the mighty spurs!
There's no harm in dreaming eh HTG!!!
Nah,a dream is Arsene being replaced with Mclaren.
Hey guys ....somebody shud pen an article on how and under wat conditions the takeover can take place.i read somewhee that 30% is the mandatory requiremnt for a takeover.......and if the take over happens is the board totally done away with??? seomplease calrify
"Nah,a dream is Arsene being replaced with Mclaren."" or martin jol. lol. Now that's a dream. Unless he eats you.That'd be a nightmare.
HTG! We could put nobody on the pitch and not lose 6-0. You've got Malbranque remember. That makes it at least 6-2. 8-)
In fact if Malbranque were to give us a 1-0 lead, I'm sure that Martin Jol would take off all your attackers and replace them with defenders.
No k-chels, a dream would be Martin Jol donating just one single scoop of his belly button fluff to charity, thus clothing the entire third world population.
I was initially against the takeover until recents events unfolded with Dein leaving the board. Now, I don't exactly support a takeover nor am I against it. I just want things straightened out so that we can get back to concentrating on matters on the pitch. But I'd prefer to see DD back. :T Another thing I was pondering about was from a couple of months back when there were reports of negotiating a contract renewal for Wenger. Back then he had said he wanted to focus on football and he had plenty of time to get back to that after the season was over. After recent events however, I can't help but think that Wenger wasn't so sure if the board would resist against a takeover, and so bided his time to see how things would unfold.
Karley, once kroenke reaches 30% he has to make a bid for the club. He wont get to 30% anytime soon though because its clear the current board would reject any offer he made so it would be futile. I suspect he is going to play a very long & protracted game, buying all the little shares he can.
Ashburton Gooner
Anyone notice he must have been separated at birth from harry tipper from timesplitters
AG, I had the impression that once he reached 30%, he would be entitled to make a bid on the premise that he can maximise the value of all shares (i.e. do a better job of running the club and making money than the current board) - that would be the hostile part, becuase they would need to argue out who can make the club perform better. Essentially this argument would be to sway the remaining crucial 25% (i.e. Kroenke would already have 30% and the board 45%). If he wins, that will leave him with 55% which will force the others out. I personally hope he fails, whilst I recognise that this does not solve the gap left by DD going.
Oh, and by the way it was a bit naughty of DD to establish a closer relationship with Kroenke than he was letting on to the board. DD must have been telling Kroenke not to worry and that he would take care of getting the board to buy into the takover plan. Of course once they refused to listen, the board had no choice but to sack him since he'd been in cahoots with Kroenke. This is not so much about betrayal, but more about "irreconcilable differences" of the highest order.
Andey-bayor a gunner who is close to actually knowing what he is talking about.. In order to buy a private corporation you need more then 50%.. Simple.. this is not a publicly traded company.
You need a lot more than 50%. You cannot force anyone out with just over 50%. The point being that the other shareholders (meaning the main board) have just over 45% of the club. It doesn't matter how much he offers, those directors do not have to sell. They have to present the offer to the other shareholders & they could choose to sell but that doesn't mean Fiszman & co have to. He would need 90% to force them all out & he cannot get it. The most he can do is co own the club.
Ashburton Gooner
But as long as he has more than 51%, he can vote any major decisions through, plus he needs only 25% for a veto power on the board.
If the mainshareholders with 45.45% stick together getting 51% is not impossible but almost as good as. 25% will only buy the power to block changes to the existing constitution of the company. On all day to day issues the board can still outvote Kroenke and Dein if they act in concert.

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