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It Comes But Once A Year

There has been much public lobbying of late to make St. George's Day a recognised public holiday (I'm no patriot, but another day off work can't be bad), but tomorrow will see the day of England's patron saint overshadowed by the Gooners' holiday of choice. Despite Tottenham's undeserved last minute equaliser, a point was enough to ensure Tottenham's premature boasting must be shelved for a further year, while defeats for Bolton and Everton all but ensured Champions' League qualification. You have to feel for the Spuds. In 03/04 they watched us celebrate a record breaking league victory on their ground, in 04/05, exactly one year to the day that we won the league at White Hart Lane (TM), they had the chance to dethrone us as champions by preventing us from winning at Highbury- they didn't. Then last year, we laughed ourselves in to raptures as irritable bowels moved to the beat of failure, as Spurs were 'dumped' out of the Champions' League places at Upton Park, 'crowning' the Final Salute. 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' was heard to 'ring' around Highbury in appreciative tribute. A lifetime supply of Andrex couldn't 'wipe' the smile off my face that day.

Toilet humour aside, this is the one fixture I honestly detest going to. I have gone into the amount of intimidation Arsenal fans experience at the Lane at length before, but needless to say, it is difficult for me to believe that Spurs fans entirely blameless for the trouble in Seville of late. Stepping off the train from Tottenham Hale to Northumberland Park, every step is painstakingly contrived so as to appear at ease with your surroundings. Which is difficult, because my knuckles don't even come close to the ground, and it was difficult for me to conceal my distaste for luminary drinking establishments such as 'The Park', which, from the outside, looks to be the biggest dump in London. Carefully entering the South Stand Upper Tier, in the manner I would imagine Boy George to enter a KKK rally, all the talk was on the boardroom strife of the week past. All I will say on the matter here is that a takeover is going to happen, it is inevitable, I just want it all over as quickly as possible so that the manager can go into the summer with his future plans clear in his head and so that we can get on with the business of finding/shifting players. If Wenger's future is still unclear in the summer, the board will be reluctant to furnish him with funds for a player when le boss may leave next summer. Though I will add that the press has been typically moronic in their treatment of the whole affair. Wenger is a man of honour and will certainly see out his contract, there was always going to be speculation about his future thereafter anyway. But the assumption he will up sticks and leave immediately are so infuriatingly stupid, it just troubles me that people actually earn a living churning out this shit. Honestly, if your mate at work left tomorrow, would you follow him/her out the door?

Anyways, we all knew what was coming. Spurs' tactics against us at WHL are always monotoniously repetitive. They always come charging at us with gusto in the first half, only to knacker themselves out. They did the same yesterday and shot their bolt far too quickly. A long ball in the first minute caught Gallas back peddling, he arked his neck to head it away but could only nudge it into the path of Berbatov, who lobbed Lehmann but shot wide. After a frantic first five minutes, Tottenham had again run out of steam and Gunners' fans thought they had taken the lead on 17 minutes, Ljungberg flicked into the path of Adebayor, who smashed past fat boy, only for the linesman's erect flag to dash hopes. I will confess that I did not see the flag for a second or two and leapt up, only to return swiftly to my seat feeling not a little bit of a dick. An unfit Ljungberg departed for Cesc Fabregas and the game changed for Arsenal at that point. Diaby pushed forward to brilliant effect, Rosicky's early industry had a creative soundboard as Cesc pulled the strings. But Tottenham took the lead on the half hour mark, Jenas (who was serenaded with 'Ashley's boyfriend' by the away crowd) swung in a corner, which was headed on by Dawson and, with Lehmann having shoved Clichy away from his man, Robbie Keane was left to nod in from close range. It was the sixth time in eight visits Tottenham had drawn first blood against us at the Lane.

Arsenal fans have seen all this before and continued with defiant chants of '61 Never Again.' On the stroke of half time Arsenal should have had an equaliser, a brilliantly patient buod up saw Fabregas play Eboue in down the right and his low shot struck the post, the rebound arrowed out to Adebayor, but Dawson hounded him sufficiently into shanking the ball over the bar. It was to foreshadow the pattern of the second half as the Gunners' assumed control. Arsenal unusually seemed to offer a threat from set pieces, Toure rising to meet a Fabregas corner only to see it cannon off the post. Lady luck was to further flash her knickers in the form of rattled woodwork when Adebayor climbed brilliantly to head Hleb's searching cross over 'slim' Robinson and onto the crossbar. Jol replaced the utterly anonymous Lennon, as the quiet tension of the Spurs support manifested itself onto the pitch. It has been a theme of Tottenham's season to assume the lad against big teams, only to retreat into their shell and become overwhelmed. Zokora tugged back the excellent Rosicky (though from my angle Tommy Gun did make a meal of it), and Toure met Fabregas' resultant free kick on the back post for a close range tap in. Smelling blood, Toure was not in contemplative mood, he sprinted straight back into our half ready for the kick off.

'Shit ground no history' rang around the away section as the travelling Gooners sensed victory. A rapturous rendition of 'we laughed ourselves to bits....' followed by a delightfully mocking, 'it's so quiet at the Lane' was met with no response from the hushed home ranks. Arsenal got their deserved lead with twelve minutes remanining, Eboue was felled by Rocha and another Fabregas set piece was met by an African predator, this time Adebayor showing huge desire to head the ball over Robinson, as the ball seemed to take an eternity to drop in. Gooner limbs went flying in every which direction as Adebayor reciprocated our joy with a maniacal thumping of the chest. Tottenham looked to have well and truly given the game up. Adebayor leapt to head the ball past Rocha, jinked to the byline and chipped into the box only for Baptista tostreetch every sinew in his neck to head wide. With White Hart Lane rapidly emptying, Spurs grabbed an undeserved and unexpected equaliser. Berbatov and Keabe had faded into obscurity in the second hlaf, with Arsenal's full backs taking control of them in wide positions, Zokora had no answer to the delightful Fabregas and Lennon/Tainio could only look in in awe at the imperial Rosicky, let's hope his injury is not serious. It has been a staple of Rosicky's season that as soon as he builds up some astonishing form, he is felled by injury. But just as 'You'll never beat the Arsenal' rang around the South Stand, Jenas played a one two with Malbranque and with Fabregas not tracking, Jenas fired a low shot past the reach of Jens Lehmann. '2-1 and you ****** it up' came the taunts from the few stragglers. If drawing away from home, ensuring that your nearest neighbours cannot finish above you, and concurrently qualifying for the Champions' Lague is qualified as ******* it up, then that shows that the Souds really are small potatoes. The alst time they scored a last minute equaliser against us at the Lane it was of absolutely no consequence either. Oh well.

The gauntlet, as I colourfully refer to it, came shortly after. All the idiots who had left early to throw bottles at the travelling contingent had missed their side's equaliser, never mind eh? Once again, the local police inflamed an already delicate situation. I am beginning to wonder if the police do this on purpose at this fixture, because the policing arrangements could have been manufactured by the Yid Army. Every year, the police do something different in their attempts to quell the hundreds of mindless pondlife that line the streets of Park Lane, so those of us sensible enough to make contingency plans are continuously stumped. In their infinite wisdom the police decided to hold us in- outside the stadium on Park Lane- penned into the cauldron of hate, just so the brainless morons had adequate time to identify incognito Gooners. Once said yobs had sufficient time to absorb our features, the police funnelled us all into a narrow pathway they had created- shoulder to shoulder with the ranks of Spurs fans, with only a line of coppers seaprating us from their assorted debris and spittle. So those of us who like to stick close to the wall and slip around the corner up the High Road towards Paxton Road were put in danger by the very people appointed with our protection. Our slip around the corner became a long drawn out stroll. The Spurs fans waiting on the corner between the High Road and Park Lane had ample time and distance to identify the Gooners' breaking away from the away turnstiles and our cover was completely blown. Fortunately, nobody from my party was hurt, but with the police wantonly identifying our allegiance for the baying hoards, it was a minor miracle. Beery breath met my face as cries of 'f*****g Gooner scum' were exacted at us inches from our faces. In fact one erudite gentleman, concern clearly etched onto his features, politely enquired, 'where's your red top then you f*****g Gooner scum?' before attempting to share the contents of his mouth with my jacket. Delightfully, he missed. Walking up towards Northumberland Park station, another pissed up idiot (are there any Tottenham fans out there who can express themselves without spitting?) broke away from his party to share his views on the game with us. 'We're shit, we got lucky, we always do this' blah, blah, blah etc. It was always my suspicion that he was feeling us out, seeing four males walking away from the ground in plain clothing appeared to arouse his suspicions and I think he wanted to see if we would give the game away. He muttered his slurred goodbye as he walked into a pub adjacent to the Bellington Estate. Thankfully, he didn't re emerge with any of his special friends. The closure of the Victoria Line at Tottneham Hale kept us in the cauldron slightly longer before being able to bretahe comfortably, I dread to think what troubles that closure created at Seven Sister's tube station, frankly, I'm not sure I want to know. Happy St. Totteringham's Day. LD.

Match Ratings; Lehmann-5, Eboue-7, Toure-7, Gallas-7, Clichy-8, Hleb-6, Gilberto-7, Diaby-8, Rosicky-8, Ljungberg-5, Adebayor-7.
Subs; Fabregas-8, Baptista-6, Senderos-10

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 22 2007

Time: 2:10PM

Your Comments

Sounds to me like "Are you tottenham in disguise?" should have been the cries to the poilce from the travelling Gooners. Glad your party suffered no casulties this time round.
10 rating for Sanderos???
good one as always... and 10 for senderos got me rolling on the floor.. is he being prepared for a midfield role next year?.. but i do think substituting hleb for senderos at the end as a mistake as the ref allowed 5 mins extra time.. but bring on next season
Of course 10 for Senderos, he literally did not put a foot wrong the whole time he was on the ptch :-)
Little Dutch
Right that is a complete load of bo**ocks. You lot were leaving in the 80th minute and were half empty come the final whislte. I never heard a single note out of any of you except your brief excitement of Adebayor 'scoring' until and then you shut up. The only time I heard anything out of your corner was when you went 2-1 up. When the final whislt went you ran out of the ground like kids to Wenger with his packet of sweets and didnt hear a note out of you on the way down to the Seven Sisters.... Sh*t support, but a decent 'footballing' team is my honest opinion of you lot.
I knew an equaliser was on its way the moment i saw senderos on the touchline. what game was it last time he came on late and we let one in? im sure hes cursed.
Matt, sorry mate, that's bull*****. We were mocking your support all afternoon, you don't chant "1-0 and you still don't sing" for no reason. Secondly, using the thuggery of your own 'fans' as an act of one upmanship is completely out of order. Were you throwing bottles anonymously into our supporters as well? what a brave "man" you are, hiding behind others hooliganism. If you understood for one second what it's like to face that kind of indiscriminate violence you would have done the same. I am secure enought in myself to admit that I left hastily at the final whistle, I value my own safety and that of my friends far more than I value any false illusions of 'manhood' that your supporters seem to hold. The fact is, any Arsenal fan piping up on the way down the Seven Sisters has a 0% chance of getting home without serious and sever injury. I just cannot believe that you are so frustrated by your inferiority to us on the pitch that you feel you have to use the violent tendencies of your 'fans' to try and get one over on someone through the anonimity of a football blog. Does this one sound familiar? "***** ground, no history."
Little Dutch
Arsenal fans made more noise that the spuds fans did. The only time you sand was before kick off and just after you scored. You can have a pop at us all you like, but deep down, you know, I know, all the other supporters of Arsenal know, you and your spuddy mates are desperate, desperate for any tiny small piece of success. YOU LOT ARE SO SAD, should be called Tottenham Sadspurs
Watch the Jenas goal Mattcantsee and you will notice scores of empty seats in the home end, ur support is f*@king s*@t. When we beat Liverpool 6-3 the whole kop were still supporting their team. Just because you sing vile songs about child abuse doesnt mean ur great fans just means ur mindless sickos who find that kinda s*@t funny. When it comes to the crunch we had too much for you and you got lucky, Fabregas was masterful and the true man of the match. I see Berbatov was very frustrated after the game at having to put up with the s*@tty service from Lennon, Jenas, Zakora and Tainio the vultures are hovering over ur best player go beg him to stay.
Lennon? He played?
Little Dutch
Did you see Jol celebrating as if he had won a trophy and some sp*rs fans were so happy they invaded the pitch! Is that what it means to draw with The Arsenal?! A draw at home! I guess its like giving a heroin addict methadone its gives them the same high but it aint the real thing!
He did play but I think his mind was in Manchester! The Carrick situation is killing sp*rs, he is showing that if you leave them you can play at the very top and challenge for real honours not the UEFA cup! Just like Sol Campbell before him.
That draw almost cements our place in the Champions league next season (barring us losing all 3 games and the others winning each game 4-0). Sp*rs fans should be reminded that they have dropped out of the Uefa cup qualification spot. See, it's not all bad!
i pity senderos.. his confidence should be boosted.. the lad was excellent last season... all he needs is a good performance...perhaps against fulham?
Good point McGooner. I would like to see Almunia and Senderos get a few games before the end of the season.
lol! iceman! bless 'em they dont get much chance to celebrate, fair play to LD and the away support aswell, you were awesome yesterday!
haha iceman you are too correct. first sol and then carrick. which spud do you think will leave for the "attraction of champions league football" this year haha
The ratings were mostly spot on, yes including senderos too :). I thought Hleb had a very good game, maybe a 7 or 8 for him. Diaby looked much better in the 2nd half after cesc came on. But overall, good game, and Im ok with the point. LD - good to know you guys came away safe.
You lot talk ****. I'm not denying a couple of thousand had left, but look at ANY home game you have and by the 80th minute the ground is half full and you all know it!! When the club PLEA'S with you to stay as they did a couple of months ago until the end you know that is crap supporters. LITTLE DUTCH - When did I bring up the throwing of bottles, I just said your supporters only turned up when you went 2-1 up, even a bloke I am sat in the office with now who is a GOON said that we sung and thats all he could hear on the tv and that both the free kicks resulting in golas were diodgy free kicks and should never of been so please mate talk some sense and support your team properly...sing when you losing, when you drawing and when your winning. Then the atmosphere at a North London derby might be that bit more exciting......Thank you!
I'm not interested in what people thought they heard on TV, I am talking about what I experienced in the South Stand, the fact is I couldn't hear you lot at all. We were singing, "it's so quiet at the Lane" at 1-1 because we couldn't hear a peep. Both free kicks were correct awards, though Rosicky made a meal of it. "Support you team when you're losing", well I haven't missed a game in more than five years and we've lost plenty in that time, so that criticism is a desperate shot, particularly given our raucuous support at Anfield in the face of a thrashing. As for our fans leaving hastily at the final whistle and not singing on the Seven Sister's Raod, may I suggest next year you come to the corner between Park Lane and the High Road and have a gander as to why we don't sing on the Seven Sister's Road, probably because, in general, people don't really like being kicked in the head. I got spat at just for walking away from the general direction of the away fans, I saw a 15 year old girl get hit by a bottle back in 01. If I were you, I would be ashamed of that type of support. And you lot have the cheek to cry foul at the Spanish police.
Little Dutch
Oh and I would suggest that the North London derby might be a bit more exciting for you if you even came close to winning one.
Little Dutch
Mate you didn't deserve a thing out of the derbies last year and you all know it, every Goon I know admits that. This one was a game of 2 halves where we dominated the 1st and you the 2nd. Your talking about the minority aboput the violence, most of us like to go to the game SING, enjoy the football and cheer our team on! Unlike you of course....I go back to the point that Goons have told me themselves that stewards tell you all to be QUIET at night matches, that is just hilarious!!!
Always the same with Spurs, shoot your bolt in the first half. Arsenal know this which is why we dominate the crucial moments of the game. It's because this is a much bigger game for Spurs than it is for us and the players show it. Your just points on the board for Arsenal which is why we play you with intelligence, the Spuds come running out like kids and knacker themselves. I confess you could easily have won the game at Highbury last year, but at the Lane it really was a game of two halves. This year, other then the Berbatov chance I can't think of anything else you created other than the goal. We hit the post in the first half. Basically, I would say your lot shaded the first half, we mullered you second half, so overall we deserved to win comfortably. But as Arsenal fans know, what you get and what you deserve are two different things on football. A minority it may be, but it's still a hell of a lot of people that commit these attrocities year in year out, supporters of other clubs say exactly the same, though I imagine it's a hell of a lot worse for us. "It's so quiet, it's so quiet, it's so quiet at the Lane....", what was it the Chelsea fans were singing at you the other week? "It's like Highbury, it's like Highbury at the Lane...."
Little Dutch
What do any other teams think of Cashburton Grove..... Library Mark2????? Its not just us, it's any one mate. You really know how to concerntrate in the crucial moments then don't you...whats that Fabregas let Jenas play a 1-2 on the edge of the box and track your runner yeh??? WELL DONE SON, NO WONDER YOU DIDN'T QUITE WIN THE YOUNG PLAYER OF THE YEAR THAT YOU LOT WERE ADAMANT HE WERE GOING TO WIN!!
You're right, our support at home games is awful, but I've been to every ground in the Prem many times over and it's the same everywhere. Secondly, I don't think anyone doubted that Ronaldo was going to win Young Player of the Year, he deserved it too. Certainly nobody on here saod that, nor has anyone, to my knowledge, questioned the decision. Fabregas had an excellent game but did let his concentration go there, but for a 19 year old to walk into a North London derby, unfit, away from home and boss it proves what a special player he is. I certainly wouldn't be willing to do a swap deal Fabregas for Jenas, would you?
Little Dutch
Think your lsightly going off point there. What i'm saying is dont slate our fans when your lot cleared off long beofre we started to leave and was near enough only half full by the final whistle. Ive said it beofre when you have possession you play really good football but the fans in general, but the fans should be more appreciative of it and SUPPORT the team by singing and making some noise. You have to admit The Immagrants is the Library mark 2 compared to any other decent supported team in the league???
So Matt how long do you reckon Berbatov is going to hang around. Could he of looked anymore more dissillusioned at the end of the game.
Genuine Pace
He was frustrated becuase he along with the rest of the squad believed we were going to beat you! O fcourse Man USA and Chelski are going to want him, he is a top quality player but he he will be with us for a couple of seasons yet. But if you want to play that game how long until Henry joins Barca or Liverpool who has said he has got a desire for as they have 'the best supporters in the world. They always sing and the KOP is special'...........
Ouch - it really hurts you doesn't it matt. We are ***** but you lot don't sing loud enough - is that the defense? Even if it were true it's still pretty weak and if that's all you've got you had better give it up altogether. You have the gall to criticise our ability to concentrate when you were 2-0 up at the lane and then *****ed it up big time. Even Jol acknowledges that none of your lot are good enough for the Arsenal team. If he can see it why is it so hard for you? You take the ***** out of Cesc but what happened with your great young talent of the future - the one dimensional Lennon - at the weekend then??? Our lot were disappointed because we didn't win and your lot were absolutely delirious because you didn't lose - says all it needs to doesn't it. Your posts sound increasingly frustrated and desperate probably because you know that this is as good as it gets for you.
Amos you are a c*ck! Im not taking the ***** what ive said you play good football. Your team deserve better supporters..thats what ive said. And the Goons that i know were adamnat Cesc was gonna win YPFA Award.. he didnt thats why I said that... Thank you mate!!
And another thing, you wouldn't want Berba, Lennon (the good version of Walnut), King, Dawson???? Somehow I think you would mate?? And dont give it all you wouldnt, because you know you all would...
So your answers a couple of seaons. Thats all i wanted to know.
Genuine Pace
He's singed a 4/5 year deal. It's modern football who stays to see out their contracts now a! If we provide european football for him whihc I believe we will wether it be Champs or UEFA then he will stay but if worst comes to worst then yeh of course he would move on. Mate Im a realists...if we had pipped you last year how many of your 'big players' would of stayed?? Would Hnery really be there now, no. Would Fabregas of gone back to Barca..probably. Would Gallas of joined you..No. Its modern football, but before you all start going but we DID pip you to 4th I know, and im happy you did. We wouldnt be ready for Champs yet, but in a couple of seasons we might be. We are a improving as a team improving as a squad and its all with a young group of lads with a British core.
I am sure you will find plenty of spuds who think Lennon should have won the YPFA as well so its a pretty silly point in the first place. Some of our support is pretty poor but the core of the support is good and be realistic much of your support is pretty poor to. Most teams have seen a falling off of vocal support ever since stadiums became all seated. At the away games I have been to I have not noticed a significant difference between our place and any of the others. In fact it seems to me that the worse a team is doing the more vocal their support becomes. I haven't been to Upton Park for a while but a West Ham mate tells me that the noise levels are great - borne out of fear and desperation. A bit like your posts really.
Id take lennon , the raw ingrediants are there and Wenger could add a lot to his game. I would also take King, however hed have to get used to Carling cup games as first choice is Toure and Gallas. But Dawson hell no!!
Genuine Pace
I would take Berbatov as back up for TH & RvP but I don't think we need King or Dawson. King maybe last season but not now. Lennon would never make our side - as I said he is one dimensional.
Mate, if you came to the Lane you would see that we have some of the best supporters in the country. A survey I read last year said that Utd, Liverpool and us had the best in that order through noise levls. Now considering our ground is half the size of Man USA thats quite something. We all knew Lennon werent going to win, yeh of course you would meet the odd few but I waas just going by the group of Asrenall supporters I know who all said every Goon they know thought he deserved to win it.... obviously you wont believ that but theres my 'proof' if that what you want, wh7y is uggested that. I never came on here to have a go mate, i was just trying to put a bit of truth in the article that wsa written above if you scroll up you can read it you know....... defending the fact that we had all left beofre the end when clearly that wasnt the case.....Once again I thank you!
Matt, in all seriosness my best friend is a season ticket holder at your place. And he also believes that you are not ready for Champions league yet. He worries that the step up is a bit to far at the moment.
Genuine Pace
Yes our team deserves better support at home game, but at away games we always give a good account, inclusing this weekend. I think it's the same for every side in the Prem. I would take Berbatov, Lennon is a one trick pony, Dawson is o.k, but he couldn't live with Adebayor on saturday and is nowhere near the quality of Gallas, Toure, Djourou or even Senderos. King I would take in a second, he's a class act. i have heard gooners saying they think Cesc SHOULD have won the YPFA award, but nobody was saying he would win. Frankly, with Ronaldo in the category there was only ever going to be one winner and I couldn't disagree. Fabregas has had a fantastic season, but Arsenal's player of the year is Gilberto by a country mile, frankly I don't usually take much notice of these awards- even when Henry swept the board- but I really cannot argue with this one.
Little Dutch
Thank you Genuine pace- a bit of sesne. We all know that our sickness on the last day of the seasonw as a blessing in diguise. We have competed well in all comps this year, yes you beat us, yes we fu*ked the 1st game up but on the bigger picture we reached a semi and two quarter finals this year as well as still pushing for a UEFA place. That is a good season, maybe your eyse are set on bigger sights but for us in this period of time under new(ish) management, a new sporting director and a young ever improving growing squad we have done well this season. Even any Goon has to agree with that?
matt, are you jackyB's brother, by any chance :) ?
No mate i'm not. Why??? Are yuo little dutch's brother???
Relative to recent times it is a decent season for you and even as a gooner I can see reasons why you might feel more encouraged over the last couple of seasons. Much of our lot are still squealing and demanding the manager be sacked even with a little bit more to celebrate. It's all about expectations I suppose.
Exactly Im not one who demands more straight away because we had a good campaing last year. Like i say yuo expect to win a trpohey every year you have failed to do that in the last 2 but they havent been terrible seasons fro you. But everyone can see we are becoming more consistent and changing the manager isnt going to do that for us. We have had a really good season and I will be renweing my seaon ticket hoping that next year we can go further in at least one of the competitions we are in.
LD, What percentage of voters has St.Totterings day for mid-April?
Just reading back on a few things you have said matt. Were you at the Emirates for either game this year? If you were you'd have notced that the Spertz end was as sparse as your trophy cabinet with 15 minutes left in the league game and 10 minutes in the cup.
Now not that I agree with it , but my knowledge is that they left becuse some how near enough all the tickets got in the hands of Yids who like to have a scrap or two and went and smashed up any Goon who wanted to have one. We didnt turn up in the league and were having a bad run of away games at that point. Not that its an excuse, its a north london derby but we were poor. Carling cup game we were a little better and pushed you into extra time.
The away fans did us proud on saturday and were clearly audible. Didnt really hear much from Sp*rs except the vile Wenger song and the ironic 2-1 and you f*@ked it up (strange to sing that seen as "YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE AT HOME"). If Gooners had to leave early to protect themselves then so be it, here is a clip of Spuds screaming and frothing at the mouth at the sight of gooners............on the Telly! Imagine what they would do to a real life gooner!
Arsenal support were clearly audible on five live radio... i didnt hear nowt in the way of spurs chanting... »»Arsene Knows««
Wingston, that'll be because, "it's so quiet, it's so quiet, it's so quiet at the Lane, it's so quiet, it's so quiet, it's so quiet at the Lane." sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Dutch
I guess it should be quiet seen as they have been in a coma for 46 years!
haha undeserved! Did you see the 2 incidents which actually made your 2 goals possible? Err dives (once more) I believe. Hitting the post actually counts as being off target, so you only really scored 2 from 2 dodgy set pieces. I think a draw was a fair scoreline at the end of it though, you outplayed us the 2nd half as we did you the 1st. On another note though, I don't actually agree that spitting and throwing stuff at you lot is on... Even if you are gooner scum! x
You're the only Spud who thinks you deserved anything! Even Fatty Jol said u were lucky and Berbatov looked like he wanted to kill someone! You never dive at the lane do you....Didier Zakora, Berbatov, Ghaly......outclassed and lucky, when we beat you at the grove 3-0 u all came out telling us you would do us at the lane! "you'll never beat the Arsenal"
I love this day!
LD's claim of out-chanting the spuds is backed up by postings on VitalSpuds forum... check out their DERBY MATCH THREAD - to quote one of then on the third page: "Suicidal mate especially with '1-0 and you f****** it up' ringing out for what seemed like eternity..." funny is that? I don't post on their forum but it's intriguing to pop over and read what they say - never fails to put a grin on my face.
Have vital spurs members hatched a plan to kill Martin Jol yet or are the fickle bunch gonna commission a gold bust of his rather large face if they win their game in hand and go into the UEFA spots?
Fair question iceman, and I would like to ask them but I'm not ready to discuss such intricacies with our neighbours that constantly foam at the mouth.
You won we lost .. and we came away with a draw..Better than a loss I suppose.. If it was not for games like this it would not be worth being a fan!! The spitting and ***** is bad I am sure it is the same for the spurs supporters that go to the Imaginates.
Did you all notice how Wenger sat down and waved at us when we were addressing him when he stood up during the is he trying to admit to something there or what???? I THINK SO
Did you notice him waving to our fans in 2004 when we won the league on your ground? Still, it must have been nice for you lot to have seen the league won at White Hart Lane. To think, Sol Campbell never thought he could win the league at the Lane, how wrong he was.
Little Dutch
Yeh how funny that was......Anyway why do you always dodge the question Little Dutch????
No matter matt, LD's reply seemed quite satisfactory to me!
Sorry, but your incisive, intellectual line of questioning just stumps me every time Paxman.
Little Dutch
What you going on about now L-D??? Just seems everytime I put a question to you, you go on on and on about something else
But what was your brilliant question? Do I think Wenger is a paedophile? Is that really a question worth asking? It certainly isn't one worth answering, I was under the impression that this was a football network and as such childish misgivings about the Arsenal manager aren't exactly worth me going into some sort of Harold Bloomesque tangent. A career in political braodcasting awaits you Mr. Frost.
Little Dutch
Im not talking about that one, for the last couple of days whenever i have asked you a question you just dodge it and start mouthing off so I do the honourable thing abd give it back to you. If you read posts on here I do actualy have decent conversations with a couple of your lads on here mate....keep that in mind.
From what I can see you asked if I thought the atmos at the Grove was crap, I said yes. You asked if I would want Berbatov, King and Dawson, I answered yes, yes and no. Then you asked me if I thought Wenger was a paedophile. Don't really see what your problem is.
Little Dutch

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