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Interesting Stat

I've just had a phonecall from Vital Arsenal member 'Puregold'.

We spoke about the potential takeover etc but he also passed on a very interesting stat.

I don't know about all of you but I'm still celebrating St Totteringham's day, so this stat was of great interest to me.

I suppose you all want to know what this interesting stat is?

Well here it is... This weekend's North London Derby was Martin Jol's 99th league game at Spurs. During those 99 games only ONCE has he managed to beat a top 4 side, that team being Chelsea at White Hart Lane this season.

It might not sound that bad but consider that spurs are (allegedly) a team on the up, while Arsenal are a team in decline it's not that great. Also consider that West Ham have won more games against top 4 sides this season (three) than Jol has in his entire time as Spurs manager.

Need I say more? ;)

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 23 2007

Time: 9:11PM

Your Comments

nope, that will do fine LMAO
Also its the fiftieth season spuds have won the league, well nearly. They are *****e Shall we sing a song for you Shall we sing a song for you
Spurs are the greatest club in WORLF FOOTBALL! Or maby the best club who wear a brown away kit in london!!!!!!
well considering that 2 of west ham wins was against us..i'm not too happy.. but if that could add insult to the already injured spuds.. i'm overjoyed
Now that's a stat worth digging up! How the poor spuds have fallen! With your little pearls of wisdom PS, we should open a little corner on the site called "PG Tips" where every week you share with us some little nugget like this!! Keep'em coming!
well, that's progress. Nice to see they've come on in leaps and bounds... »»Arsene Knows««
Not happy about the fact that Hammers have beaten us twice, but when you look at our record against the top four clubs (exchange Spurs for us) it reads P11 W7 D3 L1, in all competitions. Hows that for a slice of fried gold?
Actually I forgot about the cup final so add an extra tick to the P & L column, still makes for good reading though.
hehe thanks simmo for posting that for me while i was out and about in london town ! yes rocky your right, if you put our performance against the other 4 sides , i think we are on top this season :) thanks for my PG little nuggest corner, i feel like i should be some roving reporter sleuth type, clark kent by day ..... all i need is a terri hatcher louis lane type ! DROOOOOOOOOL !
Jol thinks the big 4 are Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons. The guy is the most clueless manager ive seen in a long time. He doesnt buy the players (Commoli does) so cannot take credit for Berbatov, his jobs are tactics, man management and motivation all of which he fails at miserably. saying that it would take the dude from the green mile to breathe life back into that pile of s*@t club.
They have kept clean sheets in just 14% (5 clean sheets in total) of their games. Now we all know after last years Lasagne incident that they dont like clean sheets but thats the worst record in the premiership! yet they sing Englands number one to fatty and tell us how great chimbonda and Dawson are. They lost to us twice, liverpool twice, Chelsea twice and united twice. Embarrasing.
I don't know about you but I would love for fatso to stay with the spuddies as long as possible. If he were to go, sp*rs could actually get someone who knows tactics and has a clue about man management. And PG really knows his stats.
haha that was good, PG. :)
How can a team who got beat home and away by the spammers GLOAT!! Actually you got beat by two different managers who will probably be inthe championship next year.. Goodie gooodie.. I may visit your areshole the imaginates when you have been bought by the yankies.. I would never pay you know that.. But i am sure Ic an get a freebie through my corporate connections.. I would only observe for scientific perposes..
Haha, tiny tots suk!
don't embarrass yourself cusop. your going to compare your totten***** statistics to our defeat to west ham! You truly have a brain as empty as that lame excuse for a spice rack you spuds call a trophy cabinet.
Phantom of the Grove
Spurs are putrid. Thats the only way i can put it.
Aussie Gooner
i think i may start a "keep jol at the lane for good" campaign. i've never seen a manager ***** his pants so many times as soon as his team take the lead. very amusing though
Jol and spurs are just rubbish
News updates......................................................................... Mind the gap it said in today's The Sun, and also in the London paper - but for *****s sake, we are 13 points clear of Spurs, which would have been 15 if the remarkably straight Jermaine Jenas hadn't sneaked in an undeserved equaliser - the gap is closing how?...................................................................................................Also, this quote from Robbie Keane: "We had a longer run than them (Arsenal) even if it was in the UEFA Cup..." er... you had a bye... and you played ***** teams all the way until you got a decent team in the quarter-final where you *****ed it right up as usual, you in-bred scum, plus you only played about 3 ties. ..................................................................................... Then you've got the comedy circuit's fattest performer Martin Jol going on about how well they've done to get so far in so many competitions this season - you aren't going to qualify for Europe, you went out in the quarter finals of the FA Cup, the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup (after a bye ans easy draws all the way) and also lost in the semi-finals of a *****e competition like the league Cup to our kids... yeah, cracking season -----------------------------------------------------------How retarded can one club possibly be?
LG you're spot on mate! i just love keane's quote-think he sums it up when he says "even if it was UEFA". of course the likes of braga are as good as porto, hamburg etc....! when will they realsie that they're still light years behind us?
As the old quote goes "you can't polish a turd" and it seems no matter how much gloss spurs fans, players and management try to put on things at the end of the day its still all stinks!!!!
I dont know how many times I need to say this...I COULDN'T GIVE A ***** ABOUT THE TOP 4 AT THE MOMENT!! Were not ready to be in the top 4, yes we want to try and push you all the way, yes we want to do as well as we can BUT we have become more consistent since the Big man tookover and were close to getting 4th last year. We didnt, which I think was a good thing as we done ourselves proud in the UEFA this year and we hope to do so again next year. We are getting better, yes you are better than us but even Wenger himself admitted the gap is getting closer in between going down the local parks with his packets of Haribo........Are you happy now????
erm Matt, your top-4 argument is reasonable and even-handed, so I don't quite understand why there is so much anger in your post. Is it something we said?
If you concentrated on supporting MJ and found ways to improve your awful midfield with a leader of some description, I'm sure you would not need to come over and take cheap-shots. Although I think MJ has been good for you, we know that given a choice we would both prefer Arsene to manage our clubs ;-)
Andy where am i taking cheap shots?? Theres no anger in my posts its just you lot bang on about us saying we should be in top 4, we shouldnt were not good enough...YET. Maybe a couple of additions and another yrs experiance from the young lads in the team and we will go further. But I think we have done well this season, and I dont think any Gooner can dis-agree?? Over all we have improved and we still are improving.I wouldn't Arsene to ever step foot in the Tottenham dug out, the geeza is blind. Nver sees any of the decisions that you get away with, spends his afternoon in local parks and has no personality.
matt-when andy mentioned cheap shots i can only assume he was refering to the stuff similar to your last line in the above post. you just cant resist mentioning peadophilia can you? why is that? is it cos you know you can take the ***** footballing wise about the arsenal? as for your argument about being better than last year-i'm sorry i do not agree. to prove it ask yourself this: would you prefer to be in your position now ie fighting pompey for a uefa cup spot with no chance of a trophy, or would you prefer to be sitting 4th, needing only to match arsenal's result on final day of season to secure CL football? i kow what position i'd rather be in
meant to say "can't take the ***** footballing wise" of course
LABWAM - Yeh nice mistake there mate, really served your argument well!! To be honest I dont care what your about to say (we knocked you out, blah blah blah) we got to 2 quarters this year and a semi of cup compettions. Would of played something like 60 games and are still in the hunt for a uefa place which i believe we will get. So i think we have been better overall, more consistency in which my point is all about. Anyhow bout the Wenger thing dont you like it when people say that??? I dont think it's not far away from all the "the circuits fattest performer" and all the other **** you come out with about him. Does it hurt just because deep down you know he does infact look like he would be on Britains most wanted??
Matt - I always think you offer a well balanced and thought out opinion, but do you honestly think calling someone fat and calling someone a child molester is the same thing? Because some of the songs you guys sing about Arsene Wenger are disgusting.
fact martin jol is fat and useless!!! fiction wenger plays in the local park with kiddies,thats the difference...... matt i just love your blind loyalty,do you honestly think that while tinytotts improve as you say,that the other teams above and below you just stand still and let you move up in the world.
fran merida
Fran how do you know thats fiction?? Do you follow his every move???? Thought not, unless theres something you want to share with us?? Rocky, abuse is abuse, if we abuse your manager and you abuse ours its all the same. Yeh some of the words might be stronger but thats simply becsuse we make up a few better songs than you. You know that your someone I can have a decent conversation with on here so im not having a dig at you mate
matt-are you being serious? i really hope not for your sake. how anyone can describe calling someone fat as the same as calling someone a paedophile is beyond me. as for consistency-surely the real mark of consistency is league performance and from my viewpoint you look to be doing far worse this year than last
Wenger doesn't have a park locally to where he lives. Abuse isn't just abuse - there are different levels of abuse and saying someone molestes kids is crossing the line. it's like saying there's no difference between me calling someone a ***** and calling them a racist name. It's really quite pathetic that you think that.
a game in hand and if we win (against blackburn at home) we wold be 2 points behind 5th. Thats not bad mate and 10 points behind you. Yeh 10 points is fairly big but I go back to us playing 60 games this year where as last year we fu**ed up in both cups and only played a total of 40. So yes we have improved our consistency. Would you like me to sing you the songs about Wenger as your the one now going on about it???? Some fat pople might not like you if you carry on, you might be hurting their feelings??
Matt, your arguments for rejecting Arsene are a bit ****... he's blind you say - just like many others. Do we need to dig up any examples of MJ's blindness to prove it? He has no personality you say, but I'm not sure what you mean - is it because he doesn't break-dance in the dug-out? I like his personality, and he also manages a club better than Ozzy Osbourne would - if that's what personality means to you! The paedophile allusion is low, even compared to our 'fat' jibes. For the record I like MJ in character and as a manager...I even like a good part of your team (that'll get me banned!) but honestly mate, some of your supporters... oh no... lets leave that one shall we!
Oh, and fellow-gooners, lol, could we please refrain from describing Martin Jol as fat? Can we do 'cuddly' instead?
Thank you Andy, im aure many 'fat' people will understand. And beofre you think that myself is a fat ******** i way a healthy 11 1/2 stone!!! But then I can say exactly the same as your lot, the truth is mate were never gonna get on. Some of my mates I drink regularly with are Gooners, I like them, some on my football team are Gooners I like them it just seems some others I dont quite have the same admiration for..... And its not my fault if Wenger does look dodgy is it, blames his parents for they are the ones who gave him his looks!
matt-what are you on about? i haven't even called MJ fat once. and here's a qeustion for you-if its the same thing calling someone fat or a paedophile, if you had a son one day, would you prefer him to turn out fat or a paedophile?
It's plain to see that Jol is a fatty. Why do you think he never wears a suit? What evidence is there that Wenger likes kids?
I can't beleive that these guys accuse Wenger of being some kind of perv, when their very own manager tells his players to, 'play,play,play', with each other in the middle of a game. Talk about double standards.
God you lot take everything so seriously on here!!! Have a laugh lads. Simmy8 talking about racist jibes - arent you then same bunch of fnas that quite happily come to the lane and make hissing noises- concerning the killing of the jews in WW2. Even thought the majority of us arent actualy Jewish but Tottenham was (is) a jewish area in London????? That way I think we can say what we like about your manager really, the amount of years we heard that. Now is that not just a complete disgrace you should be ashamed to support a club where there fans behave in such a way??
matt-arsenal actually have more jewish fans then spurs these days, as well as danny fizzman who is majority shareholder. i know "some" arsenal fans have made anti semetic comments and being jewish myself i was of course ashamed of these idiots. but that has totally been stamped out of our club. its just a shame your club wont act in the same way concerning the idiots who chant about paedophiles
Sorry didnt realise it was in caps, dont go on about me for shouting or anger its not!
I would never condone the hissing made, but that is a very, very small minority. The same cannot be said about the fans making chants at Wenger. I'll never, ever be ashamed to support my team because of a minority, I'm ashamed of them, not the club. And as much as I despise the fans responsible for that, your fans are hardly in a position to comment on anti semetic chants. Constant chats of "YID" and "YID ARMY" can be heard every week at WHL.
and "Have a laugh lads." Pardon me for not finding it funny when you call someone a paedofile!
The reason we call ourslevs Yid Army is becuase we thought we'd throw it back in your face when you used to take the *****. That way its to show that were proud of our heritage and traditional support. OK them Simmy8 I do beg your pardon...I thank you sir!
So you're the only team in the country with jewish fans? Is there no one who would find that chant offensive? And speaking of racist chants what about the spurs chant about "Three black gooners standing in the wall..."
Right, can we calm down a bit here peeps, we're all grown ups here, I'd hate to have to close this thread down because we cant debate like civilised humanbeings. So relax, go get yourselves a stella, and chill the **** out!!
I agree Rocky, Ive said a little while ago to calm down. Thank you for saving the day Rocky, I feel the Rocky Movie soundtrack coming into play here if only this had music on it!!!
Fair enough guys, we slogged it out, but when it comes to percentages, we have to call a spade a spade... at least our 'orrible minority is with a tiny little 'm'... unlike our neigbours' nasty big neon-light capital 'M'... and that's the truth!
Andy I thought we were calling it quits mate, why do you have to go and do that???? Your jsut looking to cause troubel arent you really, when theres no need mate? Do yourslef a favour, turn your PC off cuz all your doing is talking cr*p and you might as well help the environment and save the electricity...theres a good boy!
you just had to have the last word on it didn't you matt
I think labwam your mate andy did. READ what he just wrote and you'll see what i mean. I agreed with Rocky to leave it but he to have another tell me I had to have the last word yeh???
Can we call Jol, "The Hutt" ?Jol is just a rubbish version of Claudio Ranieri.Freaks out in big games, freaks out when winning. And this stat,deep down, all of us knew that. I just didn't know it was that much. lol
i read his comment-but i also read your comment after his slagging him off, therefore you felt you had to have the last word.
Yeh i dont deny that mate, if i say im quite happy to leave it and your chum has to say one last thing i think i am entitled to say something back to him dont you??? is that such a crime??? looks like he's listened though doesnt it cuz its all gone quiet off him now
with that last line you're just asking for trouble!
Oh give it a rest mate, ive said im quite happy to... All im saying is he took my advice, how on earth am i asking for trouble there??? PLease explain, I am oh so desperate to hear what you have to say this time round......
i was joking mate! chill out will ya! all i meant was you were enticing a response out of andy with your last line!
Mate im as chilled as an eskimo...Obviously Andy isnt going to respond because he's now grown up enough to realsie he was fighting a lost cause
nwo this is all over, i have a question for matt- do you think berbatov deserves to be in team of the season even though he's scored less than 10 league goals? i personally would've gone for mccarthy
If you wanna be serious mate, i am quite adequote to answer your question. Yes I think he does, your right he hasn't scored loads in the league...but he has socred a few in both the FA and UEFA as well and is a pure genius on the ball. He could work well with any sort of partener wether it be a small man like Defoe, a creative player like Keane or would work well with someone in the mould of a Shearer as he has ability to do just about anything. Seriously if he had been playing for a top4 club he would of got a bigger mention in the PFA Award as well. Right in all seriousness do you think Henry will be with you come September, a few of my Goon mates don't???
yes 100%. if anything, no club is buy him after he's spent the whole season pretty much on the sidelines! plus there's no way after last season he'll leave now.
as for your comment about berbatov being more involved if he was at a top 4 club, i guess we'll find out next year .....
Do you not think with talk of Eto'o leaving Barca (possibly to Chelski, Liverpool or you lot) he would fill in the space there??? Geeza I work with says he thinks he will leave and could be for about £20mill... I honestly think its a possibility if he doesn't move now it might be too late for him to go to another 'big' club.
I think Berbatov has been excellent for Spurs, but the team of the season was for the PL only, and as such both Henry and van Persie have scored the same amount as Berbatov but in far less games and a strikers job is to score goals which a few more strikers have done far better jobs than him in the league. Quick question, do you know how many goals Berb has scored away from home (serious question that I'm interested to know the answer to). As far as Henry is concerned, he's going nowhere, he has said as much (about 10 times since janurary) and the board have said it & Wenger has said it.
i just don't think he will. if he ever was it would've been last year. he's married to an english girl and has a daughter here so why take the risk? he's settled here and seems to love london and more importantly love arsenal. plus i think he's seen the likes of petit, overmars, anelka leave us and realsies the grass isn't always greener
Yeh I suppose, but I just wouldn't be surprised if he did. Never say never in football.... Not to sure for the answer there Rocky, but Berba has created so many for the team and considering we don't create as many chances as the 'big 4' do he has done wonders. In all seriousness I rate him as highly as Henry. He is a classy player and Berba aint far off....
I still think Berbatov was worthy of a mention in player of the year. If you look at the team of the year, he's up top with Drogba, which makes sense because Drogba's been banging them in, therefore, that'd work as a partnership. I think Berbatov is a class striker, he creates a hell of a lot to offset his lack of goals so g=far. The biggest indicator of class is first tuch and Berbatov's is faultless. On Saturday I noticed the same thing I noticed with Anelka, he creates fear in defenders. Every time he gets the ball he looks like he'll do something. I'd like to see him in an Arsenal shirt. On another note, did you see Wenger's response to a question this week? Someone asked him if he had an open chequebook, money no object, which striker would he ike to add to our squad and he replied, "I would add Henry and van Persie."
Little Dutch
Must admit both them players (henry and v perise) are brillinat players. there is some things i dont like about them but that is to be expected.. i wont go into detail theres no need. But I rate Adebayor highly, think he is class. Kanu but with the skill!!
Hi Matt, it was meant as a light-hearted dig I made an hour ago.. I dont know why you get carried away... i dont know what lost cause you were talking about, but I won't bait you further, as you seem to get a bit hot under the collar... returning to football Berbatov is indeed a class apart... I'm not sure that in a Top 4 team he would have got a mention though, as his talent may not have stood out so much when playing next to likes of Henry, Drogba etc. I could be wrong though and it may have improved him further... its a worry for you guys thouhg - repeat this season's antics next year, and he will be forced to leave... Oh, and if I had to bet my money on who's leaving first, it will be Berba before Henry every time.
matt-what do you revkon will happen if utd come in with a huge bid for berbatov this summer? will the board do what they did with carrick or will they resist?
Well the light hearted dig wasn't really was it if you read back on it. Im not hot under the colloar mate, if you see I can quite easily have a decent adult conversation with some of you on here. Which I am happy to do, I love football, love watching it, love talking about it and am quite happy talking to you lot about it sensibly..just sometimes not all of you can do that. I know I have said things but it comes from digs that you have made either on the Spurs site or on here that I believed were simply not true.
Even if i wanted to, I couldn't find the time to post on VitalSpuds! I don't resort to name-calling as easily as you either - which just proves the point I made earlier! But look, I'll drop it now ok. The question is, will you drop Berba when ManU come calling??
They would resist any money for Berba. With Carrick we had Huddlestone coming through. Fair enough the boy had a bad game saturday, but he was coming back from a knee injury and maybe we rushed him. He willl be superb if he progresses like we all expect in the next couple of years. £18mill for a player we payed £2.5mill for werent a bad bit of business. We missed Carrick at the beginning of the season but not so much so now.
You obsession with all things spurs !! Is incredible.. If you were a Big 4 club you lot should be far more concerned about what will happen at Liverpool or Chelsea, Or Man United not us! You should read the Owen Hargreaves article on the BBC site about Berbatov.. It gives a very different slant!! The most positive point is that moving to spurs has brought out and improved the consistency of his game. The goals against Braga were sublime and thats why the house is always full when he plays. Also why Mido is history!!
ello yew
American ty***** Stan Kroenke is set to meet the Arsenal board so the directors can listen to his £500m takeover plan. (Daily Mirror)
"The goals against Braga were sublime" so where mine against the dog and duck (roughly same standard of opposition) doesnt mean I should be in the premiership team of the year. He has 9 prem goals and about 3 away from home but he is quality and that may improve depending of the rubbish around him.
*depending on
cba readin all this
No spud obsession here cusop... probably just a general football obsession! I like to look at all parts of the table, and immerse myself in the experience - sad but true! :-)
Here is another interesting stat, SPUDS NEVER BEAT US, even with TH14, RVP11, & FL8 playing *****e and injured.
blimey i do one stat and the whole world erupts ! just to clarify, Wenger DOES play in the park with the kids, but i may point out they are arsenal's kids and thats only cos the spuddies kids are good enough to play with or for Wenger ! HAHAHAHA !
Yes Puregold, it's gone from "PG Tips" to "PG T I T S"
Interesting this continued obsession with Spurs, the medicore and lacking in imagination name calling in refering to us as Spuds which really cuts to hen bone yet no comment about the racist remarks of your chairman saying that they 'don't want his sort' i,e Kroenke. You don't seem to have your priorities sorted.
How is that racist????? shortsighted perhaps but racist....try screaming "yid army" every week thats far more racist.
kernowboy where did you come from ? continued obession ? hmm would that be most of you spuddies coming here to gloat if we lose to another team ? or have an injury, penaltly, yellow card, or dare i saw Wenger says he did not see the incident ? us gooners don't have an obsession, we have a healthy rivalry with our neighbours, not much of one i give you that, but it is a rivalry none the less. and we call you spuds , cos you have a chip on your shoulder about the bigger north london team, you get it ? and as iceman quite rightly points out, where the effin hell is that a racist remark ? i suppose you can't of finished school huh to know the difference. and what about all your fans comments about wenger, the immigrant stadium and all the foreigners in our team. look at your own club first and tell me how much british talent there is now or next season. NEWSFLASH, a village near tottenham has issued a missing persons report for its local idiot, anyone that has seen this person please contact Seven Sisters road police station.
Custard, Barie Doll may have score a good goal in the UEFA cup true, but against who? Had you ever heard of Braga before you played them, he may have score more goals than TH14 & RVP11 this season granted, but he aint score more prem goals than either, he has played how many games? They have been injured for how long? Once again, Rose tinted glasses from an Arm Chair supporter.
are you sure the hissing noise isnt the gooners making shushing noises coz its all gone quite at the lane?
fran merida
he is a disgusting beast who looks like barry off eastenders...RIP (sob) I HATE YOU JANINE!

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