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F**k You I Won't Do What You Tell Me

A great band once sang the lyrics 'F**k you I won't do what you tell me', and never did it ring so true as when watching the Champions League semi finals this week.

Whilst viewing the Liverpool v Chelsea & the AC Meelan v Man Utd games this week, I don't mind telling you that I felt a little bit 'green monster' at the thought of being left out, I mean, if someone tells you they aint bothered that their closest rivals are in the semi finals of the Champions League, then they're liars.

However I have been amazed to see actually how many supporters of other clubs seem to be forced beyond their will to cheer for these teams just because of the single fact that they come from England.

'Oh you've gotta cheer the English teams on haven't you'

Er, No.

These are teams I spend my days bitching about, I cherish every game we reign victorious against them and feel sick to the stomach when we lose.

We laugh when they lose, they bite back when it's our turn. So why oh why do we feel it necessary to jump on the European bandwagon?

When Liverpool fought back to bag ol big ears for the 5th time in Istanbul, I watched the game with my scouse mate, I cheered the 'Pool on for my friends sake, I consoled him when they were 3-0 down and assured him they'd win when it came down to penalties. And what did I get when that winning spot kick went in?

'Ahhhhhhh, five times, five times, you've never won it, come see your dad!!'

Needless to say I've never been one for authorities, or people telling me what to do, I don't like to follow the crowd, I don't eat grass and I don't 'baaaaa', so the next time someone tells you you have to support a team in Europe just because they are English and you really don't want to, remember the lyrics of Rage Against The Machine and sing.......

'F**ck you, I won't do what you tell me'

Come on AC Milan!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 3 2007

Time: 8:22AM

Your Comments

I was just having this same conversation with a mate of mine. United could play the Taliban select 11 and i'd still want them to get stuffed.
Exactly. I mean, have much of a moron do you have to be? You cheer these teams on, only for them to use it as ammo against you when they win. "Go on mate, you sharpen that sword, you're doing a great job. Brilliant. Owwwwwww, what the ***** did you stab me for?"
FORZA MILAN!!!! Me bitter? Naaahh. :)
Blue is the colour
I did see the semi-finals and the results could not have made me happier. Trebles and quadruples all down the drain. These are two clubs I despise most (after the sp*rs, of course), especially because of the same arrogant fans that Mr. Mustchin mentioned, and I happen to know quite a few of them.
I admit to being quite chuffed when L'Pool pulled it back against Milan last time and then we have 2 years of Scousers rubbing our noses in it. I was young(er) and naive then. Not this time. FORZA MEEELAN. They done the best bit by kicking the Lotto Chavs out though.
spot on lads. you'd never find me cheering on spurs/chelsea or liverpool in ANY competition. i also have to admit to wanting liverpool to win last time when they were 3 down but before the match i was all for milan and will be again. but then again i don't have the same hatred for liverpool as the other three clubs.
I think many of us have warmed to Liverpool since they keep beating Chelsea in Semi-finals. I do remember however when Liverpool and their fans were the most arrogant and revered mob in world football.
well, i am happy united and chelski are out, but if i had to chose between milan and liverpool i would back rafa.. why ? cos i like the guy, he is media friendly, never says anything stupid or arrogant and for me liverpool is the underdog in the final, so i like to support the "smaller" club ;)
Oh yes guys why not. Am going for AC Milan lest we get taunted at every opportunity
I'll go for Milan as well. Not because they are or are not english simply because, last night at least, they played football as it should be played . Also Benitez is getting something of a reputation as a master tactician, albeit one who wins on penalties, and that is a myth that deserves to be punctured.
I think I'm with you on that one Pure Gold. I know that there's a few Liverpool fans who like to rub our noses in it, but to be honest the majority of the ones I know were cheering Arsenal on in the C/L Final last season. I'm glad that Utd are out, but I do have a grudging respect for them and i thought that Ferguson showed some class last night in his interview after the match. Now Chelsea on the other hand.......Mourinho, Kenyon, Drogba, Cole, Robben, awful football........ what is there possibly to like about them?
*sorry i meant spurs/chelsea or utd
flv, form is temporary, class is permanant. That is the single most important thing to remember when you think of Chelsea.
flv-you are right. i think the last 3 seasons have shown me that at least utd have done things the right way and the only reason i don't like them is because they have been our main rivals over the last 10 years. with chelsea however, it's a hatred not just out of rivalry. they're a disgrace to the league and from the chairman through to the manager and the players they're utter scum.
Like you Amos, it sickens me that Chelsea can spend £500m but still refuse to play proper football; there is no excuse for such cynicism and being content with a 1-0 home lead. While liverpool are the underdog and have a much classier manager as PG rightly says, they are not too positive on the pitch either, so although I wouldn't begrudge them winning, I would prefer to just say "May the best man win!".
Get off that fence Lebwam, don't surpress your true feelings.
Anyone heard that in an unprecedented move, UEFA have decided that there should be a 3rd place play off this year and have decided to hold it at Wembley on the 19th May! ....its called the FA cup! Now I know where the AIG comes from on the front of Man U Shirts.Athens Is Gone!! Couldnt agree with you more Paul
to be fair to l'pool, they can actually play proper football as they showed it against barca, though they lost the match..they hit the bar 3 times... and if milan plays like yesterday, i can only see them should be a good match..i'm not tooo cruel to see pool joining us with no silverware this season... so, i'll support time only
hatespur-i just really hate those ******** s with a passion!
I'm torn on this one. If Milan win, I win myself fifty quid. But the whole reason I bet on them in the first place is that it is a disgrace they were allowed in this year's competition and the second they were reinstated (they are G-14 aren't they? Just a thought) I thought to myself, 'the corrupt ********s will win it now." I find 'Pool winning it much more palatable than United or Chelsea, a bit like the difference between being stuffed five or six nil, they're way ahead of us in Euro Cups anyway. The others I just despise (though Chelsea more so).
Little Dutch
Come on AC Milan!!! I will support AC Milan just becouse last night they destroyed Man USA
I'm a little torn too. I guess I've warmed more to Liverpool since they've become less successful than in the 80s, and because I recall reading that they clapped Arsenal when we won the league in 89 at Anfield. I also wish we could have half the atmosphere they do at Anfield. If an English team is to win it other than Arsenal, then I'd rather it be Liverpool. Couldn't stand Chelski winning it and being able to say they've won it more than us. It REALLY grates me that we've never won it.
Gooner vin, don't believe the hype. The atmos at Anfleidl is not that special.
Little Dutch
nah, kits something or nothing there mate lol! I was cheering for you against barca, but to be honest i dont really think the boys in Athens are gonna care if your supporting them or not =)
My family is from italy, and i like Milan second best to Arsenal in world football so up the Rosaneri. Still i'm glad its liverpool not Chelski they will be beating
Ozi Gooner
well actually AC MILAN is in fact an english club,it just happens to be based in italy,created by expats thats why its called milan and not milano,and it has a st georges cross on its badge.
fran merida
Thanks fran for stating the obvious, but its still not really an english club.
Ozi Gooner
I'd have to be cheering for 'Pool as mainly I don't believe that Milan should even be in the CL after their corruption scandal of last year. But like most big business money will always see you thru. I also have a lot of time for Pool. I like Benitez and think that after the final 2 years ago (which was one of the greatest sporting moments I've experienced) they deserve to win it again
By the way, anyone know what's happened to Newsnow??? recently I've been getting a whole load of outdated stuff on there and today is like I've been transported back to 2002 (except my hairstyle is slightly better!!!)
I sort of agree about the Milan not being there thing but still, the Italian authorities decided they could have only influenced an amount of matches that would still have got them enough points to come in 4th, so if a court decide that their influence could only have extended to gaining a certain amount of points that would still allow them to qualify for the CL, i dont see why a whole bunch of people who really have no idea what went on should become the moral authority on the matter. Each club was punished according to their degree of involvement and clearly the courts found AC's involvement was minimal so although the whole thing wasnt great for football they were the least of the problem. Also now they are there, the players did nothing wrong and although i have alot of respect for the scousers my heritage still says Forza Milano.
Ozi Gooner
I'll be honest...if AC Milan was facing Chelsea in the final, I'd be rooting for the blues. It makes me sick that AC Milan are in this year's CL...THEN get the easiest qualifying group of all time...THEN get this ridiculous streak of bad luck that's seen 'em get into the final. As much as I hate Chelsea, I'd rather see them walk off with honours than a team that truly cheated the game. Thankfully they're facing Liverpool, and I've got no problem cheering them on as I think their fans are first rate (for the most part anyway, but every fanbase has bad apples, ours included). I would've rather seen a Liverpool/Man U final though...just to see how ridiculous the security would've been in Athens, heh.
Shinobi all vote for W bridge Gunner is it ahhh i like it !!!!!!!!!!
Ozi I understand what you're saying, but honestly believe that if a team is caught cheating (and we're not talking about diving or feigning injury here we're talking about the powers behind the club trying to influence the outcome of the match off the field) then there is no room for them in any competition, let alone the top money-making competition in European football. I can make a moral decision in my own mind on this as the fact that the Italian authorities found some evidence against Milan means that something must've happened.
Anyone else got a "Did Arsene mean that" article on Newsnow that they can't access. From Vital Chelsea?
Errrrm so why are all my newsnow articles dating back to 2002????
It was a good year scooch.
shinobi-you being serious? you say they cheated and their corrupt etc so you'll eb supporting chelsea. do you not know where abramovich's millions have come from? all dodgy deals
hatespur-i got that article but i can access it. it just says about nhow arsene said whoeevr loses in the CL may suffer a bit as it's like losing a member of your family. the article then points out that chelsea did in fact lose some supporters in the helicopter crash on the way back
Hahaha Hate, it might've been a good year, but that doesn't explain why I've only got articles from it about Parlour possibly going to Leeds and Vieira saying that Gerrard could be a great player!!! Actually I've just checked and it's back to normal now, maybe it was all just a dream??? Or maybe I was actually transported back to 2002???
Kaka better be up for the final, he can destroy teams by himself. FORZA MILAN!
ozi it was tongue in cheek
fran merida
Little Dutch - is it really not that special at Anfield? I've never been there. Why do they keep on going on and on about it then on TV/press/everywhere?
they sing loud at the beggining and then thats is until they score,then they sing at the end,loud if they are winning.....otherwise its the same everywhere
fran merida
Thanks Lebwam.
the only ground that has a loud continued noise level is pompey,but they are very repetative...
fran merida
scooch, if you have been transported back to 2002 can you get me a programme from the O.T title win? I lost mine coming out of the ground and have n't seen one since for under 70 quid.
Harry and Jim, Harry and Jim rep for 90 mins. Do they sing Harry and Tone now?
Kaka is deadly. I want AC to win it. Down with the Reds
I'm surprised to see many Arsenal fans supporting Milan in the CL final. I, and most other Liverpool fans, wanted Arsenal to beat Barcelona last year, and if you reach another CL final, I still would support you. You want to support Milan, be my guest, I just find that a bit surprising.
Yeah Liverpool, you'll never walk alone apart, is the same as everywhere. As fran points out, Pompey's good. But they have a sly advantage because there is no roof in the away end, the noise from the travelling fans never transmits. But now Pompey are established Prem, you'll find the atmos will dilute. Maine Road was always good, but their new stadium has neutralised that completely. hatespur, my programme from that night is completely unreadable, it got completely and utterly soaked in champagne. Great days.
Little Dutch
Simple why I cheer on the premiership teams. Arsenal is a premiership team if a premiership team wins the champions league it has a better reflection on where we finish in the league as it gains the premiership more respect.
Im cheering on Liverpool. Rafa is a a great manager and just for the sheer that fact he got Maureen to go all Keegan on us I want him to win it! I remember Stevie G being very vocal in his support for us last season so sod Milan!
You are right ice. Stevie G was top banana last season about us. I like Rafa too. Reminds me of Ranieri with tactical nouse. True gent.
hatespur.labwam... funny you mentioned it - I saw that article and asked them to take it down - it was tasteless and I think it was just merlin getting carried away when he was putting it up. To his credit, I dont know if its because I complained or somebody else did, but he took it down straight away.
In all the excitement, it escaped me that Milan were caught cheating last year... despite their nice style, they are shameful and dont deserve the trophy... true fans of the game should back Liverpool on this one.
Well Andy the Vice President was caught cheating, but does that mean that the players should be punished as they not deserved to get to th finals because of the actions of corrupt people in the club.
I hope Liverpool crash and burn in a puddle of blood after Kaka slaughters them with his magic skill!!!!
AB, it's a good point - you cannot fault the individual players who just do their jobs. It's difficult to know how to deal with this, but maybe they should have made the guilty clubs hand over any profits they gained from the competition to charity or the national football academy, or the fair-play association just on a point of principle... otherwise my point is purely a political one - I dont want the cheats to prosper.
I get what your trying to say Andy and i totally agree they should get punished, but were talking about Italy one ever gets punished there for corruption there or if they do they get off on appeal.
I made a point about it as well andy-bayor
Absolutely true.. I'm really happy Utd and Chelsea are out.. hoenstly dont want Pool there either... but I hope Milan go out and destroy them! I have a few friends supporting Utd and the way they went overboard with Utd's "Treble" aspirations.. made me sick.. Hope they lose the FA Cup too!
I'll be cheering on the 'pool, not cos they're English obviously, (how could any true Arsenal fan have cheered on the anti-football dullards that are Chavski or the shrek and skippy show that is Manure?) but purely cos AC were Silvio Berlusconis' club and that man is a fascist cvnt.
The worst one is when they said on the pre FA cup semi final show. "You want Chelsea and Man U in the final because that is the best final...if you ask ANY fan that is what they will say" WHAT!!!
Well the commentators did only say that during the semi's & I must admit I had to agree. There was never any chance of blackburn or watford winning the fa cup so it had to be the chavs & mancs to prevent a walkover. I enjoy watching the cup final but I seriously couldn't have been bothered if it was going to be another man utd v millwall joke final like the other year. I can't stand either club but at least if chelski lose we can all laugh at cashley & his ridiculous "Thats why I joined Chelsea" comment after the carling cup final. So he left a club where he had won titles, FA cups & got to a cl final to go to a club that can win the carling cup having spent over 300 million.
Ashburton Gooner
Hogwash and Piffle as always.. Keep up the good work of being miserable... I for one will gladly support the mickey mousers as they go for true history!!.. The Goon show continues!!
I don't give a feck about the team being english. They can be feckin anglo-royal-cup-o-tea-prehistoric english.. Doesn't change the fact that it isnt my team and if its in the top four isnt a likeable club. There are no good options for who I would want to win the CL final. AC Milan - who should be banned, canned and spammed for match-fixing, so we can have a team convicted and pronounced guilty ending up as champions of ALL europe? My arse. And Liverpool... Chelsea without the budget, a team who have been just as ordinary as any other team, but have got through on the back of others. As others have to play serious games, Liverpool rest and rest and then play against injured/tired players. Backed by Liverpool fans, who backed by some mushroom delusion seem to think that they somehow deserve champions league and premiership titles, why because they are liverpool and had a decent team when moustaches were mandatory. Both sides make me sick. So simply on footballing terms. GO MILAN.
Labwam - Everybody knows that Chelsea's loot is funded by mob money, but that's a bit different to AC Milan who cheated THE GAME itself. That's simply rephrensible. And let's look at some facts...England got booted out of Europe for five years because of the actions of one set of fans. Regrettable yes, but why not just ban Liverpool? Nope, they ban all of England, and for five years to boot. I always felt that was done simply because England was owning the ***** out of Europe at that stage (five straight cups IIRC). AC Milan meanwhile cheats the game of football, and they get a free pass? Eh...that's just not on for me.
Who will you be supporting in the UEFA cup final Cusop?
Gotta be Sevilla surely. I've even warmed to Kanoute for some strange reason.
like we have warmed to anelka
Seville!! Of course only I wont bother watching for some odd reason!! Who will you support!! Theres only one Freddie Kanote!! (Thank god)
Goofle, the same Anelka that netted Arsenal 22.5m quid which allowed us to buy Henry?? Yeah, and me stangely enough.
In purely footballing terms, Milan is the better team to watch, very un-italian style of play. Plus I'd rather see Pool lose, the england debate is moot for me anyway.
labwam ,like you have knowledge of R.A'S wealth,have a word with yourself! dont let it eat you up,seek counselling or something.

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