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Credit To Chelsea's Resolve

Despite being very happy at helping halt the Chelsea steam train, you can't help but respect their resolve.

It's no secret that I despise Chelsea, I hate what they stand for, I hate how they act, I hate the arrogance of some of their fans, but the boys got fight.

I'm actually fuming at our inability to finish off the Chavs, finishing our home season as it began, with a 1-1 draw, but as a football fan, I can show nothing but admiration (absolutely shocking challenge on Denilson aside) for the determination Chelsea showed in the second half.

I can't help feeling if our boys had shown a bit more of that fighting spirit this season this game may have had a bit more bearing for us aswell as Chelsea & Man Utd.

So while I'm laughing inside, I've also got a little more respect for them this afternoon than what I had this morning.

However, you better make the most of it Chelsea supporters, because tomorrow I'll be back to take the piss.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 6 2007

Time: 6:02PM

Your Comments

yeah gallant stuff from them...and thats the last positive comment i make bout them
yeah. credit to them for the way they played with 10 men.
Preciated, I honestly didnt think there was much of a chance one down to 10 men against Arsenal at home n losin, but what an Effort from the Chels, might of even won it in the end, great game
i love adebayor, but u must start finishing it!!! We should of put it away early in the 2nd, but what a preformance by essien. Hes got heart. We should of won though.
yea well played chelsea all due respect to them
yeah rocky, that article summed up exactly what I wanted to post. I still think we should have won it though, we created a lot of chances (again) but we couldnt finish it off. I love Adebayor but he needs to learn to finish more of his chances.
Such a dissappointing result in the end. Feels like a loss to me!
Arsenal players showed their inexperience in the second half, gave Chelsea too much space. Question, Why don't your players shoot the ball when they are in a good position? Why do they try to make the killer pass when a shot would be a better option? Very frustrating.
Thanks lads.The game would've been better if the manchester player didn't get sent off at the first half.But what can we do...
Good article Rocky... much as I despise some aspects of their team (especially Terry's big effin mouth) it's hard not to respect their resolve after they played it out with 10 men. So well done to them, and well done ManU in winning the title. Finally though, the taste that remains in my mouth (like ptv) is a bit like we lost, and reflects good chunks of our season. I will always love the Arsenal though!
Feels like a defeat to me. Chelski had more than half a team missing. Wenger didn't even have the bottle in a meaningless game for us to put a young striker on the bench. A Goalkeeper & 3 Defenders on the bench in your last home game of the season is an utter disgrace. No doubt more of the same next season because Wenger has already stated again & again that we aren't signing any players with experience.
Ashburton Gooner
hey ashburton your so negative sometimes thats the last thing i would have thought coz we have no one...who do you suggest he puts on the bench?????? you forget everyone is injured including theo
it does feel bogus though
AG, who should of been on the bench then???
Also are u not a wenger fan? Ur always so negative about him.
thats what i was thinking gunnerkid
Enough with the fluff...I think Moronho can take care of that on his own. Chelski players are all "heroes" because they are the only team in the Premiership to suffer through adversity....what a load of crap. Good match, yeah...but how is Denilson?
yeah why does this happen first diaby now denilson players should recieve heavy heavy fines for tackles like that it was so unnecessary
After the traitor cable guy cut off the match in my TV, had to go out to a bar to see the rest of the match. I am glad i went though, just got the remainder of why Chavs are in second and we are in 4th/3rd. I just want that spirit to be imbibed by our players. As Rocky said I have a little more respect for them than this morning. There were 2 players who stood out for me. Essian for them and Clichy for us. When everyone were dropping off, he ran tirelessly and was grt in interception. Without him I am pretty sure we would have lost. Sorry to say, Gallas was not up to the mark. His mistake gave them the goal. I hope before he criticizes the teammates he should acknowledge his contributions as well.
also he should of finished the game on that wide FREE header!!
i wouldnt worry bout gallas too mush he is just as quick to criticise himself if i remember correctly. next season we must improve our mentality we can clearly beat the best we just need to learn to concentrate for 90 mins and kill off teams by 3 or more if anyone can do it we can.
ooppss i meant too much
Nah I wouldnt blame Gallas too much, quest. BUt u're spot on abt Clichy - i thought he was magnificent, and his defending has improved tremendously recently. He clearly missed Rosicky. I wonder why Wenger started with Diaby, Denilson and Cesc. Didnt work for us, coz we missed the width.
totally agree, it only dawned on me halfway through that 2nd half that they were playing with 10 men, they seemed to be everywqhere... but by thyen we should have been 2 goals up easily... and yes, shocking tackle on denilson, but it was essien's 3rd such ugly lunge of the day... »»Arsene Knows««
wow...chelsea tried to win a game!
Arsenal should have taken one of the chances they had on a counter attack at the end, to finish chelsea off, but yet again there was a poor final ball and lack of killer instinct. Same all season.
Chris Norfield
Yeah, all others we don't even have to try, it comes naturally.:p
but kevin, as others have pointed out - credit to your team's spirit, you definitely didnt go down without a fight... ALSO did anyone else notice at the end of the game, Maureen, when the sky camera was following him onto the pitch, quite clearly mouth the immortal line, 'ah, **** off!' »»Arsene Knows««
We were profligate and totally useless in the 2nd half. The fact is that if we cannot beat a team which played 120 mins a few days ago and got reduced to 10 men for nearly 50 mins of the match... how on earth are we gonna win the title next year?? I'm sorry if this is a crazy question but I do not get it at all..... If Wenger sticks to this squad, it might be really tough for us to really push on. I might add that Chelsea had a ton of players out too... we had our absentees too, but we cant simply blame injuries for everything.. I'm fuming...................
heh, no but that would be a joy to see.
mixed emotions really. shame Cole didn't have the minerals to play the game, bottle job. shame we couldn't use all our chances to finish them when we had the lions share and then had a nervy 20 mins as chelsea chased the winner, we also had our chances but when you give hleb the ball you expect him to continue and score it
go on admit it! You bloody well respect us just a little bit more than you did now, don't you?
I would have had at least one reserve striker on the bench, Rhys Murphy, Rui Fonte, Nacer Barazite or Jay Simpson, surely one of them must have been available?? Would any of them made a difference? probably not, but at least having a striker on the bench gives you hope. You call me negative with my comments but nobody could be as negative as Wenger has been. Chelski had a lot more riding on that game than us, yet they managed to put two reserve team strikers on the bench. Playing a team with 10 men for 50+ minutes are they look the better team, says a whole lot for us. Wenger does get on my nerves now, simply because he won't acknowledge that we aren't going to get any better without quality signings, yet every man & his dog can see this team isn't good enough, except the man that matters most....Arsene Wenger!!
Ashburton Gooner
Maybe you can sign anelka...again. Or Eto'o. Or Boulahrouz, if the mancs decide not to keep him.
just hope that Denilson hasn't suffered a serious injury, the kid was in tears when he was been stretched off. and it was an act of a coward to go in there and tackle a young kid like that with no intension of winning the ball. great spirit shown by the russian team, but no class..
all i can say to that is come on charlton,i hope they stay up,then we might just sneak 3rd place,also im a bit concerned that with the odds in our favour wenger still cant beat maureen, i can imagine maureen going to madrid,and arsenal drawing them in the knockouts,and maureen still still having the hoodoo over wenger and knocking us out....he shouldve laid that ghost to rest
fran merida
if u look at it the chavs didn't play with their two best strikers..n so did we ( actually, kalou has scored more than sheh-chen-koh).. they didn't have ballack n robben ( we didnt play rosicky and hleb came on as a sub).. so it was even and the chavs knew that they were lucky that they were still in the game until 70 min.. i'm still very confident for next season, i really believe in the squad we have.. We will definitely see some trophy next year.. either the FA, CL or premiership.. i think the FA is definitely ours next season.. but my eyes are on the european cup.. Lets end the season with a bang at portsmouth.
merlin, i don't respect chelski, how can i respect a team that just pours untold money into a team to win a carling cup ?
But it's our money, :-)
are you lot ashamed though that your team was cheerin Liverpool when you are not liverpool? - i'd be disgusted
JCFC..weren't u hopin that l'pool did man utd when they met earlier in the year...well then u r truly disgusting.. ur money huh kev?.. well it just goes to show how idiotic a team can get to pour their "own" money for the cc, when we let our under 19's do the talking
one thing i hv to admit.. i always admire the resolve u hv to get that 1 goal back whenever u r down.
That's not what i said, i said that it's chelsea's money, therefore we can buy whoever we want whenever we want.It doesn't matter how much we spend it's our money.That's all i said. Stop this under 19 bull***** , that under 19 took your further than any other competition you faced with your main team.
Yea, we were in a title race..yet you still didnt hear our fans chantin chanted Liverpool coz you wernt gonna win yourself, how about "Arsenal arsenal" next time, it's what fans are for..just an idea.
I thought Baptista was poor - again. I can't see him improving, he's had so many chances to play and prove himself. Gilberto was our man of the match I thought. Although credit to Chelsea, it is so frustrating that we can't win these games. Great atmosphere at the Emirates today though. I've been to all home games this season; this was the first time i saw trouble between fans - one or two arguing/fighting on the platform at Arsenal tube. Coincidence that it was Chelsea fans...?
Any respect I had for the power they showed in the second half is entriely diminished by that despicable ***** John Terry. Of course, being England captain he is immune from all criticism. Making w a n k e r signals at our support and taunting the home fans when our physio saved his life. Classy.
Little Dutch
Thx mate..
they taunted him too LD.Like booing him and talking ***** the minute he walked in the pitch.
got some good comments from goonheads for a change,we played superbly with ten men, you gotta admire our resolve!
The perfomance just goes to show what this Chelse atem can do if they had an attack minded coach at the helm. When they need a goal in a must win game they usually come up with perfomaces like that.But Mourinho is so negative that he starts with narrow midfields-he's afraid to lose games. They should be playing with Robben,Joe Cole and Wright-Philipps more.but they prefer using Mikel,Ballack,Lampard and Makelele in the same midfield. That's the reason people hate Chelsea so much.With all the money(and talent) they have,they should be more entertaining.
Victory Football Day! 3rd or 4th is no consillation to us, but seeing them tits losing their title at the Emirates was fantastic! Don't kid yourselves Gooners, if we had something to play for, then there is no way that we would have let them have anything in the second half! Just a ***** team from Fulham!
Well said LD! English c**** are just the same as all other c****, in my eyes! 8-)
^ Yeah riight, you went for the win n couldnt do it...stop reachin, accept when youve been shiit..The real Arsenal fans are gutted about how it went, a few confused fans seem to think a draw was good for you...LOL, come on now
"Liverpool, Liverpool".....maybe we'll chant West Ham next time? nah
A draw is never good enough against your lot, ever, but in football terms it's what we have to endure until next season. I guess you guys must be real proud of not losing to us this season eh JCFC! As far as the Liverpool chants go, I wasn't one who joined in with it but in all honesty everybody hates Chelsea so I can understand it! PS) No doubt you'll be singing, 'West Ham West Ham' , next season now that your 300m team of cretins have become losers. If you're nice then maybe Tottenham will allow you guys a place in the Peace Cup this summer eh?
or jus MAYBE we're in the champions lg, n your team has to qualify for it..adios
Well done! 300 million to qualify for the Champions League eh! Congratulations! We managed to do it on less that 15 million for most seasons,but hey, you must be real proud!!! So tell me, how far did you get for 300 million?????
In fairness the Championship looked dead and burried months ago, they kept the fight going till (almost) the end of the season. I hope they both have a phish poor Cup Final. The FA's dream final my arze..........
"or jus MAYBE we're in the champions lg, n your team has to qualify for it..adios" Well, JCFC, I'm sure that will keep Roman Abramovich happy when he watches the final this year...
Harry P
You know I feel gutted. I am p***ed off with the way we played in the second half. Yeah Gallas could have won it but I reality Chelsea wanted it more than us and I hate saying that cos I cant stand them and their millions. Terry is a loud mouth t**t. Essien should also have had a red but we just werent good enough today and for the majority of the season. Teams that we should have beaten , we didnt including today and in all honesty, we need a little more in the tank this season. I think Wenger needs to spend in the off season. Personally I would like to see another keeper, another left full back to support Clichy though he was our best player today and really has been for the last 3 or 4 games. I wold also like to see a fox in the box. If not, we will battle next year but if we have more injuries, we will struggle again. I have watched Arsenal for 35 years and seen some bad times and great times, but today we should have done them, plain and simple. C'mon you Gunners. Bring on next season, what am I going to do for the next few months except listen to who we will never buy and whom everyone will.
I dunno why, but yesteday gave the impression that we probably need 2 kinds of players - one out and out winger, one who can get past players and stays out wide! One out and out striker who is in and around the box and is a lethal finisher. This aside frm TH14 and RvP11. But, Wenger isn't gonna buy anyone it seems and we mite well not be able to cope next season if we have the same sort of injuries - god forbid!
I know that was dissapointing and was reflective of many of our failings all season not to finish chelsea off but just to lighten the spirits of some gooners a little i saw an interesting fact on another site earlier, since decmeber 2nd Man U have taken 50 points, Chelsea 46 and Arsenal 45. So if it wasnt for our horrible start to the seaosn we were well and truely in the title race. So to all the gloom parade if that fact is true (i'm not sure it could be exagerated?) then we are not in as much trouble as you would think.
Ozi Gooner
They played well and so did us. Our guys did well to avoid defeat in a league match this season to Chelski.
AG - Wenger has been told that the money is there to buy players and he has indicated that we might be getting three new signings. Dont be so negative
Good game and fair play to Chelsea who showed big heart to fight until the end with 10 men. I hope this puts to bed the silly notion that you need to be English to show grit, determination and a will to win as Essien showed warrior spirit (sometimes crossing the line) beyond anyone on the pitch, in stark contrast to the coward Cashley (who BTW is English). Its also a shame that on a day of general good spirit and recognition of Chelseas battling qualities that their captain shamed himself in many ways trying to get people booked and sent off and making obscene gestures when walking off the pitch at the end, unproffesional. As for the 'Liverpool' chanting it was designed to wind the chavs up (as most football chants are) and judging by the hysterical reaction of the only people that think Burberry matches with everything it worked an absolute treat!
Merlin - What the point in coming here and saying "admit it, you respect us more" when I've already written it in the article and so many people have already said as much. It's moments like these that I realise why I despise your lot in the first place. Normal service is resumed.
Chelsea didn't want it more they needed it more. Credit them for not giving it up altogether but frankly until their set piece goal they did give it up. The game was ours for the taking but not for the first time we refused the opportunity. After the goal they threw the ball forward because they had to you can admire the spirit they showed for 20 minutes or so but if we hadn't been so frightened of losing in that period we could have won it.
I hate chelski scum (today!) and i want us to sign Babel, Goalie and maby move Eboue up as a winger!
whatever the spin you dont beat a chelsea side with 10 men! now you cant beat us i expect a nice little run like we had against spuds,17 years was it? now its 10 games unbeaten and counting!!!
Great springy - only another 39 to go then
we will beat you (i dont know who you support...) and ent that giant run of unbeaten games!
That will never be beaten!
springy, what is it with you? Most Gunners came here and said well done on your resolve because we try (nerves permitting) to be good sports. You're deliriously happy but put your performance into perspective before you start imagining 17-year supremacy. Your team is not the only one in history to have been in an underdog situation and fight back with such spirit. We were down to 10 men in the CL final even though we lost, and fought with great spirit. Liverpool were 3 goals down in the CL final and came back at Milan, just as ManU came back at Everton. Maybe one of the most spirited performances though, came from a London club that went a season unbeaten, whoever they were. Good show though mate!
we were actually down to 9!
Great game credits to chelski and the way they played with ten men, but we should have won the game in early second half we misssed loads of chances but any good game

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