Arsenal - PG's End Of Season Rant
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PG's End Of Season Rant

So we drew, Chelsea lost the title in our backyard, but was it me or did Jose wave goodbye to the fans knowing he may be leaving?

So the Chavs got to one more final than we did, they finished a place lower than last year and spent an awful lot of money winning the carling cup.

Lampard said before the Liverpool game, to become a great player you must win the champions league and that's what he wanted to be remembered for.

Sorry Frank, maybe next year.

I have received a lot of stick this season from my friendly chavs and spuds, the taunts of not winning anything for 2 years seems to be their favourite, how the spuddies can taunt me with that is beyond me when what have they done lately. And how the chavs can talk when 2 years ago then did the league and carling cup, last season only the league and this year now just the carling cup.. so who is in decline now?

We have had a season of transition, injuries and off the field occurrences that have not helped, the moving to a new home taking longer to adjust but I am sure the board will back Wenger in the summer with transfers and next season start with the injured players back and fresh, a year of experience under the kids belts and with the additions of a couple of new faces.

It won't be a 2 horse race next season, more of a four.

Watching the game today I felt that this Chelsea team have made the same mistakes the likes of Arsenal and United have made in previous years. They have bought older players who will now need replacing. Drogba, Carvalho, Makele, Ballack, Shevenko.. They will need to rebuild and this may stop them gelling a team to win something next season. We had it 2 years ago, Wiltord, Pires, Vieira, Bergkamp, Edu.. so now we are ready, i think Chelsea will find out that buying for the now and not the future comes at a cost.

Congrats to united, condolences to the chavs.. see you next year!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 7 2007

Time: 10:42AM

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Would like to agree with you but just don't see it. Chelski have bought young players aswell as older ones & those players have had the chance to play with the likes of essien, terry, lampard etc. They have cech, wright phillips, j cole, c cole, terry, essien, carvalho, kalou, robben, diarra & mikel who are all young. They will just go & buy more quality players with experience (as mourinho has already said) & will start the season with a younger squad than they have now. With those players I listed above they already have a superb spine so I don't see them going backwards for some years yet. I do believe man utd had a somewhat freakish season & wont be so good next year but we will have to see. I would love to have the confidence of some fans on here but I just don't, I cannot see where the players who were not good enough to win at the likes of boro, man city, sheff utd & west ham to name just a few are going to improve that much in the space of 3 months over the summer. The trouble is a lot of arsenal fans have had their minds blurred by the fact Henry & RVP have missed so many games, but if people cast their minds back we weren't winning at the start of the season when we had both of them playing & in RVP we have a player who has never scored 20 goals in a season. Yes i'm negative but not for the sake of it, I just don't live in a dream world where a 3 month summer break with no significant signings is going to make a team that has finished 20+ points behind the leaders for the past 3 seasons now, is suddenly going to be good enough to win the title, especially when the 3 teams currently above us are all going to strengthen.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 11:05:00

We have been class this year!
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07/05/2007 11:16:00

dont think they are looking to the future too much but they still have at least 3 years with the current guys. what will affect them is not utilising the young guys until its too late. they are operating on a false economy at the moment and that is always a temporary solution anyway on the balance im happy to have them in the mix
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07/05/2007 11:20:00

good points AG but from my recollection no one expected 20+ from RVP until this season anyway. this was his breakthrough season. i think we need an animal of a finisher and someone to deliver final balls as well.
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07/05/2007 11:23:00

So what do you suggest AG? Kick out all these kids with so much promise? Being an Arsenal fan I'd expect that you'd be able to wait for success, but I guess is this day and age when everyone wants everything right now with no waiting you're not willing to hold on for a few years. This team has the potential to be the best EVER. I guess Arsene knows he could gain sucess quicker if he spent millions, but that sucess would be short lived. Give these kids a chance man. Oh and btw, you keep banging on about RvP not ever had a 20+ goal season, we seeing as he hasn't been a regular until this season I don't see how you can critisie him. Considering he has 13 goals this season and has missed out on a massive 23 games since he injury you are doing him a massive disservice. I know times are hard but if you are doubting van Persie then you may aswell give up now.
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07/05/2007 11:25:00

once again since december 2nd we have taken 45 points, Chelsea 46 and Man U 50. That means minus our horrible start we are only 5 points worse than the champs. We can be alright net year. Stop worrying before we have a reason to.
Ozi Gooner
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07/05/2007 11:33:00

no... u have to look at the mont of january and februaru when we went undefeated and beat l'pool twice and man utd, beat blacburn 2-0 going 1 man down and getting a draw at mid'boro in the last 15 min (1 man down as well).. the squad was clicking with henry, RvP playing.. this team has got scorers all around.. eboue should play on right wing(he was superb yesterday on right wing), fabregas has a knack for the 20-yarder and so does henry, RvP and rosicky, in hleb we've got someone who can win us some penalties (he's light weight, twinkled toed), in gallas, toure and hopefully adebayor and diaby,we've got good headers in the penalty box(and the eboue-henry connection is lethal).. clichy is perhaps the best LB(with evra) and lehmann again showed why we need him yesterday.. ths team need to reflect on this year and loose we lay pretty football, so we win attitude.. we're the best among the top four when u compare the 4 teams head-head with 11 out of a possible 18 points.NEXT YEAR IS OURS
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07/05/2007 11:37:00

its all right saying we have the best players when they are all playing, but how do you know about injuries?? they might just spring up in the must 'vital' part of a season and in the same time end 'our' season.You only have to look at fallen champs chelsea to relise how important some players are like drogba,terry and Chec.when terry and chec were missing thats when chelski looked the weakest and lost the points over Man u. i hope that finally it is our season and our young guns prove there selfs and for many years after too.
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07/05/2007 11:49:00

It is simple...injuries have cocked us up. man U got injuries and lost to Pompey and AC milan. Chelski lost cech and went turd.
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07/05/2007 12:23:00

R7- I must have been registered on the site for around 2 years & its the first time I have mentioned that RVP hasn't scored 20 goals in a season, so please explain how that constitutes me keep banging on about it?? As for this being his breakout season, please forgive my ignorance, I would have thought a footballer coming up to 24 years old would already have broken out, & as he was a first team regular for Feyernoord, playing for one of the top dutch sides in a very weak league & never managed to score 20+ goals in a season I don't think I am being unfair at all. I like RVP but he is not a natural goalscorer & his stats quite clearly show that. I am prepared to wait for success, however you do need to see progress & I haven't seen any for the past 3 years. 1 freak season where we got to the cl final (more through luck than judgement) & gooners suddenly believe we are the worlds best team. Before that we didn't close to winning the cl & unless we get something against porstmouth we are no better off in terms of points than we were last season, so how does that show progress??
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 12:32:00

Also why do you keep banging on about having to get rid of the kids if players with experience come in?? Other teams manage to mix the two so why can't arsenal, if man utd buy a striker this season does it mean rooney has to be kicked out the team or if they sign a winger does it mean ronaldo has to be kicked out?? No, I don't think so.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 12:34:00

AG, I've seen you speak about Robin's inabilty to score 20+ goals a number of time, indeed I spoke to you on the subject then too. If it was really nessercary I could find it but it's not worth the bother, I know you said it. RvP was played as a winger whilst at Feyernoord hence the lack of goals and willingness to leave the club. So who would you bring in? At what position? And as a result, which players would miss out?
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07/05/2007 12:41:00

AG at times I doubt you are a gunner fan all you do is knock, this team will be the best Arsenal has ever produced and will go on to win as many cups as the gunnersof 1930's. If you’re so upset with the Arsenal team then perhaps the teams you mentioned Liverpool man u and Chelsea would relish a fan like you. Anyone can be critical but that is all you ever seem to do. The season for 2007 2008 has not even begun yet you are already dumping our team Why? Consider how many members were out for at least half the season, and then compare them to the other teams. The Boss has done a fantastic job and long may he reign over Arsenal as our coach the best in the world bar none
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07/05/2007 12:53:00

No, I have probably said on numerous occasions that he is not a natural goalscorer & I still believe that. Wenger seems to want to convert every winger that comes into arsenal to a striker & it doesn't always work. Pires got over 15 goals from the wing over several seasons so why couldn't RVP in a very weak league get 20+ from that position?? My own opinion is that we need a top quality striker & two goalscoring wingers (meaning players that can get 8-12 goals a season). I already said I would've liked Babel but you also have simao. I would like Tevez & he is now showing in a poor team what he could do. I don't see replacing Aliadiere, Baptista & Hleb with a quality striker & two wingers hurts the youth at all. You need a big squad for all the competitions so everyone would still play. Playing 4 central midfielders in your last home game is ridiculous & yes I would rather have a real winger playing than have cesc, denilson or diaby playing on the wings.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 12:54:00

alwaysgunner, how predictable, go & support another team. To be honest I don't even know why I am bothering to answer such a pathetic comment!! Of course this will be the best arsenal team ever, I wonder where you got that comment from. Try living in the real world where results matter & words don't!!
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 12:57:00

Who are all these players that have missed half the season?? RVP got injured in the man utd game towards the end of january, meaning he missed 3 full months but also meaning he played nearly 6 months. Henry I will agree with because he was in & out but Gallas was a few months at most & nothing like the half a season I keep seeing suggested.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 13:08:00

William Gallas has only played 29 games this season - Almost half the amount of games. Thierry Henry only 27, Robin van Persie (who has a ratio of 1 goal every 2 games started this season) 31 (6 as sub), the back four of Eboue-Toure-Gallas-Clichy has only played together a hand full of times this season. Imagine Chelsea without Drogba, Lampard and Terry out for half the season, or Man Utd without Ronaldo, Rooney and Vidic. Do you thing they would have nearly the amount of points they have now? No. As for bringing thosr players in, ok you've brought them in and removed 3 players, but would they be happy sitting on the bench? once again, NO.
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07/05/2007 13:25:00

59 games this season btw.
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07/05/2007 13:35:00

Chelsea's starting team were younger than Arsenal's team yesterday. By the end of the game they were 17 months per man younger. With 10 men they came back to draw and deserved a win. You guys are paying over the odds to watch a youth team fail to win anything at all. Your "kids" play because because the senior players simply aren't good enough or are crocked. It's beena season where chickens have come home to roost. All those crocked senior players are a year older. Gilberto is 30 already. In August both Gallas and Henry will be 30 too. They won't be getting younger and they won't be getting better. Then what?
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07/05/2007 13:55:00

Why did Chelski deserve a win yesterday ?,,,..don't really think either side deserved a win...both has chances and missed...nobody really dominated from start to finish.
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07/05/2007 15:08:00

***** offf Squdiddy..... Dont worry Arsenal fans we are going to Rock Epl next season ***** oofff chavs and little spuds
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07/05/2007 15:08:00

R7- Is any player happy to sit on the bench? NO & if you find one that is then I wouldn't want them at the club anyway, so I don't see your point. You're talking about how many games RVP, Gallas & Henry have missed this season, well I will place a bet with you right now our supposed best team has injuries next season aswell. You're talking as if we wont face any injuries at all when clearly we will. It's a squad game now & arsenal need a better squad than we have. Simao, Babel & Tevez were just examples that you asked for, however they are players that could come in & improve the team & maybe prove themselves & oust the other players that aren't doing it right now. Adebayor (I love that guy) but he is completely unproven as a goalscorer, Aliadiere wont be at arsenal, Baptista wont be at arsenal, Bendtner unproven goalscorer even in the championship, RVP unproven goalscorer (no matter what you say), so what does that leave us with?? Henry a 30 year old who is becoming more & more injury prone. Our midfield is made up of central midfielders that are played out of position, Diaby, Cesc, Denilson, Gilberto, Rosicky & Hleb all want to play centrally. That means no natural width. Our defence is fine although hopefully this new keeper is signing as he looks pretty good & is well thought of. I agree the defence just needs more games & with Djourou we do have excellent backup.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 15:23:00

R7- your stats are also wrong. Your putting up how many games each of those players played & saying we played 59 games etc but how many of those games were the players actually available for?? eg, rvp, henry & gallas could all have played in several of the cc games but just didn't get picked also you are including the cl qualifier where again henry & gallas could've played but wenger let them rest etc. If your going to put those stats out at least do it properly.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 15:30:00

Then what ? Squiddy...oh ******** hell...are we in trouble here ? Is that like when Wrighty left and all you *******s said who would get our goals after he was gone ? I think Mr Wenger will be acutely aware of ages of certain players....he will be planning for the next few years to come.....I think you got more to worry about with your own squad for next season matey...Can see a few of your players going walkabouts in the summer...
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07/05/2007 15:33:00

Does anyone know how serious Denilson's injury is?? It was an awful challenge but haven't seen any updates about him. Hope its only a short term thing, I thought he was excellent yesterday & the game only changed when he went off.
Ashburton Gooner
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07/05/2007 15:47:00

We will come strong next season and set another record
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07/05/2007 15:49:00

I don't think we need worry on the midfield front...I think we have a wealth of riches there. Its up front that I worry about. I too admire Adebayor and I hope he comes up trumps for us next season but I want to see a world-class striker starting for us every game next fact two would be nice. When TH14 is not playing I get very concerned about where the goals are going to come from. Is RVP going to be world class ? And if TH14 and RVP are both out , have we got enough ? I think AW just this once needs to raid the piggy bank big time and buy a proven striker.....
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07/05/2007 15:53:00

Well whoopie s*** take 6 or 7 games off. At the end of the day we have been without major players for large portions of the season. Any club will suffer. Obviously we can't count against injury next season, but neither can the other teams. It takes a large portion of luck to be champions and we have not had that, Man Utd went most of the season before suffering injury and when they did they nearly blew it. Calling van Persie & Bendtner unproven and then suggesting we bring players in who are equally if not even more unproven just smacks of dumping on our squad without good reason. Fact. van Persie hasn't had a good run in the team up until this season. Fact in around 25 starts he has scored 13 goals. How is that not proven? He brings creativety and invention to the team, yet he's just not good enough for you for some reason. I will admit that we could use a winger in the summer but the way you harped on you think Wenger was the anti christ. FFS.
Report Abuse
07/05/2007 17:31:00

We brought in Adebayor and Baptiste.....wasn't that dumping on our squad ?....both unproven ?...
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07/05/2007 21:10:00

Ag, i saw in your first post you mentioned Carvalho (29) and terry (28), also lampard is 29, cuducini is 33, geremi 29, ferrara 28, ballack 31,drogba 29, makele 33, EVEN cashley is 26, shevie 30, so a large portion of thier team is old, for me too old, yes they have maybe one or two seasons in them, but that team will be broken up.. ballack? shevie ? makele ? maybe lampard ? suddenly they are like us two years ago and they WILL stumble just like we did. NOW look at us, we have one of the most exciting young talents in the country that wenger has built. we have players like bendtner and larsson out on loan who have got the brums promoted, we have the youth of Theo, denilson ( good first season ) diaby ( back from injury ) djourou ( gr8 CB IMO ) and justin hoyte who has improved brilliantly this season.. clichy is better than cole, Toure is a rock, Gallas brings us stability at the back. ~Rosicky has adapted well to the prem, is young and will be blinding next year, RVP & Henry will be back, cesc will get better, and Adebayor will go on improving. for me if I were wenger i would make a few changes, but minor ones, cos we arfe just a couple short of something very special. Freddie bless him is the wrong side of what he was, but look how long he has given us ! Hleb, i like him alot, not sure what the problem is, but i would keep him and keep trying. baptista hasn't worked, we all know that and thats where we will look to get something new. for me i would like to see ribery, still at marseille and doing well, i would also like to see Eto, but WITH Henry. maybe a right back, still not sure of Eboue. i would keep gilberto who has been immense this year and guided the kids , which is what we need, a couple or few players to help keep the kids in check.. we do need a few squad players, we look desperate yesterday, nothing on the bench except Hleb really to give us attacking options, but we have suffered from injury. i have faith in wenger, he sees these guys everyday, and i trust him 100%, for me thats all that matters and i know he won't let a 3rd season go with failure again.
Report Abuse
07/05/2007 22:42:00

Larsson was sold to Brum PG, sorry!
Report Abuse
07/05/2007 23:22:00

I think I have found out who AG really look up this article. I still dont think you are not an Arsenal supporter.,3340
Report Abuse
08/05/2007 09:46:00

larsson was sold !!!! jesus i must of been asleep on that one, thanks nik !
Report Abuse
09/05/2007 13:29:00


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