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Martin Not Nice, But Still Dim

'For me as a manager it would be important to win the title, not the FA Cup. But it's impossible at Spurs.

'Top four though, say if one club falls out of the top four, Liverpool or Arsenal, why shouldn't we take up that position? Why not?'

Those my friends, are the words of Tottenham manager, Martin Jol.

Now, there are several good reasons he cannot get our ickle neighbours into the top 4.

There's no chance of Liverpool dropping out of the top 4 with the imminent arrival of Fernando Torres, as well as several other players thought to be on their way in.

Arsenal may have lost their skipper and all-time top scorer in Thierry Henry, but Arsenal beat Spurs twice last season without their skipper. Indeed we beat them with a team of kids.

Arsenal will strengthen - that my loyal readers, is a fact. I'm not going to go on and on about all the injured players we had last season, you know all about them, but that is another factor.

Those words at the start of the article also come from the man who has said twice (once last month, and once 2 years ago) that under his guidance, Spurs can challenge for the title in 2 or 3 years. He says a month later that Spurs cannot win the title?

I don't need to write any more on the matter, you can all see he's discredited himself.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 2 2007

Time: 9:47AM

Your Comments

This is what he said less than a month ago, as reported by Vital Spurs: 'hopefully, if we can have the likes of Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon, Michael Dawson develop into star players, we can go even further. My dream is to compete for the title in the next two to three years.'....... Yes Martin, of course you can.
Lets all laugh at Tottenham, la la la la, la la la la
Ozi Gooner
To be fair he has to say stuff like that. You cannot berate him for being optimistic. However what I do think is funny is some of the other people at spuds. They are making excuses already for failure when the season hasn't already started. Things along the lines of "We don't need the champions league & it wouldn't be seen as failure if we didn't make it", errr, after spending a minimum of 26.5 million (probably a lot more by the time the window closes) & also being the second biggest spenders only to chelski since sept 04, I think it would be seen as a massive failure!!
Ashburton Gooner
Just remember since the prem started, you goon scum are used to being better than you have been inthe last 2 years we on the other hand are not. Just think how you are going to feel at the end of the season if you are only 5th 6th or 7th.. and we are3rd or 4th. Crap you may say, but the facts are it is looking more likely than ever before. Just remember a couple of bad results and then the fear factor will enter the equation, not only in the minds of the supporters who will pressurise the team and manager, but also the players themselves who will begin to doubt themselves and underperform even more... this is going to be an interesting season for those of us who follow the N London teams and nobody knows how it will end. COYS
You didn't need to produce any qoutes to discredit the man, he just spent nearly 18m quid on Darren Bent FFS.
Another transition year of you goons? THat is all we have heard since Vieira left for Juventus. A huge loss that you have not been able to fill... and Henry will have the same effect. Add to that Wenger will leave next summer and you guys will be in decline. Didnt I read a while back that Fabregas would walk away if Wenger left? These guys are already preparing you guys for next summer when everybody jumps ship and you guys start to sink!!!!!!!!!!!! COYS!!!!!!!!!
Factual innaccuracies
Jacky B
hatespur--- Theo FFS!
Best premiership odds at the moment are 12/1 Arsenal and 125/1 Spuds. No CL place for spuds next season either I am afraid.
just run your big mouths little spuddies.
you have just signed a player, why dont you talk about that?
Jacky B
Eduardo 'Dudu' Da Silva, 35 goals last season, he clearly knows how to find the back of the net, bet we didnt pay a fraction of what the spuddies paid for Bent either !
I bet he's not as good as Henry either
Jacky B
whatever Jacky, i bet his Goals/value will be pound for pound better than you'll get from bent
you cant put a price on goals. But I'll happily spend £10.9 on Berbatov and get less Goals than £2.5 mil McCarthy. No matter how many this geezer scores, you have lost Henry and replaced him with someone, i bet, who is vastly inferior
Jacky B
And don't tell me you didn't want a bigger name
Jacky B
A biiger name like Darren Bent do you mean?
A bigger name like Darren Bent do you mean?
You can't put a price on goals but....... ''I'll happily spend £10.9 on Berbatov and get less Goals than £2.5 mil McCarthy'' right, okay then. This fella's got an awesome scoring record, plus he knows how to put the ball past the fat yorkie y1ddo
Hatespur - excellent! And my Spuddy friends (I use the term loosely), the gulf between us is bigger than just a couple of players. I was honestly laughing at your comments about us. Every year we hear "We'll do it this season, we'll finish above you," but it never happens. How about ya'll stop shouting your mouth off and let your team do the talking on the pitch? A bit of banter is fantastic, but all this bitterness is really bad for you.
good shout AFC85Lew, to say he's vastly inferior to TH14 is not fair jacky, there are so many players you can say that about, buggerov/keane to name 2, all I'm saying is, this guy can find the back of the net and I imagine we got him quite cheaply aswell, time will tell on how good he will be in the PL, but on paper he looks like an exciting signing.
Exciting, but is he the "super super class" Wenger spoke of? I haven't a clue, but I trust Wenger.
I agree with AG - Jol has to say these things. The size of their gamble this year is enormous and they have to believe it will pay off otherwise what are they to do?
I am sure he will do well, But Wenger has obviously got a Big signing phobia, cos he got his fingers burnt with Jeffers, Wiltord, Walcott. And as Simmy said, he promised "super, super"
Jacky B
I'd say he got his fingers burnt with Jeffers, Wiltord did a job for us and played a vital part in the team when B Pires was out. Walcott? Okay then, if we're judging flops after one season, where shall i start with the Spuds...
Wiltord won us the league at OT, hardly burnt our fingers! He did well for us. Walcott is just 18, he'll go onto be a world class player. This lad could yet be super, super class. Just because we don;t know much about him doesn;t mean a thing. I knoew nothing of Van Persie, Fabregas, Vieira, Clichy, Toure, along with ***** loads of other super class players before they came to Arsenal.
May not be a phobia Jacky - it's just not his style to buy ready-made! If he said "super super" as a red herring, maybe that served to push up the price of players like Torres and Bent.
He's clever, but not that Clever Andy. Who'd ever believe that Wenger would spend big? lol. All in all lads you must admit Wiltord was pony. I cant remember the game, but it was a biggen, and he missed an open goal, and you lost. Aswell as winning for you, he cost you!
Jacky B
Every player is capable of missing an open goal - even player like Henry do it! I have no regrets about Wiltord's time at Arsenal other than his reluctance to play right wing.
Fair enough simmy
Jacky B
TR7 - Looks like he will have to score more than Bent to Make him more valuable, as quotes the Director of Zagreb as saying he cost 24 million Euro's. Not such a snip after all.
Jacky B
Wiltord was a super player for us between 2001-03, Jeffers was the only flop, and we'll see what Theo does in the next few seasons..
Still less than Bent. ;-)
Although Bent is overpriced, I dont understand why we are mocked for it. We obviously wanted 4 top quality Prem strikers, and had no one who can run in behind defenders at pace. Who better to get than Bent?
Jacky B
The stupifying arrogance of the author of this so called thread is remarkable. You've just spend 24million Euro on a striker who's only cut the mustard to date in the Croatian League. This is the figure reported at TR7, 24m Euro is about £16m. Your manager is likely to be off in 12 months, hence your struggle to sign players this summer with the suggestion of turmoil hanging in the wind. Let me make this clear ... few top players will consider you until the future of Wenger is settled - you don't sign for 4-5 years if the managers only there for 12months .. HAS HE SIGNED YET? Every team has injured players yet you lot constantly squeal about it. You lost Henry, we lost King etc etc etc ... truly pathetic. Martin Jol is at least a bigger man and more decent human being than Wenger, who has a total wobbly every time a decision doesn't go his way and lies to the press when he claims not to have seen incidents as clear as day to anyone with even partial eyesight.
kernowboy: stupid is who stupid does - this lad cost arsenal €9.5 mil so shove that. Our manager is likely to be off in 12 months? If that is so, by December your manager will be gone as he is way past his Lane expiry date which is approx 16-18 months. as for decency: 'play, play, play' sound familiar? and you stil f***ed it up. 2-0 and you still f***ed it up... the record is more 8 years long. your hit single EP 'we will beat the arsenal and finish above them' is again topping the Deluded Spud Charts - you're all singing the choir nicely, I give you that. I hope to see you around WHEN AW signs his new contract and when you fail to beat/finish above Arsenal AGAIN.
And when West Ham beat Arsenal! lol
Jacky B
Then G4L why has Wenger not put pen to paper? Common, the deal is undoubteldy on the table, WHY HAS HE NOT SIGNED? If he was committed to the club and recalled the sideshow that the would he, wouldn't he Henry contracted signed, he'd have agreed already ... if he was committed!
kernoboy, boys like you make laugh. Just look up how Wenger leaves it late before signing a new contract, then come back and try to make a meal of it. If we get to April next year and he STILL hasn't signed, then we'd all be worried. But now, it's business as usual, coz that's how he's always done.
"Martin Jol is at least a bigger man..." Well, duh! Even Wenger, who you think has selective eyesight can see that. For a spud, your obsession to why AW hasn't signed yet is very sad to say the least. He has been "committed" to his contract throughout his career, couple of months of uneasiness behind closed doors and you want to be the first to sprout your **** to suit your needs. If you have any patience, wait til the end of next season and see whether he signs or not. Til then, ta'ra!
Let's put it this way, which Arsenal fan here can say, without looking it up, that they know how long is left on Jol's contract? Anyone?
Little Dutch
Probably none, but then he's not got 12 months left and is still getting supported with large funds to attract players. Wenger has lost two of his musketeers, there is still a question mark as to whether you can go after players like Eto'o, and after two back to back seasons of 4th having never finished outside the top2, there is a question of whether he is getting the financial backing he wants to compete with Chelsea and ManU - he must see ManU mortgaged to the hilt still able to spend £50m+ ... what people fail to realise is that without his long term commitment several of the top players you'd like to sign will be wary to do so. And Jol has two years left on his contract I believe.
More to the point, without his so-called "two musketeers" Wenger has still made a few sigings on his own >> Players like Eto'o can be highly overrated, just ask Sheva >> I don't know any Arsenal fan who gives two hoots about Martin Jol and the length of his contract. He will be long gone before its even up anyway, as I'm sure most gooners in north london last season, heard the echos of "JOL OUT!" midway through the season because of... god only knows! (maybe you shouldn't set your expectations so high?) >> I've also come to learn that Sp*rs only REAL hope of succession is for Arsenal to fail and deteriorate behind the scenes. That may explain your interest in whether Arsene signs or not?? Heh. Pathetic really. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. Now excuse me while i have a lobotomy and erase all memory of the length of Martin Jol's stay.
******** liar I knew that
Long way to go fat jol. My toes are laughing for your comments. Dream on and keep dreaming you ROTTENHAM HOTSH???T
Besides spending big on Bent he still doubts Spurs ability to launch an assault even before they start preps. What a shame but at least he is being honest with himself. We are the PRIDE of the game.
kernowboy, if you're that proud of your manager you could do worse than take a leaf out of his book, and start thinking about winning instead of worrying about our 'demise'.
He was probably just pandering to the ridiculously optimistic Spuds fans. There are no reasons why we will finish behind them next season, as Henry hardly played anyway and we will have Robin back firing on all cylinders. Add to the equation Da Silva and a fully fit Walcott and we've got a great chance of finishing much closer to Chelski and Man Utd, even if we may not win the league.
It shows you the difference in menatlity doesn't it ?....the only thoughts AW has every season is winning the prem.....the only strategy Jol has is to break into the top four by means of the usual suspects tripping up.Great plan...keep up the good work !!!
I wouldnt slate MJ for these comments, rather the spuds should take a leaf out of his book for realism. After spending so much money, I would think that Jol and the spurs board should look to break into the top 4, and I agree with AG, it should be seen as a failure if they didnt.
There's no denying the fact that Jol has made Spurs a better side. But they finished further away from us last season than the year before. And like you rightly stated, Thierry didn't play in any of the 4 games against them and still they couldn't beat us. Arsene has got the better of Spurs, just accept it you fat ****!

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