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Arsenal Swoop For Da Silva

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Brazillian born Croatian striker, Eduardo Alves Da Silva.

Eduardo, 24, will sign a 4-year contract subject to passing a medical at Arsenal's London Colney training ground. The Dinamo Zagreb striker will sign for an undisclosed fee.

His scoring record is outstanding. He scored 34 goals in 32 games for Zagreb last season, and a total of 71 goals in 100 apperances for the Croatian team. He also has seven goals in 12 international apperances for Croatia. had this to say: 'Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed with Dinamo Zagreb for the transfer of striker Eduardo Da Silva on a four year contract for an undisclosed fee, subject to a medical.'

So this now begs the question: 'is he the man Wenger wants to replace Henry?'

We'll have to wait till September 1st for the answer to that.

Doesn't it feel great to have finally signed a bloody player???

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 2 2007

Time: 12:30PM

Your Comments

yohhooo dont know him well but any new blood is good for morale and those stats are off the chain
It might only be the Croat league, but 34 goals is a good return in any league.
and the fee is not 16 and not 24 mil EUR as some are speculating. It is 10-12 mil EUR
At last a signig and some news! We can all be sure that Wenger has been aware of him for some time and has watched him very closely. I had this feeling he wouldn't sign Anelka who would cost at least 10m and is 28 now. We need at least one more attacking midfielder. Amazing that the media never got a sniff of this. Let's add Robinho!
well done mr wenger no one scores that number of goals without having some talent. he looks like a good poacher as well someone to finish off the chances we missed out on last season
Where's Arsene? What's he doing? When is he going to show his hand? Nothing, not a word, zilch - then up pops this story! It's starting to look like another Wenger summer!
thats true no one got a sniff of rosicky very little about hleb and nothing on this guy.
A very interesting, possibly-well-researched and very surprising signing. What is the point of transfer rumours, you wonder:
Whether it's €10m or €24m is less significant than that he is the man Wenger wants. Whatever the price he comes with the same guarantees as Eto'o, Huntelaar, Torres or any other of the 'names'.
G4L, where did you hear the €10-12Million? Just a thought...could Wenger switch him to the left wing? He's a left footer, and he could bring some much needed goals from midfield?
Andy, it's often the case with out best signings that we have no clue of our best signings before they happen (Bergkamp being the best example). Let's hope this lad can do a job for us!
I have seen him a few times on TV. He looks very good.
he score against Arsenal last summer and against England in Zagreb for 1:0, against Italy in Friendly match...goals you can watch he is the best Croatian player and I'm enthusiastic about his future in Arsenal.... Arsenal got really good player
andy croat 27
so you lot don't want Tevez anymore then?
Jacky B
typical Wenger signing, lets see what he brings to the team..
Thanks for the video Andy. Jacky, of course we fans still want Tevez, all depends on Wenger. We lost Aliadiere, henry and Baptista in the summer, so in theory we still need another striker.
no one said anything about tevez jacky b...still very tempting
At least you are honest Simmy, some others are less so.
Jacky B
who is this guy?? still wishing for a big name signing but hopes diminishing
Of course we'd love to see Tevez, but I personally don't see it happening unfortuantley. Hopefully this guy can give us 10-15 goals. I don't expect much else :D
Jacky, who's been less honest? It's the opinion of almost every gooner I know that they want Tevez. At the end of the day, it is down to Wenger and him alone. He knows what he's doing and I have every faith in him. So if he decides Tevez isn't what we need, despite disagreeing, I'll accept it.
Decent signing though as mentioned 34 goals in Croatia for their massively dominant team Dinamo Zagreb, doesn't necessarily equate to the Premiership. Not too large at about 5ft 10 and the 24 million Euro quoted does seem very very high though this is the figure also published at Surely Huntelaar would've been a cheaper option?
dont think its 24 mill though
Belive me, don't worry about Eduardo, he is great player...he just isn't from some big club, but he is first striker in Croatia national team
andy croat 27
he's price (from croatian newpapers) is around 20 mil eur.
andy croat 27
Jacky B
lol Jacky why dun yu be honest and accept that you were the angry spud on that youtube video when we beat you in the cc :d..
price is irrelevant
Sod off Lucky. I am the most laid back Spurs fan there is.
Jacky B
Mish. I agree.TR7 does not. see the Martin Jol thread
Jacky B
Cesc's agent has just had something interesting to say. It's on the BBC page. The day keeps getting better!
He scored against us and against England which i supose if nothing else proves he can score against English defences
Ozi Gooner
Silva scoring past England's Robinson. The sign of things to come 8-)
The official Zagreb website says it was £6m, the price is undisclosed, anything else you hear is speculation. I know little about this guy other than his impressive scoring record. Anyone who wants a big name is always going to be disappointed by Wenger, he looks for class not reputation, there are countless examples of unknowns signing for Arsenal and being big names. The fact is, there are no guarantees in football transfers, Morientes, Shevchenko and Denilson for Betis looked like great signings. Kolo Toure, Peter Schmeichel and Kevin Doyle looked very underhwelming signings when they were announced.
Little Dutch
7 goals in 12 games for croatia isnt bad, plus he scores something like 34 goals in the croation league,
andy croat 27
little dutch--- i agree with you
andy croat 27
Supposedly he doesnt like being called Da Silva, it is Dudu or Eduardo.
Ozi Gooner
They forgot to put the 1 in front LD!
Jacky B
whatever he cost Jacky and whatever Bent cost, i'm sure we'll see who got the best deal at the end of the season
Can't wait to see how Eduardo equips himself to the Prem. Once again, Arsene pulls the magic rabbit frpom his magic hat. This guy has a great scoring record, is 24, if the price is less that £16 mill, good, if it's less than the 10-12m, then that is fantastic.

Once again >>> »»Arsene Knows««
there was an article in the Independent a week or so ago that Arsenal had two signings lined up, both strikers. One was a well known name that everyone would recognize, the other was a prolific striker that would not be known in England. Interesting to see if they are right and if that means another big name well known striker is on his way?
hugh jarse
Finally, some arsenal news to digest. cant be the only striker coming in the summer can he? still think we need one more or at least a winger. lupoli switch confirmed!
TR7, we didn't get a good deal, thats for sure. But we will get goals, again, almost for sure.
Jacky B
Does this mean Walcott would have a permanent position at the flank? I have no objection if he does. I think he is a bit light weight to play as a strker. Playing at flank would allow him to move more freely. He could be our goal scoring version of Lennon
I think there are enough games to go roud five strikers especially as Adebayor will be off in January for over a month depending on how well Togo do... Theo may yet play as a striker, but maybe not even in this season
Jacky, agree totally mate, bent is a proven premiership goalscorer and as such charlton can demand what they like for him, all makes for an interesting season thats for sure! bring it on! I'm just pleased we've finally made another signing, happy days!
Shevchenko & Ballack prove that big names don't equal success if their preferred role is curtailed. Apart from those that know DaSilva (and Arsene!) all we can feed off are clips off youtube! After that - how do we second-guess what their position in the team will be, and then, if and how they will bond with the team dynamic. This guys goals make him look like he enjoys being a team player and finishing off good moves in Arsenal style. The clips show him splitting defences and heading real well too. Only fear is whether we are going to see another Kezman.
Its bloody ages away. I cant wait. Bring it on
Jacky B
Regardless of Bent being a proved premiership srtriker or not, that fee was a factor of hos being English more that anything else. I still prefer AWs ways. we will develoop pour own English players and they will go on to do great things...
--- the Arsenal way.
I agree TS, Curtis Davies is being touted around at 8.5-9m, which is a massive price tag on a good, but still young player, much as I think he'd be a worthwhile addition to the squad, I cant see it in a million years at that price, AW gets a bit of stick about his policies, but you can see why he doesnt buy more british when these prices are involved,
This could actualy be the player Arsenal need, as someone said a poacher to finish off all them created chances
I just always admire his courage in these things. I was fearing the pressure for big names will get to him and them this moring happily he comes in with a proper Arsenal Signing. Its a good sign that he is around and still doing the tings he knows how to do. Up the Gunners!
He looks class in the air. A great left foot as well. Maybe Eboue will be moved on to the wing to provide some crosses. Cant wait to see him play in the emirates cup now!
The reports are that Wenger has had his scouts watch every match this guy has played since he played against us at the start of the season. I am thinking that this is not some sort of knee jerk reaction to Henry leaving, but in fact all part of the Wenger masterplan. Initial reports of €24m seems to have been misinterpreted, the real price seems to be between £6-9m.
andy croat 27
GunnerBlood, I tend to agree with you. AW is hardly known for knee jerk reactions and I dont think eanything has happened that is serious enogh to have triggered one.
... even the sale of a legend like TH14 is not enough to cause AW to panic. People under estimate the amoont of faith AW has in his current squad; and beileve it that it is with or without Henry...
I'll see that and raise you that Wenger was planning for the departure of Henry for quite a while and was even starting to see him as a long shadow (if not quite a negative influence) over his young squad.
I have been reliably informed (friend of a friend is a specialist) that Henry's surgeon believes that you never really get over the kind of achilles injury he had and that he really only has a few seasons left in the tank. Add that to the sciatica he suffered from last season, that again never heals, I think AW had this planned very much in advance.
I know we might sound like a bunch of guys trying to justify the departure of our hero, but we have probably have our rose tinted glasses on when looking at him for the past while. Wenger is a pragmatist and has obviously been making plans for his departure.
Hmmm, £16 million for a younger, proven goalscorer in the Premiership and potential England starter in Bent or £16 million on an unproven Premiership player in Da Silva!!!! LOL, it was funny how Arsenal fans come on Vital Spurs saying that we got ripped off for Bent yet this is the second time you have been ripped off in the space of a week!!!
Henry gone for £16 million and Da Silva bought for £16 million!!! Great bit of business boys, you would have been better off going for Martins for £13 million, atleast you know what you're getting. Where is Commoli when you need him???
iT IS NOT BEYOND THE REALMS OF IMAGINATION THAT aw MAY HAVE PLANNED THAT DUDU plays with Henry, all I think is that it was not because Henry left that he signed him. It is putting the guy under under pressure calling him the next henry, they may be different type of players and besides, the legend that is now Henry was not built in a day, so as diaby would say, let him be the Eduado Da Silva rather than the new henry!
.. Diaby asked to be alloed to be Diaby rather than the new Viera; even Cesc. I dont think they are doing too badly being themselves while learning from their predecessors... Rosicky being Himself and not the new Pires...
OAL, one thing is proven - you're an IDIOT. the price is 6.1 GBP.
Is that so G4L?? Because according to the BBC, and the Dinamo Zagreb president the price is 24 million Euros.
HAHA TRUE I JUST READ IT good luck with your second class brazilian! you just got raped!!
it is 11 mil EUR., you do the math. UEFA picked it up from a mistranslated text which in original says that the money will come from the Henry transfer which is 24 mil EUR. sorry to ruin it for you.
What was actually said OAL is that Arsenal now have the funds to buy Dudu after the sale of Henry. Only an idiot or journolist would interperate this as that we spent 16M on this player.
its my first comment on this site but im slightly worried by the fact that owen is availible for 9 million and hes proven and wouldn't need to adapt. im all out for giving da silva a shot but 16 million and we also need other new players. its a gamble but wengers signings normally pay off. (excluding baptista) i do agree with little dutch that no players form can be certain. but i do think arsene should decide and state whether hes stayin or going and also i think ryan babel would be a good signing. Someone mentioned robinho and i agree because reports in spain say real wanna sell him to fund a bid for kaka. id like a centre midfielder i.e reo coker
OAL, I know it will take you another decade to hear otherwise since its so much fun for believe the first report...
yer hes jealous coz bent was bought for 16 million and he wants other ppl to avoid that topic. i mean henry or bent for 16 million? charlton played spurs for fools
I'm quietly optimistic about Eduardo, but I'd like to see Wenger sign Huntelaar as well (as Simmy pointed out, we lost Henry, Baptista and Aliadiere so far, so 1 striker isn't enough). I've *always* been a fan of talented widemen being played on the side of their weaker foot - cases in point Pires (right footed on the left), Henry (same), Van Persie (on the right), Walcott (on the left) - why ? because they have options to cross/shoot for the far post (outswinging making it difficult for the keeper), cut inside (to draw defenders out of position), cut-backs etc.. I'd be very tempted to play 4-3-3 with van Persie on the right, Eduardo centre, and Huntelaar on the left (all up front). Rosicky - Diaby - Cesc in the middle Clichy - Gallas - Toure - *Micah Richards* at the back
Barcelona did the same with Arsenal. Henry is no doubt worth atleast £25 million but got signed for £16 million. Da Silva is only proven in the Croatian league and got signed for £16 million. I think Arsenal have been taken for fools recently, not Spurs.
54 goals in one season. I don't care what league you're playing in that's some record. I'm peronally very optomistic about this dude.
im not sure bout that because henry is gettin older and if u look at last season i know he was injured but when he was in the side he sometimes disrupted our play by tryin 2 walk the ball in the net. hes scored a vital winner over man u though but i think its a good time 2 cash in but dnt get me wrong im still gutted 2 see him go because hes without a doubt the best player the premiership has seen and i think that deep down all fans will be sad 2 see him go because he has given so much entertainment to others ESPECIALLY HIS SOLO GOAL AGAINST SPURS lol. but u do have 2 admit that thers been times where u have been impressed such as the back heel against charlton and particually his goal against sparta last year.
isit really 54. wow yes i am now
OAL, you appear to have a problem processing simple information, the price is £6m confirmed by the Zagreb website.
Little Dutch
OAL now you have plastered your buffoonery all over the site, take that rape-happy fool 99% with you and discuss how many times you will be picking the ball out of your own net this season.
Having just checked the official Zagreb website which is .... there does not appear to be any mention of a fee. Which site is quoting only £6m?
the bbc website has just announced that its 7.5 mill. it says "the 24-year-old, who scored against England in a Euro 2008 qualifier in October, has signed a four-year contract at the Emirates Stadium. Dinamo president Mirko Barisic claims the fee amounts to £16.25m but BBC Sport understands it is around £7.5m. " n bbc are normally right so i fink we can safely say that its around 7.5
Yes 54 in 53 in league, cup, europe and internationals!!
guys i dont mean to be a buzz kill .....but seriously i ve been watchin videos of this guy and i think he is a replace ment fro ali/baps......defo not henry..but that said hu can replace him...neway i would still be very unhappy if we dint sign anelka/tevez/etoo........i wud prefer etoo/tevez the most.but anelka wudnt be bad either
as daveh said, the fee according to BBC is 7.5m GBP, so its no where near Bent, but thanks. i highly doubt that we will sign Tevez or Eto'o now but i'm personally excited about finally making a signing and im really looking forward to next season.
same here im not sure this is THE replacement because thierry wasn't a fox in the box i think hes going to get tevez. no1 else really can. chelsea have spent most of the money that abramovich has given them, man utd have spent 50 mill n liverpool r gna get torres for 15+. within the next to weeks i expect that tevez will be an arsenal player providing the funds are provided and he isnt overpriced. however saying that if wenger announces hes staying ryan babel would virtually be an arsenal player. has ne1 heard rumours about defoe because iv heard radio stations talkin about it n im not sure how he will be accepted being a spud? and also does ne1 know about this carlos vela? is he really as good as ther saying?
Hi daveh welcome to the site lad made some top draw comments up until that DeWoe one!, seriously tho good to see every1 vibed up about new blood, looks like a wicked prospect and done in true cloak and dagger Wenger fashion, still think another striker is on the cards after last seasons awful profligacy/injuries (and faced with untried youngsters like Bendtner/Vela) another 6 mill-ish signing will be pulled from le profs sorcerous headwear shortly.
thanks niko. its a great idea to have a fans forum!
Again, fooling yourselves!!! He got 34 goals last season, not 54!!! The International and European goals were not all from the same season.
OAL, the 34 goals is LEAGUE goals only, and that was in 32 games... »»Arsene Knows««
hmmm... smell the fear from OAL, deep down he knows that Wenger is back in the lab, mixing that old magic to ensure Spuddies anonymity/absence on the biggest stage continues, and hes trembling at the thought he's gonna have to change his username at the end of next season when Lennon slips out the back door to a top 4 team. (in the slipstream of Dimber, who, in a career first will show a turn of pace as he rattles those exit doors off the hinges)
LMAO nik, a bloody good one!
notice how OAL doesnt mention the transfer fee any more, as he was misquoted sources all day. he has now moved on to a new issue...
I seem to recall Kezman from Serbia had a top record, winning the Golden Boot while at PSV. Didn't he do well in the Premiership? Again the BBC are saying they 'understand' what the fee is, the President of the Dinamo Zagreb is quoting a different amount and there's nothing on their official website. It seems strange the Gunners would allow such an expensive figure to be continued to be bandied around, as it would increase the price of every other target ... unless of course its actually not too far away from the truth.
I have heard that he is a RVN type of player who sticks to the box and puts away the dozen of chances that Arsenal creats. and he is very fast. A magic signing and it is only 8 mil
Why are you so fussed about the fee (sir) Kernowboy? Is it because you paid roughly £17 million for Darren Bent? The Zagreb President actually say he "thinks" the fee is £16 million as if he doesnt really know? I think there is possibly some add ons within the price but i very much doubt its a straight £16 million and in truth I think you doubt it aswell.
Also (sir) Kernowboy how would it push up the price of any other targets if they think weve spent all the Henry money?
Iceman10, the fee for Bent, a PROVEN premiership scorer is £15.5m plus £1m in incentives paid in 3 installments. Whilst DaSilva has a very impressive record so did Kezman before he joined Chelsea, and Kezman played in a tougher league. The BBC has not come out with a definitive figure and I doubt if the Zagreb President would've be out by over 100%. He actually quoted the figure of £16.25m. There is nothing on their official website despite what one of your colleagues tried to imply. Yesterday the figure was £6m, then it was £7.5m, now its £8m (allegedly) all creeping in one direction. The price will go up as for players like Tevez because while the figure of £16m (or 24m Euros) is bandied around, other teams will value their players against that benchmark. Whilst there is often a discrepancy of a million or two in fees, the difference here is remarkable. If it is claimed that Arsenal paid £16m, why is this not denied if it is not true?
His scoring record from the stats is so impressive and if he can adapt fast to the English game then the glory days may be back. What with RvP fit and encouraging target from Theo. Let the games begin
Kernowboy, it's Arsenal's policy not to release the details of transfer fees, whether the fee is £1Million or £30Million, the club wouldn't release details. Do you not think it's a bit of a coincidence that the fee some people are reporting is the same as the fee Henry went for. I'm of the opinion that there was a mistake in the translation. The president of Dinamo Zagreb said "I think it's €24Million." Do you not think he would know the fee that he just sold a player for? So I think that there was another mistake in teh translation - he was talking about Croatian currency - Kuna, which would make the fee around £3Million.
come on kernowboy, give it to us straight - would you rather have Bent - proven but no world-beater - for £16m or someone like DaSilva - unproven but looking fairly ****-hot - for less than half the price?
Personally DaSilva has done nothing here yet. He could be a decent player or he could be Kezman. And considering the goals that Bent scored for a poor team often having to lead the line on his own .... I'd go for Bent on any day of the week. And he's also English which I know you lot struggle to understand but for most fans in England is a bonus as his continued development hopefully will help the National team. I imagine you'll all be cheering on Croatia now when they visit Wembley.
Yep, you can always defend yourself with dumb-arse, desperate remarks about nationality. That claptrap aside, if you are hell-bent on rescuing the national side, then why do you care if you finish mid-table? Maybe you should focus on that noble cause instead - "Spuds - Saviours of English Footie". Mon dieu!
I fail to understand your bull***** kernowboy as I really can't stand English p**** like yourself and I am of half English blood myself! Apologies for the real English gentlemen on this site, but unfortunately some f***** idiots think that being English is a qualification that makes them above everybody else! England won the WorldCup in 1966. Wenger arrived in 1996. So the 30 years of pi** poor mediocrity is due to Wenger as well eh? Like your f***** lame lasagne excuse, your English foreigner excuse is just as lame! If you stopped blaming everybody else for your pi** poor standards and started taking responsibillity for your own actions, you might actually get somewhere.
not that it winds me up or anything, heehee!
ive heard nothing but good stuff of him cant wait to see him play

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