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Arsenal Complete Dudu Signing

Arsenal today completed the deal to bring Eduardo 'Dudu' Da Silva to Arsenal for an undisclosed fee.

The deal was confirmed by the club yesterday, subject to a medical. The Croatian striker today signed for his new club, subject to getting international clearance.

The two-time title winning striker scored 73 goals for his now former employers in 100 games.

Speaking to boss Arsene Wenger said: 'We are delighted to have signed Eduardo Da Silva. He has great qualities and will integrate very well into our style of football.'

The Brazilian-born forward is clearly lethal infront of goal, but Wenger hinted he may use him in other posistions.

'He is a very good finisher and although he is predominantly a striker, he is a very adaptable player.

'I have known about him for a while but his performances against us in last year’s Champions League really showed what a dangerous player he is.

'Eduardo will be a great asset for us and we are all looking forward to him joining up with us.'

Eduardo himself again expressed his joy at being given a chance at a club as big as Arsenal: 'I am so happy and proud to be joining Arsenal Football Club.

Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in the world with many great players and I am looking forward to helping my new club challenge for trophies.'

Eduardo will wear the NO.9 shirt formally worn by Jose reyes and Julio Baptista. Let's hope his time at the club is better than that had by Jose and Julio.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 3 2007

Time: 2:13PM

Your Comments

Lets not get too excited and wait until the work permit comes through, we could always bribe one of the immigration officers :D
yez yez now for a winger maybe from east timor
Let's keep our fingers crossed about the work permit but I'm sure it'll be fine as he plays regularly for both club and country. Lol mish.
His name doesnt start with a J, that has to be some type of good omen for the cursed shirt, it doesnt imply jinx
Ozi Gooner
I.Hope he silences d critics. Hope wenger doesnt move him 2d wings.
from what ive seen he is definately a striker. versatile or not, his best attribute has to be out and out goalscoring so i hope he stays a striker.
since he's left footed therz every chance he might have to compensate on the wings sometimes but anyway. WELCOME TO THE HOME OF FOOTBALL EDUARDO!!!
And he heads goals too!! A revelation.
Hopefully by the end of next season the spuds will be sick of the sight of Dudu........again!
Now that the Blades appeal has been dismissed, Tevez could be staying with the Hammers and once again the Boss was ready and proven what a great boss he is by signing Eduardo,
it seems this wont be the last time we hear abt dinamo zagreb....i just heard that arsene is also interested in their wingerOgnjen Vukojevic.....cqan somebody throw any light on this.......and on this player?
As Eduardo is Edward in English we could call him The Silver Teddy.
AW scouting secret revealed: Go check out the latest Player of the Year from Eastern European leagues every year. Those players between 21-25 who won the awards are our potential 'big' signings - eg Hleb, Rosicky, Dudu. As for youth signings, I haven't figure out yet. I hope Le Boss buys Kompany to strengthen the defence as he was a former winner.
Coolio GOOFLES BACK! For a day...
Be back forever Goofle. This season looks promising and I dont think we will feel TH's absence at all.
Goofle, I was beginning to get worried...
Dudu score goals for us bro
So much for the constant doom mongering by the press all summer about Fabregas and Wenger
It seems that everyone had jumped to the conclusion that we will definitely finish either 4th or 5th (including Merson) even before the 07/08 season begins. It's up to us to prove them wrong. Rectify our defensive deficiency on set pieces & waste less chances, we are up for the title I believe
lolz G4L this site would be poorer without Goofy and Babe..
I agree with your optimism Joe but whether we'll be able to compete with Chelski and Man Utd this season remains to be seen. I'd like to think we will but it will take Da Silva a while to settle in England.
yes especially because he's bin playin against useless opposition. but he'll suit i think. but i still think ther will be more signings. we need a CB, winger and possibly another striker. it will be intresting to see what arsene thinks though. i hope he does bring some more fresh talent because hes relying to heavily on the youngster. but in my opinion we should never have sol quincy. he was special.
dont get me wrong, in many ways i disagree with the hole theory of 'big names' but i still dont think that our front line has enough leadership in it. i dont feel a great prescence when i read our strikers names. but that might just be me being used to henry.
i agree which is why i dnt think that wenger has finished buying a striker with the capability 2 replace thierry
yh cursed shirt lol julio jose jeffers haha
completely agree lucky. The poor kid - no internet at home!
I like the way we can now say the first competitive goal scored at the Grove was by an Arsenal player! huzzah!!!
Yeah niko, and hopefully that was the 1st of many more. Dudu seems to have fantastic stats, but we will need to give him half a season, mebbe more, to adapt. I think Wenger's plan is for RVP to play the main striker, and I dont see why he cant get us 20 goals next season.
As our scouts viewed him on more than 40 separate occasions it's safe to say this is no impulse buy or panic buy to replace Henry, I'm sure scouts have contingency plans for players in every position as we seem to be living in times when contracts ain't worth squat and unforseen vacancies can occur sharpish, take Da Silva - you gotta feel for Zagreb fans only in April he had signed a 10 year deal!, I laughed cos it appears the deal happened so damn fast even the player was'nt aware it had happened!!. Wenger knows hes gotta move with ninja speed to avoid bidding wars or sneaky chavski style gazzumping.
Lovely to see Barce-nal take full advantage of their economic inability to scout elsewhere by using their limited European exposure to suss out prospective replacements. In this case, GOT IT IN ONE! Any more penurious and we might mistake them for a small team from Scotland.
You've signed a forward who you might not play up front .. Huh? .. someone needs to be put out to pasture. I expect him to line up in goal.
No whitenorf, you'll be taking that , 'small team from Scotland' tag, when your club moves closer to that said location in it's attempt to purchase a new stadium. Bye, we'll miss you! lol
limited European exposure!!!!!!!!! this was posted by a spud!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha bet as soon as he posted that gem he thought "oh crap I've left myself open on that one". Yep you surely have, apart from that what the hell is greatwhitedwarf on about? what nonsensical gibberish is this? Admittedly full marks for dictionarial masturbation with 'penurious' but it does'nt work if you don't place it within a well constructed sentence. Thanks for the effort though.
Ok, for all those who curse the No9 shirt, lets not forget one Mr Alan Smith, over 100 goals for the Arsenal. Scored all important goals including one great night some where in Liverpool. Of course, for all you Spuds that come over here and sprout your hatred, I dont suppose you remember many great nights in the league unless you are over 60. So p**s off with your cr*p. Eduardo's gonna get 15 goals this season, Come you gooners, Arsenal 4 EVER.
wenger rules...spuds bought average bent for 16.5mill (much potential though) liverpool have bought torres (cant wait to watch him) but he's never scored more than 20 goals a season (15 last season just a few more than van persie who missed half our season) so 27 mill is much too much. 6-9 mill for someone who scored a bundle last season albeit in a lesser league is the best buy if you ask me he has proved himself against the best defenses in the world engaland italy and yours truly. and as someone put it the first european goal at emirates was now scored by an arsenal player LOL. well done professor
of the 3 signings i think bent and dudu will be the most valuable
Thats the problem with the little spuds. They can't attract top quality players, so in an attempt to fool their fans they overpay for average people like Bent to make it look like they are signing names. Lets not forget that if Bent had actually got on with Curbishley then he would now be a West Ham player & not a spud, which just shows the spuds even have to wait for teams like West Ham to do their shopping before they can purchase players, which is somewhat humiliating for them!!
Ashburton Gooner
The guy is for more better than B*nt and he will prove it this season
lol didnt know tat G4L..
You just signed a Dud girls.
AG you are seriousley Deluded if you think Dud....u is top quality. What proven top quality have you arse wipes signed.... Reyes was proven quality. babtista was quality, jeffers was prolific before he arrived,Walnut was big bucks. Wenger and big signings don`t work you dimwit every arse supporter knows that. Move over the Kings of Norf London are Back!! You lot are s**tt**g bricks and you ain`t had lasgne. COYS
every year without fail some cock pokes his head up and crows about a new dawn, every year the same poultry team gets egged on by its fowl squawking livestock, every year they end up mid table stuffed in the arse, afterwhich people sit around thoroughly satisfied picking the bones.
cockeril. You are seriously deluded if you think we give a flying f*** for your pathetic drivvel. We could have signed nobody and we'd still make your team look like a bunch of c***s! Now pi** of back north of the M25 where your club is going to end up. That's if we don't decide to build on the location first of course.
ouch!!!!! You guys are really worried. Comoli leaving is where you empire started to crack and look down the road and what he is achieving. If you think two 5th place finishes are mid table and 1 of them only 1 point less then you scums you better get used to mid table. The future is lilywhite.... Deal with it!!!
The future is lilywhite this time every season cockeril! By 5 games in, the usual, 'get Jol out debate begins'. Boring....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
I would be more worried about a certain Mr wenger starting the season with the Arse than The great man Mr Joll. Wenger is the only one left before you are well and trully Shafted. Every Dog has his Day. RIP Arsenal F.C!
I'd be more worried about issues closer to home if I were you cockeril. If the council stop shovelling pigswill down your managers throat then he'll start eating your players. Though saying that, if you fed Paul Robinson to him first, it'd almost certainly keep his rumbling twenty four stomachs at bay for a few months. If the title was decided on how much bull comes from each teams supporters, then Spurs would win it hands down every season. If the future is so bright for you lot, why do feel the need to come over here and talk about Arsenal? Every pre-season is the same. 'We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that', only for you to end up with egg on your faces looking completely stupid. When will you guys ever learn?
FLV are you not the slightest bit worried? With the turmoil off the big names that have departed and the Wenger uncertainty and your big signing being a Brazillian Dudd. You are in for 1 big shock or maybe you are putting a brave face. I am just trying to soften the blow when reality kicks in and you are looking up from mid table. Just concentrate on uefa cup mate.
I've not been worried, and I never will be. You guys couldn't beat our what was predominantly our second string last year so why should I be bothered. Because you've signed Bent? Or Bale? Bent was so good last year, he helped Charlton down a division. Bale was already down there waiting for him. Bent may even be your third choice, so what have we got to contend with? Looks like the same crap as last season only we'll have our injured first teamers back. The result! No change! Uefa Cup hahaha! You really are off your face! You do realize that Spurs only just managed to secure their own place in the Uefa Cup on the final game of the season. If I were you I'd be more worried about your team dropping out of the European places altogether rather than what Arsenal or any other of the top 4 are doing.
Do you not at any stage in your posts cockeril stop and think " wow maybe I should really wait until we: A) Beat The Arsenal B) Finish above The Arsenal C) Actually win something D) See Bent play in white/brown/both and realise how bog standard he actually is before I ridicule other signings who I've only watched once, when he scored against/beat Ingerland. and before I give it large about a club with such a pitiful track record of fecking things up?". I mean it's highly unlikely that in four months time you'll be back here saying "sorry lads I should've known better, I just can't help it I get like this same time every year I just forget...Sp*rs is Sp*rs, nope there'll just be a cockeril shaped void on Vital which none of us'll even notice, oh well.
very arrogant you lads are, So much better than us. You seem to forget 1 point and 3 wins better than us in 2 seasons. Gone are the days when you used to compete for the title and europe! You are bearly hanging on to 4th spot. Your main man has left. we can all point to injury`s we had our best player out the best part of the season and now we have adequate cover. Bent being average was top english marksman seaseon but last and Bale is going to be immense Fergie Knows! and if you could afford him you would of bought him. The tide is turning and we are here for the long run and I reackon this is the season.
As usual it's all if, if ,if isn't it cockeril. It's lovely that you're so optimistic (insane), but why you feel that you have to share your feelings with people who just don't care, beats me. Why not go over to your own site and have a little sing song to Chas n Dave with the rest of em eh? Gone are the days when we used to win titles? Again, what the hell as that got to do with you, and why bring it up when your are so far behind us and you haven't won zip for over a decade? I agree with niko, you talk so much now, but when it all turns to crap, you'll be just as invisible as the rest of the Spuds. This isn't arrogance, we're just fed up of the same old same old from you lot. Afterall, it's you who have come over here to Arsenal site blabbing on about Spurs this, Spurs that, not the other way round.
I just like to hear the arrogant views of the Arse! Its only football guys but you really are worried. Just accept it like a man arse are a spent force. RIP
The only things that we accept around here is that you are full of s***, and your apologies when once again we take the points from you in the NL derbys.
Wonder if this Dudd will be as good as Reyes..??
Wonder if your brain cell will ever find company?
At least you can support England FLV and watch the cream of talent we posses. After all you will have nothing to shout about otherwise.
Haha, England! The Spurs of International football! Now I see the link! You've got this weirdo twisted fetish, which involves frustation right?
don`t chop of the hand that feeds you.
For once cockeril I admit you're right and I'm wrong. I shouldn't chop off the hand that feeds us. Afterall, who will we turn to the next time we need to sign up a solid England defender on a free transfer. 8-)

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