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Arsenal - New Song For Eduardo

As regular readers of Vital Arsenal will know, we have be campaigning for a better stadium atmosphere and a wider range of player songs since the conception of the network nearly two years ago.

Well today I received a truly remarkable piece of song writing, the likes of hasn't been seen since some Gooner genius came up with the Paddy Vieira theme tune.

The song popped into my email inbox via the Online Gooner forum and the guys at RedAction, and it is that good, I feel it my duty to try and get every Arsenal fan to learn this ditty and pump it out at every Arsenal game.

So without further ado, I present you with Eduardo 'Dudu' Da Silva's new song.

Tune: proclaimers - 500 miles

I would walk 500 miles
and I would walk
500 more
just to be the man who walks a thousand miles to see Eduardo score
dudududu dudududu

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 4 2007

Time: 3:18PM

Your Comments

Hardly up there with the Viera or Petit ones i am afraid
Jacky B
like it. Only worry for me is the amount of S's. The smelly f***er behind me has a lithp...sorry lisp. I couldn't contain myself last season when he kept calling Baptithta thit.
great stuff and go on and on and on and on for dududududu dudududu
Your opinion, you are entitled to it......however it would be wrong :P
My comment was aimed at JB btw!!
The best new song I recently saw on a forum went to the tune of 'Let It Be'... 'when we found ourselves in times of trouble Arsene Wenger came to me speaking words of widom-sell Henry so when we got the cash from barcelona who should our new striker be? Arsene said politely 'Van Persie' Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie Van Persie..he can be the answer Van Persie' sing it
Anon 1
I'm getting funny looks from my boss.
devoid of wit. though good "singability". Oh and in the original its da not du. Your opinion. wrong.
Jacky B
the ddududududu one is the best. i like it and am singing now
If it's catchy, and he scores goals, then it might catch on, tbh anything's better than constantly hearing 'and it's Ar-se-nal....'
And why does it need to be witty? I assume you don't believe ANY of your songs are funny. And the original version of "We are sailing" the words are "We are sailing" and not "We are Tottenham" You see my point? It's pretty simple, even for a Spurs fan to grasp......btw Anon 1, that is pure genius.
i still like 'dudu dudu, da da da da, is all i want to say to you'... but that's probably just me :-) »»Arsene Knows««
Walking along, singing a song. Walking in the DuDu wonderland.
Best ever, has to be at the 93 semi final against the Spuds, "A spoonful of Sugar helps the Venables go the most delightful way."
Little Dutch
No Rocky I am envious that we dont have one to match the viera or Petit. Mostly ours are not funny. But the best footy songs are. And like you pointed out Anon's is class, dudududu is not.
Jacky B
oh, and you are copying Spurs threads :-)
Jacky B
How about this- eduardo eduardo you ****in retardo same as the rest of you're team hahahahahaha losers
blimey, you must be the creative inbred craig.
You're entitled to think that the song is poo JB, I'm not denying anyone that, just that the reasons you gave were inadequate. As I proved :P
In what way have we been "copying Spurs threads"?
Not really rocky, cos you change it out right! you change the words not the melody for a footy song, Once more, da and du sound different, misses the point for me. Whether they need be funny is opinion i guess, but the Viera and Petit examples gives me some ammo
Jacky B
Harryhotspur and Vitalspurs. Then again, we have always been trailblazers, trend setters what have you. you seem to have taken offence
Jacky B
wingston -- brilliant! anon1 -- even more brilliant!!
Apparently Cashley Cole has put in a shock request to sign for Spuds, after hearing the strike force is Bent and Keane :D
i love that van persie song! »»Arsene Knows««
apparently AFC85LEW has not read the previous thread or heard the "Young and bent" Charlton joke.
Jacky B
Another future anthem...everyone know 'Lola' by the Kinks? instead of 'Lola L-O-L-A Lola' and the bit that bout 'Kolo K-O-L-O Kolo K-O-L-O kolo... he is the world's most passionate man and ofcourse he hates the tottenham Kolo K-O-L-O Kolo etc
Anon 1
The Vieira one wasn't funny in the slightest. The melody is still the same. Same note's same tempo, and while "da" may not be in the dictionary, I'd say that it is part of the lyrics, which have been swapped for "Du"
different sense of humour i spose. I found the Viera one witty to say the least. I guess its the rhyme of senegal and arsenal!
Jacky B
Haha JB no i haven't - i know, i know, i've been 'snowed under' all day and just ventured onto the internet, been out of touch for the last 24 hrs, couldn't resist tho.
Vital Arsenal has copied Vital Spurs???? It's part of the same network and both "opened" on the same day, and if you go back in history you'll find that VA was publishing articles long before VS.
i dont think you understand. We post song thread, you post song thread in that order. I was just kidding Rocky
Jacky B
Rocky, same old Arsenal going on about history blah blah blah.
JB - Clutching at straws much? In no way what-so-ever is that funny. Because Senegal rhyme's with Arsenal? No way, I don't believe you. Nah ah. Not happening.
Ok, must have missed that one (although this isn't our first song thread :P)
Posh Spice is a slapper, she wears a wonderbra, and when shes sh**ging Beckham, she thinks of Ray Parlour. Defo, one of my faves.
Dear Old Martin Jol He said spuds would win a cup Dont be silly said wenger Your time is nearly up
I like this song, I think you will hear this alot down at *****e fart drain this season. Cough cough(clearing my throat) WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
guys i just have a question. did Eduardo and his team play in the Uefa Cup last season? if they did, then i want to know how he and the team performed..
I'm sold on it. It's simply GOT to do the rounds next seaon!
This song is very cool I loved it
Good sound to it...hopefully it gets a live trial very soon! Love the van Persie one too Anon - got me singing it like a fool!
simmy I think they played and they were nocked out by Auxere
We all laugh at a chicken on a ball, chicken on a ball, chicken on a ball, we all laugh at a chicken on a ball cos that cock won't win fack all.
I love the second verse to that last one hatespur posted, "she says he cannot tackle, she says he cannot pass, but one thing is for certain, she takes it up the..........."
Little Dutch
you had better wait to see if he actually scores any goals before you start singing songs about him
To the tune of Englishman in New York! He's a gooner, Eduardo the gooner He's a Croatian from Brazil! Cro-at, Croatian, whatever!
How the tune of 'Do you want to?' by Franz Ferdinand 'Dudu Dudu Dudu Dudu Dudu Dudu.. Dudu Dudu Dudu Dudu Dudu...etc...follow the tune inserting 'Dudu' where 'Do Do' should be
Anon 1
Dales Dad, I don't care! If he doesn't score then I'm gonna sing a song about you! Dales Dad and you know you are, Dales Dad and you know you are! I just want to sing!!!! By the way, any of you guys going to the Inter match?
Nah I'm bored with that already! I'm just gonna call you a Chavski t***! Go buy another title you moron! F*** of back to your own site where all that glitters is Roman's gold. One bullet from bankruptcy and all that!
Profile: Eduardo da Silva
andy croat 27
flv, i'm going both days. I just like to waste money i haven't got. I was a tad annoyed that i wasn't able to purchase my own seat tho'.
Rocky, i aint holdin no straws mate, it may be sad, but i found the Viera song amusing. I doubt i am alone
Jacky B
My new shiny away kit arrived this morning hatespur. It's actually a lot nicer than it looks on the website. I also got the Herbert Chapman football. I've broken about three things in the living room with it already 8-)
16 of us going to watch the Inter game from my neck of the woods. Would have loved to go to the two games,but it's an extra night in a hotel, extra food and drink. I just can't cover it on my budget. Can't wait for the game though.
hey jus out that man utd have signed tevez gutted...........its now down to anelka....or maybe etoo..wat do u guys think
Thats not news. Its speculation
Jacky B
where is your neck of the woods flv?
That Englishman in New York idea isn't bad flv. We definitely need something catchy.
Heh, it's immensely cheesy but how about - 'Always look on the bright side of life, dudu, dudu, dudu, dudu!!'
HEY!HEY! was trying to post this on another site,But this chant IS the nuts..Sang to the tune of "your just to good to be true" dur-da,dur-da,dur,da,da,dada dur-da,dur-da,dur,da.da.dada Ed-war-do-Da-silva la,la,la,lalala ED-war-do-Da-Silva la,la,la,lalala or even with "come on you ars-enal" 60.000 would guarantee a buzzing atmosphere if all were drumming that out
Catchy easy and everyone knows the rhyme!!
South Wales hatespur. Sheepshaggersville, not the Australian version 8-)
well tevez has come out and and said so i m thinking its utd hav spent 70m including this.boy are they going gung ho or wat....
Your source Karly?
Jacky B
Not saying it wont happen, but nothin is confirmed yet!
Jacky B
For those of you from britain who are, like me, a child born in the latter stages of the 70's, you may remember 'the flumps', and it's theme tune download the mp3 here:

dudu... dudu.. dudu, dudu
dudu... dudu.. dudu, dudu
dudu... dudu.. dudu, dudu
dooooo dudu dudu

What a great song. That solves your lamentable atmosphere problem in one fowl swoop. Well done everyone. By the way, what time is Walnutt coming on to underhit a corner kick? Has anyone got Tony Adam's number? I was after a henry on tick 'til the weekend....
when are your mob moving out to hertfordshire, wsv? At least if you do, then you can be number one club somewhere, as opposed to second-rate shadow-dwellers like you currently are... »»Arsene Knows««
What does Arsene know? The name of his next club?
no, he knows that your club are ****, and so do you lot. »»Arsene Knows««
I also think that he also knows that he had a black and white telly the last time spuds won the league. He also knows that every year spuds come on here tellin gus we are finished, and that every year before we play the spuds, they come on here giving it large, all angry and mouthy and cocky, but then after we play the spuds, they disappear from vital arsenal for a week due to getting whipped (again) then they finish below us (again) and Arsene also knows that we knocked you out of the carling cup last year with a bunch of kids. »»Arsene Knows««
LOL Weststandvoice, one fowl swoop? what is it with you lot and chickens? you stick one on your crest and now you try and drop it into everyday banter 2? The start of every season sees you boys swearing blind you have the Golden goose then as Christmas comes around it's a turkey as usual.
we love u dudu we do, we love u dudu we do, we love u dudu we do oh dudu we love u. i think this is more simple to sing. hey why not sing both. that would please eduardo very much to have 2 songs.
u know the middlesborough tune when they score a goal?? how bout dudu dudu dudu da silva dudu dudu we sing it about a few players at sheff wednesday and it sound good all the time, its a catchy tune DADA DADA DEON BURTON DADA DADA sang like that one
Fabregas,he`s only twenty,a legend already.....
Eduardo, take your top of, eduaaaardo, take it off. Take your top of Eduardo, take it off now, take it off.

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