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Fabregas For Vice-Captain?

As I participated in my daily stumble around the websites, forums, blogs and other such media outlets, I happened across an article or two that suggests that Arsene Wenger will reward Cesc Fabregas's 'loyalty' by handing him the honour of being of vice captain.

Cesc Fabregas is a fantastic footballer, of that there is no doubt. Some argue he may go on to become the best central midfielder in the world, and if that were to happen, I wouldn't be surprised in the least. However, despite his obvious talent, there is a petulant side to this young Spaniard, a side that seems to be rearing it's head with more regularity that a diarrhetic camel.

Some Gooners pass this off as the will to win, but if I'm being honest, it's just a case of believing his own hype and having an ego the size of Great Yarmouth.

Maybe (if the rumour is true) the vice captaincy will sooth the savage beasts temper and turn him into a leader of men, or maybe it will make the lad even more big headed, who knows? But one things is for sure, if Wenger is giving Cesc this position within the club in attempt to persuade Cesc to commit to the club for the even longer term than he already is, then it's a big mistake. Just look at Thierry Henry.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 5 2007

Time: 1:12PM

Your Comments

Interesting points there Rocky, personally I think it will be Toure. Fabregas probably knows that these days he's the hub on the pitch!
How about Rosicky? He know a lot about vice (allegedly)
You don't need an arm band to be a leader on the pitch, Kolo Toure is a prime example. However I do believe the captain and vice are ambassadors for the club and need to be seen to saying the right things and acting in the right manner. The way Henry conducted himself whilst being Arsenal captain was a disgrace (no matter how good a player he was) and with Cesc often reitterating his stance that he will return to Spain one day (no matter how far into the future) I feel he's the wrong choice.
I tend to agree Rocky. I think clubs sometimes go down the route of believing that the best player will be the best captian (ala Henry). It isn't always the case. My vote would go to Kolo.
kernowboy, is the kerb crawler still residing in a position of power at your place?
Was just gunna say the same thing HS. Wasn't Pleat arrested three times? Where as Tommy Gunn did nothing.
It's a tough one. He's the heartbeat of the team, now that Henry has left, so from one perspective it might be quite good to have him as captain. Remember how good Vieira was as captain and he was often seen as the midfield hearbeat. However, Fabregas is still very young and although he's played a lot of games and has experience beyond his years, I feel the vice-captaincy would be better suited to Kolo. Perhaps in a couple of seasons, if Fab's still here, then maybe he could become vice-captain.
I don't think he's ready yet. I can see leadership qualities in him, but for me the natural choice as vice captain is Kolo. I've a feeling it might be a bit of a carrot for Cesc and that isn't right. Instead of doing that, why not reward Kolo for his unflinching loyalty, as Rocky says, he is a genuine example. I'm not so sure Cesc is buying his own hype, I genuinely think he just hates losing. It's just right now, Kolo deserves the vice captaincy and is best placed to take it right now. Simple.
Little Dutch
Oh and I take it we're all unanimous that Gilberto should be captain? And on the Rosicky point, even if he did hire six prozzies, it's not illegal in Praha. I doubt his missus would see it that way though!
Little Dutch
To be honest, I'd award Kolo the full captaincy. Gilberto is a fine deputy, and maybe that should continue to be his roll. Toure is more deserving than any other Arsenal player, for me he should have the longest contract and the highest wage. A true Gooner.
I agree LD. Cesc's attitude stems from a deep rooted hatred of failure as opposed to arrogance or petulance. His whole demeanor is that of a spoiled kid who has been told to go to bed early. Like his rant at Hughes for example, not very nice but extremely funny.
LD, herein lies the problem. David Pleat trawls Kings Cross for a 15 quid blowie from a 2 toothed crack whore and Tommy rallies round a few mates to inject 6 high class hookers with a little man meat. The gulf in class is even evident with devient past-times.
And with the currency in Prague compared to England, I doubt Tommy and his mates paid much more than fifteen quid anyway. Paying peanuts for qulaity, it's the Arsenal way. Tottenham can keep on shopping on the Pentonville Road as far as I'm concerned.
Little Dutch
If we are gonna talk about people who USED to be at clubs, Hows about Tony Adams, the drink driver, or maybe David Hillier the luggage stealer? hmm. oops Nearly forgot good old Paul Merson then!
Jacky B
Yeah Hatespur, nicking luggage... Well classy! lol
Jacky B
What was Teddy Sheringham arrested for recently? On the captaicy issue, I'd give it to Gilberto with him eventually bequeaving it to Kolo or Cesc, whoever is the better bet at the time. Although I would have no qualms about Gallas being made captain.
Little Dutch
Gilbert as captain of the ship with Kolo his First Lieutenant. Cesc for the future.
I dunno, was it for being in the Queens birthday honours list?
Jacky B
Blimey Jacky i thought your knowledge was better than that. You'd have been much more respected had you mentioned Peter Storey or Raphael Meade. Even Alan Sunderland. Jog on now.
Gilberto has been a different national team captain. Really quiet.
Sorry for not knowing about things concerning your club before i was born. Jog on indeed! Graham rix anyone?
Jacky B
That should be an arrestable offence Jacky. In fact, so should being a complete ****. In which case, Sheringham would be a multiple fellon by now.
Little Dutch
LD, on the subject of finances. Are you aware if our loan for the ground was locked in at a particular rate? With the MPC hiking again today and at least 1 more imminent it could have catastrophic consequences on our loan facility considering base rates have jumped more than 25% in the last couple of years. Bearing in mind the loan was agreed before neutral rate hit 4% and now we are at 5.75% with neutral expected 6%, on such a large borrowing we could really feel the pinch.
Sorry guys off topic, but no other way of communicating than on here. LD... Verve fan?
Jacky B
So in a nutshell what the boss has(maybe) decided is wrong hmmm I would prefer to stick by what the boss does, I am sure he knows best.
Graham Rix was at Chelsea when convicted of sleeping with young girls Jacky. Were you not born then either?
LD, It may be surprising but i don't really like Teddy.
Jacky B
Stop me if i'm wrong, but Sheringham dont play for Spurs. You obviously made up your own rules of engagement Hatespur
Jacky B
and whats your current mana ....... I'll stop there! lol
Jacky B
I haven't once mentioned that person. I can't bring myself to say his name.
Firstly Jacky, saying that Sheringham was arrested for being in the birthday honours list is absolutely stupid and shows just how dumb you are. It's not even remotely funny. Secondly, is it me or are Tottenham fans far more preoccupied by what's going on at the Emirates than at WHL? Why is that, do you think? Perhaps the small-minded Spuds fans have nothing better to do than come on here and talk about things they have absolutely no idea about. Go back to your own forum and leave the grown-up talking to the real fans.
hatespur, to be honest I'm not sure, I've got a very strong feeling it was a fixed rate of interest, but I couldn't say I know for certain. Jacky, my mates are Millwall fans and they hate Teddy as well. Probably because every club he signs for, he proceeds to say, "oh yes, I've supported this club all my life." He said it to Tottenham, United, Millwall and West Ham. Though I think he has yet to say it aboout Colchester. And I am a verve fan, my first ever gig was to see them in 98, the last time they ever played in London.
Little Dutch
Actually Adamski, I am most welcome on this forum with most posters... though maybe not for much longer! :-)
Jacky B
Hate, my point was lD, mentioned him.... hence you made up the rule for yourself about the player having to be current
Jacky B
In fairness adamski he is one of the good guys. Albeit with a poor choice of football club.
Sweet LD, amazing band. I shall be seeing them At the roundhouse Camden, in November!
Jacky B
You use the word "You" as in "Us" then?? "Us" being Arsenal?? O.K, I get ya'. Clear as mud. So does that mean "We" can attribute every nonsencical pointless dribble of vitriol from the likes of kernowboy to "You" because you're all Spuds????
Only playing Jacky. Bored at work.
Ok then. Fair enough. I've only just signed up to this site so obviously I don't know too much about whats been said on here before by people like Jacky. I'll reserve judgement for now but try and avoid the stupid comments JB. :-)
eduardo for captain...hi hi hi hi
andy croat 27
I meant you personally. Players who committed offences had been mentioned when the offence had not been commited whilst said player was playing playing for one of our respective clubs. eg Sheringham, so i mentioned Rix. You (Hatespur, the individual) then started saying Graham Rix was at a separate club when he commited the offence. If you wanna get technical, He still used to watch his son on your training ground around the time of the offence when i played against him. Aged about 14. Maybe he was after our girlfriends!
Jacky B
Adamski, you'd do well to take yer own advise me old cocker
Jacky B
advice, sorry
Jacky B
This is the last comment i will make on the subject Jacky. I disputed you mentioning Rix because he wasn't at Arsenal when he commited the offence. I (personally) never once mentioned that bloke from Tottenham who went to Man United. The kerb crawler i referred to was David Pleat who was your manager at the time of the offence (1st offence). Clear?
Yes i understand your highness, however, i was under the impression that you and i were not the only people posting in here
Jacky B
I am for Gilberto for the captaincy and Kolo for the vice. Cesc will have his time but for now he shouldnt be distracted with such responsibilities as age is still very much on his side.
Duly noted.
Did Rix's boy beat your mob Jacky?
Lol Adamski
Jacky B
Hate. Yes, but thats to be expected as his mob was Arsenal.
Jacky B
Hatespur, should be alright, quite a few banks took on that debt.
cesc for captain. without a doubt!
its internet not working means i am behind Babeasta in the points :(
LD hurry and get on seetickets. still available!
Jacky B
I'm surprised nobody has pointed out that Kolo's not necessarily the best man to lead the youngsters: He was the one who lost his head in the carling cup final. Shouldn't a captain be the one who makes sure the rest of the team don't do that sort of thing?
Noooooo, they're gone now. This is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago, I saw the Smashing pumpkins last ever show in London, but then I missed them reforming to play Shepherd's Bush a couple of weeks back. Rat's *********!
Little Dutch
It was a fiasco to be fair LD, I got mine yesterday on a pre-release. Then they sold out this morning, only for them to reappear twice this afternoon. sorry bud.
Jacky B
Classsic comments, and btw, I love the way you guys play the game. BUT!...the real point is this...didn't Fabregas lie about his age? we all know he's really only 12. Do you really want a boy leading men?
Desert Kiwi
Just checked myself Jacky! see what you mean ! gutted! first time I saw them they were supporting a shoegazing band called ride in about 93!
On the loan question I think 260m is at a fixed rate bond issue and some 50m plus at a floating rate. I think the finance boys covered that interest rate risk when the restructured the debts largely for that reason.
you load of scum bag cu*ts. YID ARMY YID ARMY YID ARMY!!
Toure should be the vice captain, and then take over from Gilberto..
Kolo should be voice Captain, Fabregas is the futre Captain
It's alright Jacky, I haven't given up yet, my best mate works for virgin radio and he's come up trumps for me before, he might just do it again. Besides, I saw the Manics a few weeks back and I can't be getting too greedy.
Little Dutch
You sure you wanna see the Pumpkins now? Especially after seeing their last show in London.
he does an awesome job as it is in midfield for his age, so why give him the burden of a vice captaincy?
Making Cesc vice-captain is a big mistake. As Rocky says it would definitely only serve to spoil him further... he's a kid FFS, and kids should be led, not do the leading.
Yeah Amos. The 260M IS on a fixed interest. I dont think change in rate on a 50M loan should bother the club that much.
I dont think Cesc for vice-captain is a good idea. Gilberto for captain, a fine leader, and Toure (apart from that CC final incident someone mentioned) is a fine candidate for VC. Cesc pulls all the strings, and it is his team. I think any additional responsibility might bog him down a bit.
Kolo would be my choice too, but it would be awkward to take it off Gilberto now. Let Fabregas do what he does best.
TR7, that must have been great mate.
Jacky B
LD... Well good luck, its sure to be joyous.
Jacky B
Sherringham lol thats one creeepy bloke!, makes me think of that Chris Rock "oldest guy in the club" routine, always sleazin after bimbos, if he grew a mullet he'd be Stringfellow. Regarding Cesc, let him enjoy his footy, don't pile 2 much presh on the kid. Greater responsibility should be something that is earned a few seasons down the line, should he make the (correct!) decision to remain.
Yes Niko, I have seen him out a few times doing just that!
Jacky B
He should stick to the poker eh Jacky? ;)
Funny thing was Jacky. went into the gig as a massive ride fan, came out being anbigger verve fan, despite not having heard of them b4! their first single was about to be released 'All in the mind'
Not from his comments,he is not VC quality,give it to Kolo,thats loyalty
My choice remains Gilberto as the boss and Kolo as the VC

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