Arsenal - Madrid Back To Their Usual Selves
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Madrid Back To Their Usual Selves

After reporting that Real Madrid made a statement that wasn't full of complete cobblers, it didn't take long before normal service was resumed. 2 minutes to be exact.

The boys from the Bernabeu have a weird little habit of sacking their coaches who win them the league, and Fabio Capello was no exception. Fired only a week or so after lifting the Spanish league title, the search for Capello's replacement is apparently underway.

Ramon Calderon has stated that Real have had talks with four coaches including our very own Arsene Wenger.

'Once we decided that Capello would not continue, Mijatovic underwent talks with Schuster, Koeman, Laudrup and Wenger. He has always been among the three or four coaches with whom we have spoken. It appears logical that he will be the next coach.' Calderon told the club's official website.

Yet despite Wenger's obvious pedigree it seems that Madrid have made the 'logical choice' of giving the task of coaching one of the world's most glamorous football clubs to a relative unknown, and might I add a trophy-less manager who is Bernd Schuster.

So either once again, Madrid are talking knackers, or managers around the around the world have become so weary of taking the volatile position that the club are resigned to offering managers with no real experience of the big time the position of gaffer.

Either way, we can pretty much guarantee that if talks were held with Wenger they went something like this.

Calderon: Good afternoon Mr Wenger, we'd like you consider the position of manager of Real Madrid. We hold you in extremely high regard and would move the earth to bring you to our club.

Wenger: F*** off.

The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 5 2007

Time: 4:58PM

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That would be a positive move for AW wouldnt it, a manager who bides his time to get the players he wants and conducts his transfer activity with a quiet decorum, to go to a team where the board demand big name signings every year and dont care who they ride over in the process, and then sack him when they achieve everything they want, a logical step for le boss I'd say!
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05/07/2007 17:07:00

sorry totally unrelated subject, any idea when the tickets start going on sale ? anybody ? im coming from ireland and have to arrange flights, any help greatly appreciated !!
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05/07/2007 17:13:00

I don't think anybody other than the spanish actually listen to a word these presidents say. They may be massive clubs but frankly their constant chatting to the media to try & impress their fans is boring & more than a little predictable. Wenger has said himself he would only go to Real Madrid if he was unemployed, meaning that he would prefer to join any club before going to a team where the only decision you make is to pick 3 or 4 of the staring 11 each week, & thats only so you can take the abuse should the team lose!!
Ashburton Gooner
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05/07/2007 17:18:00

Agreed AG - The entire Spanish set up is a complete joke. It's all one big mind game and rather overshadows the point of the whole thing. Football.
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05/07/2007 17:23:00

this story will never go away. you'll just have to learn to live with it. like the henry story never went away until he finally left. but henry has given you loyal and valuable service as has wenger - until he leaves
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05/07/2007 17:23:00

It is a classic 'alibi' statement by a character that is renown for its c(u)ntingness and stupidity - what he is actually saying is: "we are appointing a probably crap, unproven manager like Schuster because we're in deep sh(i)t. We just sacked the one who won us the title after 3 years, and no sane person wants to work for us in these conditions. Don't worry, if by January we're below 3rd place - we'll be looking for a new one. And we'd like to sign Jose Reyes for a bag of peanuts and two season tickets for the corrida".
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05/07/2007 17:25:00

DD - Even if Wenger leaves next season he will have been nothing but loyal. He always fulfills his contractual obligations and it's something he'll do with Arsenal.
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05/07/2007 17:26:00

Very true rocky we have him at least until the end of next season if not more i love the conversation at the end i thought it would go somethin like that LOL
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05/07/2007 17:29:00

I'd pretty much risk every penny I have that Wenger should he decide to leave next summer will not join either real madrid or barcelona. He actually said once before the only other club he would like to manage is Bayern Munich!!
Ashburton Gooner
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05/07/2007 17:41:00

what a crap league, Bundesliga
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05/07/2007 17:42:00

Yep, Wenger's style of working is so far away from Barca and Madrid that the above conversation at the end is probably what will happen. I used to like Madrid and Barca but that was a long time back, nothing but dislike and disrespect for them now. Their conduct is unbecoming of their stature,
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05/07/2007 17:47:00

Prits their conduct is unbecoming of one of those loud mouth know-it-all's down the pub. Utter scum.
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05/07/2007 17:49:00

Another way to say the same thing, Rocky :). I agree.
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05/07/2007 18:07:00

I think Madrid is the last club in the world AW would manage. Arsenal will be his last club I'm pretty sure, I reckon he'll go on to an academy in Africa once he leaves us (hopefully not for a while yet). Hopefully he'll give us first dibs on any Kolo Toures he unearths.
Little Dutch
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05/07/2007 19:00:00

I hope so LD I am prety sure that AW wont leave us this soon, I agree that he will never like to manage likes of Real Madrid
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05/07/2007 19:36:00

Will he sign before the season starts? or will he leave you in turmoil? sinking ship. Commolli, Veira, Henry, Cole, Wiltord, Pennant, Reyes, Cambell, Upson, Pires, Malinger, Lauren. Talk about feeder club! Thats a pretty good team you used to have. R.I.P cheers
Report Abuse
05/07/2007 20:26:00

Forgot that slimey bent chancellor Dein.
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05/07/2007 20:53:00

Back to route one football when arse leaves then I wonder?
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05/07/2007 20:54:00

Looks like you've got the wrong sort of bait on your hook cockeril. Either that or your maggot is too small ;)
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05/07/2007 21:16:00

Cockeril, that's the best laugh I've had all day cheers for that. Commoli? Ha ha, you're not so much scraping the bottom of the barrel, as digging into the core of hell itself. How do you think Sol Campbell, Michael Carrick and Jurgen Klinsmann are gonna fare for Spurs next season? Look forward to getting neck ache watching more of Fatty Robinson's 'passes' to Fatty Mido....while Fatty Huddlestone sits in midfield dreaming about cheeseburgers.
Little Dutch
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05/07/2007 21:21:00

Good articles today Rocky... if you got free time, I guess you bundled the little one off to the academy already?
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05/07/2007 22:39:00

Every year it's the same 'uncertian future for Wenger and gooners'pfffffffffffffffffffffffff, dont know how you lot cope with it!!! even im pe'd of with it all! .I think Madrid and the media need somthing new to cast over bollox specualtion ,it's gettin to a stage where you can almost predict when all this s.hite is going to start again and the spurs come along and try to convince you lot that you are having a 'crisis'..never happen you only have to look to the history of Arsenal to see its never going to happen.Just give it a rest!!! look else were in north London were its been going from day one!!! and its not far!! ;).Good luck this season Arsenal!!im sure you'll exceed in all expectations as always!
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05/07/2007 22:50:00

cockeril, you are one funny guy. A bit like that comical ali fellow from the 2nd gulf war.
To everyone of a sane mind, when do you think St Totteringham's Day will fall this year? March? April?
»»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 00:18:00

lmao cockeril, if Arsenal are a "sinking ship" then wouldn't that make the mighty spurts obliterated into oblivion already? '61 and never again! Come midway through the season, I'll be sure to keep my window open to wait for the cries of "JOL OUT!". Now run along cockeril, I'm sure there's a ball that needs standing on, don't let us keep you off balance!
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06/07/2007 04:23:00

Whistling past the tombstones, you lot. Yeah, go on, reassure one another Arsenio ain't leaving, but the fact is he's had it to the back teeth with Lord MicroChips and Lady NinCompoop and the WoodaShoodaCoodas running the board room like some Monty Python sketch. Real Madrid offer him the biggest budget and biggest palette to work from in trying to re-make his style of football into something remotely competitive, something that's steadily slipping away at Barce-nal. He's getting on, he knows Dein ain't coming back and the day he leaves is coming soon. Of course, that's nothing to worry about. All the players will stay. They've said so. Won't they?
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06/07/2007 07:21:00

You mean Arsene, who wants the club to remain solely an "english club" would walk because Dein, who wanted to sell to the American, left? You mean Arsene, would leave the club of where he's been for 10 years, to go the La Liga and risk getting the sack, even after one season, win OR lose? Well, greatwhitenorf'en one, UNTIL that does happen, THEN would be the time to panic. Why do you give a flying sh_t whether he goes or not? Are you a goon in disguise?? Honestly, there seems to be a rising epidemic of spuds "knowing" more about Arsene and his actions, than we know about Martin Jol's third favourite tit!
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06/07/2007 08:16:00

Real and their galactico mentality are the antithesis of Wenger and the way he operates, managing a side of ageing, rock star gloryboys holds little appeal for Le Prof, neither does the fact he could win the league with them and still face the boot, tikabooson I think Bent is now Biggy Jols third favourite tit with Defoe slipping to fourth.
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06/07/2007 13:09:00

Wingston my friend I would be more concerned With what your new catchprase will be when Mr Wenger`s Departed the SINKING SHIP? Or will it always be <>??????????????????
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 13:40:00

Why was that edited?? no swearing!! Just repeating the catchprase. Who done that Mr Dein? Bribery corruuption Dein!!
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 13:45:00

real madrid should have a taste of their own medicine. creating all this slander every bloody season. wat gives them the right to do so. i swear there the only club that does this in the whole world, matter fact the whole galacticos. they need to grow up, cos not even barcelona do that. very childish. kaka shouldn't waste his time joining this team. only if they change their attitude and behaviour. i mean we might as well start unsettling their players for fun cos they always do it to everyone else. how dare they try unsettle arsene not that he is cos i don't think he'd wanna manage real. he'd prob manage grampus eight or japan b4 he retires from the game...
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06/07/2007 14:24:00

Realistically I cannot see any possibility of Wenger leaving whilst under contract - love him or hate him he does not break contracts so he will be with you for next 12 months. That will give McClaren enough time to screw up the England team and then Wenger will be offered that job. IF that scenario does happen who would the Arsenal fans want as the new Manager?
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 16:44:00

It's just not cricket, is it?! Coddled and swaddled, you'll be getting a dose of harsh reality this year fighting for a UEFA placing. Fact is Arsenio has seen his club decline in competitive ability. Instead of being able to race with the leaders, the gunboat is running like it's dragging an anchor, nearer than ever to losing a place in Europe than winning a league title for the foreseeable future. All this uncertainity starts at the very top and you can't expect a man like Wenger, who knows he'll soon be nearing the end of his career, to put up with all this uncertainity. He has the clout to make Real Madrid play ball his way and he'll get security, budget and that title-winning feeling once again. He's jumping ship, the rats are packing life vests and it'll soon be groundshare days - Leyton Orient? QPR? Both? - just to pay the bills.
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 16:46:00

Greetings greatwhitenorf, the weather on earth has been a liitle unstable as of late, how is it on yours?
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 16:52:00

It doesn't matter just don't see it do you ?...even if Wenger leaves Arsenal (which he won't)....the kit man at the Emirates could run the team and we would still finish above Spurs....we have no fears at all...none..nada...
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 18:27:00

This Calderon wants serious working on. It is obvious the man is a pathological liar. He just makes ***** up, can his own people not see through this nonsense?
Report Abuse
06/07/2007 23:52:00

Any Ideas onthe New Le Boss Of Arsenal F.C, seriously who would you prefer. George Graham`s out of work. Route one football the traditional arse way.
Report Abuse
07/07/2007 10:42:00

Cock, you live in the land of "god I wished arsenal don't exist", but we do my little mutant friend, we do. Spurs are just a footnote in the history of North London Football. You keep trying to predict our downfall, but what you fail to realise is that we have a carefully planned infrastructure that ensures that we don't have to panic buy (Bent 16.5m - you are have a laugh!), success is assured as we have built our home on firm foundations. You think Jol is the messiah? He will end the season shaking that big melon head of his all over again.
Report Abuse
07/07/2007 17:18:00

Geoge Graham won the only trophy in your recent history cockeril, and you have the audacity to make snide remarks about him. I thought you were on a wind up, but man you're just plain thick! A typical bungalow guy. F*** all upstairs!
Report Abuse
07/07/2007 19:33:00

We will win Many trophies to come never liked the guy and never wanted him and cannot really say I was impressed with his work and the way he brought The arsenal route one football. Just be thankfull You guys were taught to play the Spurs way by Hoddle`s Disciple.
Report Abuse
08/07/2007 10:26:00

"Hoddle's disciple" - OMG that is funny!
Report Abuse
08/07/2007 11:18:00

Im gonna book a flight to Madrid,get to the Bernabeua and take a *****
Report Abuse
09/07/2007 20:48:00


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