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Bert Tells Gobby Drogba To Button It

Gilberto Silva seems to be taking his captaincy duties seriously (we assume he's been given the nod) after stepping forward and defending his players after 'Team Evil' striker Didier Drogba predicted Arsenal would crumble following the sale of Thierry Henry.

Bert leapt to the Gunners defence with some bold words, words which will raise a smile and will only serve to endear Gilberto to the Gooners and make him more popular than ever.

'So Drogba said we are out of the title race, did he? Let's wait and see what happens,' he told The Sun.

'What I do know is that last season Chelsea spent a fortune on new signings, but still couldn't beat Arsenal once in the league. They didn't defend their title either, so I think Drogba is talking a little bit too much.'

Drogba has always been one for letting his mouth get the better of him, even going as far as to admit that he dives during matches, live on national television.

Like we needed any confirmation.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 7 2007

Time: 10:50AM

Your Comments

Seems that Bert will do quite well in his role as a captain.
As long as the Boss remains in charge I have no fear for the coming season. We have stars all over the field and the ability to take all before us. I wait to see the comments when this team turns misses from last year into goals this year. We have a very strong defense a world class centerline and surprises in the forward department. I wonder how many chickens from down the road will be crowing or wanting to come on our site. We have without doubt the best manger in football today bar none. GO YOU GUNNERS
Good to hear Gilberto piping up! Maybe we should run a competition and make sure the vice-captaincy goes to whichever player is the first to arrange for a horse's head to appear in Drogba's bed.
Hah, the only thing I thought was lacking in Gilberto as a leader - tough talking, and he is now proving that he has that as well. I hope he HAS been given the go-ahead as captain, coz my vote was certainly for him, and it is nice to see someone put Drogba in his place.
Drogba actually won something last season.
Unlike Spurs for the last 45 years.
What the hell is he doing? He should be focused on the game tonight, not defending arsenal. : P.
You forget the Rumbelows/Carling/Coke cup thingy they won in 1999 (Last century) masterminded by George Graham and Sol Campbell.
lol... is that a puff of feathers from that there chicken? Go wash your hands G4L!
what is it about spuds coming on here obsessed with our club??? this secret infatuation with our club must be tearing cock-oral apart.

Back to the subject matter, good on you bert. Tell that balding mug to hush his mouth. good to hear gibber protecting the club like he protects the back four without fuss, and with great effect. »»Arsene Knows««
LOL Andy... won't see him soon I guess.
What the hell is Topspur1 doing on our members league top 10? Is he a closet gooner?
He is just lost as his flock is getting ready to leave North London... and he wants to stay.
Hertfordshire Hotspurs does have a certain ring to it!
hahahahaha! Gil Sil!
Drog should shut the feck up!
You guys really know how to put a brave face on, Considering the mess you are in...... Can`t wait for the season to start Another transitional season beckoning for the Arses!! Wingston I have a new catchphrase for you. <>
keep choking your chicken in your 46th transitional year cocky!, what are you doing for the up coming 50th year anniversary of not winning the top flight? don't tell me... you're having a hen night lol
Cesc is in talks with Madrid (sky sports ) Official.. Any one for Captain??????
Martin Jol's gone missing (from my niece's Hungry Hungry Hippos board game) Official.. Anyone know where he is?????
interesting catchphrase cock-oral, it seems to emulate and put into words what is going on inside that vast chasm of emptiness you would call a brain - absolutely nothing.
»»Arsene Knows««
*slap* That was Wingers, not me!
Will you use that same cathphrase WINGSTON?? nothing is forever and you ARSES certainly Know!!
Cockeril watever yu call yourself..I am African and we are brought-up to talk sensibly,knowlegable and wisely...Droooopa! has not dont that..that to me sums up what a man he's....pity!
What does Drogba know about from the word dive, but you have to hand credit to Mourhinho and his clubs, because all the clubs he has been it, the swimming pool he has installed at the training complex has payed dividends.
It's good to see some fire from Gilberto. Drogba is a moron anyway, so let him talk. He only makes himself look ridiculous
you gunners get wound up so easily. its just mind games which are part and parcel of the game these days, and in all honesty make it more interesting.
Mind games would suggest that you believe that Drogba has a brain somewhere inside his water filled head. All evidence to the contrary.
ya remmebr the time he said he handled the beall and that he dived and tsuff like that.....neway kudos gibbers.......that certainly cements his place as captain
Nothing is forever cokeril! A bit like Spurs residence in North London then.
We will extend Our "HOME" White Hart Lane, I am certain before we even consider uprooting. Arse has sold its sole to th Arabs. Youre homeless, Skint, Youre Chairmans done a runner, Argubally your best player ever and record goal scorer and talisman/ Captain has left you for a bigger club with a European Pedigree. After Declaring his undying love for Arsenal f.c ( like he gave a toss) You lost your mr Commolli who discovered Henry, Veira, Pires, Petite, Anelka, Wiltord....Etc Etc. Arsene Blind Whinger has 8 months left at the most at your club if he stays. Just get used to the idea that Uefa cup is all you can hope for after all you have got used to accepting 4th spot. Move over and let the real Kings of North London show you how its done. Your era is over. You might evn win something in Europe one day if you make the Ufea cup. I am so proud to be Spurs!!!
cock-drilled, does the name Sol Campbell mean anything to you? Carrick? Another thing is, you got Bent, so make sure you spread the cheeks in September wide open. You'll be on the receiving end.
GFL You would know about taking it up the Arse-nal wouldn`t you chum ( bum ) Campbell did too thats why he found his true home. van rapist is youre Hero now its gone all titis up. You guys keep going on about history because thats what Arsenal F.C will be. Carrick was a loss but we also gained a better player in Berba £30-40 million Value. you mugs Lost 20 million on Henrys value and 10 million on Veira all in the space of 1 year. Never mind profits on anelka petit overmars. You got done on Wallnut, Reyes, Jeffers,..... COYS!!!!
Cesc Is definately signing... Part of reyes deal Buy 1 get 1 free. after all you do need the cash.
Pat Rice for manager anyone??
Cesc said he is staying at Arsenal. Us, Reyes and Madrid are working out terms and will be done on monday. And we made 22 and a half million pounds on Anelka. Next year you will be just a midtable team as you will cock up and only get UEFA spot agian and you will have a mass exudus of decent players go to greener pastures following the likes of Carrick and Campbell. You will be weeping over the oppurtunity you had to actually get a CL place but u crapped it down the toilet literally.
COCK-eril, hanging around the ARSE! Says it all for me!
Hang on to the memories chaps, RIP Arsenal. You died when you got evicted from highbury. Soulless club which had a brief taste of success. Perhaps you could support the ladies team/ only your hope of any silverwaer.
lol, then ya'll complain about vital chelsea.The spuddies are way more annoying.
Cockeril said "We will extend Our "HOME" White Hart Lane, I am certain before we even consider uprooting. Arse has sold its sole to th Arabs. Youre homeless, Skint, Youre Chairmans done a runner, Argubally your best player ever and record goal scorer and talisman/ Captain has left you for a bigger club with a European Pedigree. After Declaring his undying love for Arsenal f.c ( like he gave a toss) You lost your mr Commolli who discovered Henry, Veira, Pires, Petite, Anelka, Wiltord....Etc Etc. Arsene Blind Whinger has 8 months left at the most at your club if he stays. Just get used to the idea that Uefa cup is all you can hope for after all you have got used to accepting 4th spot. Move over and let the real Kings of North London show you how its done. Your era is over. You might evn win something in Europe one day if you make the Ufea cup. I am so proud to be Spurs!!! .........Ok point number one. I don't EVER remember Arsenal Football Club selling it's supply of fish to the Arabs. Point 2. Whilst admitedly Barca have won the Euro cup more than we have, if twice counts as pedigree then we aint far behins. Point 3. Out of all the players you've named, how many of them have actually gone on to bigger and better things? (Henry remains to be seen) Point 4. You suggest that we may be in the UEFA cup and also suggest that would be a bad thing, yet your crappy little club and it's pathetic band of followers claimed you we're gunna win it last year like it was the best thing since sliced bread. You failed at the quarter finals stage, and needed a by to get that far. I THANK YOU!!!
Spurs died when we moved into North London. It's been great trmpelling on your grave though!
Rocky you really do not know much about football do you, you arm chair critic. uefa is a step down from CL there`s no doubting. Of course I wanted spurs to win the cup. I want to win every cup we enter. The fact is that we have consistently improved in the last 2 seasons and THE ARSE are in decline Fact! Where did veira finish with his team? Wenger has tried to win the European cup for the last 10 odd years. He wants it more than anything and he will leave you for a club like madrid who he win it with.
The phoenix is about rise!
I'd say your club was more dodo, than pheonix! Though you could be right cock, I can almost see the pheonix rising from the ashes of White Hart Lane and then emeging somewhere else, like Hertfordshire 8-)
In your dreams Love! You can only hope.
Has Cesc Left yet? Henry left that damn door open.
Talk about revolving.
Yeah, he left that door open and now, food has gone missing from the kitchen, money from the lockers, and Freddies pants from the changing rooms! F***** Jol!
same old spuds, if they repeat it long enough (46 years and counting) it will may come true one day - that's a maybe and a half but hell, they have to hope... you just wish they could be more dignified about it!
You are just ranting now cockeril (by the way, maybe think about learing how to spell cockerel!) you are a blind man shooting in the dark. Has Cesc left yet? No he hasn't. Has Carrick left yet, yes he has. Where did he go, to a bigger club. "Oh but gb we are sleeping giants!!!!" More like dead dwarves. Sleep tight Snow White.
and this year you will win what cock-drilled? The closest to a trophy is the three man Pie-Eating contest and ONLY if Jol, Huddlestone and Robbo manage to beat Fat Frank who will be appearing by himself.
someone on the forums recently compared the sp*rs with the Gollum from LOTR, always sitting in a dark cave, whispering about their 'preccccioussss'... Champions League, you're 'avin a laugh!
Fat frank is too busy scoring 20+ goals per season and collecting silverware. No can do amigo.
"consistently improved in the last 2 seasons"?? I'm sorry but how many points behind were you last season, compared to the season prior to that?? And you STILL finished 5th!! lmao, and apparently, "we're" deluded. My word spuds are like flies on sh_t, they just never go away!!
Armchair critic?? I think not. Ok so I don't get to as many games as I'd like to, but I WAS in attendance for the 3-0 drubbing of the tiny totts last season, were you? Well even if you were you weren't there long were you. Spuddies leaving at half time, empty seats in the second half.
Tut, tut Rocky, that doesn't sound very loyal. I guess the problem is that they have this fantasy in their heads that they are on a par with us, or even . . . . . trying to hold back the tears of laughter here . . . . better than us! So I guess as soon as reality gets a bit too close its time to run for the exit!
Brazil 6 x Chile 1 . wohohohohohohoh
Consistently improved in the last 2 seasons with two 5th places. Though the points difference was greater last year, two seasons ago we had virtually no injuries, and no cup runs. Last year we made it to the QFs in each cup AND suffered injuries to keep personnel like King AND still managed 5th. Since then we have again upgraded the squad and only the blindest, stupidest person would suggest that THFC haven't been moving in an 'improving' direction. What I think he Cockerill means by selling out, is the corporate whoredom of 'Emirates' stadium ... not retaining any sense of tradition - another Americanism introduced to the game, because of the excessive expenditure on the ground. Dein was right here. When Spurs upgrade it will be far less expensive. Rocky7, I would say that Bentley, Pennant, Upson and Sidwell have all gone on to better things. The difference this time around is that 1) the influence of Dein has been lost which will have an impact for you ... 2) and few of the top names will even think of signing for you until Wenger renews his contract - such has been his influence that if he left, it would be tempting for any new manager to stamp his mark. Therefore any signing made would have to worry what would happen if Wenger did leave so is unlikely to sign until that situation is clear. And all the while you are losing ground in bolstering your squad. Up the road they have spent £26m on 3 up and coming good players already and this commitment to improvement is being noticed. Excessive salaries which impact the bottom line are also being avoided.
kernow, if your blind belief that buying 'world-class' names such as Kaboul, Bale and Bent are bound to make you a dominant force - you are living in la-la land. Just ask Mourinho. He brought in Sheva+Bollox+Boullahrouz (slightly more "world-class" than your trio). As for Bentley, Pennant, Sidwell, and Upson - I applaud you for you ignorance. Blackburn Rovers, no silverware, escaped from U-21... @ Liverpool, no silverware, another player in and he'll be warming the bench. Sid @ Chavs - has only Mikel, fatso, Ballack, Makelele, and Essien ahead of him. Oh, he has a big pay rise. Prior played in Championship and 1 season in EPL with Reading, &no medals too. And my favourite - Upson? LMAO Stuck in the Championship with Brum, injured most of the time, went to WH, got injured again, almost relegated, done virtually nothing. All gone to better things my Arsenal. Hearing you lot beating your chest like Tarzans before a ball has been kicked could be considered arrogant if it wasn't a repeat of your annual banging how you're on the up, bla-bla. Hearing you blame your cup runs and injuries to key personnel for the increased gap in points is just hilarious. Ignoring that we had our 2 main strikers out last year for half of the season+Gallas out for another half, and our cup runs (one joyfully ended yours) is again ignorant. We've been written off before, underestimated, but this is the Arsenal. Hold your knickers on.
G4L - 'where did I state that are signings would turn Spurs into a world class force? I said continue to reinforce our season by season improvement which by buying in potential is different from players toward their end of their careers. I am sure Bentley, Sidwell, Upson, and Pennant would have not even qualified for any medals had they remained with you. Each have received or are likely to receive international recognition shortly and all have gone on to better things in the personal careers since leaving Arsenal - at least they've been given the chance to get on the pitch! Senderos is certainly no better than Upson when both are fit, Hleb has done nothing to show he's better than Bentley except getting you knocked out of the CL, Sidwell is easily superior to Flamini and judging on last season would've given Rosicky a run for his money and as of yet Walcott is no more proven than Pennant. Where did I blame anything on cup runs / injuries? I said to your uneducated colleague that despite these factors we still achieved 5th which is an illustration of an improvement in our performance and consistency. Our squad is improving each season, you are currently treading water.
kernowboy, rosicky is a world class player! captain of czech republic...!! any team in the world would like 2 have em....scored 4 us in da CL , in da F.A cup , da prem.... AND even forced an own goal against the spuds in da 2nd leg of the cc semi final.... and remember this was just his first season in england ! any doubt of his ability chek dis out.. world class..!! & Bentley, Sidwell, Upson, and Pennant were not just good enuf 4 us !!!!
Rosicky is good no doubting but until he produces in the prem or La liga he is not World class. Make or break season. How many goals did he score. I`d rather have so called fat boy Lampard with his lard. Also how many did Cesc Get??
than what is your point kernow? Despite these factors we still finished 4th level on points with the scousers after beating the champs twice not losing to the chavs and beating the scousers comprehensively in 3 out of 4 games. You also got your regular hiding at the Emirates and barely snatched a draw at your *****ty ground. So, will you be winning the UEFA Cup this season? With Bayern Munich and the likes in it? No. FA Cup? Don't think so. CC? Your 1st team lost to our makeshift 2nd string that included kevin's favourite Baptista, and Aliadiere. The Premiership? The difference between your team and Arsenal is that for us 4th place is an underachievement, a disappointment in a way. For you 5th place is improvement, a blessing in disguise - notice the difference? And all this talk about our ex players... are you serious? When Bentley left he had Pires, Ljungberg, Reyes, etc in front of him, and he is NEVER close to being better than Hleb and Rosicky. Pennant is a notorious little pr1ck who got more in the news for his private activities than his performances on the pitch. Upson better than Senderos? Because you say so? Full Swiss international, WC behind him, UEFA CL behind him, 1 bad season behind him, while Upson has 2 seasons in the Championship and a couple of nasty injuries behind him. The sooner you lot come down to earth the better off you'll be.
and btw do you think Sidwell is prepared to revel in the Flamini role at Arsenal? No. Why? Because he wanted to play. When Sid left (suggested to him by Arsene) he had Patrick Vieira in front of him, with Edu, Gilberto and Ray Parlour there as well. Don't be silly any more.
You're just sliding backwards, with no hint of how you can turn it around and that is what upsets you. You should be in the UEFA cup as you have zero hope of winning the CL, but you need all that cash to pay off your overpriced corporate soulness monstrosity. Slag off WHL all you want .. at least its a proper football ground with history, not some soulness ampitheatre for the corporate crowd - but then that some's up you lot to a tee. If Upson was Swiss he'd get in ahead of Senderos, Wenger's child snatching of Pennant and then ignoring of him is tantamount to child abuse and look how his behaviour has hugely improved since he left you. And Rosicky whilst a talented player has never done anything is a major domestic league yet. The fact you sign foreigners rather than develop talented English players would be for every other club a source of shame, yet this does not surprise me about Wenger. As of yet, you have done nothing to show you'll improve on 4th. I'm glad however you acknowledge the strength of the UEFA Cup this year, which you lot wouldn't win if involved either, but if you showed any intelligence you'd realise it could be possible that Bayern could get knocked out without ever facing Spurs.
Intelligence? LOL. How about: "You should be in the UEFA cup as you have zero hope of winning the CL" - do you read what you write? Following this brilliant thought means that you should be in the Championship as you have zero hope of winning the EPL. I strongly doubt that your shoebox stadium had any footballing history the year after it was built. And Arsenal's footballing history is not embedded only in the stadium. In fact, our last decade has more meaningful historical events than your whole history of existence as a club. While I still don't understand how moving to a bigger stadium, playing in the CL every year, beating the best in EPL, having some of the most talented players on a in the world is going backwards, I understand that when having nothing to say you resort to your petty Johnny-Englishman arguments. So how many English talents have you developed? Robinson? Eduardo has his number already. Lennon? Still behind Beckham, isn't he? Jenas? LMAO. All products of snatching or maybe the tottsies academy (if there's one). Pennant was given his chance, but his off the field behaviour sealed his fate. He may have improved on that, which means he is not stupid, but AW doesn't tolerate such characters. The strength of UEFA Cup is as strong as last year, just Bayern bought some players that will make them far too strong for this 2nd rate competition. If they remained with the same team from last year that got them 'qualified' for tis cup, they'd be on par with your 'improved' team. Since you rate Upson so much, I wonder why sp*rs went for Kaboul? Or Rocha? Or even Davies? I mean he is English and apparently he is good. I'd have Fabregas, Diaby, Vieira, Petit, Gilberto, Denilson, Pires, Ljungberg etc. any time (***** all) over the vastly overrated Jenas, Huddlestone, Murphy, Lennon and the other not so English Zokora, Malbranque, Taarabt, Tainio, Redknapp, etc.
Oh dear... Pennant aint good enough, Arsene gave him 2 chances, got a nice little fee for him (and a slice of subequent transfers) and Upson on to better things!? Hahaha. Enough of this. Sol Campbell signing for us was ''better things'' Michael Carrick signing for Utd was ''better things''.
Can't blame that bloody dog frm barking.. he carries the same name as a dog. DROGBA = DOG BARK.. saound the same rite!!!!!!!!!
Dog barking = Rottenham fans = chekscum fans. Enuf said.
We'll see how second rate the UEFA Cup is when your competing in it in 2008-09
as long as you're in there it's second rate
Pathetic protesting by you and your friends kernowboy, even if G4L does his best to educate you whiners! As soon as you start harping on about child molesting you show what a desperate and clutching bunch you really are. It's highly unattractive and made worse by the fact you have no achievements to back you up except the tired old line - "we are 5th regularly". You're behind the times - 3rd place is the new 4th dont'cha know? The only chance you have of making it to the CL for the next 10 years or so, is if we screw up! As a club, you are behind in the long-term game, and it will take more than wishful thinking to change history. Content yourself by getting past Newcastle and Villa to a UEFA cup spot... not that it would shut you up though!
cock, suck it. suck it hard!!!!
Don't you just love Billy Gallas :)
Should make him captain!
Berto is captain quality and Dro-Bar should shut the ***** up
Wise words from Gilberto and all should know that arsenal is not made up of one person but its a team. they will take a gear up another level this season and Chelsea will for the second year running fail to beat us again with Drogba playing in both legs.
Where you been hiding HTG? You only come when there's anything remotely resembling bad fortunes at the Grove? Our ship ain't sinking mate - it's an Icebreaker - about to unleash its annual passage through your lot.

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